Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 20, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1908
Page 4
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THE lOlA DAliT REfilSTIJii, TFESBAT ETENTNfl, OCTOBER 30. 1908. m lOU Dm KE61STEK CH1& P. SCOTT. •Bter«d at lola, Kansas. Postofflce, B« ^ Second-Clasg Matter. 4dTertlBlng Rates Made Known on Application. BITBSCBIFTION RATES. , J» P. 9Hu In Iota, Gas CItj, LaojOB> Tiiie or liBlIarpe. )ne Weefe. 10 centi dw Mouth 44 cents .One Year »D.OO Bj Mall. Ont> j«n Inside connty 12.00 Vnt) jear ootHide eouify HOO Three Months, in advance 11.00 One;Month. In advance 44 9FFICIAL PAPEK, CITY OF BASSET. Tvlepbonet Business Office 18 Editorial Room - 222 REPl 'BUrAN TirKET. For I'resideiii of the l*iiite<l Starts WJl^MAM 11. T.M-r of Ohio. For Vioe Prpsidput. JAiJE.S S. SUEiniA.N' of Now Yorlv. STATF TICKKT. For (]overnor W. il. HTVBliS ot Lawrence, For JLleutenant Governor W. FITZGERALD of Dodge City. For Secreiarv of State CFIAS. K. DE.\TO.\ of Attica. For .\uditor JAMES M. NATION ; of ICrie. ' For Treasurer MAHK TULLY of Indepeiidi'iioe. For Atfoniev General [ P. S. .lACKSON of Eureka. For Snperiniemient l'iit)lir ln?triiotlnn E. T. I'AIRCHILD of iOlisworili. For Sniicrlnteiideui Insurance C. \V. HAUNES O.sage City. For Siato I'rinter T. A. McNEAL of Toiieka. For R. R. Couinils.sioners GEO. W. KANAVEL F. J. RYAN C. A. RYKER. ' For rniled States Senalor .1. L. RRISTOW ! • of Salina. For Caiigre.ssman CHAS. V. SCOTT of lola. For .Ti'idge Thirty-seventli District OSCAR FOrST of lola. For Stale Senator FRANK TRAVIS of lola. cm XTY TICKET. For Representative W. T. \VATSON For County Cleric R. E. CULRERTSON. l-'or Treasurer C. C. ACSHER.MAN. For Register of Deeds R. L. THO.MrSOX. For County .Attorney 11. A. EWiNG. For Prol)ate .Judge J. i{. S.MITIi. For Slieriff . C. 6. HOLLINGEI^. For Sujierintendent of Schoolb MRS. MAUDE FUNSTON. For Surveyor H. F. PALSTRING. For Clerlt of Court (:. E. ADAMS. For Coroner R. O. CHRISTIAN. For Commissioner. S«'coji(l Disirift T. .1. ANDERSON. For Comniis-ioiier. Tliird Dislri<r C. A. FRONK. SPECIAL iiio more of those regnlar fw.i<;, ?i.35 and $1.50 Pet- ikoits. on sale Tnes- QQu day. choice !•• vOu FRISHMAN'S SPECIAL .-,6 inch h.bck Taffeta Silk, linisb, $j.-'5 quality on -iale, ar pi^r QQ^ yard Oal Unequalled Coat and Suit Values Are fast proving the usefalness of this store to lola and Allen County As a ladies' and n^sses' garment store of merit, where quality is considered in every purchase made by our buyers, this store with its many departments is fastlgrowing in tavor with the best judges of merchandise in. this section ot the stato". C>nr special offerinsrs from time to time will enable you to realize snbstanlial savi}ig].s. It will pay you well to visit THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL SALE Commencing Tuesday Morning Ladies' Tailored Suits, Worth flS.OO to *22.0(), On sale this week at. .. $15.00 Ladies' Tailored Suits, The most popular shades, $'22 r,0 to $2n.00 values Coat Special La(3ies' New Loug Coat.«;, 25 in this lot, .vilk braid trimminjr, positive f 10.00 value .•«iiK Draia $7.50 Coat Special For g\iU uf 10, 12 and 11 yeatf, blues, browns and mixtures, worth up to $8.50, special orowns ana $5.98 Ladies* Special Ladies' handsome Coats in black, blue, tan brown and red, $13.50 to $15 00 values at n Drown and $10.95 Petticoats 25 new §5 00 black Silk Petticoats,. 12 to 1<» inch tloun- ces, on sale thl8 week, choice I'lcii noun$3.89 Your choice of 6ic and 7c Ca))Coe.s. Regular 7c Oatlngs, 7c Bleached Mu.slin, C>ic fine Unbleached Muslin, j'-c Percales At 5c V-ard Regular izic Percale'? i2ic and 15c India Linon, Oar best J2 i-2c Ouiing.s, 15c and 20c school suiting, 50 pieces Dre-ss Giaghams, worth 1 2 I-2C yard At Wo Yard Vour choice of Ladies'fast black hose, Children's 25c School Hose, . -Infants' black, red, pink, blue j and white cashmere hose special values— I At tSc Pair of factory wlu-els tlif groaiiiiiji of ili(> ovor-ladf'ii liiiis of ifit- farmor ai.fl IIK ' .'•oiig of till' worlniiaii at Lis; af'^ «'lc;;i''s of grii'f to ilu' party III BRYAN'S PLEA FOR HARD TIMES. Omalia n<v. .Mr. liiyan has at least Rot l)ac-lc to ono of tli(> carlinal prinriplcs of ill.' <i<'mocraii.- party of old. '11 ilays. Uciiiji a littl.' too late in tho season to j>'.n MA i:\i\h 10 ilif ilroiitli and oliincli IIIIR . lu' is inaliinK a df.spf''"'!'' ''ffoil to ii.*i' liaid limos ami d"pivssion as a ijcniocr.'.tif political ass<>t. He has made tlio a.- toimdin^ di.«covory that IIIP country is on the road to ih«^ doss, just a; it was in l.^Jflt!. w!:on it refii.<5o<l to fi.strn to his frpc silver heresies, and that any sisn.s of ret urn ins prosi)erity noted from the mills and factories and mercantile houses of tlie coim- "iry are all a jiart of a deep laiil plot on tlte part of the repiildican nany to fool the people. In an address at "iJncoln, on October 2.1!M)S . .Mr. nr.van said: ••That this panic .still continues can be j)roven in many ways: First, by the number of men out of employment—men anxious to work who are not able to fitid woric to do. .\n effort has been made amonp; those socurlnp: special privileses from t-e government to an.swor this* argument hy starting up some of their mills in the dosins days^hut the people can hardly lie fooli'd by such transparent tric 'KS." Kct it he admitted at once ihat the ! producers! manufacturers and . n)n- sumors liavo been unltind lo Mr. Bryan bjj makiuf; their, wants and the methods of supplying them known at; this season, of the .vear. Ther must have known that calamity ia tbf democratic hope and de- piresalon the party's most cherished "^sset. Th( i hum of industry; the vrhir thai fattens on woe .•iiwl siii-s jereiniails. Kortunately. tlx- country talcs different vi.-w of tin- situatifiii. r'-'iorts sliow that tlie 4i ::.imo idje frt'i^ht cars that wi-re on the side, traclis last .\pril liave been reduced to aliout fKi.iiuo. thiniiintj out the ioiij; line of eni|>iies until there is already talk of car shortatje. Rail- road.s are piiuiiig men back to work :iiul orders J'oi- new cars and other f<ini|)niem are laiger iliaii for .several years. Faclorii^s ar.' reopenluR throuphoiif the country. .Steel n)ills have liodked urdeis fur structural iron, iiidii'aiiii'^ :i Imildiii;: ^'ii'at. r tliaii tile couiiiiy lias eviM- s-eu tiiiu-f liliu;. ("'leii villi; ii(ni>!e reiioits .-s'lov.' that the bank:; ar'- br. akiai: reconis and have all of tie- fiiinis m .•(!«•.I for leeitiinale eiiierjuises. Diiirs am! r.radstre. T -fs lio;;i i.-.mi: a iiiarlced insiease in^?Hiipiiieuis i>\ miiid.-- to al! parts of ihe ciii:iinv. Tiie M-i-an ineiit (if Cdiinilerre .•111.1 I,.-ib()!- r.' porls (hat iln- j. • (eiiljii;.- (»r iiri- ;ii'd all this ill spir" nf the i!-;ii:>i •iei'fe:.- et! from y.:^ p -T c.-:i! in AMI ! le Hrr. per cent in A 'must. ulilt marked trend to li.;t>r coii.lii :iii(l a pi()s|i.-.-r liiai norma! coiiili fioiis will be restor.'d lic^fore ilie eni: of the year, and all this, in .sjijte of DYSPEPSIA •ItaTlne tnli^n yonr wnn.l«Tfiil ••C«<^nr.-ffnr Uir.-*! ii.'.utl.-i uifl t.*.iti:; .•l.lit .:J\ « ..I .l..iiiH':tk rntnrri. bii.l .lv.>)..?|..>ia. 1 tt.liik a H .tr 'l ..^ (.ibi-.. i« dii*. i.."irifH«' i<.riiirirxv<.ii .l ..rftii •••>tiii-'>-lti«.n. ., I I hav.. tak..ii i..irii'.r..ii!t oih'-r kf* .-all.-<t r<-i:i^tlie9 " 1 but -.vitl I avmil ait.l I tiii-i thai in..-M..|.' r -li ^vo rpi,,,) Di "r« hi>i'lay lliaii all tm- ..i.iriK I laueu ' " • W..1IM i'l a \.-ar • Juiii-- Vl-<iiiiie IDI .M.-r .-T St , Joi *n Citv. N. J, BesT For , CANDY CATHARTIC Pt 'liianc. CklntHli!- fntriit Tut <i ('.<.»<t. rtadnod. <e »rf ^i• u^—, ..ri.iii..-. iBv. i.. .sin-, ^(•ver n i.>-:i;. •! i-.-.i..:.i<2 11 ,1,: .i >e.i.;|„.! ecu. lit. .'It c ; < . r > I1...H.V' 1*..'*... St.-r:i2i,; K.-.:.t-dy Co., CUiza-yt or N.Y. 591 SNilALSCLE.TEH KiLUOii BOXES Cleanses tKe System Ef ect- uaUy;Di.spois CoUsaiuu end- aelu».s clui» to CoustljMi ion; Acts naturally, acts triily as aLttxati\o. Best -forMenVompu nnti Cnilor ren--youngancl Old. lo get its Denej ^tc 'ial Ej|ects Always Luv tKo (leiiuine \vKlcK IMIS TKe|ull nameul oiu- pany jtl .eC GAUFORNIA I>y>«hitm it is monufoctuveii^prinitea on the SOLD BTALL LE^ING DHUeGISTS^ the usual d'-pr<ssiiis; iiin-.rtaiJit \ of a pre.-:ideiiiial caiiip:i!mi. .\s .Mr. P.ryaii's sta:< iii<'iii w;is nia.le in all se-iou.smss. it must be so considered. It was mad.- as the deKli.raie adjiidu.-niein .-ui .l lipiiiioii of a man who is a eamlidate for the hif;li<^sf offici- in ilie uift of the .\nierican p<'ople. II.' i:o<on recon! as declariu'.; it to IM - bis firm conviction lliai ihe _ r .ii 'i .i .n:.-; .ire s|iendin^ millions of dolhars for improvements: that the manufacTurers ;iie imttiiifc thoiisai; is of iiieti on their payrolls an.I tiiriiii:?^ oiil p:o ducts: that the jobb.-r.-; riii'i reiaib-rs are busy buy in:; fiooils by the train load: .ill for the purpos.- of nj.ikiiii: the people beli<ve that ilie era of commercial antl financial dipnssion is over: all for poliiieal purpovs. In char^iinij that this iii'jii >tri:il and commercial revival is •.! f-;ii:spar eut (loliiical trick" Mr. Hryan l.-aves the inference that these ent.-rprises and this activity will be abandon.'d as soon as the ..l.-ciion is over: that it is ail part of a lii-.; political bliilf. The iDUsr ju .!i ;e for Themselves whether a man v. iio would deliberately nia '<e .such a siatem.'ut is a fool or j'ist a deina}:o »:iie BRYAN AND HIS PANICS. •"There has be.-n r. •• pan it r; in Ihe List fifty years.' sa>s .Mr. Hryan ill his ailciupt to explain awav the frightful four years of the last IVm- ooratjc administraiinn. -and eaf-b one of them has begun under a high tariff." In a letter this is true, but in the inference Mr. Bryan seeks to jliaTe drawn from it, ttat the panics qne«tteo «Jy ,rcsulorpr«e5 |)tp .rUul «.^»eMn because of the tariff, it U wbiill;. false. The panic of '7:!. came under lii^li lariil'. but everybody knows came :is a natural reaction from th< inflation .i.'i-l liie wild specul.Tfion of till- wa- perifid. Nobody at that tini< char ;:e.| ii t,, the tariff. The Demo <-raiic party even never suggested tariff revisi<in as a re.inedv. The remedy it proposed, then as twenty years 'at.-f. was cheap money, tjie unlimited issue of irredeemable iia tier money. The Heiiublican party stood like a rock a^'ainst repudiation and "the rasjbaby" an.l prosper- jity came Iia<k without any chan.sce iti the ::niff. It is true, as Mr. Ilryan states; ih .it the i .:inic of 1S;>:: "Ijesan" un il.-r a liiv'b tariff. I?iit it didnt lie uiii until the |).-iuocrati<- party had lie.-ti ill power on a platform pled.^int; it to eiia <t a low tariff. It ttiok that party foiiite.-n nionti.s to redei'm Ihat pl.'ilt;.-. ainl of course liiisine.-s.'s .stop- p.'.l in the m.-antiine because nobody knew what to i -Xpeci. ibit wlieii the low tariff law wa^ finally passeil did til'- panic ci'as.- and .uoo.l tiiiit s <-iin 'e auain as .Mr. Itryaii promiaeir." Ily i.o means. The\ only v;ri-w \\OT:->- nntil the'i of tli.' i :e .\T el.'ction a .ssii;-.-.| III.- <-,-iiintry tiiat lb.' tariff v.oubl li"' re vis.-d on a seni^ible basis. .\u:;iii. as .Mr. Itryan say.-, the panic of i;to7. such :is it was. began under hiL," tariff. Hut wa:-: it ilin- to that tariff.' No sane or candidate man will say it .li .I. If the tariff ca'is.-d it. wli\ iliiln 't it come years ai.o. for we have. I,ad ili.- same ta'iff law for 'en \ f :tr>'.' .\n>l ;why has the country ;tlr.-ady n.-.trly r.-cov.'red from if without an.\ tariff cliaiifje Everybody Knows that the panic of year |.iir.i.\ a money pai:i<-. ;i Wall slre .i. stock jramlil.-is' panic. t;iow- inir out of over speculation and the roft.'ii dis!;onesty of a few fi^enzied fiiiancie.s. The tariff had nothing to do with it—except to create the prosperity which nia.le it possible. Mr. Hryan's argument.s on the panic 'ike his arguments on every other -liojei 't. jire illopicai. uncaiidid. iiiiii .Ieli ;.er :itt ly intemle 1 ;.» .lec.ive. HILSCHERTOLECTURE .\ Scries of Topics to lie IHsciissed in ( oiini><-tioii With .Mid-Weck I'niycr .Meetinsr. I'.etiinniiig on the i-oniing Wednes- da.\ night. Kev S. Ililocher. pastor of the First I'resbyierian chnr.-h. will lietiiii a series o!" Uiii'c lej-titres in connect inn with the mill-week prayer i.neeiing. The ;;fnt :a! iopi<- wiil- be "The ('omiii',; of t|>e Kiiii; " I»r. Ililsclieis lepiitation as a bc- turi.-r. a.^well as a preacher, will douiit less ai'.iaci a lar.i:.- :'.tten(lance in addition to lb.. iii.'ii.hershiii of dimcli. The sub-topics lo in- taken u; as follows; Tlic rromi.-.e of His Coniint: The 1"iine of His Comiii;: The Signs «;f His fotning. The .Manner .-ind ihe atietiibiats of His fon»ing. rill- t'hurch and Hi- fotniir-' Isrtie! and His l"i>niiii;:. •Uhen tiie Kiim r.mie.- in "" Th'" Hope of His futni'ig the are .>I.\hK.S ASrOMSIIlNC flKKS. .Mi-ii-iia Tablets Turc l>vsp<-psiu by i'riimptlv KcnKMiiitr the Cuusc. or .Moticv liarli. >fcKlroj Here. \V T. >IcI-:in;,\ |-.-rn!a::rcr and cdi- •or ef the llumlK'td; Fnion. was in town yesterday en lu!s.infss. l)yspepsia_ c:iniii:r be cnr.-d !;>" lak- ni 'A a di.i;e.~ter. MI< U as pepsin. l)efa;i.-e iiep.^in simply dii^f-sts yonr food artificially, and not al! u" ilie fi .cd .-iih- tr. for it has iiot effect at ail o;i tarchy fo<;d. such as liot.-noes. rice, oatmeal, bread, etc. There is just one way to <ure dyspepsia and .rtomach di: orders, trivial or si -rious. and that Is to tone up or lUe cTieigy into the stomach walls. s <i hat they will b.- able to pn;per!y mix or I hum the food -Mi-o-na tablets ciiii- stomach troubles by puting streiiiiMi and energy li:'o the stomach, riiey <|iiickly arouse tlie stomach front it-, iii.-tction. and in I .--liort titiie it i> all e to'.b. iis work properly. .\li-o-iia is sii «-<Ts -f,iMy iis.'d in vom- rin.g of pre.:;ua:icy. in car atul sea sieJiuess. .Auil bear in mind that when the stomach is in .good, condition, constipation disapears. als.> put ion disappears, also nervousness, etc. tlias. v.. rJpencer & Co. the drug- :;isi. sells .Mi-<i-na tablt-ts at .".u cents I large bo.v. under a rii;id guarantee to In al! that i.^ ci:iinied for ibeni, or money back. THE lOLA (CE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturers, Wholesale and RetoD Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water New Cold Btorage Ready fer Kaslnesa. Phone IIC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. KXni.VXiF mi .SELL. l.i.sf .vour proiierty" with me. I have a large list to inatcb from. So expense unless a deal i- fi ^iiind for vfjii. I iiave •J',11 acras l:i .\eo- .=;lio county. Kas. to escliaii.ite for gtiod lola iiroperty. J, T. .MIi.E«. Koiini II). Old Conrt llnose. Atcbison at Pittsburg. Speakin.g of an .\. H. T. .\. meeting at I'iitsburg. the tloadlight says: J. B. Atchison, a member, at lola. was present, ami made a tine talk for the good of the order. He Is the gentleman who made tne address which landed tte state convention Tor lola at one time. Real Estate, Insurance city and Farm Loans fx.w Kate, Annual Interes'. raynienia received at ::::y time without notice, and interest ceases on amount [.aid. Lonsr or Short Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett ' ^TOVES! >'en Line of <<as llcatim; .Sto>cs. stoves i:iv.- out a lar.-'c amount of be.-it from a low pressure of gas sttppiy. i^ec them before buying. K. f. Pinmbintr A: Supply Co. Fast .Jackson Ove. i'houe t>5 Make Your Selection while the Stock is at its Best. Come Tomorrow! i M.\(am£» A>D PERIODICJLLf can l)e secured ot J. £. iiendersoa «ha deals with the publishers and furnishes them at the lowest pric« possible. Trial su!)scripiipa to V»k Nonlen*s. 3 months 2t>c Phone »8. «4 N. Buckeye *. The Chi Onxega soijilety of the hi^ school, will meet this afternoon «t the high school bttUdj|ne. >

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