Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 20, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1908
Page 3
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THE TOLA DAILT BECKinBIt. TCTSDAY gyBHSC. OCTOBEBgO, im A NNOUNCES the completeness of Its lines \yith sjelectlons made after an exhaustive review of the latest productions from every source. | This great section is now in perfect readiness. We feel assured we can interest every woman in lola. Never in any season have we introduced the new features In so many different variations. All the new ideas | shown, whether in the long lines, the soltness of the new shades, the profuseness of the new braids,, or any other style of details, are all of a character which gives greatest distinction to the lautumn iwrs winter itylL , modes. Since many of these Autumn Coats and Jackets arc e.vclusive and vyil this season, It will be wise not to delay selections. not l>e reOPilcrvd I.A( F CrRTAIXSt SPr.riAI. VALIK FOR OXF WEEK. The assortnienr of Lace Curtains special feanirc-ii. ci-.nipvises Nottingham. CablA Net and Novelty Curt&iu?. all iiew this fall's patterns, just opened up, specially priced at 9.»r #1.19 iim. *.S.50. |4..>0, aud Ladies' Hlai-k Co'^ts. Ilii' lu'st lalm-^j n«' lia^i' <Mi 'r xlmwii, triiiiincd with l»rHt.v AW lirah'. I'ohrl and Initlon^. wi'W worth !?7..'itl. sjiecin! |<rip*' ^'^.Wi I.adio* Fiiio K«'r>^»'j ilcxaiit liiad(>tt in n «MV paiirl df<iit;iis willi silk, ^oivef and liiittoiiv-. ivitli n»»n sli'ou's mudi" fi:ll, firclr tail.»n>d, ncll worth !?l.'».ftO. -jxvial ?!t.1ft'i'.f* WKW Tiuil coiui's ill l.iotrii. ua\r. Iitnck \\\\\\ izariitciil •.nni'liflrd and wil-i 0 !ii|tirc lia.k. !;;(- i'«t stjlo triniiiM'd willi l:irir«' Irut- tDits . iSlitMI. s:|.-|.n(i ;Mld to «:'.'1 .(tO fliildrpii's lli.icrdowii Srimnif-d and •sTarnily olal fl.:>ft riiildren's Bear Skin Toats. spe- oial $2.00, !?2.4>< and the i.rfttT onrly kinds, douiile lireastfd ^i.ik'j Misses roats .. ; '. . SUO. ij!:).00l \\\\ to ^il.Vrtll USE. Madison slJ.US i,l\MSir VVlfiFiV. We \vM» to jlhl.l. l« ^.l:; (ill liijiaiif'i of tin wir.Vti. llijit I M r> »ar4 •» l.iri- laii l»o lio;:!.'Iil a! aioor. 'FuMt- -:M !i"r ••• IT tl.i itrirt- a>iiti] itrn »• «.oit ill oi:r dr< uaiit >oii to at rl»«-'.ylur«-. TI;ai i-* !.<«'!' so l;i|«v li:id l(» r«.ird«|- fo tliUf* tUi- Mass »«<t;o:i. ^« «• tin- |>rt tty IliiiiL'^ 'r»i-. 7.'.»-. ?-I.«iO Oitr liiN' of Pntiv hall ."^oisiiiL- Min- aiov in laici' iVniii. p<; .'iiid lo ?! Kvir rM »iR\|iF\K svi.i. ••F sri:- riAJi. \ \M i;. AVrtnirii. .Miss< s ui .d i liil.iii n t'uit )><• coniforttfiil} sum»li(d tor lati- fall and uint«r at firri>af sauna-. .Any Mornau desirine ^ood -wlntiT ni'isilil rotton llrocf- iinid VP -Its drawers or nniou snits in fvHy ,weie!i» will iii»|tr«H'iiitf the splendid valno i.f ih «sr I OH jiricfd lines. Vest* or rJraw .-r>. eaoii . . . i.»e. .".».. and ^\.m tilirtii Suit» i .. .'.He, Ce. :;.e. ?1.IHI :-J' .-^I'Ft lAI. -SAl.t. «iF S\.\\ IVl.L HIL. l.lVEisV. Oi'ii \ii -:: < iri.kt-ri asoi.-rants hav.^ l.'vn friii.iiiiii.'i iij) a i>.r ..i pr.-rty Kat -e: \sh;iv>- i,.-,\v al....i; ".mt |ireiiy i'.'-.v i,:.:; r ..i* -lit.-.V Villi l"ri<>--" f>> please aiii -ir- Se»- liiis »-ie2jnt .-howinp. 113 C. Madl»OD HEWS OF U HARPE MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA IS PLANNING A RABBIT HINT. WILL BE A INOVEL AFFAIR SIDE fiETTlNf. THE MOST RABBITS WILL BE ENTERTAINED. Reelstration Books Wliirli Have Be<'n Opeu for Past Several Weeks Sliow That t>nly \", Rearlstered. Will Hare Ral>»>it Hunt, At the Jiieeting of the local ord^r of Modern Woodmen of America this ev- eniiTg the members will be divided airt I capiain of each division eK-ctt-d for .Ur puri)ose of, holdinii a rabbit hum. Tht* side that briijfe'.s in the most rab- biia.ou the day of ilijs huiit which wlli l)e held .<ome time the midd !t> uf November will be fiit.-nained by I 'le others with an oyster suppi-r. OSTEOFATHT— DR. W .H. ALBRKiHT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. Staie Bank Bldg. Phone 145. Only Osteopath ia La liarpe. 4."»7 Have Registered. The city clerk tejiorts iii) to la.m uignr 4:-: voters had r .>!4isu >rea. \\iiiJe ihi- IS ci .n.<iiiered very j;ood. the re§istraiioii wii; have to lie faster for the rt -nuinder oi the time the books aTe ur a 1 the voters in ihe city will mi have registered. The reg i5iratio ;i by wards follows :First ward IMit, serond ward third ward loy. fourth ward \\\. The n-gistration books will le closed Saturday liight. October IM. at iti u'crnk. Will Work Here. Miss Florence Kose r^uirned here yesterday from Lone l:;im. Kas., where she has been working as cashier in tht^ Lone Khii bank for the past several weeks during ih*' illness of J. D. Wilson the regular cashier. Mr. Wilson has sufficieui y recovered to resume his duties and Miss Rose will take up her work here in tiie First National bank. QfEEVS WARE. We have purchased a complete line of up-to-odate Queensware and wi:l 'add it to our .stock. The store will be , ' double decked to nvake room for it. " Waters k Danforth Drugs and Jewelry. To Hold Funeral Today. Tlie funeriil of John Urbahus who died here Sunday afternoon will be heW from the residence of .Mrs. ohl- fest. Rev. J. H. Brighi, pastor of the Presbyterian church, will officiate. r. Ji^pairing Bulldius. Workmen be^an yesterday repairing Wall Papet! Is-part of the investment fjf yiMir house. Dues ilie paper on the rootns satisfy yotir taste in regard to ilie rest of the furnish inv's. If iifii. we wli; be slad tij) help y <iu change to a new <-<)Ii«r scheme with otir new fall jiat:- terns which are very low priced for such high grade line. Call | and exaniine the new fall ^tyl,-s at. I.UQRAEN The La Harpe Drutrfrist. GUARDS THE BABY MEWS OF GAS CITY the building owned by L. H. Daggett which was badly damaged by fire oaie four weeks aso. The loss luis .'eeti adjusted. .As son as the building iS repaired H. M. Ciine ^0 Son wi;i -tart up their grocery. I, E. .Sofia] Toniirht. The social which will be given by •he Christian Emleavur of the Cbr:~- tian church at the home of .Miss Rose '•"reeniasi this cvi-ning iiromises lo 'urnish much amusemeur for tho.s*^ .vlu) aiteml. Ii has been liame.t "The -spider Webb Social." Mrs. BlaJtesleyr, Mother of Inrnhator Baby, Permits no Strauirers to See Ihlld. Kansas City. Oct. ^0.—Is there (c be an tictual attempt to kidtiai) ilie incubatt)r baby, made famous by litigation over its <>wuer.-hip four .v.-;irs ago'. Mr.«. Maifie I'.lake.sley. the mother of .ittle Marian, thinks there will tie. and pr(jduces as grounds for her pictons two letters from friends in Chicago warning her. Also yesterday ihere came to the house of the Klakes- ieys and Mrs. Ora Thomson, grandmother of the child, at Stewart ivenuf. Kansas City, Kits., a man wiio claimed to be .1. K. Sandborn of Oma- .13. lirother cf Mrs. Stella l>arc!ay. whose covetodsness of little .Marian .•ausod a considerable newspaper .-en- faiion four years ago. On the front po.-ch of Mrs. Ulake.s- ey's Sanboiii. if it h*'. told the grir.ilmoiher he was ftiernilv ir ihe child and Ms parents aiid y.-ked to see "Yi.ti catini': conie in," .-.lid NJrs Thi'tii-'':!. 'atiu ><iii >-ani;i se,- baby rile hi.ii.-e for the |,^e^e:lt is in a si.ite ;f si<'ge. We don't know our enemies from our friends until tbi< trouUL.- is over •• The stranger then produced ;i ii'isl- :i«-ss c-ard givint: his oc<'upati<»n a? Me .-ident of tlie Iftainlard Stock Fooii cfinipany of Omaha. In spi:e of his of friendship for the irtie one. .Saiibi ris was not admitted aiid left in a f-n minus's witht.ui having seen tlie chi .d Since separation from her husband -everal years ai'o. Mrs. Ulakesiey has •:v<'ij with her n:<-ner. providing f"r lio little one and educating it in kiii- Mf ^ri ::irten elas?e- which >li> tea'!,.-.The fii .nt f.onis ot the bou.-- Personals. -Mrs. Sieven.son aiid son. Rr-y. '.-f: iesterday for Ft. Scott. Kas.. for a few days visit with relatives. Miss Pearl Hardin left yesterday for 1 few days visit in Lawrence. Fort Scott ai:d Kansas Ciiv before leaving for her future liome in Doris. Calif. Bert Wooden was m Yates Center. Kas.. on a business visit. .M IS . .). B. Mercer and daughter returned yesterday from a visit in .Ma- ileton. K:is. , E. C. Moore came in yesterday from Deering, Kas., where he is employed 11 a drug store for a few days" visiit with his family. Mr. and .Mrs H. F. Paitney. of Mo\in 'aln drove. Mo. were ih<> guests (tf iVi 'ativ<'., heje yesierda)' Work Proffressing. Three blocks of the paving on .North ?>camore are now down. Work os; ;!ie t.ri(l ::e and retaining wall on that ftreet is progressing. I ON MILL- VERV ILL. • to Rockville. stopping off here for a I snort visit. he recently stiffered a fpornier lola Citizen May Not Reeo\er ,-troUe of paia:y>:s which it seems has i F'roni ReeenI Affliction. ; proven very serious. He ha? many hoping f<>r his Four Under Construction. ! Kress Co. who have a number uf ftorcs, among ihem one in Pittsburg, are building store buildings for several of their establishments, among them at Chanute, Tola. Parson^ and at Bartlesville.—Pittsburg Head light. Trojan Safety Powder MEANS JIST WHAT IT SAV.S. Better than any other powder on the market. No glyeerine in Its foniposltiou. noes not freeze no matter how cold. Absolutely no danger in h'aiidUng. Fse Trojan instead of g:\cerine and save the Ihes of your men, and your c.impan> from damage suits. e .W.Coverdale AGENT Roon 6, StrTrnson Bldg.—lola S( ARLET FEVER .»<CARE IN CITY IS ALL tlVER. HAVE RAISED QUARANTINES F'roni ReeenI Affliction. \ At the meeting of the G. A. K Sat- THLSJiirday ai'ternfion it was officially re' jtorted that Con (;. Mull, fur mtmy yea!rs a resident of this city, was still very ill in Rockville. 111.. v.ii!i but little chances of his r»'covery. Mr. y\n\\ left. lo':i a f>-v.- ye.irs goini: i'> California where be remalneil iiiitj; about six months a^'o wh'^n he v.<"'nt proven very serious. fnV.nds Ii..|-e who ar. .•••••oVe! \ .i. W. r.;. 'a.-ii. aiio.iier old soldier who has l;""n ill. wa.-^ reported wor.te :.::d api.lication ma<le for his ad- ni:^-ii.!i to the u'overnnient liosfiital at H"r Springs. • .Vrk.. iVir treatment. .1. H Harris w.-is rejir.rred as improving. AND THERE IS.NDW NOT A SINt.'LE i CASE OF THE MALADY I\ TOWN. An Orehestra Will Be Organized at Mcctlntr of « horal t luh Thursday Erenlng-—Personal Attended Benefit Carnival Ten of the members of the local fire department attended the benefit car- nivai which is being held in Chanute. Kas.. this week. Parkers Carnival oompan.\ is showing in Chanute this Meek. A per cent of the receipts ;;<> t «i the Chanute fire department. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1.. i lal CONVENIENT f^ERYICE ^ The k:t2(3 that makes travel a pleasure, is thc'lavli;/tn t,crvice. To KansasjCity Si»i»jr Books -Vre Here. The ..iong books which were ordered tor th'- .Methodi.-t Kpis.opal church .lav- arrived. They will l«- used at he n .'M regular service The Scare Is Over. Th" scarlet fever scare in this city ;s over. .\s far as any of the local plivsiciani. know there is not a .-vingie | .ase in the city. There have been a .litimber ot cases here and because on*^ j *r two attended school it was feared \ tor a time that it would be necessar.^ j •<• c :o .-e the schools in order to .-^top Ax" rpreadiiig of the malady. Will Be Home Soon. br Wood who has be»u ill in a Kansas City hospitai for the past ^everal ilav.., reported to be recovering rapidly and if h<-* continues tf» improve be will lie alile to be brought hruue in about ten days or two week; His condition has been critlra! BY .THE '^KATY c .;ive; lent for Kansas C ;typ:'.s ev.-r'< ''".te": >if tuakiuic c-"::nev rion- TAAIN LEAVES 12:20 p. m. \2:i/Q p. m. 1:05 p. m. 1:25 p. m. -..if. r :l ">sei ;e-.iroi !s V for j>oin'-- hevonr^ To Organize t»rcb«->tra. .M the meeting of the Choral <-!iib w.iieli wiil be iield iti the high«f«»: :j|.:!diiig n.'xt Thur.-;day night the or- g!ini/.:ition of an orcl<e;;tra will be per- trffd The Cho.-al club is rapidly lii-couiiiig the leading Jnii.-ical or^aiii- zaii«jn of the riry. Purest of tUe Pure. Quality Personals. Mrs. .M. Srout of Burlington. Ka.s., is here visiting at.the home oi Ur. and .Mrs. S. R. Swan. Miss Lizzie Driscid returned yesterday from Nevada. .Mo., where slie litis been visiting for the pa.«t several days. Mr. and .Mrs. Roy Roberts of Colony. Kas.. are here the guests of Mrs. Itobt-rts' parents. .Mr and .Mrs. Wade. IMr.s. William Merrifieid is rejKirted |«ji|ite seriously ill at her home in this Harry .N'a.^h who has been ill with lh<? typhoid fever for the past several weeks is reported as being much l >«»t- ter today. C. A. Bockover left yesterdav tcr Oklahoma City, Okla., where he has a good position.^. D. Johnson and family are today martng to their new hom« near Dodge "^ii ^:

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