Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 20, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1908
Page 8
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8 TgE lOLA DAILY HEC.'ISTER. TCESPAY EnXDiG. OCTOBER goj IflOs. 11 THE MAN AROUND TOWN "I^Tfould liheto know what there is ahdut my appearance that makes people think I am a lawyer," said Sheriff C. 0. Bollinger, a few days ago. "'Mayfie it is your reputation," meekly suggested the reporter. "Well, I don't think It is. I have always' tried to tell the truth and have succeeded fairly well." "Maybe it is your intellpctnal brow," was the second guess of the pencil pusher. •Well, now that may be it." said Mii. Bollinger, swelling up consider- abiy. "In any evont I have beoii taken for two or three different attorneys in the past few days. The other day I was going down the street when a woman, somewhat excited, stopped me and addressed me as Mr. Ritter. Before T ooiild explain that I was the sheriff and not Mr. Ritter. she had gone over every detail of a suit for divorce she was,bringing. A few days before that a man called roe Mr. Oyler, as I was leaving the court house. He was just lined out on his troubles with a neighbor when I managed to explain to hiin that he was mistaken in hats; that the man under my hat was fBoIIinger, not oy. ler. The part about it that 1 don't like Is that none of the people wlio have accosted me want to pay a fee. If they did I wonld not mind the hii- miliatlon of being called a lawyer." Then the sheriff laughed and started out on the trail of some violator! of the law. "I have been in this county for nearly fifty years and I want to say that I can hardly recall the time when the wind blew so hard for so | many successive da.vs as it did last I week," remarked A. W. Tlowland in; the probate judge's office yesterday. This was the signal for wind stories, and C. C. Ausherman was the- first man at the bat. I "Talk about wind. My stars! You; want to go out in Western Kansas. Last week 1 was out to Salina to attend the Odd Fellows' convention. On my way back I stopped off at Hcrins:- ton to see an aunt. ^Slien I got off there the wind was blowing like a hurricane. I learned that my aunt had moved to another town and that there was no train there until night. I dreaded the thought of being tied up in a strange town all day and l)e- gan to make inquiries as to any way of getting started on my way. I was told that I might ride a freight which some times carried passengers through there. The freight had then puUpd in and was almost ready to leave. I was about three blocks away and couldn't see how I was going to make it. -The wind came to me like an inspiration. I held out my arms like a pair of wings and in two jumps I had reached the freight. If the wind had been going the other direction I would not have reached my train yet" "Do you know that 1 am likely to sro •o the mad house and it is all IUH^IUISP of a mosquito, not mosquitoes, but iust one solitary mosquito." said the business man as he came down town the other morning, very irritable from havfnp spent a sleepless niiiht. "Mosquitoes, bother you? P.^liaw. To c*t rid of them is dead easv. .lust saturate the " said thf man with •he remedA- for every ill Icuown to hu- '•?!n*'ir .Ttp r-othinn" ititorruntt>.'l .tlio ' •»;;i;5«s-c Ttinn (H>;»:n «t nnd ImMMtionco >> r'l"!^ 'r pv«>rv Mnp on bis faco. "VrM r'nn't know tbe nilsnuito wo ^-.-vw this vpnr. He Is uo«ordiuarv nios :M'tn yr> cir ».p.r> He fe;u"s ndtliinr tVip <-*>vln* of niiMi cnn invi'jit xo .»o-'^pv ^u,, He wonrs a I 'vonst jihu*' ., f.'^t' of Postilonoo II'K' I ••'•(!rne . h>>vo no tjorrors for bim Kt>^' • h» t><«st mo»<'h bo b ;»s i-obbod of inv s 'e »»ii WHuMi be first came to oiv: house. I brush'V. him away with a lit- f'o I'at iiiid \v «M »t bark xo «lreains. Ticiiialiug no further trouble. Ho still :»nnovtHl me. I ;iOt up then and lirove bim out of tbe house and fastonrd tlio window down. Ilardly had I olo.*e(l mv eyes until he was buz/.ins almut. my 'lei. T finally cot two or throo ilif- forent k 'uds of done bnt they didn"' liofhoj- Vijm -^t T'e lived on them v.-nye 'l f-^t One nit'bt re? rtif y T ;-' * 'IP "r:<^ tior q liall liMt nnt? n!i'i! L;<.! ilcwr. tbr ^w b's (-'.r. •••i- :h(> li .r~o fivo niinnti'- '; •> ii^" ' in--iTi ni'- P '''i1erm;;=. : :• ' 'i.vp ;:ivpn if up nnd doii'r r-.t:-- .'!>!• i< vws TPin is a rowar'l • . V,'- ,;.'-n!« = • •ked." •t "hen he has ber; 'The |iop boy like the poor i.s always with us." said the foot ball enthusiast at Electric park Sunday afternoon as an energetic kid passed by yelling, "ice cold iwp! Ice cold pop. "Here it is the last part of October and pop selling lilce hot pancakes at a grading camp. I thought when the ball season was over the pop boy would have enough rest to recover his natural voice hut it seems not. \niep T start out to shoot rabbits Christ ma day T expect to meet that boy dinning into my ears "Ice cold j'op! Ice co](' pop." STATE DREW $,>l. The 107 Taxes Are >'ot Yet Exhaust.•d by State. The state treasurer, Mark TuUey has drawn |5,124 from the Allen county treasurer. This amount Is a part of the 1907 taxes, that fund not having yet been exhausted. The state drew on all of the counties recently for Qooey. i NEW YOltK ^TORE'S | BER. SALE OF FALL ANI> WINTER MERCHANDISE .,. ., , • . —r , , , . - • _• -— - . • . . I . • . •< i i • . • • • ' Our big store is over flowing with the best that the world's markets can produce, and at prices that simply cannot be duplicated anywhere in this section of Kansas. 200 Pieces of New Fall Dress Oootis On sale at extmordinary low prices. .SpiH*!]^! Dress d'onds pur- rhnses rp.sult in this extraordinary sale, enilintrihg most desinihle ^ wwiTCS arid sliades. It Is » dress eoods niiportunity that eomes hut seldom at this period oi* Uie yar, and wUv shnppiTs \>ill he (jiitok lo take adTuntaife of if. r ,C-ineb l-'ancy Wool .Sniiiiii;.s sni!al>Io for suits and skirfp, siH -cial per jard •>0«f' :iS-incb Fani-y Wor.^tHl and I'lain Cliilfoii liatistcs. hpoclal por yard ; .lO^ L2.-\x\(-\\ .Ml Wool Taffrt.i in l.liif, l)iown, l.iai-k. spooial por yard (;«)<• AH Wool Chiffon Broadciotlis in all the n«'w Kail Shades rn.niilar ?1.00 value .special i)er yard (;0<' 4^-inch Now Fancy Stripe Siiitin.srs, brown, liluc, Hii and ^rooii. sj)ooial per yard SJIc** G2-inch Clilffon Rroadclotbs. "Tho Mcllia." will coniparo with any broadcloths sold in the city at $1..".0. Our special prici* is !)S0 A great variety of new strips Suit-sings 14 inches wide, nav.v. brown, green, ]l,ondon smoke and garnet. Special per yard $1.00 i)2-inch Fancy Stripe Broadcloths tbe very thing for swell tailored suits, in all the new fall shades, special per yard ^L.IO Big Sale all this week Ledies" Untlerwear Hosiery, Eilankeis, Comforts New Silks-''A ilffost Inviting Display While the occasion is primarily one f«»r s«-eiiic the advance id^-as for uuMimn, yet you should nut overlook Unt s]ieri:il prices vvliicli we hav«* made (o lncil«- iiiiniediaie purchase. .More especially do we call atlontion lo the soft iiotv sulin materials—the plain and fancy me.<^sa- lines, satin lilH 'rfy. satin duchess*-, in liolii sfret t and evenintf shades IM-incb Saiiii .XP'ssalint-s. in all thtr new sliailt-s. siitcia! ail t!iis wook. yani T."*** I!»-in(li Fain-v Tafl'Ma .Silks, siiltalilo for suits and waists, all Ibis wifk. yard 4HC • r .t-inoli Fancy .Mi. .~alin.-s. in all iln' nt-w lall sliaii .s. all this week yard 8;"»^'; L'7-iiu-I) rfatiii Oiulitsso \ii lirown. navy. .:rr <"Mi. roil. .-Ml ilii.s week yard .......... , .•:0-iiicli Iliack TaltVia Silk re.unlar $» \:\'ii>-. s |i <'cial all this w.-.-k «90 :'.i;-i !i <li l;la>k Talf.-'a. r.-milar SI J.', .p'alily. .-jptcial all this wook. yard i»8^ ."r.-iiich I'.Iaok Satin Diioho.sso. for skirts, wai.-ts and Qustumes. Spofiai .Til this wo»-k. yard JJ51.25 .''.O-inrh lilack Poau il.? Soie. rosuKir $1 7.". (lii.-ility. spocial all this vv-o,-k. ii.^r yai'l !^1.30 Millinery Specials for this week I.New "Diroctioro" Hats for little girls, in all shaftes 9Sc and SI.-"* School Uirr Corday. jnst tbe hat for th.- Mi.-s ^l.rAi and SI.DS Ladi«y Velvet Hats in all loadinp: .--h.-id* s pr«-tiily irimniod with v.-iv.'. - uiii and wings, each •^!:^.0O l.^die.s' Satin Hats, now shapes, nov.- shados, now trimmings. Tlios'- ar.- liif latest models out. Only. oa.->li S.'i.OO First showing of Caps for little Tois, white, bine. pink, brown, navy .">()(•• up lo SO.tM) Citiltlren's tioats Cliildron's Bearskin Coats in brown, tan. ;rroon. rod. white and I.Ine. si>eoial all this week , $'^.48 Children's Itoarskin Coat's in all ih*' now iwo-tone effect^, all <Hilors, sizos from li to 6. All this weok i!;"i.I)8 Cliildron's i)roliy velvor Coats in rod. Iiln.-. pronn. sizes '2 I. •;. Special for all this week ^^^..^O Mi -~.-fS and .lunior Coats in lilaok. rod. .m»>ii. l.rown and bhio. from «7J;» to Ji»*>0.(M> Cbildron's Cloih Coats, niofly iriintnt-d. in volvor ami fancy bnttons. and braid. Sizes t;, S, In ami IJ. Spnoial price for all this weok $3.98 Children 's Cloth Coats in navy, liltie. brown and mixtures, sizes from <; to 14. special for all this wook - $4.98 Cliildrrn's Hoarskin and Velvet Coats in ali ilio now shades. Size.s S. l«i 11', 14. These are l.oanii-s for !f;.'..!rs, *<;.Ss, Great Sample Suit Sale WILL CONTINUE ALL THIS WEEK. Additional shipments just in from New York. NEW SAMPLE SUIT SALE One-third Off ASavingofOfle=third on alhf These Suits All are exclusive models, latest Directoire and Empire effects, blue, green, gray, brown, red and black. All lined with best quality of satins, materials are fine, hard finish Worsted efiects and finest chiffon Morainbeaux cloths- SAVE OE-THIBD S.WE 0.\£.TIIIR» $2D.OO SAVE OXE-TIIIRD SAVE 0>E-T1I1KD SAVE O.VE-THIKD SAVE OXE-THIKI) lADIESflOMEjOlKNALi ^-^1 PATTERNS (^1 1. J -i 'il.^^

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