Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 12, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1907
Page 4
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•"111 wi(nwtK»( CIICUUITION 4^ TILWHONn. : miMeRIPTION RATM e ^rriar )• lota. Qu city. UuiyMvM »...U >• • • #44 •y Mall, la adTna*, .44 at IOta.^XKaMa. Foatomoa^ aa Mooad-oiau matter. BatM Mm4« Kaowa n Af OFFICIA] PIP^ CITT OF BIS* BET. MBMVBfl • ASSOCIATBb PflBW. : TIM lota D " ~ «i laia. D lUy RoMiMor lo a mombor of '•d ProM ana Roeolve* tho r that groat nawa eraatilsa' taalva Aftarnoen PuMlaatlon MAY HAVE NEW GREED S«pBblIciiii Adminktration AVauts II to Go Into Uie riatform. %Vbsh!ngton, Oct. 11—Bcforo the committeje ou resolutioHs at the lle- publlcan national convention ^^ill be fouffat tbe proposition for making a eew declaration of party faitli. The ipodern Republican thought. t!iat is the Rcosevclt idea, is to let tho dead past bury its <)ea<l. To propose new issues and keep the face of th» rising sun has l>eeu as much a part of the politics of the Roossvelt aUminis tratlon as disrupting old state ina- cbines. N'ecessarily the two ideas bave gone hand in hand. The speeches recently made by tho President- in his southern tour con tain most of the arguments which are ncces3ar>- for establishing the new declaration of principles so far as the domestic policy of the party is In- ^•plved. Since its organization, the Republican party has fought its bat ties under; two shiboleths. It has proclaimed the fact that the Republican party ended the war and protected American labor. The full dinner pall I3 now as ineffective as the bloody BhtrU Politics \ut in riat/orm. Roosevalt, as the loader of hi^ party, has^ committed it to hiv poll cliflA* but (he formal declaration has Dflver been. made. Kvery one of tlx old Btatc leaders raine into power under an gntlrely different order of things from that which Itoosevelt has h«H4 in mind. The old time orator who indulge^ ia extravagances about the achievements of fhe grand old party has passed; He would make himself ridiculous now in any progre.'tsivo community In tho ^United States if ho should repeait the' speeches he m^de In the first McKinley campaign. Ho could not ^ven so much as pro<laim the virtues/of prohibitive prot>x't'on without bel4p called to account by hi? .Republican hearers. The full dinner pall argnment 1.=; no answer to pxtravagance in administration. ' Broadly what are known as the RoOBcveit policies will be proposed as a deiclaration of party faith. Theee nolicies. although generally uii- dsrstood. haye ue^er been concr'^tely expressed. The nearest approach an expression of them is to be fotmd in the Prpsldenfs Memphis Speech, but even th*?; is far from complete. Leaders yrbo Are Far Apart One of the. great Xew York ufwy- > papers for wdeks amused itself by in\ QAiiHng daily. "What is a I>emocratV" I But had the inquiry, tinder any of tli'> ^ Repnblicaii declarations of faith been i l>nt, -•What is a nepublican?" it : 'wonid hare beeu equally impoetible PISO'S CURE Nitfhf Coutfhs hats the donblo danaer of cxbausiioa the tnSeMMbtt eauiioa tlccpIett &(S !ii The t UCO ^cdVictiais «f caasiu bate toand ^iiHii!(faFiso*sCare, ' eimoiosai oi bronchial or tunc diwaw. no maitef bow icrioas. ibat it will ooC telicvc n-ODderfulljr. AliDniggUU2SCm^ COUGHS.. COLDS Detroit Wm Xerer ia tha Haat With ClUiBee's Cabs. Whatt AilB Youl ' Ito yon fcol 'weak, tired, despondent, I hvtB frequent headache-, coated imiguo, bitter or bad in morning, "'lii-'an- > bui?!,*' belching of ga.'. acid risings in {throat after eating, stomach gnaw or ; burn, foul breath, dizzy sp<>lL<. poor or : ^'arfable appetite, nausea at times and > kindred symptoms? If xd1)<fei|ve apy concldcrable number of aboveiyawtoms you are suffering .ffrom^IioucMsrVrpld liver with indi- 0,^an^tA*Stm^ nr fierce-.. Golden ? Mnliril fflffcffl -m ft "p aiiiajagt ralo^bla medicinal nrlnclnTe «i known to ^ nwdlcal aclenee for thg-r^""'t "«'"^1"^ Dt liver invisoratdrratoroacb tonic, : bowel resulator'and nerve strengthener. I • Tiie "Golden MeiHcal Dl!«covery " Is not 'i a patent medicine or iiecret nostnim. a : fall list of its ingrrdtcnts being printed i on fts bottle-wra^ijier and attesifrf under ^oath. A glance at Us formula will show :ihalt it contains no al'x>hol. or harmful I haMt-forming drugs.^ It Is a fluid extract •made it'ltb pure,.triple-refined glycerine. Vot ttfoper strength, irom the roots of the ^fon^wing native American forest plants. 'Tltf Golden Seal root. Stone root. Black •Ch^rybark, Queen's root, Bloodroot, and tiUaildrake root. ' - Tlw foUpwina Jeadtne medical autborltin. of correct answer. No possible polit icnl claRslflcatlon would Include La- Falletto and Aldrich or Elklns and Cummlus or Itoosev^lt and Foraker. If the next Itejiubllcan national con volition, therefore, Is for tho Iloose ve'.t policicM in fact as well an in nanio and the resolutions committee then ch(A:'n reflefta tho sentiments of the delegates aud through them tb« people, a whole platform will bo the ro suit vhlcli will ultimately forco new political 'alignment. The things for which Rooricvelt and his adniiuls tratlon stand ar^ quite i\» jwpular among IJemocrats as among Uepubll cans. Kliminate the tariff from con sideratlon tlirough an lionest n-viiflon and a Wosiern i >emocr:it will more cordially siibscrlbc to the doctrinea which have been preached from the acknowledged leader of the Republi can party than Eastern Republicans Xo IMsagrwraent In the West. Even th? jirote.sts which have been most a.^gresfilvely urgetl agains't an infringement on tlie rights of siatos have come from Hepublican source^ There is no disagreement in the west on the • government irrigation policy The Central \\7?st without regard to party lines stands for the purpose and objects which it is sought to attain through the inland waterways com mission. There is no i>olltlcal dlvls Ion over the preservation of the forests and the conservation of tho na tlon's fuel stipply. Democrats as well as Republicans apprxjve the construction of the Panama canal. Even more generally than Republi cans, the Democrats indorse the President's corporation policy. The in come tax and a graduated inherit ance tax are more popular in the South tte«il «,/Cew England. The doctrine that the' grafter is not a partisan but a thlfff fs acceptable to honest men of .all jwlitlcal beliefs. A study of the President's recent speeches shows that not one line wa*; spoken in a partisan spirit. A political platform which would embody these iirlnclples, could hardly be assailed in any Democratic state. NoniiDce Must Be iu Acord. Upon the genuineness of the Kepub licau utterances will depend the political allgnmentV! of the future. It goes without the saying that a platform which included all the things for which Roosevelt has stood would be meaningless if th? convention which gave It birth failed to nominate a can didate in full sympathy with its dec laratlons. Four years more of such an administration as will come to a close March 4. 1909, will mean the annihilation of the party bosses and political grafters. Commercialism in .-Vmeilcan poll tics is now almost eradicated. If the coming Congress responds as readily to the demands of the administration aud the people as the last, the way will be paved through the election of Taft for a coming together of thj great mass of voters in the two great Should the reactionaries, control liie Republican convention, the great body of the i>eople will by tha same token come together in tlic Dem- ocratir party. The Charge:) of Mr. Brjan. Politically speaking, the national convention of 1!" jS will be the most important h?ld in the countr>- since the beginning of the T ^ar. There oan be no sustained antagonism on the part of the Democratic party to the principles whit* Kcjosevelt has ouum- craltd and which lie desir^-s; to sec perjHjtuati-d. Mr. Bryan, the «'knowle<iged Democratic leader, b 'Jis repeatedly charged that President Roosavelt has appropriated Democratic principles. \Vb«>ther this assertion is true or falve is of small con.'^equence to th"- country. The President has not hesitated to idopt the good things for wiiich Democracy stands and aji far as lay in his i»ower h:a> caused theui to be in corporated in laws or applied in administration. For these same principles Secn-tary Taft has gone before the country as a candidate for the Pre.sidancy and behind Taft all the pi -"gre8slve elements in tlie Republican party have united. • How the Playera Fared. • The total receipts this after• noon were |17,2S5.B0. and they were divided as follows: The playom, $J),344.17; the National commission, |1,7Z8.55, and the Detroit and Chicago club owners, 13,111.39 each. run uui .3TA)iDsra> u vuu aa ^»oy Kl ^cwiTWi ttmft We 6et Down to liusiness «•«»««•••*•»*«•»•••*« Detroit, ."^Ilchigun,. Oct. 12.—Upon their home grounds and In the midst of a large crowd of sympathizers, the Detroit team of tho American league for tho third time met defeat at the hands of the wonderful piece of baseball mechanism reiircseutltig Chicago, the score being C to 1. It wa» the first time since 1877 that Detroit fanx hud been given an op portimlty to cheer a eliamplon team carrying the "D" u|)on its shirts, and they madi; the most of the occas'on. Despite two defeats there was no lack of enthusiasm and hundreds of lo .ia! rooter.s started for IV-nueU park soei; pfter the matitutinal meal, flourish iig bau;ii'r.«. blowing immense horns and a new specie of whistle modei ed upon the one il.eir leader was for- bidilan to use earlier in the season. Practically all seats In the park had beeu sold days before and the best that the late comers could hope for was standing room. When th pale of adm 'ss !(m tickets began there w ;is a long lin.' of people streiched out before the gates. It had been stafeil that ticket speculators ha<l bought up most of the seats and the txjlice were Instnictoil 10 put a stnp lo this traffic. In this, howevci. they w.^re not entirely succ(*.ssfui. The weather was cool and ther« were dark clouds in the sky causing !ho thousands of fans to gaze apprehensively aloft. The hotels were cj-owdiHl to the limit of thslr capac ity and up to the time for tho game to i'egln every trolley car brought iu a full quota of biiseball enthus asts who fine. e.\cept the Detroit fajis. Sheck hurried to the grounds to gain ad- ard added to the merrimeni bysend"- mlssiou. Many were imsuccessful. ing Tinker home wUh a peach bunt several hundred being turned away, which stood the Tiger Infield upon its It was one o'clock when the two head. Even the heavens wept at the eams came uiwn the field and the slaughter, and rain fell in torrents. Tigers immediately began batting Chance's grounder forced Shcckard at •iractlice. There was plenty of gin- second. Coughlin to Schaefer. Chance •?er in ih?ir work. Chicago, too. d^^- beat it for the middle stop and while played a snap and confidence which the Tigers were retiring him, Slagle noth'ng was likely to shake. When sped joyfully homeward and sought he gong rang for the game to begin shelter under a shed, his tally mak Mayor Thompson presented the Do- ng tho tlilrd of the season, rolt leader with a gold watch, and a A base on ballK (o Tinker in the beautifully worki-d floral tiger, ou be ninth materialized into a run by half of the local admirers. means of Overall's sacrifice and Sla- Donovan was the manager 's choiee glc's Texas leaguer back of shori. 'or the slab position, while at the re- Captain Chance said tonight that he I The survevlng crew of tho Santa celvlng end of the Tiger's battery, he would probably pitch Brown tomorrow ,,„ <„rt-.v f„ snrvev <h,. delegated Schmidt to act. Overall and or felster if Brown was not fit. It * ^'^'^ Kling were the battery men for Ih^ was- expected that Mullln or probably " "" '"'" Cubs. K'lllau would be sent into tlte box for There was silence as Slagle step- Detroit tomorrow, ned up to bat and ay O'Leary easily smothered his high lick, the crowd) XATUllE'S ^VAItM^O. Tave vent to a great cheer. Sheck- and say that Stein-Bloch and Hart, Schaffner & Marx clothes are the foremost ready-to-wear clothes in America. They fit with a style that will make you look better than you do now. This power is the result of careful tailoring and patient workmanship, and a certain genius for solving clothes problems with intelligence. If you do not believe what we say, we as^ no easier task than to prove it to you- You stand to win more than we do. Prices— $12.50, $15, $18, $20, $22.50, $25. i, IHPKKTAI, HATS keep on growing In-ili-r, A \ith(iut the price groTving to match. .Inst Sli.OO New Fait Shoem, NeWeion and Fiorahe/m Knox and Stetson Stiff and Soft Bloclfs, la All Styles. 3I0-\AKCn IS AT 1V0RK. Construction of Portland Works Commenced. Cement (Herald.) 0. M. Connett, of the Monarch Port- laud Cemenfcompany; A. E. Gainer, L. H. Sturlock, L. C. Willis and L. H. lJurnos, of the Gainer Construction company, arrived iu Humboldt Tuesday andr are making arrangements for inimedlalc work on the Mon arch Portland Cement company plant. ird took revenge for this by singling Pj.opje jjyg, Kecogulze and Heed to center and then to make the matter worse he started for second on the first ball pitched. Schmidt received in ovation when his pretty throw aught the Chlcagoan by a mile, "^hancc was struck on the right hand \v a pitched ball, and oue of his fin ers badly crushed, but after it had "•esn bandaged, he gamely refused lo eave the contest and tr»>tted to the 1 It. Kidney ills come quietl.v—myster­ iously. But nature always warns you. Notice the kidney secretions. See if the color is unhealthy— If there are settlings and sediment. Passages frequent, scanty, painful. ^ ^ ^ It's time theu to use Doau's Kidney n'llal sack. He was cheered. Ou pjn^ he second pitched ball he stole st'c- TO ward oft Brighfs disease or dia- nd cleanly, but Steinfjldfs balloon- !)etes. r to Cobb left the manager on base. Doan's have done great work iii In Detroit's half of the inning they joia. cotild do nothing with Overall's Mrs. Sarah Hamilton, of. I'Ol South slants, and were retired without a Waluul street, lola. Kansas, says: score. "Wiinned up to tbe game the "For a year or more before T got rowd settled back to await develop- Doan's Kidney Pills at Clias. B. Speu- ments. cer & Co.'s driig siore 1 h-dd severe There was nothin.^ doing in the run nain in my back just across the loins, ine until the Fourth inning when the especially noticeable when about to Tigers antld a perfect hurricane yf retire at night. I could not li« on my jheering and stamping, got Cobb oier "lack without suffering, and added to the pan b-- clean hitting. Schaefer. this there was distressing n.-tention of he first man up. went but by Uio sky 'he kidney secretions. For twt* or high limited. Steinfeldt disiKwed o'. 'hree days at a time there would be Crawford -B fbul. Cobb brought the passage. I read about Doaus Kid- pectators to thdr feet with a rous- "t-V Pills curing others and I got them route for the switch but It will not be necessary to wait for this as a great deal of work can commence at once. A car of scrapers shovels are expected at once and as soon as they arrive work will begin on the foundations for the power plant and other buildings. The old stone mill on the site of the plant will be titled up for an oflice building and store room at once. A corn crop is growing on the site of the plaui aud t!ie first thing to be done is to get it off the grounds. As toon as that is done work can begin. At first there will not be so many men em])loycd Imt as soon as the plans are broad enough for 11 large i number there will be a demand for many laborers. This is the beginning of a new life for Humboldt and from now on the town should grow rapidly. Corning as it docs during the flftieih anniversary celebration for Hnmlioldc it is a good omen for the new Humboldt. lEe RoUaway Skating Now Open! Rink SKATING LESSONS 10 to 12, admi-ssion including skates 25 2:30 to 5:30, admission including skates.. .25 7 to 10:3U, adnisbion including skates... .35 Special attention given to beginners. NORTH Sn>£ Sl^UARE JEDDO. Santa Fe Ranvmy Time Table. NORTHBOUND. • !Xo. 202, Pas. dally ... ......2:22 p .ui Jlrs. Thorpe is spending a tew days | No. 2U4, Pas. daily .2:5b a.ui. with her daughter, Mrs. O. Kielir.' No. 208, Pas, daily ex. Sun ..6:50 a.m. Mr Stnibharfs youngest boy and No. 210, Pas. arrives dally . .8:00 p.m. one of Simon Klotdbaugh's childrou ^o isiti, Freigtii,D. ex. Sun 12:01 pan. have been on Ihu sick list for tli..- SOUTHBOUND. past. week. No. 2ol, Paa.dally 12:46]^.m^ Oicar Kicfer has returned from a; No. 203, Pas dally .2:00.a.m. business trip to Bartlesville. 1. T. j No. 2o7 Pas Oaily ex. Sun ...8:60p.m. George E. Nicholsons agent has No. 209, Pas. departs dally...6:20a.m. been through this ni-ighborhond secur: M"-freight. U. ex. Sun. .12:20p.m. u 1,. T, J •.. ^ • »K the rght of way for a gas pipe Ihe^iuuiboldt Portland will prob-j jine. Several of the farmers will burn gas as soon as tbe lino is finisht-d. Jeddo dismissed school W'edne^nay ably be ready for work this fall also and time.; should be exceptionally lively this winter. ng triple Into center. Rossman wa.s applauded as he step' ned to the plate aud he responded by Irlvlug a scorching single to left upon •^hich Ty ambled gleefully across the nbbi-r. CouKhiin came to the for"" TO CI KK A COLD l.\ O.M- DAY Take LAX.\TIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If It falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S alg- naluro is on each box. 25c. •a 'ATTl" MKEK lEAD LL'ACIE. Fonner loLt Player Battini; Star In Sonthern State;. "Fatty" Meek, who will be remembered as a first baseman and catcher on the lola baseball team the first year of the Missouri Valley league is the batting star of the Southern league. This year he played first and caught for tbe Birmingham team of _ _ the Southern league, capttiring the .'anMMr » host of others, rxtol the forecoiii? ; slugging honors. He was also close ^^^t^if^^^^^ia^^. io fhe fop last year in Ltting IU of J «irerK>n Med. CoUese. Pfails.: Proi: a^-Wood.H. Unlr.of Pa.: Prof.Edwli JL a«le. X. D.. of Hahnemana Med.CoUecc. ^tJhlcwo: Prof. John KIM. M. D.. Auth -Am^can Dlspeosatorr: Prof. Jna M. I ater. U. DM Autborof Specific Medicines: %IUot J «irerK >n _ . "l^Wood.M. Unlr.of Pa.: Prof.Edwln aana Med.CoUesc. :. M. D.. Author of - " P<^d, jProt iMKoce Jobnson. «. D.. Med. Dept. Unlr. of Ji. ¥i: Prot FInler ElUncwood. M. D.. Aatbor « Materia Nedica a/ad Prof. In Bennett Medical CoUdre, Chicaco. Send iiame and ad' reisoa Postal Card to Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buf- ilo.iS.y- and recelTc .free booklet Kiriox nCU bom -wiftloes of all the abore medi- ttttbors mad madx others endorslnc. in tbe Mdbla teniM. each and eTurr tn- whldh *aMaa Medical THacor- ^tetctf* Pleuant Fleets reKnlateuifl tte atomadi. Uver and bawris. Tttey «9ea In AMoacttDo vltb -GoMea . .P»gt<twytf bowilaareiDiicfacaB- I 1 TheyYe t^ay-aad war coated. I "Fatty's slowness, owing to overwe'ght prevents him from eoing up. Maek was a great batter when on the lola team. In most cases consumption resulta from a neglected or improperly treated cold. Foley's Honey and Tar cures the most obstinate coughs and prevents aerious results. It costs you no more than the anknown preparations and yon shoald lAsist apooJiaTlni; the genuine in the yellow packiage. Burrell's drns tsore. Seffbter Wul lis. 1 ceit • W at •V few doses proved that I was takiii •he right remedy, \\lifn I stopijod -i:-;i:ig it the action of my kidneys wap umnal, the backrxche was relieved •ind I was no longer troubled with dizziness, while my general health was 1th a itiuger to the same p'ace and ™P[oy*^d. My daughter also ttsed , _ —» , !. 'iFed Doans Kidney Pills and values them as highly as I do." For sale by all dealers. Price ents. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo :-rpw York, sole au'tnts for the United te<;. llomember the name—Doan's—and no other. Register Wuuts bring resalb. ^e crowd went wild Overail lost his f-rve and slipped Schmidt a pass to rst, fil'ing every corner. Klini; lied Orvio In for a conflab and th- :g fellow fairly burned thi-ni over r.d as OI.eary stnick out there arosi I mighty groan. One run. however, looked big. Chicago came lo bat wilii blood in ''er eye. Evers bansed a groundr-r 'n the direction of 0'I.,eaiT, who mad-' t mess of It. and the Cub perched •^n frst. As SchuUe went to bat It 'ecaa to rain and time wa:s called. The band played "Walt Till Uie Sun Shines Nellie," and tbe fans Joined n. llezlster Want Ads^ 1r a Word. THE \W1LI. of til.- lat..- Or. Vo'-gUe. ,vho died a', llumlxj'dt a few days ago was filed In probate court yester lay. The property of th^; well known druggist is bequeutlu'd lii the will to 'ohn Kuhn, who has lived with tlie The shower soon ended and the | dead man for years. The witnesses —en resumisi their places. Evers go ;o the will are E. H. Leltzbach, Harn? to first. Schulte ambled on four ry Bragg Frank Miller and I. N. v!de ones. Tinker dished up a pret- Kent. They were here yesterday •v sacrifice to Rossman and the men when the will was filed, •"oved up. Overall was gr3ete<I with cries of "He'.s easy." He wasn't, 'hough, and b's screaming hit to cen- 'er iient Evers across with the tying run, while Schulte peregrinated to •he third sack. Slagle connected for a long fly to Jones, and Sdiulte waltzed home on the tlirow In. Sheckard 'orced Overall at second. The score stood 2 to 1 in favor of the Cubs. Chicago added one in tbe seventh, "chulte wa» safe on a slow roller to tJonovan. which the latter could not <et over to first In time. Tinker's attempted sacrifice put him on base hen Donovan threw high to O'Leary. Schulte advancing safely. Overall niayed the game by sacrificing and the men moved up a peg. Slagle's hot one to OXe«r7 distnrbed the latter to such an extent that he threw high to tbe p'ate to nail Schulte. who was ttreaklog it home. The Chlcagoan 6lld- under and everTone was feeling Does your "To-Lef sign watt about? the childrsn could attend the Hum- • tenant, etc? Hardly, it's Just naUed boldt picnic. ! up on the door casing, and some peo- 1.1 Our rn ..lnP)er« ! ^'^i- D^^'*'' ^'"'"^ souie carpenter; pi© see it while moat People dont FolVv-s HoVJv and Ta ^for cou-1^^^^ SKiver and; such an ideal house. Somebody does Lidlat 'dlvng troubles L not aff^^ ^"'1 ^thel Steward visited; want it. and wants it, now.- Give a brtlr X;n o„"al PurfFoorand Dn^^ i ^avfs girls Sunday afro.nnon. ; Mttle specific Information through the :.Ir3. S:ini Brubakor js st:Il lymg Register real, estate columns and in a vei-y critical condition. Her coii-- Does it tell people .where your vacant ditioii is Kucli as to cause her friond:s' house is, and how many rooms it has. to despair of her recoverv. ; and Just how cozy it Is, and how . cteaply yomi otfer it to a gilt-edga ,, , . , , ; voull probably find that soioebodT M\ Atchison ni .Ta .«ays he ha.s a "-i rlgnt away Hij-^ill..- gluoniy disposition. Ht; s<-!- ' " • law as it contain.s no opiates or other harmful drugs, and we recommend It .as a safe remedy for children and adults. Burell's drug store. FEW DEATHS I> lOLA. fommunily Is Enjoy'ms: Hood Health Xow. lhat loia i.s a Iicalrliy town, i;-, iirov- eu by a look al. the I-iht undtrinkcr.s' books. The records show tliat for tho last two weeks there has nf )t been a single death in lola city. Tliis is a renmrkable showing when cunhiderlng that other towns, the size of lola In this part of the state have been averaging four and Ave deaths a week. om smile:-, at a funny play, the fir.i- ;:y papers only raal'.e him frown, his Irii-nds' jokes are .so tir.'sonie to him i ii'.- lui.s to tliu iiciiit''in-.-> ' lif cm coni!:i:!;i!l to IOCJI : plf;i;-:iiir. It!it 111- s;i;..- !.'it':-i' w;i'; on'' tin:" 'ii lii-; !fi' '. VIK-I; i).- ri-.-ii-i'.i wldi l;ni-lit(.-i-: Th'.' nr.-;t tiiiie he saw his wilV- "!••• 'own" her hair, llo s.-iys lli:it during' hifi eiigu.^onient I'> liis wile all li ; HIK.K FOl.ST AT'HUMBOLDT. To Register Wants hrlnir rcralta. Address Men's Meeting Sundaj Afternoon. (Herald.) The mens organization which is to hold ini ;ctings iu Humlwldt tliis win• ot'ced was th:it Iier head wa.; cov- • ter has arranged with Judge Foust '•ml with hdir. and looked I k<! otiier to speak next Sunday afternoon in Aoineu's, and tliat wl .<-ii he saw those {.-ussnian's hall. Judge Foust is a SKra!d "?;!:n;''«';:i^ii;-'hito T j -'-^-f ^p-'^- io»bt be tall th3 size of a slate pencil, he l»eard by a large crowd. All men arc Dcariy laiig 'itd hiuiseil to dt -ath. j invited to hear him. It Blulds Force What is medicine for ? To cure you. if sick, you sav. But one medicine will not cure every kind of sickness, because diifererit medicines act on different parts of the body. One medicine goes to the liver, another to the spine. Wine of Cardui to the womanly organs. So that is why Wine of Cardui has proven so efficacious in most cases of womanly disease. Try it. Mrs. Wm. Tmtua. a BarCnviaa. IU, vriteA: "I suffered for yarn with famalo Aseaias. «nd doetOMd vlthoutr^eL Mybackaadbead vouUlwitmec aiidlsufia«dafia^«tthb« Athil I took Win* o( Caidul aod Bov I am la gpbd baaltb." Sold ev0i]r«^^ WBTE US A lETTB ^mSsStS^Z ^^o

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