Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 11, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1907
Page 4
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OlIAIILIS P. •eOTT. CI ICUtATJON 4 ,000. TBLIPHONM. Itocm lymm. .itt ..II •uiacfiirriON RATBS. •r Cfrtir In lota, OM City, LanyoMvin* •r Lmtimrp*. _* » eenU. MoaU 44 MoU. rmt. II.M •y MalL OM r«v. la adTUMM M.M. rturt* Monttaa, In adyMoa. ILOO. OB* Moath. la kdraaea 44 at Iota, Kanaaa, Po«to(Bo«b Mcond -ctaM matter. AAvMtlalac Ratal Ma4« ICaova m pUaatlob AN iLlESiil MAIiRIA6E A. n. OSttOBNE SATS HELEN* 5L\.. LOXEXXS SOI ClAMSON'S IVIFE. THE FIRST mmn \l ISOS SAYS BHIDE WAS MAUUIF.D IX SECKET IX«EK FALSE NAME. OFFICLU PAFES, CITY BET. OF BIS. MBMSM * AMOCIATBU MKM. riM lota 0 ilty Rcuiatar la a mamear ot Aa Aaaeali^ M ^raaa and Raoalvaa tha day rapert ' t that r^t nawa organisa­ tion for Bx lualva Aftameon Pubilaation FLOBIDAY 'S 10 OHPJIA>A»;F; )*rctty (Jirl .Solicitor Dlil Not Kctnni for Her Moncj. rojice .JudKo J. >t. follliiK yesterday turned over to Uw Orjilimis' >Ionic tho JT .tJO which "Kloriday" the I »r»<tty girl solicitor for nii OIIKKTO children's iiutdic.aiion lotl with .lim J^'udinj; an invcoUgation of her cr^'- uontlals s«»veral months afid. It will h<- renw'nilx^reil that ;i younp lady jjiv- infi her name as Miss Floritlay .solicited amoDi; thfr bunlnoss tiu'ii.,lor t-tili- RcriptSons to Iho Snnhcani, a dii'd- F*n"» pap«'r j-uWIsUed iu I 'hjladi ^ll'hia. ^Ii!^S FJoridays actions excited suspicion QDd she Invcstijjatod by the pt'ljce judpe. She said that as soon »b »to went to Kansas City she could fi« thy proper credentials. She left the 17.60 which she had ctiliccted. with the police judBc. promising to come ^ack in a few days with the credentials, at which time the money was to he turned over to h?r. Miss Flori­ tlay never returned and since the <uli fcribers contributiHl their cash with the idea that it would po to j-voor chldren. .Tudse Collins tho'UKht thi- projier di';|i<>'-ifli>n ol the Tiion.«y wnuli' to to Rive it to the Orphans* Home. I'lUrliHOu KunT About .>larrlu^>- —Eloped Bccnuso It tun Id Not Be Annnllfd. SK.VD BISdX TO t;,V.ME PRESERVE. N«»' York. Oct. 11.—.New York city vissterrtay bWpptd filtcct: bison to the national panic prctcrvo In Oklahoma. Tha animals aro the be.^t of broux head. They are in charpn of Frank Rucb, the Oklahoma cow punch er, and |u* ussistnnts. New York. Oct. 11.—The mystery surroundlnp the dihuppearance more than a week apo of Helen Maloney. Jjiughter of .Martin Maloney. the Phl:a delphla mJllionuire, was plven a hiph- ly sensational turn HKIHV . At the time of .Miss Maloiieys disajipearanco Samuel C'Iark.ion, a younp Knpllsh- man who had paid her marked attention, also dropped out of siphi anil it was reported, and peiierally believed, that the couple had eloi)ed and been married. I.,ast nipht the news came from .Montreal that the missinp pair had bren married by a Catholic pries'* in that city and had relurncd to .New York, and sailed for I-Juropc. Today rniMes the |>ubllcatii«u hero ef an uii- iiualiiiwl statt-ineiit fn-m .\rthtir iler- i .icri 0.-*lM)rn. a joiinp broker in ihi.-! city, that .Mls.< .Maloney is his wife. Accx)rdlnp to O.';bnrno's siatement he and Mi.'iH .Vabmey were married on I)«>ceniber 2.S, i:to.'.. and the mnfriape has never been annulled. Osbcrn declares that reeords In the n.)lary's office at Marmaroneck which shew that Herbert Osborn had married Helen K^lp•.•n(^ on thai date will prove his statement. He .--iud that assumed m:mes wi-re ii^ed becau .~e at lh'> til.w .Mi .-5S .Maloney desir <-d 'o keep the niar- riagi> a vecret. The fact that the m.r ria .i ;e had taken place did become known, however, according to OslKjrn and he declared that amonp those who learned of it was younp Clarkson. He says that n<jl only does Clarksim know of the marriape, but that only a short time apo he sonphi to have It aunulied. havinp pone so far as to consult a lawyer «>n the snb- I'-.'Ot. Osborn was a student at I'rincetoi? where the marriai,e with .Mis; .Maloney is allcped to li :i\e tiiken place He said today th .nt after the ceremony the y.iunp woman retiinied home while he remained with his There were frenueiii nieetinps and when the younp womiiu sailed for Ku- lOiK' with her family last .lanuary he was at the pier to idd theai poodbye Durinp her stay ahroarl she wrote him frequently. Ho never had seen her since she sailed in .I.ani;ary. liow ever, as he was unable to meet the steamer when the Malone.vs returned and something always happened (o We Get Down to Business t and say that Stein-Blocli and Hart, Schaflfner & Marx clothes are the foremost ready-to-wear clothes in America. They fit with a style that will make you look better than you do now. This power is the result of I careful tailoring and patient workmanship, and a certain genius for solving clothes problems with intelligence. If you do not believe what we say, we ask no easier task than to prove it to vou You stand to win more than we do. f ^rices— $12.50, $15, $18. $20, $22.50. $25. I.>IPEHIAL HATS keep on (rrowlufr luHer, without the price pnminp to ii.aleli. .rust S;UM) New Fall Shoes, NeUleion and Fiorsheim Knox, and Stetson Stiff end Soft Blocks. In &fl Sty§ prevent their kcepiiip the several e RUKements made after h'r leturn. II- frequently talked with h<-r by te-i phone, however, he said, the last it:- •• on Saturday before she disappeiirr-l Osborn is tjy son of the late Wi' liam K. Osborn for many r(»ars an ci' fleer in the .\iu'ricaii Supar compaiy. He is twenty-three years old and a- only child to wlumi a fortune wil! i-oiue at the death of his moth'-r. ilclutivcs not in Secret. Phll.idilpii:;i. I'a.. Oct. 11.—The near est relative of the .Malonev fainflv ^vho could be found In this city iinho was Mrs. Andrew P. Malon'- •f Martin Maloncy's brother. She said she knew nothiiip of the repor r • >• rlnce of Helen .'Vfalouey to Samuvl C'larks'in be.vimd what had been jir; ed iu the newspapers, ami added never had heard of her niece hnvlup been niarrld previously. STOP COLONIST BATES Pn^senper A.><sociatlon Won't Cut Fares to Pnrltic €'oa!*t. Cut Chicapo. Oct. 11—The Trans Contin enta! Passtnper Associaiion yesterday decided tt» stop- irisaiiii; colouisi raici to California and other points on the P;i<-!llc coast. K. v. (•Kt'IIE.HTKA TO TOl'R. .Mublcal IS HER LEFT EVE DEFECTIVE? .'•tAY BE Hl.NG JPRV. Sirs. Romndka May Also Ilaie Ojier- The atcd in St. Louis. ShuiipWoon Ca -'O iaycd. .May Be De- Si. Louis. Mo.. Oct. 11.—.Mr. an 1 Jlr.-J. H. Chotoau IKer departed for Chiciivo tonipht to ascertain if .'^Irs. ^valine Ca tie Uoniai'.Ua, wile of a .millionaire trunk nianuftictir.-er. who was nrri-st'-.i llier.; veslerdav, is tiie house n:aiil who d)^•.•li^pl•:lrell -iitril- laiH 'Diii-.Iy with Si; IMMI worth ol .jewelry. October 1. The ))erson wiio loh- led the Dyers ''s also suspected of There may bo a hung jufy 'n the case of Shtipp vs. Moon, which was brntipht here from Ander.son county cm a chanp.' of venue. The jury went out this iii<;iiiiiip and is stiil out at three o'cl<i<-ii. Court was in session last cveniiip while the attornc.v., f.'sr two liours uliile the at'orueys closed the (-Ui^e. Bl Orguniflztlon From Lawrruco' '"K committed other thifts of jew- Mops Out PU..ure Juunt. that the former housemaid whom they suspect. Lawrcrfce Kas.. Oct. 11.—The Uni- had a defective left eye, and In other vrrslty of Kansas orchestra is added v.a.v-s answsre*! the jness des-crlption io the list of university organizations oi .Mrs. Romadka which will this year tako tr'ps to var-' in each of the reports of several re- 'ous parts of the stnt^. The orches- r.tit thefts here, a youthtul appearinp Ira has Invitations to po to Ottawa i housemaid with a "defective left i-ye" A.VDEUSO.V CASE IS 0>. I ominlKslon Etamlninf lnl« Tailor's -Mental Couditlon. orrow===ChiI(lren's Day AT THE New York Store i and to .Manhattan, exchanging dates . with the orchestras in the colleges of i those towns. Xt least cue of the invitations will be accei)ted. The orchestra now has thirty nieiu- bers. and Dean Sk'lton hopes, in lime, to build up as near to a symidiony orchestra as ip possible in a collepo. the student body is constantly changinp. It consists altogether of student musicians. It -will play for a number of college entertainments give a concert of its own at home and furnith the orchestra part of an opera to bo plven by the school of muB'c during the year. The ooera will be Gilbert & Sullivan's Patlencf. Tlib- was chosen partly becau.~o last year"? presentation of the P'rates of Penzance, by the same composers, waF such a ^uccess. was creditr-d with the work. Keulster Wants bring resnlts. A commission was convened in pro- bnte court this afternoon to examine into the sanity of J. Anderson. Mr. .\ndorson was taken into custody night before last. He has been studi- I ng Christian Science very much of i 'ate, which together with other work, is thought to have overtaxed his mind. Your opportunity to save abuut 25 per cent on your Children's accessories :BE.\EFIT FOB -BILLIE-* WILLI.VM.S. 25 Children's Coats Blue Brown ami Green wool Mixtures, wortli f3.9S, Satuiday Children's Day $2.98 20 Children's Cloaks in Brown. Bl"c and Red fnucy Mixtures, well worth f5, Saturday <'hild- ren 'ei Day $3.98 15 M'sses Skirts Ir. all c<»^ors an fancy Mixture , -worth 14.50, Saturday Children's Dav $3.50 20 ihiltir^n's Orpss Skris J'lttii. ihii'.' 1 r s }!Ool \v • ir w -oth up !«' 42 ^0, iiirday Chi drcnV D y $1.25 Special 10 per cent. Discount Tomo»row Children's Day on all Misfes and « bildren's Shoes Brin(; yonr pirls m and let us fit them out. 500 yds Dress Goods In plain and checks for Children's school dresses, worth 25c, tomorrow for per yard 15c Wool Oress F'annels All wool dres.s fl ::Hel-i in all ^colors for Children's dresses and sk'rts, tomorrow a yard 25c £x-.>IiB$tr(iI Tells H«w Hr Was Carrd of Litjnor Habit. Kansa.s City, Oct. 11.—A benefit entertainment was K'VJU at the (ii-and .\venue .Methmlist churcii la.-it iiiphi lor "Ulllie" Williams, a formt;r min strcl, who has recently forsaken the stnL-e to take up rellgicus work. The main attraction was Williams himself, who was Jniror .'iiced by th£ Ti 'V Dan Mcf;urU. Mr. Wliliamt si'o 'v-e -n an informal manner of th'-Vicissitudes of his I'fo which caused Inm to seek a new method of livini^. Fie .-Ji)()ke feellns;lv of iiitempM 'ancf as ii had affectcil his own career, and iha! of Irs wife and family, and the ci;ri' that had been •>brou ';ht about In h;;- <-asc throuch llie Inierxentiin of Pi-i>\id-nc"'. H <i also e.\ i>re>is .'d his •j--;i'jtu>J" t<> the pi 'iile of Kaiisa-^ City v,'!() li:i\>- iiitt -ri 'sted tin'ii si >lve.. in his c ;iM- .Tiiil I'.i'Iped to c'l uii^tn his le.-t. Children's Day io oor IHillinerv Depi tm ;nf Special for Saturday Cheyenne Hats In all colors, scarf trimniingi>. each 59c N"bby Chevenne tffectK p>ettily trimmed, in Red, Brown,Navy,Black.(Jr^en 96cMch Children's dear Skin taps In Black, Navy, Red, Brown, White, Blue. Vfrour choice, each 50c ST.VB L.\l >nia' IMFBOVIXJ. I >oH JIanairempnt AdiHnir ^lacbiner}' to the Efialpmfot The Star Laundry today received a number of new machines which will hell) llicm i;reat!y in the production of work. Th elmprovements include a domestic shirt raacblne. body Ironer, neck band and wristband Ironer, col- j lar shapencr and dampcucr. THE M.VBKETS. Kansas City. Oct. II.—Cattle, re- cei[-tfi ?.0«0. Stead.v. Native steers $l.00(&7.00: stockers and'feeders $3.00 (fJu.OO: cows and heifers $L'.10i&.."i.2.'>; I bulls $::.l01r;:.7.-i: calves $3.50«g7.ou. • Hop-s—riiceipts 6.000. Stf'adv. Hei- I VI- $0.:;0i;<).10: packers $(>.3iHj CSO; pl^-t and light SG.lT.'^t 6 .r,o. KIDNEY TROUBLES The kidnevs are e.ssentia1 organ* for keepinjr the body free from impurities. If they should fail to ivork death would ensue in verv short time. Inflammation or irritation caused bysome feminine derangement may spread to some extent to the Kidneys and affect them, The cause can be 'SO far remored by using Lrdia. E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound that the trouble "Will disappear. When a T \-oman is troubled'with pain or weight in loins, backache, swelling of the limbs or feet, swelling under the eyes, an uneasy, tired feeling in the region of the kidneys, she shouTd lose no time in com- MI5S KATE A.HZARN mencioiT treatment-with Lydia E. Pinkham 's Vegetable Compound It may be the means of saving licr life. Itcod what this medicine did for Kate .\. Ileani. 520 West -JTth Street, New York, who vrrit«s:— Dear Mrs. rinkham:—"I ov.e a debt of gratitude to Lydia E. Pink- hams Vegetable Compound for it has saved my life. I snffered with Kidney, trouble, irregularities and painful periods, and my blood was fast turning to water. 1 usod your medicino for some time and it has made me strong ami well." Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound made from nntire roots and herbs cures Female Complaints, such as Falliny-and Displacements, and Organic Di.seases. Di.s.solves and expels Tumors at an early .stage. It strcnirthon-. and tones the Stomach. Cures Headache, Ocneral Debility and invisroratos the whole system. For lieranjrement of the Ki<lncysin either sex Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is excellent. Mrs. Pinkham's Invitation to Women Women sufPerinfT from any form of female illness arc invited to write Mrs. 1'inkbam, at l>ynn, Ma&.s., for ailvice. It is free. lEe RoUaway Skating Rink Now Open! TWO DKEOa were filed in the re-i corder's office yesterday showing the traiisf .T of some gas land by tbo Cora-' ineie;- Trutt company to the Lumberman's Portland cement company. The . laud Is In the nclnity of Carlyle. The Commorce compaoy secured the gas land £ome time aso. The transfer indicates that the l ^umberman's Pbrt-j land meana buslnees. SKATING LESSONS 10 to 12, admission inclii'iin^ t ^kates 2^ 2:o0 to 5:30, admis&ioii imiuiiini-' bkatcs. . .'i^^ 7 to 10:30, adniseion iucludiug sKates... .o-i' Special.att»*ntio !i g-ven to.beginners.

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