The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1946
Page 7
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THURSDAY. JULY 20, 1946 BLYTHEVILtE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Atomic Bomb Sinks 11 Ships Blast Sinks USS Arkansas And Saratoga Observation Ships Move Info Lagoon To Survey Damage. Waterspout Unleashed In New Bikini Test of Atomic Bomb Hy JOSKI'lI I,. MYI.DR United I'rcss Staff Correspimileiil OFF BIKINI ATOLL. July 25 -Kear Admiral w. II. p. ulimd' I moved his major observation ship' | Into toniylit into Ihc month o Hikiiii Lagoon to butloti today's uiidcuvnter explosion ofai filom lx>mb sent n snips from th [ Ciuinra Pig tied. The observation ships dropped anchor within a few hundred yards of the deadly, radio active •water which slill concealed Ihe details of the underwater test of an atom bomb at-alnsl naval I power. Karly reports showed: Sunk—Battleship Arkansas, Air- I craft Carrier Saratoga.- cement yard oiler YO-16C1.. two landing craft itfink), and the craft from [ which Ihc bomb was suspended i when it exploded. ' tho Landing | Ship (inedimm 60. Probably sunk—five submarines, the Pilolfisb. Apo«on. Skipjack, Sen Raven and Dcntuda. They were reported officially "on the liotlom" but whether they had been sunk or only lorn loose from the moorings which kept them • suspended al various depths foi ] Ihe lest, was not known. Radly dnningcd—Battleships N'ev [ York a n A Nagato, Destroyer | i. Attack Transport Pallon. I The deck of the Hughes was only | four feet above the water line. Fifteen 'hours niter Ihc bomb burst, Blandy moved more Ihnn 20 of his observer ships inside the | entrance of Ihc lasoon anil anthem off the southeast of Bikini Aloll. "TVadio-contvollcd monitor boats I pried the still dangerous water be-' yond. keeping the command ship constanlly Informed of the lethal quality of the conlaminalcd water. History's fifth atomic bomb, which some sailor named "Helen of Bikini." was exploded al 0:35 a.m. today (7:35 p.m. c.S.T. Wednesday.) Tn addition, four LCT's and one LST which had been beached on the ihorc were washed several hundred yards out inlo Ihc In- Roon nnd an LOM on Ihc beach appeared awash. Their fate', and' Ihc fate of other ships In the target fleet which almost certainly also were damaged, depended on how soon salvage crews would b c able lo reenter tlie Insoon. Btr.mly Ivied desperateU' tn save the- Saral.ocn. He sent iwo III E S in with orders lo beach her. but Ihpv had to turn back. The grand "old lady" who had survived Iwo toniednini'S during the war, rolled « vor and sank im a cloud of K-iini seven hours vd 33 minutes after the underwater shockwav crushed her starboard side. The 2!l.()(10 ton Arkansas— oldrst hadlcsllip in the Navy — apparently wcnl down wilb- in a matter of minutes. She nnd Uic "Sara" were aliout SOP yards from Uie bnnib when H went off—clo.sesl of n.ny nf the 87 target vessels. Either vaporised or blasted to bits were a concrete nil barur. a I.RT and Ihc I.SM (50 from which the lolbnl weapon was su about 25 feet below the surface of the Incoon. Precisely at tlie predetermined moment "Helen" was detonated bv radio immilsn from the scientific ship U. S. s. Cumberland | Sound. A pencil colored geyser nf water antT white stcnin erupted from Uic rmter of (lie laponn, roarinpr P^MI feel into (lie cloud-spcrkrd sky in a few ivinntes. *p'. hunu there almost mnlion- '9fs for some 20 seconds. Then, like a thousand elourlbursfs rolled inlo one. it nhiTTced downward, dropnine I.COO.COO tons of grov- Krcen water and bits of Ihe wreckage of Ihe LSM GO u»on the nnchored target fleet with terrific impact, A giant clone! of radioactive spray, foor and "spume spread slow- lyover the lagoon. The cloud was still visible at sunset, drifting slowly lo Ihc north. FRANK II. UAUTHOl.OMKW miniiles. When we started to move P. Vice Prcs., Pacific Division) off westward, yielding to the Hade USb APPALA-1 winds, we saw the targetshlps come Into view one by one with only the Hatllcship Arkansas mlsstnu from icr original position. She sank. The carrier Saratoga appeared ,adly hurl and listing. The great upheaval was a vaster spectacle In every way than scientists had predicted, although whe- ,her Ihc lethal results were as lireat In proportion remains lo be seen. Tlie waterspout was like a projection from another world be- the sen, witter and faster-rising (Iran predicted. It Umied down l an umbrella that cascaded grn.\ death ujion the lagoon and island and covered a greater urea than anticipated. The greal illume did not go, as high as preliminary tests impaled bill. Instead, was stronger, wider, and fnstcr in action. Had the ships been in bailie, all would have been subjected, to a drenching, deadly, radio-aclivn- tcd cascade from (he sky, showing dramatically how (he alomic lionii) saturates all possible defenses, par- alyvlnt; l>vj power of a luckless enemy to strike back. liY III. ABCAHD THE USb APPALACHIAN OFF BIKINI, July 25. (UPI 1 —An academic looking young scientist named Marshall Holloway touched a nigger at 8:35 a.m. today and unleashed the basic power of tlie universe to blow the sea into the sky. Abuai<i this ship, some 11 miles from where (he first atomic bomb was expludcd under water, we felt a series of water shocks that were invisible as they approached. Then w c heard a dull rumble. A clear white dome rose with unbelievable rapidity from the placid waters in Ihc cenler of the target ships. Instantly, breath-ta- :in^ly. a solid column of water through Ihe dome and entered the sky in silent majesty. A giant column of a million tons cf seawater was forced upward bs tlie power almost beyond calculation. It went through »nd inslanlls di>'siS'ated a series of light, nalnra cnmulous clouds over the lagooi Then Ihp warterspuut. which .seemed at least two miles wide, tinned into a mushroom-like formation al the height of approximately n mile nnd n half, with the edges turning down in a thunderous rain of death upon Ihc lagoon, target ships and Island. This grcal, gray rainstorm appeared to be at least five miles in dlainclcr. completely obscuring the ships and island. Two Garsson Firms Sued On Accounts Second Position Too Late to C/as*/ry For Sale. Up through this might turbu- • lence I saw a great black smoking object rise with the speed or a GENEVA, 111.. July 25. (UP)projectile and come tumbling down The Crane Plumbing Company oi the south side of the cloud, end over end, into the sea. It seemed like a major section of a ship. Tlie sound of the explosion came to us through 'the air llk e the thunder of grcatguns. This was almost, two minutes after we had observed in awe the results of the mighty blast and we had been shaken with shocks through the water. Th e clean white ocean upheaval turned, lo a funeral grny curtain obscuring Ihe entire scene for many Chicago today filed two suits In circuit court asking the nppolnl- ucnt of receivers for two companies operated by Ihe Onrsson iirin tions combine now under InvesU atlon In Washington. The plumbing concern charged that both companies owed it money for merchandize delivered be- Uveen Feb. 12 and June 1 of this year. It alleged that the dcf.ciulo.nt companies did not have raonev to) Latest development in scientific avialinn research is Ibis 12-foo.t low lurbuk'iice pressure, wind Unincl, dedicated recently at Moffelt> Field, Calif. Tho funnel is used for studying problems of flight al speeds of 720 m.p.h. or more. It was built by Ihc'NnUoiuil Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. . , charged with owing Crane $2,505. and Hatnvla with owing $292. They e operated by Freeman and Mnr- y Garsson. .lacobson said the suits were fii- l as class .suits, invlllng other ipaid creditors to join In (he loceedings to protect their Inti'r- cst.s. club Flat Lake 4-H Club Holds July Meeting A merlin;; of the Fliil Uiki' -1-1! pay their debts ami obligations. club was held Tur-seluy. with I,u- The' Clinllcnge Company was e ille Rml presiding. TwrnLy-Mishl slock members and two' visitors weiv present, lleulon diallings lletly C'iriinl und Sherry minis lei the uroiip In slnulin;. Heporls were Klven by Ihc following ^rnit]> c'lptnlns: l-Yed Ah boll, collon captain; viola Burns clothing capliihi; and I'l'suy' Slnl ling.s, ]ioullry caplnln. I'eiiCy Hlalllns. Viola Hums an Beaulon SlalllllKs were lt]ipolntu oil Hit- program commute lo hnv the program for Ihe next meet Ing. W. O. lla/elbi\ker, asslstan county airenl. gave u discussion Chicks Lowly Travelers To Tune of 3 to 1. ATLANTA, On.. July 25. <UI>> — Sparked by the return or Catcher Ktilph McNalr, league lender In batting during Ihe curly dnys ul the Southern Association ennipulnii, Ihe Memphis Chicks whipped Ihc Little Rock Truv6lcrs ;t lo l lust nlgnl lo climb buck Into second place In the Irngiie standings. Eouihpi\w Heriniui Diets lolled tin Ihe inouiul (or (lie chicks und Ilinllcil Ihe. Travelers (a six bus. This chicks scored three runs In the first Innln'K while the Travelers were unulilc l<> cross the plate until the ilnni frame. Al Nashville, Ihe Vola hammered Al I.aimicchla lor 12 lill.s to score 11 U to 4 win over Chaiu- ntiuKii mill drop tho Lookonls bnek down Into Ihlrd place, (Itinniin Military, who relieved Al Trelchel In Ihc third inning, pitched slml- mil hull thi! resl of the way lo ruck ni> Ihe win. At lUrmtntsViiun. Ihe Um'om pounced on' four Allanla Inulors for i;t hlta 'mid n 7 t(i 3 triumph. Hlielny Kinncy, seeking hl.s 15l!i win of the yciir. .slarled l\ir llio Cmckers but wiis touched for lou'i* runs In five innings "nil suffered his fifth loss ot Hie year. Al New Orleans. Ihe Pelicans sed three pitchers. Hilly Kogers. lek Culliihun nnd Jlin Shr-ii, I" Inning 't\ 4 to'a victory 'ovuv the loblle Hears. ROBOTS received ereil- for the win while Lcroy PfUnd cut all'the way. for the Hears lo f charged with Ihc loss. No rcijuliu- league BKIUCS were chcdidcd for lodny ns all alien- Ion turned lo Atlnntii where Ihe ensue lending Crackers will-meet he Southern Association All-Klars onlEht. .•lly. (tin nil i fM.. ill ronl. 'V H'J.'r. O>lllll>- IKIl'lll i I. M,-)ill»'.'. un,. . r, Unix. 1 .11,1111 ihwl- Mil I.ICM.'.I |, O:< lull ,,,„.!> I..1I I'l-lr,. Jlf, .if llnllniiil, mi huh. t)u T> nil*. I....M1.-.I nn fl.K.r.. I...I J. of A. Stqdepts, T Be Housed on Sequoyah ' Alk, July 25. ' (UI J )— AiTiingenirals for the. housing of 109 • additional students »l this University of Arkansas next semester hnvo been ihtule with the Western Methodist Assembly, It was announced hero tcxlny.' Ur. John p. Anderson, dean Pf students, reported ' the Assembly would have facilities for 25 married men iiiKi their ramllics and nt least 75 single students: 'housing bill Hi; mi Ui c Assembly grounds «l Ml. HrmiHj-nh In Iriunc colleges nut] dormllorles. Cooking facilities «ii. ne ii'vuiinijlc fur murrlcit cou- [ilo.i. llylli.'Vtll.' iiluwutlia J. N. li, Hewitt, Smithsonian. Institution ethnologist, reached conclusion that there once the llviul im imnun hero named Hlu- wiilhu. Umiifcllow'.s Hlawutlm wns a mixture of the fc:il and several other Iiullnn heroes. ForRint ...I liirln.llitx ii.ill. N,'.- imi Wonted • rent. Htisinoss |>roncr(y (or simco, entire it( K!8 K.'M'iiM St. floors, vcnclhm liliiuls, outside out ranee. 1'iiono SOI. 2f)-fk-2S Wanted to Rent CHILLS & FEVER DUE TO MALARIA Advises GOP i Clarence Budinglon Kelland, ' ; noted author, has been appoint- 1 cd campaign consultant lo the '^National Republican Congressional Committee, lie served as the committee's executive director during the 1042 congrcssion- ',!___ _ al campaign. ; Before, (luring and since OPA our policy has been lo give to our customers FULL VALUE for their money. This applies not only to our (| no led prices hut also lo our veij;hts, count, totaling purchases, and appreciative service. In line with this policy wc have had very few advances except those due to withdrawing of subsidies by the government. To give you an idea how cheap our RKOULAR i'jtlCKS (not "Special Prices") are, we quote a few: Great Northern BEANS -Ib.l2c; 25 Ibs. 2.75 LIMA BEANS - - Ib. 14c PINTO BEANS - - Ib.l2c RICE, Fancy Ib.lOc Extra Fancy TOMATOES-No. 2 can 14c String Beans, No. 2 can 14c Pride of Illinois CORN - - No.2canl7c No. 2 Can PORK & BEANS - 2for25c Jack Sprat PEAS - - No. 2 can 17c Jack Sprat CORN Jack Sprat KRAUT B lackeyed - No. 2 can! 6c No. 21 can 15c i PEAS - -- No. 2 Can 16c Blackberries, No. 2 can 30c Gr'fruit Juice, No. 2 can 15c Yes. we have HUl'KK SUDS, DUX, UXYDOL, HINSO, !.t'\' and IVORY KLAKKS, LAUNDRY SOA1', IVORY and SWAN SOAP. Also a limited supply of I'INICAPPU'], ICAGLIO Mil.1C, iMAYONAISK, W1I1TK SiYHUP, JAMS, .TIOLLIIOS, ' MRKSHRVKS, DEL MONTH CATSUP, and CHH.K SAUCK. nlACKKRKL, SAl.iMON, VIENNA SAUSA(ilO and lOc nkjcs. of BLACK PEIM'ER. Orange Juice, No. 2 can 20c MILK, Large Can 12c Economy ' v ^';.^S^ MILK - - - large can 7c CRACKERS !b.!9c; 2 Ib 3 5c Scott Paper Towels, pkg lOc Dill, New Pack - - Qt. 35c 5lb. bag37c 10 Ib. bag73c - - 5lbs.4Qc PICKLES SUGAR SUGAR MEAL Red Cross Spag. & Mac. 6c - Qt. 60c Rex 5 Per Cent DDT SPRAY Red Idaho POTATOES EGGS - LARD, Pure - - - !b.4c - - doz. 46c - - - Ib.34c BACON PORK CHOPS Sliced pound pound 52 I BACON 50 I STEAK piece liounil T-Uonc or Round [Kill II (I 47' 55 REMEMBER, these are REGULAR EVERYDAY PRICES and not Special Prices just to get you in. Prices subject to market change! YOURS FOR FAJR DEALING 21st Street & Highway GAJIWAY JTO Phone 3161 Help Wonted Holds cany Boys 7 and Girls' Cold Weather Togs October 15 It's a wise parent who prepares at Wards now v for the children's winter future! Corral your young hopefuls from playtime for a shopping spree while there's time for unhurried selection . . . s'ocks of warm coats and snowproof playsuils are unlimited. M ontgomery Ward

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