Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1907
Page 4
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^^--f ^aU.lteiU ^ON RATI* k....7... M Mntt. _ . V*****!*'••••-••••.»«»..vMit..f§»t^ , la.wliraM*, •M toML xuiaMb Foatoflea, u •FFn|ui Pipn, cm or BAS. an MtMhMII ' AMK»CIATU> PRBW. ThM*i* B iHy ItanMiar M a aMinbar of IMAitMM.M'Praia and RaoaivM th« •nr MMrt < f that g!«at nawa erganlsa- iw Mr«f mriva Aftaniaoa fhibllMtton iilahb N#¥5 ef die County (JESEYA. Miats Ella Perkins is home frum lou.; Ulss Margaret Knowlton siieut Sun day witl^ iKxne folks. Mrs. Geo. Mable and Mrs. Ed. Pltz- patrick dwe to.Iola WoUuesday. A. H. Woodruff and family visited at bis father's at \atcs Ceutcr over SuDds}'. Geoi. Pippin and family returned borne, from their visit to Oklahoma last Tuesday. Henry Gray and daushter, Maryj drore^to Keosho Falls last Tuesday. Bert Wilson Is making iircnarations -to-build a new barn on his place In town,; r BBOXSON. Visitors during the month, Mrs. Will .May. Miss iieorgia May. Mrs, Sa«( iCwlng and Mm. Anna McKindcr. Hetfry Meyer and wife came iu from Illinois Tuesday for a few days visit with John Meyer and family. - Mrs'' DnohiAn of Iowa is making h( r aephew. Roy Townsley, and family an extended yjlsit. Mr. and >Mrs. Windle of OklaUonia. *re the gutets of Mrs. Windles si.stcr. Mrs. T, J. |x>ve. . The httl^ two year old daughter of Mr. and I Mrs. Chas. Dizmang died at Its home Friday after several days Illness, i jThc little one was a sweet and lovjqgriitUe cbild and bas left the suiferiti^ of this world for the joys , Heaven; Funeral services were held atthe Baptist church Saturday .nnd the remains laid to rest in the bcuu- tifal BrraeoD. cemetery. Rer. Barber, pastor of Hrouson M. E. church, was in Fort Scott Sunday attending th^ dedication of the new M. E.'church at that place. - Miss Clari Webster of Fort Scott, was visiting her aunt. Mrs. T. D. Web- Bter, Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Bndke of Independence, was visiting his cousins. Misses Carrie and • Uzzle Meyer, the first of the week. .\ large number from this vicinity attended the Sunday school coiivon- ( BELl'RY. 4 , - EarJ Gates and family visited at Kl- mer Blb «ns last week. . Gertrude Voorhees i.s visitiug friends in this neighborhood. "PraiUc-Wynn is teaching the Monte- vale sdioo'. We,,wish him success. Earl Pcrgi}8 who is attending high «Choo] in Mpran spent Sunday wna his j>areats.; ikaron Bajl and wife and Mr. and "Hxi. ':V &xaa.l spent Sunday at Grant ^lllJdiig Good. —. te W way of making rfl »ffnfl is like ^Making Gtwdr and Uoc-tor .- «'» medicines well ejeraplifv ilii.*. ifqa thelr^friends, after more than two decades of popularity, are numbered bv the hundmb of thousands. They bavb - ,*made gpod? and .they hare iwt made jdrunkards, ! A^pod, honett. aquare-deal medicine of SmrneompDSltlon U Dr. Pierce's OaMea fnmnX MpGMViy. It stilj enjoys an Im- neua sa!^ while mo»t of the prepara- tioBS that;bave come Into prominence in the earlier period of its popularltv have ^(one I7 the board" and are never more kaard of. <rhere must be-soma reaM >n fur ttata lonc-flme popularity and that i.- to ba-fonnid In its superior merits. When oiioagiven!a fair trial for weak stomach. ;orIa» liver and blood affections, its stipe- rioctenratitequalities are soon manifest; kepee it lifs -Bniwived and grown in pop- nlar favor, arhile scores of less meritorious articles have auddenW flashed into favor fbf^ brief period and then been as soon 'flonotten. ' Kir a tMpid liver with its attendant foUfestkm; ityepepsia, headache, iier- ^~ idizrinew. foul breath, nasty coated . withlritter taste, loss of appetite. ntzafea wAXet eating, nervousness rdehai4.;»)>thinr is so good as Dr. "i Golden Medical Discoverv. It's gnare-dea] medicine with all I printed on bottle-wrapper BO bocns-poctts hnmbug. oooept a\*ubi^tvxe that rainier tttypooibly make a little big"". jftutet (m your right to liave iOifflfor. PieKc'a Fn aritc Praacrip. t to prpve * "cure-all." It : fto womanV apeeinl ail. Bs weak women strong and W &L hm advertised than •old for like purposes. _ive virtues still nrafnuiu the frtrnt ranks, where it l:iiMrar jtwo^deeades ago. As an in' '! sod strengthening nerv- d. It won% satisfy those I,* for there is not a drop Paaets. iheorigi- although the first i«afl(et,atill lead. „«ie ever aftervacds tk«T*ni*d your »«il"Bbl» CMrar*t« »»4 Bnd Btrd Asm fur •"Hi* llni* fur liflipi't'"'' loatii'M till) mm tiott M>nn'l».t<'lT <!?'«<'• """i^; Kcrid ilii-ni MMr tw nit •end tlitni laCrrTOBO. , Unc*.frl<rd. joo WIU DesT Tor Th« Dowels tin SoUsr tchtxrt (!o &T «fttlon at Bafirt 6iind«>. Mr. afid Mrs. .Franklin Smith attended district conference at La Harpe. Most of tho farmers are done sowing wheat. .L i'BAIBIE HALL. •+ CANDvCAVfuanc KMor RIckrn. W,.»k.n rrHrlp.-. . Ml'.>-ertr •old tn I'lilk. Tim rfntilim titUlct •lan>v»d CCC. Stftling R«'medyCo.,ChicacoorN.Y. 6o» ANNUAL SALE, TEN^HLUON BOXES Shockeys. (I. W. Finley 1.-= quite sick. Uavie and .Nellie Uibeiis and .Mary, John and Frank Wyuu attended a party at John Contioi's Friday uigUt. Mrs. IA'WIS Gibson and mother, Mrs. Huston, went to Lone Elm Tuesday. Olllc Zorcns is working for .Mrs. tyrant Lieurance. Earn Miller has his restaurant at the new town almost completed. Ilailcy Sharon and wife who have ust returned from Kj)cnding the sum mer in Ohio visited their si.«ter, .Mrs. VCynn and family a week ago Sunday. Maudie Iteahm of Kincaid is working for .Mrs. Sam Ewlng. Mr. May and Mr. Ruston are cutting corn at the new town. Mrs. Wynn and mother, Mrs. Sharon visited with Mrs. McKlnder and Mrs. j Bibens Wednesday. Reimrt of Belfry school for month ending October A, 1907: Number enrolled 25; average daily attendance -o. Those neither absent nor tardy >during tho month were, Fanny Fern Fergus, Glen Curley, How ard Shockey, John HIIK-US, Lena Wynn .ibble Wynn, 01^ Zorcns. Willie Zor­ cns, Oral Heath, Kussel Jones and The farmers are all rejoicing over the splendid rain last week. Wicat Is looking fine. .Miss .Mamie Tioxell was the guest of .Miss Jcauetle Seymour for dinner Sunday. Olive Hitdico'ek and .Miss Pearl Wilson of lolu, attended Sunday school at the Hull Sunday morning. Quite a number from this vicinity atiended the Farmers" Kxhibil in La llarpe Saturday afternoon and voted il a decided success. Men. Pearl and Frauk Hardin. Jean olle Seymour and Ora (Jard attended i church in Ui Har|.c Sunday nifilif. .Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Stewart and .Mrs. C. W. Lytle were calling at Hardin's Thursday afternoon. The Hardin boys and JVauk Myers were La Harpe visitors Tuesday. Mr. Howard Moore was in Morau Tuesday. T. E. Stewart and wife attended the barbccuo in Humboldt Wednesday. TBAIBIE ROSE. Quite a number from here attended the Farmer's Exhibit at La Harpe Friday and Saturday. Jim Rogers had the misfortune to lose a two year old colt Saturday. It had snagged itself in the side a few days before while running and playing with the other horses. Mrs. Knapp enjoyed a visit Saturday and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Durham, and family of lola. Their brother, Oscar EpUng, also spent Saturday with them. NICK GJHtTEirS m •rl«f Vlal^to Hom« of Ooio- brated Author ' Will Wood and family and .Mr. Hen- Ray Springslon and .Nellie Shockey. j 'Jrlcks and family visited Friday night at Harvey Uaker's in La Harpe. Sat- ruday they all took In tho sights at lola. Harvey Itaker and wife siK-nt P .irent8 and all others interested in ! Saturday night at Will Wood's and all school work arc cordially invited to {attended a family gathering at the visit our school. j Parental IJaker home near Prairie Mr. and Mrs. Fergus went to La IJall. Harpe Saturday to atend the fair and -^'r- ^^'"od enjoyed a visit froin his visited relatives In lola Sunday. ! brother, Clark Wood, and wife of Red Held Sunday night and Monda.v. Mr. I>jiin who burned his foot so WEST OF THE BITEB. tion at Mayard Sunday and enjoyed i l^adly some time ago with scalding the program. ' water is improving now and it Is Mrs. J. B. P'ergus' father and moth- j Jiopod will be out before long, er arc with her at present. j ^^r. and .Mrs. Wood and Medora ! spent Sunday with the former's •> + j daughter, Mrs. Ethel D.avls. Other ijuests were Clark Wood and wife of Redfield, Joe Wood and wife and Charley Sylvester and family. Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks returned to their home in Missouri Tuesday evening after a wek's visit v.ith the hitter's jiarents, Mr. and Mrs. Baker, and other relatives. Mrs. W«st and Dora Hawkens and children visited Ella Peck last Friday. ilrs. Jones bought a nice mare of George Ellis, jr.. last week. One foot is quite sore from a barbed wire cut. Mr. Eldridge was on the sick list the first of the week. He sold most of his cattle lately. Elder J. M. Preston spent the first of the week in Independence. Kansas. Wr bear Jessie Uiggs had a hard chill Monday. Hf was iiuite sick at Ibis time a year ago. George Jefferles came up from Oklahoma last week Ketting herp just iu time to go back ^'ith his folks. Ho leiwrts crops there fine. Becca Pearson writes from Colorado that she is WL>11 aud getting i silong fine. Mar}" Preston went to Bartlesvllle Wednesday of this week for a visit with Mrs. Weaver. .Jessie Jones re'unicd lo Wichita Sunday morning. While his work is asy it is conlining and he seldom gets 10 visit his home. \ man and woman camiied here Sat urday who said they were making an >ATIBE'S W.VRMMJ. lola reople Must Rcrognize and lired If* Kidney ills come quietly—mysteriously. But nature always warns you. Noticp the kidney secretions. See if the color is unhealthy— If there are settlings and sediment Passages frequent, scanty, painful. It's time then to use Doan'.s Kidney Pi lb. To ward off Bright's disease or dia bet 1-5. Doan's have done gn-at work ii4 lola. Airs. Sarah Hamilton, of 201 Soutl: Walnut street, lola, Kansas, says: "For a year or more before I got i Doan's Kidney Pills at Chas. B. Siien cer & Co.s drug store 1 had severe pain in my back just across the loin^ especially noticeable when about t-i retire at night. I could not He on m back without suffering, aud added tu , this there was distressing retention of overland trip from Kentucky to Colo-1 the kidney secretions. For two or rado. Mrs. Ling bought .^Ir. Fluke's torn binder week. W'e are glad to see Ollie Durnl back among her friends but sorr>" they are moving away to Washington. We would like to see East PIqua and Uberty back iu our Correspondent's circle again. Win. Preston is helping C. J. Preston Ox his house. C. n. Peck attended the celebration at Humboldt Wednesday. WESLEY CH.a'EL. Mrs. Geo. IIemtning|s parents came from lola last Wednesday to make them a visit. Franklin Smith and family attended the Helms-Barker wedding at La Harpe Tuesday night of last week. Mrs. Talley was on the sick list last week. The rain of last week was. welcomed by all. Mrs. Kurts father visited her last week.' Mrs. T. R. Turner came home Saturday night from Oklahoma. Mr. Burton mwed to Parsons Tuesday. Mr. Sam Pyles helped them: Mr. Huntings will live in the house they vauted nntn he gets poesession of the Pyle'te farm which he bonght. Quite a aiimber from this place at-' three days at a time there would be no passage, f read about Doan's Kidney Pills curing others and I got them \ few doses proved that I was taklnr the right remedy. When I stopped taking it the action of my kidneys was normal, the backache was rellcveci and I was no longer troubled with dizziness, while my general health was Improved. My daughter also used used Doan's Kidney Pills and values them as highly as I do." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. FoBter-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo. .New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other. TO ASK FOB FREE HOMES. An Effort to Have the Klowa.Co< manche BesenratloB Thrown Open. Auadarko. Ok.. Oct. 10.— The homesteaders of Caddo county met in Aua­ darko today and pcifected an organ- iaztion to ask congressmen to give the homesteaders in the K^owa-Co- mancbc Indian reservation frse homes as was done in old Oklahoma and the Cherokee strip. Randal Livosay of .\Dadarko was el«>clef| iir<»8ldHnt of the crpanlzatlon; C. H.. Liming secretary end L. 3t. Roberts treasurer. Home feteaders of Comanche and Kiowa counties have taken similar action. Representative Fulton and Representative Ferr -B have promised to work 4or the metisure in Congress and s rtrong effort wiU be made to pass the measure at the comins aesslon. TrjmWndU.latbt "Nick Caiter sprang to his feet. BIX revolvers were pointed at bis head. Behind him was e villain with a bowlc knife ready to stab him In the back. "As he saw that the great detective was in a trap a smile curled the face of tho head bad man. "•You will die llk<- a dog,' he cx- I lalmed through his teeth. 'When I give the signal you will have my knife buried in your back and a dozen bullets will rest In jour carcass.' "One inagie wmd from Nick Carter and the men fell back, tumbllHK over one auotht-r in their fiisbl. What was the word?" Having read so far in "The Bloodless Blood-Mom y: or. llie ,\dventures of a Human Cai." by .Nicholas Carter, 1 lifli'd my eyos from the pase and ;;a.'!ped iu uuiazeuicnt. Sherlock Holmes should so way Imck and sir down—Ilaflli's into rctiioineni; Nick Carter puis Iln-ni to .>;haine. A sudden resolve tilled my mind. I would visit Ihe King of Detectives: .\t my side iu the stationery store was a directory. I went to it and turned to tho letter '"C." Then to Carter—the name which had amazed the boy readers of a continent. To my as- tonl.'ihment I discovered that there T.oro a number of Carters, but Nicholas stood out in bold relief. I arose and started for Nick Carter's residence. "Is .Mr; Carter in?" The pert youth who answered my ring slowly put a book mark in a dime dreadful written by his employer. It was "Headlesa Hammer; or. What Happened to Smith." "On the job,"' he said. "Who la It wants tor see the great detective?" I was about to hand the boy a card when I remembered that I must live up to the traditions of detective literature. "Tell Nick Carter," I exclaimed, "that a stranger wishes to seo him on important business." "Hush," he said, in a melodramatic tone. "Silence, foller me. ScbT" The room in which I found myself was large and lofty. On all sides were closets, some partly open. Insldo I conld see a curious conglomeration of wigs, coats, false whiskers and bottles marked poison, likewise great numbers of knives and revolvers. Looking toward the end of tho room, I experienced one of the greatest surprises of my life. In Nick Carter I beheld, instead of a giant of marvelous physique, a small, undersized person, weighing, I should Judge, about 90 pounds. At that moment ho turned in his chair and gazed at mc for some time. "You come to mo with a mystery?" I turned to sec if one had followed me Into the room. "Xo," I replied. "I am but one of Tour humble admirers, and desire to have acquaintance with your methods." His face lit up with pleasure. "Indeed," ho exclaimed, in a piping .-olce. "Well, I am on an important work this afternoon and you may come along. Mrs. Miscomfort-Smitho has murdered her favorite cat, and, to Bootho her conscience, wishes me to prove that it committed suicide." "I will he glad to accompany you," I replied joyfull.v.' "Yes. but before I siKit I must <:hanso my diyguisc." Nick Carter arose, and brforo my astonished gaze, in tho twinkling of an eye, practically transfonnf^d bis appearance. He now looked like a UuEsinn Jew. .\ trap door opened at our feet. Nick t'arier calmly jumped in. and aftor a nioiiienfs hesitation. I followed. A few moments of pilch darkness and wo found ourselves In the street. "Now," he exclaimed before I could .recover my breath, "I am the only man in the world who could follow this clew. First I will—" Six men sprang out of the alleyway. A moment later, armed to the tcelh, and they were on us. . In a trice Nick Carter drew two— or was It three—revolvers, and started to blaze away. Four "villains" foil dead at my feet, .\nother staggered away with a couple of bullets in his side; but the last one, a ferocious-looking individual, before being stretched on the ground. sUbbed Nick Carter In the arm. The great detective smiled scornfully. "My wound Is but a scratch. Now, with your permission, we will start on the case of the "Cat Who Died in His Sleep; or. The Clew That Led to the Victory. Come!" 1 made a muttered excuse and stepped aside. Nick Carter disappeared in the distance, and I saw two villains closely follow him. SUll 1 made no sign. The author of 200 dime dreadfuls could take care of himself. T fled to home and safety! Too Particular. Matrimonial Agent—I can strongly recommend Mr. Softy. He's financially solid, and he neither drinks, smokes nor takes snuff. Applicant—Do you think I^ will marry a man that I can't find fault with?—FUegendo Blaettcr. the Much Impressed. "Were yon ever stmck by grandeur of nature in a storm?" "Ob. yes. ma 'am. Once partlcu- lariy." "When was that?" -Vhea tha Ushtninf etruck m«."« BaiOmBW Amerleaa, - - • • * T. aL C. A. KOTES. Tonight's stereoptlcoa lecture is on "How tho Other Half Lives, or the Slums of Chicago." It consists of iS slides, begins at 8 and is free to all. There were over 25 men In tho gym Wednesday trying out for basket ball. A game is to bo played Friday evening at 8: SO, the proceeds of which are to f-o to lights for the gym. Admission ten cent's. 31 men enjoyed the lunch and Blblo class last night. This class is every W^odnesdav evening from 6:30 to 7::'.0. Bring some friend. "Chrisi'.s Ideas of Life," is the sub ject of the second talk to men to be given by Bnv. U. If. Eliet at th.; Y. U. C. A. next Sunday at ."ir.'IO. Invito some friend to coiiio with you. Thursday. •1::;0 —Boy's gym class and swimiuinj class, squad 1. .•>:]5—Boy's gym class aud swimmfn; class, squad 2. 8:00— Educational lecture. Subject, ''tlie Slums of Chicago." This lecture will be illustrated by the use of 78 slides and will show the slum life of a great city. Open to all. Friday. 7:30 —Business men's g>"m class. Volley ball game. 8:45 —Basket ball practice. Saturday. 9:00 —Boy's gym and swimming class, squad 1. 10:30 —^Boy's gym class and swimming class, squad 2. 7:30 —Young men's gym class. Sunday. 2:30— Boy's Gospel Sleeting. 3:30 —^Men's Gospel meeting. Subject, "Christ's Ideas of Life." This Is the second of a series of four talke that Rev. R. H. Ellet is giving. £x>Koosi*TeIt Gnldo Insane. Ogdensljurg, N. Y., Oct. 10.— Jlich ael Cronln, one of the President's Adirondack guides has been adjudged Insane. It was Cronln who drove with Roosevelt through the lower Adirondacks when a courier brought him the news of McKinley's assassination. For hest and Quickest Besnlts use the Register Want Colnma. Santa re RaiTvray Time Tabla, NORTHBOUND .No. 202, Pas. dally 2:22p .ui .So. 204, Pas. daily 2:56 a.m. No. 208, Pas, dally ex. Sun ..6:50a.m. No. 210, Pas. arrives daily ..8:50pirn, •vo. 216, Freight. D. ex. Sun 12:01 p .nr. SOUTHBOUND. No. ZOl, Paa.dally 12:45 p.m So. 203. Pas dally 2:00ajn. No. 207 Pas.daily ex. Sun ...8:50p.m No. 209, Pas. departs daily...6:20a.m. No. 216 Freight. D. ex. Sun. .12:20 p.m Se Rollaway Skating Now Open! lUnk SKATING LESSONS 10 to 12, admission including skates... .. .25 2:30 to 5:.30, admission including skates.. .25 7 to 10:30, adirisrion inclnding skates. .. Special alteution givea to beginners. NORTH SIDE SQUARE Every ll/•.•).^lnn ca >.C^ • .-hapely, •r.r.-hy figure, cSJ? many of theTti deplore the loss of • heir girlish forms after marrif ye. Tiie bearing of children i^often destructiva to the moiiicr'^ shapeliness. All of this can A.uided, however, by the use of Mother 's Friend before baby coir .cs. i-s thii great liniment always prepares the body for the strain upon it, and preserves tiie symmetry of her farm. Mother's friend ctvercomes all the danger of chili-birth, and carries the expectant motbec safely through this critical period wilLaut pain. It is woman 's greatest blessing. Thousands gnncfully tzV. 0/ the bonefit and relief derived from tba use of this wonderful remedy. Solii by aU druggists at i .00 pei bottle. Our liitle book, telling all about this liniment will be sent frae. Hi Bnifleld Rcr -'^.tar Cfl„ Afluu. IL FHaml OR ABB SAYS: We have long had a reputation in this locality of filling prescriptions with the highest quality goods that could be Secured, and in filling them in a way which met with the approval of the entire mtdicaJIprofession. Tne same carelul work will be continued! it> the future The same high quality goods will be .used that have been used in tha past. We solicit your patronage Telmphono 476 PpesGrigtilon tlmgglat The Junior Department S^ort Oet youi* Oaa Light Sugit»HB» from usm A Wolabach lant/i CompMo ior 79o 1^ W IJN^ O B IJ^ R i>O K Yoang men and women for positions of tnist, trhcre Intelligent Berrke will be appreciated and paid for— Experienced men and women for po.<iItInn.s rpqnirlngr ability and Uct- People of all ages, of all talents, divers nhilltie!*. for snltable lines of employment- Used things—such as pianoN. organs, every oort of musical Instm* meat, writing marhincs, cash reu'isters, store and oifice fixtnres, talk- Ing machines, hoolis, engravings, post cards, stamp collections, mgs, carpets, forniUire of every kind- Horses and carriages, tracks, business wa^rons, bicycles, gnns, cameras, fishing tackle, automobiles— Beal Estate—lots, plots, acres, leaseholds, equities, houses, flats, apartments, stores— iBstmeflons in painting, slnsing, the violin and piano, short hand, •ccoBnting, corresponding, languages, dancing. Places to live—hoases, apartments, furnished rooms, hoardlag places where Ufc is Interesting— These art some of the thousands of people and things that are *^anted'' In this city Jast now,.and if yon can fill any of these wants You Shouid Inquire of the Public Through A Daily Rtgisttr Want Ad. r

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