Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 20, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1908
Page 1
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The Register Ham the Lmrammi Circulation la Allen Geuniy of Any Mewmpaper Publlmhed In the County* i OLUME X. NIJMBKR 308. lOLA, KANSAS, OCTOBER irt. TIESD VY EYEXIXO. EIGHT PAGES. PBICB TWO CSHT§. • > •if JACKSON IS IN TOWN ARE OFF TO SAUNA SAYS HE WOOLD EMPLOY MORE HELP WHILE OOT HONTING WERE AT PAUCE THE ATTOHNI:Y «I:NKKAI. WII.I. SPEAK AT l.A HVHPE TONIGHT. GOV. HOCH HERE THE 26TH ri.OQIENT SPKAKKH WIl.I. DHESS HIG MKETING HKKE. AU. niK Crow (J t« G« lo I.a Har|M' 1«>- nlght—.fnckson at Sawuildut.' Tomorrow NiKhl. Attorney General Fred S. .Jaol.soii came down from Toiieka this aft«;r- iioon to address (he Republican ra .ly, at Harjie tpniRht.. Mr. Jackson has been arfiv «'!y engagod iu tlie camiiaigii this fall but is yet vigorous and enthusiastic. HP was mf't at th<' (rain by L. L. Norllirup and Captain Kwing and escorte<l to th(» Pennsylvania hotel when' ho was entertained this afternoon. •Mr. .JacU.-:on will di'liver-^two ad- dresse.s in Alien county on his present trip. Tonight . Jie" i.s tlie principal speaker at, I.a Iliirpe and tomorrow Mght he siieaks at Savonlnirg. \ r«ni.--ing ineotiug i.s ex)»ert«'d ni l.olli placfs as ilr. .lackson is.a convliir- iOK talker, liy hia zeul in the prose eution of all ea>es which have conif before h:m he has .fr-ade hlnisell' MHM wit It the pii'iiple tif KuUKMS. A lar«<^ number iif Ioh» people will .".tiend the rally «oulgUt. «ol«K o«« <m the car lino. All «tr ihtt c«ndUlateK wll. join the puny. A munher «>r lahuts will also go down to SavotthuiK tomorrow ttluhi. .Mr, ^IUCKMUI said (hl!> noon that he wrtx well jdeaned wllh ih«> H««|"'l>" v'i\u uuttooU over tie Htttlo and atillcl pa (e.>« a deel>tlve victory for the party in power. t;ovcri\or Kdwaid W. Il<»ch. r«>«ard the Ucst orator In an ud.lre«!< In rOL. ATCHISON AM* A. II. HAVIS l |tnM: TO HIIINti A.H.T.V. T«» lOl.A. PinSBURG WANTS IT TOO THi: noosTKiJs I,I:M) "AMIES' THKIH KXTHrSIA.STIC SI PI'OIIT. Iii>-t Sissioii of ( onveiilion in .>l<irniutr—A Hi}; Ran <|iHl a Keahire. the deliver ed hy iiian.v KansiiH, will ., (••I M nil ih\> •'voiiliiH «»r ihu ia'iih. Till Hejmhllrjin central comntlttee has been working for some time to secure one or two more nood s)>civU- ers for t'e cainjalRn and thl:^ morn- Snp received word that the governor had an opi.-n ihUe on the L'liih. Tlie o«mimlt(ee at unce anaime.l for hlin to speak in tola. E. •AV. Iloch has rami)aigne(| effectively Tte. the H«»p"bllfian iiart.v in Kau- for*ithirty .vears an] the .state sas (le- date. which committee has had numerous mands for his services yiar. Special invitations will be sent to ev- erv town and city in the county anfl it is expected that a big "cnit-of-town" crowd will ho here on that hi.T haJl will bf.' secured in hold the mooting. ..The central committee had arranged for a meeting at Diamond school house for the evening of tto 2<><h hut it was chanj;e(l todav to (he following evening, the 27tli. The people at Diamond wore finite willing to make the chance as many of the voters wish to comp to lola to hear Mr. IJoch. MORE BAD CHECKS Worthless Paper Swindler Makes His Urual Visit to Ida. and Gets "The Bacon." The bogus check man has been operating in lola anain and Ids game been alt.-nded with the success has has greete.l his past eff.irls. time ilie Ulchardsim store on Madison avenue was the prin>-i (if dpi .•iilliuii. I.sle Sal- ii well dressed. Well ap that This Kasi pal seem nrday night. ier to ardson much The pearlnji; stiauue.-, w. aring glasses, pre sented a cliecK lor 5l7.r><t to the c;ish be eas ed. Asked If .Mr. llleh- roved the cluck, the n'an nodded an assiMit. rectdved tin- nioney ami left the store. When .Mr. -Uieliardson deposited the check for collection he was advised that it was worthless. The cl.eck was drawn on r rank .Myers and was | payab'e to K>nmett Vaughn. { At the .\miuermau grocery, the same swindle was worked, man bought a bill of goods, and presented a check which called for an amount in excess of the ptirchase. He received the difference in cash and left the store saying that ho would return soon and gel the groceries. But he did not come back atid the check was found to be worthless. A number of other merchants are reported to have been victimized but the cases have not l»oen reported to the police. Tbe officers say that they have no trace of the swindler. Only a short time ago. tlie bogus check man "worked" lora. On that occasion he made clothSn.^ and grocery stores the scene of his operations. He escaped detection, securing about <50 In money; and several new suit." of clothes. A jeweler "contributed'" a %2Q gold watch to the collection. fol. .J. a Alciij.son and A. H. Davis left this morniug for S.alina where they go as delegates from the local order to tiio stale convention of tlie .A. H. T. .\. They left here determin- -<*d to bring the ifto;* meeting of the "Antics" to lola if such a thing is pos.-.ible. .M a recent meeting of the hical order it was decided to work for the ne.Kt convention and to tidu enrl the deleirates were instructed to invite the as.sociation here at tiie same time to show the organization that ciinsitlering location, the regard in wl.icii the order is In Id here and the entertainment i"t:at would lie offered, lola was entitled to the next meeting. The Monsters are working in connection with the delegates and proinir" to ; t >e to it tijat the Antie:;, should tliey decide (o eoille Ih -re. will be f;iv .M a line ie»e ;ition and e \cel lent entei lainineiii. The in general are foidna thill the deleKtlte.^ are sUCCes.Uul 111 their et'forin to land the convention !is it would menu much t.o lola. M'h< state meetings are- usually aiiepiled hy (roin H'O to l.oiiu delegates and tlieir slay of two or three day.s In the city would result In u nlc«« ijsuiu of money beluj; dUlrlhuied here. Iftits l>ur>T Is !i strong eoniender for ihi next meetlnK. |»r, .1, II. MoWell, one of the dele tt.\te.>i, was uu;ihle to go, .lohn T. Wood, president of the order 1 ere. alio (iiteniteit to accompany ;lie dele gall's, but was detalneil. Th» following front the Salina .lour nal tells of the nieellni:: Having .iust I'scaiied from the odil IM'HOWS and Keliekahs. Salitta will be in the hands of the state meeting of the .Xnti-Ilorse Thief association next weid;. There will he about l.iiOn delegates and T. II. Terry of Bavaria. w)io is a member of the executive eoiiiniittee. says le has a letter from the state secretary saying that this treeting will he th^ largest the association has ever held. '"He says." added .Mr. Terry, "that everybody in the southern part of the state wants to attend the meeting here to .see Salina and the inembcr- shi]) is pretty ntimerous down there." The secrefar.v-treasnrer is (J. ,1. .Mccarty of Coffeyville. The state prosi- deni i.s X. .1. Uandall of Cherokee, the vice-j)resii1ont i.s .1. "K. Roebuck, of .-Vrkansas City, formerly of Salina and the executive committee is T. H. Terry of Bavaria. Leonard Rinle. of I.abette City, and .1. C. Thomjison of Dickerson. .-Ml of these and most of of the visitors will arrive Tuesday. The sessions will begin in (^inven lion hall Wednesday morning. Tli« morning sc-ssitni will be opi-.u to the piildic. .-X'l the oihiT sessions diirin.g fe meeting will b<' dosed. .M the Wednesilav morning meeting the welcoming addres.s and th<> response to il will be niatle and th(>re will he an address bv the national iire/sldenl. .loliii W. Wall of P.usons. and other diversions for the public, including a r<'cilati<in hy Miss .lessie .lohnvon. while the coininiiiee oh cedent la's, etc., are getting their re )iortH reaily. .•\fter illnnt r these ciunmiiieis will report and the gt neral order of biisi Itess will be taken up. The only other event Cat the pub- lb- will lie interested in is the parad4> i whii'h will take phiee on Thursday at l::!ii irelock. .\ feature of it wll! be the capture of a supposed horse-thief, a la cowboy. The-e will be about l..".i)0 members in line. - ^ The annual election of ofTicers will t;ike place after the parade and tin I 'leeiing will adjourn Thursday evening There will he oii'y one hanquet during tie meetiiic. There are two state organizers of the a.^sociation and they have many deputies. They are. President Randall and W. W. fJraves. editor of the official organ at •St. Paul. Mr. Randall has charge of (he territory east of (he east line of Dickinson county and Mr. Graves has charge of all the territory west. The banquet is the prize fn^ their rivalry for the institution of the most sub-orders in the year. The party that Institutes the most gets a banquet at the vearly meeting which is paid for by (he 'osirg side. Uoth parties partake but only those who have instituted three or more lodges in the year are invited. • r hoi.e to iiicr<a.-ethe nuuili- r ..t" euiplovee.s in (his fa« lory lo O at least (»Mi tidies th-- pre-ent fornv If wo .sod all (he ploves used O hy the workmen of tola and suhurban luwns. it would help to start O the increase, and be very encourat:i!ig jnih"-d. " ^aid .Mr .MeClelland. O manager of the Ci '.ove Factr.w O This ciinceni eommeiiee<| the iiiaiiufacime ni' gli.ves in lida O about three monih > ago and has ?:i\>n c-mpli)ynieni lu a inaiiy O ^pioplf who would oih>r \use h.iv.- l ,e ,.ii idle during the dull period .0 1.' I eaeh workman lielp his neinhbor an<t lelinw -wiirknian. U\ in- O s 'i .»tiiig thai the tnerchaiit lioni whom y <iu buy. cany ihe lines -u" O gi .ives made by your neiphbors. In ih- Inla «;iii\e I-'aei.o .-. O G FEWER SPEECHES FOR TAFT BY 35,000 Condition of Judge Taffs Voice Demands That Some of His Dates be Cancelled. This is the Prediction of Fred Jackson on Republican Mapority in Kansas. S. Cumberland, .Md., Oct. 2u.—Fifteen! "I think Taft will carry the state speeches are on the itinerar>-of .Iiidge'of by :;.'i.nn<i." said .-Vttorney Taft today. AW but two are to be do- <.'eneral i'red S. .lackson, this after- livered in West Virginia, on she line, noon, while visiting at the Republi- of (In- Raltimore (fe Oliio railroad. Thi.^'can headquarters on West .Madison peonh- of .^I.-irtinsbiiri.'. W- Va.. were^s(iee(. ••[ ean't Ree where the I'K-mo- at t.'ie station an hour hefoiv* thejcrars have any hojie whatever to win train arriveii at eight o'clock. ! in (his •sta(e :\iu\ \ confidently exr.ect Today's tour wi!l end with WANTED—Girl wants work Mn pj-l- vate family. Address or call 20SI Soi^th Jenth street. City. To BolrouH. , G. W. Adams, district dejmty for tbe i Modern Woodman of America, •went to Boicourt, Kas., Testerdayi in tbe loterest ofltbe order. I An Oratorio Rehearsal Tonight. The usual weekly rehearsal of the c-<;rrio, "Elijah," by a chorus under the direction of A. L. Boatright will be h^ld in the' auditorium of tbr Christian church tonight beginning at 8 O'clock. Fined for a Fight. Felfx Thompson was fiued |7 in police court last evening for indulgiog in a fisticuff argument with Mr. Steinman. The fine was promptly paid and tbe defendant discharged. ine«(i:;g at Parkersburg. Juiige TafCs. paign iroiii a R. publican siaudpoiiK is \oiie i> in .'ticli bail condition that j not a hasd one. It is easy." be v.Ill hav.- to caiiCid tnaiiy of liis; .Mr. .Iael,sou is to address a rally ilate.s lor ^'peakln•.•. 'I'his means a n i at l.allari.e tot.ivht. airanj'. in. Ill ef Mr. Taft's itinerary. _ bat il will li..t afl'-ci his d.lle.s in Cupid ou U SIritf. N> w Viirl. Ill- VMll I., in ili:>i e >n • \.. .sii. llt.-r'' im ueu ; tod.i.v.' .n-- ;ii .Mii-'ed. jS -iid l'iiil ..ile .hidl e .1 |! .^i.iilh today Tie ie -i,rianr.eni'-iii wdl eni oiii .'illi' \nd mile-,: ihi i>' i- a cllangi* Iroin of ^'i. Tatl's da. ; pe. eln-.s alid one, Hie |, v> d:i> s there wmi'i be anv n|' his nivhl SlH-e.'lleS T e laHer Is . |-"ef I Wll til till d.i,> s now llle dl'Utalld the ...ii'eeh which bad bi-en planned <(<••' inaii ia-.r>' lireUM- ha- h-'en ve;-> lor c;iii-as;o m \! Salunlay ni;;!;! li-ihi. MRS. BROWN HERElSOiT IS NO GOOD l *n >Hld <<nl of kM»>Ms KcdorHlioii oi' Wnmeu'v Chihv \rrhnl rtnln.i tu AUcnd r«ii«eiiHiiir. .\i noon today the fir.>-l deieuai-v, iroin chilis iii the second disiri.t ar- lived to allend the convetition wtiieh win be held on Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. l-.'u^lace II. Mrowii of (H.uh'" liresideiii oi' (he slai" ted-i at ion. and .Mrs. C. i". Cioddard. of l.":ive?iwiirih. '.•eneral federation .>-ecreiary. ;ire In-re . lid e:irl.\' loniorrow lhe;-e ujll be a '•iillHi! of .stale e>»'culives. It is cns- tolilai.V for the stale offii-er.-s to meet twice each year and Mrs. Rn.wii fuund that it was the wisli of iiiiciy of the women Jo come to l.ihi. >o this tini.- '.nd jdace was s'Mected for the last meeting of the yea I. In ilie ;;ronp which will meet tomorrow will be .Mrs. Kiistace H. I'.rown. ipr-sident; .Mrs. C. H. 'i'rof.. .lunciion Ciiy. vii-e president: .Mr.-. I*. It. Wheeier. I'iiis- 'nir.;:. rt cording .^ec.-e::iry: Mr-. (•|ia>. ('. Sbi.:es. OUiihe. cor; e.-;ponillii:: : e:- reinry; .Mrs, C. W. I.andis. <).-awat- (iini'V ii-'asnrer: .Mr.>. M. S. .Munsou. KIdorado. aiidiior. and .Mr.v c. C. C.od- dard. Leavenworth, geiierai federal ion secre'ar.v. "The meeting will occur .it ;Iie. Hotel Portland and will b" ;idi'>iir:n-d in time or the luiiihenn l!< be Ui'.el! liie vi itnrs .\ recepliuli eiiliilnil I ee wi!' lie on diii.v at the church early loiiicnruvv and it is expecteil iliai ail d'Nuaies wli. ,'iave arrived pi'i'vinu- ii> ilie iioi.n In 'ir. ViniMiiil of ItuinaKv l^^ r*niilh«> Vffiiln^Us of Utt^UII or M. |«trni*}H Filed. \o TENNKSSKS l.VWVi:i{S ATT V( Km KY MGHT KIOKKS. $10,000 REWARD IS OFFERED <;0VKK\01t PATTKIJSOV >V\MSTO ll>!» l.'l II.IV \iV.\. nmlics of Victims Wire Foil of Hiil- IcK and One \Sus Jianernf!' to a Tree. riiiiiii Ciiy. Ten 11. Oci ::i> —,\ word from Riel l...ike says thai Honorable R. K. TajJor and Captain liniien Rankin, iiruminent TreiiTon. T. nnessee. lawyers who were lishing on ili\' lake for a few days, were assassinated by night riders last night. Taylor's body was fcnind hanging lo .i ir .e and literally riddl-d with balb-t.-. Capiair. Rankin, when found v.a.- le.i qniie dead. Later—Coveriiur I'.iier.-uii tod.iy offered a reward of ten rmiusaiid dtil- lar.s for (he arresi of per;-on or persons .gu'^iy «>f the mnrder ol' .lud,t;e Taylor and Captain Rankin ai Reel Coot l..:ikw. hoih iif wlnini were killed bv niuht riib-r;!. \\ i:VCKPTH»MI. SK\TII(. Omaha. Oct, i;'i The :-iv hundred ihoiisand do bit libel still which (iov- ei'iior llask<».l iif Oklahoma, filed here .main -I \V. I{, lle.-.rsi is pionoiiined invalid by promiueat attorneys who have evaniilleil the petition. 'I'lie .Nebraska laws allow no piinir :ive daniiire .j In .1 libel suit and the iJ ^ie h.indierl :Ii':usand dollar.-- of the -uit in euesiioii is puniiive. The pe- ;i(ion is nut :i<-c <ini |ianied by an affidavit, of eirher .Mr. Ila.-kell or ;n- iorae\s and under the .Vebraska l:r.vs lia.-> no s ;ar .ding in ilii- (oiiri iinii! M» ai eui .ijianifd. HAVE PEACE NOW. Turkey and Austria Peace Conference Trouble. Negotiating— to Settle CURLESS SAYS HELL PAY. Man Who Absconded With Bigus Money and Fruit Writes Letter. .M. Hit'ii-s. the .|efie:.-;on avenue fruit dealer today recived a btter fruiu .1. I". Curl":-s. who la-i Week worKel liiinself iiitii lb.- good ;;race. if Nil. Iti'.is and had the and;iiiiy m bav" the city ••vltliuiit sayiim wood- b>e lo his beiK factor. Mr. Ri^us siit- l'eii-(! !he loss of about i!i;ri.\- dollar; casi . a suit of clothi s. .-i bat and a Iiair of shoes. in bis biter Curies:; state> i!iat hi> has a i«osition in Kansas Ci'v that wi 1 iiay him iiior< -ti one noiith tlian Rii;iis will make here in a year, and that he will ri'tiirn the nioii« .\ iie-essary to squar.* his account with Hisus. He also states t!at while in Moran he had a conversation with th<; marshal of that village and that the .said marshal in- forn^ed him that he had Jii.--t received a phone ?3ll from lola askin? him to be on the lookout for a man with an entire new outfn of clothes including hat ami shoes. The iihom- message also s-tat.-d that the stranger was minus two front leeih in (he upper jaw. Curless hatl not st" n any such person o(her (han him.self and of course was unable to the keejier of Mofan 's jieace and <iniet- ude in for the fugitive. I^ondon. (Jc:. 2e. It is believrt now that the issin s iu ih.» Ualkan situation will be .seiiled by diieci ne- ::otiations before tlie jiropo.^ed International Congress nieet.-, T.-is will leave to ihe cong-"ess (he work of raiil.iing and legalizing the arrange- ineiiis already made. .V di:iiiatch from Vienii.i .says (hat negotiations ha\e b. en opened be- (W'jen 'I'nikey and .Xiistrta. c-oiicern- Ung Uosnia and ller/egDvina, with a lair pru.-pect of success. Constaiitin- opl" dispatches are more hopeful thai Tinki y and Rulgaria will reach an nnd-; staiioiiig on ihe Oriental rail- 'oad and Ruuii I'aii triliute i|iies(ions. The Mul^ ehar:;e d" aliaires in- fiirii<- i Sir I'dward (Srey totlay that lis (^.iv. riinnni ollicially authorized him III .i\e assuraiu -i -s ibai Kiilgariii would t:il>e I \erv possible Sle|u to axoid war with Turkey. .Mashr -Stuart, Skulcr. I'lcus'-d large \ndiciH-r at liidi |iciidfii< c. An Inib'|ienili-iice p.iper a.\-i The iie.\ iiick and fanc.x >k,Her who opened a ihtee nlKhl-.' enuaKeineni la->t iil«hi at the .\udtioriuni delivered the goods " Me held the .illenlioU of IlK iuidle;:<e irolu IIP' f'lsi minute of hlx appi .11.11111. and hl.s grace and case i,s that id a pri>fi-s>iona! with as man> HSII-' «'\|«Tt«'nc«' a- 111- a ".e lie doe;he .-.line work done lo ih'" n'dei skaters and nwitiy n'W tilcl.s wiileh ate hi- own iiriuiiialion. The feature iif Ills ael'' The |,«'aii I.I ihe t 'ia )>--was Indeed a iluiUer. The balcony was well fil.ed with spei ta­ and 111*' skate iii.ui wa.s in pro- porili>n. If .Miu dldn'i ;;o la.-i iiivhi be sure and see him toni-.;ht. bis .'u; i- well worth the admissinii. .Manager l.imwood sa\s: ".Ma.-tr-r iStunn U line o fthe 1.. s; -k;iiiiig ai- tr.'ictions we ever had." EMPFKOH OF JAP.VN EXTEBTAIX- KH AMKRICAXS TODAV. WAS A BRILLIANT AFFAIR IJFAH \n.MIHVL .SPERRY AXD SOIL tUt.S MFRK THE filESTS. .lapancse Are .Sparine no Effort to Prou- That Their Friend.shJp for Aniiricii Is .Sincere. Ti .kio. Oct. :.'ii.—The-emperor of .Japan .-If Tiffin today received in au- dien.-e Rear .\diiiii 'al Charles S. Sperry three tear admirals commanding di- visiiins. .-i score of captains, chief of staff and flag lieii'enan(s. The ceremony a( (he imp'-rial palace was one of Ihe mo.-;( brilliant feadires of Ihe week 's c.-!ebraiion. Tbe rei -epfion accorded (hi.- ,\meri- can riee( by ihe government and pep- l:,e of .Japan is said by the .Vmerican n.-ival officers to be the lieardesi ami most perfectl.v carried out of ihe many ri "ee|,tions recejved by (hem since (he fleet sui ed from llamiuon Roads. Riar .Vdniiral Sperry .said iiHlay that ill.- wi Icume given the fleet and Us of- fi -er . and nn n here had been planned .Hid cured OIK lo ih" lea.-i detail with I<>l>- care and precision. rhe \iiierii-aii iiitieers and sailor<* ...e lie-.inning lo tiuder-iand the taot iiiai 111'" evidiiii ilisir.' nu the pari of the .lapaiie-e i,n' (he friendship of America is noi (oiinded upon opponun itin. bni fli :d.> lis source In n sincere de-ire In show that such frlondxhlp. at least oil Ihe |.art o( (he .lupancsc, has I 'M -ied alwa .N.s iiiid thai this visll of lb'' ileet has m>>rely uffordid ih«« Ji«P' .iin .^e .111 m.iioiV^unli.x for Ihe expres- sie :i nf Ulal feelhlK, LEST YOU FOROE"!—REGISTER. the l >a .\o \ic Pu«!>liiir h> und Still Siinie NiitlerL A OK. n»/,Fi: <;HO\VS HKTTFR. "We have party who wii: take cement stock in payment for 7 room, niodern house, eqst front, on jiaved street extra good barn, cistern, etc . at the fo',- lowlng nriccs: fola Portland Preferred $24.00 per share. lola Portland Common J2.'».O0 iier share. I'nited Kas. Preferred S.^S.OO per share. Dixie Por( land C4 )mlnned $10mXt per sharj.— tliinnlngliam & Arnett. in rear room State Savings Bank. .\otice There will be a meeting lilbrary board tonight. of the Drafts Red Davis. C;eraM H. -Red" Oavis. ouitlelder oti.^ (be Topek.i Wesiern .\sso<-iaiIon lean-, has be, n drafnd hy (he (le Rock (eani in (be Sonthe-u lea fiiie. Oavis jdayed for lola one season wlen th" city bad a franchise in the .Missouri Valley league. lu.inries SiiNtaincd Saturday ><>) l.ikc- iy to ProTe Scrioio. Hr. L. Tozer. who was painfiil.'y iji- iured Saturday afternoon by being (hrown from his bicyide on .lackson avenue at Cottonwood street, i.-; improving. His knee was severely cut .mil this wound i.s giving him ilie most pain loday. In ridin.g along. Pr Tozer collided with a wire which was stretched across 'he sireet and was hurW d violently to (he pavement. His injuries are HOT ex|M-c(ed to prove serious. few more days, uii m and indud- OcioUer L'.; ai in p m . and your opportunity to register will be over. Those who have failed so far to quality as a volei at the coniing elecdou hlTiiild delay no longer. There are many who h.ave not as ye(. regis(ered and (he longer (he maKcr is piu off. the more likejy thai the legal voter \.il! disfranchise himself by failing to comply with the law. These are (he eoiididons iind 'T wliidi you must reg- i .:er: If you have never re.gistered. If yon have mnved slni-e von reg- i-leied. If you fai ed to vote at the last I'.icdon. iKi not delay longer the matter of I nroliin.g your name on the Iis( of (he i ,a..iiiied voters in iola. LADY WANTS EMPLOYMENT. Stranger in Town Appeals to Salvation Army Today. A young lady who is siojiping at the ho(ne of Caiitain Hutler. of the Salvation army, is looking for em idoymenf in a private family. Shi came here from Denver, and apfieais so the army olficcrs say. deserving of the posiiion she asl;s for. She say;; she never worked <iut b-foie bill ha-^ done housework iu \\"v own family. .•\nyone wis .ing sneb help or further information cnncerning the app'icant is asked *tn call up Cap(ain Rutl. r. RAIN .6V of an WILL HELP SOME. Fell Yester- lo'-h Moi'ture da.v. Blacklist Walter Johnson? On t.e uroiind.- (ba( In- [ilayed widi a Chirai;o In-l.-pen leni t-am which harbors ineHgilde jdayers. Walter iolinsoii. tl..- siar pitcMi r of the Washington .American league and for- •ueri' ;• ••••<ide!!t oi this coniiiv. may he blacklisted by the national base- liall coin mission. Tie- same ehar.:;e ia ••r;eie a^'.-iinsi eisiiie.-n other big Ieagm» player.s. mo.stly memhcs of i: e Washington team. A\ the close of the p;.st M -asoii tile piay'-rs participated in an f.\hil)ition game to pick n\i a little extra change. Funeral of .s. P. (iray. The funeral .service of S. P. Cray who dieil a', his heme neir Minneapolis irjsi Sunday, will be'held tomorrow af ternoon in the I'i '-s! .M. K. church. Rev. Ma-on will co !!diie( (he service. The McCo.k f?V..t O .\. R. will have charge of the ceremony^ a( th" grave. The members of the post wil' mee( at post heiidquarters tomorrow a( 1 :30 to ar- ranee for (he attendance of the post at the funeral. Starkry in flttawa. L. V. Starkey. secretary of the Ida Y. .M. C. A., spent today in Ottawa where he delivered an address before a convention of,Sunday school workers. showers of yesrerdav and nearly an inch of rain fell. .Ill of an inch of rain fell amount of moi.^ture is not e fanners would lilJe to see. In the day hefori Vesterday While the .such as th yet it 'will help some." * .\ farmer who was in town this morning said t; e rain soaked into the earth far enough to gi-rminate seeds that hai! been sown. THE WKATliElL Fiirrcast fer Kansas: Partly chmdj tonight and UVduesdaj ; rolder Yiv^X- ne .Mlay. Data recorded at local office. V Weather I'.iueau. yesterday, today a year aco. tiftober Yesterday. Yr. PP- PP P- n. . m. . m. . m. . m. 12 midnight -'.l Maximum temperature ..Tf* Minimum (emiierature ..-'•:! Prt'cijinatioa 7 p. ni. ...0.4:; October Tndjy. 2 a. m r.:: \ a. m 'j a. ni. .'••'> 3 a. m .">7 10 a. m .' f.r. 12 noon 73 Precipitation 7 a. on. ...0.18 s .•\gc k 7t •".IS Yr. Ac( 5? r.i r.t; 70 0 WM. KEEPS MUM Chinese Minister Has no Comment to Make Concerning Chinese Constitution. that had was jur- he Washington. f)cf. Rl.—.Mr. Wn. the Chinese niinisdr. has received a copy of (he Chinese officiai gazette con- (aining (he new constitution of couiicy. bill (oda.v declared hi no coiuinetit to make on U as it goveriiineiK miKn .^r beyond his isdiciion. "Tl e governnieni of China." said. making an earnest effort to i;ive lo the people Constitutional i;over(imcni, hut you wi'l have to In- lerprei (he (ueanlng of this pai>er." The ma((er of a constitutional gov- ernmeiK for China, he added, will liiv.' (o be worki'd out gradually. When asked how he harmonized the declaration tiat the will of the em- iieror shall he supreme fo- 1.000 ven­ erations with (he idea of constitutional restrictions of imperial power. .Miusiter Wii replied: "You have a translation. Head it. You can judge as well as I." (AN'T SELL THEIR APPLE.S. Kansas Faniurs Have Fine Crop But no .Market. Stirling. Kas.. Oer. ?n—The farmer."? 'a this section of the state have a fine crop of atiples. but are having difficnl- IV i!i finding a market. The fruit is '•f excellent oualiiv. Some farmers I'ave from l.onn to iM'ioft bushels ready ••"r mtukct. but can find no outlet, rhe prices are very lew. DISMISS HABEAS CORPUS WRIT Thaw Will Not Be Brought Home at Present. Pittshurg. Pa., Oct. 20.— Judge Young has dismissed the writ of habeas corpus in the Thaw case. This means that Thaw will not be brought h.'re at present. Another Tall Man. •chortyv Blair, the Business college, student, who has the honor of being the tallest man in the city, being six feet five, htis a chum coining from Wicblta today to enter school who Is just a halt inch shorter than be. His friend is aj basket ban player and wUl Join the;local team.

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