Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1908
Page 6
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mi THE lOliA PillY BECgSTBB. MOSPAY BTEmC. OCTOBER 19, H08L rm FEDEBATIOX OF 2XD DISTEIC 01 KANSAS HERE THIS WEEK. IN CONVENTION TWO DAYS XA>T PR0m\E3iT WOMEX OF STATE WILL BE HERE. An Antb Bide to Be Given hy Boo<;tor Club—Rwi'iitlon at Elks Hall on WediH^sdBj- .Vlplit, Ou Wrdnosday afiernoou n\ half past two oVIock ilio oiionliiK sossion of the convention of rtvloiatc;! cUilij; of the Si'contl dlstriot of Kansas, which win be hold In lohi. will he called to ordei. All sessions of (ho convention will bo in>l.i in the Presbyterian ehnrili wlilih is »>xoeedlni;l.v roomy and oonvi'iiitMil for the entt-r- talnmeni of the visiting wunic -n. It is expected that ai two hiin dred delegates and visitors will here, among them sonic of ilie n)ost accomplished and careiiiUy educated women of the Mate wno art-* looking forward to this ineeiiiii; because of the educational benefits to be received and the social pieasnrc •. to be enjoy<?d.' Mrs, Eustace ]I. Uronn, of Olathe, state prPsideni, will ho here to attend an executive council ))revions to the first day of the convention, and on TVednesday will read a i)aper on "The Value of Federation." On Thursday the women of the Presbyterian church will ser\'e luncheon in the dining I'ooin and on the preceding day one of the local federated clubs will servi^ a co !ni)Jiinentary luncheon. The Koostir club will give an. automobile ride tor liie women on Wednesday afternoon and at night there will be a reception and mtisl- cale m Elks hall. The Rucst list will number at least four inmdred thonsh the method of e .xtondlniJ: fnvitatlojis (each club member Invites one iiiiesd will be carefully considered. This reception will be the laiv.e ^r event of Its kind hero this year tiiid will he featured by a playetie. A Oentle Jury," by the Soiosis club of ihiscitj-. OLD GOLDEN COFFEE What is your ideal of excel lent coffee? Don't you like a mild yet exhilaratbg aroraa—a cc^ee that settles quickly and pours dear—full-flavored, rich, satisfying, sustaining? Then you're a sure believer in OLD GOLDEN goodness —it's 9 coffee of special blend, scientifically matured, balanced and roasted. It will please you—it pleases everybot^. Get it from your grocer. 'S. I 25c Pound TONE BROS.. Das Molnss, la. the dusiness of the district with inuch -:3 and'tact and those who know i;-! or her ability are determined to psr ii '.r name In the list for election. in.;,,- (..fficers now preside over the district; j President, Mrs. W. D. Wolfe. Tola. First Vice President. Mrs. G. J. Barker,, Lawrence. second Vice President, Mrs. Jean- erte Scott Benton. Treasurer. Miss Bessie Corbin, Mound City. Recording Secretary, Mrs. W. E. Lowdor, Jola. Recording Secretary, Mrs. 1. N. and an elaborate program of music. , The schedule for the two days Is as follows: Wednesday .\fternoon. OiKnii Solo .Miss Clara f!r ,Tngle Invocation Rev. S. S. Hilscher liaritone sol(» .Mr. Edwin Hunter Address of Welcome. .Mr.s. R. B. Steven .son, president ' of the Current l-^eiit club. Response—.Mrs. «eo. fl. Hoilges, CtJl- lure Class. Olathe. l ^idies Quartette—.Mesdames. Watson. Cole, Crangle and Bolton. •The Value of l-^'deratlon."—Mrs. Eustace H. Brown, state president. Glut he. Violin Solo .Mr . Dickersou Appointment of committees. .Vutoniobile ride for visiting delegatt Thursday Morning. Piano Solo Mls.s Hobart Reading Minutes ...Mrs. I. S. Buck Reijort of officers . Report of Credential Committee. Response to Roll Call—Two Minute Report of Clubs. Miscellaneous busines .=5. Election of officers. Biennial Report—Airs. Isabel Rum baugh. Fort Scott, Kansas. Department of Philanthropy. .Mrs. Clias. F. Henson, chairman, Paola •Practical Philanthropy for Club Wo men," Mrs. Handy, Paola. Ladies Quartette—Mesdame.s Watson Cole, Cransle and Bolton. -What Life .Means Today," Mrs. xVoble Prentiss, Kansas City, Kas. •'Summer Outing for Poor Children, —Miss Llla Weber, Osawatomle. Piajio .Solo Miss Freda Dickerson Tliur.eday .\nernooii. OrKan Solo Miss Hobart nep;irti)ient of ICducaiion, Mrs. Geo. J Barker. Lawrence, chairman. Co-Ediica «loH Mrs. Barker niscusslon—Affirmative led by Mrs. M .Try Can Cleave. Kansa.s City Kansas. Negative led by Mrsj H 11. Asher, IvJiwrenrc, Kansas. Piano Solo .Miss Evelyn Howland Talk on Japan—Mrs. D. S. Stephens Kansas City, Kansas. Departnient of Litcraturo. Mrs. .leiinie Scolt Benton. Port Scott ohalnnan. ' . : -. -The Sons of Martha,"'—Mrs 1. Wishard, lola. Paper, 'A Daughter of .Mary 1S08"— .Mrs. F. E. AUyn. Fort Scott. Kas .Mi.\c :I Quartette, "Rece.s.sioiial"—Kip- iiiiv:. Paper. "A Daughter of Mary 190S"— Mrs. C. E. Benton, Fort Scott, Kas Organ Solo .Miss Chini Crangle The election of officers will occur during the week and though no candidates for the presidency are mentioned It is certain that the selection of this executive wii; involve a con- rest. Clubs in the di .<5trict are urging Mrs. W. D. Wolfe of this city to allow her name lo be presented to the convention but .Mrs. V.'oife has stated em- j)hatically to her friends that she will not consider the nomination for a second term. .Mrs. Wolfe has conducted For a Warm Bath Room A batli in a cold room is a ^ ''sliivery''operalion and is extremely liable lo cause colds. The bathroom above all should be kept warm, i This is easy and the bath is'a 1 comfort if you have a ERFECTION Oil Heater (Equipped wltb Smokdess Device) It may be carried from any olKer room to the bath room, which it vfil heat while you are preparing for the bath. Impossible lo turn it loo high or too low. The most ecanomical heater you can buy—intense heat for 9 hours with one filling. hold purposes. Gives a 'clear. steady light Made of brass mroughout and nickel plated. Equipped with the latest improved central or^it burner. Handsome—simple—satisuctory. Every lamp guaraiiteed. ' it you cannot get healer or Ump at your dealer's. write our nearest agency for descriptive circular. STANDARD on. COMPANY tUieorportcO NEW YORK STORE iOO Sample Lace Curtain Ends From one and one-half to one and three- fourths yards longrin white and ecru. Your choice Tuesday, each SEE OUR NORTH WINDOW DISPLAY nnck, Paola. .Auditor, Miss Edna. Holme.s, Paola. The cluhs which helous? to the IVd- eration are.- Gleaner chih. Pleasanfon. Cileoln CJnb. I'lea.sanfon. rp -to-Date. I^'lola. Pleasant Hour. Paola. Sigournean. Olathe. Sorosrs, tola. fnity, lola. Current Literature, Fort Scott. Western Highland Study Cluli. K. C. Shakespeare. LaCypne. Searchlight. Gnrnett. .Sunflower. .Mound City Y. W. Culture Class. Oiathf. Current Event. lola. Ladies' Progressive, Gas City. Magazine, Fort Scott. Lawrence City Federation, Lawrence This convention is an «»xeeptionally itnportant event in the CIU'J calendar for the year and the several committees from clubs here are .making every effort to have the seventh annual meeting the most f! ' and profitable ever conductt-i AUTO BROKE DOWN .H.V(III>E OVKRTAXED BY REH-B- LIC.VN F.VCTS AND MAJORITIES. Biff Mwtlnj: at Gas tonight—W. tl. W, Band to llfu.sie—Jackson Tomorrow Miirht. The speeches Frank Travis, A. P. Harri.s, H, U Thompson. .J. E. Henderson and C. C. Ausherman intend to deliver at the Republican rally at K!^ more Sattirday ui.ehi proved iim heavy for the auto which was to convey their to the scene of the meetinj; and it broke down. The party had reached a point about three-cjuartcrs of a mile south of La Harpe when, over taxed by the statistics showing the great ma iorlty by which the Republicans were lo carry the county, state and nation coupled with a large number of facts showing why the Republicans should be retained in power, the machine gave way. The •:critter" refused to move although the Republican orators exercised their persuasive powers to the limit and the i>arty finally took '•shanks mare" to La Harpe and came home by the Electric line. Frank Travis said today that hereafter he would take just what facts and figures lie n^eeded that he might get to Ills destination without accident or mishap. . ISmoke more on time and found the town ch'iwded with farmers and citizens awaiting their arrival. The hall was more than filled and an unusually fine meeting held. Everyl )0dy in Elsmore was whooping it up for Taft and the entire ticket. Speeches were made by .ludge Foust, Capi.'tin P'wing and .Mr. I'lorence, all of which were receivfd with favor and applause. The lUark aiid Tan Quartette sang several selections which the crowd enjoyed immensely. The Republicans will take Gas City tonight. Tlie rally has been annotinr- ed for several days and a big crowd is expected. The laboring men of Gas are «.specialiy i»i!ere.sied in the meeting and i\ Ui'\ ttirnout from among J heir .nuinl>or i.< assured. The \V. O. \V. li ;<ud will i ;o along to furiiisli music for the occasion. The speakers are .Itul;;- Oscar Fou<i. .\ F. Florence. Captain H. .A. Ewin}; ^lud Col. .f. p.. .Vtchison. Tba rast of tlie Tomorrow night .l.,:i Harpe and vicin •ty will have an opportunity to hear one of the most prominent men in Kansas, .Attorney General l-'red S. lackson. Mr. .lackson lias niiidc an excellent record as an official and th s together with his aoillty as a pub He speaker assures him a big crowd. On Wednesday evening he speaks at .^avonbiirg. A large number of the lo- liHl Ke|,uij|icaus will aneiid l>otb meetings. A prominent Republican who wa.<; here today from Huml>oldt said the citizens there were making preparations for a big meeting October iHh. yitien ex-Governor Bailey speaks. .An effort is l>eing nuide toward getting up' a torch light procossion. .Alioiit 20(1 of the torches used at the Wilson rally here were recovered and may be J used at Humboldt. bank guaranty law. In a circular letter addressed to>thc voters last winter, Mr. Travis declared himself in favor of th«* law. He has not changed bis oititiion siuce. but has repeatedly pat himself on record for such a measure. .Tudgs Oscar Fousr and Frank L. Travl.s will go to Toronto the Ifctter part of the week and meet the voters there. HERE'S GRATITUDE S. M. Bigus Befriended a Homeless, Hungry Boy, Then the Boy Stole Money and Left. S. M. liigus. a fruit dealer, with a store on .Jefferson avenue, was standing at Madison and Washington av«»- nues Wednesday afternoon selling bananas from a wagon. 'Gimnif four cents worth of bananas." a youth said, stepping up to the wagon. "I haven't had anything to eat all day." "You beter get something into your stomach besides bananas." Mr. Bigiis said. "But I haven't got any more money." The lad looked like an honest yotmg man and Bisus sent him to 1^:6! Y. M. C. .A. limch room with instruc-^ fions to get a meal and charge it to' him. The young man did so. He came back to the^wagon. "If I could do anything for you even if It were only worth my board » and room. T would do if," he told Mr. Bigus. "If you'.>-e not worth more than that I don't want you at all," .Mr. Bigus said. Finally the young man went to work for his benefactor. He looked shabby and Bigus bought him a new suit of clothes and a new^ pair of shoe<?. The young man worked Thursday and Friday and did hi.s work w^ll. Mr. Bigus told him that if he kept up his work as well as he had started he would receive a salary of $40 per month. Saturday morning, the boy who had given the name of Joe Curless. startr ed out on the fruit wagon. He had $9 worth of C. O. D. orders and .som« 51.=> worth of stock on the wagon. H« delivered the orders collected an* then told the stock for any price In could get. Then he "jumped out," leaving with aboA $22 worth of hl« employer's money. He lefi the wagon standing in front of a store on Kentucky street. No trace of Curless can be fonnd. It has been learned that he also gave the name of Joe Mt^eU ter^ Sister-in-Law Dead. Mrs. Rebecca Smith of Bronsoa, who has been visiting Mr. and Mr«. Henr>- Dressier, west of the city. wa« called home today by the death of her sister-in-law. Mrs. Henry Sen- sher. Mrs. Sensher Is quite elderly and death resulted from heart trouble. Try the Be^Lster Want rolnmn. The county central committee has arr^anged for a meeting at Diamond school house on the evening of the 26tn. A ILst of speakers is now l»eing made up. A meeting will also be held at Mildred the latter part of this week. party raaclied El8< the An effort is t>elng made by the Dem- ocr ^ta to place Frank Travis before TOt«n M being opposdd to the Dry Glemnlha is a chemical process of cleansing clothing, requiring much experience and an extensive knowledge of textiles and chemistry, and the use of certain mechanical appliances. We are the only firm who meet these requirements in tola and we have already taken the lead in Saiiitary Clothes Cleaning. A trial order will make you a permanent customer. lolu Imundry

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