Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 11, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1907
Page 6
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•6r-^*^f^=^^^ CSJPECUXLf YAJI^l'O BY ELDEB- U HfOTLE WHO SITFEH, HARMONY. I 'nuTo vHuj no school Tueiidit.v on Flif frenrrlittloH for RbouiDatNm :i<<:oimt of tho d^ath of Ml»» Siofl-'l i /.'.DK'" !ltt!t' lilecp. I O"!'" nunihiT from this vicinity iaii»«nd<'il thi» liarli.>ru<' at Miiiuholdt I \\>Jii<'.sil:(.v. ; Bom. to All. and .\li-s. W. K. Hiini- ; ll'.cn Salurda.v. Octobni- .',Ui, ;i bo.v. Ilj^jand a jjirl was born t<» Mr. and -Mrs. KranU noo«>. Suiida.v. Ortoher .*. Mr. and Mrs. Tho.s. HoRau lia\« afi Kli*tj% WMrli U Mi to Re A lursc health ijublicaiioii readers of a number of simple and i safe prosci Iptions that can be n>n<l''| KOUC to Colorado to visit relalivf.*;. at home. The foUowlnpr. however. r<>r' Mr. and .Mr.s. Will Sfewait visit.', I rheumatism and kldn-y i Erne.-;t Yount and family xvrst the cure of and bladder trouble.'; icceive .-i I I K' Srealesl praise, viz..\ Fluid Kxtracti Da&delion. one-half ounce; Compound Karson. ojie ounce: Compound 5 ?yrup Sarsapatilla. thri'e ounco.'> Tlicsc sitople. harDilfc.<t-- inRiedienis ran be obtained at any jrood preticriiitlon of Tb*- river Sunday Dan. .lasper and Klus.-ili- Cornell. I.ex Booe. Ruth Kunynn took dinner with .Mr. and .\Ir.>;. Tarj Cloud Sunday. .Mrs. Prauk li iia.-; liecn very low •since Sunday. I>ut is Ut-tter now. \\V hope for her speedy recovery. •Mrs .1. H. C.allaKher's brother re- pharmacy at little cost and are inixwl j turned tu h s honi'- in Iowa .Monday by Rhaking well in a bottle. ; ""or " ">r .'p WH ..ks visit with his- The dose fur adults is a te !is |io<inliil after each meal and at bed time, drink ing a full tumblerful <if water after each dose. It Is further .-iiated th.if j this prescription is a positive icintdy for kidney trouble and lame back, weak bladder and urinary diflicultit s. especially of the elderly pei>|de. ar.d one of the best ihlnKs' to he used in rheumatic afflictlous. leli.vius H K- Rches and pains and rcdudn.^ swellings In just a short while. A well-known local druKgrisi stales that this mixture acts directly upon the cllnilnative (Issues of the kidneys; cleanses ihi-se spon^rellke organs and .:iv.-s ihc :n pow .-r to sift and strain the luiisonuiis waste matter and uric acid fruni ihf li"oi>d whi<'li is the cause of rheiiniatisni. Cut (his uiit and hatid tu siune .sufferer Which wuuld ci 'iiiiinly bf :ui mi of humanity sistfr. Dan Corm-ll and wif.- umk dinner with C.randiiia and ('.rauilpa Cloud <ui Sunday. GOLDEN V.ALI.EY. vim- !t«j !r-n ^-a^4!!-'^ TAILORED SUITS TOWORROW-SATURDAY Fifty New Soits received from New York yesterday by express^ go on sale Tomcirow at Special Prices. I Mrs. Purl Wood and UauKhter and Mrs. Howard .MiKin- called on .Mrs. Smart Wednesday -Mrs. .A.bner W<x)d and .Mrs. Will l,.r- lell visited .Mrs. Crinabam Tuesday. W.' are i,i svuijialhy with tin- Itoyer j family. .Mr. Hny.'r lived in this com- lino- and had niaiiv .iJIEBKA> IRKIHT B.\l». HE .SVVS. munity ai mn warm friends In-r.'. The fair ai l .a llaipe \vii> lim Daney .Xnib -rsun (lillinwaltT CulU-iij .'iiiil I 'di'isnu were aiuoni: ih<- lnly^ | w|o won ihf prii-.c in fool racinu I 'ainiers are still siiwinc wheal. .Mr j lllake>y sowed his wheat early and In- says Ihe tly is in it. Haker went (u l.a llaii"' Wed- ^lesda.^. .\EOSHO YALLEY. III.<krl »J <«rf!< of R•^lne^.« .^-aidah Hurt; Cnntj AI»road. Clark Bt'lk-ve^. j . New York. Oct. 11 —Senator Wil!-. A baby boy was born to ,\lr. and .Mrs iam A. Clark, of Montana, wlih b;-! |,,.,,,^. son, \S'hlter ClarU. nuil his von's wife. $18.00 Tailored Suits Tomorrow for $15.00 Made in all wonl Cheviot?, Ilcrriugbone worsteds in Navy Blue, Brown and lilack, all '.iplo-uatc models, rcgu- 0 C Hft lar 518.00 values, Saturday only " 0 OlUU $30.00 Fine Tailored Suits Tomorrow for $25.00 Made in fine Cliifi'on Broadciotli.'--, fine {.''uOni .sl'.ccl Worsteds and high gradn Mi.\ture<', in pretty .shades of Hrr.wu, Navy Blue and pretty Novelties, styles uj^ to the minule, coat.s -\, 2.7 and ."50 inch lengths, some are triinmcd and S 'snie u'e plain t-iilored effects, choice of any these $.".0.00 Suits Tomorrow ^'2^ 90 I in.i ! Colslazler on of last week. Thursday UI'IMI- were passengers on the White Siai liner Teutonic today after a rous:) ' " hauled about voyage Senator Cb rk dls<••l ^^eJ the; worth i >f corn to market last week, financial depression bere lavl abroad.; Dickey and familv from norib and the lack of cotitidence foreign n- tions have in .\meriean busin -sy niiii ; and business methods. •^"'•"t '•1 found abroad' he said, "a decid-' Sunday at IVier Y OUUKS. cd lack of confideuce in .\merlcaa' .\lr.-. .1. H. Kberj;all and lu-i liiMe Special Sale of Trimmed Hats Saturday, Monday and Tuesday Choice of o5 Beautiful Hats, regular values from iT.oO to $10.i>0. Special price for the three days, choice bo>. Lloyd. retiirniHl to their home in ' securities, brought on I believe, by what are tenned the business scan-^.^ Mondav. after spend- uals which if is believed abroad bavi',, See South Window Display of Hats oa sale for Three Days Only, Price $5.00 ling a mouth with friends lieie. •1. v. .Maxwell's brother-in -law. .Mr. been unearthed in recent year*:. The meat and Insurance disclosiires to- gither «1th those of the present New;V;iu .Middleswortb. stopped off loi a| York tracUon lnve.stisatlon. they re-1 .<hort visit while ennmie from Okla- gird In a <)ue.-tionaldP fa.sh1on. lu ' ,„i„„i, ,.,.eenilv a word, they lack confidence In the j stability of our business me,, and ^ ""'"dsberrv is ane„d- fluestlon our methods. • the U. H .\niiua! C eien<e iu "I found the deiiression wor'd -wide. jcainetf this week. France is the onlv country th ;U r ->M 'I . K,..,„K - Contrvnian an.l jamilv iii.v lend us any money. The French are a , " . ; : thrlftv people. B UT fuev are not ;,iir I • i chaslig American secuVities now.- M"'' I'^'^" ""''k I' >s likely ibal j Mr ('iintr> uiaii will rent a farm be- The Big Store With Little Prices The Always Busy Store niiiv ed ••I'm saddest when I h.ave ii)d'~Tion," say many with weak slorr..ich:'. Get rid of your stomach i rouble by using Ml-o-na. Cure sniaranteed or. money refunded, r.oc a box. i";h:irlfs t "f '''•'"u^'inc lo .Mrs be ; inirns bonii-. ; ile drilliii-' s 1^' ll.•l^ i rroiii ihe Vomm lai in I lieejl III ail eleven See Our Line of Ladies Fine Shoes in Welts and Turns iii all Leathers, the best> shoes in America for $3.50, $3 and $2.50 R. Spencer. Homey, in tlir .attention >:H {rle<<. .VII Eagles are rcqucste<I : boltiiUI. wliele 1>\ Thursday iMcci at 1 wll e<rnim<-ni'e I day. i Peter YriuiiK e\|.eiis in visit bi.- -on ihclr hall Sunday al lw<. p. m. -o at-i^.„„„„ ,^ .„ „„. feud the unveiling of monumen. '"stale rnlver>iiy. I-Vidav or Sanii.lay • Clyde Gulnn. ^ . While Ibeie .Mr. Ymm:: will ii\ I,, liiid W. .1. imOW.\. I'ie.-1.l„,„ ^^.l ,p ,l „.r ,„. ,„„ |„. .-an adiu.-i bini- Thcrc is an Overcoat -here for YOU . A big .sto<.'k select from. The prices arc right, the quality is right, the style is right. "It pa}'s to dress well.'* A man's personal appearance has much to do with bis success in life. Kantbebcat overcoats meet the dc- manA-iot hi'sb class goods at prices with- jn the reach of all. Wc want to show vou Why Kantbcbcat clothes are <« Si 'lf III l.awieiiee <'oiiilil Ion.- withcni! :i •.;ieal s.iei iliee; if .-ii be and Mi:- Yiiiiii^ iiia.v iiMHe ilii-ie and furiii.-ii iliwir Mill a Inline wliile lie is iini.-uiuu bj^ ciiiie;;!- eiiiirse In ibl> e\. ni .|i l)iel,e> would lilnVe iilllii I|,.- l.irlM l|iiHi-\el Tbe lli .illel Is :i> > el Mil llli- M 'llli'd i |l1eslilill Itll ll VSllii ll.-l- lifill liimil V\|I|| lli;ilalM li '\i" llM IIIKIe IIKIII .1 wi-el; :iiiil .1 I'..ill I- Iliiiii'-lil III I M ijH |il ii\ in:; a IIII le iil | elil liiil'Uiiis and i;eiiij:e W I>ii !e iijiiiii llie i -l ::ir .i;e nl illegal iiil;aliilaM(iii wa.s floiii .liid -e K lea 111 e rs ciiini ii| ••iij:|ii;i;iil of l>iib!;iii> ami lln\ \<l-|i- ^II :l --'ei| 'I'l .eX Uilf llll-l.i-.I ll|> ill i.n! ..\.T iii ;:iil .ii:.! Miiv iiiiirriiim la'.il', illlii C.IMII Willi lib- \\ J:II;III iilid \\'iiMi|-i e uiT.- MMi ii!.|i';- cIliM It'll i»'•!! Ill -Mu: III .Ml- I ll ilii. i. willril •- I 'e .iiiil Wiii'il ,.| • ll.;., Ii; iiiimit H nil i|"-lii liiiiii K :r .v III' DRIVES OUT 'riuc .inscof Rljouinatism i.s a sour, aoid coiiditiiMi of tlie lilom]. it lit 1 .ll'oiii i.v iuiii''c.sti'iiii, i-'ii <<>n--tiiiat:.iii. ar .il tlic acciiituii.i '.iDn ii tiif \l I Ir. .l.lllti' . Inj- .I'l 11 -.IMUI lii'.llll. V . •. Il .'li- .Hill 11' I .-• 1 11 111 - HI i:.l |li01 lliinil 'I • I-.-II -1 H .ili'ili SUPERIOR TO TAILOR-MADE.' Drop in and look through the new line of suits and overcoats. I 'm- llie le.i.-oll IliM' .l/lel 1> e\I/e.led I. lime lli'l liliillli < \\ lilid liei I 'lliiili I 'll ' ll I III i\' Willi bi'i .1 ' I • A iiniiilier liiiiii i: .llli-lllil ll Hie lllllll\ . , al lliiiiiliiildt A i"i. Kisliei' li;, ll! ,,'ii j fill Deiolier :!:;nd .lame..; S, T.i\!.ji i -inXii! In- :liii':;r, diiwii flnlil l..l« 1 e.'.e.- \\eillli'.'.i|;i;. ulirn !!M ' .Iji-iilix farm v.hi- i- lie ulli 11-.-ii|e Til 1 e .iil 111 ;i I . .i ;:i ll > liUi- ' li :i! ,ii .\liHMII leCellll> >lir:- :!i ;i iii -(.lll tile feellim of llie liiii^I sliiii l;:ililr.- bill w In-ii till re 1- a Ml.-|iii ;iiii> i ellei- liiia nil line wl.i. .-Iiioil iir- |il :;|l in Ijie llillllls III llie lieojile ;i> S I'" Wllilli .w dill ill Ibis coniniiiiiii'.. "-m li new.; i^ eXlrelllelv >ll i •(•!; i 11V .\| 1 Willi IliW I.i;i:;bl lli^ ill-l :ilnl -eininl li-mi- .if si'hiiol at .Ni-iisbo \'ai'ev. and l.ilfi niaii'red .1 .Neo.'-liii Valli-' -.iiil. .\!;i' Cariiei-. and mi < \ ei '• \ i^-n ile-v liHM- made hen- lliev h.ivi- l.-iii ;:iveii till v :;e .ilesl alli-nlii.ii. and ain iibd tle.ltnielll thai ;;av.. i \|,l e .'-.-iiill In 'lie nm.-i eiii'iliai "eUoine. \ I '.iM v\ IM' I I I III l:<<lll :i|i I I I' IV lie M !.. • .' \\ iiin.iii \\. !• I '. i.ii! lillMll M !:>' •!i;ii V\ I I • \ lllili:' 11 '. llM- I. Ill \l il'-ll. 1 • • .; II .'iiil liii when ; •.I IIII' :a \ e ll I-. • e ollil'. . Ill' wa- i;i' I'll ml Ill I Id:' III, .li:iui| ;il|i| liiiiiii:lil uiili Iriii • !'• Ill I In- I oiiiii Mil' \ I llei'S llllied I. I-:. I'll llielli liillll. .illi '.l ll.i 'Ml ll.'i llM-li.lllil 'I 'lll'V \:i|'.ni'i''K Hie M i''i', II MI .'1 lillle )• a' I ' li :!;• i'lilui I i- 1,1.- .';,' •• .'..ll!ll III- .|i I'.il-' ll Die • i-'iiii I .!iii ;ii .1. i Hal ll" u I 'lM .i. |ii--.- .ll- I'.r I- i' :!•• Iiiiv!.,iii,! \\;ii ,T.ii |l d' 'III- .Hill lie III--' - " I 'l" I'll'i! ! 'Ill" '.v i ';ii ;i:i .iinl \V' m. :y i.le IM , Kii'Ji 'eil in iii'iil .1;; lie- j'l,!---. - (i-.'c|i'ii III i".iil their :i !.'eli;;e |p,.iiit I Ml'-- I'.ii; III il .i-'" ll vi! Ill 1'1 ,'ii «a>' .-'i..! the iiuii.'!;'|iin".-'- hml .-aiiM -ii The wiiiii .iii ;i :;r" 'i| in --u linlin- \vi::i h.;! Iiii>iiaii"l ;:iid 'Ii-' Inaii w:i< ;;i\.-n i ,' •> .. I a i !if lei' '11 II:' I 'l I'l'i e j;i t 'aiiiih a!' ' 1:11-- !i'>l he •.iiiuhl i.iii !i ;i ^:;;li!l^l :i I e :'.-i- where :i s.rnli 'jed illi-I)aui! \\ii :!li' ! r.iit . i-i:i III -I'-'l. Ihe .lii! of Ihe l:n> . Mill! Wiiuid i :iUe n ;atl T -; iiifn lii-- iiwa i I haul's with i'i":«' -••(iniiv i.'-ulr- i*ii.i :s I I i{Ki» IN i; 10 II Mws. . I'liZd MiNr \|l-;N 1 i- '' I n. ^ .-i'! e ;ii,. I a e i.i i;ih :;i- HIiiid. Ill Iiii;^ ill- I 'l 111 I ii 'll 'i- I 'lle- ill i; 111 II ila-.- Ill llinlle'. i''! II lulell -'IHI'. I'|{I:SII>I;NT >iimii.i.i, I!KM<;>S. .•;\'.liiii III' iiiallef will, ll the iialuial i-Iitnin.itivc >ir;;;.ilis li.ivc f.'iii 1 to i.iMv it\:\. This rc'l 'ii 1- or w.isU- ni.itler fenin-nls .iinl :.i>iir.-;, efiictatiii'.; mio a. nl u liii ll i-s .ib.soi 111 ll iiitu llie lilmni ami (listiiliiilcil to all pail-; of lie- l )<i'l',, aiiit 1\ iieiiiii.iti :.iii f .il-; ])ii-;-.i-'-',.11 of llie s\ ^ll•lll. Cm.' tii .u- aNo be ln-.-ii \s ith a )>i 1 ili- iiiKiiViini or e iniiiii y lo Kin IMII, bviMitsi' 'i sk-.' all l -li ""1 d i • I'l-es it I'.Ill lie trail .•ilitteil f ;.ini iMieiil to iliilil. The ai I H-S ninl j'.oii . oi tile (li'.i'.i-.e arc oulv s> luptoiu.s winch ymi in.iy .sealU-r fir ulievc uiih liui- lU'ills. |iii-i'i.5. lil\-;U-is, I'll-., or I' .u v.'V 'i I'lu .ites. As soon. 1 IO\V>M"., a -i ll lii'.iUiuill i.^ b-lL oiY or tli. n; is anv » .IIOMHI : lo coM or (i .iinpi'' or alli 'i ail alt.ii-k of iiiiii;^ -iji m or cnu. U |iatioii, llie w;ut(li-riu;j pain--. nu'-. I-.'; ami joints, and Under pl.n -'-N on the lU-sli rvUitil, uiul the sulUjer limU lie li .is itierilyt lui ;;cil liic SMiiplnm.; wiiilo the real cause ol ili":- I 'l-, .ise it 'iiiaitis ill the liliin.i. K :sm cut never be cured wliiU- t!:'* liin .id tcm.iiiis salur.itod w.lh i; i U.iliif^ . p.iiii producing' tiric acid ii'i;-iii. S. S. cure.s Klu -uni.ili '-r.i hv I '.M - ri.: llie c.i'.isc out of the blood. It tlior- iiii-lily I Icauscs the binnd ar .ii leiin. ic .e .s the cKcnlalioa by neiiti .i! i.'iii'.: Ihe ai <A\-- and c.\pe'.!iv.<j all lopieu m .iii! r lioin llic s\'.->leui. S. S. S. sliiuiil.ili.:; and in\ ::.;or .ili -s the blood s.) U'.il iii -'.e .id of a wcil:, sour stream, coii.-taiitl v depo --iliii!^ aciid and co; rii.-:v:: iii,itl -r in ihe niusck -s. joints, uvi vc • and bin:: ;. the body is sootli-il .rid timi: i.-.lied by rich, licaitli-sustainin^ Mo -nl wni. !i ciiiiijdi 'U-ly and t in..;: nti \- cures Klu -tinijt.isui. S. S. .S. is com jn- -c! of ri.i'.'. lf -:!is and bnkr v.h 'cli fios-t-s-; both piiriiving' and tonic pn ^perti';— ju ^'i '.vliat is n -v -eded ill cv."' v .-e of RheM!iiativ:;i . Hook on KheiirMti-^n aitd :acdicul advice lice. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAHTA, GA. CRABB SAYS: rut: jnsHVMi UMIK HKII IIAI K. Ill W Ith Ili-allh nil! I'reunt Murk I idled .>llne ^^<•rke|•^. ! llniKiuai ;i!i.-. !::•! . Del. In Inlill ' i .Sleiii -n ;.i e.-ili -iit .,; liie liii'i-il Iron; I'ul bet ir .Scene in Arkiiu^a. City t'.iurt : Wo.lo-r.- liniiial- :ii ..i.iiiiii'i ,1 ti,i::i.- | j i''ai he «i:i 11..: a caielnl.i-e lor 1 Ail <an >as filv. Od II A liHle die; , iiiemli -r W'u ha -.'v: I'.n^ had a rcinUuU 'oM inlhi.-. locilily ol iol in;^ pic.-ci ipnuti-. with the liij;hcst ijitality K '""'-"^ l^'-'^ cDuld be .secured, ami in ti'Ii'.)^ them in a \v;iy wliiili iiii-t with the ;i; proval ol the *-ntire medical prole.ssiun. s.itnc larcliil work will be continued in the bi till!-. The .-,:im<r iiigliijiiality goods will l>e used ihut h.;\c Irccn tised in th-.; We solicit >oiir p.ntrDiiai'c me.-.tle tragedy which bail a safi.-lae toi-y ending:, ocrcupied th;- lime in .Tiidge Kreamer's eourt. There arriv- p(t In .Arkansas City fiom Kaw City. Okia.. W. C. Dobkins. ae<-oinimnleil by two small ehlldreii. a l«»y of :i and a" little girl of 2 A warrant for the arrest of Mrs. I ,, -ell itjiiii lieeaii-i' 'if 111 liealtli In ll Iter- to iiienili -rs tbroii^lioiii the [ coiiiiny lie nay.-. "1 am inouipted to. airi\e at this ileci^ion because 1 be-j lie\e that 1 am no ioiiKt^r wt-U enonph ' lo ^ive your inieresrs, the eonsid Ma-j tiou their imimrtauee demands." 1 IV. L. Grabb, TolBtthono 4-76 Presorintlon Druggist Try a Want Ad. In tbe

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