Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1908
Page 8
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8 TUB lOIA DAILY RECilSTBH. aijONDAY ErEXlXG, OCTOBEB !«. 1908. KILLED BY CYCLONE FATHEBi OF «TA3IIEir' GRAY DIED ' FBOM mCBIES fifeCEIVED. THE BODY BROUGHT HERE FDSERAL SERVICE XOT YET AU- 1 BANGED FOR, Drreas^d u Soii*lii-L»n «)f K. ^Y. Hull ^ —Mr. Gray SlirTlvod hj Fanillr of Fonr Cliildron. E. W. Ilall. -.18 South .lolTor.-ou street, yesterday received news of the death of his son-in-law, S. P. tiray, who died at his home on a farm near Minneapolis, Kansas, Saturday night. The body will arrive in lola this afternoon an<A arrangements for the funeral service will be made then. Jt is probable that the funeral will be held at the home of Mr. Hall some time tomorrow, though definite ar- i^angemcnts have not bePn made. The death of Mr. Gray resulted from injuries received in a cyclon<^ about one year ago. lie is survive*! by four children, three of whom, Wil- (I'ir, Maude and Clarence, live in Tola. Elmer, a son, lives in Colorado. yUs. Gray died many years ago. Wilder dray is bettor known in lohi as "Tamer." He was second baseman r.nd shortstop with Ilaydeu's club and went to Siiringfieid when it was transferred to tlie Wesiein as.'^oeia- tion. ,U TRIPLETS WIN GAME FIRST . GRIDIRON BATTLE RE­ SULTED IN VICTORY FOR LOCALS Defene Work of Allen, Ellis and Campbell a Feature.—Plucky Fight of the Kalpas. In the first game of tbe season on ] Electric Park field, tho "Trlidets" outplayed and defeated the Kalpa club team of Ft. Scott yesterday afternoon by the score of 41 to 0. It took put four minutes of play for tlui "Triplets" to cross the coal line of the visitors. The eleven from the ^ neigbborin^r city could not hold the ' attack of the "Triplets." The locals rever lost the ball on downs a single time while on the contrary the Kal pa club team never made their gaiiis ; once. The game was comi)arativ('ly ; free from fumbling. Although outclassed in every i)ar ticular the members of the visiting e'even played a plucky game and of ten times showed great bursts of speed. The back field worked nicely considering that their line was per forated in every play by tho Triplets" heavier players. The "Triplets" employed the f(n- wnrd pass to a good advantage, making three of the totjrhdowns with this nlnv. The defensive work of Alh'n. Rills and Campbell was the feature of the game. Captain llrennan made long quarter hack ru»s a'most at will around the opponents' end. DurliiR tho second half suhslilnles wore worked in order lo give liicin knowledge of the giime. The showing mnile by liio "Trip- lois' yoslerduy Indloales that they will under good cnnrhing. become (uie of! the best foot halt teams In this part of the Rl .ale. Tho next regular prkolice will bo held Tuesday even- Injr. The lino up: Triplets Position . Barker left end .Twines left tack'e ^Trner left guard Piiln 'pr center .. •Rrioo. Knoble ...r. euard .. .^..ampton Street rieht tackle Cory RIH right end Staner Brennan. . quarter ..\dams, Hamilton Rankin. Robinson., right half . .Barr Campbell .. left half Clary Allen full back , Brooks Ft. Scott . Wngner .. Roberts Campbell . Boeman MASY ARE REGISTERING. Th* Clek's Office Is Open Until > P. M. 3iow. Registration of voters in the office it'te tin- clerk i= vroeressing rapid<•'•.'< tJi':fo a T;iiPi'i °r are registering eacli day. The office Is kept open p i 'ih ecening until 10 o'clock and voters who are employed throughout the day andiha^e no opportunity to go to the office during the day may avail themselves of this special privilege wil,'l close on October 23. Bflclitor Wut Coluuk NEW YORK STORE'S CT fi£R SALE OF FALL AND WINTER. MERCHANDISE Our big store is over flowing with the best that the world's markets can produce, and at prices -that simply cannot be duplicated anywhere in this section of Kansas. 200 Pieces of New Fall Dress Oootls On sale at o.\trsiordlnary low prices. Special Dress (.'oods pnr- chnscs result iu this extraordinary sale, emhrucing most desinil>le wesives and shades. It is » dress iroods <i)>portiinity that conies hut seldom at this jieriod of the year, and uise shopjiers will he i|iiick to take ndTantugo of it. "0-incb Fancy \V<iol Suiiings sulialile for suits .-nid skirt-. c|."f per yard 'iiX' .''.S-iuch Fancy Wnr.'-ii'd and i'(:iin Clillli.ii liaiisiis. .-picial \i>f yard rt '.h' 52-iiich AM Wool Taffet:v in blue. hiov. u, bhici:. ; p-iial p<r yard '. VAff .Ml AVool Chiffon Itroadelotlis iu all tin' ii<'w Kiiil .mi;iib ~ rouul:!;- $1.00 value .special per yard (»J)f* •14-iuch New I'ancy Siriiie Suijiugs. brown, blue, red :ind green, special per yard ' ' Hi}(' 52-inch Clilffou Hroadcloibs. - The .Mt-lb.-i:" will ((unpare with :>iiy broadcloths suld in the city at $I.r.o. Our spt'cial pri<i' is ilSf* -V great varicly t.f new .'Jlriji:' Suiisings II iiu-lK's \\ii\<-. n.iv\. brown, green. Lmidiiu smoke and garnet. i^.iieiial inr y;ird.... .THI .(M) ."•2-inch Fancy Striiie Uroatldmli.^ the very liiiir; fur -well lailoreil suits, in all the now tail sh:idey. special jior yard ij?l..'»<» Big Sate all this week Ladies' Underwear Hosiery, Blankets, Gomforts New SilkS'^-'A Most Inviting Display While the ncc:i>ion is priniarilr one for seeing the advance Ideas for aitfanin. yet yoii should not overlook the .spceial prices ijvhieh we have made to Incite ininiediate purclia>e. More ('specially do we call attention to the soft new >alln materials—the plain and fancy nii-ssji- lincs. -mWn lilicrty. satin duchesM-. in both street and evening shades I:»-ineh Satin lines, in all the luw sli:*d.-.-. >;>e<:;il ai! this vveek. y.tnl «."><'• I'.'-iueli l';iir<-. r;ilie|;, .Silk^. rilil;:li!e |i/r silifs .IIHI w:ii.-l.--. all • Ills we.k. yard JHC l;">-il]cli F.iii.y M.-. .iliie- .:. all lie- li.A l:,!! sli:i<l> .; I! this week yard S;»C :.'7-iii'i! Satin l»•;<•i)v^^.• ill lnoWii. navy. -A-"^-.'.'. !••! Ilii--^ week ya! ( $1 uin-iiicl! Tiiffeia .s:illi. ii'uiilu:-" vajie. si.'viai all this week (>0(* :;';-:!i'h !:iaek Tafleia. reiinlar $l.-.'> (jualiiy. special ail tbi.s week, vard JIftr- ::t;-iiuli l;l:iek Saiin luieli.for skiii.-. :iiid ••ostume.-;. .'^pe.-ia! .'!! Uii ; -.ard "i^i.'ii* r'.i'-iiieli!. r.'.iii d'- >:.,ie. r.---,ii!ar :fl >-l'"eial all till. .•. •• k, j.'T yard ... Jjil.itl) Specials for this week New '^Directiore" hats lor little girls, QQn anA CI OK School Girls Qorday, "iust the hat for the Miss Ladies Velvet Hats in all leading shades CQ flf) parh prettily trimmed with velvet, satin and wings OuiuU Ladies Satin Hats, new shapes, new shades, new trimmings. Thesnare the latest models out. Only ...y First showing of Gaps for little Tots rft„ ^. nn White,. Bine, Pink, Brown, Navy DUG "P OUiUU $i.50 and $1.98 $5.00 ^ach Children's Coats t'\\'\U\,\ \\> Hear.^ktn Coar.s in lirnwn. lan. .ure;'::. ri'd. white arid l.Iiie. spe.ia! all this week JH'i.-tS Childreiis Iteaiskiii Ciais in all the iit v.- ;uu-iii:ii' eiiVcis, all iii!<.rs. ^i/es IKiiii J ti> i; sbis week Ji?*i.!)S Cltiidren'.s pr<-lly velvfi Cr.als in n-d. Iilu-- uieiTi. sizes 2 ::. t. i:. special fiir ali this u e.-k J!?;*.."*!) .\H--.-es and .liitiinr; in Idaek. red. iif/'-ii. Inowii and blue, ?;7.:.« to .S*i<MM) riiiMre,iV fiiiili Cuai.s. niiely iriinined. in vi-lver and fancy l)ii!!.;i;.-. and lir.iid. Sizes i'.. S. lit and IL'. S;ii< pi iro for all ek $:{.j )8 tlii> Childrens rioib Coat..; in navy. blue, lunwn ahd nii.Kture.s, .sizes frori '". lo II. for al! this we-k 1}?I.!)S • ChiMreii's IS.arskiii and V'-lvoi Coals in ai: ii.e iieu sli.-jdes. S'/.''S .s. 12. II. Thps.. are lieaiiii'-s for $.r ».i*S ^i.O'*. int Sale WHiL CONTINUE ALL THIS WEEK. Additional shipments just in from New York. ASavingofOsc=tl]ird on all of These Suits All are exclusfvn models, latest Directoire aiid Empire effects, blue, green, gray, brown, red and black. All lined with bestaualiiy of satins, materials are fine, hard finish Worsted effects and finest chifibn Morambeaux cloths$20.00 $25.00 .SAVE ONE-THIRD S.VVE OXE-TIIIKD .SAVE ONE-THIKD SAVE t».\E-Timn) SAVE ONE-TIIIIU) >i .VVE 0 >E.THIKD I WE ARE |JAGEKTS| TOR tH£ lADIESnOMEjOllRNAL re^ PATTERNS MOHTHiY sme BOOK rate '^jy lOliA'S BEST JLX]» GR£|IT£ST STOB|B. e I WE AHt u AGENTS I icn Tnt ADIESflOMEjolRNAL ^ PATTERNS HONTNir^smrsooK me \

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