Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 11, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1907
Page 7
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THB lOlA DAILT REGISTKB. FRIDAY ETOHfO, OCTOBER 11, IW:. WA MTSf HELP WA/mO WANTRD—DiiiiliK room ii\r\ ui Tlioinfinn lioli'l ;it dtici' iti< WWTFn- \ tirlRllt who i-. :i )iiislli>r III si -ll niir ccli'liiiili <l Ti-.i^ (•(iffcos Suildiirs ill .•Hid .11. mini Inl.T. For tilidicr (liirtirii!;irs \viit<- ic. • Ir.'ind I'liioii TfU Co., 7i 'l .\vp.. To |)Pk ;i. Kiili:^. WANTnn— nock loaders at Kansas" Portland Compnt Plant Inquire Ht Quarry nt Concreto. \V.\NTI -:n— 'ryiipwrltln?: and <l>'ri- cal work. Uoiim old rmirl IJUM-JI' l{.'lif>i'ca (lolili*. WANTRn— .\ pTaofllor ti lioy or Kirl to work for l.onrd while nltfindiiig the lola DuslPPi^H Cpllw. Telephone Main 49ri. IWWh NKIGIIBOnS.—Ida Camp. No. iC5. Ilnyal Nelghbor.s. mpeti sec- otid aiid fourth Tupsdays of each nionlh. .Mr.>». K. A. W BRUT , oracle; FORSALE-'REAL ESTATE LOOOE DIREOTORY. KNIGHTS OF MACCABEES^ Knights of Maccahpps of the World nippt.s in K.P.Hall, serond and fourth WpilneHday night.s In each month. J. U'. Posfvvalt. roiiiiiiaiidi^r; U. IJ. Porter, rprord kpeppr. W. 0. W--Camii No. 101 meets In K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. .SKxdp. C. r.; A. H. Davis, Cleit VLsiiors cordially Invited. KMOliTS OF PYTHIAS.—Neosho Ixidge No. 4n meets every Monday night Ht K. of P Hall. Vl.^ltlng bro- ilior-* InviKd. W.S.Thompson, C. C; riirl.^ Ffitipr. K. of K. and S. .M. \\. A.—The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday uight In M. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. 11. Anderson, V. C; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. I'On SAU:- -tl'Hid marc .Main, K.iii'ias. I FOR SAl-lC—4 roomed house, water V. A. A.—Golden Leaf Council No. ^r,•l, V. A. A. meets and third W-dnesday nlK'its in each month In , K. P. llall. C. IC. Laoey, pre.'^Ident; and sewer ronneotlons. ?.,0 cash. $1. ,^„^<, j,.,,,,^ nhnrl .lok. secretary, .mon.h. Crace Arnold, phone r .O.;. ! BROTHERHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 3S0 mectd second and fourth Tuesdays of each month In A. O. U. W. Hall. Visiting nieniliers cordlaly Invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Oolda Elam, sccre- i tary. FOR SALE-Mlmo^llmnoous von SAl.K - l-nldiiii; I.e. iip.-laiis FOn SAl.K--C.ood mare with r..:il Call at. Vlo W.^^t street. fOR RENI' MIsoBllmiiBOUS FOU lIFN'r- I'ichiv .ii!.' taiiii. iiii- proved. Morri-.iii lii"^ . Moiaii. K .is Itouif 1'. FOU ItKN r-(»iw M-veii four room r.itin^e. ^il.-oii ml on." A.-r... I'OIt KK.NT—Modoi n s.vtii i.iom liouse furnished. Yonns <onple pr.- ferred. Phone Hi::. Mr<. K. .1. tlyl-r FOIl HICNT—Thre.' iinrmnished rooms. liKinire .'..M South I'.nckiv FOR UKNT—Furnished family ihildi-n. .leffersou. rofiins to t'.iil Niirth Jiiniur Order rnlled Amcrlran JT^^ cluinics.—Meets every Wednesday evenins: at 8 oVIock In K. P. Hall. All visiiing members Invited. R. A. Widlck. Couiicelor; C. II. lllaek. Roc. S.'cretary. BUSINESS OIREOTORY JKWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, liu F.-ist street. STAMMER. Complete court at the best school for stammerers In America nt one- Half price this fall and winter. WTiIte for information at once. McKIe School for Stammerers. I'iOG East 12th Strett, Kansas City, Mo. FOR RFNT—Furnished roi .tn-. foi sleepins and li!;ht liL "-j j South Washinslou. KAYIKiHT AT M(;ilT. FOR UK.VT—Fiiriiisli.d h.m- em. .\pply this oflii'e. niii .l FOR RENT—Furnished down st.airs rooms for housekeepliic. South Walniitt- STRAYKH--White .'.iiT North St re. t. 1'. 1'M1.'.. h'.ind pony if"iu H. Siiiiili. I 'h'.ii.' LOST and FOUND l/).'AT--\ Ml].ill;i) ]'ra :.Tniiv ii.'ii. .'ith'-i .Ni.:ili or on slivr-l r:<v i.i !!:•:]..•, i.'-watd. l .''aV'- .i; i'lj-- .•'lii.v 1.0ST --i!. lu.-.ii iioHai .i liv .iy |.:irn and. Ul" .No'ili .li 'tTeiMiii. liiilit jacket. Uitiiru lo ("l;r :di> ' "•!:i>cnsoi; Liberal reward. Us Economy To have your Carpets and Rugs cleaned Tbeiola Sag haciury SHONF fi1» Pai-oii^ VanN to He If.-! l.i^llIiHl Tiruiiiials in tin- \\ i-s|. I',1 f-oiis. K.IS.. {let 1 1 — TIi.> elec- iri.- ruiii'Mt win in a fi -w days \>4 :!i:i.ed nil the w(re.-j, rearhin;^ to all parts of tip- .M. K. T. and 'li'a tin- r.'iilwa.'. r.mi;>.ui,\ u ill have daylis:hi :ii ni',:lii ili.- iiio.-<i eoni- jil.''.' Ii:;hlia" : yst.-ni f >i -.T inaiid in a v.. '.in lailwa;. .'.aid will In- in op. i- Til.- ii .-'.v .•'.•(•n;.- |in \\i -i- lioii^.' will .-uppl;. til..' nil ri 'iit. 111. 11 hav.- I n l.ii^y all wi '.d; i::i ,.in:. Hi.' Iianiiii;:: ilif arc and ni.ikiiii; win- eonneciioiis t(.:- 'lii.- .--y?-!. Ill i;n ; siiK.' III!' pi.w- i-r h'liis.- fiM- ihe new shops has lieen pi.iiniiil i' w;is d .'Vi .-;ed lo liavi- the yards li .::hli^d also This means that more suiiohin^ will In' done at,ni;;hi. The elect lie liu'iiUuR system will he twi.-r as lari:e as tlie one used for ilie city of Parsons. It is iiiteuded lo li;:ve li ;:his in every pan of the M. K ^- T. i.rop"r'v known as tin- Par- soi;..- ii'rii'.in.ils. iiiiludiii'.; iln^ i ;eni 'ra! olliccs. Ihi- local ofiiecs. tlii- y.ard of- I -ei s. thi" old sllo |is. llif new hhop.-. th.> li'.iiM-. ihf hrid.^'e y.iids. tl;.- iioiili fii 'itrhi yards, ihr yards in ihe ritv ami iwo ijiile.-; south of ihi- eiiy ill ;lic 11. 'W disinl'eetiii;; estalilishiii .'li: NOTES FROM U HABPE LOCAL FOOTBALL TEAM WOX (JAME AT HI'MBOLDT. CONFERENCE VISITORS ARE GONE REV. SMALL'S SEKMON I. AST MOHT KEPT .AfWy. I{e»lvals Uill (nnlinue—H. A. Haker InUerslly Hero. kint." 01 Ln Hnrpe IT, Humliolilf (I. 'i'lie 1^1 Ilarpi- foot hail team yes- ifrilay ilefealod the lliimholdi hi;;h school leimi ill an excitluK panie of foot hall. The Kaun- was one of ihe most InitTi-silug I'ver seen in lluin-J Ixildt. Itiil for the kiekoff it was l.a llarjie's. .;;ame. Marker for Hi.' La : Ilarpe leatu. did many Kood stunts yivstcrday. lie did not seem to liave iroiihlr. to play ihroiiKli ill.- ilnni- lioldt line wh.'liev.'r iii' pleas..!. nelcsrales I.efl. .Ml of llie ilelecales who hav.' h .-.'ii aiieiidini.' thi- Oitawa Hisiiiri <i.Mfci- elici' of the .Mi 'thodist K..iseop;il church which has been in s.^ssiou in this eily since Oetoher Tth. l>ft for Iheir respective homes lliis morning'. -Mlhoimli the conference clos.'.l Wi 'd-.' nesday a >;reat many oi the d.lfwu .'sj Slaved until last night •.••o ili( \ iniclit ! hear Rev. Sam Small preach. 11.- has given lectures al other limes h.' lias spoken in this city liiK he d.'liv.>i ou"' of his famous sermons la- i iior. iViMl- I'or Rent—Two largo nicely i.^lied rooms; close in. .Mrs. DaggPll. fiirn- .\nna The Revivals AVill Conlinue. The revival services which ar.' lie- iiiK held in the Holiness church of this city by Rev. fjoodrieh and Rev. .Mrs. Madi.son will conlinue for an- oili<>r week. Considerable illieiesi has been shown in nieeiinus. It is likely that llie crowds will lie :i ureal deal larger after this wi -el; The "Cremono** Orrhclr .i. Tile ••Cremono" orchestra will be llie Itrsi niimlier of the year's lecture course. Ir will be in l.a Ilarpe next Thursday night. Octolier 17ih This orchestra has giiiiied an almost world wide reiimatioil because of Its i xee|- ieney. It is considered one of tlw lie^t evi -r to li.- Iieanl In ibis ciiy FRiSHMAM'S Save $2 to $4 on ThesB Mew Ceats That is actually your cash saving, actually the cash diflference between our prices and other stores, $2,00 to $4.00 in worth saving on a garment that you have to buy. Here are prices on a collection of coats that are entirely new and out of the ordinary. Just note the comparative price: $I6;50 Coats $12.50 Kverything about it i.s brand new, the new full ripple back, broad .shoulders, the wide sleeve, silk and braid triiiimed, satin lined throughout. $10 /lO anywhere you see it. Special for Friday and Saturday $12,50 $20.00 Coats $16.50 Made of light weight Kersey cloth or imported Broadcloth, the new Japanese shoulder with bishop sleeve effect, lined throughout with fine satin, colors brown, tan rid and black, $20.00 values, here $|6.50 rralernal Aid ToJiifht. The Fraternal .\id of this . iiy will hold a special session this.cveninu I'.ir the purpose of initial iiu.; liv.' new inionbers. The meciinc will bo held in llie Odd Fellows hall. .ArrauK.-- m.'iits for a bif; lime are li.'inu made. Special Sale on Breakfast Food Mr. Kliur Here. Harry .\ii.irew Kin;:, educational sec r"iary for the Baker riiiversiiy was in the city ye.-ierday afternoon lookins after lli.-' iniere ^I of his colle.u'e. Mr. KliiK l».>en attendinc: the confer- ieaie whicli has been in session here ;f .ir several days, lie .-ays thai the Our Special Coat at $10 A great line of long loose styles in coats at this price, attractively trimmed with braid over the shoulders, Jlued throu.!2;hout with satin. Special priced at $10.00 $10 Coats $7.95 ^O -inch coats made of fine Kersey cloth, silk velvet, silk braid trimmed $10.00 value here. - Misses' and Children's Coats Misses' and Children's coats in all. the new materials and styles at ^'pecial reduced prices $2.50, $2.95. $3.50, $5.00 and $7.50 Wdlkins Skirts Chiffon Panama, Voiles, Serges, the very latest styles in all the new shades and black, specially priced at $3.95, $5.00. $7.50 and $|0.00 .Mien county s'lnleiits who are ;illend- lui? Ihe l!.tk'-i iiiiivei.-.ity an- planning ii> or;rani/.'. Thir.- arc i w. nty-iliree j -Wen Wi 'U from ihi.« county who are .iticndinn the school. Tolil^ill. liioviiir; pictures at I '.'i -fs o ;ji 'ia liouse. TOnn «0T CKAPSHOOTEHS. nutiilmldt Ffelnrni'd Today. .1. M. Te .'le and Kd picked up last niKhl rersonals. (• .1. .\ndcrsou of Wichita, was in 111." city yesterday calllii;; on lie biisi-| iicss men. lie will leave this afternoon for Fori Scott. T. O. Frame of Nevada, .Mo., was in WriKlit were by Policeman Win. Todd on of .Marshal Hen- .son of lliimiiohit who wanted the men for crap shooliiip at Humboldt. The men had eluded the Humboldt officers yesterday. "Snorky" .Martin who is well known hero was picked up by the ofncer.<; while they were takinc Tool Meant Iitr4 work—w dots the ' tgolIsUne itovu and stovt pipe. 'old way" of the city ye-sterday visitinpc. | j,„j -wright back, and he will ans- Mr. and Mrs. Hariier of Sedalia. .pj. gan,p charKe, as it is allep-' were visitin.i; friends in this city .ves-l ^^^^ ^.^^ participatinK in the 'Pi'l ^y- I same. Kd Wright wa.s in trouble in j lola .some time :igo. Try Ihe Sew Weyl U M 6.8-41 It shines itself, is applied like Mint, Hi not rub, or wash, off ana each 'JrasUcation wears months. B.VSKKT BAJ.L .VT Y. 31. (. \. 11. 1.. .Martin left yesterday for sas Tiiv on a business visit. Kan- Two Teams From Orininizatfon Contest Toulght. Notice Co, D. Fniform Flank of W. O. W. are r''- <ri'>stod to he )ir.-sent at K. F. hall Frida r.ifrht at T ;"n lo conifdete ar- lanaenieiim for tiuveilin},' Sunday. 0<'- tob'^r 1". Must apiiear in i.erson or; S'lid ill un;f..rni. F.y order of rnj.tain ' I' I! . W. O. W. c. c. riM.Ml.NJ:. r;,pf. K-.rn Kink?. jmckaK'-s •i-'<' O See. :! packaiics -'l^'C Dr. I'riccs Food. packa^-'cs -['C lialston Homing C.rits. pkf;s I'etii.iohn's Wheat Food. L' pkcs.... Shredded Wheal Biscuits. L' pkus. .I'.'.o 1-ife. a wheal food cook.-d rca<ly io_ cat, - packages I'^c KWSVS MltltT WITH IMKTKIIS. I VeiiiiL' Mi--oiiri l*liy>.iilans < an'l I'mc the Here WillionI an FAaininalion. I FRYER BROS, Oracery dnd Mea Market Phune.s308 autl JOl T..p.-ka. Oc'. :i -'llie Kan.-as boani | i<i ined/cal iN .iiniii.:: inn .•iml re;;i.<ira-' li'iii •.oied to S .V .I' all r.-laiion.- wiih ilu Missou:; r.i.'.iii'.il bnaid today. Il.r.ali.r i.liy^ici.iiis' c.-iiilicates ui .ia!.'!! ill .Mis.-':iiri will not in K.iusa- T'a. K.i :i ~a- i.'iid-: i!i;n the i .-i i idioa^ ill .'.n.->oiiri to li .ius f:..iii ill. be ;;o(id boai'il I'.Ill- j ;ire ;iio ItlX p.-riiiit yoMUi,' pliysi- :-;a!e to I'rai-iic'.' ill Expert Clotha CleaninK, Pressing and|.\K';\ s Repairing. 13 W. Madison. BUSY'YZ'Zr W (Uk Called for and D-iivered. Theatrical Waidvohc a .'^i-cialiy OLAHtUOEA. ROOKVIELL, Prop, K;ia>a.- wiihou' :iii examination. T J TT I m KM: IN KANSVS. hoard A Criminal AUack. on an Inoffensive ciiizen is frequpntiy made in that apparently iis-'c-s liitl.- labue called the "appendix." lis sen- erallv Uie result of proiincted consti- rir. pation. following liver torpor. i>i., King's New Life Pills regulate the.ibe saiii>„s ., . \\\vM leacher.c oi Kansas may be em liver, prevent appehdiid'is, and establish regular habti.- of the bowels. ::.'.<• at all drug store.';. •r..p.-l>a. 'I.: M.- TI P - sl ;in II .•.!i;c,iiioii i> i :i si's -ioii here today 1 and i.~ pr'ii:iriiig a new course of' :-iii '!y for III'- bgh s;liools of llw .-laie... This (oiirsf will be ill.' uKi.-^i com)ile :i>, ;ine iliorougli which the board base I'ver provirled and will be (he basis for all preparatory work in Kanpas. The boaiti is at work goin?. over the courses of Study in th:> Hiafe • ami acei.'ilitori schools of other states ' to s-.- if the work reipiired for leacli-. eis" certificates In those states is of) standard as <n Kansn.s. KO ' "Tamilies Supplied With Oysters." Says the Oysterman. "Tamilies Supplied With Oysterettes," Says the Grocerman. And thus they join hands on the good things of life. Oysterettes The oyster cracker with a taste to it, always crisp and fresh, in moisture-proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY The I)asket ball season in tola ojicns • tonight at the Y. .M. C. A. room.-! when two picked teams from that organiza- i tion will contest. The old team of last jyear will be put against a newly picked team. The old team has had but ;very little practice this year while Ihe ; newly organized team Is in very good I shape. The teams are said to be about [ evenly matched and the contest will j he fast and exciting. An admission of ton cents is to ho charged and the procee<ls will go toward purchasinj^' lights for the gyninaslum. The lincuip of the two learns is as follows: Root forward .\i:.>u Osbor'n,! forward Roberts lleigcle center Fulton -Nelson guard Rankin lleigc'e guard f ;ardn <.T 1)1. .y.d in oth.i stal.-s witboni lurU'cr examuiaiions. The season's favorite silks all so fairly jiriced. Richardson's. A DE( LA.MATOKY CONTEST. Six Hoysi Will Give l*ro(trnm at Sal- lution Army Hall. A contest In declamation betwei'u six well trained boys who have been taking lessons in oratory from Mr^. Gillham is to be held tonight at the Salvation Army Hail. Arrangements have been made for the awarding of a gold and silver medal as first and second prizes. The officers of the Salvation Army and members of the corps have made arrangements for special music at that time. .Mrs. OHlham's class of boys have had several contests in the last few months and all have been yerj" suc- ce.ssful affairs. An admission of ten cents is to be charged tonight, but children wi'I be admitted free at charge.

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