The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 28, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1963
Page 5
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*l f ^-WWH?*J ?8*i'_ i >-•_,;,!•- . ,.r,i, r- -' i - • '", T.' iLutti "-,,-, I ;.'' : ."-•;"-,''-. .v^^-v'vJ '^Sfc^VV 11 i't, t J i- r ,,jj- ^ ij^-iiiJh" iiu _.™,ii'ni-f SijwjjjilJ^-ijiiiij.jdltl-laiii., tjiT-^n n S u tt« «iirin=iiHi!}(« r,uuj ,11'tji^ji 1 j n iti-jj'|iijij K j t t t 4j}fatr[.r|t;i ii]i ij 'tpnit^i it bt,j I 1 1 LIFE GOES ON IN BITTER WINTER — Cows roam about N.Y. Snow accumulation of 54 inches snarled road travel. in frigid air outside barn at snow-blanketed farm near Watertown, It's Real Warm Here Compared To Vostok By RAYMOND J. CROWLEY WASHINGTON (AP)-When you are shivering these cold days you might cheer yourself up by thinking of the poor Russians at a Soviet antarctic station called Vos- tok. That's the coldest spot ui the world. The U.S. Weather Bureau says the thermometer there registered a global record by slumping to 126.9 below zero on Aug. 24, 1960. As for the North American continent, the most frigid weather ever recorded was a mere 81 degrees below zero. That happened Sets New Intoxication Record EUREKA, Calif. (AP) - When the percentage of alcohol in the blood reaches .15 California police consider the person with the percentage too drunk to drive a car. Between .15 and .30 the person is so saturated he generally cannot even walk. When, rarely, a person is able to reach a higher score than .30 without passing out, his life is in danger. Thursday two Eureka policemen said they had to restrain before they could arrest a very lively 54-year-old logger they said they found intoxicated in his parked car. When finally subdued Leland Lester Breshears, of Eureka, registered the only .50 blood alcohol score ever recorded in his city. Feb. 3, 1947 at a forlorn airport station called Snag in Yukon Territory, Canada. The record cold for the United States was 76 below at Tanana, Alaska, in January 1886. Of course, Alaska wasn't a state then Guess which state has never experienced below zero weather. Not Florida, as you might expect, but Hawaii. Its record cold was 18 above zero at Haleakala, Feb. 9, 1941. The mercury dipped to minus 2 degrees at Tallahasse, Fla., Feb. 13, 1899. California has a lot of clement clime, but it can get mighty chilly up on those hills. Lowest for this state was 45 below Jan. 20, 1937, at Boca. A number of these bone-chilling temperatures were recorded by unsung, unpaid volunteers known as "cooperative weather observers." The Weather Bureau has some 14,000 of them. They are civilians who do the job for the love of it and for the gold lapel pin, with 3-point diamond, which the Weather Bureau awards them after 50 years of service. Blizzards, floods or hurricanes cannot prevent them from fighting their way outdoors to read their official thermometer or precipitation gauges. They have been chased by moose and menaced by rattlesnakes. The highest official temperature ever recorded in the world was 136.4 at Azizia, Libya, North Africa, Sept. 13, 1922. As for the North American continent, the record is 134 degrees. This was set July 10, 1913 at the Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, California. Dog Goes To Police For Help CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP)A little brown and white dog came to police headquarters tc get help for her lost master. The dog looked fretful when she came to the entrance of th station Friday night. She dashec from side to side, approaching ol ficers with frantic tail-wagging. Shortly afterward, police coin cidentally found her 93-year-ol master wandering a downtown street, unable to find his way home. Officers connected the dog with her master by checking the canine's tags. "Domestic Peace Corps" Formed By W. B. RAGSDALE JR. WASHINGTON (AP)-A few top tory rooms in an old house on ackson Square, just a stone's hrow from the White House, are he nursery for the newest baby m the New Frontier. The baby doesn't even have a name yet. Some call it the Domestic Peace Corps. In his budg- message, President Kennedy it the National Service Beef Stolen MACON, Ga. (AP) - A truck driver estimated he lost $25,000 worth of quality beef pilfered by motorists after his truck overturned on U.S. 80 Sunday. THE OTTAWA HERALD Monday, January 28, 1963 et called Corps. "It won't be the National Serv- ce Corps," assured one of the youthful planners. "We want something catchier than that." "You might call us Bobby Kennedy's baby, for now," he added. "The attorney general talked so much about the project that the President made him chairman of ;he study committee." At present the group has no of- 'icial status, but the hope is clear: to have 200 to 500 corpsmen at work by midsummer on such tasks as community development in an Indian reservation, aides in mental hospitals, following migrant workers and helping them adjust to living conditions, helping Cuban refugees who speak little or no English adjusl to their new lives, teaching illiterates to read and write and on renewal projects in both urban and rural areas. Many of the study group are on loan from the Peace Corps, bringing along the lessons of its two years of operation. An executive order is expectec soon to give the program officia status, followed by legislation to make it permanent. Rough plans for the domesti peace corps, or whatever you call it, were drafted by an 11 member committee headed b; Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kenned} and including five other Cabine members and Peace Corps Direc tor Sargent Shriver. They proposed an evential max imum of about 5,000 corpsmei within five years. Corpsmei would serve for one year, com pared to two for the Peace Corps eceiving only a living allowanc nd modest terminal pay. Thej ould have the option of volun eering for a second year. For a start, the domestic peac orps has staked out pilot pro; •cts in South Dakota, New Yor ity, Massachusetts, Kentucky nd California. In New York City, the Board f Education has asked for 100 orpsmcn for project activities anging from "story hours," led y motherly women, to judo lasses for restless boys, led by usky young men. South Dakota has called for orpsmen to work with 10,000 )glala Sioux Indians on the Pine lidge Reservation—to help devel- p new housing, better farming methods and a belter community fe. The State Department of Menal Health in Massachusetts wants 'Bishop' To Buy His Holy Wine NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)-Bishop St. Psalm, Negro spiritualist who meditated in a coffin, said Sunday he is going to start buying his "holy wine" instead of making it in the church coffee urn. He said the Lord told him to do that. The self-ordained bishop, whose real name is Bernard Swain, thus called off his battle with Nashville police and the courts. The police had said not "holy wine," but moonshine. The judge said $50. The 6-foot-4, 240-pound man placed himself in the coffin following the court fine, for fasting and meditation to determine if he should continue his wine making. I NOTICE WANTED: TRAINEES Men • Women IBM Keypunch operators qualify in 2 weeks. Starting salaries up to $78 per week. Tabulating operators qualify in 6 weeks. Starting salaries up to $100 per week. Rapid advancement. Tuition financed. Training need not interfere with your present employment. Write including Phone No. to: PCMT Box H-64 c-o The Ottawa Herald Effective February 1, 1963, the deadline for display advertising copy submitted to the Ottawa Herald will be advanced to 5 p.m. two (2) days prior to publication The classified deadline will be advanced to 5 p.m. the day before publication except for minor changes, correo tion and advertisements no longer than five lines f Deadlines for these ads and changes shall be 9:30 a.m. the day of publication. This move of deadlines is necessitated to meet rising composition costs, to maintain our standards and to avoid a raise in advertising rates Your cooperation in these changes will be sincerely appreciated. OTTAWA HERALD THIS IS ALASKA? — While much of this country is freezing, Alaska folks arc basking in unusual warmth. This pretty girl dramatizes current warm weather in Anchorage by posing in bathing suit in warm rain. She wishes to remain anonymous. Hermit Dies LOS GATOS, Calif. (AP) - Ar attorney who retired to live hermit's life shortly after a co lege classmate, Herbert Hoover lost the presidential election 1932 was found dead in his two room shack Sunday. Elisha D. Corbin was found o: a mattress that Deputy Corone Richard Mayne described "chewed apart by rats and mice Corbin was in his 80s. olunteers to help with therapy nd rehabilitation. Kentucky, a state with large ockets of economic distress, rants corpsmen as guidance ounselor and aides in public chools where dropouts are a roblem, in recreation centers nd in such specialized fields as ealth, public administration and ity planning. In California, a pilot project alls for work with the thousands f migrant workers who trek over ic state. They would work in the iree major crop-growing coun- es to help the migrants fit into le community. Something In Her Shoe SALINA, Kan. (AP) - White dressing for school, Wendy Pangrac complained to her mother that there was something in the toe of her shoe. She had left her shoes near • stove overnight. Her mother, Mrs. James Pangrac of Niles, reached into the shoe and felt something soft in the toe. She pulled it out, then screamed, dropped it and thr*w the shoe at it. It was a mouse that had spent the night in a warm place. Your old piano or muai- sal instrument .is worth more on a new ... WURLITZER At... BUTLER'S Public Auction 4 miles south of. Ottawa on Highway 59 to Rock Creek School House, then east 2^/4 miles. Wed., Jan. 30, 1963 Commencing at 11:00 A.M. CATTLE — 30 head of Whiteface stock cattle, several are springers, rest are bred, will sell in lota to suit buyer. HORSE — Gentle saddle mare. MACHINERY — F-20 Farmall; B John Deere and cultivator; John Deere mower, No. 5; International manure spreader; John Deere pickup baler, wire tie; International straight disc; John Deere 2-row lister, pull-type; International lister-curler cultivator; 1-way disc; PO side-delivery rake, 4-bar; International side-delivery rake; 3-bar; John Deere 12-inch 2-bottom plow; IHC No. 60 combine; IHC pick-up hay press; single-row lister; horse drawn 2-bottom, 12-inch plow; 4-wheel trailer on rubber; iron wheel wagon; J. D. VanBrunt drill; IG corn picker; MW hammermill. FEED — 100 bushels of corn, more or less; 150 bushels of oats, more or less; around 500 bales of alfalfa hay; around 500 bales of prairie hay. MISCELLANEOUS — Sears' double-unit milker; cream separator; 2 Butane bottles; 2 coal and wood heating stoves; a pair block and tackles; hay rope; heavy set of blocks; set of heavy work harness; heavy stock saddle; hammermill belt; junk and other miscellaneous. A. E. HANCOCK, OWNER Terms: Cash. Not responsible in case of accidents. Auctioneer: Harold Stewart. Clerk: First National Bank. Lunch will be served on grounds. GLENN SPRIGGS, Your Carswell Man Would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you fine people of Franklin County for your past business and the courtesy you have shown the Carswell Mf. Co., and myself these last 54 years. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have you as our friends. I INSTALLATION of trickle pipe In stock- water dam. Tubes such as this are an im} portant part of dams on larger drainage \ areas. The pipe will take care of runoff which would otherwise cause excess erosion and eventual loss of the structure. METAL DRAINAGE IS OUR ONLY PRODUCT, BUT SERVICE IS OUR HOBBY. Whether you need one culvert or a carload, we will be just as pleased to serve you. Soil Conservation < also means Water Conservation WATER IS PRICELESS! Conserve it at a very small cost. A pond costs supris- ingly little and will pay for itself many times. Talk to your Soil Conservation technician. Carswell - Long Lasting Metal Drainage Pipe . . . is the Answer to Conservation Projects • Low Cost • Definite Long Life • Immunity to Freezing Saving the Soil is an Investment not only for the Present but for the Future. For Fast Courteous Service See GLENN SPRIGGS Your CARSWELL MAN 1104 W. 7th Ottawa, Kansas CH 2-2095

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