The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 16, 1986 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1986
Page 16
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Shuttle prepares for early landing SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) — Columbia's hard-luck astronauts, 25 days late getting up, one day early coming down, and unable to meet all their scientific goals, stowed equipment Wednesday to prepare for the shuttle's first Florida landing in nearly a year. The $150 million flight was set to end after four days in orbit with a landing at 7:28 a.m. CST today at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The mission had been scheduled to last until Friday, but National Aeronautics and Space Administration officials decided to end it early to avoid chancy weather on Friday and Saturday. Former Salina resident Steve Hawley is a member of the Columbia crew. Today's landing also will help NASA keep to a tight schedule that calls for 15 shuttle launches this year. That schedule already has been affected by the seven launch delays that kept Columbia on the ground 25 days past its original flight date of Dec. 18. NASA announced Wednesday that the next shuttle mission, originally set to begin Jan. 22, now will come no earlier than Jan. 25. 901 W. Crawford 605 E. Crawford CORRECTION In Wednesday's ad, January 15,1986 Pepsi and Pepsi Free should have been priced $409 I 2 Liters And it should read #1 Russet Potatoes ton*. 89* Protesters in Chile heckle, egg Kennedy SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Right-wing hecklers blocked roads, trapping Sen. Edward Kennedy at the airport for 90 minutes Wednesday, and later pelted his car with rocks and eggs. Kennedy, D- Mass., is in Santiago to endorse moderates who oppose the military government. Police did not interfere Kennedy with the demonstrations by about 200 young men. An aide to the Massachusetts Democrat accused President Augusto Pin- ochet's regime of organizing them. The government denied it. The protests underlined tension between Pinochet's 12-year-old military government and American critics responsible for sanctions against it, but Kennedy brushed them off. "We had a little fun outside," Kennedy said after being taken from the airport by helicopter to a rehabilitation clinic for crippled children, the first stop of his 24- hour visit. Demonstrators who blocked the airport road said they belonged to the pro-government Independent Democratic Union. Many mixed casually and joked with 20-man police detail. Some carried Chilean flags and signs saying "Death to Kennedy." Others had photographs of Mary Jo Kopechne and life preservers inscribed "Chappaquiddick." The reference was to Kennedy's accident at Chappaquiddick Island in 1969. His car plunged from a bridge into a pond, killing Kopechne, who was riding with him. When Kennedy left the rehabilitation clinic, his U.S. Embassy sedan was greeted by a shower of eggs and hit on the top by a rock. Police appeared to detain one man in the crowd of demonstrators lining Santiag's main boulevard. No one in the speeding motorcade was hurt, but reporters saw the president of Chile's independent Human Rights Commission struck by a rock thrown through his car window near the airport after he had welcomed the senator. Jaime Castillo Velasco, 72, suffered a head injury. The demonstrations forced Kennedy to cancel planned visits to the rights commission headquarters and opposition political parties. He set up offices instead at a downtown social club to receive civil rights activists, politicians, businessmen and Cardinal Raul Silva Henriquez of the Roman Catholic Church. Police entered the club to check an alleged bomb threat. The Kennedy party remained inside and no bomb was found. (First Published In The Salina Journal January 9, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of JENNIE VEE BELL, Deceased NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS CaseNo.SoP-1 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You ore hereby notified that on January 2, 1986, a Petition was filed in this Court by James Riekenberg, as an Heir and as one of the devisees and legatees named in the Last Will and Testament of Jennie Vee Bell, deceased, dated March 21, 1983, praying that the instrument attached thereto be admitted to probate and record as the Last Will and Testament of the decedent: and, that Letters Testamentary under the Kansas Simplified Estates Act be issued to Vernon T. Brodine as Executor to serve without bond. You are advised that under the provisions of the Kansas Simplified Estates Act the Court need not supervise administration of the Estate: and, that no notice of any action of the Executor, or other proceedings in the administration will be given, except for notice of final settlement of decedent's Estate. You are further advised that if written objections to simplified administration are filed with the Court, the Court may order that supervised administration ensue. You ore required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 31st day of January, 1986, at 10:15 o'clock A.M. of said day, in said Court, in the City of Salina, in Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place this cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Petition. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the Estate within six months from the date of first publication of this Notice, as provided by law; and, if their demands are not thus exhibited, they shall be forever barred. James Riekenberg Petitioner ATTEST: JohnWeckel Associate District Judge ACHTERBERG S NEUSTROM 1 IBS.7th. Box 1697 Salino.KS 67402-1697 913-827-0344 Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp) NOTICE Our Santa Fe Store located at 113 N. Santa Fe will be closed as of Friday, January 17. Our new store at 319 S. Fifth will be open for business Monday, January 20, at 8 AM. Navy says incidents' CONSOLIDATED Printing & Stationery Company 'I NORtH SANTA r£ • i9i 31 8l'S-54?6 • SALINA, KANSAS 67401 Tell it to the Journal... if you see a fire, hear about a controversy, know someone especially interesting— The Journal would like to know. You can win up to $25 Call 823-6363 or 1-800-432-7606. Ask for the news desk. Last week's news tip winner: Barbara Billinger, Solomon . $ 10 ' were minor WASHINGTON (AP) — During the past 20 years, the Navy has experienced 630 "incidents" involving nuclear weapons or their training counterparts, but none resulted in an explosion or posed a hazard to the public, officials said Wednesday. During the period from 1965 to 1985, only two accidents were classified as "Broken Arrows," the Navy's code phrase for the most serious of all nuclear-related accidents, the officials said. One occurred in 1965, when an A-4E jet rolled off an aircraft carrier's elevator platform with a bomb on board and sank in the western Pacific. The other occurred in 1968, when the submarine Scorpion sank with the loss of all hands in the Atlantic. Navy officials agreed to discuss the service's nuclear weapons safety record in an effort to counter a report released Wednesday by the American Friends Service Committee, a national Quaker service organization. That report was prepared using documents obtained by the committee through a Freedom of Information lawsuit, filed in 1980. The heavily censored documents discuss details of 381 nuclear incidents during the 13-year period from 1965 through 1977. The Navy officials said they had (First Published in The Salina Journal January?, 1984) NOTICE Notice is hereby given to the legal electors of the City of Brookville, Kansas, that the governing body of said city proposes to pass an ordinance granting an electric franchise to The 'Cansas Power and Light Company, said ordinance being in form as follows: ORDINANCE NO. AN ORDINANCE, granting to The Kansas Power and Light Company, c Kansas corporation, its successors and assigns, an electric franchise, prescribing the terms thereof and relating thereto, and repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent with or in conflict with the terms hereof. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE CITY OF BROOKVILLE, KANSAS: SECTION 1. That in consideration ol the benefits to be derived by the City ol Brookville, Kansas, and its inhabitants there is hereby granted The Kansas Power and Light Company, a Kansas corporation, hereinafter sometimes designated as "Company", said Com pony being a Corporation operating a system for the transmission of electrii current between two or more in corporated cities in the State o Kansas, into and through which it has built transmission lines, the right privilege, and authority for o period o twenty (20) years from the day of 19 , to occupy and use the seve ral streets, avenues, alleys, bridges parks, parking and public places o said City, for the placing and maintain ing of equipment and property neces sory to carry on the business of selling ana distributing electricity for all pur poses to the City of Brookville, Kansas and Its Inhabitants, and through sale city and beyond the limits thereof; to obtain said electricity from any source available; and to do all things neces sary or proper to carry on sold busines In the City ol Brookville, Kansas. SECTION 2. As further consideratlo For the granting of this franchise, and I leu of any city occupation, llcenie o revenue taxes, the Company shall pa to the City during the term of thi franchise three percent (3%) of it The Salina Journal Thursday, January 16,1986 Page 16 ross revenue from all sales of electric nergy within the corporate limits of aid City, such payment to be mode nonthly for the preceding monthly eriod. SECTION 3. That the Company, its uccessors and assigns, in the con. ruction, maintenanco, and operation F its electric transmission, distribution nd street lighting system, shall use all easonable and proper precaution to viod damage or injury to persons or roperty, and shall hold and save armless the City of Brookville, ansas, from any and all damage, n|ury and expense caused by the sole egllgence of said Company, its sue- essors and assigns, or Its or their gents or servants. SECTION 4. That within sixty (60) ays from and after the passage and pprovol of this ordinance, saia Camany shall file with the City Clerk of old City of Brookville, Kansas, Its ncondltioned written acceptance of tis ordinance. SECTION 5. That any and all or- inances In conflict with the ter ereof are hereby repealed. SECTION 6. That this ordinance shall ecome effective and be in force and lall be and become a binding contract jetween the parties hereto, their sue- essors and assigns, from and after its assage, approval, publication as re- ulred by low, and acceptance by ompany. SECTION 7. That this ordinance, when accepted as above provided, hall constitute the entire agreement itween the City and the Company dating to this franchise and the same hall supercede and cancel any prior nderstandings, agreements or repre- entations regarding the subject latter hereof, or Involved in negotlo- ions pertaining thereto, whether oral T written. SECTION 8. this franchise is granted lursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 1224. SECTION 9. Should the State Corporation Commission take any action with respect to this franchise or- linance, which would or may preclude he Kansas Power and Light Company rom recovering from its customers any ost provided for herounder, the par- ies hereto shall renegotiate this or- linance In accordance with the Cor>oration Commission's ruling. PASSED and APPROVED this day of — , Funeral Directors ft Monuments 11 MONUMENTS & markers. Ours Is a complete memorial service. Respected, experienced and well known. 1608-10 MEMORIAL ART CO., Inc. 823-2981 Personals 29 ATTENTION SKIERS: Fantastic skiing awaits. Two bedroom condo In Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Available for Vb- '/i below average rates. Designed for families who love to ski. For more information please call after Spm, 825-9017. LIFE SHOULD be a bowl of cherries! With poor health, It's |ust the pltsl Improve your health and your wealth. For more Information contact 913-536-4220. DRINK AND Eat your way to a better feeling about your health, friends and security the Herbal Way. Ask me how! Debbie, 825-1011. PREGNANCY UNPLANNED? Birthright cares. 1414 South Santa Fe, 823-3113. Free tests. Confidentiality. WANTED: FIVE passengers to share expenses to Tampa, FL. Must have references. 827-2307. Special Notices 35 LOSE, GAIN or maintain weight the Herbal Way with the Nation's No. ' nutritional progam...Mlndy or Gem 823-1757. Mayor City Clerk his notice executed at the City of Irookville, Kansas, this 6th day of lanuary, 1966. AUDREY WIRES, Mayor (4tsp) LOSE WEIGHT the Herbal Way Proven 100% Safe and Effective Krlsty. 823-3889. LOOK GOOD, feel good, Herba Diet. Keith, 825-4140. (First Published In The Salina Journal January?, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS ,1 the Matter of the Estate of WILLIAM C. WEIS, Deceased. Case no. 85 P-54 NOTICE OF HEARING THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed in this court by Frances Weis Jarus, duly appointed, qualified and acting Administratrix of the Estate of William C. Weis. deceased, praying that her acts be ap* proved: that the account be settled and allowed; that the Estate be assigned to the persons entitled thereto: that fees and expenses be allowed; that the Administration of the Estate be closed: that the Administratrix be discharged and that she be released from further liability. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 5th day of February, 1986, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day, In said Court, in the City of Salina, in Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place sale cause will be heard. Should you fal therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Peti tlon. /s/Francls Weis Jarus Admlnistrlx JULIEMcKENNA 227 North Santa Fe, Suite 302 P.O. Boxl631 Salina, Kansas 67402-1631 (913)827-5199 Attorney for Petitioner (3tsp) NOTICE Classified Ad Deadlines 11:00 AM 2 Days before insertion for Display Classified. 11 am Thursday for Sunday 4 pm Friday for Tuesday. Ads over 'A page 1 day earlier than above. The deadline for WANT ADS and deleting want ads before normal expiration 1:00 PAA day before insertion. 10 am Friday for Saturday 1 pm Friday for Sunday. 1 day earlier than above . when holidays are involved. The Salina Journal reserve the right to edit, reject, re classify, or refuse any copy. Lost-Found-Strayed 4 LOST: SILVER, Texas I struments, mens' Digital watch. Ca 823-2079. Reward I Schools-Instructions 49 CAREER EDUCATION - choose om 9 career programs. You deserve \e best. Call Brown Mackle College. 913) 825-5422. PIANO LESSONS. Specialize with eglnners and advanced. Special ates. 825-5596. Help Wanted 249 LONG JOHN Sliver's Is taking ap- Icatlons for part-time help. Neat ppearance, out-going personality, ppllcatlons can be pick up at 1019 ast Crawford, January 15th and 19th 3etween3:30-5:30pm. EASY ASSEMBLY workl MOO per 00. Guaranteed payment. No expert- nce/no sales. Details send self- ddressed stamped envelope: Elan Ital- 836, 3418 Enterprise Road, Ft. 'lerce, Florida 33482. FULL TIME auto mechanic needed, 'raining, experience and references equired. Must be willing to work arled hours. Contact Mike Alters, 23-6343. CLEANING POSITION available, purs variable, some weekends. Good pportunlty for man and wife wanting o work together. Send resume to Box •151. Salina Journal, P.O. Box 740. PART-TIME CHILD care postlon pen In residential treatment facility. High school graduate, 21 years old. end resume to: Box 1366, %Resldent Director. EOE. GOVERNMENT JOBS. $16,040459,230 year. Now hiring. Call 805-6874000, ext. R-9444 for current federal Istlng. ^___ WANTED: COCKTAIL Waitress, part-time work, starting minimum wage. Call 825-9537 or apply In person ifter 5pm, Sala Barn. PART-TIME BABYSITTER needed o sit with Grandma. No special care required. $1.50 an hour. Need own ransportatlon. 825-1909. TAKE ONE CLASSIFIED AD ...THEY WILL CALL YOU IN THE Classified Advertisements DIAL 823-6363 Or write PO Box 740, Salina, Kans. 67402 10 Words Minimum, $1.50 Minimum Charge PLEASE CHECK YOUR AD! The Salina Journal Classified Department makes every effort to avoid errors, but when we handle hundreds of ads each day, most ordered by telephone, mistakes do occur. Please check your ad the first day of publication and call before 10:00 am that day for any needed corrections (1:00 pm Friday for Sunday correction). "We can then give you the necessary credit and correct your ad for the earliest possible edition. The Salina Journal regrets that we cannot be responsible for any errors beyond the first day If you fall to tell us about it. CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. (913)823-6363 Business, Personal and Professional SPECIAL-SERVICES In Easy-To-Find Alphabetical Order. 1 time, per word IS' 3 times, per word 35' 7 times, per word 52' 31 times, per word $1.93 It pays to read... The Journal SO* oostage and handling Cash with order •* f\Q/ charge on want ads if cash SAVES YOU I U /O does not accompany or — •-- — ^ der. BLIND AD SERVICE $1 if replies picked up $3 if replies are mailed Rates apply to residents in Salina retail trade area only. Alterations ft Sawing 55 (Plus the 50' handling charge, for ads placed 3 days or more.) (Add 4 words for Blind Box Number) ALTERATIONS: PANTS, coats, lapels, zippers, dresses, skirts, lined coats. Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm, 8271366. SEWING, MENDING and alterations, shortening skirts and pants. 825-4737. IRONING AND Minor alterations done In my home. 825-1911. ALTERATIONS ANY kind, zippers, pants, skirts. Neat work. 823-6056. Journal photo Ellen Wltsehl accepts a $100 gift certificate from Lee Adam, owner of L & J Appliance Center, 105 N. Fifth, as the Super Sleuth winner. THiTJournal been authorized to update the committee's totals and to discuss what type of accidents the service was experiencing "because the bare numbers don't tell you the story." "The numbers don't tell you how stringent our reporting requirements are," one official said. But Ian Ldnd, executive director of Common Cause in Hawaii who was the Hawaii program director for the Quakers until 1983, disagreed with the Navy's assessment. "If the problem is as minor as the Navy would have us believe, there should be no national security concerns that would prevent them from discussing this in detail with the American public," Lindsaid. "And yet they won't. They're still fighting in court five years later to deny us access to this information." According to the information obtained by Lind, the Navy maintains three categories for reporting nuclear incidents, with the most serious code-named "Broken Arrow." The next category is "Bent Spear," covering those accidents in which there is sufficient damage to a weapon to require a return of the device to a factory. The third and lowest category is "Dull Sword." It covers all other incidents that relate in any way to the handling, storage or testing of either nuclear weapons or their training equivalents, such as dummy bombs used during aerial training. The study by the Quaker committee found that "the largest number of accidents involved bombs carried by naval aircraft" during the 1965-1977 period. There were 146 such incidents involving bombs or their training counterparts during the period. The next highest group, with 140 incidents, involved incidents with' surface-launched missiles. Open rate is 15' per word or $9.00 per col. inch per day on weekdays, $9.60 per col. inch on Sundays. DISPLAY CLASSIFIED ADS Will be accepted until 11 A.M. 2 days before insertion, 4 P.M. Wednesday for Saturday 11 A.M. Thursday for Sunday One day earlier than above if over V*z page. At least 1 day earlier than above on holidays INDIVIDUAL CLASSIFIED LINE ADS One column wide in type this size Will be accepted until 1:00 P.M. day before insertion; 10 A.M. Friday for Saturday; 1:00 P.M. Friday for Sunday. The Salina Journal will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. SALINA JOURNAL WANT AD CLASSIFICATIONS Baby Sitting ft Child Car* 65 RESPONSIBLE MOTHER of one would like to babysit. Full or part time, days or evenings. Lots of love and nutritious meals. Grace Stewart area. 825-7885. LICENSED DAYCARE provider has opening Monday thru Friday. Lowell school area. 825-5038. KRISTY'S KIDDIE KARE has full time openings. Licensed, references, lots of TLC. 823-3889. 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Basement walls and foun datlon repaired or replaced; Lane scaping to stop water from running Ir leaking basements; Deadmans In stalled In leaning walls; Undergroun lawn watering systems Installed Concrete driveways, patios, side walks; Roofing siding, fences bull' framing, drywall, texturing, cabinets janellng, plumbing, electrical, etc Pictures and references of prevlou |obs. Over 20 years experience. Free estimates 'and financing available Licensed, bonded and Insured. Senlo Citizen discounts. 913-827-3804. JERRY JOHNSON Construction Basement walls and foundations repaired or replaced. Let us waterproo your basement. Will repair cracks t stop water leaks. Landscaping fo proper water drainage. Concret driveways, sidewalks, and patios In stalled. Pictures of previous lobs wit excellent references. Quality wor with financing available. Over 2 years experience. Licensed, bondec and Insured. 913-823-7791. Use Journal Want Ads REPAIR ON cracked or bulgln basement walls and foundation. C ment block laying and concrete wor Licensed and bonded. Free estimate Gilbert Ruhkamp, 823-2069. CONCRETE WORK, any typ Basement walls repaired. Licensee' bonded. Free estimates. Jess Wllbu 823-8886. G 8. G CONSTRUCTION. Concret carpentry, roofing work. Remodelln and new construction. Insured, censed, and bonded. 825-0115. 823-886 KEVIN TURNER, Constructs Remodeling, repair, trimming, cu torn built cabinets. Quality work wl references. 827-5122. f arpentry * Masonry 85 CONCRETE, CARPENTRY and cavatlon work for residential or mmerclal. Free estimates. Call art hew at 823-8603. CONCRETE WORK, basement alls repaired. Licensed, bonded, In- red. John W. Holcom, 913-827-5112 terSpm. HEITSMAN'S DRYWALL, carpets nd vinyl floor Installation. 823-7084 or. 23-6079. Cleaning- 89 WINTER SAVINGS on carpet eanlng and housecleanlng. \cGlnley Carpet Cleaning, 827-9963. 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