Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 11, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1907
Page 5
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THE lOLA. ©mt BICISTEB; raiPAT mme, OCTOEIE n, iwr. west Street; loia, one tlcck iroa! -j.^. ;5u.3Te. Biseas?* ci GSEia:ticat£d | Kusicciit 90csls JuCC «STuil7tr£atei,;.hjr,-.e:; ii~ jicic cf tr. tnoderate.gcodboistalktoipnt.en;t'. j '^"f^ j^*^"^ ^'^ Calln aniweied promprlv nifhx day, 20 years experience, \eterin- ary Dentistry a specialty. FrmakS.BeBHie, V,S. Honor Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone IJO farcr ot Hinnboiai. TEf-teams ar«> plavisr afoia this aftexsoon. xodar's . ^ tame —lii "ca the iaji cf liis eerlss. dcraa;ticat£d; Kucicciic cc c?rft Siisdar fcr tc- .;a bv me tw.-. rean;: hun.r ^ji .i: i: hid urAhluj. >i <i wiiri u -.r- rroll<?.v Ic-jgUc- sched- i Hi: :::u(l.son's. lir.riM.AN VaiiHall will I.vnv ^fnn• (({MV lor Kxcf-isior j^j.rlnK^. -Mo., whc-rf ;• h- will ri-ii::!in r.wi w.-His of his v.i- <::XUt:i trxm th- (,:L,I >..- «'l(,ililns coui- I .uiiy. I»r. .1. F. .liiMKvoii. (.railuat<- Aiir(Ii>n> ••••r ami \ii«-riiinriuu. Sul*-* or rails Miiiile aiivHiu -n-. Phone 13. lola, Kas. .T. T. EbWMtns i .'i lb'- i -i:\ !;;•,, fTnrd<»n City. IjUiilK^SS. Mr-. T.--t wi.i i>;i ..ii n:iiiiini: Ctassf.<; Iltli. s c.,:,,,k. ;itil :i^ clas.- _T !. SH\FPi:[: w. :.• -o ri.aiuif". BRIGHTENS THE.HOME — Th*' Idral !'ri|>iir:il!iiii fur niiiiMi- in;: Floiir». Ktiriiitiiri-. ilr. Ml -i/is ami r<iliir>. SPENCER'S 'pai'v UVNT-: ..r Kir •• I'll Sdii'i t!'. • •• hi-: • li-M- ' •.1 '. Sri"- ».-ij CITY XE\ri). \V;i:it.iI -r;v.i;.I.<..Iy to kllfiW tlmi j v.". l;. K.-II. y i: inv.' mnvc-.l liu-ir ! fr.iti-^anii ;:ti,rat" nf.ii-c to :.'U j."-"''!'.'! \\:-'!i!i--'.rriii. IVIi.' atnl Pay j I 'll. aiiil liighf i I'h..:.,- 17. IVtiicoa:.^ ;:i S lATi!!;i: -• I-nl:.-- if , i "-:r < -;i;r I a • •• '. .-Minll or vory i-mi > t.; ymi from li;w ..f f;oak=. X:. I'-' • •nine av I • :rit'ii'ls -i:..! liij. :i HP •nroiii.- •.. th>» i!.:.-:f-.-.< i,r :; iiiiii Vi*-!.—C;..•l.^ \a;. u t.i ' . -I in :;.i> . ;-y. I" in '.'-v al'fi -i* '..nil- -.ll.ilai .1. V. 'iaiiitir. liriu«fiJ anctloneer , -ale «Ti«r. .Nitrlli >lrl,'<a, litfi • (if.. 'W all-rraidii. a' Gianil ! Molor Colicsfe, Kansn.s City. Mo. Teaches the tratl-? by free clinic and careful instructions in fevr weeks. Positions waiting for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. T !!i: fti:v. i ;.'!-iia'i ,a:---.- uf l! i;> K.l'-ri. j,'i.-i.,r of ih«" this inorninf; lia.! i \:a;. -! < Xcrcis-o .-j at tb-- CiiA.NTTK ';:i(!-r\v rf a t. rrif:.- rtnibbiiii: a' liio i :.ini;= .if Hr in ;h<» b.Tl; ^an '.i" ;''.ayi.i in H 'lnihn' 1' ysi'-rilay. The -•''or-^ \V::- l^i t.i "i :r- Dr. BejuoMs. Phone SS9. Kes. 9U. Pr.Ti: YO'.'Ni"^. n \v.>n known farm- 1 li.inK w.-.-i of Irjla but today for ; i^P'T-ncj'. Kas., wl'.oro \n will look i Gv. r Mil* rounty with tlio idea of mov- i:;c t'l that placf to liv»>. His son '• Will. i.< a>-«>ncl.ns t!i<» rnivPT-s;;y am! .M". Y 'li!!!:,' iliiLik;; i^'irao of rontin^ his • larii; b'Tc aiKl Jihiv.nic to i.a\vr>'nct». ArbucUas* is a tremendous organizatioQ tbat rasults''^ economy, and gi?,es coffee drinkers in the United States the cheapest good coffee in the world. We ha^e our own offices in Brazil, charter our own vessels that bring the coffee to our own docks in Brooklyn, own our own stores where the green coffee mattti ss and improves. Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee is not touched by human hands —it is cleaned, sorted, roasted, packaged and weighed by ingenious machinery, mostly constructedby our ownmachin- ists in our own shops. The package is for your protection, that you may be positive that you receive the genuine Arbuckles* Ariosa Coffee every time—no matter where you buy it or what price you pay. We will tell you where you can buy Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee if you have trouble in finding it. PEOPLE PAY,/ GuTernor Hoth Fsrori Direct Primary at Expense ox State. OLD FOLKS. (ail Kciicu Tln -ir MrcnL 'lli. \\'hi!'» it i-; ininn .-.-ih!. lo renew ;!i<-ir ymnli w IK all elderly ii.-njile ihf-y can renew ib i !iL; o:ir deliiif.ns tion. Vino!. Vino!, bein,^' rich in rbe Iif>», is an id.ja! stren^'theii liir l:i> ' wan; i in Uiia aLiMl I FELL. ON A PITCHFORK ; 'i'liirtci'ii-Vear-Oid Hoy Sevcroly In .iiirt'd l>y the I'ronirs. tliai The v.; yeai old .-^on of .Mr. .Martin. . L- •'' living on the .Mail plae.; 11- srrenu'U! by 'ak-| ,„j|^j; north of town, bad hi> fac-^ r .Ml r-r irt" badly aliont Used by Millions j VOR S.M.n— I.ui> Vaiv.y. foai- 1 i-.ido. rrricar.-d land.-; in i-niall traois. (.in I'll iiioirhly jiayments. for nill |i ::i ricir;.;. wr.u^ .ir call. NHiit- ; ..k-^r ,v M .,r.:,.-;;. Mi "TC:nxsO.\ N .w^: \n lola ni.-n. .1. <'. ."."o: 'in. f. <;>rniaiiy tia- -< 1 i and ' 'i| a'.i'-lnjl po'-.i-o.-; :...i ;--Tb.. li :.-i ev .-r :.;r'i\<. m i\;t ii -.a'; lor -'i-' lb'"' iii--' l.'..:- i:;e.- a* ;!ie i;. .:•..•! :on .ii:ri.w an-naii .n. .Mrs. CaotreU. IMione 10»7. P. E. Waneh, Drntht. Phon* 195. O&icp OTcr Burrrirs Dmg Store. inanvled y,-sterday evenin.; five o'clock by fallin,:: from a ' load of bay onto a pitchfork which bad the prnnu.s sticking upward. I One prone; of the pitchfork struck , tlu' biy on th.^ (bin as; lie li 'll. an^'. ti.c llesh froui the r-hin 'o one siile of I lie mouth wa.-: torn allowin?; th" lower lip to tall down-and |iart!y cover the (bin. The pron.i: pferced the i';e>iiy p.;.: ibe ( iie .-i^ and canie nut beiwet-n the t-ye and the ••ar. Tii" Vinol i.-i not a paien: medieine. but vonnf! wa.-^ a borr:bb- ono and caused | male by, i ,v:re:it ilea! of pain. The fork was | not a Mi-ty on.- wliich means that' ti ere i.-; little danger of blood poison.^ The injury is a very severe one .aiul reipiiieil several slicbe.-. ona-nr.= ui and body btiiJdor for old folk^ Mr. .\. J, liaikor oi Evau.-ivilie. [ml., .=;ays. •'Thett' is no other medicine in ;be world oiinal to Vinfd lor ejdt-ily people. I Would no; tak-- a !!ion>and dtdbirs i"or the -'o.,ii i; done nie." Topeka, Oct.- 11 ^Oovfrnor Hocb last niRhi took a favorable stand for a direct primary in a b-tter to Con- .icressnian Anthony, in which be said; "The convention praciiialiy di.^- franohisi-.-i tb-- ,ot.-r. :.i tar a", tnosr of the nffiters ti>;l.>- ib.iaii i., concerned, beiau e Tij.- lir -b -srate.-: Selected in the various pri-i-uiii- ntnb-i the conv.-niion s>>reni ar.- a'=uall.\- in tb.- ! iiiti-rest of .si ,m.' landidaie for olie of(ii-e. and I be voter in Votiiii; for flies.- d.le};ate.H caniioi esijre.-s lib's (irf-fer- elice for aiiy other ofBce. views I have voiced in two biennial me.>;- sa,i;es. in two special lnessa.^es and in numerous other [nibli(; utterances. •'li was a source of ?;reai reirrer to me that the loKisIa'ure failed to enact a primary election law. and 1 still believe it was a ?:reat mistake when, in the closini; hours of the session, the house refused TO asree to the bill which provided for the sel.-ction of all county otlicers. district jttd.:;es. representatives and state .•.eiiatius by as bile a primary election law. .is tar as it went, as was' ever |iropov.->d to a ICKislative body. Tins coni[ironii.-ie bJM would have en:ibled tbf |iei>)ile to select ;be n.>\t leu-islature 111 both branches al a primary election. ;ind if a legislature so selected wouid not co on and complete printary e'eciioti law we can never hope to set it. The peo ide would also iiave had a chance to have e\pressed themsolv.-s for Fniied Srato> senator, all they can do anyhow until the consiituion of the I'ni'- (HI iSiates is chanced. "If the republican state ceimal conimiTipe can lejrally throw aioniid :i primary election the necessary safeguards and provide for a primary eiec tion that shall not burden the state candidates with its expenses. I am in favor of it. I believe the people should liay the expenses of nominatin:? candidates, as well as of eiectins tbeni. .Any other policy would make this a rich mans government, (inr a premiiini upon wealthy candidates and practically bar men of stit::;! means iioni aspirins to state office. '"I believe Theie i> pauiotisni, however, amonc the republicans of Kansas to provide for the expense of a primary election without puttin;-: any of ihi.'--burden, or more than a citizenship siiare. on tb.f candidates fiir stale oflice. and I believe sufficient safei;uards can be thrown around tb-- t-leciioii to make it r^as- ionably safe and free from fraud." TOMGIIT THE ROBL\.SOX STOCK CO. "Her Lord and Master" Ihe Iowa Store Special for SATURDAY Nice Greenhouse Lettuce Blue Damsen Plums Green Gage Plums Nice Green Spinach Nice Green Beans Fresh Tokay Grapes Calif. Bell Flower Apples Nice Celery Oranges, Bananas Utah Beans Fresh Beef, Veal, Pork Live & dressed chickens Our goods are all nice; and fresh prompt attention to all phone orders. Phones <i6j 646 Respectfully,; A. G. Mumma. Call on a real cod liver )ir. pa-ation male by a .-cientibc. i -xtrac-i\e .md co ';i en- I rat in;; lirocess f:. en [:i -sb coil.-;' HVIMS combining with pepiouate-of-iron a the n;-^dicina!. !.e .".liu'.'.' b.idy-l.uildinu elements of Cod li'.cr oil. liu' no oil. Vinol Ion.'.- ip il,.- di.u.->iive orL .ins. fakes rich lerl bdod. and .--iiiind. >ieady nerves. In this way it r>p;iirs worn tissu.^s. checks the natural decline of the ni ^ed. bttilils till the run d )wn. tired .ind d---ii':in;ed and re- jil .ii .'s weakness with s'l-n-'b. W-.i.-k ev.- 1 •. aped or v\>:ik in-rsoti in lol.i try Vino! rin our r,if.-r to return nioney if it fai's to uiv.- >a-lafac;ii 'i :i S. It Hnrte'l. i!r':-'-.;i-t. lola. I\.i- TIIK F.MItV T(li.l» TIIF MIWS, yu K have a suit for evu-ry form. The illustration above is the * best ot evidence, sbowii3g our STOI T sac';. We have a line for stout men, short men, long iceii, in fact all shapes and We also .show here one (.: oi:r m.-.iiy new styles for >ouiig me n. Prices $tO.OO tO $2 7. JO. BBrolny^Shieldm Gloihing Go. "IHE STORE THAT SATISFIES," i-n O'clock Filitinii of III;- !.'(".rUlcr (;a\e K«~.iilt OI Siipp ra-e. Tb - t 'll-lin^ of il ;i- corone:-.< Jiiry !,:-t fvi 'tiini; at .ceveti o '<-'.>ci> l.fiapht to an etid proiiably ti'.e iiio.-i itninirt- an; imiu -.-'t tli;it ever been held ;a Allen county. Tl'.e Sapp c.ise has no- only ar-racted local attent;r,n but o-.-.T tile (-ountrv people b :i-.<:• .-ei: etiL 'erly v .atcbitis: its prour>-s^:. :<-ri -,,pr ,I:ta;i :..iner-s a-I.ed l"or .Mai f. i --i \e.| in.ii'.y colnaKis <.f >';iff :!')•:! : Tlie Kansas (':;y Star has i'tid a ii;.r' b.ere on the mrnaid for tilt-- - i 'a\-. while the r.t:;er nietiopol- i -an i-apers w.'rc r.-pi-esetlte^l bv cim- p- I. tit 'oial new>paper t.i'-:;. Til-" r. lore The Keu.ster I els a little iiroiid todnv r,f ih.' ?;,:nt acconi- plir-h.'d la>r. niu-br when by ten o'clock paiers were on the >;ieet..; and in the hnme^ of its scbscrib^rs. toUin.c of the lindin.:; of tlrs jur.v. Today by ten o'clock ih.- Resrisfer's fifteen hundred rural route subscribers had tl,e news .Many conuiliments bav.- r.ittie fo 'be e;irs of Tb^ |{e.i:i,--.-r f..; ce to-lay and we feel ...^ri' 'be .ffot t was duly ap ;i :eeiated b-. readers. Kesoliitions. Roiolutions of cimdolonce by ?.lc- Cotdi VoM. No. .">1. Grand .\nny of the llepubiic. deptirttncnt of Kansas, on tlu- death of Comraue Captain K. \V. ^ .Joliff: LAHI;K nmniKs TO I.K.IK s ^xuJ .^^'jn ::tJ '':,:^S. V 4 1 ^- . . . . citj/.eii (It Id.ti ;in : ;i cviuirad-- Iliir .VndieiUTs. .beloved cnt ^rad^ - "o: .'iv ! and a member of .McCo'.l. I'..-' i fore. I(.-=<-.:i.-.i. TI-.,: (•.! I ;<ml tl .i- wi!.-. :a :::i'; Rev. Sam Small, the fleorKian lecturer ;iu'! evan?;eiist. addressed another l;ir;r.' ciaiwd M the .Methodist I-:pis- • chiireb ;u l.tiHarp.- !a-t even- He did nor i;:ve a b-cturi' bn» pr--acb--d a •-.•i-iiai;i on •Keeiiins Ibei Cot.itua'K'nient-." In this sermon be i -MiIilia.-i .<i -d 'be !':)(t iliar it was not, iuipossilile to keeji il;.- i.-n command- .•lii'llt - :i.-~ MUiie belif \e|. II,- pretiCb-, •"d au;.iii tbis aft-'. lei- '11 at tbre.- o' , clod; atid will do s -i aiiain Ibis even- !;m and toiunriow .iftennioii. Satiir-| day e\.-tiiiii; lie will leave tor F'orr j .•sc -i 't w bt 'r-^ lie \\:ll b'-tarv i ol our as .'i of -Mc- of our 1 \\-;.r. . -h 're- u.- ex- L. E F FLiER When tieeding anything in the Jewelry line. TIIK FltlTH.IUF LOST. ta::;;'; a::! r- l.itive-; lour s;. inp.atb.. '.v. i.':-!:' i: b-:• I '.e• nieiit of on-' -.1 b:.;:;l.'. •••.t.'.-n,. .j and ' ^< nernlly loved by all aiei I ••ri -li;-' order that a copy of the.-e .•••^iluiion.; ' be forwtirdeil i.> il..- u;r-- oi fainily. al.-<> .'I copy to eacli o; '.'•.'.>• dail.v pa• p-Ts of the eity. ami tbtif tliev b.-> I spr --ai' on ib<- liiinutes of .McCjok il'..-'. M. F. S.WLOR. W. F. H.\MMON'l>, .1. 11. ROCK. Comniitte.- of rondolence r.v nr.ler of .McCoik Pos-. .1. j:. U'al- ber. commander. .'><l(-,Tnicr ^Va*i .\nioinr Wrllinan 's—rai).: ROIIRRVrOir JCRY E.MrV.NEI.I.En. tiliii and Fli'ti-cii .Men UroHued. ( op.-nha'-ren. (ic. i'—The .\ntic (a^e to Re Tried I-J tho Rellmny Ho* .-t.-ana-r. F;:t!'joi". wbici; a.comaanie.l j' . I'ital V*. Illllihard. oa the Cbica-O K-o'd-Her- MIST RKI'ORT n\ TYPIIOin. Arr» III \ctrllernl Kun->as Pliyslriuno lianirt-r orrroseciilinii. Topeka. Oct. 11.—Pliv.-icians who do not r<-port tvpboiil fev.r ca.-es in Kan•^.'is till' to be (iro.^ecuiid by the coun- ti betiltb (iflb-ers. accoidiii:; to in• liiiriiou> -.-nt nut bv lb.>'J. .1 ("i unili;!!''. r.--cr.'i.ii \ .i .f ili.- Kansas boaid o; b.-,il'b Kr Ci aliibine 'ia.> leieived .--e-.i .,i ion; (d ti ill f s of .•> I'll' 111 ill-.; I .-p.ii led. r>'.:irded the dl:-' a.---' !!' tile state. I'' so a.-- i-tmrls 'yphoid T.'pboid I .V.: ino.~t d.inue.,iii> The i ,;ib'r> t'U- •b.nt county he.iltb oflicers could Investigate the .source of infection and lake steps to prevent th-- further spread of tiie disease from the same source. While the disease is not cnn- ragioii.s, many cases may spring from the same source. '-(.•) tilil -Xi -'dit;!!;! ;o Sni'xiiersen. was bi-t off I'tipe l.;ii.;;t'n->s. Ic.-land. Octob.^r The c;i;italn and fifteen of the crew we:.- drowned. The en.^ineer c'iini;.'o ;iie plank on which be drift"-d ;'-^hore. The I-~r:tbj 'i'' '.va> b.omew.iri !'i ''-ind to .N'orwny. Heplster Want Ad.s., le a Word. The jii-^y which will he;ir the first or the fainoas Rohrbaimh case wa? empanelled this niorninir. The case ;ii iie tried is the Rethany Hoseittil vs. Ne!li.> ilubbard. The case has cr-at- ed a creat d.-al of interest over the sttite as n^K-h Jironeny is involve.:, i The fielowins is the jury: .A. E. ; Wri'-'i.-. George Foster. Ora Russ?ll. • i.. I.. .Vortbrup. .T. W. Kyle, Nathan j Wilson. C. r. .lohnsoti. G. F. R<^'''uns. I i;. O Fenteanx. .!ame.< Holt. T. M. ' I'.artiees and H. L. Henderson. »TEYER«» GROCERY HtadqMrtara f»i Good Things to Eat Tek |>hoDe IS9 DistiUei Water One hundred ponnds ot Cryf tal Ice will make 12 gallona ot distilled water snltabla for family use. Try It lelalce&CeldStonfaCi FRANK RIDDLE. Mcr. WORTH CONSiDERiMG wouldn't you consider it no question about .[uality? When buying from a iewelery store very important to feel there is absolutely When you buy here you don't pay any more, perhaps less, than in an indifferent store, but you are certain abobt quality. That point alone is more important in choosing diamonds, watches, jewelry and silverware than any other morchandise. Mono Oltpute thm Worth ofoui* Ouarantee Ho. Pv^, Santa F« u4 H. K. ft. T. IVatck lupectort. Evans Bros. Oi OHm, SlM*.*M *a *r9lHlmct ammmUmm, TfpmmfMmr ammmlimm, Offlom SmmmUmm. Where quality la main conil4* eratlon. we buy the best. Wher* demands will justif.v, w« carry all grades and prices. wm soiioH toui^ ri*Mf!*. •OUTH aiDK tQUAU lola, KanMib P0L4R BEAR FLOUR Has Stood tiie Test Becatfse its the Best Acce|)t No Other Wm.Oberdorf, Agt;

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