Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 20, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOtJk DAILY BE6ISTEB. TnSPAT ETEme, OCTOBER 30..19«>3. fhil^0iromil RoatI to Pr&sperHy Is The Habit ot Saving Anybody can save pennies. Xow stop a moment and think. Five pennies make a uickle, two nickles makeadime, ten dimes make a dollar-Dollars niiike hundreds and hun- dred.s make thoueaudn, and there you are with competence, now you can cease frmii liard lahor and henceforth the en- j )yin«nt of the frnils* of a well spent life aio yoiirn. Young man, younjr w(»inan, do y(iu desire that this competence, this luxury shall he yours? If you do, you will •at once open an account with UH, nor coa<e adding- to that original deposit an 0)>p()rtnnily olTerH. See the new Post Cards at liluiidls Drug Store. i \ Tbaokt^ffiviaif Game. Thr Jap Warriors may |iui ui dtiwu :ii this limP ihat ihi »y will have ii hard roti);ht ^ridirnn Ranie Thank^jBi^ihg with lola. The t «^am, known us the •Triplets." of the stair play I rs from Inla. Oas City aiitl \jx ilar|><>. <!i'feaie<J the I'oii S.-i/it i-l<-veii l^i lola jeslerUa.V. The score was ^o to ft uhh 'h '^iveK the hoys a ri^rht to \,<il'"Vf they hav<- a stroiiK team to <iiiii- pHii- with—•Chanun- Sim. 'I'fuflM 'rs* Kxiiiiiliinllwii. I'litisiofi. ciiiiiity sdperinttii- (h'lii. .aii'iioiiiiees that thf ipiart* i|\ tfai'hi*rs' i-.vaininatiiiii will In- held In her offh-f on Octoher :'.'iih ami er.' an- a tiiiinlier of ii:iih »Ms u ho will lake till- ••xaiiilnaiioii. —Oysfera any style at Our-way. # To iiiiii Friiiii ritniiiife. .Mrs. I'retl tJerhitz reiiirned to lola ;it noon to shi |i tlu' hoiisvliohl ^oods ol the family h.n- " * • I'rank K«'ifej- v.a.'> down from lola to .-p'*nil Sniuhiv. niiiriiin;; lodav.—Chatiiiie .Sim State Savings Bank lota, Kannaa Open from 7 to S p. m. Saturdays and l*ay Nights WITH in tlie Wrt-vV. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Dunham ;.veie oil the train which was wreck.-d ii'ar Kich Hill Saturday tiifihi l.iii w.-r.- ik.i i::iiired. RE4D! A few Imndred V* secfion.s No. 1 wesfeni hind «t $1000 and up. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Office Over Iowa Store. r Thorpe & Hongh Contractors, Englueers, Siirroyors. Fully equipped for all kinds of surveying, estitnaUng, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office OTcr "Famona." Short Stories o ri lola Happenings —Dr. i. li. Pepper. DcnllsL Phone 1 «S. lie Likes lola. .1. y. Kruhli wlxt has heeii in the city .Rivera I days visit in.:; his daiii;luer, .Mrs. F. .1. Oyler. is tliinkins; ol" tVadlni; fof- Inla property :ind iiiakiiii;' this piacc his liiiiiie. Mr. Cnilihs lives at (Jard.'ii which is Ihriviiiij town lull III' >;iv>. lola looks ii\.tui\ to hilii. f'hateaii riifnol:iti's. tli.- kind y ,,ii have always l >oiit :ht at Mnnilis lirii.i-' .Store, has a lieaiiiiftil.' l 'a-;s<'poriatif (•ictiire with e.nh pound l.ox. To Sl.ile llospilal. IndiT Shfiit't" r .ualrii ^hr nmk .Mm:! iltiK -hitisoti to Osawalomic wh.-i.- 1;^ will iiiideruo-treaiiiii 'tit at th»* Htai< hospital,. .Mr. Hiiichinsoii was adjudt;- tnl'insane in piohan- <*oiirt last week. It. is lielieved thai with proper c;ire Jitid treatment li»- may tfciivt-r ftom (lis .irflictioii. (•cUint: Ordinances. Dr. C C. Clynn has received a l.-lter from Dr. W. ('. Hoad of the state hoard uf heaith asking that ciipi*-s oi the city ordinances he sent him. Dr. Iloiid is making an effort lo )ivi copies of all the ordinances .^oveiiiiii.!:; sewer systems that a modt-l ordinatice may he si'ciircd —.Info flaraKc and Repair .Shop for Hir^ kinds of repairing. Auloiuuliili* llTcry. I'lioue 893. Had lo Close Ihior. .laiiiior .Mcl'hee el" ihe court house locked the south door of the court house yesterday jiiid put up a si^n lelliii;; pi riple to ^o around lo the oilier iloor. lie had to clos<' the door liecalise the wind hlew leaves and ira.xli iiilo Ihe hiiildiiK;. Kaniett JIas Itctiirned. Wni. Harnett of south of ih*' city, has returned from a several weeks" visit in Illinois, lie hail a ple:i.-;anl visit with old friends. Use No. 7 Flour . Ciond as any—better lhan most. Don't Fori;et Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Meats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, aiW will jiay the biehest; market price in cash or trade. Come In and see us. We are sole agents for J. M. Hom'.s COFFEES and TEAS If yon will give this line a frial you will no other. Fryer Bros. Phone .'iOl, 'AW. lola, Kansas. Evans Bros. —Always time to eat at Our Way. Visitintr Sclinols. ' .Mrs. .\laiide l^'iitistou. county siiper- iiueiideiii III" schools, left yesterday af- lerniiiiti III visit the ciuintry schools. She will leiuiii to her offi<-e Thursday.. , —Frank S. Beattle. V. S. Plione 139. 4. F. .Moon Dead. Manford Schoonover and T. .1. Hasj sev Were at Colony yesterday for the lun-'ial of .1. F. .Moon. = * * K. N". McDowell ami wife have returned from a few day.-s" visit with friends in sons ami lola.—Cariiett .News. r.v I .andn 'tii (o Pi((.slMirir. The Sportitifi .Vews says that Cy i.iitidreih. the Topeka hall p'a><'r who worked mi the local dianiytid in the xhihitlon iranies this spriiii;. has been iliafied hy the l'ittshitr« .Vatioiials. I.atidreih finished the se ,ts<iii with Louisville. • fmlitlm, atmtlonmfy, OUm BImnk Uookm mmaaimmm Wohool Muppll** rjuMwrMw SmppUma, Otttam Ummplimm Wliero qnallty la main fonatil- •ratiou we buy the be *t. Where demand! will luHtlfj, we carry all cradea and prleea, leatt Hie gqiare, leli, KMi. Stoves .Set up and connected, also any other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. Fallis .Sell.s 0«J. The colli!ol of the First N'atiiinal !j::!ik lia.>- been sold hy W. S. Fallis to F. ,1. .Mil .er and W. F. Swift of this <'ly and riiaries .\. Conver.--e of Hiir- dr-i'toii. The 'jKtual inmsier has not \'i t;ike;i place hut will he made in a i few (!;•.> s. Ill Ihe meantime a eon- iraci lias le-eii si^jiied up • •> f()lliiwiii;r •.outi;; men made a iri |i 10 !iii ;i yesterday iti llle Oliver liuilley car: .lue lleel .r I! Si.iik.-, .\. (.'. .Mad- stoti. A li Cohii ami OI imi liudlcy (Hi.11' .< l:elll||lll .i- AiJiMiinrenient. Dr. Suteliile wishes lo itifonn hi: rainier jiairous and Ihe piihllc that hi bus re'timed the >;etieral iir.tctlce o) tiiedlcliie. eomliln'ti); It with siiruery Ollli-e hours HI to 11 a. in , 1 lo :< am^ 7 lo .s p. lu, ;' To iitid I'roiii (i 'arneM. i IJuli: lluiiley and wite vixiled ill iiil.i ye:i ''rda\ a few hours ln'fott traii.< ' ' Uev C. .\. Ileiidershol ai-- eiiuip .iiii .il Ui V \\". I". Wilson hotm '.'iiilii llle filileil ltietlir <'M eollfereiu 'i ;i; liila .iiiil he delivered an Inteiest- liii; di.cniii a! the riiiied Itreihreti ei '.M .'ll a -l aii:iii.—•birueM N 'eWS. <3eneral Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialty. Offle* IIB Kast Jaekson Arew Phone 8S4- I' v.ui want the latest and nicest post "canls on the market, get then, at .Muiuiis drug store. D. THOM Fmiatmr mmtl Paa^r Hamger R3t mates cheerfully piven on all work Pjhouo «10. M «'s. -Wa S. Burke)*'. FUe Transcript. The transcript and bill of part leu- lai^fc in the case of John Landers, ad- niikilstrator of the estate of Uoberi Chimbors, vs. A. H. Rltler. was Hied in I the office of the district clerk this mcrning. Keliiriied to Kiiriioii. Uev. .1 K. Chanihers of Farlion was in iii<* ciiy this afternoon on his way liome fiiiiii lola. where he attended the annual cutifetetice of Ihe Ftiited ilietlirea <-liiirch, Xen.-ihn district.— {"liauuie Tiiliiiiie —Insist on barlnir T. 8." floar. \V\ii I'rowd Heard Foust. <'!i)se to one luiwdred iiorsons attend od the nieii's meeting in the Y. M. C. A. reoms yesterda.i" afternoon to hear the address of .Iiid.i?e o. Foiist of lola. .Mii.-ic was furnished by the Presby- leri.i/i 01 chestra. .Judge Foiist spoke of •I 'miia.^e. " He made a practical talk, teiiiii^ that apply to every d:y ijje IN ] uinied out the courafje *vlii<ii ii .die 's to avoid, evil, such as ;'.;imlili:i'-:. ilriiikiiui. swearing and the hke. ami iirped his listeners t"o keep liujil ciinipiiiiy that they might not he too ^in)!ij:ly tempted to indulK*^ In these praclices.—t'hanuie Tribune. 1— —Paper Hanging. Pred Rofwden Phouo U'lii. Holllnger la HambeMt. Sherltf C. O. liollinger went to Hum I)oldt yesterday a^fternoon on official business. JAPROSE^SOAP ^ $ V Only those who use Jap Hose can appreciate the luxury of a perfect bath'soap— its delicate fragrance and deli|ihtful effect on the sKin. These qualities are found in no other soaps. None other "just as good/' Made by our own process. IT .CANNOT BE IMITATEP ] ' ^ ' <| Jas7 S. KirK ®. Co., = N.^ Water? SC? Chicago t irir SnncluBGcin<itamt»« forOlare'edrawinifsof Japrkne'a* ITI^ triP 1 \. K rK.X^^ dkiiar*** by M»«-io«» MUlci". witKotift an.y aavo»-tS«intf K t>*.C^ML, • Thev all say that .Miindis has the newest and best line of cards in he city. -Drs. Lathrop. (>steopathM, Phone 488. Repairing Ihe Ihiiu. The work of making the repairs on the dam west of town t? prfjsressinf: rapidly. The jias pipe to il>'' we.«; field has been laid on the top of the dam ;ind will he covered with cement. —Be a Booster—Home Industry— Xeosho River Cat at Our Way. To llehearse "Kli.iali." The chorus which will . pui on the oratorio -Klijah"" nnder the direction of A I-. ISoatflKhl will meet for rehearsal loni.ubt. 'Ibis will he ihe third rehearsal. Kapid pro;-'ress has^ heea made in the rehear.<al> thus far. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind, \ i{cple«in .\clion. .1. .M. Warner of ilil- eitv ha.- brouKht ;i replevin suit to rei-nver possession of siiliie .minds which lie :ays be hou^lit of .1. i". Davis nf llum- lOldt. lie chilms Davis |efl | lo I 'jirrv out a contract in iiade tin- Kiiods to him Till- ;'i .iil-, are valie'i ) I'll It I --rnnninuhajM \ Ariicll, it per cent money. The Funeral of .Mro. Strode. The imieiiil of .Mrs llariiei Simde mother id William Siiuile i.f tli|> city iiccuiied ye.-lei .|a.\ at I I 'll SciiH Mis .Siro /P' w:i.^ T.** Ji '.iis nf aue ami her i-ath was due lai';:el> in old aue and general lniMkilnu 11 —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. Fenn (.'elo \iilo. F. W. Feiin. formerly ma.vor of Hiitnholdt. hut now with ili>' Kaiisa.- efinery iit Chanute. pui.hased ti ew automolii!e wi»li whliti rn itir'ke his visits over the uas tei ritnry. Fred Howden W. WORKS IS FIRST REDFEARN BOUGHT HQTEL. lola Man to Manane the Morrill Hostelry in Chanute. I.iisrini Town>lii|i Kiirincr (Ifi'ers le Take S<Meral 01 the l'liea>aiit <i Shijiped Here. Will. Works, of l .n .!ian inuiisliip. is he fir.-! farmer to volnnieer to lake ;onie nf the pheasants which are io i»e sent here from Oak Park. IH . hy Sta:e \V. 1-: Ueilt-'arn. !nr son :e iii:;.' j .a^; tt;Mi ;:i>- .\uii .>.Mir i'" harlie-- shop mi \Vi;s!iiiii;;iii. av.-iiue. has i)i>iii ;!H lii- (liel .Morrill in ('haiiiite ;i|i | v, ill lake possession as soon ar- <;!i; einse •:p his t)iisiiie>s here. .\1:;. Ke.ire;.• •; ... . i.-. a tiinroiml; l>iisi!.< .-s iiuiii ainl u.;! lame Warden Del 1 r:.v;/. < "na.y | a success 01 hi., n-w v.^r,,,.. lerk (ulhertstm in whom .he ''"'"d-s j j,^^ .^^ ire ,0 he Slipped has reeeiyed wuldj.,^^,. „, ,...^,„„„. :"riim .Mr. Works thai he had read in . ^j,,^, j^.^.^. I"he |{e^ister that m> farmer had V-: j" Vii'^" Mm n!I hm.i. in.-ar. ,| a- r!,. comer of .Main street ;;;ii| (Irani nil.', ainl nil.- oi t'::-- lie^i' Is i:. ;li. (if. . ha.- le. 11 s.ilil liv \ii.- I. A ••t~ i 'i '.-li ii oi-cupjeii sevot"al years Mnrriil .as always been a Unii-.'. !iii: :.:;~s attention r.aiii TO rile loiiimercial . .je i{e:;lster tiiat no larmer iiau ye. iffered to take any of ihe pheasants .111 h<- had decided to do better than, he others, lie infmnis .Mr. riiiheri-| -on that be will take three nr four. •i-^:>. 'V\li :-'-e: iia ;iaii.- I 'laii rnrnierlv •|"ie- II' u proiiri<-inr will make sev- • ral a'.r.r ar inns in ilw arrancenient. s. i\;<-'"> ami <-iijsiiie of the hotel, de- vnrlim esp.eial attention to commer- . 1 i • 1.: r rmiau*'. '_;i;iyo.-E at Pittsburg. li l,aii>ou and Mrs. .\ii;iii:!mi l.ativmi. ami son, Richard, nf .Inpliii. rlie cuesis of Mr. Johll l.:i!i\ni! ;iu.! lauiiiv of •".n*; North Klni Il.alliuht. i .laaii-. to \V K pairs of the ten that tire to he shipped i o this county, lb- savs h.- has plen-1» y of limher and hnish land for a nood ; "" ,;;'';" "eedliiK ground for the pheasants, lie ' ' "'' ' jelieves in the proii-clion of the .uanie >irtfs and thinks the farmers should lo their part toward keepitij: the birds throu;:li the winter until .March vheti they are to he lltltied lonse. • I Ueip.-ai.'n .»; Iti!a. :i i w .11 !.r», • XV i .I , lonl has ha-l :-:ilIi.i >iit .xi" r* make him p.Ti.ei !•. eniii|>''!.:ii r.i ., Slinie l -liari;" nf the )in!.-i ai >l leiii.! Ui. its ii .al rni '.ai'-. until it .••liaia.- tie- Saving t.he Gss. \ <• M-.e'.- a^aiie-i wa.sie nf .nas Is •.•-.J. :;i Inia lias is so cheap :f iliai the people nover :n . ::• ••'.• ir l .uliis till a mantle lak.- ott.Twa !l.-rald. NO CLUE TO IDENTITY. Secret of an Unfortunate Life Probably Sealed In Lonely Grave. The impression, which prevailed in Chanute, that the iniiti -killed by a freight train near lliimholili last Friday afternooti .lack Teash. ;i win•low i ;lass worker, who disappeared from his room in a lioiel In Fhanut. last Tliiti'sihiy. seems to hav.- heeu lispelled and friends of th.- inissiiii- •iiaii JiaM' taken up ;i seari-h for him 'lelievitiK that In- is ttlive. With this tleory of iilei.ijiy .liiniu iNd. the tra.nir ileaih Is still mnre inyslifyiiiK. -M this time, no on.- ^eetn.s to have the slii;lit>st idea v^lin the dea.l inati is nr whert' he eaim from. Tt :e Secret of ail llllfnrtmi .lle .'if Ws in the Packing S /i :ik a -ire-in in ii •• w.-t. ; a w«tk - '.inn c <Mik mal s-r\ t- ;! Wnul.I it i.-.>ie .-.s ilshoni.i.' .\. •.:!•,.! do oystfr:; lre."t«<l ti:,if va-. "Seaisbipi' Oysters \v-lo I !Xt'il —have :.l! lii'' }» c'.:ii..r delicacy of o>s!er> _\..u ,L',-t al th .e sbnrv- l)t-i"au-e no ic- <>r v. t.jiicbes theei ik - ]'.•• •.crv .ir ;\o i. used or net«Ud. The ic- p.ic 'rccd ••./.•../ . si-.ilcil •;alvin ;/.i ..i st; el can:** ! •'Sealshit .'t"' Kysterri are clean— ; fresh. thn,-uuj(Iily jol.itable .i.i .-r i.';.v. I Nf-u* u:i\s ..t |>rvp:»rn:v: <.^^^•T* I Jtiv**!! in ^r;il.-li:pt St -r"* — Li ii; i aitf \ff*V. iji t >v..iM- .\-l- . r 1. is prohahly sealed In .he lonely ..av, ";W\::X.^:::'' ' in the potter's ti-dd in llliiuholdl. ! ioli.l lu. —Sisn painting, phone 1128. t>. t". Hrelt W:.*. r .ere. O <". Itrett. the llutiit.nldt chess player and merchant, wa- in ibe city esterday on businesi;. —It—Onr Way Soda Water. I )e<*<]s U «ii:d to Pnlilir. Th*' (•ock<'rir Stiiejiet company of Jas riiy has deeded a load running pist its land tn the puijiic-. The company bad an applicatinn uranted re- centl.v to se; its propertymitside' the city liinii.*. —Six per cent money: no commla- slon; no delay.—Smith ft Travis. Fixintf Ip .V|t|n'oai-heN. The street (nniniissiotit 1 i.s biicy hiingiii-r up the approaches mi South Sycanioi-e to the level of the new pav- iiiK laid on that street. Admit They Were Outclassed. Tie Ft •Sciitt Tiiliiiiie .sa\s n| iii foollitill L 'aiii.' le-ie .Siiint.iy • Till' Kalpa eliih ha-i a Inntltal) hail, lilt lleie Is .•ililpl.- inil.n tnl llilplnv. mill ill il-. (Oil.lit inn Th.' Iii.\ ! 1. ' u.'i a! Inla \.'-teii |,it pla'.iio; ;iii \> li'ii eniiiiM leani and Itiev \\.-re ;.liiii • lit In a nnesiileil score nf :;.S In ii • The linys can hiirdh' e\|dalii hn\\ ll ' haplielieil. I.lll perhaps it llllplieni'd 1>.for.' thi-y knew -it. Tie Kalpa hxw. ar«' hiisKy ami lia»e niim.'r .'in.I n.v\. hut tliex I.K'K proper tiaiiiiio;, that's (live tllflll a few Unnd WolUiillt- and thev c.iuhl prohah'v trim the t. I 'ows who wiilkeii ov.'r th.-m sn m.-it i fully yeslerilay. Tie' lin\.; ar.-n'i .!• ( over their ihfeat in si'.ch an' ex'ent that t!i-y ar.> .iiniii-.' in ahaie- lion tile 1,'ame. Oil ill..- nl;i.'" hand, thev will have nther tame.; lat.-r 011' in the s.-asmi. and. it t!;<y coiiditioi:; then'.s.dves fur th.-s.- !iatt|.-s such; stories as that of>fs Jiann' will not he told, (iujt- a tluinher o'"^ hrot!-er Kalpas went ov-r fi^r rh.- came. ) FREYER BRO>; OTTO HINZE; OUR WAY —OUT Oysters. Way. \aolher Ca-se Xow. The mile airl of Mr. and NfcHugh of North .leffersmi tjireei. I? down with diphtheriu. Th<' d<|c(nrs in the cliy are now taking every tlon io prevetit the spread disease. ivirs. Kd precau- of the The en • Wi .i'.,- 1 ..1 n: .:U 11; I Uhe •"• . li.tliis X. '1 !i N.A 'riO.N.M. II. ! Ih .IV ( I-. 1.1 . null- ! •. '1 .S.i Vi J' ill ways sold from a '.: ••jiealiihiut" trade mil ItHik for It. .•ite.l. Infrioge- ^ ti It ot tbe law. ( \i:Uli:i: COMPANY Voic Is ilic juy »tf tlic household, For , \\ iihiiui 11 iiu h.ippines.s can be 'omiplcic. Aiigcls smile at ;i;id CDiiiincnd t!ie thoughts uiiJ aspirations of the mother .— — — bcrij:.-!^ over ihe cradle. T;ic ardcal through which liie expccMru liboiiicr nuisi pass is such that slic looks lurward v.itl'. dread \o the h.)ur v hen she shall ieel the-thrill cr nKdh-jrhooU. Every woman should kno'.v that tlie danger and pain of child-bii lii can r;\"oided by the use of Mother's Friend, which renders piiatle aii fhcparis, -nr sr ^l^^vaVJW-MH-^^^^ assistinsi naiure in its work. ^ ^""^ " M"-*.™^^^ By iis aid 111011."=:amis of women have passed this. crisis ill safety; i-^ Ur \ .lll.St.lP Ik.f k of inf .irM .tli.iT. n> •,'i »• :ii fr.L. i THE EKADFIELD REGia.ATOR CO. lOUA STATE BANK I L. E. HORTILLE, President A. W. BECK, Vice-President. Plrpftors: L. E. Horville. A. W. Beck. J. A. Rohlnsop. Geo. E. Nicholson, Ii. 1... Henderson. Fraulc Riddle. J. II. Campbell. INTEREST PAID OX TIME DEPOSITS Safvty Deposit Boxes for rent J. II. ( AMPBEl.I., Cashier. L. C. IJOHIXSOX, Ass't Caahlar. Stockholders. • L. E. Hor\lle. A. W. Beck. Frank Riddle. t^I. L. HeudersoQ, J. A. Robinson, L. I.. Ponsler, Geo. E. Nicholson. L. C. Robinson. L, A. Robinson. H. T. Evans. John T. Watklns. Frank Wood. J. H. Campbell. ••f ,

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