The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 13, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1964
Page 6
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f Hi tirrdH .SAILY. f kiiiMi: Friday, Nov. .13,1964 • B I,*-. • ^ • .W f •» •— - ••• Spoi-tswriters Name Dan Crouch CIC£ MAY-RI-KAN SALON 646 Members'-of'-Ma£Rl-Ran'%a s - lon 648 will meet on Monday at 6:30 p. m., at the Howard Johnson restaurant, Kokomo for their Thanksgiving dinner. All members are urged to attend. CIRCLE II 9 ^ !1 i?eir!bers of Circle II of West Street Christian church will meet on Monday at 7:30 p. m., in the home of Mrs. Clarence Law, 140 Dearborn street. RACHEL CIRCLE Rachel Circle of Kemp Methodist church will meet on Monday at 7:30 p. m., with Mrs. Richard Harrison, 331 Green street as hostess. Presenting the lesson on "Holding Institute-A Story Without End'.' will be Mrs. Jack flake arid Mrs. Reenter. Russia Hopes (Continued from page 1) zhnev may have discussed a wide range of topics, including the resumption of Sino-Soviet trade. Economic ties between the two giants of the Communist world were severed in 1960-61, the diplomats said U.S. Germany (Continued from page 1) sure off Erhard's government, in particular pro-American Foreign Minister Gerhard Shroeder. Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: Mary Long, Windfall; Judy Shuck, Sharpsville; 'Fay McMannis, Tipton; James Walker, Tipton; Robert Lahre, Windfall; Alary Ann Go'l- bert, Kokomo; Loulla Day, Tipton: Delvia Baker, Elwood.- ' DISMISSALS:, Frank Robert Wiley, Windfall; Darlene Causey, Windfall; 'Blanche Denison, Atlanta; Norma Jean Pryor, Arcadia; Dwight Wilhoit, -Elwood; Jewel Puth,, Windfall. . . GOP IN BLACK NEW YORK (UPI) — The Republican -p;ar.ty emerged from the election in the black, but the contributions that enabled it to do so were received too late to be spent, in a 'reasonable way," Republican Na- ional Chairman Dean Burch said Thursday. Burch said the.GOP "didn't run what I would call a chintzy campaign: We ran a well-financed, . well-organized can*- paign. So I think we spent enough money.". In a radio interview, Burch said, "we ended up with a surplus of money toward the end [of the campaign. But we didn't get it soon enough so we could properly manage to spend it in "a, reasonable way. • Burch was interviewed at Monteg'o Bay, Jamaica, where he was conferring with Sen. Barry Goldwater and Rep. William Miller, top men on the GOP ticket. Burch said he did not think that spending all money in the GOP war chest "would have made any big difference." Jim Says: "U-2 CAN BE A COUPON CLIPPER AT FALVEYS 99 Police said they had quite a head-start" and were believed headed for Indiana. Federal officials said they could be charged with illegally entering the United States.. NAMED TO BOARD INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)—Governor Welsh named Henry Arnold of Indianapolis Thursday, to succeed David Oliver on the Indiana Employment,' Security Review Board. Oliver resigned Oct. 31 and Arnold's appointment was retro active to Nov. 6. Arnold is an employe at the International Harvester C o. plant here and is a member of the United Auto Workers bargaining committee at the plant. •BOYS HUNTED , CHICAGO <UPI)—Two young (British boys who jumped off a freighter at Navy Pier here this morning were believed headed into ~ Indiana to escape federal and state authorities. The ship Roonaghead from England reported that Paul Kennedy and William Torrington, both 15, were missing early in the morning.. Chicago police later reported seeing them at ON THE SIDELINES BY HAM RKG FIRE COSTLY FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UPI)— Fire Thursday night caused heavy damage to the Norwalk Truck Lines terminal here before it was brought under control. Fire Chief Martin Lubke said about two-thirds of the building was saved but that contents were heavily damaged and that the firm' office received heavy smoke and water damage. He said one trailer was destroyed and others were damaged. Eight fire units battled for .30 minutes to bring the blaze under control and Lubke called in all off-duty firemen for possible emergency duty Lubke said the cause of the „ w fire was not immediately deter the Illinois Central Railroad , minted and there was no official terminal on the southside. estimate of damage. IMPORTANT REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER AN INVESTMENT WITH AMERICAN NATIONAL TRUST 1. Trust assets now in excess of $5,500,000. 2. 3. Trustees bonded for $1,000,000 by the Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. A. Current dividend rate 8% per annum. Those who viewed it as a dim prospect for next season when they learned this season's varsity is made up of 11 seniors and only one junior, should therefore brighten visibly when they glance at the B-team roster and take note that it contains the name of only one junior and nine sophomores. That implies that if next season turns out to be "down" a little, Tipton should again be tough the following . year. And look- at the height of some of those 15 year old sophomores. Within the next day or so too, we hope to have freshman coach Phil Sullivan' roster. Good Advice In posting his roster on the locker room bulletin board, Phil tacked on a little note which we like very much. It is a note which varsity coach Dick Barr has passed on to those he has ,had to cut, each season. We [don't recall his exact wordage, but in effect Phil says: "Never [quit! If you didn't make the team this year, just work a little bit harder between now and next season, so that next year you may be able to beat out a boy who beat you out this Phil then adds "Join coach John Oberhelman's weight lifting class. - " Not Easy To Cut Coach Dick Barr had to make a couple of painful cuts in the last two weeks in both his varsity and his junior varsity. The varsity cuts in particular were tough to make for when he cuts seniors he knows only too well, it is their last chance, and in several instances it meant cutting boys who have stayed with it for three previous years. The only salve to his conscience was the knowledge that those he did keep had also given the .same three years: It was slightly different in some instances, in cutting the B-team. In one or two cases the question of "desire" entered into his reasoning. 8-Blue Devils Get All Star Honors B 5. A. B 7. Dividends paid monthly on trust share accounts of $l,0~p0.00 or more. C. Dividends may be reinvested monthly. •"'.'. < Earnings from the : first of the month for all accounts "opened by the 25th. Share accounts may be opened our District Office or in the privacy of your home. For information and Prospectus phone Elwood, FE 2-9311. Share accounts may be opened in amounts of $100 to $10,000. $10,000 to $25,000 maximum accounts only as approved by Trust. C. • Joint ownership accounts available. ' • > 90^ of Trust earnings must be distributed to you during the year, as provided by Federal Law:; IRC Code Section 856-858; Legislation passed by Congress in September, 1960. Federal law provides that 75% of all monies must be invested in real estate, not to exceed 20<fo in any one project. Your earnings are based on carefully considered real estate investments selected for growth, income-and diversification. EARN 8* ON YOUR INVESTMENT CURRENT RATE PER ANNUM PAID MONTHLY. GENE WHETSTONE District Manager Representative , Alexandria-Elwood Tipton area ; 102 South 16th Street Phone Elwood FE 2-9311 (Collect) SERVING: TIPTON ATLANTA ARCADIA WINDFALL ELWOOD FRANKTON SUMMITVILLE ALEXANDRIA SHARPSVILLE GOLDSMITH AND SURROUNDING AREAS The following chart will show the Monthly Earnings on your Investment account: Klu InTMtment In Th» Trmt Monthly • Distribution To You —- S « S6.67 5 2,000 ;~ .... $13.33 S 3,000 .....-- - . $20.00 S 4/100 - .. . .. $26.67 .... $33.33 S 6,000 — $40.00 . .... . $46.67 . $60.00 .. . $66.67 Made possible by Federal Law: IRC Code Sections 856458 This is neither an offer to buy or sell these Trust Certificates, the offer Is made by Prospectus only. — -CLIP AND MAIL, "TOY— — — — — — — — American National Trust 715 East 8th Street Anderson, Indiana (Regional Office) Please give me additional information and current prospectus without obligation. " • .Phono NAME. •4 AMres«- —y -CHy_ NOTICE Will the lady who took a navy coat by mistake from the Hobbs Methodist Church Smorgasbord please call Mrs. Jerold Massey, phone OS 52612. Other coat can be picked up at Mrs. Ruth Legg .in Hobbs or phone OS 5-4177. DIANA Tonight & Sat. Matinee Saturday at 2 p.m. 2 OF THE WILD FUN HITS THAT MADE THEM FAMOUS! Strong Bodies Long ago Barr ridiculed to us, the idea that major league basketball is not a body-contact sport. He said the smaller schools may get away with that kind of ball, but if they hope to hold their own against big time opposition, they have to be able to absorb the bruising contact that they face in under- the-board' scrambles, the jolts they are sometimes given in trying for Iayups; and the face- to-face bumpings in scrambling for loose balls. That is one reason why, given a choice between two 'boys of practically' equal ability, coach Barr will give the final nod to the boy with the "body". In the case of a senior who is cut, itj is too late to do anything about that. But in the case of a sophomore or freshman who is cut, it then becomes a question of "desire". And that is where freshman coach Phil Sullivan's advice comes in to "join John Oberhelman's weight class." Glad To Help 'Barr pointed out that some of the boys he cut couldn't do more than one or two pushups,, and there's no excuse for that kind of physical weakness except lack of desire. There were those cut too, whose chief trouble was inability to use both hands, poor footwork, etc. Barr emphasized that any -boy who was cut this year who has the desire to "prove the coach was wrong" can do so by getting out and working for the next 11 months at improving himself. If the boy isn't sure why he was cut, Barr already has listed on the bulletin board in the locker room, the invitation for any- boy to come and talk it. over with him, and he'll point out to the boy his chief trouble and tell him what he needs most to work on in the interim. Just Can't Help It We must have got carried away with our enthusiam for the Blue Devils down at Tony Hulman's Speedway party for the Press Monday night. In Tuesday's Veru Tribune we read in jCen£ <Dbve's. column that ^ TVQ were exploiting the Satans. and now reading the. Huntington Herald Press George Frye writes "Ham Rigg was singing the praises of the Tipton Blue Devils every chance he got during Tony Hulman's . Speedway party Monday night .'.'..'.'.' Now we know two fellows we didn't mention a word to' about the Satans . . . Gene Conard of Elwood and Sob Dickson.. of Alexandria . . . They weren't present! We did talk to Charley Brock man] Tom Carnegie, Bob Col lins,'Joe Baker of Logansport, Tom Shumaker of Wabash; and two or three dozen others,' but heck fella's, if, you't can't toot your own horn,, no one else is going to do it for you. Send Him Thanks Carnegie, incidently, told us about his visit with Harvey Harmon while he was enroute to' Tokyo to cover the Olympic games. He didn't know Harvey as well as he did some of the others, because Harvey was in a cast when Carnegie came up to Tipton to film the team af : ter he had picked them to win the State, but he said that when he learned Harvey was a bit homesick, and how glad he was to hear another Hoosier voice away out there in the mid-Pacific, it made him' mighty glad he had stopped to see Harmon. It's just a suggestion, but if a guy is nice enough to take time out for an act like that, we know darned well he'd appreciate a note from some of the Tipton fans thanking him for it. How about it? Even a post card to Tom at WFBM would be fine. , Sun -Mon -Tues Continued Show Sunday Starting at 2:00 p.m. The most unforgetable love story* ever brought to the screen) (ratals tSaaiMsProdxfai KIM NOVAK LAURENCE HARVEY IN W. SOMERSET MAUGHAMS OP Human Elwood and Tipton, co-champions of the Central Indiana Conference, split honors down the line last night at Elwood at.the annual CIC football banquet honoring the gridmen. Each team placed three members on the all-conference first team, selected by the conference coaches and . the two teams split' awards offered in close ballotting among t h e sportswriters of the CIC. Player of Year Danny Crouch, for the second year in a row the leading scorer in the conference, won the sportswriter's trophy as t h e CIC "Player of the Year" in a close race with Elwood's Lyle Robinson. The-final count |n that race was Crouch 19, Robinson 18, Jack Edgemon.of Hartford City 6, John Lehner of Wabash 5, Don Martin of Huntington 5, Phil Carroll of Alexandria 4 and Herb Masiuk of Peru 2. Coach Voting First year coach Larry Shook of Elwood won the sportswriters' vote and a plaque as the CIC Coach of the Year". In this one it was Shook 31 points, Tipton coach John Moses. was next with 18 and newcomer Eldon Leeth who moved to Hartford City as the grid bossman from Ohio, polled an excellent tribute from the scribes with a third place^ vote of 12 points. Peru's Bob Larson and Huntington's Jerry Young each re ceived one vote apiece. Top Lineman Tapton junior Lennie Tr&g- esser, 'who spent more time in the opposition, backfield . than did many of their own players was the top vote-getting lineman in balloting by the coaches for the all star team with the rest of the all conference first team line being Ed Alley <lf /Elwood, Herb Masiuk of Peru,. Pete Thorn of Hunting ton, Dave Stinefield of Alexandria, Mike Tolle of Elwood and Jim Snyder of Hartford City. The backfield was made up of -Crouch and Bill Moore of Tipton, Lyle Robinson of Elwood and Gayle Bomar of Peru. • • • • The second team line also in chitted three Tipton boys, Dick •Burkhart, Destry' Lambert and Lex Boyd who' were aligned with Don Martin. of Huntington, Jerry Yentes of Peru, Tom Parrett of Wabash . and Ron Conklin of Peru. The second team backfield was Bob Rockenbaugh of Peru, Jerry Franks of Huntington, Randy Pell of Wabash and Terry Sutton of Wabash. Honorable Mention iFor the first time, the coaches did not pick a con ference all-star third team but picked honorable mention players with that -honor going to wooo„ Rick Inninger, Terry Rockwell of Peru, (Bill Unger, Dave Larrowe, Carl Gidley and John Lehner of Wabash, Steve Kildrew and Edmon Duncan of Alex, Taylor Cope, Bob Raver and Jim Schoeff of Huntington, Rick Groover of Elwood, Jim Hahn of Alex, Phil Carroll of Alex, Steye/^Eden of Alex. Club Calendar FRIDAY Carnation club — .7:30 p.m., Mrs. Loren Cottinghara, 420 Mill street. Home Craft club — 7:30 p.m., Mrs. William Garmon, route 4. ',-"' ... MONDAY May-Ri-Kan Salon 648 '-7 6:30 p.m., Howard Johnson restaurant, TCokomo. --•''•' - ':• ; Rachel Circle—7:30 p.m., Mrs. Richard Harrison, 331 Green street. ....... Westminister Circle—7:45 p.m., Mrs. Nina Young, 304 Green street. : Rebecca Circle—7:30 p.m., Mrs. James Feather, 10 2 5 North Main street. Circle II — 7:30 p.m., M r s. Clarence Law, 140 Dearborn street. TUESDAY Helping Hand club—1:30 p. m., Mrs. Lewis Wendt, route 1. American War Mothers—7:30 p. New Hope Club — 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Lee Gasho, route 2, Atlanta. Double Dozen Club—7:30 p.m., Mrs. Ivan Presler, 1014 North Main street. m., American Legion home. Phi Beta Psi sorority—7:30 p. m., social room, Farmers Loan and Trust company. WEDNESDAY Business and Professional club —6:30 p.m., Tom's Cafeteria. THURSDAY Embroidery club — 2:30 p.m., Mrs. Lillian Arkenau, 409 North Conde street. FRIDAY H and H club—Mrs. Ross Broyles, Sharpsville. REBECCA CIRLCE Entertaining for Rebecca circle Monday at 7:30 p. m.,. will be . Mrs._ James Feather, 1025 North Main street, assisting her will be Mrs. William Johnson. Devotions will be given by Mrs. PaulTSgler and the program will be presented by Mrs. Ed Meloche and Mrs. Jack Browning. Report on the penny-a-day will be given" by Mrs. Carl Heath. WESTMINISTER CIRCLE Mrs. Nina Young, 304 Green street will entertain members of Westminister circle on Monday at 7:45 p. m. Mrs. John McNeal ers witn tnai -nonur gouig n>. will summarize the Bible study Jim Rumbaugh and Mike Rice I of Colossians. Mrs. Irene DeWin- of Tipton, Dan Hinds, Gary' ton will tell of the mission stu- •Beasley and Bob Frye of El- dy. ELK'S CANCER FUND MONTE CARLO NIGHT This Saturday November 14th An evening of fun patterned after the Casino of Monte Carlo The fun starts at 8:00 p.m. Guests Welcome — Don't Miss It Having a Club Christmas Party? Now is the time to make your reservation while choice dates are ' available. Private Dining Room for -your complete enjo^nent. TOM'S CAFETERIA ZENITH TH TH ZENI ZEN I I EN IT H ZENITH ZENITH z COLOR COLOR HJWCLC TV SERVICE

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