Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1908
Page 5
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TEE lOIA DAILY BECISTgR, 3t03n)AT ITimG, OCTOBEE 19, im S i ^ • —--^ r-^ Thm Bpomil Rmmd to Prosj^&rUy Is The Habii of Saying A-tiybody can save pennies. Now stop a moment and think. Five pennies make a nickle, two nickles make a dime, tea dimes make a dollar—Dollars make hundreds and bun dreds make thousands, and—thero you are with competence, now you can cease from liard labor and henceforth the en joyment of the fruits of a well spent life are yours. Young man, young woman, do you desire that this competence, this luxury shall be yours? If you do, you will at once open an account with ua, nor cease -addinjr to that original deposit OH O])portunity ofTeru. State Savings Bank tota, Kmnmam Open from 7 to S p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A fpw Iiiiiidrt'tl !4 sect ions \o. 1 western hiiid iit $10 (1(1 siiiil up. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Office Over Iowa Store. ' Thorpe & Bough ^ Contractors, Engineers, Surreyors. Fully equipped for all kinds of surveying, estimating, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Over "Famons." Short Stories lO Fl lola Happenings —l)r. J. ILi'cpper. Bentlst Phone ItB. Isinir Scraper at Clinniite. Tlic Siand.iid sUiiiii;:; rink is tryini; out a new fk.'dr .•^insiipinji nianliine this wci'k. Till' liftnr Icis iictii \inno ovci- (incf Willi ihf scraptT. ami ilie first of III.' week will In- (Irapiii 'tl willi n .t ;riiiil-sioiii>. wliicli v.'ill.piii a finish 1)11 ilif liiili" iliat will i>nt jiiy in ilu- lii 'aits tif ilif skaHTS. —Chamiii' Snii. —Always time to eat at Our Way. Use No. 7 Flour GiMid .IS any—licitor than most, nnii 't I\>ri;i't Our MEAT MARKET We handle tinly the host of l-'rosh Meats. Smoked and Salt Mwtts. We Want Ymir The I'siial Way. An aiixiuiis traveler who callfd up one It!" ilu' (ii'pols in Chaiiiite ivoKil- ly liv tiMi'phone asked: "How is llie tiainV "I (li)ii'i know." was ilie leply. •ITs li-pi'l ted fifieeil liiillilies i;tle. I'lli if you'll call up a.sain in almin :in hfiiir ri! lell sonii'iliiiit: near wln-ii w.- ex- iM-ei ii.'"—Clianiii'' Sun. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. IIis lather Here. I'i'tif. 1.. \V. Maylierry. saperiiiien- Idi-iii of the iiiy sehoals. is enjoyiiitr .-i • visii Iron: liis f.'llier. .1. K. Mayli .Mry. PRODUCE !'>'' Twpek.!. farmers, and will j.ay the lii;;hest' market price in cash or tradp. Come i —Insist on havlns -IT. S." flonr. in and see us. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom'.COFFEES and TEAS If you will give thi^, line a trial you will no other. Fryer Bros. Phone 301, SOS. lAIi^ Kansas. | Anderson Was in K. f. Tom Anderson i^inuned Sai.irday fnini K-.insas Ciiy where i'e took in ilu* live stoek ^iii.w. He says the e;isier:i part of ilx- :-i;i!e uiis w.-il repi eseiiled ;iiiiiilii-' tki' ^\ lators at ihf sinIV,-. •—Be a Booster—Home, tndn^try- Neosbo Rivt-r Cat at onr Way. Adams to Linn Couiity. ; { G. W. Adams left this nioriiiiiK for Llun connry where he will spend itu- week workinf? nji the menilier.sliip of a lod!?e of the .M. W. .\. theiv. We Will Keep Vour SDJI Pressed if YOB Pay $15.00 or Over Rrick business liiiilding in loin tn ^ exchange for farm. T\vf> resi<Ientes to; exehanse for a farm.—W'hiiiilver .<:• nonnell. Harr Was Here. Pitcher Karr who is WfU known to lola fans as .-i twirli-r with the S;;iti' Leafiiie team here three yiars ai,'o. uas in the lineii|i <.f the For: .Seoti foot hall team yesterd;i;.. I.asi siinniier j he pitehed for a leiim i:: Oki:il:oni:i. ' Afiinsiii;; I 'iiii.ii Suits f.i:- .\!.-n. S2, $2.50. $3 MnnsiiLH Union Suits fur Ho.', s. 50c, 75c. $1. Special Sale of Children's Sweater G)ats and Sweaters Size* to fit a child 1 to r. y..:iis. SI..." and ?1 "rt S« iMt'frs a; 75 cents —Oysters any style at Our-way. Evans Bros. PMiulm, Stmllonmry, OUm BImnk Bonkm aimmm Sohool Suppl/mm TymmwrUmr Supttllum, ArohhmclSuppUmm Off tarn SugtpUttm Where qaaMty la mxln contltl- •ntloa ire buy the best Wliere demand* will lavtifr. we carry adl sntdee ui< fPHcee. teatk «M« lela, EMMM. —Paper Hanging. Flwac; ]!i:.S. Fred Rowden A Tra-li Pile Aiin-. The Vi-.i- di'iiariir.eiit t.a niii i" i!ic r,(t'l luoek nil north I'.iukeye S:it- iirday noon lo put oni a Imrriins; tr.i.-li i|.;!;!iors pi.i-. M;i7..- alarm, ill this Th< It \v;i- niKtii ii. Ill- liioii -jht 111''' .•ir.d sea! in an irs: iihmii nirii<>(! —Drs. Latbrop. O.steopaths, I'bone ICS. nujs Another i.aanury. Tlie Sl;:i Uaiilidry has jni! e!i:;scd the I.;i llarpe iaiindi) ::::d v. :'I move the niaihineiy in Oki.ihi'ina <'iiy where jthe eiin!|i:i!i\ has a iiiaui. .V:i a'-;<-iU'y wi:i lie phued in Haipe. —NtinniJiy's t \iniiie>. aiway-; fre-^h J:i! Hnire'is Hnj; S'ore COLONIST R.VTES i California, Arliona, Ktc. Daily nntfl i October SI, 19(»S. $30.00 from lola, Kas. i!' ('» Liberal stopover privilej^es. Per- soaaily conducted excursions. Tickets acepted in tourist sleepers on pay- yient of Pulimau rate, and in chair car. No better way of becoming ac- «iuainted with the Grest Southwest. Where small farms yield a competence, than by traveling over the Santa Fe. Let ijie send you some literature about California, Arizona, etc. W. E. RALSTO.X. Agent. lola. Kansas. Olin Sleiiuiian Here. MIS A!.' rro!:k oni.niiii a visit Oiiti Sieinmat! who i> now a :!.e?i;!i,r i: :!ie sicn;;! e<"p!- <'i" r^'^' <i\.\v a;r.:> Steinni:!!! st;ition.d at l'.>! T "...-IV.-Il VVi rtli. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind. Fullers to Kansas Cily. Kx-Po'.ice Jirdue Ira M. Fuller is liis hoiisi'liold jnKids to Kansa:^ City wiiere his family will live. Me will eoiiiiiine to lomJuet his store in Oeheiatii. Ok la. Rrumbuutrli Out of TOMM. .A. 1/. Hriiml)!nmh of (hi- .Vorlbiiip Xational hank, was in ("nloiiev :ind .Vi -o sho Falls Satiirda;. in the int.Mest uf the hntik. riiateau Choeolates. the kind yon have :ilways lioimhi at .Miindis Onm .Store. h:is a lii'Miitiftil Passepiirtaiif piihiri' with "aeli pound Imx. Were in Fort Seott. Mrs. i; Carloik and .Miss C .-r- triide fanaisey of lola ;iro the ,i;iiests of Mr. .ind .Mrs. .lohn I'.i tiiidi:;e at Iheir liDliie ;ii lo!i .South ili.'llirook s! reel. - - l -"iirl Sioii Ki -pnhliean. Tf you want the latest and nicest post cards on the niarki-t, K '"t them at Mnndis dm? 8lor»«. .Mrs. Ileiirele ( ouldii't t^o. Today \v;is the lime for tin- annual \V. \l. ('. iii.spietion and ihi- l»e|'i:irl- nienl Inspector. .Mrs. IIei^l•l<•. nf lola. was to he here fi.r i!i;ii piirposr. .Siek- ness prevented her <i>niin;C and the local <rorps was pri\iliL;i'd to :i|>pi>ilit ;iliy vrsiliiiK liieinlicr ;.s iiis|ii-e;iir :iiiil the appoiiii iiieiil was uiM-ii .Mrs. .1. I! Jliiiili-s, of Ciiliiii). -Ilarin-ft N'l'Wt. Annonneenient. Dr. SiitelilTe w ishes to itifurm his farmer patrons jind the public he has resnmed the general itraoiire of medicine, comhiiiing it with siir.i^ery. onice hours Id to II a. in. f to H and to X p. m. .More Tliaii a .Mile of Line a^tay. The men wlm are luyiii;:: ihe p^ji'- line for the Katisas Natural Cas coiii- |!.in> in ilie lasi fii-jd a:e pni!i:i^ m- ether iiioie than a tiiiie a day. .\ ureeii :4an.i; laid a iiiiie iln- fit.-; d.iy. liiLsiili 'i' iheii lliey li:;\e iluiir l..:ii-i. -l'h ::!Uit.- Tiiliiine mm III oy. H OW about this winter Overcoat matter? Have you decided on what you're going to have? And on what you're going to pay tor it? And on where you're going to buy it? All these questions can be easily answered if you say you're going to have tlie best your money will buy. That means a Hart, Schaffner Marx or a Stem-Bloch Overcoat A choice of one ol th e new smart styles in these makes. 15 to This store is the home of Hart, Schaffner & Marx and Stein-Blooh Clothes. They all s:iy that Miindis has the newest :iiid IH'SI line of post eards in Ilu- lilV. Pint for .liidire. \V!i':; iriiplii i -il. "Hav.- vi.ii :i!!}: 1 li::!•-; In oli'ir llii- emu I li«-l'oii' ^':i!«''i<'' i.^ | N! - .-I 'll ,'" ;lii' ]M ! •'ili 'T 11- I'lii d-.. .\ii. .'ii"I'.;i-. I liavcii'. I iliil iiavi- a half pint. Im: itn- Iti.lili-. <'ii|i- |II-;IM| ;I •• Minn.:!;.'-:.- .-i-ii-<-r j S..' the II. w Pusi f:ii .ls at .Muiulla j Driu' Store. -Frank S. Peaftie. V. S. Phone 331). 'I'o and Front Knrliiiuton. lola Friday to ! '"'a iliii'-r woikr How It Looks Min: iiltie i-xpliisiii!i nceniii-d lln'r i C. P. HALE WAS HERE, 1 Attended Important Railway Meet- iiuj Last Week. To Tax .\uios. Till- . iiioii.-. cuiiiiin.Ong tiie Inla <i.ti!i- j i-j! an- il'-liliiMaiilm nv r an m itiiialii'i* ;i> tax. auiiimol'ili-.- $1" a .\ \i- h:'-!.- !a\ i?> iliel- r i nii.-iil.'i al i>'i! Ii.v ilu | !i<i-iis.-eniiouiM.-ii. which a ..I..U.M..II j ,• |. ,|.,|.. ;,!.,.„, -„ ,|„^ Alis.soiiri i-; aiai:.-. 111!- iii:s ad.l.tii.ii;.! .••..-! In j [.;„.ifi,. ;,(!(ii.I.d a m.-r-ting of rail- ilii- ki-.i.-is ..! !ii..i.,i <M!- M- : |,,_„i rr..iii| ov.-r the state at i Wiehita. last wiHk. at which a repre- • r the Aiiifrican Railwa.v —Six per rent money: no commU- ^lon; no delay.—Smith & Travis. i:!«• It 111 I::v. a! eonfereliee of the j i"ale emplo> mad- a f.-w . arl.on: •' < ' Mrs. Mary stout j •Pmaiks. at whirl, a w.-nian sizzi.-d ,i„| Oysters. Way. (V. Piekeiiiig wi-ni i itieiid the aniiii It. chiireli. went to Cas Cit.v \V.-.liiesday for .n ' a'-d dr.-w a p..p i;iin. Aa-i iln* iiiaii j i.«it with her n.'iih.'w. |ir Sw;::i. From .factory ;ike a ' there she will pi. to ii. anend iiv-, f'"'^ —Mitiii-apolis .-.l-.-s.•:;:;'!•. rni"-(i r .reihreii <-onfeiein-e ^hich wi;! ' he iiihlleaii. Hert Starli". Was iieie. Iter' Siark.- and a ;'arty u! i; iti!.!- leaiiif liciwii liiiM Otiav.a y<-.-i.-i ii:i> in !aii ainoiiioiiiii- and timk ia !in i^o: • P lit.i ,, ,. ,, —«.nto Ha rase and Repair Shop for :.• : held at that p!aee-IMriiaiihu. H- repairing. Automobile I .' ' litery. Phone S93. Mere From Knrliiiulon. .latu- Mnrpliv It;i Thursday fur ami i.a lla'Ml- v.h'';'' sli"- wili ' 1' w ilavs a lid f!"!ii then v.: ' :.i i'a'Ias. Texa.-. -n .~pt-nil wir.rri- iii.u!i>!i K<ii!:Mieaii. —Cunningbaui A. Arnett, « per rent money. R. S. Oilfillaxi <3eneral Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialty. OSe* 115 I^ast Jackson 1 T«. Pboae 8M. allyjEivcsp Warner in Hunibuldt. .1. M. Warner, formerly iirojirietor of the cafe on the east siile. went to Huniholdr this iiioriii":-' where he will JinLfli loadin.i; a stoi!; of seeond hand .mnids for shipment m northern Missouri, while he is now i-ntjaKed in the htirdware Jiiisiness. —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. ItH.iimed to Italdwfn. Rev. W. R.i Stout returned from lola Monday where he had beejn attending the Presbyterian synod fok* Kansas.— : —Sicn painting. I [.hone 1J2S. Fred Rowden To a.nd From Lawrence. • Miss .Mav I,an.l!.-. who is i.aciiinu 'sr'ajol in Ut'iA. will ar:ivf l.naif this IWEY" SUITS AND OVERCOATS In all ibe new styles and colons of the season. IIF.NI.EV clotHes arc without doubt the finest fitting and the Ijest made clothes ever sold in this cbunlry—a broad statement, but we are ready to stand back of every word of it. We want to show you why this is so. and can do it in a few minutes time. We personally guarantee every suit we sell to give saiis'actioii I ' Suiia to $28,50. 0voroamismt2m80 to $28.SO, Other Suits mti0 Ovaraoats $5 to $t5 BARCLAY-SHIELDS CLOTHIHG CO. : '*na HbtMO aiOmaUty" v.-niiii; to so.'ii'l '!••> wi • •.;.r'^nts Mr . IMI MV is • ~ • M-s. t ;-u^> .1 ti) loin th*- lis: •>'' i !e, I 'l -llil till' Il.eti.'IU ol the itriet f-ilera'io:; n:' ! whir: sh ;> .-.ii "na/.'tf.-. I wi!;: .\ i; I.a:: I!a :K- r ;v-f w. .It S- roiiil liib;- woni .'irs elill.:-. ol r.fli.•••!•. -Law r.-!i<-e -Ni.'ie :>> L -ood as .Nnnnallvs <"aii- liv;. S. .1 at r .!irre'"s driii; store. To and From Independence. F f N:.-i.i!s..n a:-..1 M \V. T-a's \»ir.' Ind.-;.':'<'''tii'" ^i-!'ors f-oin lola j <est.r.iay a''.;toon « ' • F I.. K.n- v-r r- t'lrii'd this n'..>rnini '"•o-ii I-iia 'vh.-r.' io' w .TS a Fnite.l {tr.-thr.-n at th«" eiMif..'renc. i.'ig h-ld i:i Icl.i JiOVt.T eh!!ri-h of rlji- city of that elmre'i 1>»'I.-pen.|.-It.•,• lie- -II -Our Way Sod.i Water Get New Contract. I Hair & Sniiili. tl..- Salina arehi U'l^ts. an- w<irkiii.« on plans for a <:':ithi.'ir ( hiireh at .lani.-slown. The !U-w I'lil-.ling will I.e built of stone and liriok ate! while not very large will fu-iily aee.->iiiodate any eoncre;:a- tiiiii t!i:it ma^ s^atht-r there, as .lames town is hut a sniail eonntry town. Work will commence on the building as soon as tin- iirtteria! eati hf gotten on t!i.' .i.Toiiinis.--SaIiiia .loiirna!. See onr sfid up-to-dafe ilress ohoeH. .^htelils Shiw t'o. Visit Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Krnest .\ .Smith and son. Brooks, went to Itdji today to visit two weeks with .^(^s. Bert Taylor and Mrs. H. K. S'elson.—Ottawa Republic. —.lust received another shinment of Nunnally's Candles nt Rurrell's drug s.'in;ili\i' itf th.» .\ssi»ri:iiioii g:iv.- ;in address on the pKip r wa-. to h.indle inflammable :tii"l iii.tilily .'xplosive freight. The M.-w law '.TOv.-riling the handling of .=;i;<li iiiatf-rials wf^nt into effect on III.- I.'.th of this month and represen- i.itives of tho .-\meriean Railway As- .soriafion are .soinij over the country i-'ivinir itistrnrtioii'; to employees as to how the.^e m:iferial .<5 may be mov- '•<! and sti.r.Ml with safety. • • t WAS NEVER IN ASYLUM^ Family of John Abrams Asks for a Correction. .\ fri.-iid of Till- r.iinily of .lohn Ah- .-aiiis eall'tl lip •]><• Register office .<afiiriKi\ an.I a.-k.^.l that a correction li.- iiiaii.^ wi;!i r.-fen-nce to bis arrest l;!si w.^.-'h i>ii ihe eharrJTf of threaten- iiiK H;. StatiKtoii of I^aHarpe. The <;i>!\ siar-il Tliar .Mr. .\brams had t. ill a:i a-^v';iiiii. rli.- information ••."iiiiiii; fii.'i! iiis'ir.' eoiirt. The fam- il'. asK.-«jliat t'li^ >).• <-i>rri>cted as Mr. Al.iaiiis h:iii II.'\.T been in the «sy- • luii. Tle-r.' was n-.i inrontion to In- j'lr.- au.'.ii.- :in.l t'l.- corrertion is !•!:--.: fiiilv ni;ol.-. \»ur kind oi Oysters. ri ;>r tati h your rabbit." is the way .in i>:.l Kiii: ish r.-eijie lieutns. Tl..' iii.xi'-ii; Version, applied t<» oys- I -1-. !> Fsr .s: Piiv Sealshipt." •• S.ashipi' Oy.-!tis have that dls- tinrtiv". sa^t, ie>ster flavor. The r^a- >.in ;.- tl) ••.' )>at-k>Hl in galvanized -r. v! «le.t.ii'i.-!.. .<fale.l. airtight, with ire arciiii'! tl;.- eotuainers. but not in 'li- o> t.-r.- .\^» wai.-r i> used. "Seal­ shipt" (>y:-l-;-s <-.iiirn.! I.iixtt, nor col­ li. : iliii. n..r 5:«Tir..-. • Sfalstut.f Oy>ter:- are guaranteed i ill- Wbi:f F»orc.iain Case bearing the r.lue •Sralahipt" Trade-.Mark. from which you liuv ••'" Oyoters, is vour iiroifctioii Y.iii i-aii depend on ;lHir V. !iole-o:iieii.'.-s. pantj., freshness. Yon can he just as pahtcular ahoiM yi.-iir oysters as about any other food—-Sealr-lMpi" Oysters are tor particular people. We sell •s .alshipt" only—^wouldn't set any oth<T kind.—Fryer Brothers. Otto Hinzf. "Onr Way." t : Stovas Set up and connected, also any other gas fitting. Gootl work and reasonable charges. Phone 29.

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