Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1908
Page 1
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(S7 ^ Th9 Rm^imier Hmm ihw Lmrgemi GirouisUon in MMn County of Any Mowmpmpor PuMimhod in iito County. I ME X. MMIIKK ttOO. lOLA, KA>SAS, OOrOBEB SI. 1W>._W1-»N tSDAY EVEMNU. ElUUT PAVES. PKICB TWO CSSTS. OUT OF THE STORM TWO 11AMIEUERS HUM! WVA.- iUME AT SALVATION AH.HV. FROM TOPEKA TO GARNETT W\. \M» >IKS. Jl. \MMi TELL SAD JSAU 5>T«UY TU BE>EFA(TOUS. l•^•nnilc^s 111. .Hournine Unitli Litlk- « liild, Tliej Kiliiru l«i Ill Sbortly before iv:; o'ducli l:i.-it night while Captain Butler of the Salvation Army was preparing to retire at his home on West Madidon street, tJiere came a sharp raji at tlie door. He opened tlie door and tl;e flood of liglil from the interior of tiie lioiise. extending ont on the walii revealt-d a Ulan and woman scantily anjied. siiiv- erinp with cold and dripping w(.-t, standing in the storm. In a voler. ufakem-d !>.. exposure and iTisufRcienf food, the man asked: "Is this tlie captain of the Salvation Army?" "Yes. sir. What can 1 do for NO'I.'" wus the e' i-i-ry answer tiif vaptalii cave. "My \vif<< and I ai >> s\ ranuii >. in' town. Wc IiavonT a cent. Neither,' havf wo irieJids lure. We want tot find some place ont of tl>e storm to,' spend the night. We are willing toj fake any kind of a room if it win onI\ EAUHELLY TOO orTIMISTK . I'onfUlrace Eri|:ht('n> Kriuibliran: Mho Mere (Milnsr to Votr for Illni. Topeka. Oct. irugli Farr.-lly of Channte, jJeniocratic candtda<« for I'nitcd States senator, has killed the goose that la> the golden egg. in his home county at ieast. Farrelly is pr«.>t ly well thought «C as a citizen and neighbor, and many llcpnblicans of Neosho county were about ready to show their lojalty to a home man by voting for a representative who would voti' for I'arreily They wanted to make him feel good over the vole in his own county. Itut Farrelly is s-o sangtiine Jiial i.-. going lo l)e elected ^eiialoi' thai he has driven lii.< Uepnb'.ican friends in .Vei'slio to lake no chances, so they arc lining uj> for the Uepublican candidate for representative. Had Farreliy not expressed himself so sanguine of success, he would likely have had a friendly member from his lionif but now there i.- no chance for the Democratic nominee. TWO INCHES OF RAIN A HEAVY rRErlHTATION I> lOLA \M» VU IMTY. (oiistaut UoTiiijMiMr Ihid BiHlnr >s at St«ii«l>till-OId Bill Shiltles.^ Was Out ill the Haiti. \ protect us- from the cold, you do for us?" \Miat cauj /"Come in." said the captain, and j'** tlie two worn travelers filed past himj'** ^iv tao warm dr> room within. it was a sad story they told the ''* ai;iMy captain as he furnished them with dry clothing an<l sluiwcu them a comfortabk- room for ilie nigh:. WHEN IT RAINS. Wh'u th" rain pours doi,vn at twiliglt and a.^ w-cll. the day- lii-ht through, tell us what's the •:• us^' (i<ij\in}; thai it makes one •:• mighty bine? ^^^u•n the < ark'ii-• i:ig clouds and thunder send you v • flviiig to the house, tis not •:• •:- stran;:'- tiial noisy commeifce is •;• as St ill as any mouse. If ynu wonder in the gloaming, as your •:• tiaper .\oii peruse. wliat "the v • scribes have all been doing— v tell us wlio could get the news? •:• If your feet fe'It like trip ham- v •> m»-is and jotiYf soaked c'ear to •> They formerly lived at Coffeyvil'.c. t where they liave relatives, but moved from vherevsome time a^o. .\fier several changes of residence they went! to Topeka where the man went to work. Shortly afterward tiiey took down sick. lii«' man being so ill!"' ..... .J , • , , , the al>in. after umpsteen miles •.• with typhoid malaria that he was tali- „ ; , . , , , , vouve traveled jusi lo find ihai eu to a hosi)ital. The woman, though ( ' " far from well, continued to work to l.elp earn enough to feed their elev.-nj'** mouths old child and herself. Finally the child took ill and in a short timei'i" died with congestive chills. Theyi"** were in destitute circumstances and the Salvation .\nny of Topeka buried the child. The man recently left th*hospital in a very weakened i-ondi- tion. \h' could not work and the wo- iiian was able m lio but little work. Th'Mr on^.v hope was to reach her! folks who live at ('otfeyville. Having .•r«: h -'s i:i> uiifs in. if a man slioiihl tiuickly call joii. sa>ing. "fvc a stoi\ quef-r and fiuii pr«-ss liour cem '-th that ' ."oti a !,iii;>i steer, .-^i.*. if -J. tilis wiioli- Old city seeni'M to V stop and tak'- a snoo;'..-. hc^w in r; e nani'^ of u"odnfS'; eotjM a fello-v fhe iiftts'.' j V V fare the and not 1)11 r.ill >liil5 't-> wa.. in loin •.•»d:\y H<' cam<- ilown :ri>ni KmiM>;:ia on a no mone.> to pay car wishing t«> inipos.' on the armv for'. . , . , , u M.^J; vi • j furiungh .«-iKn>'l bv Walt Ma.-it>ii H thi' sum necesj.ary to take th>MU bx 1 , . ., •. , ,,, . ^j....... ! se .'iiK (1 to tliink that tli!-^ document rail to their friemls. they sta'ted out i , . .v,.n..^^..,t ii ) was etiua; to i>i-. as h«- ••xprii?.-fa on foiit. The man without undercloth-. . .... . ., , ,,,, "sMio 'uniou.- witii lae ke>.> ol ins and his outer garments far trpm . ' .. , , ,. . i . i ... ...i . lii, Icitv. ami he procee-jed to taK.- iio- good. t;.e woman with but scant clothing, and both \ery weak from illness, walked from Topeka to Garnett. arriving: there yesterday. Sometimes on their trip a, kind farmer cared for them over night bin mbrej often they slept in school houses and deserted buildings, staying ont in ihe open two nights. For food they depended or. thv kindness of the people along fi.« route. | WHien they arrived at Garnett ye5- city. e.-ties thai astonished even thv' police. Bill criticised the city cotincii for not I axing a municipal iimbr. ila larg> enotigh to sheU-'r all ih>- Iniiffrs on ih«' streets and tht'' vi^^itor within our :ia!fs. Riil said that he 3ijs umbrella up in Emporia and tiiat it would cost him .'J .'i ceuis and one months interi'st to get it dowii. Consequently, wiien he arrived he was w•it^o 'It a "shower and got soaked to iht- skin. Ill tola stiek. • Hill, i! terday they appealed to the mayorjj^ understood gets that way f^equent- jand he saw to it that the city paid 'their fare as far as lola. they reaching here last nisht. Tliey said they tried to find a place up town to sjiend fi'e night, but were turned away with a suggestion that they go to the Salvation Army. Today Captain Butler raised thei,r farelto Chanute where they will ask the .Armv officers th«'.-e to help them along their way. The man was so ill tl^at h'* at" notlj ing last night or ibis morning, although the army officer placed tempting food before him. The voraan ate heartily and was greatly strengthen(Hi. In addition to feeding them. Captain Butler provided thie man with nnderclothlag Aud the woman with « dress, nibbers and other clothiiig. The wanderers vbeir names HK Mr. and Mrs. i{«nry Lons. The m«D Hsid bis axe «M 34 aiid his wife U. Tbey have one or two cMldren wttb Mrs. Ix>u('8 laotter at Cotl«yvllie. Tb«y «pp«Ar«d 'io IM honMt gieople •mtao had bMB vicUms of ii ron of htK luck. Iv. IMI*. in "Kmiiory." as h<^ calls it llie soaking comes on t !i«^ iiisjde and the new order of things in loia caused Bill to show a reversal o' form For instaiice. whr-re in all case? and under all circumstances, he heretofore has sat uj)on a goods bo .\j out in the open air while 1 e deliver«ld him self of his opinion, he sought j refuge in a grocery .store and told what lola ought to <Io and how the;, di^,! it in "Emiiory." "I ain't talkinc politics nor eckon- omicks today." Bill said to a groui> of interested listeners. "This duni- ed rain is what I kaint stomach.* And the listeners catching a iH>int. t>moth- end a threatening outburst of laughter. "Now. why III the dickens." <'<intlmi- ed Bill, "kaint It rain enough aiijl stop, lu Bmpory. it almost alwayssj stopti flrat and rains afterward. ThiiiKs had oooie to a pretty pass in Bmpo;y. You know I am busy redeeming JCanaas and saving the name of Peruna. Oat on the farm, my wife was stoppa' the BIG MAIL ORDER HOjlSES WERE HARD HIT The stateiiieii' (Hi.- \<A ilie big , heiU"- jii'-reliant stands behind his gci ^t deparir.ieii! h«>nseo in tli'- eoun-{v jn »»s while ilie inaii ordct i-onccrii try shows that diiTing tin- las: liseal d «>i -s luuhin:; <if the kind, year it> business fell <'tf inoif th;;n The a<'!ion of tin- house to which JO per ecu*. This is in jiai; acount- :f >ieiiii(e is lure made in abandoning ed for by ihc fact :Juit ow iim to the i;>i drug dt-parunent is a signifi..-ant operation of the pur." fo<;d and driies niii- The pure IK-^^KI and drugs act act it was comix 'lb^d u> slipt dow i i's -iuiiiiy insists that drugs and food- drug department, but: it does not ex- ruff- shaii be s-old for exactly what pl:iin the entire reduction 'iie>- aie. that if there are adii'iera- Tiicre is no ilonbt al'r)iii it. says lion-. rhf f u.-toiuei- uiiisi be appraised the Leavenworth TIIIKS. tlia; tin- tight of tlie tan. There is not the slighi- which is l>eing wj^zefl in all parts of f.-t i|oiil>i that where tliis department the coMutry by the jjcwspapcrs against .-TH;.- vfinupt-d itsi-lf fi >r the apparenl- .•he practic- of i.alioiitziii.u' tiie.-i- l>ig ; |v y„,;,ii m;ut::ns which it made in ius department stores is haviiii; its ef-' ,1,..;^ ..^ celling drugs of an fecr. They have Iwen al .ie to show imeibir iiualitv. when it clearly—in a wa.v 4hat will : j.,,„|,i .,„ ;,,„^,,I s,„,Y i, „.as com- their reader:-—that n is wod i)usiness ;„,)ip,; ,., ,,„i; seiliim anything; in that io buy at home ti-jiT not only is it >j,„. .,, ., i |„ „.,,. .,,„i anoflicr ^ood policy to in- p ih" edmniunii.v which helps .vou. ii.Jl if i^ nvill^ an i^conomv. Vafne for value tin hctne; merchant will .-ell just as cheaply asj'l">^ educ ;.tion prw .eds the catalogue any catalogue hous«- anywhere and ihe 'ston-^ wili disappear. till- people ii - getting on to the prac- lic'-s of the mail older houses ami as hogs aiiil pailin' tlj.^ cows and we wer<- gt'itiit' along liiH-. Course my tiiiK' was occupied. ;>nd I thought if Illy wife could pi't a.'oiig so well on IIK- farm sin- eoiild do as w.-ll in town, i^o w<' moved to lirmpoiy. Whi-n ue ^ot s.-ttled tl;at woman of mine a<tu ••illy asKcii 111" to f <'«'(t til" c^iicken:;! I just pill (itit and b'ft anil <am" lo foly to ">"«• in.\ <-<iiisin Sam Slollifiil. and duined if it didnt ruin. "I liainl s« eii Satu y"t_ '1 .lin't had tinn". Soniebotly's been »-<»d.rur me THE PETnAEUS FUNERAL. The Body of lola Citizen Buried at Joplin. Tlf .lopliii II"ral I sajs The r'-iii;iin.N of V. i'etra"iis. nf lida, Kan.. forni"ry of .Joplin. who di"d at the former plae.- yt-sterilay moriiiii;;:. ju" to arriv" in .topliu at I'l;;;" ^iitida> inorninc 'ri.-.v will b'.' takiM to til" r"cciviiii vault at Mt Holt" rrmetvry. whor<- s"i'vic"s will be lield under auspices ot th'^ KIks .M;. IN'traeus. prior to lus d"par'- '\rv sinei^ I lit in town. Thf^.v look ,tt|"i" from this city se\-'ral years ago. iny baei; and laugh, and leant under- 1 ^^;»s oii" of the leading <iti/.ens of si.ind it." jjoi'Iin Coming h"re in IsSf. he \va« Hill tuned aro'snd to I>>ok tint the [ <<>iiii"-ted for many years with !h'- store window; "D'lrn.-'d i; it aitit rain-! i'i<h"r l,.a.i works a< <onstiiiins in-- .\"t. I !; this is a cas" wher**;'•li>'>'>"'- "'sd it was largely vrry t'-l'ow must row his <<wu l)«>af.' Th" a"oup of lisr<-'n"rs wer.- laiiirh- inc so hard the;. siowc<l sicns of iiain. "Well, wliiifs it all about, riiirned if i; ain' raining .M-I." •'What's that on yuiir ba"k. Hili." a man a.-^k.-d as sooir as li" i-oiild i)it"I;"r up his tongu" to siiape th" words. "I dont know. }\y coat. I giies.- Whii? is it?" .\ n>aii jmllej ;i wiiitr paper !ai»el from Rill's eoat .uid showed it t<« him. lU" In his • iiir-.:y Ce subliii'.e wiiit" lea-I pr'>C"ss w;)S tnvent"d. H«- to<«k :i <f.>n- spieiioiis ptirt in th" iipbiiildina; of -loiditi. his d"tp knowledg" of niin- {ing matters mttkitiz his opinion on I ertaiii ?ul>j"ets of unlimitcii valu". Mr. I*"tra"ii> was a native of U'-n- Miark. ills farl.v boyhood Ircing spent ill tliai <-ouii:rj. whev" his parents i h"UI hisiii social and jiolitical rank. \\'h< ii h" first i-amo to the Cnited's i e r .iis a reiirrsetitative of the nr in th< A I'BEASAM !»ITPEI{. (I'linlj I'Irrk Hits Tpon ."<rhcinr to Get Kid of Bird^. C 'Mi :it> Cierk Kminet' <'ulb"rtson iii::.^ a pliea.saut -upper tonight The tnrnt^ pheasan;> which Hiafe Ganii- Wardrii Pel Travis aniiuiinced v.oiiid be suit here. .ir:i\ed ;his nui!;- iu-^ and are at the cnurt Iious- awrti'- ing distri'nition aiuotig laiinc:- "\\<> ate wi'iiiig to cjie for tiiein unii' .\Iarch h "n iiie.^ v.v to '»•• luraed Itn.-e. It is ill" piiipii .-e •••t 'hi- izaiin- warden tn stock tii" .-taie with the bird>. .Mr Culbertion ha.- ask'-d tli .tt aii\ farmer who would i>" willinj; to take the pheasants; notify him. I'li to date only one farmer has responde<I. Now .Mr. Culbcrtson is wondering what he will'do with the rest of the biids This morning h" said h" believed h" would cail in bis friend;, and have a pheasant siippt -r fnniKht "That wieald be great, wouldn 't it'.'" said .Mr. Ctllbcrisoti this .•iio! iiing. "Some of these days I would 'riei a Piter from .\ir. Travis a.-king liow I iiked •ilif i>irds and I wDit 'd rrpl.v. 'Oil ih" bo» a liked 'em fine.' " TOGO THE HOST MAiiMKM ENT UABBEN TAKTV Kui: A.MEKU A.N .S. JACKSON'S SPEECH THE ATT«K>EV «;E>EKAL HA1> i;i»OD ( Ktnvi) IV .SPITE OE RAI->. HE EULOGIZED MR. TAFT iME (innvn WE.XT UILI> AT 3IE.>. TIU> OF OHIOA.VS >AME. .Showed I'll Hr >Hn and Bi .M Tb^riri fudge Fonsi ICcspondcd to Re- •Inot for S|ic «Th. • It was th" label from a botti" of well | '-o-. "inm "nT in ihe intercuts of knovvi, .Mit medicine I''"' •;re"n ;atid mining interests. Hill ga/.ed at it and looked out th" window. •nurned if it ain 't raining yet." 1 " said as he slamiiK -d th" linor ind walked O'lt. his t »>"tli gnashin;; with lage. Uowii the sfe "t ii" ni"f WilliaiM .\. I. Schopii". ehi"f of th" weath"r bu. r "aii station in lola. •'{b-v some rain dowti iK-t" duc 't V"?'" ii" saiil famiiiai'> tn tie- ob- SvVV" ". .Ml. Sehopp" u'i.f not know tin- man !>ut r .Mdiod with lis usua'. courtesy. "W.-ll. w" hav" soin" and tiier"'.- ;nore pr"ili -ted for toiiii;iii. In tin la.-t 'Jl hours l(i"r< has be"i: a iir ""ip- •t,i!=nn of L" ''•! in"h« - " "W"K. ain 't ynu had "iiouci; ? Wltv lout ir i )ui:'.'' ".Viis ^.T to niinibtr one. ••Y"s. .ns far «s T .-lui i -oiu -.TnCl. nMni '""r two. [ don 't l,in>'v."' • Weil, if ain 't li"![>in' :h" farm" an.^." oh. •..-.^ w'.it.. .1 I THE FIRST BLOCK TO DE ORO. "Billy" Rvle Was Defeated Last Night by the Champion. 132 to 70. Kai;si;s fiiy. .\Io.. O-r Jl.—DeOro. .iiiiM's eliat :i ;»;o :i poo! pla >.r. d"i'"at"d "Mili.i" U: !•• in th" firs? bioek of th'ir ::""-:i ;i!l ma:!'h n ;;:hf at Fl.^e's po<d iia'I i-i .» s <or.- of V.'.l to 7". .\ l .ir::" erowil wiriessed tiie :;aii'." Tilis is ::i" first tiiiie in >ears That It;. !• iias ;d .iv",l any |M)OI. He did not hi.- srrok" untf! th" champion '• ail fhe "oinmaiidirs i"a 1. Thar I )"Oro is a r "al eliatnpion was .-liown b> his :;"n'-rais!;ip. His rnmbination -;ii>;.^ i.roaiili; niii<-h aj >:daii--«-. w:i- !iaii'lieai";»"d with rii" nory 'oalls. .IS IK- t;"V( r php"! wirlrrmm befiu". Til. K .oi .-as <'it\ p!ax "r i.- now- {ifi>- fi^" balls i >"iiind aii.l oii" i:i'od iiii>"k ill 1 i- favor »III iiini ;iii".«-!. i Sir. It. !•.>- Ih-l»;.. R-.b- .: Keptee I>rap"r •>"s W'il" !!]. T" ha.!>e"n "noJ :;h raintall to proinoT" a-r INSANtTY AND UNWRITTEN LAW. mination. V.M- »XC"SS will h"lp Ti> The Tr -al of William Hill for Murder Begirs la lodependence. Kas. Ind"p"nit"i.<". Kas. Oct 2K—The) trial <if William Hiif for th-- mu'der of f>av:.i \\" .\!'v:iirl"r ;iei.- wa.s )>"- u'lii in t'"" i.'istri": i-feirt rrxiay. Abx- and"r was riding with Mrs Flill. who iia-l s»-parar"d from in-r husband ill pr... vid" stock «at"r and r"p!"iii>li tie- well-" ".\:iv iiow. what d ;il i: wanr to rain ice cold war. r for'.' Kaint wc have a d^'cent rain'"" "W"li. I ii :i>ii2ht :r was just flK-" right f":nperatur«'. Th" th"rmoiu"t"r .Hriiibir> of Ihe Fieri Mere l.atishi} EuterLiin*-*!—Koos«»HI l« Em JUT"!. Toklo. (i"t. Jl _Tuo offieia! lMn"h- '•uiic. .\(iinii.i! Touo's itia-nificeii; i;.tr- lien party, a dimiet by I»reinier Kasma and a Ijall .it his resideiic" wt-r. 'he',prii!e;pal O'aliirc--. auiouK irititiia- era!>lv f<jinis of lnvi^h enteit.tiiini"nt offered officers and n:eii of the Ailier- ;can battb-.-hip ficvi mda.*, ihe f!""' !«av"s Voki homa on Suridti.'' :;"x;. I'erfecl oid"r has pr"vai!"d ainuir- tlo.- -:i;!"ir- o!! shor" lib"ity dc-piti thtir lojii: t-.m of >ea dutj. !ii "\. • > cas" >ili"ie there has be";i a po.-; i'i - ity ot tio;r:de the .lapains" have in"the situation wit!) the utmost i'oiiri"-y •ind have avoided till friction. Tomorrows' program will bri .Ti; toui.-thei till- large.-t ;;athei ing of invited miest.- iiori! lesideiits. ot this cit.v and vi-itin? .Vnieiicans. rha' has yet taken place .Admiral .-^perry coiiie>"ii this m< s-sage to th" ••mpeiur toda.^ from I' .Jen; Ui«os<.-\ ei;: "I'onvey to li:.- m;sj"sty. ihe^ Kinper- or of .lajian. my best wishes for hi.- I'lii; iiiui-d uood health ami hapiii.-.-^ and 'ii.i- of a,: th" iuhabi^.ints of lii- realm Kxpuss to his n:aj"s'> the liigh g:;':fication afforded iw and '\\- p<oe!" "t the riii:"d Sla:>-- ;'.t this op- poititni;.- wiiirh peiniit- th" eomnian- der-in-ch:»: - f lio- .\tlantie tirt-r in p«rsoii :o pi .-.-"!i: a['pr"ei.i;ioii of 'he friendship wii-rb. has "Vir .t'd troic ;b" <Mi :ie -i nii." li.iwe":' v!e' t'tii'"*" S;.'.?es'and .lapa.i and ot -h" iio !:i.:- t.. Ih" lulled Stat"s ;.n this i:i\i:a«i"n 'r the Cnired S;.i;< \tlanti<- ti.-"' '" v;-;'he "iiipij" of .lapaii in ii- pi.i<ri'-" cri.;.s»» aioutnl 'ii" wor.d "You will .-xpl"-.- to hi- iiia."-s'< file "ini,-.'r"i, "arnest wi-.i '.-ir -lest reiigth"nini; and (-oiiti:ri,-tn'" "f 'h' cordial r.-laii"!!- whi"ii t x;-' and haii alwa'-s i-"tv".*n 'io two eoun- ir;< s stood at 6" at noon toda." an I tie obs "rv r pass'^d alon -4 bavin-.: Hill to!'*'-' months aft"r' th"ir marria^f modit..:". Hill ••l)ii-:i--d if i: Hin 't rai-.iin' i<':." . I .11 THE WEATHER- p .irsur-l ih":n and kili"d| Forecast for Kansa«: Partly cloudy Tl# "vid"n " tolav :ndi-!--vith rai-' i" ea-t portion tonight, and •:i iimbb d as h" set a "chaw walk" I info a toba< co j *'te» a p'".i of iiisaiii'y and t! »rttt »>n law un- 'in the southeast portion Thursday; LIVES IN DANGER MANILIA IS SHAKEN Fire Six Story Teoemeot in**Nevw York City Caused Three Deaths. —Many in Peril. cooler. Da'.I f rovN'l ;it lu'-al oiTiee f. S New York. Oct l'l.--Thi'" P"I...IIK- were kill"d ami four other., badly in iured and the lives of hundreds liu- (lerilled by fire in a six sioty tene ment house at ekhty-thfee F:ast Third street early today. COL. TAYLOR UNINJURED.' Tennessee Dispatch Says Supposed Victim of Night Riders Lives. .\HsbvlIle. Tenn . Oct. 21—The Banner correspondent at Union City telegraphs that Colonel R.,Z. Taylor, who was supposed to have been shot by Q,lght.riders. Is reported to have Just reached TlptonviHe unlnJuretK But No Los'. IS Reported From Anywhere on the Islands From the Recent Earthquakes. .Mjini'a. M"t ""—Follow in;; ihi> tl ;r>" !.iiofks ot • arttnpiak" that oc- "urred yesttrjay th" pLenonena w"re t"p.-at"d today between 11 and IJ o'l lock Th" observatory re|>orts tliat th" focus or ertiter of the flnst listiirbanre was within 2l»<l kllomct- >rs (if .Maniii.r Th>- M 'ismographii !V "«inJed ^everal lithi iihocks that were otherwis" iinperreptable. The <it> bus ^uf^-^ed no damage and re- jHirts from the Interior and neighboring Islands indiralt* that there has be.ii no hiSR elsewhere File a Lraoe. ' (JeurKe Albert has leaied (u the Vaited Zinc and Chemical compaiiy 18».«0 acres in 17-S4-1S: Weuth"r Mu ''••«'i '-"ster dav. today and a' year ago Y". t"rda\ Yr a;;i> 71 -*> Up") 71 * 1 p III . . ''.T TO •> P III •'.•'• «'.;; S .p. ni. :A 1A p m 12 midr.iglr ... •'• J 17 .Maximum i"inii"r»lure . . . < .» 7-J Minimum t"nii-"ranire . . 17 Precipitation. T p. in II Today Yr. a 1:0 2 a III. • . . . . r» 1 It -— i:: 4 a. m i:: K a in 41 s a. ni ... ••>•-' %:> 10 a. 111. ;'.»; 12 noon .., Precipitation. 7 a. m. . . 1 TT 0 A Baby Boy. A son was born this moralng to Mr. anil .Mrs. Gale Barrow of 621 North Oi^ street .liipil'-r Pliuius si-ems to b" "after" tli" Reonldicans of this county of late. N'igitt before List w:."n a rally was billed for Gas City there was quite a rain, eutfiiig down the attendance eonsiderably However, an excellent ni"etiiij; was held. Last night Attor- ii"y Ceneral .lackson spoke at f.-i- H.irp" and for an hour before timf for th" meeting lo open Ihe rain fell •;n torn-nts. keeping many at homf^-' lio wanted to hear the well known Stat" oaicial. But this year it requires •nor" than .1. Pluviiis and W. J. Brian to keep the Republicans from having 1 lousiiii: old tim" at their meetings and .Mr. .lackson felt pleased when h^- saw liie large number that braved the -torm to hear his address. .\ bi^ deI"^ation went ovi-r from lola. hraded by th'-^ W. O. W. band. In ti!" <-row(I wer«- many candidates who w?.|if over to see the voters. On their iri;\al at I^iHarpe. although the rain was pouring down, the band marched through town, playing patriotic niu- s:e. ,\t the opera house several, se- 'e-":ifins wen- (ilay"d after which a -luarfeii" coniposed of young men of '.aHarjK sang some campaign song- ".iiil" the erowilwas Katherin:;. .Vboiit <i ^h; t'clock .IT. Trf^dwaj. • •"S"niativ" from ti is liistrict. step•>• d bvfore th" a':di"nc" and in a few ivor'is. iolling of the efforts of the >!."ak"r 1)1 lb" •veiling; Jo make Kan -I- a <-b-a:i and law abiding state, iii- •rodiii'l .Mr. .Ja"kson. For a period of an hour .Mr. .lackson discussed the .-•su"s of th" day. The attorney gen- •ral floes no: pretend to be an orator. Hi' dill not attempt to appeal to th'- inssions and (irejudices of lhf» crowd bur uave th"m some very sound reasoning. * ••^^•"'^ .^Ir. .lai-k.-ion .-jioke at length upon he r-cord of W. .1. Bryan. He took I" Bryan's erv in K'ofi for fr^e silver ii:d "nipi!asiz"d th*^ fact t!:at the >rosp"rity nnib'r fhe gold standard "nad prov<-n n.'yan'-s position to h" xitlionf foundation. He took up th" \'"braskairs er> of imperialism and show—il how iimbr a Rfpiiblican ad- 'iiinistration th" I'iii'.ippin.^s had pros•• r"d iiis^"a'l of l'"in:; desraded a- llr^an had pr "-iieT "d. .^Iial! th" peopl" rule*" Bry an't. slo i.KW in til" present campaign, cam** •:i for 'en::f!y liiscussion. The peo- il. .b. mb- sa>s -^Ir. Jackson. Th"y v.i\-- a voi<-".aiiiI determin.' what pol- ' s -aa'I obtain in this country. The ii.'>;d" bv a tr"in"nduous majority =:a\e d"ei<i".I on two i>:-casjoiis that :•"• will nor >;and for th" vagarie* Of! -.vild th'^'ori"? of Flr.van and will lo ir a third time when the jirosent .itppaign cIo.-"s. Certainly the people •ul" in naming tl;<» president. .Mr. .Jackson paid a fine tribute to •h" Republican nominee for president. H" sail! that »h"n the president want•1 a man to govern the Philippine.')•- pMiked ov.-r th" statesmen of our country and selected an eminent jur­ is* am! a i :r"at iiian. That man went •o Th" Philippines and took charge. H'- !:ate th"m si-hool advantages, and h" gave them fh»' legislative branch r>i cc»v"riim"nt. and his name was William Howard Taft. At tho mention of Taft's name th "r" was much applause, showing •iiat th" (»M<»an is popular with the UiHarpe peopl". .\t the eoncltiston of .Mr. Jackson's •,. the audience called for Judge Foiist. who gave them a rousing stwech. He stirred up treat enthusl- asm ;ind when he 8topi>ed wa.s urgei] to continue his remarks'. This afternoon .Mr. Jackson will go to Savon- burn where he speaks tonight. A num. her of candidates and Republican Uniders will accompany him. Will Vhlt Daairtatnr. .\(rs. Carlton will leave this evening fur Hutchinson. Kas.. where she will visit her daughter^ Urs. Hamner. f6nu erly of Ga» City.

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