Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 20, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1908
Page 2
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THE lOIA BAUT BEGISTEB, TUESDAY EYEMirC, OCTOBEB 20.1808. L t. HOBTHBUF, ^m M mL F. A. KOBI^BII?, TlccPretUeat B. ft HOBTHBUP, «•« Tke-Prert Idnal PAD) oa lOniBSnNUIt A. U BBOHBAUCIH. CMkler. MELTDT FBONK, Ant CmUm lifnttiry tw Oimi Stitif Eitablished 1869. " Stitt frf lusaf I I ineiiCMity MiK liik ii IDu : Assets $1,200,008 Tomorrow we Make a Special Offering of Fall Men's and Hen's Suits at $14.T5, f 16.50, $20 Til:)] you sliituld tuk«' suhuiiUiv*' of fur tli(> rrusoii that tlicsf snif« wt-iis aood lis any. $2ri.(HI valii«^<i you oau lind oiit<i:iIi> of tills store. 'Ihry iii-c of :i(Iv»a<id fashion iilioiindliif; in Israiity ui:d rhnractrr. Wv hiiM- thciii in the nrw iiiodH with ino or tiircc Icittons, uith |ila::i or fancy I 'liffs in dis(i:i(tiw^ strijios and shadotv stri|i<'s in the iionfvt "iliadt-s o:' hrowns. jrrpt'n and OIIIPS. KAUFMAN '?PRE-SHPUI4»^' 6APMENTS Ciiflcrwear Time \» offer a special varii'ty of eood underwear at prliev tliat Is Ini ])Ossihle to erinal :n fine li .ie of .Uen's I 'ulon Suits at i !''l.i.(> to $l..>0. Also a .s ]tlendid lot of niediun: weight rililied nnder<Ye :ir i.'i all colors at 4> The home of W. L: DOUGLAS $3150 Shoes The Home of J. B. STETSON $3.50 Hats TO LOAN—$5,000 private money on farm land at C per cent.—tola Land Co. ' to entertain their card club. The I several tables were occupied by sixr teen guests and prizes went to Mrs^ C. H. Shields and Mr. J. H. Camp^ bell. Refreshmems were served atter cards. I • I To Live Here. 1 Miss Pansy McMillan of Greenfield. .Mo., who has be«»n a guest at the home of her consin. Miss EtBe Stapp for two days, has accepte^i a position at the Ramsay store. .Miss Elizabeth Bnzza.-d. who accompanie't W.ANTEil—Live hnsine.^.« man to Miss McMillan to lola. will make he.- put in sitooit of ilry good.^ and general home here. imd^e: be.-^t small town in eomuy. I <• j Phone !»2t;. To Attend Wedding. | Mr. and .Mrs. H. A. Knepp. of Pe- WA.VTED—Reiviir men. oilers and culiar. Mo., are the gnests of Mr. laborers for cement mill work. Write and Mrs. C. R. Morrison. They will „s f„;,y givini; reference?. The Port- be guests at the wedding of Miss Ida , . , . Morrison tomorrow. ^ -'"M-any. Portland. I're- ^ ^. ^ laont Couniy. Tolo. Planning a Social. I T™",;; Mrs. E. N. .lones is spending the W A.\TED—lola property to ex- afternoon at Bassett chapel in con- change for and Missouri land, ference with the ladies concerning a Golden Land Co. OfTice over Iowa social to he an event of next weeit. .«>(Qre lola Kas Bffsiness Dbectofy. DB. XILDRED CCBTIS • Fbjrsician and Siugeon. . • Office over Bu'-rell's Drug Store • Office Phone 554. • Residence 214 B. Jacksoa *Phone r>69. • DRS. REID & BEIB, • • Fbysicians and Surgeons. * • X-Ray and Electrical Appllancea. • Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. • • Office Phone 357; Ree. 396. • Mrs. Heneon Coming. WANTED—.\ lirst class salesman to !* Mrs A. V. Lodge. 907 East street, ^^j, .^^^ ^^^^^ specialties i wil have as her guest durmg the ^.^^^^^ consumer in and around' federation convention.Jilrs. C. F Hen- ^ g ^oj business to right .son of Paola. Mrs. Hen.son will ap- ponies. Write or call on the (;rand pear on the program to read a p .aper jj^jon ^ea Co., 704 Kansas Avenue, illustrating work of the department xopeka Kas of philantliropj-. 1 + * ' SALES.MEN & AGE.NTS—S $ % J.'iO.OO On Executive Board. ' p.«r week and over Can be made selliLg |' The Sorosis club has elected two Xew Campaign Novelties from now!' members. Mrs. A. V. Lodge and Mrs. until election. Sells to Stores, Coun- I.. W. Mayberry to represent them on ty Fairs, Picnics and Private Kamilies. the executive board of the city fejd- Complete line of samples, charges pre- eration. Each club is expected to aip- paid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO point two officers and the remainliig NG/ELTY CO.. 60 WabaEh Ave., clubs did so at earlv meetings. Chisago. 4. .^ * , Rev. IVIcElroy Leaves. FOR SALE-MlMOmikUB^OUa Rev. W. R. McElroy, of Topeka. „ \ „ „ T if" ~ who has -been In Tola since Saturday SALE-loung .shont.<.: 2 miles left today for his homo. He was en- north of Power House. Lewi.s Powell. tertained in the home of Mr. aiid Mrs. W. T. Smiley during his .«5tay. POR SALE—House hold goods, new DR. McMILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. Office over Burrell's Drug Store West Madison. • 0ossip of Society Chanute where Mr. Oorbitz has purchased a business establishment. I They left yesterday for their new 'home. here. .\ SPECI.ILIST SAY.S: • • • Miss Cooper Coming. Miss Lora Cooper ariivo at noon tomor -Plies Cant Be Thoroufhljr Cured lijr Outward Treatment.** and cheap. sell Ui once. C ternoons at 203 East street. —Fltjgerald, Auto I.iverr. • * Coming to Club Meeting. .\moiig the delegates to the foder ations of clubs meeting at lola thi.i Dr. J. S. Leonhardt. of Lincoln. .N'eh.. the celebrated specialist, i-ho has of Parson^j ^.jjj' studied every phase of pile.s, .«:ays: • . ...••Piles can't he thoroughly cured by orrow for a visit ^irtments. nor any other out.side treat FOR RENT—Furnished rooms. ."SOS South Jefferson. Phone 687. Ret. 701. DR. 0. L. COX, Bye. Bar, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Pitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. Offlc3 Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 40t D«. R. 0. CHBISTIAK Physlelao and Sm^eea Rooms 7 and 8. E>rans Bids. fOR eXOHAMBE TO EXCHANGE—For lola residence property l<i* acre farm in Missouri; tJO PLone.,nientsofUie plan and Mrs. S. M. vStod ,vith Effie Stapp. .She will be nient. The cause is intt'rna!. "^and acres cleared, good h«ise. barn and dard gave some interesting reasons accompanied bv Mrs. Maude Davies need.-: internal treatment." Dr. 1 .eon-, orchard. By L. Hobart. illustrating the merits. 'of Kansas City who been in hardt perfected Hem-Roid, the first j „. jVtia'rrer^^^iHZi^rs-TiOrt internal pile cure. It frees circula-! Six Clear La Marpe residences of Kansas City who During the business meetin? dele- parsons for the past week. '! gates were elected to the convention A A. .\ week are Mr.s. H. B. -\sher. Mrs. C.eo.j.^^^ ^^^^ ^ Y_ 3^^^ ^ ^, ; ^ p^;^^ J. Barker, Mrs. A. Huddleston and Thomas were chosen to represent Mrs. E.' D. O'Bryon. The ladies will (he clifh. bo entertained this year by the clubj .«. women at Tola at their homes and In Kansas City, will have many pleasant affairs plan- Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Heylmun are ned for them.—Lawrence Gazette. j spending the week with friends in 4- • • Kansas City. Frederick Wallis Home. | 4- • Frederick W. Walli .5. of Kansas: Postpone Club Meeting. City, who has sjieni the pa'^t year in' The party which was to have becii lion in the lower bowel, and has cured and $3000. Cash for merchandise or fi8 ner cent of cases. \ ' farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola. Kas. Sold under guarantee at Chas. B. ~ 73777^^7777; TTTTTTZ; 7"7: ; ~ . Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Shields .gave a Sp'^ncer & Co.'.s. Price $1. Dr. l.eon- EXCHANGE—A finely improv- •very pleasant .",00 party last evening hardt Co.. Station B. Buffalo. .V. V.. ed farm. .Wosho county. Owner wants J " " prop. While for booklet. , brick bu.=iness properly. Whilaker & ' =^=^^^^^^«™M» - I Donnell, over "Our Wav." j Mr. and Mrs. Stanfield Here. j FOUMO and white The Fanner's Wife j Mr. and Mrs. Ean Stanlleld arrived ^ li very careful about her chum. She at noon today from Flagler. Colo-, •calds it thoroughly after using, and gives rado. where they were married yes-. IX)bT—Gold ring, red It a sun bath to sweeten it. She knows tefday. .cameo setting. Return to Register of- that if her chum is sour it will Uhittbe i • * If ice and receive reward, butter that is made in it. The stomach is i Miss McGowan Home. i_ lis, who left here three years ago for voice study in Florence, Paris and liOndon. Mr. Wallis sang before 300 Kansas Cityans night in the New Casino, his recital since his rv turn from abroad. The hearers wi 're favorably impressed. The programme given by Mr. Wallis was varied In the style of its selections. Those in which the audi ence seemed most pleased by the forcoful baritone voice were: '"Der .Veugierlge and Der Popelganper."" by S?chubert; two Schleisinger numbers: ••Vision Fupltive." from ••Herodiade. by Massenet, and the p :-olou2ue from Leconcavallo^s •'I Paglalcci." ... .> .J. ; W. C. T. U. Meetin". There will be a meeting of the Wo man's Christion Temperance Union on Friday at the Jackson street ret rooms. The reports of delegates who attended the state convention at Pittsburg wil! be heard and refreshments will he served at the close of the afternoon. .J. .;. .J. Qui Vive Club. Miss Liicile Copeland will have members of the Qui Vjve club as her guests for an informal party tonight. • • • Miss Mitchell Coming. Miss Florence Mitchell of Parsons, will spend Saturday and Sunday at hrr home here. + A + Current Event Club. There was the usual fortnightly meeting of the Ctirrent Event club yesterday at the home of their president, Mrs. R. n. Stevenson. The program of the afternoon was opened hy the roll call which was answered by items about prominent educators and their work. An interesting feature of' the day was a discussion of the Ainerican public-school system. Mrs. C; R.. Sucher presented the. de­ ft cliurn. In the stemach and digestive | Miss Alice McGowan has return„ . . . „ . _„,.„ u:„ first given at the home of Mrs. H. A. Ew- and nutritive tracts are performed pro- ed from a two weeks' vacation with Europe is at home and gave his fli.^t s ^^^^^^^ exactly like the her parents at Redfield. recital last night. Mr. Walhs gave a °" ^,,1 * been nostnoned " churning of butter. Is it not apparent | * * + two seasons ago. The Times today (.Q^^pntjon ^.jn interfere with the en. ...-.»'says: ' tertainment for the club. QWany patrons of music in Kansas ^, ... .j. , ^ ^ \., City have been eager to note the one Guest. ! fJX "o ^^s °o ^hr ^out 'tL''^: music progress of Frederick W. \\al- joia plub women seem to have a jj^ pi.-rce's Golden Medical Discovery wrong idea concerning the plan of makcii the sour and foul .stomach sweet. ..„.,jt.,„ t..virntinnc fnr tho Hub re- It docs f«»r the stomach what the wa .-5hing . „ extending invitations for the clui, n ^..j^^,, i,j,th do for the churn-absolutely groom in attendance. | Each club removes every tainting or corrupting ele- The wedding was a complete sur-; " uiont. In this way it cures blotches, prise to everyone, including membei-s: pinipli'S eruptions, scrofulous swellings, of the immediate family of the bride.! sort'.-*, or open eating ulcers and all , Miss Lee has been in Kansas City humors or disiMses arising from bad blood, 'for a week at the home of an uncle,; If you have bitter, nasty, foul taste In j Q_ Cain, and at the time of her de- F. n. MARiiir, Surgery and Diseaiet oC Women. Office and Residence Pbone 57C Office 7 North JelTenon. JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jeweler, no East Stre*L Lod^e Difectoty KKIGH¥S OF PVTll»\s._Veoeh« Liodge No. 43 Tr ..-i- -»^r> wi.aday night at K. of 1 " • ' n- >4 brothers Invited. W. S. I liorapaou. E. C. Chris Ritter. K. of R. and 8. OUR TELEPHONE ception tomorrow night, member is expected to ask one guest for the occasion. The Music club has been invited, also ofllcers of the Booster club and their wives and a few others who are 1 ance in i-i^ertaininK thi women. •> •> Gave Entertainment. Under the auspices of the Christ- Ian Endeavor society, Mr. Clyde Poulier, an Impersonator, cave an entertainment at tha Christian church last eveninc. The attendatice was not large because of the storm, but those w! o wen> jiresenf were appreciative of the jtrogram. The proceeds will jeo to the building fund of the church. .;. .;. .•. To Chanute. air. and Mrs. W. R. Redfearn are leaving tomorrow for Chanute where they will make their home. Mr. and Mis. Fred Gerbltz will also live in Lee-Sommers. ....V... - .vu.o«,u.«u.»uu. J '^s^ evening in Kansas City was ig constantly ringing these days. Sep- I the bad taste in the mouth and the foul ' solemnized the marriage of Miss Liia tember, you know, is the time to have ' bre.ath caused by it, but the corruption of °^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ '° Hubert J. Som- the summer dust cleaned out of car- 'mnrs of Chicago. The wedding was pets. solemnized at the home of Rev. F. C.. We are busy, but your order wiil .McConnell, pastor of the Forest ave- receive prompt and careful attention, ntie Methodist church, with a .smaM Phone us today, group of friends of the bride and IGLA RUG FACTORY Pb«a« Ut. KNIGBTS OF MACCABEESr- Knights of Maccabees, of the World meets in K. P. Hall, lecond and foarth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwalt. commander; R. B. For* ter, record keeper. ' Vf. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meets la K. of P. Hall every Friday nl^t W. T. Steele. C. C A. il. Davis, Clerk \risItors cordially Invited. ». Vf. A..—The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in H. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. P. a Coffield, V. C, W. A. Cowan. Clerk. BOTAL IkEIGUBOBS.—lola Cainp So. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of eadi month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, orad*. Mrs. Mary Button. 413 West Streft. Recorder. aoU, constipated or irrvgular bowels, sour or bitter ridings after eating and \Mor aiip<'tite, iliese sympti>nis, or any consider^ able nutnlior of tbi-m. Indicate that vou are aatlcriiig from bilioiuiiibss, torpid or lazy nver with the usual accompanying indi- sestioii. or dyspepsia and their attendant derangemenlji. The beat «genL< W]lQyp ^» ™1'dl''^l liSmS^lTlJal this is absolutely true will be readily proven to your satisfaction tf you will but mall a postal card request to Dr. R. V. Pierce, BtilTalo. N. Y.. for a free copv of his booklet oT .-xtracts from the standard medical authorities, vii'ing the names of all the ingredients entering Into his wr.rld-fanied medicines and showing what. th<i most eminent medical maa of the uge say of them. Have You a Wedding Present to Buy? Are you perplexed? Selecting the bride's gift won't be a hard matter If you w\U allow us to help you—^fcr we've made special provision for October and November wedding gifts. Here you wilt find assembled an assortment wttich is unequalled in this locality for either variety, beauty or price. See our Libby Cut Glass. My. ?ae., Saata F* and K K. tt T. Watch laspeetort. there were no! STRAYED—From feed yard, a large er marriage in the red cow. M. Griffith. there were per-, - • sistent rumors of an engasement. .Mr. and Mrs. Sommers will be here on a FOUND MRS. RENFRO GUILTY, late afternoon train and they will be; , at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Many Witnesses Cabled and Costs for a time before deciding ui>on | Were Heavy, lola or Chicago as a location for their I ^rs. Lou Renfro. colored, was : found guiltv in justice court at Bas- Mrs. Sommers has grown to worn- .sen yesterday of disturbing the anhood in lola and with the exception peace and assessed a fine of $3. The [of a two years* •course in Loretta costs were quite heavv owing to the academy at Kansas City has complest- x^^.^ that a larre number of witnesses ed her education here. Mr. Sommers vv-^ro called, the total expense to the has visited in lola at intervals and defendant being $21. The complain- though not widely acquainted will be j^g witness was a Mrs. Stewart. The the recipient of many sincere good tropble occurred several davs ago. wi.shes from the many friends of his FBATEB5AL BBOTBEBHOOBr- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeta second and fourth Thursday of each month In A. O. U. W. Hall. Vlslttng members cordially invited. W. H. Aa> derson. president; Golda Slam, secr^ tonr. hride. S\(MV TKX YEAR.*C .\fiO. Two Inches Fell In Kan.«a.s on Oo- toi»er i;th, mas. Ten ye:<rs aaro Saturday, Kansas was covt -red with two inches of snovr. The snow commenced falling about '9 o'clock the night before and continuejd thjtpugh most of the day of the 17th. TO ORGANIZE TONIGHT. The High School Students Interested in Band to Meet. The movement in the high school for a band will take definite form tonight when all of those interested will meet for the purpose of organization. There has been considerable interest manifested in the matter and it is expected that a big band The flakes were large and heav.t, |can he organized. A high school hanging to the trees and in placejs breaking down the telephone and tel<t- graph wires. The storm was preceded by weather much like that ej^- perienced the last two days. KW dav I he 15th the wind blew a gale from the south. The temperature was mil'jd and there was no sign of cold weather. The mercury fell to freezing the following evening and snow unexpectedly commenced to fall. The vegetsj- tion was green and the trees had n^t lost their foliage. Branch in La Harpe. Since the closing of- the La Harpi» Steam laundry, the Tola Steam laundry has established a branch office l|n La Harpe and .a wagon now tpake^ dally trips there. band will no doubt prove thing for the school. good Auditorium TONIGHT LOW COLONIST RAT£S TO ' M CALiroRNIA LD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA OlS^SALE Sept. 1st to Oct. 31st Ask for Fall laforauitlaB. C.F. Hale. Aft. V

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