Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1907
Page 6
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KANSAS CORN CROPS Beports Seeelred ladkate it Wfll Be 180,000,000 Bnihels. • Topeka, Kag., Odt 10.—E. J. Smiley. ^EiBcretary of the Kansas Grain Dealers' Association, from personal Investigation and the reports of several hhndred correspondents, estimates thajt the Kansas com crop this year ^.111 bn about 180,000,000 bushels. ."The good com In Kansas." says Mr. Smiley, "is in the territory bounded on the south by the main line of the Union Pacific railroad and on the wiest by the Blue river. In this dis-. trict the com may average seventy- flye bushels to the acre." •But west of this territory, clear out to the Nebraska line, Mr. Smiley says tie com Is poor. In Jewell, Mitcholl. Smith, Osborn?. Phillips. Rooks, Xor- top and Decatur, the crop is Insufficient for the homo demands. lie says that com in being shipped into these ccAintJes at a price of CO cents per bushel right now. PISO'S CURE Save the InniB from the dreadful rava^ pf consumption by curing the b«d cough or raid before it i% too latr. Pi'o'a Cure tpcedily stop* cnught and rclirvrs (hroat and lunR lrouhl<-«. .\b«..tmclv free from obj.rti'cinable and harmful incioiirrits, and agrecal.le to the tasttu All druezlsts, 25 cents. "'GOUGHS .HoCOLDS SEODESHA IS PLE.VSED. Frist'o Has Slarted Work on the Re- liuilding. of Burned Roundhouse. WIXL ACCEPT COLltflllA. K. r. Reported Ready to Concede Missouri's Claims. I^wrenoe. Kris.. Oct. 10—If tlii> University of Missouri wauis in ulay tho; ThanksglvinB day fool ball game in Columbia this year, the I'niversity of Kansas will agree, providing, of, that the game will be played In Lawrence next year. Kansas doesn't care much whether the game is played here or at Columbia. The only reason that Lawrence would be a better place this year than next is that on this coming ThanksRlving day there is no game at Topeka, while next fall Topeka will be the scene of teh Washburn-Oklahoma game. This , year Lawrence could draw the Topeka crowd on Thanksgiving day. Nq word has yet been received from Missouri on the question. According to reports, the Tlg'»rs say Columbia or Kansas City, Kansas, considers Kahsas City out of the question, so it is very probable that if the Missoii- rians offer Columbia the K. V. athletic boartl will accept With Missouri at Lawrence next year, the schedule ' would be better balanced, as Kan?Bs plays Nebraska at Lawrence this year and 4t Lincoln next year. The chief objection to playing the Thanksgiving game here this year is that it is doubt ful whether Lawrence can support two big foot .ball games in one month. •Whjle the athletic board is worrying over the question. Coach Kennedy is spending most of his time wondering how he can streugthen his back field. In all. probability Stephenson will be moved from guard to fullback in Saturday's game against Sr. Mary's Reed will be taken from center and put in Stephenson's old j)!ace while Millon will go back to center. Random or Steel,Vwho has been subbitis for Ang• ney at quarter, will be iispil ai end. The Kansas line is fairly s.-iiisfat-- tory. Several Rood men, wlio are under the ban on account of -.uudy fa!I- uers, are in the university, if those failures can be straightened out, tlu-re will bfc more candidates trying for backfleld positions. Ligh^ scrimmage work was Riven the men last night. The forward p.iss was featured. Kennedy exiiect:; to rely a'great deal on this pia.v. St. Marj''s is said to have a good train j this year and Quiglcy's mm are ex-! pectod to give th" Jayhawkers a hard ! run. Xeode.sha. ICls.. Oct. in.—Neoile.sha is feeling better iiow. lUaiik you. Thi' i'Visco is rebuilding the burned round house and 'he haunting fear ihai .\eo desha would be abandoned as division headquarters has been |dispelled. The Sun says of it: • Work has l)egun on the reoonsfruc- lion and extension of the Frisco round house here. For .some time jiasi. the plans have been in the bands of the .irchitoets and the cariieiiiers have been working on the frames for the windows, doors and other parts of interior woo<lwork which I hey could make before tho actual constnu-tIon comtuenced. .\ow the concn^te foundations are being laid and the roundhouse is to ho liirgcf and better than it was before the lire. Much of Mic material for the work Is already on ili<> ground. The main wall Is ser. back Jlftecn feet from where the old wall stood, which will give more room. The same number of stalls are to be put in that were there before, but of course they will be larger and boiit-r 'ban ever. Since, ihe lire last spring I'herry- vale and othf-r places have bc'n •soin' things" in Ihe sliape of rouiid- houst'S and it has been freely declared that the Frisco intended to move its shoj).s. The newspajjers at Cherryvale have frequently in 'iniatfMl that the railroad company had seriously contemplated the removal of the roundhouse anyway, and that tho fire was the last straw that was to break the caniol's back, so to spf-ak. Rut the catrel is still unharmed and has come through the ordeal without a fracture of the vertebral column and it. is very njiparent that its lumber regions are visibly strengthened, insfead. ,ISSrRA>TF.'QrESTIOy NOW. The Kansas Attorney Gcnrral Prrpar- Ing Ills Anti-Trnst Case Queries. Toj.eka. Oct. in.—The attorney gen- eiul is preparing a list of questions to be asked of the eighty insurance C'lnpanies made defendants in the antitrust suit filed in the district cou^t here. The supreme court has h<'l(l the. interrocatory law constitu- tir/iinl ill the Harvester trust su't and the same nn'thods "will be employed ill getiing evidence from the insurance companies charged with violating^.the antitrust law.-. The attorney general expressr-s hlm- sflfiis very well pleased with the pro- ^,ross of tho thus far and insists V.'.at, the interviews from Insurance men, to the effect that the case would be a failure, are calculated to crente S' ntiment. As far as his olhce is concerned, he suys, the cases will be pushed and other cases may be fil?d to help our the stateV; side. BOBIX.SOXS PLAY TOMGIIT. Bin at Grand Tbrater Is "The Gold Mine," The Robinson Stock company will present "The (Jold Mine" at the Grand this evening. This promises to be one of the best to be shown in this city for ten and twenty cents. It contains peculiar situations which are altogether different from any melo-drama ever produced in this city heretofore. The Robinson company played to a large house last evening at Humboldt. tET THE REGISTER FOLLOW TOD Before- you go on your vacation leave yoiir address at this office and the Register will follow you. If you do not: know your future address write-tb^ Register as soon as you are locatvd snd the paper will be started immediately. It will be just like re- celTlBg a letter from home and will lieacb yoti every day. The price of the Register; for out-of-town subscrlp- tioiu is ij) cents a week. 'Phone your order to No. 18 or 222. CARRIE X.VTIOX ON THE .STAGE. To Be "Leading Lady" Wilh *^en Mghts in a Barroom." Washington, Oct. in.—Carrie Nation has'accepted an offor to tnivel with 3 "Ten Nights in a Barroom" troupe a.", a side attraction, rec.-.'iving $l'nn a week and the privilege of telling things to^the audience for ten minutes night. Incidentally, she will be the "leading lady" of the attraction. Th? company wa,^ organized by a total ab- stinance society, and will (our Kentucky in an effort to keep the "dry" lawns from becoming "wet" again. It is said Mrs. Nation Intends to use the money earned by her plunge into tlieatrical life to estnblish a home for the so-called "Incurable" Inebriates in thjs city, and that she has already tnken steps to secura a furnished hotel for the purpose. The married woman who went away for the summer last year, but who (:ld not go away this season, probali- ly heard something on her return. I Would a Cold Wave Find You With a Warm House? Everything from $1 60 Gas Stove to a complete beating plant at SHANNON'S NOTES FROM LA HARi^E BE7ITALS AT M. P. CHUBCH SUC CESSFTIr-LABGE AEDIEXCES. THE A. H. T. A. HAD MEETIN6 ELECTION or OFFICERS AND BEG ULAR BISIXESS TBA.\SACTED. Ijirge Crowd Heard Rev. .Sam Small —Personals and Other News >o(ps. BeTlvalH a Snrcess. Tiie revival meetings which are in progress at the Methodist Protestant church are progressing with increasing interest. There are large crowds present each evening and consiaer.anic interest has been shown, it is believed that the crowds will be a great deal better after the adjoiirniiK'iit of the Ottawa district conferenco of the -Methodist ICpiscopal church which is in ses.-irm in ihi.s city ai rho present time. A. II. 1. A. Meellncr. The A. H. T. A. association of this city met in the city nail Tuesday night and transacted regular business and held tluir annual election of of- llcer.'-. Pet«> .Iiity was elected president, R. R. Haiuiltoii secretary, Sam Malcom treasurer and .John Kohler guard. Walter Wood was named as the delegate to attend the state association which coiiveni's In Parsons in tlie near future. Big Crowd Attended. Rev. Sam .Small, who for so many yt>ars worked with Sam .lones, the famous, was heard in this city yesterday by a large audience. Tb<» cars before ami after the lecture were filled carrying people to and from lola. A large number of Cas City people attended the lecture also. Trades for Farm. .Tolin Camac of this city rec(j»1Iy traded a store building In lola and a residence in thi.s city for .a farm on rural route three out of lola. Mr. Camac has moved to it where he will remain this winter. Mr. Camac was formerly in the livrry business In this ci'y. Mas Delegate. .Mr.c. K. C. Moore is expected to return this evening from Topeka where she has been attending the grand me.'t ing of the Rcbekah lodg". Mrs. .Moore was the delegale for the local order. Many things transpired at the granil lodge meeting which .Mrs. .Moor«> will report a' ihe next regular scssiiui. i MMtaixta tjoitt M ^vtuavAX dTjB.nurcr> wvikfuwo'i'vi SVUM . . .-. ....... M. E. Conference. The night session of the Orlawa district conference of llie .Mi ihndisl Kjiiscopal church was v.t II aitenrtid last night. The session last niglii was a tcmiierance one. For Rent—Two large nii-ely fiirn- I.sli<;d rooms; close In. .Mrs. Anna Daggett. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Wliitmore of Leavenworth were visiting in the city j ye.storday afternoon. L. T. Marble of Fort Scott was here yesterday on business. h. O. Irwin of Topeka was in the ci'y yesterday calling on friends. Frank Shaw of Kansas City but formerly of this city was in the city yesterday slinking hands with old frifud:^. BEER PRICES TO ADVANCE. Brewers Say So I'nless Hops and Barley (Jet Cheaper. St.. Louis, Oct. 10.—A Faust, first vice prcs'd?nt of tho Anheuser-Busch Brewing association, and oflicials of the St. I^^wis llrewlng association antl independi-iit hrewing companies announced this af;<>nioon that unless • ho tirJces of hops and barley fHll by November 1 they will raise the wholesale price of beer from Jfi to $7 a barrel. Retailers propose, as a result, to reduce the size of tho glass of beor instead of advancing th.=; price ner glass. The consumer, therefore, must reduce bis "appetite" or drink more "glasses'" to appease his thirst. Altention Farmers, Important to Yon. Dont give your scrap iron or Junk away. Don't ailoir any one to hoodoo you ont of fiamr. Bring ft in yonnelf •nd get full market valoe. I am hond- <inarters fur Rrrap iron, all kindi* of iank, copper, brasK, lend, zinr, hides, pel(«, fars, tallow, wool, rngii, fealh. ers, i )ceMwax, etc. 1 am at present paying M to <» eonU per 100 itonnds for best grades of srnip Iron. Re sure yoD are at the right placp and get a sanaro deal. R. L. BARNARD. Snereiisor to L. Kropp, SSl-SSfi North Bnckejfi street, lola, KsBsufi. Trx B Want Ad. IB tke Besktcr. Annual FaH Showing of Knit Underwear! Next Saturday, the 12th, we will hold our Annual Fall Showing of Knit Underwear. The time was when litt'e attention was paid to this class of merchandise. Anything in the hieayy knit goods line that represented underwear would do. Not so [now. Underwear must be perfect fiiting as well as warm—must be satisfactory both in quality and price. A medium weight, perfect fitting garment is warmer than a heavy, |ill-fitting one. Did you ever try a Munsing Union Suit? They have all the good qualities and nojne of the poor ones. Munsing underwear fits, holds its shape, wears well and is medium priced. It can be had in three wei, hts—heavy, medium, light. ' Ladies' Cream Colored T.'nion Suit .No. tH.'i, high neck, long sleeves, ankle length, fleece lined, regular sizes, price, Si.OO Fxtra sizes 2r .c extra. Lailies Wliiie fnloii Sniis .\o. It'.lT high neck, long sleeves, ankle length. o|ien across bust, medium weight suitable for fall wear: regular sizes price $1.00 Large size.'; :;r .e oxtra. Girls' .N'aliiral Wool Vi-sis and Pant.-;; vests have long sleeves, high neck: panis are ankle lengih, all Kizes from L' year;-, to lO years: price, a gar- nirni. 75c Ladies' WHiile Union Suits No. hl.ilh neck, ankle length. long sleevfs. open across bust, medium wei.cht. It you like a garment jiisr a little heavier th.iii tiio Slimmer weight, you should se this one. regular sizes price $1.50 Large si/fs "."ic exira. Ijidics" Liv;hi Weigh! Wool Ciilon •Suits .Vo. 1717. natural color. hi;:h neck. long sleeves, ankle length, open across bust: all sizes luicf. $2.00 Ladio.^" V.'iiite I 'aMis .No. Ojc. clo.^ril. aiil:lt' l.-ncr.!i. medium weii'ht, vosis to niaicli; all <u.<---< prici-. 50c Ladies" nicdiiini weight mercerized Coiton I'nion Suits No. 71.') in white. Mill- and fles'.i color. These garments arc ;is iir.-ii.v as silk bit' just a little lu'.'ivicr in weijiht; regular sizes price, $3.00 l.rulic.^ While Port Wool Pants and Vols .No. I7-.'i. vc.-ls are high neck, lung sleeve.^ and pants are ankle Icng'li: price $1.00 Mis.-<fs Fine Wool I'nion Suits, wliiic haU' ojir-n. drop seat, ankle lengih. kmu slf-evi's. high n<-ck: all sizes from 1' I.I ii; years: pri<v- $1.50 Hoy's Grey Cotton Fnion Suits drop seat or open crotch, lue- diiini, tlece lined, ankle leng'h, band collar: the most satisfactory underwear in ilie world for hoy.<^: slze.T up to 11! y.-'nr.-. SOc Siz.-s from M lo If! yenr.s, .ti.'.i' Girls' Vr 's'.-; .-iiid Pan'.', ail si/c,s froi!! age l' (n IiI years .No. r <7.1. crciiii color, ioiii; sleeves, high neck. Price 50 G Girl':; I'liion Siiii- .No. 77 in cream color, open |>art way down, driip si'ai. high neck, aii- k'.e length, long sleeves,' liglii Ilecce lined, taped neck, .si.'.e to f.' yi-ar:;; price 50c Sizr> II lo 111;. Price li .'ic NOTICEF LtWe ffiri, come to Ihe siore and bring your Dolly, Seiur' day Morning and reaelve a Doit Vest and a fine liiltO' grapiied Blotter FREei But remembsr you must lie acoompanled by some grown person. Tetl all your little friends to come, too. Misses While Fleece Lined heavy woighi I'nion Suits, all open high neck. lon.g sU-i-.-es. ankle length, open crotch: sizi.-; •2. and I. This line pf sizes comes between ladies and children'.";: .uist the propei- size.* for misses: finished just the .^anie as ladies high grade underwear. Price in all size.^ SI.OO Misses and Girl's No. (557 Cream Colored, half open, drop seat, medium weight, fleece lined: .size 2, .1 and t. Piice $1.00 Hoys' .Natural Wool, al open, seat No. sizes 2 years ill |i'> years. Price SI.00 S.n'iiie as above In open croTPh $!.no. Cliildren's Heavy Ililibcd Paiiis in sizi's l.s. I'u. '1- and 21: price. 25c .-\ge I Ui S years Children's Grey Medium Weight. I'Bilerwear. Vests and Pants to iiiaich i:ll sizes: priced according to size. Size IS. VlMci size 20, ISc: size 22. IT'ic; size 21. 'JOc; size 20. "lie; size L'.s. i.'ic; size :!ii. •i7c; size :'.2. iJilc. I.adie:>' Cn-ani-whiie Separate Pants aixl Vests, all size.-^: vests are high neck, li'iig ^:lc('ves; pants are ankle length. Price 25c Dr. Denton 's !|leepiii.g Garments for children, a^e I lo 7 ye.irs. I'rice 65c Ladies' Full Bleached Fnion Suits in all sizes, fleece lined, ankle length neck. This garment is pure while, i'iice 85c Ladies Heavy IJihbed Mercerized Silk Pants and Vests, cream color, all .sizes. Price $1.00 Ladies' Fine .Jersey Ribbed Tights anrl Vests, pure while, all sizes. Price $1.00 I.:idies' I'.lack Fqiiestrienne TigKJs, ankle lengiii. color giiarnreed not -^o crock. T:ip-y dye. all sizes. Price. $1.00 Ladies' f-.>itra heavy fleece lined Vests and Pants, all size.s in grey. Price. 50c . Ladies' cieam colored Vests and Pan's, extra sizes 7, S, 0. Price, 35c Ivadies' Swibs Ribbed Union SuiLs, cream colored, all ^i/.lS, price, 25c Mtsies' and ChiWrin's grey.union suits, in all s"zes, from 2 to i6 yti,ts. 2SG

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