The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 16, 1986 · Page 19
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 19

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1986
Page 19
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Fun The Salina Journal Thursday, January 16,1986 Page 19 Hawn, Russell still plan to wed The Far Side Crossword By Eugene Sheffer Gossip By ROBIN ADAMS SLOAN King Features Q. Whatever became of Goldie Hawn's plan to marry actor Kurt Russell? Did he dump her for some younger woman? — R.P. A. Bite your tongue. Goldie and Russell are still inseparable, still talking marriage. But, and this is a large "but," they haven't set any wedding date. Both have been up to their winsome eyeballs in work. Hawn recently finished her latest comedy, "Wildcats," due to be released in February. Kurt's making an action flick titled "Big Trouble in Little China." Goldie tells me she and Kurt will soon move to Colorado, where they've just built a house. As for a specific wedding date, I'm afraid you'll have to be patient, very patient. Q. Was actor Jack Lemmon's recently publicized trip to Cuba for political reasons that reflect his dissatisfaction with the Reagan administration? — G.S. A. Lemmon, his wife Felicia, his Tank McNamara Hawn Lemmon son Chris and daughter Courtney were invited to visit Cuba in early December. The invite was extended by officials of a Latin American film festival. Normally, U.S. citizens face restrictions in traveling to Cuba, but invitations to cultural events are normally okayed. Lemmon, being honored for his work in films, chose to show "The China Syndrome" and "Missing" in Havana. Both have strong socio-political messages. Jack says they were chosen because "I wanted to show that we can make f ilms in this country that criticize our government." Any political discussions in Cuba were ruled out by the actor. Q. Since we're senior citizens, it isn't too surprising that our favorite movie of the past year was "Cocoon," which we loved despite that unbelievable ending. Any chances of a sequel? —L.M. A. I ran into Jack Gilford, one of the gifted actors who made this film so memorable, at a quiche-tasting at La Fondue restaurant in Manhattan. Jack told me that though there's been some talk of a screen follow-up, he doubts that a "Cocoon 2" will ever unravel. "In my opinion, it would be foolish to attempt such a sequel, mainly because the first movie was so wonderful; plus the fact that sequels are seldom as effective as the originals." He added with a wink, "Please tell that nice lady who wrote the question that 'Cocoon' was really an adult fairy tale, so she shouldn't take the (final) space ship sequence so seriously." * * * Got a question? Write to Robin Adams Sloan at King Features Syndicate, Inc., 235 E. 45th St., New York, N.Y. 10017. © 1986 Universal Press Syndicate Whenever geese pass through tunnels The Family Circus ACROSS 1 Coin substitute 5 Skid Row resident 8 "You said it!" 12 Yugoslav leader 13 Sober — judge 14 Running distance 15 Isaac's son 16 Cigarette ingredient 17 European capital 18 Enthusiastic 20 Work 22 "Show me' sayer 26 Oasis critter 29 Hill dweller 30 Contend 31 Stepped down 32 Pink elephants, e.g. 33 Absolute 34 — Vegas 35 Actress Zadora 11 New: prefix 19 1?e unwell 21 Place 23 Underworld boss 24 British river 25 Requirc- ment 26 Placid 27 Jai — 28 City of Montana 32 Natural scene 33 Ribbon- festooned p csser t choice 36 Bikini half 38 Villain's forte 39 Turn away 42 Classical poet 43 Indian princess 44 Bed board 45 Nincompoop 1-16 46 Big difference Ans. to yesterday's puzzle 45 Topper DOWN 1 End for old or young 2 Mona — 3 Mormon state 4 Fine food fancier 5 What dogs dread? 6 Olympics jersey letters 7 Strands 8 Love affair 9 Letters 10 Building addition 36 Founded 37 Heathen converter 40 Rara avis 41 Fumes 45 Malarial fever 47 Superb serve 49 Track 50 Auction 51 Damage 52 Director Wert- muller 53 Box 54 Fitting 55 Blue- pencil Avg. solution time: 27 min RAV I/O -Wy SGMibRS.' *AUL-STAR* 1 ME! WUe0£'e> TUe TVCOVfeRAGG For Better or for Worse VOO'RE HRVJIMO CEKERL? .^HERE. RRE-TOO WRKTYOU IMBED MlCHflEL,POT UJRVl -Tov/S! MRKV PRRBKTS CRYPTOQUIP "When you're wearin a snowsuit you can fall down without crying. C X C, Q G I F ,1 CRORVTNC'N O J C G N C Q T .1 V K R N T N : ,1 I ,1 N X SflID I COULD DO IT. TOMORROW! \COOLD UP UNT\L 8 ; 30! N C .1 C G F G K C . Yesterday's Cryptoquip: ALL A CLUMSY STUDENT REALLY NEEDS IS TERM INSURANCE. .W£ FOLLOWING W£K7A/NM£/Vr SPEC/AL iS MADE POSSIBLE BY A GRAA/r FROM A CORPORATION !! Today's Cryptoquip clue: J equals A o 19B6 King Features Syndicate, Inc. The Lookhorns Hagar the Horrible IL-L-TPZYTO "WHAT VO YOU MEAN OUR MARRIAGE ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE ? WHERE VO YOU WANT ITTOGO? CATS HAVE . INNATE ABILITV TO SEN6E WHEN VOO ARE FEELING BLUE PONT SCARE ME LIKE TKAT...IT5 TOO MARP ON MY MAIR! WHAT IF YOU AMP I HAP TO LIVE TOGETHER FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES? WHAT IOOULP HAPPEN IF YOU ANP I NEVER 60T MARRIEPANP LEFT HOME? Hi and Lois Wizard of id MOT EVEN THEN// EVEN \fl\ , I } YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH KAREN ALICE AREN'T YOU? TO HER, YOU'LL HAVE TO TELL- HEP WbULPN'T I y TELL you// Rex Morgan M.D Beetle Bailey [KAY SAID SHE HAP A LOT OF WORK TO PO AROUWP HER AFAI?TMENT THIS EVEWIMG^ 1 WOKIDER IF SHE'D A\IK1P A\V PHOKIIW6 AWP TALKING TO HER FOR A ^7., i IH PEW MIWUTES BUT HIS WAY 5 AA1LE6 1 WOWPER IF LIKE ID GO TO THE TOANORROW WIGHTS OH, WHV JUST LT. FUZZ ALWAVS WAKIT5 HIS WAV/ Born Loser THAT'S WHY AL-L HEFJ PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED MY WIFE HAS QUITE A VOICE

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