Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1908
Page 2
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3_ ME 1011 BULl REQISTEB, WEDNESDAY ETEXCrG, OCTOBgB «. IWB. Xb L. NOKIHBUF, PmlicBt. F. 1. 90BTHBUF, Tlee-FniMeBi D. IT. HOBTHBUP, Sai Tlee«PrMl TV AID ra imp: NorthtHjp IMartional eank » 4. L. BBUXBAUGH. Cuktcr. KELTDT FB05S« AstH CuMm iifiiltgy ftr Sfct Pirili totti EftabUfhed 1869 SlattMlaltti — AOMMotj WMtlukliinii Assets %l,2WM —iitzgerald. Auto LUvry. riioiie. • • Qui Vive Cluh. There ;i very Uaimy tufcitui?; of Ibe Qui Vive clul) lat;t inciiini; at thp homo of Miss' I.ucilo Copcliuul. This was the first onlortaiiunoiit since the time of the meetings was elian?- ed to cveninK and n hirge .number of the Kuests were present. Tlie l)u.sines; of the oveulUK was not Iniporlant ami after tlie selection of pins to he the club emblem the nuest.s tuIuKled In- forina'ly. There was an elaborate ehaflnn disli supper prepared by tlie hostess for the youuj; women wlio wore enJoyiiiK here lio.<pllalil>. •J. • * P. E. 0. Chapter. •Mrs. l". K. I'Mpertou. L'L'X Soulli Col liorn street, had as her tuests ye.ster- day. ladies of the P. K. O. ehapter. The social liour was especially inlor mal and pleasant and tliere was impromptu music as a diversion. Tlu; paper of the afternoon was pret^ented by Mrs. P. S. Mitchell and wa.^ a very Interesting .sltctcb of the life of Governor Johnson of Minnesota. There was also a discussion of events of public interest and men who a-e interested in happenings of the i)oli!i cal world. • • • Breakfast to Teachers. Girls who are enrolled in the cooking classes of the high sc^ool gave a breakfast to members of the faculty yesterday. The several courses were scientifically prepared and served to demonstrate the recent lessons taught • • • • Hallowe 'en Party. Mrs. H. K. Hinde. 609 East Madi- sou avenue, has sent out invitations for a party to occur on Hallowe'en night. The Ruests are expected to come attired in fancy costume.? and masked to represent aiilmuls, ghosts, witches or oilier characters and Ihui carry out the Idea thai aulnuils talU and have u frolic on Hallowe'en nrul that goblins are abroad. This Is lli.> first event to he urraiined f«M- Ih" October festlvr day. • • •:• Flehearaal of "Efl|ah." There was a rehear.sal of thr chorus "Elijah" at the Christian rhmrh last eveniiis. The sole parts liav<- not yet ueen nsslgn»d but thi;^ will b<' done in the near future. Tliis is the tjiird prodU'.'tion of tlie kind that Mr. Boatright has .civen here and th<' program will probably he presented late in the winter. <' • • For New Mexico. Mrs. D. E. Bush and -Miss .Mac Busli left yesterday for \pw Mexico where they will make their home. Mr. Bush preceded them some months ago. • * Postpone Meeting. The meeting of the Violet club which was announced for today has been postponed. The members will be entertained on Friday at the home of Mrs. C. A. Hutchinson. • '* • Visit in Chanute. R. N. A. Camp No. 12S1 will go to Chanute on October 29 to spend the day as puests of the order there. There will be a called meeting of the lola lodge on the approaching Saturday evening In Woodmen hall to arrange details of the trip. ^ 4 To Yates Center, Mr. and Mrs. Horman Tholen and Hlu Margaret Tl^olen aF<e In Yates Center today. •I> 4> <• Chi Omega Society, i Tfe Chi Omega ttoclet)* of the high gfhfliol WM In MSBion yeaterday aftcr- fkoon At the olose of tbe regular classes. The program wuj of mu-;!"., essays and debiites and members nf: the society and the guest-s who wrrc.' prese.nt were appreciative of lh(^ en-j terlainment. j .;. I Vii^it in Salipa. ' •Mr. and .Mrs. ,C. A. Friirik are .<;prr.l ing the week with friends In Saliiia.' <. ^ 4- • • I Luncheon Today. There was an elaborate one oelo k, anVthiu^- luiiclieot! t (Mlay at Mis .1. l.'"'>,. ,' i„ greeting to visitors to .h- eouibcCailSO it hUlldS i'-. for coughs and cohJs as well :is for consumption. It'; c"-y for Scott's r.niiilsinn tt^ cure a cold t I' couuh and it docs it else up the v.>ntii)n. Thirty plnce.^ j w .-re set nnd and StlVni^'tllCIlS at duiUii; iin elaborate luiMiu .>ervt>t| in tilllC he.'iif lliil'.v ^ijirnlslu'd Courses the hoM.s > and niiests cbattf-d about l ")0;i"l Wllil Until YOU gCt the nneiin .u of il.e !,fi.rn....n and nrli 'H .^ll 111 pt j' >:i OK HrOnchJ- ev Ua;ipeului:s tlie week. The tables were triuuned witii ;i profu.» ion of nasturtium leaves and tlu-.e with f''e bright hues of the blossom'^ nuide a lieautiful eolov selieute. flosts were used on the buffets ami e:il>in ets and smilax was also in evidence. Tomorrow dinner will be served at syhania. tu arrive in a few da>:s to the church and it is exiiecte-l that spend the winter in lola. i?he will be there will be one hundred itiests. f?"LSt of Mr. and Mrs. Horton and ^ <. her daughter. Mrs. A. C. English. Mrs. Stevenson is one of! the best knuwu and well educated of the many hostesses and the remarks khe made in gnfPtlng lo the guests were fnll of the graciousness which Is one of the charms of her personality. ; The program is now In progress and because of the Iatni-88 of some dcIpgateG in arriving it will be long drawn out. There was a meeting of the state council this moniing in the parlors of the Hotel Portland with these women in attendance: 2ilrs. Eustace il. Brown of Olathe. state president: Mrs. <:. H. Trott. Junction City. Mrs. Charles W. I^nuls. Osborne, Mrs. M. S. Munson. Eldorado. Mrs. C. C. Goddard. Leavenworth. Mr.*. I. N. Buck, Paola. .MLss Edna Holmes. PJea.santon, Miss Bessie Corbln. Mound bity. The standing committees of tlw. WA N TSI TO LOAN—^S.OOO private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—lota I-and Co. WANTED' »M /»O0tiaa»Qus WANTED—Cirl wants work in private faiwily. .\ddress or call 'JO:* South Tenth street. City. \V.(VNTED—lmmed^ately. dinin.u r(.<?ni girl at Pennsylvania hotel. W.<VNTEn—Live business man to put in stock of dry goods and general nidse; be.-t small town in eonnty. Bffsiness DbectOfy. OK. JflLDBED CUBTIS PbjsiciiiB and Surgeon. OSlre over Bu'^rell's Drug Store Office Phone 554. Residence 214 E. Jackson Phone r .63. • • • • r DBS. BEIO & BEID, Physicians and Sargeons. • • • year were appointed and reiwrts of Pboue U-'C. business presented. The ' state ba.-s loaned |1.'>0 to a young woman student at Kansas University and has se- j cureil a scholarslilp from : Friend's University for a young • woman of Sterling whom tl;e federation io interested in. These women had enrol'ed at two WANTED--Repair men. oilers and laborers for cement mill work. Write us fully giving reference j . The Porf- laud Cement companv. Portland. I'rr- mont County. Co.'o. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri laud, o'clock today: .Mr.s. A. S. Beaton.'(loldeu Wes,t Land Co. Oflite over Iowa Kansas City. Mr.";. Noble Pr'»ntlss.'.store, lola. Has. Kant<as City. .Mrs. Hodges. Olath*'. .Mrs. M. .Mitchell. <;a-nett. .Mrs. Emma • X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. • • Eye. Ear. Kose and Throat. ' • • Office Phone 357; Ree. 396. * DB, McMlLLE5, • Special attention given to tli» • treatment of all Chronic Disea»- • es and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office over Burrell's Drug Stor* • West Madison. • • • • • • • • • WA.NTED—A ..r.-t class salesman lo], , , . . sell our leas. coffee» and specialtie." • .1. (oleman. Garnett. Mrs. r>. A. Jauii- jj^^^^ consumer in and around . ary. Osawatomie. Mrs. A: E. Tiuddle.-.- l ,i |a. \ good paying business to right , ton. Lawrence. .Mrs. Benton. Vi. Scott, parties. Write or call on the Oraud Mrs. I. N. Buck. Paola. Mrs: Isabella ^'n'"" Tea Co.. 704 Kansas Avenue. Rumbatigh. Ft. Scott. Miss B. rnri .in jTopeka. Kas. Mound City. .Miss Edna Holijie.s. Paf>-| SiVLESMEN & AGENTS—«$$ $;"'».00 lu. Mrs. S. E. Allvn. Ft. Scott Mrs. P""" ^ee'^ '^^^ '""'^^ ^•-'"'''^ N «w Campaign Nove.ties D. S. Stephens, Kansas Cit.v. until election. from now Sells to Store.'i. Coun- Thcre will be a, reception and muisi- ty Fairs, Picnics and Priv.ite Families, eale at the Elks/club tonight for 4 "0 Complete line of samples, charges pre- ;paelfor5l»c. Order today. CHICAGO guests. / ipai XO/ELTY CO.. Chicago. 60 Wiibash Ave., tis. (.ct Scott *S. r.'.n.' fii.- *'«-ULicnK III. i>.^|Imt nWh n*m« of rtaTcr m *»' « h !• jrprjrN. ><«tT aiMreu and foor int.i f'vr .ro<»-i-r. .in.l wc »iH send rou a i;;«iT.«v Allj.* o( It's WorU" :: •'•oTr ;t JtTiVV.VK. A<R» Prarl Street New York No Auto Ride Today. This rain and mud lifta previuited, one of the most enjoya.ble events announced for today in compliment to women of other towns who are guests of the lola elubs. ti:e autjomobilc ride. The Booster club was loibnve provided motor car.s to take the delegate'; From Missouri. .Mrs. F. E. Smith. 224 South Wal nut street, has as her guests an aunt and two cousins. Mrs. J. S. WJlson. Miss Lucia Wilson and Miss Martha Wilson, all of Pleasant Hill, Mo. * • * To Live in lola. over the cit.v. but ea-ly today the ,H.- ^^^^^^^ , Sommers. appointed guest.-to-be w^re lol.l that ^^.^^ ^^^.^.^^ ^^^^j^^ ^^^^ j.^^ the plat.s would be ebabged because ^.^^^^ of the weather. Should jthe weather j,^^^^ residence of be pleasant tomorrow th.| guests will ^j^^ j ^ , ^ j,^^^ be entertained by tire Boosters at the ^.j„ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ close of the afternoon .session of the i^^,^, ^^.^^ eon vent i<.n. i ; .^ .^ + .\ltur Sorielj. Mrs. Wolfe 111. Visitors to lohi and member.-, of lr»- (•III eluba are lanienilng tj |ie llliiet-< of Mrs. W. 1> Wolfe, president of litis .'.Irs. .1. J. Malone.v. 4ir; South r.rreet. will entertain the Altar S->ciely nf St. i.lohii 's ebureh tomorrow. 1 1 was ftrii;iiiall.s Intended to meei with yXin. llslrlri, who I- ci .iillned In-r rn-.m ig,,.^v„,., ,„.;,,. Hm-pe bm the plans with an .•ittailc <if a |i|ieiidlcltis. Tlit !irvnni ;etneiitK for Hie convention havi reipilred a large ami'Uiil of \w>r\ and ihli uUh Hie anxiety bns lieen a lirfnt trial '<•> Mrv Wolfe H»^r tnany trjend^- .'ire exurc;-"!')!' »b "lr re>:ro( iiid svtrpfltl'> and ar-- hiipinr. t" ]\';\x •if her early and eoini'b'te rernvi'ry A Afternoon Meeting. The Aid sr >eietv of the rniled Brei tbreii ehureb will have ^ business meetinj: lom'jrrow in theiri work room :lt till' ell inch. Mr.e. CamobcH'^ Guest. .Mrs. Kusfac" H Brown of Olatlie .state president of the federation of Women's clubs is a gtiest jof Mrs. .\. H. Campbell during her stay in th" city. •:• • Spend Winter Here. .Mr. K. .1. Horton is expecting his motlicr. Mr.*. P. .\. ITorton, of Penn- " ere eliailUed Mrs ( hilds. Hirr, .•^Iiv. W R t hild.^ of Kauiai City I.-- hf'ie ty attrnd Ui« ehib ronventlon. •She i> a cu'st "f Mr.. A H. •'••mp- b'.'ll. Iiifir, Ni.rfh .lefferi 'Mi avor.Tte 4- 4- + Federation Open. .V half past two o'clock toila; in the Presbylerian ehiireli tli" lirsi aesr. ion of tlie conventifin of federated eliibs of the Second district was called to order. In tlie absence of .Mrs. W. 1). Wolfe, president of the district, who is ill. Mrs. G. J. Barker, of Law renee. Ilrst vice pre.<<ideiit. wh.s in fie chair and tlie progratn was npene.ii by an organ solo played Miss ClHta Crangle. Tli<» invocation «as pra notmced by Rev. S. S. Hilscher. pastor nf the church which is entertaining tiic convention and .Mrs. R. B. Stevenson, president of the Current Event club, made the address of welcome. WEDDtHQ GIFTS So many think that wedding gifts are limited to a uarron ILsL Uut a visit lo this More, where ^ttjcks ar« filled with >core!» upon srore» of artj. cles nhk-li ul once .sugge>t lliclr ui*pr«priuteni>»!i, will at once be most helpful and Ininkh all such thonyrhts. Articles In gold, silvrr and cnt glass are ditplayed In dcsiirns tbut ar^ net\ and prk-es that are so moderate a» to make thilr {Mirclia>e witliln Ihe pun* limit* of ocarly every one. iOlA, KANS TO PURCHASE SITE hVli SALE Oli TRAl»E-Stngei Sewing .Machine for cow. boi>e rir cart. .New high arm drop he;el fJ.'. South Third. E'lione I'J-I. Phone 68". Res. 701. • DR. 0. L. COX, • Eye. Ear. Nose and TbroaU • Spectacles 'Properly Fitted. • Offlc» A. Q. U. W. Bldg. • OfBc'! Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4 *t DR. R. O. CHRISTIAir • Phyaidaa and Snrgeoi • Rooms 7 and S. Evans Bids. * Honey line for the Inlon PorilMtid t rmvnt Plant-T» ItuiW the Switch. FOR SALE—Youtig ^hoat.^; miles Thomaa H. Bowlus, piesident of the north of Power House. Lewis i 'owell. j .\;ien County State bank, todaj received money with which to purchase the riglit-of-way to the site of the pro posed Union Portland Cement plant. _ F. n. MABTUr, Surgery and Diseases of Women. Office and Residence Phono 678 Office 7 North Jefferson. FOR S.M-J>—House hold goods, new and cheap, must sell at once. Call afternoons at 203 East street. , I- fOn fXOHAMOE The deeds for the right-of-way will be. j ROtl' MiMfmHmmmotiB according to Mr. Itowlus. put on rec- . : — ord this evening. I FOR RENT—F'urnished rooui.^. 508 The management of the fiiioti Port- ^^oulh Jefferson, land Cement company have bad much trouble in securing this right-of -way. Because they had no right -of -way on . which to build a switch to the .itc of EXCHANGE-For lola ,residence . , property IbO acre farm in Missouri: CO their plant over which they expect to ^^^^^ cleared, good house. Irani and haul their building material, the plant orchard. By I... Hobart. cou'd not be erected. Now that the ~, : ~ ~ . , .... .1., ., ... I Six Clear L.a Harpe residences $• 000 switch IS possible the plant is pos.sib.e Ca.-^h for merchandis:e or according to those who are connected farm. W. O. Leiiharr. lola. Kas. with the propositt-.'n. In the letter to .Mr. ISuwlns. Richard JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler. 110 East Street. Lodge Directory KNIGHTS OF fVTirn.s. Nootilw Lodge No. 43 - Mi.i-day night at K. of r * .u.g brothers Invited. W. S. Ihompaon, B. 0. Chris Ritter. K. of R. tad & Patterson, vice president and general nuina^er ^f the proiKited plant, .snid th.-it ties for the switch, which will follow the «;ourse of the lola Electric FOR EXCHANGE—A finely improv- ' ed farm, Neosho county. Owner wants brick business property. Whiraker & Donnell, over "Our Way." line to Concreto and tlieii turn off l"| X' ..... I LOS r —Gold their site, liad been ordered ami would be laid down in Gas City within itn days. Engineer C'ande Tliorpe h ;is been ordered to make the biirve.v at once. ; .The I'nioti Portland Cemen' coni- paiiy j»rop <ibeti thi» erection of ,\ ••>•• LOST and FOUMO ring red and white cameo .setting. Return to Register office and receive reward. S5IQHTS OF MACCIBBES^ Knights of Haccabeea of ttte WorM meets In K. P. Hall, second and fonrUi Saturday nights of each month.. J. W. Post wait, commander; R. B. Porter, record_keeper; IV. O. W.—Camp No. 101 meets b K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele. C. c] A. il. Davis, Cl«*' Visitors cordially InTited. M. \\\ A.-The M. W, A. Lodfa meets every Friday night la M. W. Ffall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. C. Cotfleld, V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. BOFAL .NEIGHBOBS ^Iola Cfams No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets sa«- ond and fourth Tuesdays of eaek month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracl*. Mrs. Mary llutlon, 413 West StrsM, i Recorder. OUR TELEPHONE ment plant three and one-half tonstiinfly rln5!ng tliei- da.^i Sei northeai.t id tins tH.'. , . I the summer dust cleaned sul of car- TWE.Ml-FIVE E.^KOILED It'DAV.'pets j We are bii?.^, but your order will j Vn Incieaslnz KeitlstrBtlon h* IH)! receive prompt and careful attention. ClerkN Office, FRATERNAL BBOTHEBHOOD^ Pralernal Brotherhood No. 380 meeti second and fourth Thursday of eacll ! month In A. O. U. W. Hall. VisiUu members cordially Invited. W. U. A»* tember.'you'know .'is the Time to have dersoii, president; Golda Elam. secrw' tanr. Twentj-five \oters regiotered in th" office of tlie city clerk today, it ua? the largest number that lias bf-»M, pn- ndled for several day.v;. "t do n<it think thai the registiy will show a decrease," Charles Iv Wendorff, city clerk, taid today The registry last spring showed ;i to tal number of ::'.'S»i mn'p voter;-. [ Fhoue us today. IOLA RUG FACTORY iOLA.N DREW ILAi.H. \ STRAYED—From feed jard. a large red cow. M. Griffith. T. R. Sihiu.« (.'els a Farm iu the Kooe- bnd Couotry. T R. Silvias, a stenographer for Vt. 0. Curtis at the lola Portland, Is among the lucky holders of chances on the Ro.-ebud farm laud. Mr Sii- vius drew claim number t <8n. Mr. .Scott at Colon). Cougressmau Chas. F. Scott will address a meeting at Colony Saturday night. The people of Colony are expecting an unusually good meeting. To Dissolve Hartnerkhip. Ueurge D. Smith brought suit in district court todaj' agains( Wni. HuO- er to dissolve a partnership In tlivir farming busiaess and (or a tfettlerount of their account*. He also aiiked for „ ireiiiralnlng order preventing the deefudant from di<>i>ohiug of any of their property until the \A set> tied in the courta. Smith and Hiiher I were partners in farming. Fiiihrrinau latch Ihem I'JO Hflrs Aboie KIverN .^loutb. New Orleans. Oct. L'l.— With the water iu the MissLssippi river only eighteen inches -above its towest record for thirty years, salt water fish are beiug caught daily off the .Nev. Orleans dock about 100 miles al -ov the moH 'h of The river. The coior of the river has turned from a mu'Jdy brown t<» a {;reen hue. ilue lo the oalt water of the Gulf forced up s'reatn by the tide. Aaditoriuiti TOMOHT OENCRAL LOW COLONIST RAT£S TO CALIFORNIA LD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA » VIA ON SALE Sept. Ut to Oct. 31st Ask for Fall IsfonBattoa. CP. - h .Agt.

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