Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 20, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1908
Page 6
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It's scrvloi'Hbh', sciiiilliie, jtntlsfiu'. inrv, |)orf(>rt /lltliiir nnd itopulnr prir* \i> rm'r,li NC-iiiiiH to lrrltttt<^, Muu> •iliii.: I'mlrrivrar fits lUn- ii nlovp unti liiHiiili>rliiif t'luintit iiMii<M<* tU«- III. iiu) n ^litiitiiiv' iKioii Suit and ytiit'II litiri' no iitlicr. Mitdi' In IIKIII nr luu«) Ui 'Iiflil I'dllon Of incdliini nriKiit ikitol. Miiitsinir rnderwMir Is on«> of the lu-fotsitUw of IhV (Its JMISSIMI tlu» Px- |M'riiii<*iit»l stiiKP). Onlliiiiry uii<it>iC Mtjir won't do. MIH'II uncf joiiSe tried Miiiisiiiir. Mado from llu- nm-si M-l<>rl> «d jiiriiN lioJii rolt;ii» uiid «o«l»-ji- iiisiiriiisf •<iM..'ii )t mid siiliifurtloii to :hi Mi-iti).. Women's Union Suits in cream co!- ored nr Krey. all regular Hizps, price '. Ttflc Extra large sizes in the same nuallty 81.2-> Women's Munsins; Hants or Vests in while or cream colored, ankle lensih. regular sizes oOc Extra large sizes, price <>.>«* One lot of Women's Separate Garments and union suits In all regular sizes, per garment 25c Women's Munsing Union Suit? in li-ihi or heavy weigbi cotton, ankle lenutli, long sleeves, white or cream colored. |)ric" $1.00 Women's Knit Corset Covers in all regular sizes, tai.ed netk. Iimg sleeves, prif-e i 'lV and TMv Misses }kliinsing Union Suits In cream colored or whire. These garments are made in sizes betv.e<»n chi'dron 'f. and ladles, price per garment r ilM ('h!ldvr :iSi cream colored fleeced good (jiialiiy imut.s and ve.^'ts, size .10. IS, 2u. -22. "Jl. 2S, 30. 32: price l.'.c. i:»a<'. '2(K". 25c, 27 ^80. BOc, 821a c. a .1c. infant s In-ivy i ililicil fhn'cctl wrapper .style vis!.-^ sl.M' 1 yfnr in -I yCurs. prico 2oo 'Uiihi'h','* liiiaiiis CDtitui sliiric In cronni, ti.-.o i tn yvn, price USr Children's Munsing Union Suits In croani colored or gr^y, size 2 years to l(j years, all sizes up to 10 years .. J oOo From i2 to H". years ; 6Sc These gnrnients are [uado in two sep aiato styles, one for bpys and thf other for Kirls. the boys Rnrment8 are full button front and open JTOtoh, iho KM'H KnrnicntK arc part n|,Uu front, Hiuall *lry drop sent and UU'KO sine open cnuoh. iii.i I I III III I ir Fay Stockings for boys and girls In size a^-i to 9, Price Sao. 40o, oOc Pony Stockings for boy.<» nnd girls all HizcM. light fir heavy weight, per pair 2.> A Grrni: SnU* of C liIIdrenN Ulotli nud Brarsklu Coots at One.Fourtli , and Uup'Half Off. (nnts, size (i to 12 yonrs, 1 ^.49. Childrtii'.-s F.nncy Mixed Kersey CIdtli Coat'-, in greeu. tan. brown, grey and rod rtif:;.-. PuitaMi* tor school wear values frnin ?4.r .ii to $6..^0. choice of the If.: S3.49 Children's Fancy Mixed Clr,:h Coats, size- (I to Ii' ypar.= in gri'e:i, li-own and red; vaiu^'': i:p to $4.00i. On sale for -lAO Cl-.i'dren 'i. P.oarskiii Coats in red. brnv.n and wlilic. 8l/es 'J (o C vears worth .^"oo. On j ^;ile for HiAX) Cliildnu'.s Fancy Coats in white and colors, size 2 to il years, regular $;;.7.". value. On sale iW.lH Children's l!<'arskin Coats in red, brown and white, worth $2.r)0 on sale for DRAPERY GOODS. Fancy Cross Stripe Snowflake Draperies In blue,, red, green and go!d. fdr bed suitable per yari bed room curtains, price 20c Swiss Curtain goods 34 and 36 Inches wide, open stripe crossbar and allover dosign.s. Price per yard 10, 12H and l.'x* Fancy Art Burlaps, 36 Inches wide In brown, green, red and blue, price per yard S-'ic Plain colored Art Burlaps, 26 inches wide iu red, green, brown an dtan, price per yard . ITJac Window Shades, 36 x72 inch, light 2:.c and dark green, price T Infants cream colored wool baiul^ size 1 to 4, price iSc Intani's wool siorklngs In all t-ol- ors, size I to ('., .«tiik heel and toe. price pair 2:.c Children's heavy ribbed light fleeced union suits, size 4 to 12 years, special vahies iit per gurmeni 2.10 PER( ALES. Side Band Percales, 36 Inches wide In blue, red and grey, price per yd lOp WOMEN'S COATS. Women's Long Semi-fitting Coats In brown and black, special price ^'i.UU Women's black, brown and ca.stor Coats, semi-flited back, richly trimmed with velvet and braid, special value at $".oO Women's b!ack and brown Coats, braid and velvet trimmed, empire or semi-fitted back, price sflOJiO f;i\t;nAMs. Extra Quality Ginghams in light or dark colors, plaids, stripes and plain colors. i>rice 10c Apron Oinghams in blue, brown aiid green, price per yard .Ic and i?ic 1.\I1IREI.LA8. Rain Umbrellas in fancy gilt nnd silver sticks, price Rain Umbrellas in silk and ilnen tops, natural sticks, special values at 11.00 and *l-»0 .SHEETS AXD PILLOW f'ASES. Standard Sheets, torn and hemmed size 81x90. special jirlce, each Uov Pepperell Sheets, lorn and hemmed, sixe Slx90. ilrice J.lp Standard .size 42x36 inch pillow cases, good quality, price each ...10c BLA.XKETS. Good quality Blankets in grey, regular O.'ic value, special i)rice per pair . :MV Fancy Alligator Bags, leather lined, small coin purse to in,'atch, prices, $4 to SIS Have your Woolen Dress Goods spDuged by the spotless steam sponger, per yard, Sc lOLA, ATCHISON ^ND PITTSBURG, KANSAS. GITHRIE. OKLAIIO.\I.» AND CARTHAGE, MISSOURI. Dr. Dentoiis Sleeping Garnieniti for children prevents cnUls. niaile in till .sizes from 2 vi-ar.-; to 10 years, lirlce . . CM - to «1.0« .Modest sleeping garmeiitji for children, all sizes, price .*»0r Chlldreu's black Knit Pants In sizes IS to 24 tnch«-s. priced at 2.'»c WOOL DRESS GOODS. Fancy Wool Suiting in dark blue. gr'*en and red. Mc and r,.*u- values, on sale for. yard Sfto .")S-incli plaid and stripe grey •cloaking cloth, extra heavy, suitable for children'.^ school cloaks, worth ?1.00 and $1.2.'> yard, special jirice per yard 6.)C Heavy twilled Cloaking in bright red and delft blue for misses and children's jackets, price per yard $1.>)0 liroadcloth in black, tan. grey, green blue, and brown, full standard width, extra quality and finish, regular price $1.2.^, special price per yard 98c Skinner's Satin in all colors, wear guaranteed for two seasons, full 36 inches wide, price per yard iflJiO Opera Satin in all colors. ;;r. inches wide. j>rice per yard sfl.tM) Black Satin Duchese. 27 inches wide, extra quality, price per yard tl ^'t Heai^skin in red. brown and green, price p?r yard lSl.9.'» All wo»i| Hatiste in blatk and colors. :;6 inches wide, price per yard ."iOc Fancy stripe Cashmere, :H inches wide in blue and brown, jirice per >ard (Kc .">.'-inih llirriiiulione Panama in brown, blue, gr.'en and red. price per yard ^I.OO One lot of Fancy .Vrnold Suitings In grey, brown, tan. red atid green, worth 17>-jV yard, special prije per yard 14c Fancy Orienial Kiiiiona ("loth. 36 inches wide, worth 20e yard, special price, per yard l'»c IN FACE OF A STORM BIG CROWD TURNED OUT TO RE­ PUBLICAN MEETING AT GAS CITY LAST NIGHT.. was the handiwork of the Republican' ing the last Democratic administra- party. against all possible opposition tlon. The prosperity of a nation Is of the combined forces of .the Demo- always evidenced by the condition of era tic party, and since this great war the wage earner, good wages and and after the lapse of many years un- steady employment are invariably Inder a Republican administration we' dicatlve of sound l)usiness conditions have abolished slavery in the Philip-', and public confidence in the party pine Islands. • • • ' i -•- ... A, F. Florence Directed His Remarks to Republican Party and the Laboring Man. "During the year 1.S96, under' the which directs the country's destiny. For every dollar paid to a black- Considering the storm, there was a good attendance at the Republican rally in Rennick's hall at Gas City last niglit. The large crowd shows the enthusiasm among the Republican voters. The music of the evening was furnished by the W. O. W. band •while Captain Ewing. Judge Foust and At F. Florence were the chief speakers. The addresses were listened to closely. Mr. Florence directed his remarks t9 the Republican party and the laboring men, saying In part: "All of the great national labor laws were put upon the statute books 'by the Republican party and I chal lange you to show me a single labo!^ law placed upon our statute book by the ;J80-called Democratic party. The Democratic party kas always "been in favor of degraded labor. The great civil. WJU" exalted, labor and freed the country of the curae of slavery, it ATTENTION TRAPPEKS AXD FIR DEALER.S. i Here Checking Up., i Atwood Cady, a Fredonia attorney, i is in the county clerk's office today checking up the taxes for the Prairie Oil and Gas company. I desire to remind you that 1 am .still in business and I Intend to maintain niy goo<i record of the past for Liberal Prices, Honest Grading and Prompt Returns. Price ll.-;t ready about .Vov. Price list and ship- liing tags free, Dont delay, write for them today H. S. Barnard. 324-326 North Buckeye St.. iola, kans. , , , , . ,, i for the same amount of labor, men emploved bv the various railroads of this countr>-. more than! *^^^'"y dollar paid to hrlcklay- twice as manv people and they were;*''" In 1S96, $1.42 was paid In 1907 for paid more than double the amount Jn /^e sanje amount of labor. , 1907 than they were paid in 1896 and! ^?r„r '^I^' A""^' ^^I?-"!^""! "B^ ^are vou're at the right place.' tho condition of the railroads as to.'" $l..->2 was paid In 1907 for', extension in miles of tracks was only ^^-^ same labor. about twenty per. conL Yet more every dollar paid to a hod car­ men were emploved' and at better! rier in 1896, J1.35 was paid In 1907 wages than under anv Democratic pol -i ^o'' the same amount of labor, lev known to the land. 1 For every dollar paid to an Iron "1 have onlv to show you some'moulder In 1896, $1.28 was paid In facts, which will bear me out In the ISO" for the same amount of labor, statement that the wage-earner Is For every dollar paid to a day labor- at this very time receiving better er in 1896. $1.32 was paid In 1907 for wages, and that a day's wages Will the same amount of labor. i „ . . buv more of the necessities of lifel For every dollar paid to a machln- 1 mor.- coffee, b |per cent inore fre^h than thev ever would buv under kny 1st In .1896. $1.21 was paid in 1907 flfi^•. 9 per centi more fresh milk 1. - - per cent more molasses, 14 per cent more rice, 24 per cent more sugar and 34 per cent more tea. This Is giveni to show you that Coming-to the Rink. A crowd of young people are coming down from Ottawa toniorrow night on the plug tc spend a few hours skating at the Auditorium. Miss Murphy Here. .Miss Edith Murphy of Parsons, arrived today for a visit with Mrs. J. W. Bolton and other friends. She will be a guest at the Morrison-Wood wedding tomorrow. Sold Hanson Farm. The Bfcdwell-Kay Realty company sold the S. F. Hanson 160 acre farm four and one-half miles southwest of Iola to B. L. Westervelt of Jefferson, Iowa. This is one of the best and finest improved farms In Allen coun- tv. Mr. Westervelt will move here March I. To Preach in Mound Valley. Rev. Frank May returned to his home ill Fort Scott this morning where he will visit a few days before ?oing to Mound Valley, Kas.. to which charge he was assigned by Hishop weekly at the recent I'nited Brethren conference. for the same amount of labor. .An iron moulder could buy for an hours wages In 1907 compared withj 1896 under emocratic rule 6 per cent more beef roast, 5 per cent more beef steak. 15 per cent more salt beef, 2 per cent more wheat bread, I per cent more cheese. 34 per cent Democratic pol'cy, enacted by Ithe'^o rthe same amount of labor, party which in this campaign s^ka! For every dollar paid a painter In' vour vote under the promises wWch'""' " " they come to you with. The United States bureau of lab-, . - or gives us the following flgurea ter In 1896, $1.28 was paid In 1907 log so that a day's work will pur- which show lust what the labeling,for teh same amount of labor. man is receiving for his.BenriceB CQ]|»- ppred with like services received dor- 1896, $^.46 was paid In 1907 for the same ainount of labor. ' , Por every do'lar paid a stone cut-'wages have advianced more than llv- cbase more of the necessities of life For every - dollar, paid to a atone than it would ever purchase under mason in 1896. |L« waa paid in 1907;^ DemocraUc rule. is a chemical process of cleansing clothing, requiring much experience and an extensive knowledge of textiles and chemistry, and the use of certain mechanical appliances. We are the only firm who meet these requirements in Ida and we have already taken the lead In Sanitary Clothes Cleaning. A trial order will make j'ou a permanent customer. Iola Laundry Phobias i" 111 r I- Ttlil III iMiiiM^^^

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