Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 12, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1907
Page 2
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THE lULA DAILY BEOISTEB, SATI'RDAT ETEXOO, OCTOBEB IS, 1907. ti NORTHROP. PrMldWit P. A. NORTHRUP, V(e*-PrMid«nt. O. P. NORTHRUP, iSecond VIct-Pmt. NfNiUry tfce Oiitel StttM Sttte if laiMi lUei Cent? A. L. BRUMBAUGH. Caihitr. Established 1869. IMeil iMk ii Alki MELVIN FRONK, Aatt. Caahlar. ,200,000 Gossip of Society The Ri»t in ChocolaiCi _The uiarket"is (in uti uitwaiil w.r.y, Jane'B' luad iis liops: She clBlniR who slmiily lias 'D II;I\<Chocolate limits. ButdaU decline.s tVi torn tli-.' bill. This worst of pop.s Decli^res she'll Imvc 'o »ail until CUocoIate drops. -.' —'Loulsvilk- C'lturii'i-.Ioiirual. >*• "i" * The lola wiiit»n wlm lii-lons lo. an; one of llu' city's !<• It-rated chilis will -be inttM-estfd In'K'aniiiiK "l ili«> w.'ok'> KCSstoDK of tin," Second <c)n volition in Fon .Scoti One of the most iint .ilile IVnturt;,- n' the wt>ek has )ie,ii ilie ili .>cn!<sioii ot lli« connniss'iin phm <ii s<nI'tniiieni lor CJUIPS.: Tiio'piincipal piiper whir, was the niK'leiis Im .-piiiieii .li-cnss Ions by a iniiislr'i ul uimien. was rea I by-Mrs. <Je ()rKi- .1 ItaiUer. dl l .a" ranee. There has also an aldie.;.'. In Prof. IJowen. .siipi'rintinileni (if tli. Fort'Scott 'scliiMils. .Mrs. I). S. Steiili eii»on, pns.deiu dl the l'\'(lerai dii •was not iiresijit. liavlnn liecn dda.v ed in her jonrii.> irani .lapan. aitil the eoiiventioii- was pr.sid.-d ov.r li> the union ofllc(.'i>. ; <Thc elocliiilj dl dllicers wa.^ h'-'.u on the second- ita> aiiil rcsiilled in victory for one of lola's d.-legaies. Mr.s^ \V. I>. \V<iile. w .id was cliDse'i president of Ihe district The conle.--; wa.-</spirited Imt there was no illna turod v'otinu. Mrs. \V; I). WDlte is line df llie nidsi prominent clifl) women of the city In 1!'U4 .she or.uani/.'d the I'rosress ive club ill (jas City, where she the) ^lived and a y'earlaier had IIH- sati.' faction of sei.'ins it adinitled to tin district federation (Ui the streii>;th o its escdluu*. bjlaw.- and its cluiic- ot worli. I.asi year .Mrs. Wolfe wa at the head of 'he nidvenieni wliicl was successtul in installin:; the iml He library at <;as t'iiy. and she is als •identified with i-liaritable work. Sh< is now a resident of tola and a iirom liient figure in the Soiosiv, club. Th? coinention closed yesterda." and.the lola women who atteiide. say the week has been e.xceedingl; pleasant and profitable. The For "Scott Tribune .Monitor !;i\fs ile' ne\ corps of ofl1c.-rs as follows: .Mrs. Wolfe. lola. I'resident. Mrs. Gw. Barker, l^wrenee. Kirs Vice-President. Mrs. C. V. Ueiittni. Fort Scott, Set ond Vice Pr.>sidenl. Mrs. I. N. IJuek. I'aola. Se(.retai>. Miss Uessie Corbiii .Mound City Treasurer. .Miss iidna Holnies. i'leasanloii Auditor. - • *•* Thi' ladie.^ iif U:e flaplis; elnircl ware lioste^.^es :it a nmst dtdiKlitfn rendition \ps^crd.iy afi(^rnoon to en ttrtain one et ilieir number. .Mrs. .^ .1. .McArthiir. who 1. to leave MMIII fo Dallas, T".xasl Tlie company was rr ccixed by .Mrs. ^^'l.ldwick. ill wliosi hom(> th;' ricpiion occurred and .Mr? McArlhtir. Duiiii.;; the arieriidon ihen were diversions of music and ices alK cakes were st rved. .Mrs. .\. .laniison Mr.-3. Funkhotier, Mrs, W. H. Cook, Miss Kcla Shadwick and .Miss Hattir Mc.Arthur luesid.'d in the diiiini: room As souvenirs of the happy event .^!r^ llcArthiir was i;ivi n a silver herr: s|)Oon and iiieat fork. A larjie nuni ber of the repular attendants of th" dhiirch and oilier friends, of the icti^st of honor were imsent. * * * The Ladies" Workim; sdcieiy <i|' tie Presbyterian ciinrcli 's |ierlia|is lii first ori:aiiization in the city K make plans for the Christmas lidi The jacxies met yestf-rdav afternooi with their iiresid.Mit. .Mrs. H. C..^^F and decided to hold a sale of fancy ar tides s-hon!y before the holidays. Di:'- ing the winter ilier:' will be a sere of teas, ("me each ni'iTiili. .L;iven by 11' rpsi'dents of the iliffer.-nt ward<. !• November there wil! be ^ riimiii.i;: sale of household anicles . The Woman's Cliristian 'r^-mpcr Look at Our Libbc-y Gut Glass. Rookwood Pottery and Hand I'ainted Cblua. Sewaif, Jeweler and Optician 104 North Washington. Hey There f "Where are you going.'" "Going after a sack of Um SmPatmni Flour. My wife won't use anything else." Hmwiom A £7y. Oo. m, t. Mourns, Mfi. . I'nion h(dd the usual weekly n:eeijn»; vesterday afiernooii at the I,.1111 of .Mis. H. H. lones. one of iht \.(<' pr.sidenis of ihe union. The at leiidance ^''as smaller than usual be(,in 'se a ii'inibei of tlie ladi< s are at- liml rl^ Ihe dirr''reiit coii\.^nl ons in iiearliy (dtles. Tlie protirtini consist ed of sineral papers on subjects X. iiicli liiten st li.e inelllbers. Mrs. .M. .\' Williamson liKik as her subj .vt. ••Amusement lor Yoiini; I'eople" and Arnold told of the different iihil- ;ii lliiMpic works. Il(dative to the telu peiance work .Mrs. Hildelirandt pre- iiK d lb.' subject of saloon work. •!"!:e i union will meet asaiu in two v.eel.s Willi .Mrs. .lones to lU'ar tlie rep;;i!s of the stale cotlV(»nliou wliicii ill sfssidji lit Kldorado. .\ la!;:e parly of IJoyal Nci;;|ili(M> eiii to Kureka vesterday lo attend Imif: ' <ir ):atii/.atioii and iniiiat'ou. uiionu those in altendance w(>re .Mrs W. Newiiian. .Mrs Coo. Ciiminiu ^s Ms. C ]•:. Kakiii. .Mrs. I.amli, .Mrs. ;. W-. .\dam.s, Mi>s I.enora Hyerley. liss l.iiiiiie .\dam>. .Miss lle.ssie IJy- rle.v. Lillie Adams. .Mrs. Ted rs. .Mr.- .Shi'lds .\iis. .Myers. .Mrs, •!li!l ps and .Miss l!e.-;sie Po !t. .Mi^s .Mable Itiaiiy is host, ss of til( '.laii Knot (lull this aft-^rnoon .M ss rio Deiinilif; went to Clianul. si evenin:; where she will visit until iiin'ay. beior.- Koitip to her home ii I'ida. New .Me.xico. 1. 1:. Wallace came in todav t' tend tlie week end vitli .Mrs. W'jil .ce. who is a .liUesl of Mr. and .\Irs ! I' SicklN. .;. •> .Mis I-;. Ii l\e.\s and other deie^al,'- lio atleiideii the W. C T. 1". con I III ion in l-:idiirad(i wilT reiurii this veiiiu;; .Mi~s Kdiia Ni'.;li lias .muie lo cha ipe lor a \isii Willi ber cousin. .Mis- :tliel I'low.'is. •:• V •:• .Ml and Mrs. K. .\. Wa^;ner are en iiaiiiiiit,' W. .1 \V:i'juer of 1 -ofer. am! A"ill am Wuuner, of Yates (.'enter. .Mi-.- il"l-n Atchison and .Mr. .Itilir Clenuck were married at eleven o' •iock this moriiin;; at the bride". K.nie on .\ortli Cbe-miit street. Tli eri 'Uion.v was lead in the pnsenC' d the itnini'diaie felalives of the iinl: 11;; funiir s and a breakfast wa.- •irverl at U'nU nO'.in. + + + -Mr. and .Mrs. T. Trout u lio ar. ;vini; in W'cliiia. are arianj-'int: a new 'dine and will L<I to liousckeepilig a' '111-'.Mis. I'la.M-is .\. T.liisler and littb (•11. df Chaiuiiaii. Kansas, an- KIK-SI.' •r .Mrs. Tliisb r 's iiaiciits, ."Mr. and .Mrs v\". H. .McCIure .Mrs. Thisler was for- 'ierly .Miss Kiiiiiii • McClure. .Mrs C. i; Suclier is home from a • isit w.tli .Mr.-. I, Dab- in Ciitbage Mo -Ml- Cii! am. who has (d :ar^" of tin !•. clainat(ry work" of the W. C. T. U. ii ;e.-eiite'| .vix conie^i- to an audience •I' Salvation .\rmy liali last lliKht. + + + .Mrs. Kllie I'ostlewaite uave an in riMiial pan;, last eveiiiiii; for her "lotlier, .Mrs. Sarah Ihilthus. wh leaves soon for her new home in Bar tlesvillc. The guests were "entertain?J with music and a luncheon was SI rved In two courses. Mrs. Postle waite entertained the following guests: .Mesdamos J. .M. Fulton. E. Hine.s. A. McGiffln. A. Miller. W. Clayton. C. Tuttle. A. Delaplainc, I AJ I S Strode. Kffle Postlewaitc. Laura Bal- tliuin. -Miss Jessie Copper. Mr. .Max Miller and Mr. Postlewaite. TELLS OF KANSAS COKN. Colinni's LnteNt Treatise tJhes .^lanj Interostin^f Karts. Til.' corn book which Secretary Coburn of the state board of argiculture has issued lias some interesting data 1 ('Warding the corn crop of the state. .Ml. Coliuru sa.\>: "The fact that Kansas years ago iitiiinpeaclnibly at t;iiiied first place and \vorIdwId(> fani<> a.- a producer of wh.-at has from th( fist not uuualiirally had more or less the effect of obscuring from tliose not keenly observent the stale's pri'diilnetit position in corii pi-oduc- tioii. A result of this Is to liiclluv iliose without knowleilg;- of the fads t',i Ihe idea that such a bulk of wheal niiisl b(> by far the most imimriani •"arm crop Kansas farmers raise. Its fallacy is readily ..".vposed by stalls ijcs which entirely impartial, reveal ilial. compared in importance and •.able Willi corn. wh,>at Is a side issue ";ii'd one of various secondary items. I ilii' worth of which miisi be a'.:gre- :;;i'ed even to approach the value of corn. •Speaking in roiiud niiiiiliers. the ^.tate has, in Ike last twenty y.-ars. laised about :! billion bushels of ;-(.i-ii. worth on the farms where grown iboiit s:,ii million dollars. In the ten viars end'iig with II'ni the value ol Kansas corn crops was lufi milioii Idllars more iliaii that of the wheal inodiiction in the satni- period, which •uiliHled three of the s-tate's larj^esl 'vheai croiis and one of the suia1l&<U of corn. In the preceding ten years 'lie corn crop was worth nearly 200 n H'ou dollars mor.- than the wheat, rhe corn crop was worth over (5 mlll- (111 dollars more than all "*'het nrod 'Ills of the soil in Iflu:' .nd ' iuo 'le'S-din^ seasons corn out-valii(;d al!- illier field products. "I'lie value of the cnip in I Ho:; , jm iiily .tliirreen per cut of the sii'e't •r a. was sufticient lo cxiver i. :e ;,.in live times tlie cost of the entire .(III siaiia purchase, and nearly 11 Miles as much as was jiaid lor thi •.77-'. I sijuare niil.'S covered by liesi- two transactions—the largesi .'lid parcliase recoi*led in the world.- listory. •In Kansas corn is the monarch oi •er many cereals :inil tin" barometer It her prosperity." THE OPAL FOR OCTOBER The emblem of 'Unfailing Hop;" Our Opal display consists of RINGS. SCARF PINS. BROOCHES. CUFF BUTTONS. ETC. set with this beautiful stone McNElL BROTHERS. THE JEWELERS. At the Churches ^iKIJUKK .MAV saCEK» KVA>S. Is lo lore children, and no bomf can be complete!j hnppj without tbem, jet the ordeal tbroug 'h which the expectant mother n-.mi pass uoually is sn ff,ll of sufferings, danyor and fear that she loyks forward to the critical h>)vr with .ipprchcnsioD and dread. Mother 's f-ricnd. DJ its pcne* trattag' and soothin^^ properties, ai lavs nausea, n; rvousness. and all onpleasaut feelin{fs, and S'.> i prepatrcs the f-y-Mcm for ths ord^ tbat she through the event safelj and with but itttle BuUcring. as i:umbers have ie»U6ed and said, "it is worth ita Ireigbt in gold." $1.00 pir bottle of drug ^jjists. Book containing tjraltuible information mailed free. IHC iRAOnf 1.0 ItrGUUTOR CO., AUsnta, &a. •Kightinfr Bob" K\(i<<<-led t«i Kcllrc Alter I'acific ('rul«.e. ,\"e\v V(nk. Oct. IL'.—.Vaval officers •itiiini- that as soon as Rear Admiral U(,ld.'.\ I"). Kvans. eommandor-in-cliief tiie .Mlatitic fleet, has piloted th'- -ixteeii battleships under his com- ii'and safely on the forthcoming voy- ige from -Atlantic waters to San Fran Cisco, he will ask to bo relieved ot iiis t'oiiiniand. says the Times today. In the regular course of events lie «ill retire from active duty in August of next year, and his associates say it is natural for the admiral to de•Jire a few Icisurt' months jirior to -(veriiig active collection with the S( rvice. .\s to .\dmiral Evans's succe.s"sor. I'ler.' is already much speculation. Their are many naval omc.-;rs who believe that the plum will fall lo Rear .\diiiiral I'riel Sebroe. who, when the "l' et arrives at San Francisco will be 'li;' commander of the second dlvi,sioii lud who wil! not reach retirement until 1910. Flr>l .Meth «Mll >t ( linrch. .\i II o'clock the Sunday .school will give a program on the workings ol llie Sunday ichool and in Ihe evening licv Holliiij;cr, liroiher of our sherifT "ill preach 'Ihi- p.i.^ior assists ii ml h Ml vice.-. Sunday scliool al '.< l... ,lniii(ii League al p. in l-;|i-vor li I.ea'^iic al i;;:;ii v in. .Ml are lii\iled lo lliese siivici's We desiie Id announce in coiincn ion with Ihe annonnce nts for thi .•liiircli, iliai V. e lia\e si cured the scr • ices of ihi' onl.v Sam .Small to didivi Mis cejebr,ileil leclille 'His .Majeslj iie l)e\il. " in this churcii on nexi Wi'd icsdav e\eniii;; ai .'^ o"c|ock. Hi eriiis are lhai eacii per>(in hcarliiK lii.- -ircal leclille pay an admisf^ion if Iweiily-live ceiils, bill so dcsirou >va.- I iba! all ^^hollill have this rai • rivilegc i.i" lieaiin;; lliis man and hi eciiire lhai 1 persuaded him to coilK o lis iiiid swing wide open the door Iiir every biidv He auieed lo ii ami so he is III leclille l-"iic III all. askin; iiil.\ llial llie bask. I : lie !>assed at th •lo .-i-. I linve lii'.iid Ibis leclnie and I am free to sa.^ thai ii is an iiniisuull strong lecture. siMise, humor and ev erything else iiecessar.\ lo a line ev aiiins being in it. If voii miss it joii .vill'luiss a :;real thiiii:. UemeiiilH the date. Wediicsda.* evening. Oclobt'i (IGlii. VRKK. .1. .M .MASIJ.X. Fin>l ( hurili 'if ('IiriNt. Sricniisls. Sunday scho"! at IM a in. t'hurch ser\ i-.e al I 1 a in Sioij.-c "Doctrine of .\ioiienicii:. " iiiec'iiim WcdiieMlay a ^ |i. V.I. .\li seivicps held iii ('. S hail a I I'l l-;asi .Ijiiksoii. 'I'lie hall is used a: I le.ldill',' 11,11.11 .••icll Week da> fioli . to I {I III Tin- iiiililic is cordi.i 11; nviled 111 I ill- s'l'. ic's and leadiiu room. K.M .\1.\ I-; .M'.V.MS, First It.'ad'i rn-<bjlcriiiii Cliiirrli. I'lie First ('hiircli. T.'V S. S. Ililsclier I'asior — Si 'ivi('( s as ii.-iiai Sabballi iiiorninK ai I! o'clock and in tlie evening al KAID OX COKFEVVILLE. Slieriir ( onKi^fuU-d 100 Lu»ex of Ui-i-r The most inagniGc;!!! a.'-sirl- meut of WATCHES DIAMONDS and JEWELRY J. W. COFFEY & SON Exclusive .lenders. East Sido. (Coffeyville Journal.) .\ctlng under instructions from "ouuiy .\ttoniey Charlton. Sheriff Paxoii a^l(l Jlepiities made a raid on ! place at Cotfej ville last night and confiscated four himdred cases of deer. .N'o arrests WLTC made as no piivou was ill tlic building at the time he raid was made. The county authorities got flu- tiij .(.v.Tal davs ago that a large sliliii •iient of "malt" was to In- made to CotTeyvlIIe and l.epi in touch with the auliiorities of the town to Ihe southeast. Vesterday the local county au- ihoritles were apprised that th;» "bii: shiptneiil" had arrived. The raid was made quietly and th • entire consignnuMit of four hiiiidre 1 caiies of beer confiscated. It will be brougjii to Independence. The hear In said to belong to the Val Blatz Brewing company of Mil-, waukee. JBe^ister Want AAs^ le a ITord. 1. E. HOnVILLE, Prmm. m. Vt. BEOK, Vlom-Pr9»r J. H. OMMPBELL, Omuh. fKAMK HkOOO. Amt.Ommh. iOLA STATE BANK GAPiTALSf2,500 lOlA, KANSAS. amEOToms* A. W. Beck. L. E. porville. J .JV, Robioson, H. t,. Henderson, J. H. Campbell. Geo. £. Nicbolaon, Frank Riddle. 7::;o. lu the evening the pastor will preach a sermon to young men on the subject. "The Light that Never Fails." Everybody is invited to hear these ser- nioiLs, Sabbath school at i ):45 a. m, and the Christian Kndeavor meeting at 6:o0 p, in. to which all young people and others are invited, Little Builder's Chapel .Mrs. K. X. .lones, Supl.--- Tlie Sabbath school will be hold at ; p 111. and at I o'clock the Dr. HiN sclicr will preach. Subject, ' Trecious ,Iesiis." The Coral Iluilders will meet in the eV(.MiIng at ":.".0. .Mothers meeting Wediic-idtiy after- •lOOII. llassett Chapel, .Mr. William Davis, Snpt.— S,ibballi school al three o'clock, to | which old and young are invited. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY • • • W. H. AM)EBS05, Attornejr-at-Lnw. .Notary and Stcnogr;iph(;r In Offlco. Phone -JOB. • • II. A. Kwing. S. A fl.-irl. C,. R. fiard • • EniN(;. «;AI{I» (.AUU, • • I.av^icrs. • • I'ractlce ill all 0ourt3. ' OVi W. ftJadison. Thono 215. Kuptisl Church. S.inday school al !t :4,"i a. lu. .Morning service al 1 a. m. Ser- iio;i. •'The Lost Clirisl." 11 Y. 1'. I', at •;:;!(» p in. I'/.eiiiiig service .-it 7:"." p. Ill Ser- noii. •The of the Cros.-"," W. II. GARFIKM), I'asior. I)K. .McHIELE.V, Special attention given tn the * i * treatment of all Chronic Uisean- ' * CR and Diseases of Children, *}•' Telephones: Office :{2, Res, 2:!2. • j * OfBce In Mr.s. Turner's Hldg,, • » West .Madison. * • * I'hone 5,''i1. lola, KauB, I>U. KIMTH .S. llAiUII. OfTice and Residence over Burrell's Drug Store. Omce Hours—10, to Vi a. rn., 2 to A p, m„ 7 to 8 evoningi. .Siinil;iys by Apiioinlnienl, ' • • « • East lolu ,M. E. Clinrcli. Sunday school at !); lu a. in. I'reacliiiig services at II a. m. and j 7;"'i p. 111. I'l.iss nieeling al 12 m. K .worth League al ('.:;;u p. m. W'l- shall be glad to welcome von lo my or all of these services. .\. .M. IIARK.NKSS. I'asior Phone fi87. Res, 7iil. •' • .im. o. J,. rt)x, ••• Kyo, Kar. None and Throat. • • 8pectacle« Properly I'RIcd. * • Ofllco A, O. II. W. Uldg. PIL S CHRED AT HOME BY NEW ABSORPTION METHOD II VOII suffer from bleding, itching, idlnd or protruding Piles, si-iid me >oi;r address, and I will tell you how 111 .lire yourself at, heme by the new .ibsorptioii irealuient; and will also -onil some of this home treatment free for trial, witli references from your iwn locality if reutiested. Iminediale ndief and permanent cure assured. Send no money, but tell others of this itTer. Write today to .Mrs. M. Summers, Uox P, South Uciid, Iml. • ^.-flce Phone 1083, DR. K. O. (;ni{I>!TIA?f. • riijfiirian and SHrgH)n. * • Room« 7 .ind .S. Kvaus Pldg. • I'llOlIC i»;'l' i'llller I'.ldii DK. <JLY>\, Sptriali.sf. • Eye, Kar.^Nose and Throat. • Glasses Furiii.'^hed. F. II. MAKTI.N, I'l .-i 'iiio l.lniUcd t'l Hurgory, |i; .v. P.iicke; t>. Phono ri7B. DR. >V. R. HErLHCN. I'liy.sicini k Surgeon, rinice N. I''.. Cornor of .S'lnarn. Over K. C. Plumbing fo.'r. Sloro. Itos. Tcl ::.S. Onicu Tel. :.02. ni;. I,. TozEC, . lola Initrniary. t!02 F. .Jarfeson, We use X-Hay, Violot Kay.i, Static. Calvanic and Faradlf Klectricify with vibratory stim- iilafion in nervous and chronic ' * disease.':. Phone ."ISG. -MOKAX. RrtS. Tel. 19S. Office Tel. ISi. DR. J. R. PEITER. DcutlsL Is permanently located over C. McCIain's Clothing Store, and is prepared to do all kinds of up-io-date dental work. Rvening work by aiipointment. » I • P. L. Lathrop, Mrs. Pessie G. Lathrop. OSTEOFATllir, PJITSICIAXS. Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Children, fiver Fa^i Side Hardware, omce 'I'lioiip. .Main -PIS. • • » • • • The regular monthly social of tin' •.'I'-vortb Laegue of the .Methodist l-'|:iscopaI church was held at the 'loiiie of li. .M. Varncr Friday night, niober lltli. Ta\lor weiii lo lola Tliiir.s- las i;inier r.urke and Kd lloriiie allcnd- 'd Ihe show at the C.raiid in lola I'liiiisday iii:.;iii. 'I'lie rc--'.iilar monthly social of ihe Chrisliaii l';ndi'avor of the Presliytor- .111 (lunch was held at the home of Ml.- .McKiirick Friday night, October I li!i. Clias. .Meiidell received a big lot of •niailnre for bis new resideiici' I'l i- la.-.. The l'J ;i «orlli Leagii" viil li;iv<- li:ir!:e of tin- services at ilie .Methodist •:-:|.i::ciipal church Sunday evening. They will begin at 7.ui.' li. m. IJev. 'W P. Wharton i.s holding revival .services at Wesley Chapel. .Mrs. Dacrtli. proprietress of the City lloi.el has been (|nile ill the past week. (iiiile an interest is being taken in eimis this fall. Tlie weather so far sa. been ideal for playing, and all •(•nils have ber-n crowd(-d in the eveii- Tlie pliimbiiiL' in ('has. .•Mendi^il's lew residence south of town, "'The mills" has ben completed and plaster Ing nearly lini-hcd. W. II. Root, of 'ola. did llie plunibiiig. Tom Tully, formerly Katy operati"^ It this place, is now working at Pai- ions in the same capacity. L. C. Caldwell will have a big hou- -ale the later |iarl of this tnontli. This sale is held annually and alway.^ attracts a large crowd from all (jvcr tin- (III 11 try. The tir.-l number on the Lecture .'oiirse will be given October IXtli, when the Cincinnati Ladies' Cremona irchestra will give a coiieert, assisied by a baritone singer. Hon. Clias. F. Scott i.-ave a lectunr It .Mendell's hall .Monday night whicil was well received. His subject was The Panama Canal. " Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW MKCII IS SATI.SFACTION' WORTlf'TO YOU! Do villi prcii.r ir('!l; xls now going "lit III (III!; or i:|> b.^litc niellu'ds V. ill carry fir intn i the future •• A lypcwritcr nride jinl good rnoiipii 1" ^cll'ir Hie !,.('. .SMITH & Hiio.^.Tv n •vim ri!, v. itli every useful, valuable feature inbuilt and Writin- ENTIKELY in Sight -i i.i.r f.^ SEvn rot" riiK i r. 1.1; sr i; .\ ; ••: » (" ,\ i .\ i. n <; t; y. L. C. S.MiTH a BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. ^ 812 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Ca'h Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZK, UT-rODArt MLAT MARKtT lis Aludison HMU.S D.> THE l.'KOrND. .Honarcli Portland (•etiluic Hcudy I'ur Bui >!ueNS. The Santa Fe engineers have coiii- p;(;ted th<dr viirv.y of tlia south route e the site of the .Monarch Portland cement plant at lluraboldt and th<> eiigineefs of the Gainer Kugloeering company wiiicli builds the plant are setting ready lo be.^in work at one. on the plant. .\ pood part of thejr toola and machinery has arrived. The company has now opened,a local office at Humboldt. PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE 4 SAFE CONVENIENT ECONOMICAL If ymirdtal. r.lon'tliandX .t, write to TW^^^NDA^^I^COMPANW III Sooth Wasliinston.-HeIlo 114. 1 Livinq^ton £* Co I'ontractorti Ballden. — I All klndfl of work a upe'-lnlfy FLOWER POTSr I Houtb SjciimorA. Phnnr iti§ o, 10, J.^ tents Eakin's Hardware lO'J .S. KeDttielLy. Delivered to any part of the city. j For Sale Cheap, Good Farm and : City Property, Sec the THE JAYIIAWKEK L.IXI) CO. riioac -li:}. ifor tiuick results. Old Court House, fola, Eans. tola Bosiaess College mi^t Of 0«y Smsmlon Penmanship, Aritbmetie, Elocution, Bookkeeping. English, Physical Culture, etc.j SUqrthaud, Letter Writing #?. S. GiLFiLLAM, i Geneial Contractor. ; Flagstone and Cement Sidewallu aoi Carblng a Specialty. Office 115:EaBt JaeksoB AT«. ••iiiiiiir ^'iniiy^riiiili^^

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