The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 15, 2001 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 15, 2001
Page 17
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, THE SALINA JOURNAI SPORTS SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2001 C3 T PRO FOOTBALL Brister to visit Chiefs AP file photo In their search for a starting quarterbacit, the Chiefs wiii meet with Bubby Brister, a bacl<- up last season with the Vikings. Team also shows an interest in return- specialist Home By The Associated Press KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs have scheduled a visit with free agent Bubby Brister, who has mainly served as a reserve quarterback during his 14-year career. Brister, 38, will visit next week. Last season, Brister backed up Daunte Culpepper for Minnesota. He also has played with Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, the New York • NFL draft news / Page C8 Jets and Denver. The Chiefs also were preparing an offer sheet for wide receiver Tony Horne, a restricted free agent from St. Louis. Horne has until Monday to sign an offer sheet with the Chiefs. If he does, the Rams would have a week to match the offer. If they refuse, Horne would join the Chiefs, who would owe the Rams no compensation. Horne would fill the Chiefs' need for a kick-return specialist. At quarterback, the Chiefs already have met with Trent Green, Trent Dilfer, Steve Beuerlein, Tony Banks and Jamie Martin. Planned visits with Brad Johnson and Doug Flutie were canceled after each signed with another club. The Chiefs also offered a visit to Denver's Brian Griese, who declined, and tried to trade for Jacksonville's Mark Brunell. The Chiefs have been looking for someone to replace Elvis Grbac, who signed with Baltimore March 6 after becoming a free agent. AREA TRACK AND FIELD HDNDR ROLL Girls 100 -METER DASH Lawellin, Hill City (2A) 12.70 Hernandez, Sallna South (5A) 12.95 Olson, Smoky Valley (4A) 13.06 S.Sloan, Norton {3A) 13.08 Swaflord, Colby (4A) 13.15 Vanderplas, Phllllpsburg (3A) 13.16 McAllister, Tescott {1A) 13.20 Reed, Clay Center (4A) 13.20 Acton, Oakley (3A) 13.26 Folk, Quivira Heights (1 A) 13.27 200 -METER DASH Lawellin, Hill City {2A) 26.78 Sloan, Norton (3A) 27.20 Acton, Oakley (3A) 27.46 Coberly, Quinter (2A) 27.53 ' McAllister, Tescott (1 A) 27.58 Dennis, Bennington (2A) 27.59 Hoffman, Victoria (1A) 27.70 Olson, Smoky Valley (4A) 27.78 Wentling, McPherson (5A) 27.78 Rogers, Golden Plains (1 A) 27.95 400-METER DASH Cross, Hill City (2A) 1:01.50 MacDonald, Smoky Valley (4A) 1:01.69 Martin, Smith Center (3A) 1:02.52 Dennis, Bennington (2A) 1:02.56 Sechtem, Osborne (2A) 1:03.47 RiHel, Stockton (2A) 1:03.62 Boyd, Phllllpsburg (3A) 1:03.85 Williams, Clay Center (4A) 1:04.03 Gartrell, Stockton (2A) 1:04,20 Woody, Tescott (1 A) 1:04.24 800 -METER RUN Locke, Trego (3A) 2:24.62 • Martin, Smith Center (3A) 2:26.86 A.Noel, Osborne (2A) 2:29.93 Parry, Clay Center (4A) 2:31.24 Ramsey, Colby (4A) 2:32,63 MacDonald, Smoky Valley (4A) 2:33.63 Lapka, Victoria (1A) 2:34.15 Gelst, Oakley {3A) 2:36.20 Mealiff, Beloit (3A) 2:36.25 Weber, Hays (5A) 2:37.90 1,600 -METER RUN Allen, Salina Central (5A) 5:44.80 • Locke, Trego (3A) 5:47.11 . Noel, Osborne (2A) 5:47.39 Mick, Osborne (2A) 5:50,72 Stockstill, McPherson (5A) 5:51.20 Augustine, TMP-Marian (4A) 5:53.50 Zumbahlen, Cheylin (1A) 5:55.68 Peterson, McPherson (5A) 5:56.10 Welsh, Weskan (1A) 5:57.43 Williams, Clay Center (4A) 5:59.23 3,200 -METER RUN Mick, Osborne (2A) 12:08.43 • Stockstill, McPherson {5A) 12:33.80 Augustine, TMP-Marian (4A) 12:42.59 Noel, Osborne (2A) 13:04.22 Pfizenmaier, Clay Center (4A) 13:05.05 Knoll, Quinter (2A) 13:07.41 Dietz, Osbome (2A) 13:08.06 Ostmeyer, Northern Valley (1A) 13:11.37 'Zumbahlen, Cheylin (1 A) 13:12.52 Wilson, Abilene (4A) 13:13.90 100 -METER HURDLES Keats, Salina Central (5A) 15.38 Latham, Triplains (1A) 16.09 Beydler, Trego (3A) 16.51 Brenn, Colby (4A) 16.74 • Balsick, McPherson (5A) 16.79 . Daugherty, McPherson (5A) 16.91 Brenner, Chapman (4A) 17.01 Mueling, Sa«na South (5A) 17.07 Thurston, Minneapolis (3A) 17.24 • Keith, Trego (3A) 17.27 300 -METER HURDLES , Latham, Triplains (1A) 49.06 Beydler, Trego (3A) 49.21 Balsick, McPherson (5A) 49.24 Lawellin, Hill City (2A) 49.60 Halderman, Salina South (5A) 49.67 Daugherty, McPherson (5A) 50.55 Blomberg, Smoky Valley (4A) 50.56 Henderson, Norton (3A) 50.90 Hurley, Belleville (3A) 51.15 Keith, Trego (3A) 51.17 400 -METER RELAY Hill City{2A) 51.20 Tescott (1 A) 52.26 Phillipsburg {3A) 52.28 McPherson (5A) 53.76 Hoxie(2A) 53.93 Salina Central (5A) 53.93 Triplains (1A) 53.95 Trego (3A) 53,98 Beloit (3A) 54.17 Colby (4A) 54.20 1,600-METER RELAY Hill City (2A) 4:20,00 Clay Center (4A) 4:21 .79 Victoria (1A) 4:22.40 Tescott (1A) 4:23.31 Smoky Valley (4A) 4:23.41 Osbome (2A) 4:24.31 Oakley (3A) 4:25.46 McPherson (5A) 4:26.20 Colby (4A) 4:28.05 Pike Valley (1 A) 4:30.38 3,200-METER REUY Osbome (2A) 10:20.68 Victoria(1A) 10:28.90 Smith Center (3A) 10:31.84 Beloit (3A) 10:41.28 Quinter (2A) 10:46.56 Northern Valley (1 A) 10:48.75 Salina South (5A) 10 :49 .40 Pike Valley (1 A) 11:02 .39 Concordia (4A) 11:02.87 Bennington (2A) 11.04.10 DISCUS Swanson, SE-Saline (3A) 129-10 Stillwell, Beloit (3A) 126-0 Cyre, Clay Center (4A) 123-0 Chapman, Beloit (3A) 115-8 Dutt, Abilene (4A) 115-4 Ravenkamp, Sallna Central (5A) 115-2 Triplett,Logan(1A) 114-4 Dahlstrom, McPherson (5A) 110-9 Hoffman, McPherson (5A) 109-6 Lewallen, Triplains (1 A) 109-0 HIGH JUMP Nelson, Solomon {2A) 5-3 Poore, Cheylin (1 A) 5-3 Wagner, Wilson (1 A) 5-3 Baalman, Grinnell (1A) 5-2 Hockman, Hill City (2A) 5-2 Seimer, Quivira Heights (1A) 5-2 Blomberg, Smoky Valley (4A) 5-0 Dennis, Bennington (2A) 5-0 Gelst, Victoria (lA) 5-0 Holste, Atwood (2A) 4-11 Zumbahlen, Cheylin (1 A) 4-11 JAVELIN Keats, Salina Central (5A) 135-2 Pauls, Southem Cloud {1 A) 125-5 Gassmann, Hoxie (2A) 123-4 Fariee, Belleville (3A) 121-7 Sedlacek, Belleville (3A) 118-4 Green, Atwood (2A) 113-10 Maddy, Norton (3A) 110-5 Prochaska, Minneapolis (3A) 110-5 Joy, Hillcrest (1A) 108-9 Cabel, Ell-Saline (2A) 108-0 LONG JUMP Olson, Smoky Valley (4A) 17 -4y4 S.Sloan, Norton (3A) 17-3% Snyder, Salina Central (5A) 16-5 Acton, Oakley (3A) 16-2% Halderman, Salina South (5A) 16-2 McKee, Abilene (4A) 16-2 McDonald, Minneapolis (3A) 16-1 Cooper, Atwood (2A) 15-8 '/2 Hess, Clay Center (4A) 15-8'/. Bixenman, Grinnell (1A) 15-6 Crayton, Hill City (2A) 15-6 POLE VAULT Hett, Marion (3A) 9-3 Johnson, Hays (5A) 9-1 Burns, Salina Central (5A) 9-0 Becker, Canton-Galva (2A) 8-6 Breault, Concordia (4A) 8-6 Duenslng, Belleville (3A) 8-6 Grabner, Salina Central (5A) 8-0 Hillebrand, Norton (3A) 8-0 Hoffman, Abilene {4A) 8-0 Slmoneau, Minneapolis {3A) 8-0 SHOT PUT Robbins, Concordia (4A) 40-8 Geist, Victoria (1A) 38-8 Triplett,Logan(1A) 38-2 % Swanson, SE-Saline (3A) 37-0 Cyre, Clay Center (4A) 36-10y4 Keever, Downs (1A) 36-6 Dutt, Abilene (4A) 36-3'A Hickert, Golden Plains (1A) 36 -3V2 James, McPherson (5A) 35 -10 Hoffman, McPherson (5A) 35 -9 TRIPLE JUMP McKee, Abilene {4A) 36-5 % Stover, Quinter (2A) 35 -10% Jones, Salina Central (5A) 34 -8 Snyder, Salina Central (5A) 34 -6% Halderman, Salina South (5A) 34 -4 Anderson, Belleville (3A) 33-8 Vz Coberly, Quinter (2A) 33-7 V2 Siebert, Sharon Springs (1 A) 33-7 '-4 Barrett, Triplains (lA) 33-1% Bathurst, Chapman (4A) 32-11 Boys IOD-METER DASH Petrie, Norton (3A) 10.81 W.McCoy, Colby (4A) 11.03 Busse, McPherson (5A) 11.11 Antholz, Hays (5A) 11.13 Folk, Quivira Heights (1 A) 11.18 Gassman, Minneapolis (3A) 11.21 Thurston, Concordia (4A) 11.22 Wedel, Minneapolis (3A) 11.22 Anders, Salina Central (5A) 11.23 Stephens, Colby (4A) 11.23 200-METER DASH Brown, Colby (4A) 22.69 Petrie, Norton (3A) 22.70 Russell, Salina South (5A) 23.02 Tibbett, Norton (3A) 23.03 Wedel, Minneapolis (3A) 23.09 Gassman, Minneapolis (3A) 23.23 W.McCoy, Colby (4A) 23.29 Antholz, Hays (5A) 23.30 Anders, Salina Central (5A) 23.31 B.McCoy, Colby (4A) 23.40 400-METER DASH Gassman, Minneapolis (3A) 51.77 Corral, Clay Center (4A) 51.86 Ladd, Abilene (4A) 52.01 Russell, Salina South (5A) 52.18 McDonald, Phllllpsburg (3A) 52.35 Mans, Osbome (2A) 52.38 Jackson, Salina South (5A) 52.42 Cory, Wakefield (1 A) 52.44 Rorabaugh, Smith Center (3A) 52.60 Hausman, Hillcrest (1A) 52.77 800-METER RUN Yates, Phillipsburg (3A) 2:04.41 Jeffery,Mankato(1A) 2:05.98 Whitmer, Ellsworth (3A) 2:06.00 Worcester, Smoky Valley (4A) 2:06.03 McDonald, Belleville (3A) 2:06.15 Ptacek, Wilson (lA) 2:06.87 Zimmerman, Wheatland (lA) 2:06.93 Tumbow, Ellsworth (3A) 2:07.55 Welsh, Weskan (1 A) 2:07.92 Lange, Salina South (5A) 2:08.10 1,600-METER RUN Worcester, Smoky Valley (4A) 4:40.41 Moos, Salina Central (5A) 4:46.80 Sebelius, Norton {3A) 4:50.20 J.Mlller, Beloit (3A) 4:52.40 Whitmer, Ellsworth (3A) 4:52.44 Kirkpatrick, Concordia (4A) 4:54.22 McDonald, Belleville (3A) 4:54.59 Staab, Hays (5A) 4:54.88 Kraft, Phillipsburg {3A) ' 4:55.00 Robins, McPherson (5A) .4:55.70 3,2D0-METER RUN Worcester, Smoky Valley (4A) 10:16.09 Moore, Clay Center (4A) 10:18.81 Sebelius, Norton (3A) 10:19.22 Moos, Sallna Central (5A) 10:24.00 Coyle, Wakefield (1A) 10:41.00 J.Miller, Beloit (3A) 10:41.22 Staab, Hays (5A) 10:43.82 T.Miller, Beloit (3A) 10:47.34 Keil, Concordia (4A) 10:51.98 Hendershott, Hillcrest (1A) 10:53.18 110-METER HURDLES Fox, Hays(5A) -....14.91 Stramel, Hays (5A) 14.96 Tolson, McPherson (5A) 15.06 Jeffrey, Chapman (4A) 15.44 Robben, Oakley (3A) 15.46 Blanks, Smoky Valley (4A) 15.53 Lervold, Concordia (4A) 15.62 Hawbaker, Quinter (2A) 15.65 Nelson, Minneapolis (3A) 15.67 Okeson, Weskan (1 A) 15.82 300-METER HURDLES Stramel, Hays (5A) 40.99 Jeffrey, Chapman (4A) 41.17 Nelson, Minneapolis (3A) 41.20 Petrie, Norton (3A) 41.87 Robben, Oakley (3A) 42.09 Wentling, Quivira Heights (1A) 42.20 Flax, TMP-Marian (4A) 42.35 Tolson, McPherson (5A) , 42.36 Zuker, Minneapolis (3A) 42.38 Allen, Smith Center (3A) 42.56 400-METER RELAY Salina Central (5A) 44.27 Quivira Heights (1A) 44.50 Colby (4A) 44.74 McPherson (5A) 45.21 Abilene (4A) 45.26 Ellis (2A) 45.40 Hill City (2A) 45.44 Hays(5A) 45.46 Norton (3A) 45.55 Ellsworth (3A) 45.69 Regan/Double plays back effort FROM PAG£ 01 1,600-METER RELAY Hays (5A) 3:34.22 Colby (4A) 3:35.08 Salina South (5A) 3:36.00 Clay Center (4A) 3:37.31 Minneapolis (3A) 3:37.34 Ellsworth (3A) 3:38.16 Belleville (3A) 3:39.15 Phillipsburg {3A) 3:40.81 Abilene (4A) 3:40.90 Salina Central (5A) 3:41.62 3,200-METER RELAY Hays (5A) 8:26.30 Osbome {2A) 8:44.94 Salina South (5A) 8:45.20 Salina Central (5A) 8:45.70 Clay Center (4A) 8:46.83 Hillcrest (1 A) 8:51.80 Belleville (3A) 8:55.20 Minneapolis (3A) 8:56.99 Chapman (4A) 8:57.31 TMP-Marian (4A) 8:58.09 DISCUS Barnes, TMP-Marian {4A) 156-1 Lillich, Atwood (2A) 155-9 Eck, Beloit (3A) 155-8 Christensen, Concordia (4A) .•. .152-0 Boyle, Norton {3A) 151-2 Maska, Hays (5A) 151-0 Leikam, TMP-Marian (4A) 147-10 Bartz, Concordia (4A) 147-4 Yockey, Salina Central (5A) 145-8 B.Pruitt, Beloit (3A) 143-10 HIGH JUMP Robben, Oakley (3A) 6-4 Reed, Hope (1 A) 6-3 Roberts, Sallna South (5A) 6-3 Bailey, Ellsworth (3A) 6-2 Cash, Concordia (4A) 6-2 Rorabaugh, Smith Center (3A) 6-2 Thompson, Canton-Galva (2A) 6-2 Dominguez, Smoky Valley (4A) 6-0'/< JAVELIN Boyle, Norton (3A) 189-11 Lillich, Atwood (2A) 179-11 Strode, Abilene (4A) 178-11 D.Bames, TMP-Marian (4A) 172-9 M.Barnes, TMP-Marian (4A) 170-1 Eck, Beloit (3A) 167-7 Elliott, Belleville (3A) 165-6 Wolters, St Francis {2A) 165-1 Bremerman, Tescott (1 A) 164-9 TrouHetter, SE-Saline (3A) 163-8 LONG JUMP Anders, Sallna Central (5A) 22-9 Watts, Hays (5A) 21-8 Jackson, Salina South (5A) 21-4 Martin, Clay Center (4A) 20-11 <A Busse, McPherson (5A) 20-10 '/z Bixenman, Grinnell (1A) 20-9% Payne, Salina Central (5A) 20-8'A Dreiling, Hays (5A) 20-7 Watson, Ellis (2A) 20-6 Hammel, Ellsworth (3A) 20-4'A POLE VAULT Purdue, Chapman (4A) 13-0 Watts, Hays(5A) 13-0 Stewart, Hays (5A) 13-0 Dannefer, Osbome (2A) 12-6 Hilburn, Logan (1A) 12-6 Schlyer, Hays (5A) 1'2-6 Davis, Marion (3A) 12-0 Lunn, Chapman (4A) 12-0 Reagan, Hays (5A) 12-0 SHOT PUT D.Bames, TMP-Marian (4A) 54-0% Staab, Plainville (2A) 53-2'A Christensen, Concordia (4A) 52-4 Fredrickson, Salina South (5A) 51-0 Meyerhoff, Hays (5A) 50-6 Eck, Beloit (3A) 49-9 y4 Boyle, Norton (3A) 49-3 B.Pruitt, Beloit (3A) 48-9'A Horinek, Atwood (2A) 48-9 M.Bames, TMP-Marian (4A) 48-3 TRIPLE JUMP Watts, Hays (5A) 43-2 Weis, Hoxie (2A) 43-0 V2 Martin, Clay Center (4A) 42-7 Yates, Phillipsburg (3A) 42-6 Bixenman, Grinnell (1 A) 42-0 Skiles, Marion (3A) 42-0 Troutfetter, SE-Saline (3A) 41-8 Anderson, Clay Center (4A) 41-7 '/4 Jackson, Salina South (5A) 41-0% Greene, Clay Center (4A) 40-9 Honor roll marks can be called In from 4-9 p.m. to the Journal sports desk (1-800-8276363). Area track meets with six or more teams will be published. Either mall (333 S. 4th, Sall­ na, KS. 67401) or fax (785-827-6060) the results to the Journal. US if we don't take control of the game, and Bethany took control today" Regan gave up only three singles, did not walk a batter and never allowed a Wesleyan baserunner to get into scoring position. His defense also backed him with two inning- ending double plays — both started by Gordon at second base — enabling Regan to face only two batters over the minimum. "I throw five pitches and there is usually one that isn't there, but I was throwing them all for strikes today," Regan said. "My curveball is coming around and I was spotting my fastball, which was probably my main pitch. "But those two double plays were huge. They were probably the biggest plays of the game because they turned the momentum." Nelson had a two-out, two- run double to put Bethany up 20 in the third. The Swedes added two more runs without the benefit of a base hit in the fourth, using a walk, stolen base, throwing error, wild pitch and a run-scoring groundout to make it 4-0. SOy you love an alcoholic! Al A Non is for men Thursday nights 8 p.m. 1600 Rush • 823-1646 TIME TO ENROLL Get The Latest Stuff Ages 8 - 17 Site: KWU, Salina 30TH ANNUAL Kansas Premier Boy's & Girl's Sports Camps 'Boy's Basketball 'Girl's Basketball 'Girl's Volleyball "TheSkiUBuUders" I For Info: Ask Your Coiich Or CaU827-G22B We Save You $$$ URABLE ENIM 2326 Planet Ave./ Galaxy Center, Salina / 827-0600 Across from Central Mall "Those two double plays were huge. They were probably the biggest plays of the game because they turned the momentum." Daniel Regan Bethany pitcher Jay Harmison had an RBI double and Todd Just followed with a run-scoring single in the. sixth, but the game was then halted for a 50-minute weather delay When the game resumed, Gordon drove in a run with his second single and Nelson launched a two-run homer oj/er the right-center field fence as part of the Swedes' six-run inning. "We hit a couple of balls hard and then hit a couple of ground balls right at people," said Bellew, whose team fell to 19-12. "Bethany got the key hits when they needed them. I would like to say I was surprised, but Bethany has got a good team." Cloud / Chambers' homer a key blow FROM PAGE C1 "Coach Bartow does such a good job with his team, I feel we almost stole one." Cloud County, which left the bases loaded without scoring in the top of the sixth, got a pair of timely hits to produce its two runs. After Jared Schleifer singled with two out in the bottom of the second inning, Jared Anderson brought him home with a double. The Thunderbirds got what proved to be the game-winner in the third when Neil Chambers got ahold of a Dylan Nadeau pitch and pulled it to left for a home run. "Jared Anderson had a nice two-out hit and then we got Neil Chambers with the home run," Sabath said. "I felt a number of other guys hit the ball well, but the wind held some balls up." Pitcher Travis McCarter (2-1) went the distance to pick up the victory for the T-Birds, giving up six hits and striking out three without walking a batter in five innings. "That's his third straight start where he's throw strikes and given us a chance to be successful," Sabath said. Brown Mackie got its only run in the fifth inning. Jimmy White and Dominic Garza led off with singles up the middle and advanced on Anthony Perez's sacrifice bunt, then scored on Zach Flowers' ground out to short. The Lions failed to capitalize on a similar situation in the third. Garza and Perez started the inning with base hits, but Flowers hit a ground ball to third that doubled up both runners. "We had an opportunity and didn't get the ball down," Bartow said. "We were bunting'(on the first pitch), but when we didn't get it down, 1 decided to hit away and he hit it in an inopportune place. "That basically was us in a nutshell. We play well enough to have an opportunity to win, we just haven't done it enough times to get on a roll." Nadeau, who allowed five hits in five innings, then got out of a bases-loaded jam in the sixth, was the hard-luck loser for the Lions. He struck out two and hit one batter, but did not allow a walk. "Our pitching has been doing a good job," Bartow said. "Our defense has been coming along and we're hitting the ball fairly well." 2155 N. HedviUe Rd. 5 miles West of Salina, 1-70 exit 244 (Hedviile) 820-9599 •kirif Daily Luncheon Specials -k-k-k . 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