The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 3
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'THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 19=14 BI.YTHBVII.LB (ARK.) COUKIKU NKWS Arkansas Utilities ; Commission Rules ''$ • Against A, P. & L. LITTLE HOCK, Aug. 31. (UP) — Tlic Arkansas Utilities Commission lins overruled (lie Arkansas Power anil Light Company's motion for a reliearint; in its $975,000 electric rate reduction case. The commission ruled Wednesday that all points in tlic power company's motion, with one exception, Mi mild lie included in the firm's rate base, wliicli the commission lias set at some $48,000.000. The only exception to (he ruling was as to whether cei'tain fees paid to associated companies (or engineering should \K included in the rale base. The commission, terming the company's objection "premature", has reserved for future decision what part'of the fees may bo Included in the rate hase. The company has 20 days in wlik-li to appeal to Pulaski Circuit court The A. P. and L. also filed two petitions with the commission Wednesday involving an announced' purpose to resume its construction program in rural areas. It asked to bo allotted territory in an area north and east of Comvay. in Faulkner County and au area around El Dorado in Union County, and for permission to yiiild extensions. The petitions say that the company • wants 11 extensions totaling 84 miles in (be Comvay area and H extensions totaling 107 miles in Union County. The commission will hold a hearing on these applications October 3 Read Courier News Want Adj. Deadly Life-Buoy Guam Youngsters Learn Manly Art PAGE HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Japan's Prewar Machinations; China Background; Malta Hovel Frw women. If imy, niul . not many men know the backurouncl of the war in the Pacific uiul Japan's preparations for It betler limn Violet S'.veet Haven, author of "Gentlemen of Japan" iWff-navis: 531. A school teacher in (he Philippines, she become society editor of Japanese Times and Mull, and the at- I'eml Harbor was :i stuff mom- ter of the South Chlim Morning 1'ost ami the Hong Kong Teletinl'h. I Combining her experiences with hurmlijh research, Miss Haven pre- -1*.*';,*!>i.w-wiaKfjAWp^^ii''-.-' it-, iUSMC photo }rom NEA) With grinning Leatherneck lor referee, these Chamorro boys, on : the recaptured island of Guam, try their hand at an old American sport, boxing. Style's unorthodox, but that haymaker ought to be ^-i--.,«_j^_:.'. > a knockout if it linris n<; intended.' ''• Jr.?.,.;.'..*: i~-.:•'---I EDSON IN WASHWGTOH An 'FAO 7 Organization MncArlhur, and llu' firm conviction that he'll keep his promise rc- liiirdliii; the Philippines: "I will i'i>- hi nil" I'OltT lllSTtlllV (II 1 CHINA TyaiK In the Japmiese attack on tVarl Harbor us I lie inevitable result of our iirnvjivorlnu O|N'» door policy of trade In Clilua. foiclun correspondent Mullet Abend WCIHTS nil Intei-estliii; web ol sldc- lltht history in his latest . book, "Treaty Ports" Donuledav, Oman: $3). Soldier in Ibe photo above displays the deadly "life-buoy" fliiinc-llirowcr carried by Brilisli Commandos, paratroopers nnd infantry. In his right huud is "glin" which projects (lame willi range ot 50 yards. HV PET Ell. KDSON Fifteen months after thc Springs. Va., United ference on Food and Agriculture, Its Interim Commission makes its first report ID 45 participating governments. It proposes a constitution for n new international alphabetical agency. FAO. which stands for Food anil 'AijrlcuHurc Organization of the United Nations—an international trade association, interested i food production. The proposal will probably be kicked around a good bit, though there is nothing vicious or seriously controversial about It. Before FAO can even get officially born, its proposed constitution will have to be ratified by 20 governments- which will agree to foot the-bills. The proposed cost to the United States would be 25 per cent of the total at first, or an estimated Sl,250.000 a year for the first Jive years. Whatever controversy arises will probably center around the idea that the United States should be isl ed t3 loot a fourth of the bills, although it will gel only one vole. This is thc usual squawk on all these agreements when first presented, and in the case of FAO, it will probably be coupled with the notation that the British would be assessed only 15 per cent of the cost, the Russians 8 per cent; nnd that six unils of the British Empire would have six votes, even though together tht'v would be assessed with 31 per cent of the cost. WORLD-WIDE DO-GOODKR Just what this Food anrf Agriculture Organization would lie empowered to do is a little hard to pin down, as it is still pretty much in the nature of an international do-gooder. It would not be a super- state, international Department of Agriculture, nor would thc director general of the executive committee in any sense be a world food czar. FAO would sl a vt - out In life on a much more modest basis than that. It would be empowered to conduct research, collect statistics and make recommendations, and that's about all. i It would have-no control-., over Hoi world food production or distribu- N.-itioiis Con- tion. It would have no police l>ow- ,""»• Ol ers an,l no authority lo dish out J ' u " tt " s 'fills mi umiv.'lni; story of thor- ni!h-golnt; treachery, dark plotting mil perfidy which reads like a mys- ,ci- v thriller. Almost unbelievable' is the way lie Japs forced Chinese 1 anil Man- chnrlan natives to raise buom crops :>1 the |,oppy, to supply hundreds i)f opium dens whero potential en- eiulos—the common men of :rlra they cowled—could smoke their way to oblivion. They got away with It, too, just as "flsliar men" not away with taking sound- Ings and photographs around the Aleutians and off the const to Aln.ska. Rolh ventures served thc .lap a double purpose: the opium brought In huge revenue, plus undermining morale; thousands' of ions of salmon were poached by real fishermen, white spies aboard gathered their vilnl data. If -thc reader ncls the impression that almost every son. of Japan In Hawaii, the i'hllinplncs, Hong Singapore, Thailand nnd commissioned s'liy, lie may be not far off the truth. Laborers emerged alter Pearl Harbor as generals, admirals, l^ilsc walls on mainland wurehoiises facing , uirn Horn; Kong fell open, revealing Run emplacements. In Thailand as clsc- punitive orders to nations that did not live up to its recommendations. Even Its recommendations r— "conventions" they arc called into in- ternntionnl parlance—would ret ratification bv Individual govern mcnts before "they would become \ vllpre - Propaganda worked wonders. bindinK on any nation. |'', a|)s '"'Phaslzcd the color tie with IMS IN WflKUi I'VM'.C. I'l.AN'S ' lll c natives; they spent money like The whole set-up proposed ; is drunken sn n ors nlu | WOI1 over pro- thereforc perfectly harmless and v)nc "? ! eovcriiora. Even the the potential B aod that, it might r 1'rcmicr said, 'The Japanese do is limited lo studying and pass- I" 1 ™' People, great people, ing out information'to recommend he author stayed In Hong Kong raising the levels of nutrition nnd lmln the Jn l> tlclc »»« le & c[ear ""ins standards, linprnvliiq thc uf-! lh[!l sllc WOT1|<1 have to miikc II flclency of agricultural production K »ap|iy if she were to see Slma- ueuenn? the conditions of rural » on -- Indo-Chlnn. Thai and Java, life, and tlms contributing towards Snp reached those places by plane, and added more to her story and perhaps " excusable gray hairs to 'Ihe bonk concerns Itself with description of the lmp;>nuw ports of canton, Amuy, Rhiinuhal, Fim- ehoo. Ihnigchow au,| others which deih-ed their nppelntions ns trout) ports because was "opened' to Irnde with foreign eouutrles separate treaties. Abend. loiiB-tlme China (,-orre- coun- S'lKJiideiU for the New York Times compiles an liiierrslittj: fiietiml nur- atlve. lie uinkr.s good word ])U - - ures of ihe cities Imth din-Inn his enure there ami from letters nnd looks written by ihe early mis- •ituiuirlc.s and consuls. He deals with the Opium War. Huxi'i- Rebellion, the new mid old "hlirn, Japan's path of aggression nnil the first trade foothold nf American clipper ships. Hook covers fascinating period of history, In- lerwoven by Abend Into the pres- iit, .MALTA JlIltACI.I-: John Liuiphy's new novel, "Target Islam!" (Ilu;-|icr: S'-'l, Is dedicated tn 1m early phase ol the wnr—the all- siege of Malta— but Ills story is ccmpelllni;ly li.lil thnt the render tcrgets (he two-year time lapse. Urophy manages lo make current event. 1 ! nf history. In 10-12 Malta was known ns Ihe nosl-liombcd spot In"the world. NlBlil aim day Jol' over a year Herman planes, opposed by an In- Initesltmil number of Spitfires ami 'iiillci 1 models, plastered the foi- ress Island on a '^4-liour basis, This s the. story of a trio of the fight- •r pltols who fought, against lliose :vmvl)t>liiilng odds, nnd It Is the itoiy of.the pili'sl, l-'nlhvr Jullun, vho moved the altar from his de- nollshi'd church lo an Improvised cbnpel. There sire Gunnel, Hie boy -heid, who cheered (he "Spits" mi to victory, his flster Mamieln, who disturbed Father Julian by working In a Viilolln cnfo ami con- duetlni! n rather out-skied iiffnlr with Mack, Ihe British pilot, who was prouder of his exploits wlih women than ho was of his 1). K Mr. Itropliy knows his scene; his lory Is (nst-movlng anil excllini; without, belnii inelodranmtlc. Thin llllJe book mnkes nUuirbliiK rending. UltrlHB 1043 Inventories of slmri, In the United Sliiles declined more than pairs, nccorcllnii to (he OPA. 'Grandpappy' Is Only Male Plane In Army ORIiELUY, Colo, <UP)-In nil our army, It Is said, only one plane has a mime which Identifies It as of masculine gender, Thai plane Is "Oraudpnpuy." Us pilot Is Ciipt. Canniin P. Felice nf Orcclcy, Not only does "O.rtindpnppy" have an imiiMiiil name; ho hns an im- visual Job—one thai younger [oiks inilghl welcome, loo. Dt'ciuiw "amndpappy" Is the only iili-plnne of Us kind In the army, R draws such assignments as carrying pretty ijlrlis mound llio world for USD ciunn shows, or taking nu'dlclne lo South American earthquake victims. "Ciraiulimiipy" can curry a good big load up to 50 passengers If he has lo—so lie also gels an occasional Job carrying troops. "Clrandpappy" Is nominally n heavy bomber, but there isn't an- other like lilm. Hif'w'aV Jmllt'")^ ' Boeing in 1933, Just one ol throe ft plums of hli design. ; one* of the • *? ships was never completed ana'*fiio.'l * other cracked up on Its trial flight, leaving, only "drundpappy" for f > active seivicc. ' » » *>?* "Ornndpappy"' gof'th'at 'ijisscu- UK line name, according to Captain-- — 1'ellcc, because "he Is strong enough to dfscrvc that',reference,^ an<l old enough to te a grand- 4 pappy," ' * ' * nmllo cottasjcs in cheio'kee county, N. 0., sometimes have mar-".VJ. blc walls around them. Nearby are •" ' Inrnc deposits of the inatcrlnl, '' n— cu»ily, ct»]'l an<! wovesnnw . cyn^fotlably,' . WAVE KIT •;, ".'*"• con! al tw cvtrythllig ypil nccd.-r |>t'(/^incni wave '' ^'' '''• toluliun, riKlrii, «luini|HJO niwl \savc w(. K&sy :'-',, ni iniltiiij; yuiir talr ui! In cuilcn. Iniiil en ilia , piuiinc GVwr/u-A'i/r/— Anitrlcu'i larK«l Efll- IIIR liwiicivrmnrKvl w^v< kil. (let one U*l:iy at ; ""'' ICirby JJros, Drug Store rind 'nil drug "•".!' stores. . '''•', ", :,'" are an expanding world economy. All tfnis of particular interest just now is contributory to whatever agreement for maintaining lieace and security the BrilisVi- Russian-Cliincse-Ainericaii c-jnlerees are able to work out at Dumbarton Oaks, in Washington. Also, the Hot Springs food conference was the first of thc international meetings to be called. Since then, there have been United Nations conferences on monetary stabilization, and preliminary conferences on international aviatio, petroleum and rubber control. There will be others. Fitting (hem'all into one big international organization, lo end wars is thc gigantic jig-saw puzzle, to be worked out in coming months. I her head. MIES Haven concludes an Informative and cxcltliw book with an intimate portrait of Gen. Dougln.« Your BUY-W^Tl for FLAVOR \ NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS T^rmilea may b« ruining your property. Call me fex check-up without cost or obligation. KATB, MICE AND JlOACIl CONTilOly GUARANTEED WORK IVt H. C. BLANKENSHIP . Kentucky Phoca . Pcnsi'-Cola Conwanit, lana Island Cilu, A'. IV « if-ranchised Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of BlythevilU Say Bread- Haif s Bread!" read Has Everything! IMPROVED BAKING PROCESS MAKES IT BETTER THAN EVER This Weekend's SPECIAL! r*r\f*r\ A ^ it IT r* A I/TC COCOAHUT CAKE5 Made From Delicious Fresh Cocoanut —Our Most Popular Special Assorted Cookies Fresh Every Day Hart's Bakery B/yf/ievi//e Owned, Employing B/yt/iev///e Peopfo are U. S. No. 1 Red 10 IBs. FIRM HEADS 2 IBs. Buncli SPWftCH , 9' CROWDER PEAS ,, 12' SWEET POTATOES , 11 APPLES liniiilliini i I'diinds LEMONS SttlllUHl 'ntind 15' 14' LETTUCE RADISHES PLUMS RUTABAGAS CELERY Kimcy Itc Potintl anil (ireon Onions Huiith Fancy Hi;; Dine i Pound Stiillis Grade A Chuck_ ib.'" Cured, Meaty IB. lop', SAUSAGE BOLOGNA BEEF STEAK SALT MEAT 'tire All Meat Sliced. I,!) (Jnulc A Loin. 1,1). Host Grade Pound KKI) BICK10HSTAFI 30 29 C 39 C 21 Host Grade In lite Slab I,b. PSCNSCS Tcndcrixcd I 'oti nil 19k si- si- All S\vcc( or Nil-Maid. U>. AM, KINDS OF UJNCH MEAT iind OI.KNN ALLKY, HUTCHEHS VICTOR 25 tbs. VICTOR 25 IBs. Pure Cane 10 IB.Sock Folger's COKKKIC 2 I'on n<is 62c Snowdrift ',') Pounds 69c Kraft Dinner lOc ONE TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU VICTOR COFFEE to Coffee Pleasure DRINK VICTOR Is Better! . Pound *) 4 , Package . . / |f 3 Pounds 59c 10c Baking Soda 3 Pnckags ' IQc Pet Milk ; Tall Can 9c LIBERTY SUPER MKT

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