Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 11, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1907
Page 8
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8 TkE lOIA Smt FBZDAT rVTYlS 'G, OCXOBEB 11, 1907. CITY NEMrS ITEMS GAS FOOTBALL TEAM WHL PLAT LA HABFE BOT <i. HAD A SMALL BUZE YESTERDAY tntkis dty-be has deUr«r«d o&» of lits lectures but last ni^t he started the rerival services which will continue for sereral weefes. ^ Beg|gt«r Extra. The Rf -glRtPP oxtra oonvpyvl ihp nows of the verdict of the <:oroner'.s Jury In the already famous Sartp murder case. last night. The 'fxtrn' told the news soon after the v.rdict wa^= announced. THBEATEXED MX^Y BUILlilVf-S OX XOBTH yiMS STREET. Elder Wesley Will .Vdilrev> flirisliiin Church Members .Sunday— Pmonals. Llder Wt >U'y « ill SiiMk. I ?Eld<?r .lohn \Vt':;lfy of lola nd- tlie Chrl.stiaii rliiirrh .-ludleuce i next .Sunday niornini; uinl cvi -ninp. (Kldcr \\'csl.-y will l.Tki- ••Kir -piim {Heaits ill llif V.'oik" as iii.'^ nioriiiiir jsiiijj.vt. Th:.; .serviee promises to b'^ I of parctiniar int<-rest. In the evening hf will talk on P.iblf- cliararter:. lins .irranged a (.'amr. The Gas City foot bail tfai:i li:..^ .tr- ranged a game of foot li.'.ll to be played with the La Harpe foot ball tram at La Harpo some time in the near future. The nianaKer of the l,.i llarpe team has agreed to piay ilin loeal team as soon as Brennan and .\I ]i 'n Bet in the game. Allen is in Inla and has not ben praciieinK wiili ilic lor.-il team but will when Add Hrcmian is here. With Allen and Hrcnn .tn in ilie game the La Harpe hoy.s ihcyj will be a good match for the Gas City team. The game promises to be a good one as both teama are lif excellent condition. l'or>r.nnls. Mr. .'I!M1 Mrs. Ifurland I'niontown. Kansas, wrre in the .>iiy ye.^ferday visitinf I.. L. .Martin of Kansas City iva5, in thi' ••'•y yesterday railing on the mer- chaiiis. ' .1. (). .Jones left yenterd.iy for .\e- vada, .Mo., where he goeK on ;i lius:i- ucss visii. .Manin Norton, of N'orlh of Moran. wa> in (he city yc-.-iterday. Hard Time!; in Kau»a >i. The old days of grasshoppers aiul drouth are almost forgotten in the prosperous Kansas of today: although ....,!» citizen of Codell, Earl Shainburg. There I.? a spirit of rival- 1,^35 y,.t forgotten a hard time he ry between the two towns which will j rncounter^d. He sa.v .j; "l wa.'; worn lend Interest to the gam*' out and discouraged by coughing , night and day. and could find no re, li.f till I tried-Dr. KIng'.i .N'ow Pis- jeoverv. Ji took less than ono bottle a Threateiilnff Fire, A small fire was started in tlie rear j 10 conipleioly cure me." The safest and most reliable rough and cold remedy an diung and throat healer ever discovered. C.uaranioed by all druggist.-;. yard of XIck Kohl's residence on north Main street ye.^terday nfiornoon which looked for .1 linw like It W.TK going to fake tinu end of ilie <ity But by some hard work on \\\^^ pan of s. number who .eailierril ilir tl.i.-ne.- were extlngui.shud hcioie .luy ['n.ii damage was done. LES THAN TttO.(EM.S ANYHOM'. Kansas IJoad IJeiiorts .Show Averaire KtH 'eijits Bt <Hd Fare. May Locaie. H. O. Bodgers of north of Knii.orla was in the cifv ye.m.-rri.Tv lo.^l^i^g ;»i i : . . : ve.' (ias City property •.vi;h the vi..w fil bu.vlng and locaiin.s: here if it i.s po.-- slble for him to liiid .something .saiis- factor.v. He will in all prohahililv ;;o into the grocery business if he comes. Although he has not been in liii' business for a number of years he wi .'-he .s to enter it a.gaia. Topeka. Oct. 11.—From (he annual 1 reports of the larsier Kanf;as railro.-i^s filed with 111" railroad conimi?;.'-ioner.s sti-rday, ii i.-^ showji that the roads. [while operaiin.i; uiidir |ih(> ;!-ceni pas- i-engrr fare, actually received little more tiiau - cents a mile on the aver age. The railroads, w-hf^n they finally put in the 2-reni. rate, insisted ihai they could not makf any money at that rate in Kan;-as. The .\tehi.«(iii. Top'ka & .Santa Ke received jo.ncir.o Heard Her. Small. a mile for e.ich jiassenger and tho Many Gas Citv people ne„r ,0 Chicago. Rock Parifir ' a mile-. The other ;^ hrive u.ii in;id'» their reports. Tin- IMllina neompany. in it.- ii'iioii Harpe again la.^t evening and heard Rev. Small deliver ont- of hi.' fnnioiis sermons. Each time h-"" h.i? spoken Little ills of Children j filed yi-.'jii-rday. waiii.'^ it ili.-dneiiy nil-1 I d<T;.'fMiii ;liai ii is not a conuiio:! e.-ir-; ' rior <ir a railron>l ef«mp.'iii\ an.l •.v;,.;!;the w.-.rd.-i are iiriim-d in i!i<- ill.lni.^ j 'the oilicl.-il.-. inakiir.; the report .'^niMUli ; ed ih..n <.:t. 0:i ihr- fivst p;'.je 1.-i |writn-ii '.'Till' Piillnriii <on;pr:iiy i, ' carrier nor ;i r.iil- ; Jdothers and all others who have chil- , ,^ dreo about the bouse cannot do their ^'>•'"'' r a comi.ion families a better service than to learn of, road <oinpany.' simple and reliable remedies that cotreit i i^mooln. Xeli., Oei. II.—The aiiiM;il children 's ailmenis. Many Rrown peo-! ^.f Union rarifie niii -vay •••r pie are suffering today for the ig::-)ra.nce , ' ' or negligence of those who had charge of their bringing up. Children arc pioce to constip-tion, and if it isn't corrt-cted early, the bowels get in the habit of not workiiis: normally and soon chronic constipation results that may last off und on all through life. Then children c:it almost i ^^j^^^^ ^.j^,,, months before th<- m j continually and as a conscqueui-c indi- : , , ,. .rj,,., ; gestion seu in soon followed by worm.s. ^ f^r'^ '""^ ""7' I oritoniBCh polns, or dlunhcu.orany onL'o(» : dlffate-; that ih'* lailroad lercHtd dowo olherlroobleit. lo fay iJiot it will richt i , , , rrnf li'>for. lii- ttielf U pullluc ullocctlier too miiiti l^ith lii;trlll'- i''-'. '".Ill two Cfm. n i i CDUce. It i> ' th^ perio 'l <-nding June wa.-; lilci, with lb"- Mate railway coroini.-Moti | ey.'-Kida;.'. The staietnem wa.< ir.adi'j that he .-iverage amount a mile for pa-| "onger travel was". oeiiir. Th<. period rovired in the report iml'idi-.^ toying Willi the cLiins Mcsicti, Itfa. ( (*• 1 (utare bealtb. A better way Is lo gl»e the chili a doiie of •ometliirgr loCeoded to cere that very tioutli:. mad Bothloc better (or ttioputpo&ela kuowo ihHn Dr. C»WweU'« Syrop J^piin. It n«ver gripes bat • u genOy and as it hn» a ptea:ant tsfiie Iba diUawilliuuretnsetotakclt. BnyuSOcent orS bottle of yoor dropiriht saye the child from alckoet*. Yon bliuuld rcvacmtyer that a child whose ttomacb is in good worksQi; onier U sot ia»ly to catch colds and lever disease!;. Mr*. Curry, of Trowbridec. HI., attributes Ibe i«mukable bealtb of ber child to Dr. Caldwell's Smp Peiittn. wblcb »bcEfvcs resrularly in these disorders. Mrs. Rversole. ot Hiosboro. lU., is i frank to say that the present Eood condition of i her <!ve -yeaT '«ld boy is entirely due to this Mtoo- daifol remcdr- Tiy it in your own lamiiy and set if yon cannot share theic opinions. Kvery bottle is enaronteed to do exsclly as we (.laim. • aiidtbe purity of Incredlentb is also vouchi .d lor. went into opcraiion. CDCC TCCT Thofc wishiiv to try Or.Cald. Wfct I C« I «.«irs Syrup Pepan before buy»*•»»'« tCTt to tneir hon<« ty •fldi»rtoe,the eompjiiy. This oHer it ta pnm that thi ramsdy MW doss we cUIm. and it only ot-en to t!io$e wOekm amr kkM It Send for It (f you hive my tywttemsofttomicti, liver or bowel diseatr. Gentltit Ml most cfMcthre lizabve for tWldren, women aM ok> r 'SirLyffSSV L««l»e So Good ine Sure Jt OB. CAU )WEa 'S SVRUP PEPSIN." This oroiiuct be«r»piifitvrj»mite« No. 17, Washin«j <4, o. c7 PEPSIN STRUP CO. IfOOaMwoll BIdg.. MontleaHa. lit. , T. Tiiomp.son, attorney pi-ne -al j announced yost'-nlay ihat he will a:.l the Bnproine rourt of the I'liited! States for a writ of mandamus to mm pel tlie rhited Slate:; di.siriet jiidf,'''S in Nehra.ska to r^-mand the railro .id case?, over which jiiriwliction wa.^ retained in the federal court. Tii<'.'-ej cases involve the enforcement of ihej anti -pa.'^.'j, the L'-renr fare and ilie | maximum freight rate law.s. .Mr. Thompson asked the <;i!preme; court ot .Nebraska for injiinetions to! prevent the railroad.s from disobey-' ing these laws, but the railroads; re- 1 , moved the ca .srs to the federal ronrt 'which refused to sustain a motion to! ! remand. Tli'-re are two ihini;.-; whieh slioiih! | ••ilway.s bf paid f<ir r:i.-.h down: Tl'.'' veddint; rins and a eolliii. The Junior Department 5tore Oef youf 9 *8 Uffht Suppllom from umm A Walmbmch iMtnp Oontplote for 7Bo Would a Cold Wave Find You With a Warm House? Everjthiug from |1 50 Gas Stove to a complete heating plant at SHANNON'S Annual Fall Showing of Knit Underwear! Next Saturday, the 12th, we will hold our Annual Fall Showing of Knit Underwear. The tfme was when litt'e attention was paid to this class of merchandise. Anything in the heavy knit goods line that represented underwear would do. Not so now. Underwear must be perfect fitting as well as warm—must be satisfactory both in quality and price. A medium.weight, perfect fit- ling garment is warmer than a h-^avy, ill-fitting one. Did you ever try a Munsing Union Suit? They have all the good qualities and none of the poor ones. iHunsing underwear fits, holds its shape, wears well and is medium priced. It can be had in three wei, hts—heavy, medium, light. Ladies' Cream Colored l^nion Suit .\o. tjl."), high neck, lonf? .'^leeve.s. ankle len^fh; neerf> lined, regular size.^. price. nxira .sIze.T 2."e extra. Ladies Wiiie I'nlon .Suii.-i .\.). lillT hisli neck, long .sleeve.q, ankle length, op>'n, tiii;;t. nif>diuni weight :;iiil- tible for fall wear; regular !;irev? prii^e Large rl/e- i'.",f> cvtia. fliil." Natural \\V,ol V.v i:; and I':iiiti:; vetiis have long rl.uvi-;. hi^li neck: pant.s are ankle leii;^ili. all si/.i-> from 2 year.- to ItJ years; priOf, a rar- nieni. 75c L .idieB' Wiiie I'nion Suits No. hiuh iieek, ankle length, long .•sleeves, open aerfis.s iiMst, mediiini weight. If Villi like :i garment jUKt ji l.iilc hcav- iiT 'han the Kuminer weight yoii ^hon!d ye I his one. regular <-izes price L.Tr;^.' ' tie-. •j:,c exfra. LadicH' Lighl Weight Wool mioii Suit.-; .Nil. 1717, naiiiral color, high ti'-cl:, long ideeves. ;iiiklo length, open across liusi; all .sizes pric»«. T_id;.f.' Whi.e r'aiit.s .\o. D-i": clo.'ed. nnkli- length, ru-'-diiuii weight. vei?ts to innte!i: a'.! . i.'..^ f lice. I_n<lie.s' medium weight mercerized f'oiif)n I'nion .Suits No. 7l."> in white, liliie anrl (l-.h eoior. These garments are a.s pretty :!s .silk Imf ,a lit lie heavier in weight; regnliir .size.s.price. L.aili..-. Wiiie Port Wool faiil.-i nnd V<-sl.^ No. IT;.*.".. Vc.i;; .-ire high lieek, long sl.-eveti and [laiits are ankle leng'li; [irice Mi,;-e.- [••ine WodI I'nion Suii:;. white half op'-n, drop .se ;it. ankle, length, long .^sleeve.-:, high neck; al! .size.s from 2 to 1*; year."?; jirice Hoy'.'; C .rey Cotton I'nion Suits drop .<?eat or open eroich. medium, llece linwi. ankle ling'h. hand collar; the most sati .sfae- tory nnderwear in the world for hoys; Kizes np to 11' yeai.^ .Size.-, from 1! to IN ye,ir,= . .Phio Girl.s" Vests and Tiini.s. .nil Plze.s from age 2 to lO year.s No. J'TH. cream color, long sleeves, high neck. I'rien SOG flirl's I'niiin Suit.-- .No. 77 in cream color, open part way down, drop s-eat, high nrck. ankle length. long fdee\es, light rl..MC(. liur-d. I.ipcfl n'ck, lize 1' to r." year?; price MOTICE! Little girl, come to the slore anti bring your Dolly, Satur- day Morning and reoelve a Doll Vest and a fine lithO' graphed Blotter FREti But remember you must be aocompanled by some grown person. Tell all your little friends to come, too. Misses Whi'e Fleece Lined heavy weight I'nion Suits, all open high neck, long .sleeves, .inkie length, open crotch; .sizes 'J. .'. and i. This line of sizes conies between ladies and children's: j'isi the proper sizes for iiiisfies; lini.>~hed .in.sf- the same as ladie.s high grade underwear. Price in all size.s SI.OO and nirl".^ No. fi.'.7 Cream Colored, half open, drop .'•eat. medium weight, Hecce lined; size 2, ;; and t. Price $1.00 Uov:,' Naiiir .ll Woo'., al open, drop seal .No. l.'IS?. siz<:; _ years III Ifi ye:irs. Prici.

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