Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1908
Page 3
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THE lOLA PAILrBEflIgTEB ,lIOyP^T ETEm'fl, OCTOBER 1% IMS. 1^? A NNOUNCES the completeness of its lines with selectfons made after an exhaustive review of the latest productions from eVery source, "^hls great section is now In perfect readiness. We feel assured we can interest every woman in tola. Never in any season have we introduced the new features in so many different variations. All the new ideas shown, whether in the long lines, the softness of theiiew shades, th^ profuseness of the new braids, or any other style of details, are all of a character which gives greatest distinction to the autumn and winter modes. Since many of these Autumn Coats and Jackets are exclusive and will not be reordered this season, it will be wise not to delay selections^ LA(E rURTAIXS: SPECIAL VALl'E FOR 0>E WEEK. The assortment of Lace Curtains special feamred, comprises Xnititig- ham. Cahlp :ind Novrlty ^u^taln^;, all TiPv: tills fairs patterns, just opened iip, specially priced at 7'>o, »*)C flAU iPl..'iO, i2M, ^.:,0, !(!4J>I), and !?<{.'.<) Indies' Klark i'onis, tlw host IHIIICS w«< liavo oviT sliuuii, trimmed with |ir«>tl)' !<ilk liraid, trehrt iind hiitlnns w«'ll ««rth l :.4«. sjnTlal \irU>f . tUM Lndlps* FIn«> .Korscy «>l«>caul hradnt {ii iifn- paiifl designs with silk, vfhct and liutt<in«. with m>n sit'cvps made lull. fiii«>l} tMllurod. well Mitrth IKVOU. sppi-lal «».:.« Ladles Flno Itrnadrlnlli foat comes in hrowii, uavy, lilack and imrmeMl senil-iitted and with ompirf hack. lat- i'st style trImraHt with XavKc hut* tons ... mm, «l.'i.00 and up to i^i'^M Chlidrcirs Lidi'rdawu Coots, nt ^tly triiiinied and warnil} lined, special •!.:.« Children's Bear Skin Coats, spe. cial $2.0U. <2.4S and the pretty curly kinds, double lireasled fi-fei Mli»ses Coats ^\.:M. $:,.MK np to iti-vtHi M:\V AITIAIX IIHESS fioims AM» SILKS. LAVISH VAUIKTY. We wish to impress you not mere- l> uilli the hrcidth of the varieties hut more particularly with the fact tliat every yard oi" ftoitds here can t»e lioutfhl at nn appreriahle savinr over the price asked elsewhere. That Is the reason we have lieen so Inisy and had to reorder so many times this season in our diess r«>ods section. We want you to see the pretty things at ,.15c, iic, ;5c, Our line of Pretty Fall Sulthifzs mnuinu: in price from, per yard iiOc to ^1 KMT IXDEHWEAR SALE OF SPE- CML IVALl E. I Women, .Misses and Children can lie comfortahly supplied for late fall and vvInter at iireat savings. .Any woman desirini; good winter .welsrht cotton fleece- lined vests,.drawers .or union suits in every weisht will appreciate the'splendid value'.of these low priced lines. Vests or Drawers, each ' .'»«»c. T'»c. and ilJM I'liion Siill> .'.Oc, t>.'»c. *i.«Mi .SPECIAL S\LE OF NEW FALL MIL- LIVERV. Onr .Mi-> rrockerr and a^si ^:tanr3 have been trimming up :< i<'f of pretty Uais; v.f ti.'ivp now about liilii pretty new hai • to show y,,ii. ^•ri ^:•e^ to please any pur -e. See this- elegant showinR. USE. MladiAon STUBBS COMESBACK (l^oiiilimt'il from piiKe 1.) e\('0(ii iiie three oasep aliove referrt'd to. "I di'mand tliiil ihoy oxplniii public- Iv anil spt'cifloally tli<' "unvarnlshptl dishonesty,' tlio 'Indian uprising,' the "infamy and crime apainst the Indl- an.s' which they have charged against me. "I challenge them to defend or justify the vicious, criminal attack which has been made on my personal char- ,a«ner. The vast majority of Republican and Democratic voters are fair minded, honest men. who want pood wvernuu -nt and facts rather than misleading, false statements. Helped Keep Kansas Clean. "Mr. Botkin'.'s name ha.s not been mentioned by the Republican state romminee or my.self. except in a perfectly respectful way during thf.s campaign. If I am elected governor of Ivansa.*. it will not he by trying lo tear down or injure the character of my opponent—It will be on the merits of the public service which I liave rendered the peojde of Kansas. "i have used the greater share of n 'y time during the last year.-? work- iiiK for the enactment of sound, bnsl- laws for the benefit of all the lieople of our Btato and am more than plea.<«ed with the Utile part I have had 111 iH'lpinp make Kansnn the dean I St ntid IHKI .stall' polidcally fn the I'lilon. "The Hlad- printer, slate deposlloiy lioard of control, primary electloji. anti-pass, 2-cent fnie. general railroad and school fund ooniinisslon laws n>'e ,1 ^ew ot the most important laws i!;at 1 have advocated and worked for that have been written on the statute books of Kansas and are of inestimable value 10 our commonwealth. What Stubbs Sacrificed. "When I commenced this political work five years ago, I had a railroad construction business that at its.max­ imum amounted to millions of dollars annually and furnished employment to thousands of men. I soon found that I could not give my personal attention to tills work and continue the political fight here in Kansas so r sold the butflt. closed up a business that I had been more than twenty .vears building up, closed my offices in Chicagot Los Angeles, St. I -.ouiR and Kansas City and have given the peop'e of Kansas the best efforts of my life during five of the very best years of my life. "While I have taken great pleasure in helping in a small way to c9rry forward the vast reform work that liilP'lia <^0. in Dro^resa In and ojlt ^of KanaiB, and have also enjoyed be* yond expression the confidence of the men with whom I have been assocjial- 'd lit this work, i< would be very f;irat- !fying, liiileed. to jiie and encourajjing ;o nn army of workers, who are Und linve been giving their time and | efforts to the public to know that the people of Kansas appreciate i;e work that has been done, and ev'-ry voter will have an opportunity on the Ird day of November to cast a vote of approval of this service, and he will also have an opportunity to cast a vote against the mud slinging, villl- fication and falsehoods with which .Mr. Botkin's campaign has been characterized, and approve, if he chooses a ])olitical campaign where the utmost courtesy and respect has been extended to my opponent.'" Miri!OnES IN THE SCALP. The Latest Explanation Is That .Hi- crobes Cause Baldness. Profes.sor T'lina of Ifambur.v' Germany, and Dr. .Saboiirand of Paii.«, I''rance, share the honor of havin.:? dis covered the hair microbe. Haldness is not caused through a few weeks work of hair iiii- ^robes. but i.<; the re.cull of conditions 'iroiight about by their presence. Hald ness may noi nccur until ye-ra aftej ille iuhri<lies lieiran work. Inn it is rerlain ii> come sooner or laier. The nilcriibcs iiii off the blond Kiip- ply. Thev feed oil the faiiy niiiiier ubiiut the loiii of (he hair, tliroiigh wliii-li 111!' blond is aliMii lied. I'iiuilly ilie faity niaier Is whnlly coiisiinied, the fund supply nf the hair is gnlie uid ii siarves and llnally dies. llesiiri'ii) is one of ihe most effective germ ilesinivers: Mela .N'apthid is both geinilcldiil and aiiiisepiie; I 'llu- ;'ai|;iii. ihou-jh nm a dye. u -'-tiiies; nal nrai color iir ^hair whi'ii Inss nf color ^as caused by d !^p;i >e. These curatives properly mixed with alc <diiil as a .slimiilant, perfect a remedy iinivjiial- led for curing tca 'p and hair troubles. we want everyone who bus any scalp or hair trouble to try Rexall •'9:1" Hair Tonic, which contains all these ingredients. If it does not grow hair on your bald head, stop your hair from falling out; cure .vou of dandruff: make your hair thick, silky, uxuriant; if it does not give you com plete satisfaction in every particular, return the empty bottle to us. and we shall return every penny yoii paid ui- for it, without «iuestion or formuiity. Of course, you understand that when v.e say thar Rexall "Ti" Hair Tonic will grow hair on bald heads v.c dc not refer to cases where the roots are entirely dead, the iwjres of the scalp closed, and the head has the shiny bp- pearanoc of a billiard hail. lu cases like this, there is no hope. In Other cases of baldness Rexall "^3" Trojan Safety Powder •MEANS JIST WHAT IT SAY.S. Better than any other powder on the market. .No glycerine in Its coniposlHon. Does not freeze no matter how cold. Ab -soluiely no danger in handling. I'se Trojan instead of .glycerine and save the lives of your men. and your company from damage suit.s. C. W. Coverdale AOE.VT Room fi, Stevenson Bidg.—lola NEWS OF GAS CITY BRENNAN TO BLOOZ THE BI(^ WILL BE HELD TONIGHT. REPFRLICAN .MEETING Local Southpaw Is Drafted by (George Tehi-uu—Kunkie to Louisville. W.O.W. BAND OF lOLA TO PLAY The ( Ity Council Will Meet in Keirular Session X€\\t Tuesday Xlghl— Much Business to Consider. Local base ball fans found some!thing new and peasing in talk about yesterday when they read in the Kansas Ciiy papers that Pitcher .Ad llren nan. who twirle<l for the lola team I LOCAL TEACHERS RETIRNED SAT [ seas^on, had been drafted by tne I'RDAY FROM KANSAS CITY. i''^'""'"^ made great sfride.« in ihe past year. jumping from tlie Trolley league lo! the .American association. Being .strict ly a local boy. Iiis career will be watch ed wiih much interest here. He will go to Kansas Ci'y next spring for x try out with the best wishes of every local base ball enthii.^iast. He will not be the firsi lutcher to go lo Kansas City Blooz from an lola ball team. .\t the close «>f the season, in which fola had its last team in the Mis.-ouri Valley league. .Amos .Morgan was draft THE lOLA KC AND COLD STORAGE CO. Mamifactiiren, Wholttale •B 4 KctoO DMICTS CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water ntn C«I4 Btorage Betij Ur Kvslnetm. Phra« I1C FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Hair Tonic will positively grow hair, or cost the user unlhin;:. S. R. I'.iir- rell. The Rexall Store. \Ve?,i ."^ide Sijuare. TO ORGANIZE S.OFV. Hie -Meetinif TonlghL •.\ big iiolitical meeting will be held here today. Captain H. .A. Ewing. republican candidate for county atior- iiey and oiher lola speakers will make the principal addresses or the evening! The Woodmen of the World band wiil •iiruish the music. C. A. R. Took Steps to Form Order of the Sons of Old Soldiers Saturday. The dayliKhl meeting nf .\l<t "ook I 'i>-<t held ai :! p. in.. Saiurday. Oct. ITih. linsti-ad of at 7 :?,i>.\ was a big siicce .ss. \ much larger number tl .nn iiiiinl attended, showing conclusively that the old Veterans who can not get out in the night time will aiteiel Post meetln --'s fn the day time. .Among other business transacted the trustees were Instructed to make some extensive improvements In the Post room, which, when completed, will make it one of the finest halls in the city. Several joined the Post and a number of applications are out for the next mveting. McCook Post Gathered Many New Ideas. T''e teachers of this city who went In Kins :is City las: Thursday to visit ;lie .scliiK )ls returned Saturday evcn- i'lg liaving gathered many new ideas, •eachers will beyin at once pm- iiiio use Ihe ideas they gathered The 1 M ". ed by -Manager Irwin of Kansas City and made good. .After a year in the a.j.'ociation his arm went wrong and be has since been on the decline. Third Baseman Kunkie who played for lola this summer has been drafted by Louisvl If. .Inhnny made a good record with ihe Springf.eld team of the Western as.fociatinn. on which Brennan played. Decaniere. Packard of Wichlia. who worked h >rf with Independence last Slimmer, have also been drafted by American .\>sociaiinn ;eams EXCHANGE OR SELL, List your property with^ me. I have a large list to match from. So expense unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho county. Kaa, to exchange for good lola property: J. T. VILE8. i Room 10, 014 Ceart House. DENNING WINS OUT. The litigation in Colorado is Settled. —Case Dismissed. LESS PAINT AND PttWDEK Harmful Cosmetics Being Discarded h> Luotern ."Society Women. Xo. r,l is one of the most floiirishine inarr-r in the near future. The niar- Councll . MH'IS Wednesday. The ciiy council will meet in rc.?ti- lar scmi-monihly .session Tuesday iii.uht There are a number of mailers In tntiie up for Consideration and it i.s hi.|ied ihat every member will !>•' lu . aiii'iidaiice. j I .\''w York druguisis report a gre .ii Dr. Wood Better. falling off in the demand for routes Dr. Wood nf thi.s city who is sick in cosmetics, ini ions and other mannfac a Kansas Ciiy ho.spital is rei>orted as tured •beautifier.-.' Whether this len- \'UiK much better. His condition, doncy is a i»ari lif tli*' movem.-n; for hnwiver is ye! considered very crii-ihe inexpensive simple life, or wheth- :.•:'} 'er thf -Vew York women have awak- ——' lened to the harinfiil after-effects of To .Marry Soon. thenc chemical compounds is not stat-According to rumors two vry promi^j .An.vhow. there is a revival of tne ii .eni «;as City young people are to;^^^^ in the state. The quarterly report from the Woman's Relief Coriis wn.' received and read, which showed McCook W. R. C. No. to be In a very flourishing condition. Circular letters were received from Col. C. B. Martin. Div. Com., of the Kan=as Sons of Veterans, stating that the order Is growing and Is In fine condition in • Kansas and elswhere, and recommended that a camp be organiz- '^^>ed in lola. The Post took the matter under consideration and on motion it was ordered that steps be tak- «n to comply with Col. Martin's request . 1 Res 1 lions those that, have stood the test Today R. H. Bennett, attorney for Henry IVnning, received word from the district attorney at Colorado .Springs. Coll).. that all actlon.n auaiiisi .Mr. D'-nniiig at that fduce had been dismissed at the cost of ihe plaintiff .\boui a year ago Mr. ftenning had a ^;ood ileal nf trouble in Colorado OM account of an allegfil failure in Ihe title to certain land to wlii«'h -Mr. Denning had at one time held the title and later sold and then necotiat- ed a trade for the owner for other property. It was claimed that the title to this property was defective and the abstract a forgery. The deed and abstract were made by Kansas City parties and as Mr. Denning oluained them through Mr. I^ne of Xeosho Falls, and a Mr. Cook of Rich Hill. Mo., an investigation by The Colorado parties showed conclusively rhat Mr.i Denning was Personals. riaue Is a re.<iil. of a very pretty liit:e|^f ^.^^ ^^.^^.^ ^ not at fault in the matter and no way romance Jmade face wa.-h that a down town responsible for the condition of the- druggist filled U times in one day: , "° ^""l^^"- ^"^^P' ^^^^ Rose water. 2 ounces; Eppotone. 4 "»»de ,o hold him for it. However. Mr. and Mrs. ^ ^ Skinner returned t^^^^^^,. Spires, i ounce. To ^^"^ «f 'P"*"^ * ' • '"^ "imake the face wash pnt the Eppotone Pleased when the 'in a pint of hot water (not boiling) ^"'d was received. yesterday from a visit with r«'latives lu PUiasaut Hill. Mo. .•lion Sliiidey. of Barfles-ville. Okla. • is visiting friends. • tank Vaughn was in Plqiia yester- .\lr. and Mrs. L. F. James, of Caney, Kas.. Were her*' yesiejrday on a biisi- nes.- vl.sit. ster Want A^i. brlitg results ~r and after It has dissolved strain and let cool, then add the Rose Water, and Cologne Spirits. The dally use of this ' preparation is absolutely harmless, and there is norhlni; better than K|>- potono to soften, whiten and beautify th« complexion. iteglater Want Ads. bring reaulta. \ One section all smooth level land about one-half in cultivation, s ?ome fence. This land 5 mll^s northeast of Leoti. Kas.. Wichita tiount.v. Owner wants to trade this L'^nd for either resideuce or btislnesii proiM >rty In -lola. Kas.—Globe Land Co.. sil8 Bast Doii^« las Ave.i Wichita, Kas.

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