The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 5, 1996 · Page 39
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 39

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1996
Page 39
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-.•1-990 lift: SATURDAY October 12 AFTERNOON 2:00 Q Justin Wilson's Louisiana Cookln': Home Grown Q Popular Mechanics IB Spellbinder (CC) {Q Movie *** 'Bye Bye, Love* (1995) Matthew Modlne, Randy Quald. 'PG-13' (1:46) 63 Computer Connection B5I Pet Department 63 Nature of Things 63 Rifleman §3 Absolutely Fabulous 03 Movie "Reasons of the Heart" (1996) Terry Farrell, Jim Davidson. (CC) (2:00) ED Movie "Deadly Game" (1:30) EB Saved by the Bell: The College Years (CC) EB Adventures of Slnbad CQ Unsolved Mysteries EB Cyberllfe EB Renovation Guide EB Weinervllle S3 Investigative Reports HO Caliente CD Travels In Europe QD Inspiration of Painting OH Betty Jean Robinson TCM Movie * * * * "Shane" (1953) Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur. (2:00) 2:30 Q Cabin Country O Hometlme BO (3D College Football Regional Coverage — Alabama at North Carolina State, Arizona State at UCLA, Oklahoma vs. Texas or Wisconsin at Ohio State. fBJ Audubon's Animal Adventures 63 Moneyweek (CC) SO Fix-it 63 Rifleman 63 Tracey Ullman 60 College Football Scoreboard EB Saved by the Bell: The College Years EB Next Step EB Renovation Guide EB Beetlejulce EB Control [9] Burt Wolf's Gatherings & Celebrations (3D Sewing With Nancy QD Ray Brubaker TMC (2:55) Movie * "3 Ninjas Knuckle Up" (1995) Victor Wong, Charles Napier. 'PG-13'(CC) (1:25) 3:00 Q Texas Parks and Wildlife O O Major League Baseball Playoffs National League Championship Series Game 3 — Teams to Be Announced. QIBCZK10) College Football Florida State at Miami. O Ghostwriter (CC) fQ Movie *** "Operation Dumbo Drop" (1995) Danny Glover, Ray LJotta. 'PG'(CC) (1:47) ED (3:15)Movie **x'LittleBuddha"(1994) Keanu Reeves, Chris Isaak. (CC) (2:15) ED Movie ** 'Iron Eagle II" (1988) Louis Gossett Jr., Mark Humphrey. 'PG' (1:45) 63 Movie ***x "A River Runs Through It" (1992) Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt.'PG'(CC) (2:03) 63 Inside Business 63 Mission: Impossible 69 Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast 63 High Chaparral 63 Shadetree Mechanic 63 It Came From the '80s II: Metal Goes Pop 63 Movie * "Rented Lips" (1988) Martin Mull, Dick Shawn. (2:00) 6D Senior PGA Golf Transamerica Championship — Second Round. 69 Checkered Flag EB (3:05) Movie "Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas" (1994) Mark-Paul Gos- selaar, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. (2:00) CQ Xena: Warrior Princess (CC) EB Movie ** "American Geisha" (1986) Pam Dawber, Dorothy McGuire. (2:00) EB Beyond 2000 SO Hometlme EB Legends of the Hidden Temple 33 American Justice EB Benson BD Pellcula "Mi Aventura en Puerto Rico" Antonio Aguilar, Flor Silvestre. (2:00) 3:30 O Inspiration of Painting O Newton's Apple (CC) GO Movie ***x "The Music Man" (1962) Robert Preston, Shirley Jones. (2:45) fQ (3:45) Movie ** "Man Trouble" (1992) Jack Nicholson, Ellen Barkin. 'PG- 13'(CC) (1:40) 03 Managing 63 Other Side of Racing Q] Hollywood Report (CC) 63 Shadetree Mechanic 63 It Came From the '80s 63 Auto Racing Formula One — Pole Qualifying. (Same-day Tape) CD Scooby Dooby Doo EB Movie Magic EB Hometlme 33 Global G.U.T.S. 4:00 B George Burns and Grade Allen O Sonshlne the Clown 03 Early Prime 63 Fall Guy S3 Country Crossroads 63 Bonanza: The Lost Episodes ED Movie **** "Zorba the Greek" (1964) Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates. (2:30) 63 Inside NASCAR EQ Movie *x "Problem Child" (1990) John Ritter, Michael Oliver. (CC) (2:00) CD Scooby Dooby Doo GQ Hercules: The Legendary Journeys 00 Management Today EB World's Most Dangerous Stunts EB Not Too Young to Die EB Land of the Lost EQ America's Castles EB BET Shop TCM Movie **» "The Family Jewels" (1965) Jerry Lewis, Donna Butterworth. (2:00) TMC (4:25) Movie * "Power of Attorney" (1995) Danny Alello, Ellas Koteas. 'FT (1:37) 4:30 B George Burns and Grade Allen B Magic School Bus (CC) ED (4:45) Movie *** "Crime of the Century" (1996) Stephen Rea, Isabella Rossellini. (CC) (2:00) 63 Evans & Novak (CC) EQ Southern Stage 69 College Football Boston College at Cincinnati. 63 Formula One Explained CD Dexter's Laboratory QD Scan EB Ren & Stlmpy (CC) 5:00 B Wild America (CC) B Emergency With Alex Paen (CC) B Golf Pro-Am Tournament. (R) B In the Wild (CC) it! News fQ Avonlea(CC) 63 (5:15) Movie **x "Speechless" (1994) Michael Keaton, Geena Davis. 'PG-13' (1:39) 63 CNN Worldvlew (CC) 63 Baseball, Minnesota 63 Highway 63 Hardcastle and McCormlck EB Racetalk 63 Week In Rock 63 Dally Show 63 Auto Racing Firestone Indy Lights. (R) CD Taz-Manla (CC) EB WCW Saturday Night (CC) EB Highlander: The Series EB Movie **« "Friendships, Secrets and Lies" (1979) Tina Louise, Paula Prentiss. (2:00) Q3 How to Succeed In' Business EB Discover Magazine EB Death Row EB Hey Arnold! EB Home Again EB Anabel 5:30 B Newton's Apple (CC) BIB U) (27) NBC Nightly News (CC) IB Movie **K "Fandango" (1985) Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson. 'PG' (CC) (1:31) 03 Movie * * * "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993) Voices of Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon. (CC) (1:30) 63 Pinnacle 6363 College Football Pac-10 Game. BD Adventures of the Black Stallion 63 Real World (CC) 63 Dally Show 63 Sportscenter CD Real Adventures of Jonny Quest EB Strictly Business EB Rocko's Modern Life (CC) EQ Home Again ' EB Notlclero Unlvlslon 6:00 B Internet! BED 03(23(10) News B Home Improvement (CC) BB(S)News(CC) B Lovewell 1995: Around the Bend B Entertainment Tonight (CC) B Aerial Britain fQ Simpsons (CC) fQ (6:15) Movie *** The Freshman" (1990) Marlon Brando, Matthew Broderick. (1:45) fEt Movie **» "All Dogs Go to Heaven" (1989) Voices of Burt Reynolds, Judith Barsi.'G'(CC) (1:25) B3 Capital Gang 63 Our House 63 Super Bloopers & New Practical Jokes 63 Talent Roundup 63 Buzzkill 63 Politically Incorrect 63 College Football Tennessee at Georgia. 63 College Football Maryland at North Carolina. EB Movie ** "Problem Child 2" (1991) John Ritter, Michael Oliver. (CC) (2:00) CD In the Heat of the Night (CC) EQ Family Matters (CC) EB Weekly Business EB Lost Mammoths EB How'd They Do That? » EB Aaahhll! Real Monsters (CC) EQ Mysteries of the Bible EB AmorGlgante TCM Classic Comedy Shorts TMC Movie * ** 'Crimson Tide" (1995) Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman. 'R' (1:55) 6:30 B In the Mix (CC) BIB CD (27) Major League Baseball Playoffs American League Championship Series Game 4. B Mad About You (CC) B(5)(10) Wheel of Fortune (CC) B Inside Edition Weekend (CC) ID Chiefs Update BCD Andy Griffith B3 Inside Politics Weekend ED Movie *** The Man From the Alamo" (1953) Glenn Ford, Julia (Julie) Adams. (1:30) 63 Road Rules 63 Politically Incorrect GQ Illinois Instant Riches EB Tim Russert EB Rugrats(CC) TCM MGM Parade TUNE IN TOMORROW ALL MY CHILDREN Gloria helped Tad home after he took two of her allergy pills and zonked out. Adam and Brooke were amused when they found Gloria pinned under a sleeping Tad, who had collapsed on her on the bed. When Liza accused Gloria of taking advantage of Tad's newly divorced status, Gloria let Liza think she made love to Tad. Liza agreed when Adam suggested they team up to make Brooke and Tad jealous. After Jack told Skye that Jonathan disappeared, Marian told Skye that Janet (who lied) said she and Jonathan are having an affair. After having nightmares about a zombie-like Jonathan, Erica talked Dimitri into moving back to Wildwind. Dimitri proposed to Erica. Bobby took the rap when Palmer learned someone tampered with Bobby's trust fund papers. Bobby fumed to realize Kelsey knew they had to be married three years before he can get his trust fund money. ANOTHER WORLD Sharlene and Josie discussed Josie's resignation from the force and Sharlene's involvement with Grant. Gary is worried that Josie has not been able to put the trauma of her kidnapping behind her. Cindy convinced Gabe not to recuperate at Loma's place upon his release from the hospital. Loma learned that Gabe and Cindy had dated before he married Cindy's sister, Sarah. Vicky told Cart that Bobby received Ryan's corneas, so she believes a part of Ryan is alive, but he dumped it in a hospital laundry cart. Bobby told Vicky he is leaving town. Nick's return ruined Matt and Sofia's romantic evening. Sofia denied Matt's suspicion that she accepted a two-week out-of- town internship in order to escape her feelings for Nick. Later, Nick kissed Sofia and said he stUI loves her. Paulina planned a sexy evening with Joe. ? Syndicate •M ' fl * 'i AS THE WORLD TURNS Mike kept Lily from being struck by Umberto's (Diego) speeding car, which crashed. Lily was furious that she could not confront Umberto (Diego) about Damian's death because he "died" in the crash. Emily warned Diego (Umberto) that Mike does not think Umberto was the person killed in the car crash even though his medallion was found in the ashes. Diego (Umberto) covered when Lily noticed scratches on his arms. Margo fumed when she was forced to release Kirk from jail. Mark was furious with T for not telling him she was working on the Umberto case. T later destroyed an FBI file on Mark. Dani faked laryngitis, causing Ryder's court hearing to be postponed. Bob caught Dani in Ryder's room. Despite Lisa's reservations, Barbara urged her to pursue a relationship with Martin. Emily warned Sarah that Paul is off limits. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Clarke confronted Jack and his henchman, Rocky, on a cliff In front of the Hollywood sign. In a scuffle, Clarke saved CJ.'s life, but Clarke, Rocky and Jack went over the cliff. Rocky died while Jack and Clarke were hospitalized. Sally was relieved that C.J. was safe and C.J. prayed Clarke will live. Stephanie, who does not want Ridge to marry Brooke, told him Brooke and Grant are having an affair. Ridge was devastated when he saw Brooke and Grant kissing, but was unaware it was a aood-bye smooch. Brooke told Taylor to return to Paris since Brooke will soon be Ridge's wife. THE CITY: Jacob and Angle exchanged marriage vows in a ceremony arranged by Jacob, Nick and Buck. Angle was thrilled that Frankie came home for her wedding. Alex and Jocelyn learned Molly is escaped mental patient Sandra Carleson. Mrs. Malone told Tony and Ally that Sandra emulated her daughter, Molly, who was killed in a suspicious car accident. Jocelyn, Alex, Ally and Tony found Danny in a motel room where Molly tried to kill him with gas fumes. Alex and Tony went to the motel roof after Molly, who later took Jocelyn hostage. DAYS OF OUR LIVES After Jack paid Daniel's gambling debt, he wrote an account of Peter's evil deeds. Daniel did omit Peter's plot to kill Laura. With Daniel to back him up, Jack let Jennifer read Daniel's statement. Jennifer ran off by herself after Laura revealed she knew all along about Peter's connection to Jude. After losing a fistfight to Jack, Peter walked alone in the park, where he was stunned to come face-to-face with the supposedly deceased Stefano. Kristen panicked when Mariana arranged for her to see a doctor because John thought Kristen was worried about their unborn "baby." A judge returned Will to Sami and Austin, who left for Salem. Sami fumed when Austin arranged to annul their marriage. Worried Benjamin's photo would be in a newspaper, Wendy got his photo back after Jonah entered it in a child beauty contest. Vivian is still trying to get out of the French prison. GENERAL HOSPITAL After playing the tape, recording of Tracy's last verbal assault on Lois, Ned forced the Quartermaine clan to oust Tracy. Tracy fumed when she failed to extort money from Jax. Tracy made a phone call to former business acquaintance Sydney Chase after seeing her photo on a magazine. Tracy schemed to relieve her financial problems by blackmailing Sydney with some dirt on her past. While Bobbie was observing B.J.'s birthday by herself, Stefan learned Tony was having a fling with Cariy. With a little help from Alexis, Stefan was able to close down the financially strapped General Hospital. Monica assisted when Pierce performed surgery on Alan's hand. Kevin, who was led off to prison, began remembering everything he did to Felicia after kidnapping her. GUIDING LIGHT Marcus was in shock after Fletcher convinced Griffin to admit his shooting was a publicity stunt gone wrong. The confession cleared Vivian of attempted murder charges. While listening to Reva and Josh argue, a devastated Buzz realized they still have feelings for each other. Buzz told Reva that he knows Josh dragged her from Alan's mansion in a half-dressed state. Buzz later asked Reva how badly she wants Josh back. Roger came close to revealing the truth when Holly insisted one shock treatment could not have changed him into "Mr. Nice." At Roger's competency hearing, Ross vowed to reveal he is faking his "Mr. Nice" routine. Bridget made sure Frank learned of Hart and Dinah's affair. Dinah agreed to marry Hart. Abigail accepted Rick's date offer. ONE LIFE TO LIVE Max and Maggie were relieved when Andy, Antonio and Dylan rescued them from the cave. Antonio decided to work undercover to help Bo get the goods on Carlo. Carlo, who thought Antonio betrayed him, pulled a gun on him. During the rescue, Dylan rose from his wheelchair to rescue Andy from a snake. Dylan planned to surprise Marty with the news that he can walk, but Luna's ghost urged him to set Marty free. Marty told Patrick that when Dylan returns, she will tell him she is leaving him. Todd took over The Sun, then fired Cassie. Todd saw a lawyer about getting custody of Starr after Blair lied that she and Patrick are just friends. Clint and Cord, who know Asa is mentally fit, told Alex that she can divorce Asa. Elliot decided not to go with Carlo's plan to have Viki kill Kevin. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS After learning Sharon had not had an abortion yet, Nick said he loves her and wants their baby. Victor bought Nikki an engagement ring, but went to Kansas to be with Hope, who fretted over Cliff after he was injured in an accident. Josh admitted to Nikki that he was married before, but his wife accidentally drowned. Believing Victor would not propose, Nikki and Josh- planned a quickie wedding in Las Vegas. When Chris and Paul tried to talk to Nina about her marital problems, she admitted Ryan has moved out and that she has feelings for Cole. Vicki told Cole that she wanted a divorce, but later slept with him when she thought Nikki and Victor were getting back together. At Malcolm's urging, Dru had Silva check out modeling agents Tate and, Ty.

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