Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 12, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1907
Page 5
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Advertising Primarily coasists in letting: a lot • f reople know you are in existence and what excuse you have for it ADVERTISING Is like throwing; a rubber ball; the harder y^u throw it the QUICKER it conies baclc. Don't writers ha f hearted ad—you wouldn't whlsp«!r to a customer, would you? Write a jcood ad, tell the trulh, I hen put It in The REGISTER and twenty thous and Readers Will Listt n Qairt Abont RanAar Anaiiemrat Or> dlnanrp nut They're IforUaf. Ma VmteHimry HoapUal West Street, lolj*. one block from | sqaare. Diseases' of domesticated i anioiials successfully treated .charges! moderate.good box stalls for patients Calls acswt-red promptly night or day, 2o years experience. Veit-i i i- ary Dentistry a specialty. FrmnkS.Bie&Ule, V.S. Honor Graduate • of Ontario Veterinary Collf ice. Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 C .LEXX Rover, son of Ex-Marshal noypr. loft today for Kansas CUy, wliero he pxpoots to niako his horn'? •.vi!h hirs fntlmr. FIND STOLEN HORSE .s «H> "H«>r I.nrd and Maslir" <irand tnnlirtat. at tho Loral Parlipo lloneht Animal Stolen in Wilson Connty. "Th<> man who fights best conceals h's weapons." The ahovc siatemeUt was randp hy Rev. .1. M. Mason, pastor or the Methodist Eplsilopal church of this city. In answer to an inquiry as to what the minist.Ts were doing relative to the closlnR of Sunday thea- tresR and the stopping of Sunday amii^ementR. It is known that the mln Islers are worklnp hard on something but thoy decline to say what they are dong. At tho last meeting of the ministerial aosorlatlon thhs matter was t."ken up bur whnt was done Is not known. The supporters of the Sunday amusement ordlnane.-> lost the first rniiiid when the pounell laid It on the table where it takes a two-thlrda Itta- Jnri-y nf the rouiicll to remoTe it. Th's was done at the meeting o: th-- eniincll. .Although it is not known it is supposed that the mints•i and supporters of the ordinance wil! be present and will make an of- ff-r fo have i( removed from tho table at ih-* next meeting of the council and t .iKon up and voted on. The supporters believe that they have the mnjor- by Willi itif>i)i anil enuld pass It If It v.a-i where It eolibl be voted on. But sine.. It takes two-thirds majority to r.ntove it from the table and two- tlifrih of the council are not in favor of the onlinance, the supporters seem \.'\ l»e at a loss for Immediate action. iusatvt naloli Mroa < wnrn, eta (u« ilil* In 1 Kcrer BIckn. ...TMMOond.Do - ^ ^HlMii M«. SU.He. •old In balk. Tb» (•Bnine Ubiat lUapwl i Os«nat««d to eat* or jtnt iaoiier bul:. tterltat Rencdy C«., ChlCMo or N.T. < M ANNUAL SUE. TEIWLUOIIOXES THE JOXE.S .\UV.IT.S ADTERTISED nirhardson'.s line of I.adie»' Coats, .Millinery and Dress Goods would be a cre<llt to any elty. See their line. ALL OVER KANSAS. Manhattan follpge Plans for Many Farmers' InAtitntcs. C11.\S. M.XR.^ll. who for several years ha? worker! as clerk at lb" Cowan .C- Ausherman proeery store, has fjitit that p<\=it;nn .-jnd is working for tl-e lola Poriland Cem''nr company as nisht stock keeper. I I^lankets at mo,-i liberal savings. Itiohard.'^on's. BRIGHTENS THE.HOME— The Ideal freparation for reiinKh- Jnir Floors. Fnrtttlnre. He. All and rolors. SPENCER'S .1. 1.. BARNKS is in Erie to argue a motion in the Mis. L. D. Campbell damage ease. Mrs. Campbell is suing Clias." Thrown, of Chanuie for |10.- '•'iHi for nogUgence in selling wood al- fohol. Campbell drank the wood .alcohol and died from the effects of it. MTK rantrell, Phon^ 10»7. Dr. ReynoMx. Piione SS8. Be*. 114. F. nixr.V. wh.T returned this week from a inoiit.i's nip through the east bruusht a rr.iiihTry hu«h whifli )w has (.;; i'i-;i: .y ai the wholesale fniii hoiisi>. Thr^ liu^Ii is ih'» first of il;. kind ;r. b>- l)rou--b» -r. lola. RuMnsoD Stwk company ui Ihc Hrand tonight. HKLAVKI) V KRKH.HT TRAIV. Kncine Broke Down in the Santa Fe Yard* Y«'*terda>. Moler Barber College, Kansas Clfy, Mo. Teaches the trade by free clinic and careful Instructions in few week.s. Positions waiting for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. .lOHN GOSilOK.V went to Kan.-a? City last evening oi, '..\i!;in*><s. Tlie ?L,:i \;i K.- fi.'ich; train was de- Ir.v.:>d h.-r.' hours last evening because ai .i li'-!.^ break down which cnuM n"t ii'ii.iip'd horo. .Tiist .is :h'- train was a 'l .iui to pull otit of the f'itv ih«' diiw h'Md pulled in two. i.-aj;ii)ir i ;;ilpos.-il)b» for the engine f'l pul! .\iiother engine V. iis S'.>nf for. \ Mr. Wilbur, a farmer living near HuffaJo. came in today to get a hors.'. v.hlch .lohn .Molvln. who is in jail at Tredonia, is charged with having stol­ on and sold to Ed. Rhodes of this city. Mr. Rhodes not knowing that the animal was stol^'U sold it to Dr. P. S Beattie. The animal stolen from Wilburs pasture a week ago Thursday night. Wilbur at once began a ssarch for the animal. The payment of the check which Rhodes gave Melvln was stoppeii. Melvln claims that he Is innocent. He says that he was engaged by another man to sell the horse. \\>' to Fft all over $S0 received for f! e animal. -Manhattan, Oct. 12.—The Farmers' institute department of the Kansas Agricultural college has planned a most extensive campaign for more live .<!tock, and more than one hundred and forty Farmers' institutes will held In Kansas this fail. Most of institutes hold for two days, the college sending two speakers for each d.iy. A new feature this year is an arrangement whereby E. T. Fairchlld. state superintendent of public instruc tlon, is to be one of (he speakers for several weeks, speaking each day to school oJUcer.s and patrons Invited to attend the institutes. .Assistant State Sujierintendent C. C. Starr will spend one or two weeks also on these ch:- ciiit«, both gentlemen speaking on "Consolidation of Rural Schools." Another feature of those meetings this year is the euiploynient of two speakers outside tho state. .Mr. C. M. Lewelling of Nebraska and Mr. P. E. Crab tree of .Mis.sonri, both gentlemen to speak on "PouUry on the Farm." .Slory That Thej- Beiran .4fler Reaching Kansas City Partially Tnic. tCofTeyvIlie Journal.) .A story is going the rounds of the Kansas press that .fones Bros., the dry goods tnerchants of Kansas CIt.v. suddenly came to the renllnstlon one day that they ought . to advertise. Then, according to the stor/. they began to nse printers' ink and livod happily ever afterward. Only a part of this Is true. The Jones people have always been heavy advertisers even before they went to Kan- sns City. Kansas, and while they were on the west side, before moving across the river into Missouri. Out at Slaf ford, Kansas, where they started they always advertised heavily. When they moved into the mercantile sepul­ chre called Kansas City. Kansas, they continued to advertise, and they have never quit. Such men as the .Tones Brothers do not suddenly realize that advertising pays. They have always known It and their present marveloun success Is not due to any accidental discovery of a new busmess recipe but a close adherence to the old policy of keeping everlastingly at IL They are never foimd "too busy to write ads." Bat a Fhie BlU at tte Gnai'ta^ alffct The management of the Orand an' nounces that there will be oo show tomorrow night Last Saturday the management forgot to annOtmce tliat there would he no Sunday erenlng show and as a result a hlg crowd datne lo the opera bouse to find it dark. L,ast night the Robinson company put on "Her Lord and Master." Tills bill was among the best that has been put on by the company and was heartily applauded by a fair sized audience. The bill is of the nature of a melodrama. It will be repeated again tonight and should draw a good bouse. On Monday night the company -will put on "Little Alabama," a southern piece containing all of the interesting feature.s of that Class of plays. BOARD XOT WOBTH PATnTG FOR. Jess and Joe Farmer of La Harpe Wont PAy Father. I lonaicr The RoIihUMm Stocfk Co, fa ? «II£B USSSi kSO XAStEB.* Xtmiar Klikt, "LITTLE ILIBAXAJ* il Ik Special Sale on Underweflirl Beginning Monday, Oct. 14/ Men's Fleeced Garments \4Sk Men's Heavy Fleeced Garments 1 . Isbi Men's Union Suits Because they gay the board was not worth the money, Jess and Joe Farmer of LaHarpe, have refused to pay tbelr father J. L. Farmer, of LaHarpe board for six weeks. The father has brought suit In Justice Mercer's court in LaHarpe, garnisheeing the wages of the sons for the amount Of the board. The father also says that his aom attacked him when he asked them for the money, threw bim Ladies' Fleece Lined tTnldb Suits. iSiSo down and did him personal injuries. Men's All Wool Garments .,(..^.09 Job lot of Underwear, 100 gar- ; f ments for . .• AtHt Men's 250 Garments for .;15b The case was set for 10 o'clock today. Wanted—Everybody to know that W. B. Kelley & Son have moved their transfer and storage office to 211 South Washington. Office and Day Phone 290. Residence and night Phone 17. WILL INSPECT lOLA PAYI\6. Mayor and Conncil From Cbannfe Will Be Here Today. R. S. GilflUain, the local paving con tractor, is expecting the mayor and council in from Chanute this afternoon for the purpose of inspectiog the Tola paving. They will come up in an automobile. They will go direct to the Thompson hotel where they will be entertained until the inspection Is made. Chanute probably will do a lot of paring soon and Is anxious to get the best paving. REVIVAL .MEETIVG AT f. R. Uhat .1Iinister> .<iay Aboat the Evangelist. Dr. J. F. Jamesbn. Graduate Anction- eer and Veterlnarbn. Sales or calls made anywhere. Phone lola, Kas. VILLIA.M Sprowf:.'. w!io fa.u.-! ^•esterday while. enrr<utc to his l-.oiiif 'troro a grocery-si ore is a ur -^nt de::i •etter today. j (orvTV sriitMUs POI>G WELL .Mr-i. Fuiiston Pleased With VUit Over the roiinly. The best makes of l'nd'=rw(ar and .11 .so fairly ^vi^ed. Rtrhard-nnV. Cr. R. STF-YENSON of Va"-s Cf 'ti- iT. is in the efty todny «;•. ifcal bus- i.iess. .Mrs :>i.i'!".' Kiin = rc !i. rounty sup e; Miif iidiTi!. iMiimed iast evening from a '•••v.-titi visit among the 'or .mry .sch; o;- ?!;,> -:pcnt thp most '>•• the !inip aerUie r-ver. She fi.ttiid tilt' SI ii'r.l in :ood condition. Fiuni nov.- t,:! Mr-, ruu^ton wil! make fr.^qiwiii \isis to country schools. Most alraclhe bill at Cnind tonight -Wfr Lord and Maoter." . AS REV, .1. W. Cordon Is out of ilu> Itty. Rev. W. B. John.son will fill tb" nulplt of the Second Baptist church 'omorrow. Sunday school and churcli win occur at the usual hours. Full Line of Tom Oamlm, Ormvmu- BHm Gomim mndrmg' fi/«r Overaomlm, 17,50 tc $25 00. The season's favorite Sillcs all so fairly priced. ; Ricbardsoti'e. - •.••..^.•^..^^r^-^i^..:• Che Barclay Shields. Clothma Ca^ THE 8T0BE THAT SATlSFIXiS. •I commend the Rev. J. W. Hicks, tlie evangeli."»t, to the church every- whore as a safe exponent of the Gospel of Christ."—Rev. C. Wiiine.v, D. D. •The Rev, J. W. Hick.s [) the tact and talent and the type of preach ing that, attract.s the attention and wins the hearts of men."—Rev. W. O. Fries. D. D. •The Rev. J. W. Hicks has been bUssed in the conversion -of many souls and I heartily commend him to my brethren of tho Presb.vterian churrb.'—Rev. Clement G. .Martin. D. D. ••From the success the Rev. J. W. Hieks has achieved in revival work, his ease of addre.s.-;, his ability of approaching men and his optimistic spirt and faith give him excellent qualifications for promoting the spirituality of the churches.'—Rev. E. D. WTiitiock. n. D.. P. E. of M. E. Church. ••I am glad to sa.v that the Rev. J.j W. Hicks ha.s been a successful pastor and presiding elder; but his real strength is in the evangelistic work. He is a great s;ieeesE in reaching men and winning them to Christ. I have no he&itatiim in recommending him to my .M-^tbodist Brethren. He is fair and will do lO!! ai^iX." —Rev. J. Foster Harshbar.eer I'. E. of M. E. Church. •The Riv. .1. W. Hicks, the evangel- i.-i. has lior-n a resident of our icily over nine years and has been accomplish- iu;.; a sreat work in the evangelistic fir-Id. He is t; graduate of Union Biblical Seminary and lives the life of a devoted Chrifitlan gentleman. It gives me great pleasure to commend his work."—E. W. Allen. Vice President of .Mechanics Bank, Fostorla. Ohio. Evangelist Hicks begins his meetings ot the T". B. church Sunday night. They will continue IndeBnitely. The public cordially invited. G. It. GARD HO.HE TODAY. Was Called to Buffalo Because Banltmptry Case. of Attorney C. R. Gard relumed this morning from Buffalo, Kansas, where he was called because of the failure of the James Williamson's general merchandise .store. The Habilitiefl of FOR SALE—San Luis Valley. Colorado. Irrigated lands in small tracts, we can sell on monthly payments, for full particnlars write or call, Whitaker & Donnell. Try a Want Ad. la the Beghter. MOYEB TBAXSFEB HOUSE. F. W. FItsgerald wm Ocenpy Bntler BaDdlng; P, W. Fitzgerald, the transfer man, y.°sterday moved his storage and transfef' ofSce to the BUtler huUdlng I^adies' Fleece Lined Union 8uit..ilH>« Ladles' Heavy Fleece Lined ttnloii: SuUs vf^^l Children's Union Suits ...25c, SS^'fiOlb Misses BlaclE Pants for ..........3Si^ Ladies' All-Wool Garments .....|1.M Wehavealasge ftodk are going to nlAM • on West street. The Pitigerald trans-• priCes, and C0ri3ialhr fer and storage busbiess has grown within the past year to such a magnl- ture that it was necessary to more to larger quarters. TUe oflces are being fitted up today. "Wben they are completed It will be one of the finest offices of the kind in southeastern Kansas. RET. BOLLIKGEB TO PBEACH. Brother of Sheriff at 3L £. Chnteh Tomorrow. REFORMATORY HEAD TO QIITI Ranior That Xarshail's Resignation Wlil Close Ilutehlnson InTestigation. Topeka, Oct. 12.—Governor Hoch has sent notices to the board of man- acers of the state reformatory in Hutchinson, saying that the investlgat'on Into the charges of cruelty preferred against E. E. .Marshall, superintendent will be renewed about November 1. the store are $2.fiOO while the proprietor has $4nn i„ and Property | .^^^l,^^^ ^^^^^ and the managers had a conference valued at ll.SOO. In this way the cred itors will realize about seventy-five per cent of what is due them. This will be divided among the creditors according fo the amount each has against the firm. CONFISC.VTED HOOP XET. Geo. Thornton, Fish Warden, Bnsy. Gets We have a few of those cheap lots left in Highland Place. Whltaker & OonnaiL George Thornton, game and fish warden, has a hoop net which the owner can get by calling upon him. He found It yesterday along the river bank where it had been placed to dry, and at once confiscated It. He hardly expects the owner to make an Immediate demand as the use of the Aoop net at this time Is not In strict accordance with the law. Goid BraceletsI There has been a decided demand for Bracelets and wi! are showing a variety o f patterns, affording choice ot chased or plain styles. Four finishes— Rose, Roman BoKlish and plain polished. Made in gold filled stock and solid gold. some time ago. The notes of the sten ographer at the investigation had not been transcribed at that time and the decision of the board was withheld. It Is rumored that Mr. Marshall will resign soon, and ihat the stenographer's notes will not be transcribed. Mr. .Marshall was in Topeka today, but said that he was not here on business connected with the investigation. He toM the newspaper men that he had been thinking of resign'ng for some time and go into the banking business, but when this investigation came up he said that he was ^oing to go through with this first. Rev. W:. W*. Bollinger, of Malvern, Ta., brother of Sheriff C. O. Bollinger, will preach tomorrow in the M. E. church. Rev. Bollinger is coming in today for a week's visit with the sheriff and with his mother in Bourbon county. He is a public orator of no ordinary ability, and his services are sought by a number of chautauquns every .summer. yon to call and self. see Reipeeifiilly, A. a MtiMfi«^ Call on L.EFFIii:i When needing anj^nji; in tile Jewelry line. Special Sate on Breakfast Food Korn Kinlcs, 6 packages i .2So Egg O See, 3 packages .i ........25a Dr. Prices Food, 3 packages .....2Kd Ralston Homing Grits, S :pkSB....26e Pettljohn's WheatPood, 2 pkfa....26» Shredded Wheat BIscnits, 2 pkga. .266 The S.AXTA FE sells HO.MESEEK- i * wheat food cooked read^ to CLOSE HEfRnTlSG STATION. Oifirer Potter Will Go to BartlesvUie October 20. Local Recurting Officer Potter jes- erday received notice that the local recruiting station is to be closed October 20th and that he is to be transferred to Barilesville, I. T. The time of the recruiting officer who has been working in Bartlesvllle. has expired, and he will not reenlist at once, thns making it necessary to fill his vacancy. To do so the local station wlil be closed. Y. X. C. .V. SERVICES TOMORROW. XA. Pae., Saato Fe, wU V. V. k T. Wateh bspeetar. RfT. R. II. EtIett Will Addrcas Xea at Three O'claek. At the Y. M. C. A. men's meeting Sunday afternoon at three thirty, the Rev. R. H. Ellett, pastor of the Christian church, will speak. This Is the second of (our talks and the subject is: "Chriafa Ideas of Life." Alex Hodalski will furnish some special music for the meeting. Come to enjoy the meeting. ERS' tickets first and third Tuesdays in each month for one fare plus 92.00 for the round trip to certain points West and South West. Return limit 30 days. One way second class Colonist tickets to Los Angeles and San Francisco and other California points for $23.00 Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Wash., etc., for $2.'i..'J0, every day during October. 19ftT. ^ see us for stopover privileges, and 8o forth. W. E. RALSTON, A|l. eat, 2 packages 15« FRYER BROS; Grocery mad Mea< MariwC PboooSOSandMl There is no contempt equal to tba contempt men have for the iuab yiho goes about delivering lectures %o "W dies only." ————— ^. A more satisfactory assortmrat of Petticoats in Silk, HeatherUooiB a »i Satin was never'aftened here;!^ yfc^r^" selection. Richardson's. ' ^— :i ^ ^rA: Poultry Wanted! We will pay you the foUowinj? prices for NtJ. 1 poultry delivered to us Monday, Tuesday, Wednctclay and Thursday of next week: Hens 7ic perlb. Spring 1 to 2 Iba lOo per lb. Spring over 2 lbs 9c per lb. Turkeys No. 1 itock 12o perlb. Ducks F. F F. 8c per lb. Geese F. F. F 5c per lb. Old RooBter 3c perlb. Young Sugy' Roosters 7c per lb. Poultry must be free from feed. These price* are Richardson Pro^tic^ £4 M. il. mCHAROSOv. Pnpriitor

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