The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKfER NEWS Greeks Promise To Help Selves Notes from Greece Say Nation to Take Own Recovery Action •WASHINGTON, June 19. (UP) — The Greek government lm s promised to supplement the American aid program with drastic action of its own to marshal Greece's resources for recovery and rehabilitation, it H'Bc- announced yesterday. Tliis country is extending about t3Cfl,COD,oeo in military and economic-help to Greece under Hie recently enacted $^00,003.030 Greek- Turkish aid program and additional assistance' under the new £350,- C03.000 European relief project. The State Department "released notes exchanged with the Greek government as a preliminary to an acreement on tile terms un<l?v which American aid will be extended. In its note, the Greek government Etu'c general assurances that the V. S. assistance would be ef- fecliveh/ tililtert. ''Aid given for military purposes will be used iji tlie re.stoi'.itioij nnil maintenance of internal order.' 1 She Greek government nromlsed. "Aid furnisl-.ed for (he. economic recovery and physical reconstruction of the country will be expended in a manner which will have a lasting beneficial effect on the country as a whole." The Greek government acknowledged that to achieve Instine: solution of their problems the Cirro::s themselves would have to make And In You Go! Take a look at this and c<iol o))'. Tlfc-m «'iiz the 1 clays! Tlie loser gets a clucking in (his 'game n'la i boys' summer camp in western North Carolina mountains.' . \vitli cnd-padiler.l poles ul Three Enlist in .Army EnHstHiezjt of t-ivo niyOirville J::PH and a Manila inan in the Hcmihir Army wiis announced today by Staff Sei-Rt. Ollio II. flrlshnm o! Hie itecrnitini; Station hero. The enlistees arc Hilly H;U^T, son or Freeman narBcr of lih'Ihu-ii;-, Army Air Forces; Edmund J. Hm.'.n of Klythcvillc, the Carps of Knma- ecr.s; niifi James w. JIoll, son it Henry W. Holt ol Manila, uu:u;- slgncd. "great :uul rotHinuous effort." Aid from the United States cannot !jy itself meet the costs of restoring public order and reconstructin<; the country's economy, the note suiri. Textbook Prices Soaring, State Supervisor Reports LITTLE HOOK. Ark.. June 19. i UP)—Tlie price oE textbooks t.u.s zuomect upward in the past five years, the State Education Department reported today. II. T. Htcc.'e. textbook supervisor, said t.hat p]'ices submitted to the State Board of Education Monday went a s high .•».•> 60 per cent above those bcinjj paid under contracts made five- ycar.i a^o. He said the slntf ha,^ been payiiv: an a venire of 85 cents for fourth t'l-iide neography books, compared with a reviseci and recently copyrighted version offcrcKl at tin iiviTiinc. of $1.35. Ixjwest bids were offered by two firms nt $1.05. N^lflV MATE£L HQWE TARNMAM: Bv WATFFt HHWP IISTRIt3UICD BV NE* SF.RVICE INC. ' *»'«"LCl_ rlWTYL '1IB STOIlVi An ivttti lln- -» Klrl- 11V nil liiiiittrni:- ' XXI H A LL this \vliile the tliree remaining Tollivcrs had continued living in Sam's large house rent Iree. Early in the following year a small and not unattractive five-room collage on the other side of town came on the market, anrl Sam promptly rented it for twenty- five dollars a month. He announced to Amy that ho had paid the rent ot the collage for six •months and that he expected the Tollivers to move into it by February first. Flora cried and protested, said she had never needed her mother as she now needed her (her third baby \VDS then on the way), hut Sam uj this time was hardened lo Flora's (cars. OtSL'go received with enormous complacency the new:; thai Mrs. Tolliver and her two daughters were moving lo a collate on West Main Street. They had started living next lo a grocery store, Olsego said; il was fitting for them to g'o back to it or the equivalent. Flora, by hook or by crook, had got herself one of the town's handsomest mansions, and little did she appreciate it or her many blessings, if even half (he stories one heard were true. Otscgo had no spark of sympathy for the fuss Mrs. Tolliver made over Flora's having another baby. Why shouldn't she have a baby'.' Instead of upsetting Flora, Otsego thought Mrs. Tolliver would be much belter employed locking after Annabelle. Annabclle's long and undignified pursuit of Nclso- Forbes had gol nowhere. Nelson might have been attracted but unlike that Kelson was far too astulc and m.-nry a Tollivcr. IMvs. Tolliver would do \vell to point out to Amiiihclle that it would be wise io swallow her medicine and like it. Annabclle had had tvury chance, no opposition, no rivals.... Annabclle, to her surprise and everyone else's, did have strong opposition and a shrewd rival. * * * QNE clear, sunny Saturday morning toward the end ut January, Nelson telephoned early lo ask whether Father and I would drive over with him to IJinghiim- ton. There was snow tjn flip ground, but the roads were clear, and he promised a special lunch al the Arlington Hotel, l-'nihcr and were very pleased to accept. When Nelson came for us nhout 10 o'clock we saw that Amy Tolliver was on the front seal. 1 vould have thought nothing of H I it had been Annnbcllc instead of Amy or it Annabclle had been '.long. The drive over plenran! but .ineventful. Nelson ordered a beautiful lunch ami a buUli; of champagne. He wimtoil us to drink toast, he :;nid, a toast to the dearest, finest little woman in the world. Ha raised his glass. she t\my and blushing. "To the future Mrs. Nelson Forbes," Nelsun said. "Amy!" I cried. "You mean Hint you Mini Amy . , ." Nelson nodded and kissed Amy's hnnd. "Well, Til be ," Fcilher said lie expressed my sentiments. 1 w;is never so ['ompk-tely surprisr'cl so nearly bowled over in my life. "U'hcit about Annabelli'7" I nearly blurted out. Somehow 1 managed a few hailing congratul;itiotis. After I had ciriinl: Nelson's toast find a few more, il was easio:-. AI half-past two Nelson looked at once, I his watch and suKf.'c.slcd Hint Amy simpleton Sam, might like lo Ires-hen up a bit. He hoped ?;he hadn't fi.rgottcti a very thought too much of his dignity to important engagement. . . There was no one in Ihe ladies' "Amy, does Ann . . . docs your mother know'.'" I asked as soon as the door closed behind us. 'No one knows but you and your father," Amy said. "Not even Sam? Or flora?" Amy shook her head and cx- >lained: "We thought it would be Defter lo toll no one until after- ivard. We didn't want any . . . any excitement. We didn't want lo involve Sam or Flora." Shu lifted :ier head and faced mo defiantly. 'It wasn't my fault that Nelson wanted me ami not . . . not someone else." A MY said she had left home this morning al the usual time, merely telling her mother not to expect her until she saw her. father and 1 would have to break Ihe news that she was not coming home for a week or two. Father and I could drive the ear back, as Amy and Nelson were taking the laic afternoon train to New York. When we came out of the ladies' room, Nelson had yellow orchids for Amy and a lavender one for me. We drove to a Presbyterian parsonage, and Amy and Nelson were married. After it was all over and we ere driving home alone, Pjithes id we were none of us very smart not lo have realized that it was Amy that Nelson was after and not Annabelle. He said the marriage was entirely suitable. Amy was older than Annabelle and now at an age to be willing lo settle down and adap! herself (o an older man's slower pace. He believed they would be very happy. "Do you think Amy is in love with Nelson?" "I hope so. Al least she is extremely grateful, liy the way, the Tollivcrs won't be moving out ot our neighborhood. Nelson has -iu- thnyized me to see lo that. He means to buy the house they're in from Sam and give it to Amy as a wedding present." ''Uo you mean they're all going to live there together?" "Exactly. Nelson's very fond oE Mrs. Tolliver and Annabelle and lakes it as a mailer ot course that they will live with him and Amy. 1 ' (To lie Continued) Nathan Gordon Considers Governor's Race in 1948 LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. June in. IUP1—Lieut. Ciov. Nathan Gordon said today that lie was considmn;; the race for jjowriior of Arkansas in -1D48. In his first press conference this morning as acting governor in the absence of Ciov. lien I/iiiov, Gordon refused to commit himself definitely, lie said, however, that lie wiis thinking about, Ihe race for governor. "My future plans depend entirely upon Infer developments and what my friends recommend" in- said. THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 1917 Club 61 Blythevllle. Arkansas Highway 01 North. Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. (tied) Blckerstaff mid Georpc F.jrd For Reservations Telephone 9-14 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed T5cat Prices Kirfay Drug Stores Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hone 2043 1044 Chicknsawba Re Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY ins North Second DSAL 2311 For Complete Projection • CM AS. K1TTNKK HIU, WILSON "I must bo a sight today—the nail polish cracking cm both my big toes!" KUICCKLES & His FKIENDS Had News By UI.OFStfK DID YOU SCf»AM WHEN YOU Wt"AE.D THE A'^R. DRUMS, MK-, LISHTHtAKT? MO, WE SAT AND LISTENED. My GUN-BEARER SAW/ED nftjM TALK AND i SAW HIS EYES Ger < ' •••••••••••••••••••••••*«oo«*oa««» * GATEWOOD GROCER],, Ark.-HIo. 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M THE 019 iv^^" ^I_ ^ /t /J^-, (i) i^iJ WHAT WAS ] H6K NMAE? RO-SWAETHINS. UOMPvN.. .KO- TSK.TSK 1 .; OK WfkS THAT THE BMW GIRtI US6P OM A MMSfKZiNS coree ABOUT PLEASE X SENTLEWEN. IM AL.'AOS. CONCENTEWE.\ 5UKF- THAT WftS THE SUM.IT'S VEKV }$ltS> THE NINE'S OB THE Tip ? titt TONSUB...RON\ftVi THM'SIT! THE WOTtiEe WiVS CUE OF TUB EOfANV 5 VIC FLINT ifty talked fast, but not fast enough" to convince anybody. It's Tightening V'p WHAT WAS THE USE OF WE J KIOIN' AFTER YOU TOUI1D «Y HAT I KNIW VOtTD FINO ME. AND THAT WOUIOVE MADE A BAD SITUATION WORSE. INCIOfNT- AlW, FVINT, Hi f, SMAU WOR'D. CONNIE AND I ARE DID FRltVDS.1 J DROPPED M TO THl HER ABOUT \ RADIO JOB I HEARD ABOUT. HEN BAT DENVER KNOCKED ON ' HE DOOR. OKAY, !>,( in ft, spo T KNOW HE AND CONME ARE IN OVE AHD HE'S A PSRCCKSHTCR SO I DUCK. ' V\' HAD TIME TO , FIGURE If Alt OOr, 1 , \ DIDN'T YOU, NIFTY?. KY MICHAEL OVMAl.I.KY and" KAI.1MI l',ANE PIP TOLS Gl\.'E —<r L.^ THE COPED ) CAP. Rots - RE rMiCA Safety, at Lwist WEIL. ,IF THERE 5 AbJT Kit-id OF ASLIf-UPaVu TAKE CARE OF THE HOSi IlORTfls! By V. T. HAMI.tN -'o?E -<c< \\: C3OD> D S\ E^ -HAD T\VC!?V ANV MO^E ABOUT THAT COULOS'TCHA OIVC l-'.'i ONE MINUTE MO."<e TO;-.- Y'MADE WITH YUR "SiLLY OL' GADSETp VOU LIEDTOME,CONWE.\( VtHAT'f YOU 1IEO ABOUT FLINT, V THAT.' TOO, DIDN'T VOU? MAYBE / THROW [HIS TINHORN 15 (ME FRIEND I WHAT WHO'D LIKE TO SEE ME A flCHT? ^ THROW THE FIGHT. / HKR RT5DDIE8 Sou nil Ky i'UKI) NtVJ <iUMMtR "iU\T ! VACOTION MOMtS ! VOP, •ntftNK^ k=OR IHt HOHKWC ¥tUOWS'. T OOM'T -miMK TWt O1.O CR«T6 V»OUV\> HaVE O1RRTEO WITHOUT VOUR -SUPPORT I 1 VJOMOtR VOrtERt f <3tT ~M\t MOMfcN POX? THObt NitVO CftRS?' CRN'T fi»x BE BRK| xvg~— ; -T-— f ; , ROBG>1 Mfe* JT M RLC. U. S.

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