Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1908
Page 4
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4 SPECIAL J no more of those regular *i-25. *i-35 an<l ti-5o Petticoats, on sale Tnes- Qft-^ day. choice uOll FRISHMAN'S SPECIAL inrh Mack Tuffeta Silk, t .plr -(i.iii finish, f i.35 qnal- . Jiy on salr*, at p '-v OQn yard... Oub REPrBLirW TICKET. For President of llio laiiti'd S(:il ('S WILLIA.M U. TAIT of Ohio. For Vioe President JAMKS S. SIJER.MAX of New Yorlv. .STATE TICKET. Fff\- Covornor w. n. STinms of l^awrence. • ' For Lietitenant Governor j W. .(. PlTZGRRALl) cf DodKe Cily. Por SerrPTary of Stain ' GflAS. K. OEXTON of Attica, r For Auditor JAiMES .M. NATIO.V of Erie. For Treasurer MARK TULLY of IndPj)oiu)ence. For Attorney General F. .S. .fACKSO.N of Eureka. For RitperinteiKleur t'uliliff Iii.^iru<*lion I JO. T. FAUtCniLK i (if Ellsworlii. Fur Superintentlent Insnrniioe c. w. MARN.ES Osage City. For Slate Trinter T. A. McNlOAL of Topeka. For rt. It. roiiitni.s.sloner.>i Gl-X). W. KANAVEL F. .1. RVAN C. A. RYKER. Por I'niled Stales Senalnr .1. L. IIRISTOW of Salina. For Congressman CI I AS. I\ SCO'IT <if Inja. For .Iiidre Thirty-seveiiili l)l,><triet OSCAR. I'YICST of iola. For Slate Senator FRANK TRAVIS of lola.. . < Or.NTY Tl( KIT. For Reinpf.ealativ<' \V. T. WATSON For Counlv Clerk R. E. CULHERTSO.N'. l''or Treasurer C. C. AUSHER.MAN. For Rej^ister of Deeds R. L. THO.MPSON. For County Attorney H. A. EWINC.. For Probate .Tud^e J. B. SMITH. For Sheriff 0. O. ROLLINGER. For Suiierintendi'iit of Soliools, MRS. MAUDE FtJNSTON. For Surveyor II. F. PALSTRING. For Clerk of Court C. E. ADAMS. For Coroner R. O. CHRISTL\N.. For ComuJissioner. Second District T. J. ANDERSON. For Coniniifsioner. Third District C. A. mONK. Are fast proving the ukefolness of this store to lola and Alien County As a ladies' and misses' garment store of merit, where quality is considered in every purchase made by our buyers, this store with its many departments is fast growing in lavor with the best judges of merchandise in this section oi the state. Our special offerinscs from time to time will enable you to realize substantial savings. It will pay you well to visit THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL SALE Commencing Tuesday Morning Ladies' Tailored Suits, Worth ^is.OO 10 »22.00, On sale this week at. $15.00 Ladies' Tailored Suits, The most popular shades, ^22 r^O to |2r».00 values $19.75 Make Vonr Selection while the Stock is at its Best. Come Tomorrow! Coat Special Ladies' New Long Coats, 2o in this lot, ."^ilk braid triniuiirip-, DOS' it!ve $10.00 value ."^ilK DraiQ $7.50 Coat Special For girls of 10, 12 and 11 yearn, blues, browns and iiiixtiires, worth lip to $H.50, special crowns aim $5.98 Ladies' Special Ladies' handsome Coats in black, blue, tan brown and red, SlH.50 to •( S ^MOO values at n brown ana $10.95 SIcirL Special .()u sale this; week Tailored Skirts, blue and brown worth f4.r)0and 15.01)at. • 10 new in blacks, $2.98 Your clioice of ()\c aud 7c Calicoes, Regular 7c Outings, 7c IJleached Muslin, 61c fine i:nl)leachc 'a Muslin. 7 'c Percales Al Sc Yard Regular 12k Percales I3*can(l 150 Indin Linon, Our best 12 i-2c Oi.tiiigs, 15c and 20c srhool suiting. I'ieces Dress Cingliams, worth I-2C yard At : Wo ! Var<l Vonr clioice oi I .Tflits' iatt black Children's 25c School Hose. Inlants' black, red, pink, l>lue and whi'e cashmere hose special values— At ISc Pair TO REDEEM KANSAS (Coniii.iK'd fiom iiaso 1.) PASSED A SIGNAL :>(Ji :i{ TRAINS IN UH.I.ISION .\T HItAIHMX K. Tw«'ut}-Tw«i l»assi>iiturs Iii.iincd Tlir rn 'tt-i IHsrwinlt'tl Triiiii Top«"k.i. Ka.*;.. Oct. l»~S.iiii:i Fc (raiu iimntiPr 1". .-iii Okliiln <ii);i 'I'cxas ox.Diess wlikli li'fi Kanr-ns v";'.> last nielli at !».;{0 <»"<-i<i»k lolliilcil ligation with a !-ti)t'k extra at Itradflock, miles east of Noui.m at .!:)•'> o'clock this morning, resiiUitis? in tlic dcatli of Kngineer Dave U. llobr-ris, of lim- poria, of llie stock extra, and injuring tweuty-two passeugtT.s. none seriously Roth trains were rnnning at full speed U is thought the accident was caused by the crew of Xo. 17 running liy the signal. Ahoiit-Joity cattle were killed. •He Took Charge. Fred Gerbitz of lola. ha.s JyOught the Kuehner restaurant on East Elm street and took' charge this laorning. .lohn Kehner, the former i)roprictor. and his wife, expect to reO're from active business and enjoy a rest. vTliey have been re.stnuranteiirs iiere for years and years. Mr. Gerblt/. was formerly in the rostntiraiit business In Ottawa. He' sold out there two years ago. Hie vlte went to lola tli^iftemoon to pack up their house•' -'^them to ChaiP ••r :ui!c!o;;n? Wlia!".-. a caiiieleoii, Sam? Wii.ji li:iiipen<'(l to dat camc- leon ?" I vt .ii. r>a! «:aio»-l**<'!i wa.s .-•.oiueiiiin' wlu/n I imt him on a iirown col(ir, he iiirii lin.wn. V.ln-n I put liim en ri'd, lii> turn r'M, ulieii I put liitii (111 him-, lie turn blue. Finally J put liim on :i piece of Scotch plaid and he busted himself Iryiu' to make I.-'Dli." 'Ilie speaker .saiil iliat he 5iatl| nnl come to n a ize the cxp<'rience of the caiii('i(()!i ::ni\ the tru;li of ill.' Mate- meni was emjiliasizeil by the tact that the iiiiiii.'^ter ('i<l m;.ke goiid with bis jilea for ev.ii::.;ili:-iii and and that be was ;;(.:ng lietur wliea he clo.'-j'd the Kible :il llie I iiuc '.ii' uf lii:. |i!e:i tli:in when be (>|ieiiei| ii :ii tbi. bei-in- ,\fier hi.eal'.iii;;' lir ti liui"' I'lu ibe scripiuial aiiilnuii.v fcir rt-vivals. t;i\- iii;; llie ilnee j.'.ieal st>a'-i>iis of s|(iritual refn-sbiiig as provided in the Mible, paKslnv: duw ii to the ical limes cf I.mbei-. ibe <laik a;:r.- .iiid ilie siib'se- • pieai tell^;i<uis awakeaiim. Kev. Mii.'Iroy aiiiiealeii u> bis liejiriTs frtim llie slaiidpnlMi iif na.-o!: lie said in pan: •"Cuiij;; to have-a levival arc you? doing lo mold 'ein over?" a man (|ue- ried wliet! ln» h<';ird ili.ii a revival meet ing war; \:\ be lield in bis town. Yes thai Was what \\a-> lu be dune. .Mold CatMmet Baking Powder The only High-class Baking Powder sold ai m modttfate price. A Dimple Maker Find a child with dimples and chubby arms and fegs and you find a healUiy child. Find one with drawn face and poor, thin body and you see one tliat needs Scott's Enjuision Your doctor will tell you so. Nothing helps the^ thin, pale (Children like Scott < is Emukion. It contains tiie very clement of fat tiiey need. It supplies them with a perfect and iqulckly -digested nourtehment It brings .dimples and nmnded limbs. Said tbb «<lvcrtitet »cnt togCUw with niM of paper h> which It mtar*. yoqr «(U «M md t«tr c*nl» to cttvtr pciU*. and i|y>«# f' Vm tiver. I; i.s nef(-s.s;ir\ !<> ib. ilii- Oii .Smid. ;., wiili our servie.-.-, we iii:i;re a m.irk. 'I bi':i ilie w .i -k dav.s f>ass .iiid v.iiliout a c luislaiif im;ir1'.>. inn ;bai mark, i: i.-^ iradnaily oblllei. wri. liH, if nil .\b.tiiLiy. Ill) 'I li.-day and Wednesday :.nd ibi'iiiiglKHii lb'" week •oi"\e;bin;^ is .ttnie m dec(n ii iltai mai'K .ve bav.- mad.- mi Siiiiil.i.. i. li.N>>aii 1 live lliMl I.- 1.1 tin:; ••.\ l:lall ll \ii| OH a f'Hul wie'i,- ;i .•ivei' iii:n |i. e\il and elili.iine in !l|^ ;ilace ilillie::!! and i'Uiiulabiiu'. i Tin- ar .'ni r planned in o!ivi.i;e ilie diUi<'iil- i> and decideii tvi nu>k«' a eiii>>fV. In .•haii.'^e the cli.iiine) <.f lii. rlv<r ."^u !ie iKiik bis pldw and be iii.nle ;i furrow from nne pnj::! m Hie rjver in annilier. lie made ili.- farmw aS deep as be iould. .\ ilnod will cnine. be •.•easouid. and ileein-n iiij.; (liiinml l"in .illy. ib<' overflow caii'.e :unl ilie >.-.r;- jig water. liT'owiim itie p.iib "iT ilie east resi.~ianee, I'nl.nA. ;| iii.. iii:r(>\\ and .-wept wiib it ihe ••nitli, iii :i'i ;ii |i; a ^•Ut off thai cbanued iln- (•iini>.- of ibe river." So. the .--pe.-iUer reMs;ii|e,! ,., ;(.viv;il wiil det'iieii Ibe rf!i'.;ii..!s i lu.imel nf •ife. Itev. .McKlroy coniiniied bis address by uiving striking; i'lus'of ib>' sood revivals aoeninjiii.-li. d ;iiid the iHcessiiy of liaviisg iliem. "There is ton much of liie sp.'«Macii"ar." a man has said in n|>i>osiiinn of revivals and the meilmd of ^nnle evan 'tjelists ill cnndnciing t!i«ni. Vt-n. wt* had the sjioctacnbi! ai Toieka ibe other night. Tafi wa.s there oji his .-peciitl train, there w«'re baiids.clt^cora lions^and a!l kinds of spici.i<iil.!i- dem onstratiflu. Nothing is too s|ieet.kcniar for the secular world. Men of IKMIUV know how lo plan and lo win. ^f this kind of a campaign will win for why will It not win in seeking 'or the Lord?" The speaker gave an iljustraton of ' derwt Ke ' ly sucfi\«r-fiil inceiiirr in a cbiircb. ibe evangflisi asked vvlin wniTd dn so ;o follow hii:i in a march m ibe up- lown tlisiriei. .\ gieai Hue wa.^ innn- eil and I lie wnrk'rs niarciied to ilse main sireet.'ie ibe crowd li^aally loiteie.;. .\!ji!:!;iiti'j. a liry gnorls box. Mr. Hiederwnlie d"!!ver»d a stiriin:.; icrmoii of ti'i.iii iniiiaie.'i diiraiio'i. rea<-liing many wbo nih'i«i><'- imubl •51)1 l ;:>Vi* bee'i reaclletl. Kev. .Mfi'Iiroy eins.'d bis aiidie.--s .vith a sirnnu plea i ".ir unity and in Ibis iiinwiiieiit 111 evaiigi'li.-ni in 'Iiie Kiiii>a>i Fornurd .MiMeMieiiU The Kan.~as I'orward movement is I ninv'" To siiiiiiilaie ami advance •'hri^tiaiiiiy j; js a concerted niove- ineiit. cdmbi'Ms all d.'.'.iiniinatioiis and ays speeiai >i!c.s< on work in ?:ie ^inaKer <-iiies. and di^irieis. Evan- '.;rl!s's are .eni i,, . JH coiaiiiiiniiies desiiing assisialiee. .\ special season "la.; li."n cbo-t n. la-tin^ from Se-.i- lelillier ll'H.S. Ill .lime I."»"n. .V tiunibvr nf Ibe pa-!nr.; nf Ite•;ale have Ci.l,. .-Jit.-il h> >;n ril'iee linie ;iiid abilil.v in ibe ciiise and will wmk 'inder ill" dim III.n ef IIH * aii^inry Wnard nf ih>- rnrvNanl iiinVmen!. The move is rinaneed ibro.i'.:b the >lia(|a> s' I'onlr^ nf It..' i -aeli .•<t!llU> luia-; ,iii)u ; titnied ;•. eelS.llIl linniiiit to g;\ el!. On liie comiiiilters lif llie mnVeluenf. (lev .\ I.. Ve.ic .md K. II Meiineit .if iiii.-. ciijl. <;(•! u|iy pbu fs Kev. Mcl^lKiy aiiended a niiciin.; of Ibe Miiii-ieiial associaiinu ibi> niiirning and asked iliai a c<immii;»'e be appniiiliMl In cooiMi.ile witli bim i:i plaiinin.u Uie v.nrk lor ilie rnmmni.ity. iiiea.' sculs Tbree-(|iiai ler .•.eclion mmd ieVei lanil i> mill's )inithea>i nf lenii Kas.. Wichita cminiv. nne -l-rooni Imnse ;:i;d - rnom house, barn, well and wind mil put acres in ciiltiv.ition. all fenced. Tliis same party has lialf seetion more nne mile mirlb of rte'Crin.-'d. li>'i acres of this is roiiyli. this is a-.-o fenced. Owner wants to exchange tiiis for Inla bii..;iness nr residence pro|iftr- IV—I'.lobe Land Co.. :;is East Doiig- .\ve. Wichita. Ka.-. las r.'inging t.'ie details for the ei.nnty spellinir bee. The teachers of eacli township met and arrang»d for the .spelling eoniests in their townsbins from wbiiii i:..- rejirt scntativr-s to tile einiiiTy contest are in In- select- e<l. Anoi.'nr I'eaiiii.- .>f the meeting was ibe ailipi vs nf i'lnf. Cadv of the Sfaw- P'oiven-iiy on iiipili! air. Mis Peiiire vi.-is \e!v ii!:er> siintr Tl;e rest nf proi;ra:ii off a.^ an- nniiiK'-d. There \va.< a - O<KI aiten.l aiiee fiDiii n\.r the r.,'lliry. <;KO\VI.V: < IIII.DIJIIN. Vf «Ml a Strf'iisiUi Ituiliiiiig T«»iu«'— Unuglitcr of }ir^. Siinuniii> «»f l.ali'-- l.'K.STOHKF) TO lirM .TII ItV VIVOI. "Our daiigiiii-r. wlm is iwelve years of aue. ii! -.rr.' l!l!-(|nwn cnii- diiina finiii ta.-i i OA inu. We wer<' advssei] III I r> \ iiint in Iiii.ld her up. and al'er fniii l.nU '.e:. .->lie ba.- a uiuil bealiliy eieiii t- li 'e from 1UM\ niisiii - - and ba-. uaii.eit »-!:.;lit •'n!ind> Sl:<' i> iinw mil 1.1 iif,- and r<":id> fi r oi:i-dniir e \eiei .-e ubefe prc\inn.-!\ sli». i>'n-.«(} i!i lli.. hnll -e. I van I'beetfitll.v 1 1 ii.ii:n :e :i'l \':.'inl a.- a -classi- roni<- r.< nii.-" r:;( n : atid nne iliaf ui 1 do iapid!.\ mnuin;; < Iiil.iren .i world nf giind." .Ml -. T. S iiiinnns. .Main street. Lakewmnl. .\ .1. I'b;.-. i> iMcaii.-i- Vliinl is !!••• best CIM ! fvei am! irnn t'i:i:e iii i!- v.i.ild. does I.< t lasle ei n;! - riii ba> tin cpial ;o cieaie fti'-imlli .ir .d l.niid aji li-.iltli ii.y i!el:.-.i :e cliilil: .-a. Ueblc nUI pen- pie, v.eak riiii-ilnwii |ie;IS. alid after . (kne-r-. and is a leinarkabli- i-iire fblnliie cn't;;!!..,. ri .lds a:id tnon- LEGALS' lev Try Vinol. M ii does im gnnd ymir money will be reinrr.ei on demand. That> .vnnr giiaiaiii.e. Imi we kiu.w \v:l l>enejit any sncli ease. S. ft. Itiirrell. Druggist, lola. Register Want .\ds. bring resnUs. ARRANGE DETAILS Plans for Spelling Contest Considered at County Teachers Meeting.—Cady Lectured. At the meeting of the Allen connty » Aasoctatloii Saturday Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans .I.,ow Kate. Aiinital Interest. Paymeuls received at ssy time wUhnnt notice, and interest coasrts on amount paid. Lo'n? or Short Time Loans. (I'irst PuMislied Oeinbcr I-J. i;iiis.) -Voiit-e «i' Aiipoiutnient (oiardiau. •Slate of .Allen Cniinty. ss. In the niallf-r of ibe e.^iale nf Evii'in Oveniiyir. a iiersnn of leepie mind, nf ii Coiuny. i\ \«ffce ««• Apiiiiintiiteiit. Nnii''i"> ip iipreb> uivc!;, tl;a; on tlio inrb i!:,y of Oe'ni.rr. .\. I), ifiii.s. the undersigned wn? by th-' I'lnbaie Cniirr. of .Mien Coiiniy. Kans:is. duly a[>pnint- ed ami (pialified .ts i;iiardian of the eslare fif .and pi rson Eviiito Ovei*myer. a person nf feeiiie mind, of .Mien I'oiin'y. .Ml (laiti.s iniere-led in said esta;e will lake nonc^r- ;in<l govern ibem.-»eivis aeenrdingi\. .\l KEI.CY UO.^S. I"-lJ-l".»-i'ii Cuardiun. r • 5(First I'liblisbed October Iftns ) illKKIFt:*S SAI.K. Tbe Si.ite nf Kansas. Aiien f'oiinrj". ss. In the l»:s!riri I'mirt. Tllirly- Seveiiill .Indi«"ial |ii.--trier. >itfing tn .md fo. .\lU-a cniiiiiv. Siuie of Kansas. .Miiti.iiid Saving \- I'ompany. ft .1!. ['laintiff-. V (»;!Vir .Stcitiinan, et al . heleiiiiaMi l;y villile >ii an Order nf Sale i.-<siied \i\ Ibe I iei k "I lb- Tbirty-severitb .linli.ia! 0:-iriit Cmni. in and for \| e'l Cnii'itv. Stale nf Kansas, in ihe .ibnve eiililled c.iiise. and to nte direi I.'d and delivi-red. 1 will on the Sevenrti da.\ nf November. .\. 1). IWS. a- 1" nclfK k .\ -M of said day. at the souMi door of the court ht)Uae in the C'liy of Inla. .Mien f<!uniy. State of Kansas, oiler for sale and .sell fo the highest bidder, f: r cash in hand, the fnllowiir.; described real estate, fo-wit. Lot Three '-1 in I'.lock One liiii;dreil ami I-!kven ill It fity of lola. .Men t'oiin- ty. Kan.-a.<. Said lands and tenements will be .sold without ;ip|irai.-Nement 10 satisfy said Order if .Sale. (• O. I-.OI.LIXGEK. Sheriff of .Mien County. Kari.-.i* Hy .1. 11. KEKU. n.-pmy Sheriff. Sberiffs f>trice. Inia. Octn- ( Publi.shed. October 14. 190S.) Ttea.sury l>e|iartment. Office of the Supervising -Architect. Washington. D. C. October VJ. IfmS.—Sealed Proposals • will be received at this office until o \ o'clock ji. m. on the Itith day of November, and then or»ene<l, for the construction (including plumbing, gas piping, heating apparatus, electric conduits and wiring), of the l\. S. Po«t Office at lola. Kansiis. in acconl.- aiice with the drawings and specification, copies of which may be had from the Custodian of tbe site at lola. Kansas, or at this office, at the discretion of the Supen'ising Architect. C - JAMES KNOX TAYIOR, I,';;.: Supenrlslng Arcbltect. ne lOIi dm KEGISTEI CHAg, F. SCOTT. •ntered at lola. Kansas. Poatofflce, as . Second-Class Matter. 4dTertlsIng Rates Made Known on _ Application. SUBSCBIFTIOX BATES. * In lolB, Gas City, L«nyoa> TUIO or LBlIarpe. )ne Week 10 cents ^ne. Month 44 cents bi'c Year 15.00 By MalL Oni rear Inside eonntjr fS.OO %w jeir ontflJde connty $4.00 Thne Months, in advance %IM One Month. In advance 44 •FFICIAL PAPER, CITY OP BASBET. > IIS 11" • I I- ' .1 ,.JLJ Telephone I Business Offlce ------ 18 editorial Room - 222

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