Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1907
Page 5
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mC -I0L4 -BAOf BBOiiWB, THCBWAf BVESiKfi, 10, 1907. MB V*i»Hnary HompUmil °- Ad'^is'iolne toEu- West >Strect, lola. one bJock-fronr''-^V to"'""-™*' <«> attend a lodge square. Diseases of domesticated animals successfully treated.charges moderate.good box stalls for pai ients Calls answered promptly night or day;, 20 years experience. Veterin- aryDentistry a specialty. Frank SmBe&tile, VmS. Honor Qraduate of Ontario Veterinary Collejte, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 1.19 hieotiug. Dr. J, K. Jameson, (iradnale Anrllon. • er and Y<^terinarian. .Sales or calls made nnynhen-. Phone 1.1, lola, Kas. Mr. and Mrs. \V. O. Stnpp nf Caney. nrp visltina; Mr. :iiul Mrs. W. A. Stapp. Mr.'i. TP.SI will opon Dancing riasse.<5 in'.\Iasoni(! hall Kiiday pv^ning. Oct. mil. S t»'(lnok. and a <?hildrpn'.>» class .Saturday at :! p. m. Mrs. M. H. .IDIIC.-; i.s oiitortainiriK hor lirolli-f. iii -v. .NlPCiirl: 01 Kaii>;:i'; dry iMs w.-.-lc. Waiit.'d—Kvfrybody to know that W. H. KPIW'V & Son have moved thpir traimfpr .iiiil slorase oince to 211 .South Washinetoii. Ollire and Day Phono 2:MI. Rpsidpncp and night Phoiip IT. I !.-v Hil-i!i <T ,111.1 .\ir. I. C .Mini ut r li:r.<- t;iinH i<i Knijiorla today fnr ;i Iil.-.;!,r: nf lli.. Pn -slij I MV. I BRIGHTENS THEHOME — lilc.i! rrijiaration i<ir n-liiiMi- .1. V. Htid salt' i (Ilj. Tanner. Iic(>n<eil anrlioneer erier, .V).', Xorth McRen, «as ABOUT THE PRIMJtRY BIG &IEAM aR.iDEB AT WOBK. .\tlorney fhrfs Jllfter Writes Leier to HeifUler on the .Suliject. Th. iiiL' ["loiir".. I' II mil tin-, anil ciilor*^. ilr. All size. Tin: 1101;, s.i.-i.iy ••^•1 li"i'l a iii.-iiiii; :•; ili.. CI. .\. It ii.iU ii.a.Mi idw ai il.v .'ii ii 'rliick. I 'ir- ii :i- 'liiiii-'- a' iiiMiii. SPENCER'S If. >i. (I \\i\Mi \yi n,iriiKi». Iula Kcal Kvtiilr .Mail .fiiiii|ipd rnuii ISiiir-'j -KroUc .Vnkle, CITY NtWi. Mi'iJor Rnrlipr {'iillpixp, Kaus:i.=! City, -Mil. TcarlH's the trailp by fi-(i' clinic d.carrfiil in-^tnirtioii^ in few wpcks. ^i.-^tiion-s waiiinp fur evcryUody wlm ill learn. Write for particulars. » \V.\1. lirKHK K. .il .\„- lii'i \'.\\ lint; l'-'- ^^UH- 'H Kaii^.r- /cUy 10 liurcl'.aM- imUliihiv s <iii .ls. II.' / will also ?;n lo .-^1. Koiiis a:ul ('lii.-auo. Dr. Bcjnolds. Phone 838. Res. 614. FJl.\.\K BrXllY. nf ti;- P.ixliy IM;!-^ coniiiaiiy. i.- -NiL ^t 'ri hnii'..' tlii< '-v- •Cllili'.; irolil a;!r~ \is ;t til.- east. r h.iv.-> a iiiiiiilj.-r I'f S "<-'i!iil Sewjir- .Matliia.-; a.; .ii'iod a; : Singi'" :-(•.•. !;m M.icliin..' ("niniia.'iy. .MaiHMin av^au.'. U. .M. (•iii'.lnnuihatu. ilu- lol .i r.'a! MI.MI. ^^iitV .-i.'il a hink .^n auk;.' .XI ilay an.'11111011 in a ruiiav .,iy. Tilt' iii.|ii;.\ ; . coii .'-idiri 'il a Very t-i'V- i .iii.^ iiac ami will prohalil} l.i .i. Iiiiii up ;.)!• si -v .'ial wi-i 'li .-j. j 'I'h.' a • 'iii liappi-ncd alunit iwi-. 1 III 'ill- af'.M -iioi .u. Mr. I'annhi;;- , liaiii vv .i- ilriviii.; liis hinllii'i- to ihi- Kai.\ il.'i" I u .-si i.f ilii' liViT lo cMicli j •• ii.:;i. for Chaaui.'. Tl..- i.>iii;in' f.ll iilowii ah.I in iryiiii; lo slop the hnr .-ip.; the bit broke, lie wa? then iinahl.^ lli cDUirol Ilu- liorsps and so d.^cided :.i .ia -iip from 'he ri;r. In jninpinK .\lr. ('iiuiiinuliam stnifk ilic ground .Miliar.' wi:li hi.-; foot bni ihe weiirlii of bi> h'lilv r.-snited in ilie ;'.nl:i.' li..n.' i .eiiis hr .iken :.nd shatierpd. Tl;.' aiif-ndi:!!; physician was of the • ;;•• :i Mia' Mf. Cnnninnhani coiiWi ii.t: I..' !ii..\'-.i bill i! was di'cidcd 10 luiir; liiiii hoiii.^ on tlii.-; afii 'rnoon's .-^aii!:' !••.' I ain. 'rii.' aniinilance met he tiaiii aii.l i .i .'k him lo his home on Kasi -ii. .:. X n. 1; HKNNi'rrr ^).m this morning 0:1 an imi' to '.ai: •ilaii! I 1.-- i>i:rni 01 i.. ir.irnwvRD. von S.M.!-:—San :ad.j. I:ri;;:U.'d ia; \vi' f:'!! sell on n:oa'h!.\ f'lil • pa:;ii-!;'.ar.- wiir.- ak.'i" A.- l .>.ia :;.-i'.^ Va;i.-y C,.-,.Is i!i ;-mall uaci> payment. -. f 'U Mr. mill Mr<. \. SchiiiYrr Kefelved <t 'us <if Si)ii-!ii-l.nn'<<* Death. I..iiii-; f: i"li(i.- Srlilan^'' •.•.-t.-rda;. W'lj!- -d !p;;t .Mr<>. Cantrell. Phniie 1097. .Mi'>. T. S. .^i.iVi .\!r. ami .\I;=. .\". Shaffer receive'! I. -1 iii::lit 111!' .-^a'! news of the dt-atii of iiii';r ^oiiiii law. .Mr. .M. Howar-I. I .Ml .T !wn .M 'ars spent in California ' vii.'i.' h.' failed to rec'ive any bonc- ir, til.' family ii'iunied lo their hoino j'l .Mar.'.fill"-. Illinois last .lii!ie. .Mr.":. H0W.11 ..I ami -on will have th«' syin- i ;.a!l'\- o)' ^'I'ii mall'.- frii-nds in lola. I The ^ Longworth' ^ Edcrheimer, Si tin & Co. ^UkM v. have a stiir (or e\trv furni. The illustration above is the btrht o' tvideiice. shoAin},' our STO'' V sack We a line for stout men, .short racn. lung men, in fact all shapes and We also shoA here one of oiir many new styles for young Prices $10.00 to $27.50» sizes, men BarGlay^Shielda Clothing Co. * M MC STORE THA T SA TISFiES." The general dIscuFsion of the primary for nominating candidates for Slate and other offices among the leaders of the rppubllcan party over the slate has awakened an interest here, .\tiornpy Chris Riiter has written a leupr to the Register which con tains some very penlnpnt remarks on the inii '.Aiion. His letter follows: IMi or of Ilu- Ui -.^ister. 1 noii .-e thill there is u general discussion ainont; ilie state ofTicer.-i and oih(-is hi '-'h up In the republican party r .'laiin;; to the question of nominal in;; candidates for stale and other o '11< .'s by direct iiriinary election, it a!iii;;.-ihei- probable ilial that rpies- lion is the cause of more contention amoiiK the rank and file of the party i .i tills stale than any otiiei'. If such an election could bi' held by Ihe parly iiiub'r such safeguards as would pie- 111 n.-.-ddlesomc inierfer .'Uce by per­ ns who do not ini -end to be bound '.; :i;e resiilis of such ]>rimarie.q, whi'ie ihi'y are honestly conducted. It i)Uf;lit to go a long way loward sei- iliii',' that i|Uc -stion. The advocates of .1 priniary oii .uht to be willing to try 1'..' p'aii la oidiT 1.1 )ii.iv.' their the(-1 . Those who oppose ihe primary .-houhl. loo. lie williii'4 for at least a !:lal so as lo d .inonslraie ihe cor- rc.-iiii'ss of their (losition. if possibb'. 'rn.' i -ii.^is of such a primary need not n.'ce.^s.iri.v he prohiiiii 'v.'. Nti doubt tiiere ar.' pleiitv of n'piiblicans in ev.'ry pn -cinci ami w.-ird in the state WHO woiiid voliinieei' ilieir services 10 .ic; as jiid.i;es and clerks .-ii siiih a pr:in:ii> wiilioiii iiay. » Till' only i '\pense vould be printing of bailois. posf :\ue. evjiress charges. .•;ali;i :i. i.> ;.ml such labor as would !;.• I.-I|II:MI| olher than ihai which i-ou'.fl lie done by volunie <-rs. .\ reas- oaalilc as .-essmcn; of every (iropo .sed candidaic. L;radt 'd in accordance with 111' eimiliim.'nis of the odice would stijiply :• suihcium fund. Tl ;e r« pulilican pariy is big enough lo condiici siicli a primar.v ai its own expense 10 deuKuistrite ihai the sys­ tem is ile -jrable or that ii is uiid.'- siiali'e. and shoald it be sucessriil at Ihe eieciion. as ii undoubtedly will be, Ihe legislanire would have an e.vpres- sion fioin the people to guide it in pi -ejiaring a primary law. if one is to tie enacled. It seems that it would be altogether li '^ssible 10 guard interference of those who are not republicans by arranging to have some person nii- il ^orizcd to administer an oath at each voting place, and have challengers appointed by the regular parly cfinimiitee", whose duties would be to challenge every person whose name is han -.led lo them as not being a finali- ficd voter at the primary. Such a plan woni.l reduce out side interference 10 a niinimiini. fiiii if we have a primary b-i it be linal: High man out. R. Rushtnir Improvements on the..Santa Fe 8t Channte. . HNC OFrTHE TURF EC:*PSE CONSIDERED WORLD'S GREATEST RACE HORSE. Channie, Kas . Oct 10.—R.insom * Cook, the contractors who have taken the job of grading for the Santa Fo railroad, which is remodeling it» yards here, because of the Instalfa* tion of new machine shops and the build ng of a n.'w round house, have placed a steam grader at work. ^^^^^ ^^^^^ p^^^^^ j^^^,, ^j^^ It plows the ground, lifts the loos- greatest racwr in the history of the ened earth and places it in wagons, world? Most experts would undouht These wasons are so arranged that edly at once answer "Eclipse!" says by the pressure of a lever the bottom ''"^ Montreal .Standard. WAS A HIiNG JURY Snyder Case Will B« Tried Agiiin on Monday >'est. Wa« Never Beaten, Never Whipped; and Never Felt DIctrened—Hit Record One of Victory from Beginning to End. drops out and their contents are left lo fall wherever they are needed on the gra<lTlwre are ten of these wa gons. The use of wheel scrapers Is done The great son of Marske Spllet- ta was foaled at ("ranbom ue Lodge. England, In 17Ci. The duke of Cumberland was his breeder, and he was purchased when a yearling by a meat salesman named Wlldman. He was pway Willi altogether, and the earth ugly-headed leggy coll, thick in is handled alfogeihrr hv machlnerv. "-he wind, of violent temper, and un- Tliis results in a great s.aving of horse '"«|"'8«>al''*' «|'lrit. Tho method of his ^ ,. training would startle the careful fl sh an.l tniile WTien an ordin- ,^.^3^ ^^^^ ary plow was used It look four horses some time 10 a rough rider nameri t:> pnll it and lliey were on a constant C.eorge Klter, or KIters," says Mr. Si I ain. It was also iptite a tug for the Cook, In his recent review of teams .hawing the scrapers to fill I-'clipse's wonderful victories, "who I hem. Th" use of the steam grader does away with all of this, it Is driven by a traction engine, and no track is necessary, as in the case with a St. 'am shovel. The gr.ador arrived .Monda.v ami br'iian work yesterday rnoriiir.:;. .S.VYS DO(.S .ST.VT AT HOME. .1. W. Tronhrldge Thinks There's No Dancer of Their .Sjireadlng Smallpov. almost worked him to death by riding him about all day. and sometimes kept him out all night on poaching expedlilons." This treatment, which would have killed most thoroughbreds, added strength and muscle to Kcllpae. .\nd when In 1769 he began to race his strengili and spirit were unimpaired. "Jack Oakley, who rode him in nearly all his races," Mr. Cook tells us, 'never attempted to hold him, but sat quietly in his saddle ant let. him go as he pleased, with the ra suit that he cut down his field at the start and kept on increasing his lead; for the farther he went tho more he seemed to enjoy himself, so that he must have had a combination of speed, stride, endurance and weight- carrying ability over a distance which .\fter being out twenty-six hours the jury in the case of the State vs. Bert Snyder who is charged with steal ing a horse belonging to L. E. Vanatta, from th^ circus grounds at the north end of Walnut street on the evening of September 30th, failed to agree. The first ballot showed eight for conviction and four for acquittal. In spite of offers for leniency In pun ishment it was impossible for the nine fc get the remaining three to come over to a verdict of guilty. In order to do away with the neces sity of keeping Snyder in jail until the .lanuary term, the case will bo tried again next Monday. Notice. Please let all persons who know of any water or gas service box which is open, lids off or not In working order, or of any street light which does not bum regularly, or of any leaks of water either from a fire hydrant, or a private connection Please notify my ofllce, phone 106 of such conilition . Winter will soon be here and there things may cause trouble if not attended to. W. E. RUTLEDGE, Stipt. OITLIXIXG SYSTEM OF PIPES. The large amount of work that is I.( "-ng done by the lola pest house can bf Slimmed up by the f.icf that in the sf veil year."-, thai lb:- institution has been in operation, the pest house has taken care of 7IH 1 small pox cases. Of can never have been surpassed in the the 7.h. patients onlv one person died, '""'"'y °^ ^he hor.s« before or since." , ... , ". , , , , In one sense Eclipe's great qualities Mr. .. \\. Trowbridge who has for , ' ... „ , " were a disadvantage to him. So far Ihe s ven years been in charge of tho gupeHor was he to all competitors house, .says that the people of the Da- that the betting was generally 100 to vis adilltion do him an injustice when; 1 on him, and he was early withdrawn they say that the dogs from his place' from racing because no one would en- wander about that part of town. Mr. ^ horse against him. The one and Trowbridge says he has hut one dog ""'^ "l^rse that ever pressed him wa. , ^ ... I Bucephalus, whose constitution was and that this one has been trained to j^reparably ruined by the contest stay at homo and that he is sure that the dog seen in the did not belong to hini. Davis addition .irVY HKOIt<i.\M/K TE.\.W. lola High .School Boys Would Play Foot Ball With Olher Tr>nms. On'y one more day to .sample work Joiie with K. C. Making Powder and Vn]:\v near I-'Iotir at Fryer's i -^riday. AKK INSPKCTIMJ TKACKS. U. lAMan and W. K. Williams Wrilag lleporls for Papers. W. H l.ighion of the Fort Scott ^ lacknian. ami W. K. WMliams. of the Kansas City J^ist. are in the city today. Th.'y are goin'.: over the rail- oil foot and inspecting the ties, r.-'ils and iiallastiiig and reporting ti-e r fimlings lo Ih.'lr respective pa- pi IS. .Mr. W'.ll.anis has been walking irac:;s for ill"' past isx weeks. Their p:aii is to follow the tracks ten or lilier-n miles anil then talc? the train for that itisiance, and rrsunie walking a'^;aiii. 'I'liey walked a liart of tho .\Ii.ssonii i'acific tracks between Fort .Scott and lola today. .Mr. i.Ightoii is :i new.-naper man of some note, hav- :ni: cov r.'d the western land fraiidj aiiil th"' San Franc sro earlbqiiaUe for I'a-^t.'in pajicis. r. E. tVaugh, Ucntixu fbone IK 'ifQce oTer DnrreH's Droit Store. Font \01SU .MEN DKOW.NED. Hiiul ( aiiL'lit Fire aud Ocriipunts Over liirned H—ThrM' Were .Saved. K.yj,,.:;. .\. .1., Oct. 10.—Four ;.oiini; iM .'ii, •esideiits of Perth Aniboy a .Ti- ilr iv .iie .l at Itariian bay. off thlR p:ac.' hiht iiighi. They ari» m,'mbei>. . ' a parly of seven who left Perth .\niboy in a surf skiff to visit Keyport Th'^ ca i2ht fire and the occu ;iatit;- le-ing unable to otherwise pit! out the flames overturned tha skifl and subsequently four perished, thref 1 eing saved in an exhausted condl lion by a passing steamer. The dead are Harry Baxt.'r. clerk in the First .\aTioiial Bank. Perth .Amboy; Ed ward Olseii. clerk <>{ the Perth .\mboy Tiiisi company: Floyd McHose, who was employed In the .-Mlantlc Terra Coita work.s, and Charles Wicksburg cl.-rl; in the -Hlass works. An effort is being m.tde .it the pr -rs- ent time to reorganize the famous lola high school football team and play the various teams over the slate. It is true that tho team will not h? allowed to play under the name of the lola hi-.;h school but it is believed that because of Its popularity H will not bej difficult to get games with the high school teams in southeastern Kansas. It will he impossible to get the entire team together again but with the niatorial fo he had in this city there will he no trouble in making the t.-am as strong as when it was known ay, the lola high school team and when it won the championship of Kansas. These extra places will be open to anyone who can make good. For this reason a public call has been made for all who think they would like to h.' a member of the team to come fo the fair grounds next Sunday morn ing at ten o'cloclc. Plac« JACKSON DID .\0T COME. Was Filled by Small. Hev, Sam Ailorney CJeneral Fred S. .lack.sbn who was to the Ottawa District Conference of the .Methodist liiilsco- pal church last evening did not come and Rev. Sam Small lectui-ed in his place. Tho.'^e who heard the temper- .-ince lei'iiire by Rev. Small say that it was the most scholarly address ever delivered in the city of I .i ;i ilarpe. \ large number of lola people attended the conference lecture yesterday. The conference which has been In session since Tuesiday cloKcd last ev- I'lilng. It has been one of the most Kucc 'cssful sessions I'ver held in this :i ;irt of the state. Rev. Small will address the Lii Ilarpe iieople again tomorrow evening. Begrliiter Want Ads^ Ic a Word. Never was there such a career! A record of victory from beginning to end, and victory won with consummate an/1 contemptuous "Eclipse," says Mr. Lawrence, "was never beaten, never had a whip flourished over him, or felt the tickling of a spur, or was ever for a moment distressed, outfooting, outstrldlng and outlasting every horse which started against him." O'Kelly, the owner, whose name Is always linked with the name of Eclipse, bought the famous horse of Wlldman after bis first race. He must have had a strong faith both In the horse and In his own judgment. He gave 1,750 guineas for him—at that time an exceedingly high price—and was abundantly Justified by the result. Eclipse stood at stud at Clay Hill and brought his owner £26,000 in fees. In 23 years there were numbered among his decendants 344 winners, with a total in stakes to their credit of more than £158,000. And the blood of Eclipse is still the aristocracy of the turf. His name has passed Into a proverb: "Eclipse first and the rest nowhere!" It was after the first heat of Eclipse's first race that O'Kelly made his memorable bet "Desirous of adding to his gains," writes Air. Cook, "and being perfectly confident that this great horse conld race as well ns he could gallop, he made a heavy wager (which was naturally taken up with considerable eagerness) that ho would place all the horses in the second heat When asked to name their order he pronounced the famous sentence: 'Eclipse first and the rest nowhere,' as he was sure that all the other horses would be 'distanced' (I. e., beaten by more than 200 yards), and therefore would not be placed by the judges." He won his bet and assured for his horse the eternal celebrity which only a proverb can confer. Superintendent Ratledge Has Plan to Increase Gas Fressnre. Superintendent Rutledge is today outlining his plans for the future city work as he had them planned In order that his successor can see at a glance the plans for the betterment of the cUy gas and water systems. One of the things which Mr. Rutledge intended to have done this winter was to run a large high pressure line a mile square around the town. The laying of this high pressure line wonld do away with the shortage of gas at meal times and early in the morning. For some time at these hours of the day there has been a shortage of gas due to the fact that everyone was using lots of gas at this time and the pipes were not large enough to admit enough gas to supply the demand. By putting In a big eight Inch line down State street to the south part of town and then another laid east to Kentucky street, a third north to Breckenrldge and then the fourth back to State street, there would be capacity in the mile of pipe for several million feet of gas. Mr. Rutledge will probably remain In office but. two weeks longer and win not have time to carry out that work. It is probable, however, that the work will be carried on by the new management XoUce Co. D. Uniform Rank of W. O. W. are requested to be present at K. P. hall Frida night at 7:30 to complete arrangements for unveiling Sunday, October 13. Must appear in person or send in uniform. By order of Captain r. R., W. O. W. C. C. CrMMINS, Capt. TOXIGHT THE ROBDfSO^ STOCK CO. (Bold Mine' Crescent theatre Cv»ry AfimnooB TODAY "MARLEQIIX STOBT" This Film is ;;.500 Feet Long. Open from 3 to & 7 to 10 p. nu West Madison. Admission Sc. Call; on; LEFFJLElt Wliep needing anything in the Jewelry line. »TEYER'» HMrfqwrtw* far Good Thingi Eat Tele|>hoDe 139 KANSAS CITY .Mr. TOI KISTS HEKE. in Eulns and Friends Traveling Handsome Antu. .\ big handsome red Stevens Diir- yea automobile, one of the best mil- chln;'s seen in lol.i, passed through lure today at noon. The machine was (wned by F. P. Edwins, proprietor of the Savoy Hotel, in Kansas City. .Mr. l.'wius with six friends Is making a li iir of this part of the state. A TRINITY OF AROUMENTS "llbBrml AmtoHmanU HIghemt OumUamm, l9w^mt Pmlo^u" This ii why we list among our patrons the "well-to-do" and the humble in purse. YOU will 6nd here—if it is to be found in a first- class jewelry houst-—what you want at the price that will bring yon back when you are pgain seeking something in our line. TO TRAIN HIS SALTATIONISTS. General Booth TcUs of His Plans for Universities of Humanity. Chicago, Oct. 10.—General Booth '3 plans for two great universities of humanity, institutions at which the cadets of the Salvation Army would be trained for their future battles with sin and misery in the slums, was outlined by himself In an address at the Press club today. "Before I pass away." said General Booth, "I hoiie to tee w^ell on foot a movement for the inauguration of these universities of humanity, one in America, and one In Europe. I believe the scheme will not be one difficult to accomplish by an army of Inyal men and women such as I have .nbout me, and the good that will he done is not to be measured by words." Distilled Water One hundred ponnds of Crya- tal Ice win make IZ galloni of distilled water anltabla for family use. Try It lilalce&CaUStorifeCt PRANK RIDDLBJ Mcr. HIMBOLDT WON 1 TO 0. CImnnte Loses the First of the Series. Humboldt defeated Chanule in tho ball came yesterday by a score of 1 to 0. The game was one of a series of three which will be playeil in Humboldt this week as a part of the program of the anniversary celebration. The second ?«mo will be played this afternoon, and the third one tomorrow. Sunday Humboldt comes here for the last game of the season. WJltse pitched for Cnahute yesterday and "Slats" WJilis is hi tha box to- dsiy. The Chanute team went away one way short yesterday afternoon, 'jut put up a good game for all that. Evans Bros. onm. Otflom Mmmmtlmm. Where quality Is main consideration, we buy the best. Where demands will justify, we carry all grades and prices. Wm SoUole towTmmdm. tOUTH tlDI MUAM JOla. KUM*: . POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Becaose its the Best Accejit No Other Wm. Oberdorf, Agt. Economy of .time and material can be demonstrated to you at the free cooking school at Fryer's Friday. Ho. Pic Santa Fc nA .V. K. &. T. Watch Inspectara. Doea TOW "T^Let" sign wan about? tenant, ate? Hardly. It's Just naUed up On the door eaaing. and wme peo- pl« aee It whila most peapl« dont Asd yon wonder wlir nobody wanta such an ideal bona*. Somebody doea want It. and waata It now. Give a '<ttle specific Infonnatloa tbrongh the ReglBter real eatato eo^ss and poea It tell peopto wber« roar Tacaat honaa la. and hov nany roona It haa. and Jaat hov coiy It ia^ afd how dtaaplT yoall offer it to a clU>ade« tOD'U probably Sad that aomAo^ right avajr. Livinqftton Co ConUmctora m»A BaI14en.t All kinds of work a ijiaclalty • Soath Sycamora. ' Pkoia UM WICK OIL STOVE UFE CONVENIENT ECOHdllCM. If Toar dealer doa't bJUKJte ;t; writ* to THE STANDARD OIU Cf OMPAMYj

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