Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 10, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1907
Page 2
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fx' >ltTHRUP, PrffsldmL llfi NjpRTHRUI[^t4|CMM Vte ^Frnt. f \ ^ U MtJllBAUGH. CHhItr. ^ - J. Established 1869. *" NfMitiryfirlieDd^Stitei State ef luiii Aflei Cnity •Mut luk ii Aitoi Ci. MELVIN FRONK, Aut. Cashltr. ,200,000 1 OCTOBER'S PARTY. l:iOclober. gave a party. Tiio loavi'^ liy . " hundreds ciinu>— jThe Aah«i. Oaks, mid .Maiilos. UMI . "t' leafes of I 'VM-y iiaiuo. i;liie Stibsbliiu spri-iKl n <-ai|)c't. and i/^ - everithltiK wn.s ;;raiul; t ''j;Wl8s Wpather led tin- danciiri;; I 'lol 1- i>b .sor Wind tin- liaiii!. ! ' - • ' ;^lie CbVtitliiUs raiiif in y.-llmv, llir Oatis In <Tlai.siiii drfsKi-ir. The lovely .Mis.^i'K Maple, in puiplc - , lowKed tlielr bt-Kt. All balanced to iheir ipaitncrs, " .gayJy fluttered l>y: Th.'> .sigiit was like a rainljmv fallen from tbe s-ky. Look at» Our Libbey Cut Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hand I'ainled Cliiua. Se wall, Jeweler and Optician 11-; Nutlh Washington. Then in tin- rusty hiJlmvs. at liiil<-- seek they played. The iiairty closeil at .vuiidown ai^l ev- • cryiaody siay<"d. Professor Wind p!ay<'<I IIUKNT: IIM'-, flay along tin; eroinid. All'd tl^eii the parly ended in j<'!I> "hands all round." —Ueor^e Cooper. .> Kollowinfj is a list of lola women •nrho are i^presenlinn lola CIUIKS at the Fort Scott convsntion of f'deiatoi clubs from the second di.striet in Kansas: Mrs. D. Wolfe. Mr.s. O. 1.. Garlinghouse. Mrs. George Talbert. Mrs. 13.: N. Phillips. .Mrs. \.. H. Wish ard. Mrs. E. D. Curtis. Mrs. K. i: Stevenson and Mrs. W. T. Wai.^on. 4. .> A. Mrs. Wi. K. ChathaJU. of Drexel. .Mo. is visiting her sister. .Mrs. K. X. .lones * 4. * The Mothers' cdiili held a hric f m?etin^ in Little Builders Cliane! ><>• terday. Mrb. \. V. l.cniaslers elia! iiiiil^l> entertained the members of tli" Cheerful Circle for an hour yi'su- day afternoon, t There was a briet lit erary programpnterspersed with mi; slc-and-some <jf the ladies who liavf enjoyed' vacations in distant stai<'.s ; . gave reijninisceiices' of their traviis. - Mrs. Leniastei^* hospitality was e\ 'tended to Mesdauiss Wni. Bouten. T. B SKafinon. C. K. Hildner. MeCall. C E. Weiidorf. O. T. IjiC.range. K.' C Remsbcrg, and; Dan Brewer. " I- • . • • • . ~ The Presbyterian KndeavopMs will meet at half past seven this .•venin-.; In the church parlors. Mrs. A. Scott of ColdwaiiT. .Miili.. IP a RUCBl of h'-r niec, Mrs. M.iiili Esse. + + * The WViman's Oulld of Si. •limn Ihy'B Eliiscoiial church was eni>' !i f- ed at the home of .Mrs. Merriit Ksse yeeterday afternoon. At the eldsi' of tbe.bjisiness hour th? liosi<'ss si-rv- ed. her guests with a luncheon. .Mr-. A. C. Sicott. of Coldwater. Mi<liJ:;an. vas the.guest of the Guild V •> •> The Woman's As.sociation of tin- Kefomied church is meeting in ili" church parlors this afternoon, •f. * + Mrs. li. C.<i\vn and son I.aviTn^ . are visiting relativr-s in SavonMni + * - The Che<-rful Cirelr hicinbiTs ar.' planning; to give--a mosi cnjoyaidi- and '. - IM'W near fuinn-. 'I 'lu will l)f liuvliiind> 111 Till- place lia< not li.'en .\el. IJIII at ibi- n<'.\t pai 1 (.1 till' '-v ;'iu will Ix.' 1011 'I'll.- Ciuisiiaii .-Diii'lj i .s anion ,ii' various aii.\il;:iii''^ is meet iiip this aflernoi'ii. Mi.~s I.ecled V iniei- rtrowtl. Kiiith .Ma>. of Ottawa, i.- .-.x to arrive soon to spfiiil tli Willi her sister. .Mrs. .\. \\ •v 'rii.- NWiiiiairs Cliiistiau Teniiie ;i!:< I- I'llioii will ii.i-.-I toniiiiiuw atlf :.i ),ii wilh .M .S. II. II. .lonr.s. :;i'L' Nol sill.';. 'I'liis is ll.f ineetUi.v: al wliiel .Mrs. .(oin-s. v:ee president of llie nn ii.n's luaneli in the M. K. eliiireli. wi preside. ThP pr<i;;iam "111 consist livi'-f talks li\ each of the iadii-s •.ll'T.iiaiice. T!i.- heli.'s iif liVe (iri 'pared a .!• r.c-i'|ii ioi Wi'I. IIIIH' \\l \ Id «ini aic :c;'l'iell '11 tllf !;a liie Baptist cliiiiH I lie:.; ram of niusie fo; lie event I \V. II. i-.a; r. tie-i tr-ll-ht. • '.. nil! Mr:- .jiisi ; M.;III • n..r;!i. "Where arp you going?" -\ '*( after a sack- of U. SmPftlmalplanr. My wife ..ww'f; «sc,-Jin^tUiogjeIsc.'' >Oo- T ; •• !ola !;aM:ii>s- (•u!!e-4.- ;ai-;(!t uill ;;i\e a n-C'i'^ioii this ivenin^ ii I IK - lion r .Ml. ami .Mi-s. Spink, MI South W'ushiimton a\eniie. .\ii inv i.;I:ii!i is ••xtc-nded to all pupils ol lli i :!S 'ltiitioii. .\l:s II •niiaii tliiilcii. .Mi:-.- .Ma. •rhi)!i -il anil .Mis.-, i.i/./ii- 'I'lin 'i -n ar (-P'-ndlp.;; a l<-w (kos with llumlioldi nlaMve:' ••liiriii;; tin- ci-lebralion + + + The .N'i 'W ICcIipse club will ;;i\e il.- 1 -I daiiei- this evening. •:• •:• •:• .M;-. ail.: . MIS 1.\ I*. .Vorllinip w. ;-i -,(Minll\ stiiprisi'd by a KIOIIII OI f I i< iri.s last ••veiiiim to celel)!ali.' tlie I- ;liti-eiitii aiiniv.-isary of Viii-ir mar i:a :;i-. Mr. and .Mrs. .Vorlhrtip n-lnni • -.I from fliiiiiboldt (luring tli'- i-veniii" ami slionly after 'ln-ir arrival IIM ^!< caii>" .Mr. Norlliriiii was ;;iv • n a bands line stein and Mrs. .Vortli ! •;. .1 >ihe- link. Iti-fr-slinieiils wer M,'.--(l diiriii:; llie eveiiin;; ami .Mr.-N 'liilirap i -ntertaiii'd in her iisua' fhaiMMii:; wa;. .Xiiinii;; those piesen: uei-e .Ml- and .Mrs. 1-'. K. Sniilli. Mi ! h:l .Mrs. .1. C. Mi'llel.aeh. Mr. an .•^Irs. T. S. Stover. Mr. and .Mrs. <". i:. Sii.'iii-e,-. .Mr. ami .Mrs. h. I,. Niii-ilirit|'. Mr. and .^lis. I-'. .1. Hot t'li and .\;:-. an-' Mi-s. .Xnr! liiiip. Tl:. m r! ci-'iy will baM- n .•ii;eini-oii v.ii;i .Mr> jiii ;i' of llie societ -.• -.• •.- IS iif tin- I'lesiivii ian .\i i; tin:; tnniorrov II. (I dales, pies Beat': lie lln.-tes.- Kniit iliili nil S:iiiiida\ .Miss Mali! in' tile riej'Il a'lei noon + -S- + Kegisier Mauls bring n-^iilt<(. ^rtdnce of Number 18 T L J L Timt IN the niiinliiT of the Keidsler'H WHMI I'hune. Tbe Ite ;;it )(cr fs ultvajK glad to (ret j°onr order OTIT Ibe plivni-. Wliat.du juu want todif? Are tour KcrTautsi and em|ilu}i-e^ sHti!>/arl4ir} f Hare you lost er found any. thing! HaTe you a iiou»c for rrnt or for sale/ Do you jfhh to l)ny anytbingi For all of tliese aud otber nan(», The KrgJstrr is at your hrr- TICC. Ic a >V«rd, the ("est. .1 TO CHICAGO I'fcister's Superb Tnirllug rubs First Victory. Uriugs c t - How the Players Fared. The receipts for yesterday's - j;ame. as announced by Secre- * tary Bruce of th.- national com- " mission tonight, were $:!C.4uU. * The players will receive $11.. » • L'T-.'.Uii and each club Is cnri<hed * to the extent of $1.7^0.10. The * national commission «els -' < e vti. ii>»wii.ce#*«***ci*i.* Chicago. Oct. Ill -I'lay.iiK al liigh tension which leuded to il.'tract from the work of both teams, the Chieav' .V;iiional l.ea.nne team captured th-.-(••Olid mime Ol' ihi- series for the high est lionoi-i< known lo liaseliall. thf rhaiiipionsliip ol tin- wnrld. from th-- Deiruii T .^i -rs .\esterila.\ aflernoon by a .--(-lire of .'I to 1. in a CKiilest. whicli iiai;m-il over two liimrs owin^ to di- !ays line In a(-<-idenls. none uf w-|iii-l: Wen- serious. 'I'll'.- Cubs ilisc-arilei: lie- soled .may iinifinnis in wliiei- lie.i played the day before, and lie-- •i;:ide a handsome appearance as Ihi-;. look ll-.eir positions. Siirred to its di-pths by the s -nsa lioiial (-ontesi of the day before, wlue'i fnniislied a line upon the conlendin .4 lai-tions. the baseliall lovers of tli-- eiiy ri<ick)-d by th.- liiindieds an-1 I iinllsailiis III Ihe s(--In- of aetiim to dav. .Many lionrs before the liiii.- sclie.lnled for i!;e :;an;e tn liei'.iii. li: :-.ln-els were with penple. a siii-.; M:U . striingl ni; crowd dt-l -r.iiiiied t -ei-aie seats for tile en.i i St. IHE OPAL FOR OCTOBER The emblem of "Unfailing Hope" Our Opal display consists of RINGS. SCARF PINS. BROOCHES. CUFF BUTTONS. ETC. .set Willi this bcatitifnl stone NIcNElL BKOTHERS. THE JEWELERS. S;-i.a-fer. |i:ini!eiii<jiiliini broke loos 'I'll - (liiuaLo lialf of the iniiiii'.; start ' il '»eil iiir ilieni as Slavic could not itid aiiytliiiif; In- liked and aiiibleii* .;leeliilly to Ihe fist cushion. With • ii; waltinj; to In- ailvanceil he stol .-•eiind :ind I'ayiie's miserable tlirow .ilanM'il liilii to keep nn lo the Ibiril i.oiatler st.itii'i;. as (lie ball slriii I'lle! er .Mullen on llie head. 'i"\w was called to inv,-si Kale the e.xten "I bis inj.iry and when In- returne lo the ho.x the (-rowd (-li(-e:'i d hi .i ;aiiieiie.-s. Slaj;le went to sleep the baK ami was nailed a mib- awa by .Miill.'n's good (-Itncic to (Jonghlli SlRckard M-nt a sky scraper lo Scha If. I'iiaiK-e sciatehed a bit and pi !'er-il second. ace denlally spikin .-'•I .,11 -1. r as be slid in. \\ iieii the -jam lesiiiiK-d Sli-infelilt. like Barkis .M.:. v.ill 111;, but unable, and he slasl \ crowd I''' oiilv Ihe liie(-/es. Tints was inaii.i: wlii(-'i deserted kiiyin'ss and other in letests Willi nil ll-ii.tulit but of lb -em wii battle tor siipremaey.• W II o"elii(-k there wer - ovr ."ine- -lainiirinn lor admission ul the ;;:ile;; SI I let (-ars lejfcviii:; tin- downtown i-trii-ls were jammed In-fore tlie.\ i; d pro(-i-c-deil a block. Weatl;.-r conditions were far fro-n 'n in.:; as satisfactory as on the pre -eiiii 'K day and many a.rabid fan cast i.x litis gaz - at the catliering eloads I 'lu- air was damp and cold and In- I' Ihe teams appeared on the field he imnieiis.' crowd was shivering iiid i-rowiiiti;: more closely loKi-thei or warmth. To add to tlie general !!scomfort a strong southwest wind dew ove,r lli<- grounds, cutting like a knife. Ilelriiil Rddlers Scarce, l.illle iiiiin >y was wam-red as th" -lUiiii rooters were •.;reatlv iiMinntii -1 led. In one section of tin- Ideai-li -rs a group of several liunilieil loyal -. nipatlii/,i-rs had :.aib"red in a nias.>- vhll:- from liiiii- lo lime an tirni would ' •• thrust up beariii'.: a nelrol bat. •i:. \t Its appeai-aii<-e dee)i sili-ni- '•:-;d fall upon the crowd for an in l:iii: and then wmild <-oiiie a good irtnred volley of snum-stions and pre !i -c---.- of dire disust r. Oirside th' •i ';ni :s the roof- of iieiKhb-iriti" •on-es «v-;e a solid liiaek mass o' •it s v.lm leaned far over in order li • t a liei'er view of the in-.-.-eeediniis i:-ii';n n;i a fin- I sref:aril for 1:1-• •! liiab. The piHiee handb-d il< •II.»d in eveelb-iit style and thep Ho disorder witlioiit the i-ales It tt:is a little liefore L' WIK-H IIK eiiwiii:; of horn and a distant sound it elii- -ring annoiiiu-ed the arrival of I miiiiber of motor ears bearin;; th' »i tr -'it pl::;.ers. Tlii-ir <-oiiiiii;; oiK up i: -li.- fli-l-l was lirealh!"ss|y awale.l -lli ili'> |i-;:iii-r of ihe si|ii:i'l lad scare .• -h'e.v'd lilnisi-lf aroniid th.- eorner i"' tl:i- i-lali lunisi- wl"-ii a volley ol l-ee-s " lit the ;|l|- III Welcome. ,\ i-w :vonii-iils laler the Chieago ti-ati lelt.-! iini iiii'-xp-eti-'!lv The irowii vas -111 III lor a siii -.;Ii- iiioiiient and 111 n a thiindi-roii.s liiirs: of applaii a which was niiiiul'-'l the IdinvjuK o; -lens the ^Ia;llpin;: of feet and th -iapiiilii: of hands. ;:avi- evid'-iii-e as o wlii(-li way tli'-ii' f-'-lili--s lay. Ii va- a splendid reception. Tlii-n- wir II'- usual iiielini-nary praelici hriiinrh wliu-h the speetat<n-s sat iin lati'-mly. .-iii'l then i!;i- \i(mfi rang foil-- uaiiie to bi-siin. Chicago Ini'i '•feisler |{ -iilhaeh ami l,iiii'l«t-ei iaiMiinK nil. and the I'ornn-r went to he slib. .Iiiiniims. after lookin;; mer li- iwirleis. sel"c'i-d .Miill<-ii an '•.< \ 11'- a- his batteiv. Iietruit StnrU Well. .Sol a sound was ii'-ard as .Ion.' lepiiid to tile filate to bat I'feisfei- •eiii ii|) a wile one which Ihe Detroit i- .'iMii::; al and missed. Tin. cio«il lioiili-d jovon.-|\ Willi Iw.) strike 111 II ni llie hitler s-lei-leil a good on ilid dioM- oiil a clean single lo h-iL loiii Ihe Tini-i rooters (-nine un e.x illaiil "l-:.-e .sab. " «lill'- thev wildl.i Aav<-d Ih'-ir banners. Scliaef-r eaiiglii llie on the eml of Ills bal ami it spi-l like a biilli-l from a KHII In tin- direi ion of first hasi-. Chan(-e tried bii lint thi< hall took a had bound and aironi'-d ofl his bod.v. leaving two leii on III • lines 1' looked bad for he Ciilrs willi Crawford uji next, le'sli-r j;ave a spl.-U'lid exhibition ol ei ve .however, and to the disgust f the .\|iehigan deli-saiion the hattei li iiotliinu' lint Ihe .imbi.'nt. Ty Cobb as apidanded as lie stepped up an 1 the Cub's fidlowers awaii'-d anxious for the ri-snli. Cohb drove one tc riiiker and as be was doubled up with >il till icond I iiilest of llu- sei The most luaj^nificznt assortment of WATCHES DIAMONDS and JEWELRY J.W.COPPEY&SON Kxriwirr ivrnt-i^n. East Side. ira ;i-y. Tigers rcor; first run .... sub Till" n W : I s^ ion was a heart break 1 lor the Chi(-ago c-ontingeiit. a '.'o-snian the first man up. dro\< c •r :liin.^ triple Tink <-r. Cough I n •.lied hard for a hit but I'feisle •.-.(-lit nolilv into the hreat-h. and lb ;liird iiasi-nian sinic;; out. I'fe 'sie v' iiJM-n .111 o\aiio'i. I 'ayn • nianai: ed lo (-onnecl and irs eilorl resnlte. in a long .-^ky s(-iiiier to Siieckard •; 11'- latter tried desMi-rately to read ihe iiellet but coilb! not quite gii .'hi re and it ;:r :i/.e.i !iis fingers. Uoss curing. O'I.eary's lii-.;li oiu- was caugh i.n the very edge of the crowd b .^leinfeldt. i'ayne -li'l the i-obb ;'r ac II s.-<-()nil. .Mullen's fly was easy fo Single. Detroit had scored the firs I nil. ('iib« 'I 'ii' I'll (•'anic. W^-n Kliiii; came lo the idaie lo was Iniplored to do soni -tiling and In re -pollded by driving a liot one t' li |i. When (J'l.'-ary tried lo ferr.v l-;\i-is's slow roller to s'-coiid in line to nail Kling, he was not fast i-noiigl and Iiotli men were safe. Th:- i -rowi -li-il to iiiltle .Mullen and apiiaren: -. sia -cei -iied for he pla(-eil a slrni-Jli one over tin- pan wliii-li Sehnlt. •.•i :;i -lie-l .ii:-ectly at him. ^.-ililig : siniile. 'I 'll'- basi-s w -i -ie lull and in •nil- lilt .Mullen b'-uall to «o by th- :ieiial imiii- and as Ihe spei-tator; 'i ::i'l'- li'd'-'ins ami v -iriei;ated nois:-- T.nki-r wi'ited am! was rewarded b; I pass whii -h l'or (-i -d in Kling. .Miillei siiili!'-nl.\ Iiraf-'-d up and fanned Sla •;ii- and the Detroit rooters w-nt wild Shei-iard'.- w ak eff 'irt was handb't liy Itossniali. The score was tied. I 'fi-isti-r wa- .lieiiii-:; heller as lie :,-iiiii- |M o-.res.=;ed and Detroit nevi- lad a look in during lln- in-xt l •niiin'.;s. In In-r half of th - foiirtli C|i' i-ii--<i -i-'ir.-il twice and won the cam- lien and ilien-. tin- 'inwil com n:; ti M.-: leel and <-liei-r'ii -4 ti'mi start |i f-nish. Uiiitiintr Kiiii in Foiirlcciitli. Tinker'.- liner siriiek .Mnlh-n. am i-o'iniiiii>; clear over oiii- of tli.r slaiiib .i-iH loi a Viilii;le. I 'feister's prett >:•'• ific" hiiiit put T nki-r on s ;-(-on• Iiil- ('iii:;;hliii was LI-IIIII -.: the run !.er at first. Tin- Chicayo man took : 'oiig lead and on the firsi hall pilcheii it for lliinl. whi<-li In- mad- asii\. whip- liie rooleis roared Ihi-ii -liiiliiis'- Slagii'-'s siorebliiu ;;ionni' •!• was too last lor <) I.eary and th- latter was safe at the initial sad. Tiiker crossing Un- pan. Single weiii to :i-c(ili.| on 111:- first hall pileliei' and then Sheckar.l I 'rove a cork'li; tuo-liiiii-i into i'i;;hi Held, si-oiing SI; --•le. He riceiied a royal hand With out hesitation Slii-ckard tried to pilfi i tliird. bill was caiiKliI \n a block O" I 'a.Mii -'s Kood throw. Cliaiic- fibd on' I 1 Kossniiin. .\s the t -am look fln lield. the spi cialors ilieeied lur hv ni'niiles wilhonl a break. I 'fei.sli-r wa- twirlin:; siiperid.i an the Di-li'dl lii-av.v hiili-is could iP little Willi iiifi deliv rx for tile res o!' the game. .Miilh-n too. was iloini •;oiil worl, lint iln- Ciihs had i-iionu' -lilies to snli.sfv them. As llo- in -iiie ;-i v<e|.| le- ||ii;:he.\ .ll-nnillg^• I: 'lions r.ill 111 ::an lo laij, spniitaiieii-y The cnhs w-ie I'ieldHi.; in sp!<'ndl' sl.v le III 111'- iiMith. It'issnian. tie- firs' •nan up. sina>!ii-d a beanH -o lef lield for a single. Coiigliliii drovi one to Tinker am! was doubled iij with ih'- big fir.-t hasi-iiiaii. Pavir wji'- thrown <iiii. Kliiii; to Cham.-e. and III - traiiie i -'ided in a bla/e of '.;lor for the Cubs. HE VIOLATED PAROLE -tiiiin" Urady F^xplainlng Ilcasoiis Judge Today. I» Lewis liodgers. or "Gum Brady " as lie is more commonly I;nown. was before .ludge Oscar l-'oiist this morning I lying to explain why li.- had not c implied with the li-rins of lii.s piiroh-. "(Juiii" was paroled soiiii- lime jmo after being coiivi(-tiil on the charge of \iolatng Ihe prohibitory law- Rod'.-ers had not uiveii a bond or paid the cost. The judgi- wariiiil bliii. sayiiiu that il -.'oiild be necessary lo do so sofin. II'- also asked him to make an allidavit hat he had been worKing n-milarly -iiK-e he had b'-eii ri-:i-asi-(| and thai 1' - litid been giving his lanrr.'. mo'i'-y. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Allonicy-at-I .aK. Notary and Sl'-nographer In Olll'-e. Phone ^UU. '«•«•••••••••••' II. A. Kwing, S A. Carl, O. R. fJard V.WlMi, iiWXW k tiARD, Lawyers. I'raelU-e i.-i all f ^ogrtS. ;»!.3 W. .Miullson. . Phone S38. IF AI.L. MEN vere of tbe same opinion there wool^ •e no horse races, ar.d uron tint hought, one would Ihmk "Btrlfs" onid he an unknown quantity. JfcH nink of all men trying to marry the •line woman—nil men in the sime itc of buslneaR—all men advertia- ng. Tnen. as It Is now, the race I. voiihl b-i won by the best man—the ievei'PSt advertiser. A man who does ot advertise Is competitor to hi"! -ighbor in name only. He is like a lan fishing without bait, if he catch i < anything it is chance only, not i, reeon.-p,iv>?d in plas and action. The' dvcrtlsing columns of tnc Register eem with customers for the adver ser. Ar<5 yon there with rour bid DK. .MrMII.Ll^N, Special allention given tn the treatment ot all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. Office in Mrs. Turner's BIdg., West ATadison. Phone rif .l. - lola. Kans. 1»U. FDITH S. IIAIUII. Office atid Residence over Bur- roll's Drug Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. Sund.iys by Appointment. • I TO SAVK IlISroKIC TJIKKS. .Mo>e Airiiiiist (lie (•'rant Memorial roinniission in Waslinigtnn. Phone fi.S7. Res. 701. .DK. (». L. COX, I'Jye, Kar, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Filled. Office A. O. U. W. Itldg. 3ffice Phone lOS."?. DR. R. 0. CIIRI.STIAS. Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 7 and 8. Kvann BIdg. F. H. MARTIN, Practice Limited fo SiirgefT. IG N. niickcye. I'hone 576. DR. \\\ R. IIEFLMCN. Pliysiciai & Surgeon. Oflice N. 1']. Corner of Squarn. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Ites. tel :;S. Office Tel. 502. Washiiigioii. Oct. in.—Indignant cii- '•/'-IIS appealed to the (-oiirts today t -'i | neveiit Un- destriK-tion of Jiistorii-i * n -s in the hotauical gardens by '• he Grant memorial eommissUin. I.asl.: * Mar Consres-s passed an act autbori/. |* lis Ihe commission to select a sii '-i* or a monument to the memory of, * o -m-ral Grant in an unoccupied part j " ij" the bolanical gardens facing tie •.•ipi:ol. .-V fi'W days ago the eommis.-;- 1 "II annoniiced that it had selected ti.e site. Investigation disclosed the fact that before the site could bo made avail- 1 ihle several fitn- tr-es must be i-e-' ii'ived. .•\mong tin' frees marked lorj h-slriK-lion are the famous Criltenrlen ; lejK-e tree, an elm plant;-il liy th'-i at'- Si -iiator I!e(-k of KeiiliK-ky. froiii ] I slip idaiiii-d by George Wasliiii-.-- on In Ihe (-apitol grounds, and other lislorii- trees. The proposed desfriie ion of th:- trees brotlgbt forth a Ktorni ! if in-otesls. The indignation of lliej lulilii- was expressed in a m-w:-paper litorial tliiv! morning. I "Is there not." nsk'-il the writi -i- 'iii the executive d-»pai-tinent a man | f sanilv and decision who will stoji j he hands of th'- vandals: inilst ever»-j bin;; In- I"fr to Th'-odore Roosevelt i r.d when he 's ,il-senl iiiiisl stniii-litv: nark th" ;;ov.-i-ntnent's opf-rations'.'" | .\ttention was also called to 'he fae: hat there are sevi-r-il hetter s'tes :ii • III- ^ar;len;, than the <iiie stledd '. 'h's aft riKi- II Cmirnd I|. Sniye al'or i ei . aetinir for I inis- T and other ei' ' '.• IIS an 1 tax'-ave-s t'-Ied in th.- .^ii j- r -III'- i -oMil of till' Distriit of C-ilii'i! : i;' Mil aiinri-alion for :iii iniiineliiei | 1 i-'-strain II-'- i-oniiiiission from enl ) in:; 'louii any lr>-e.s (,, iii;iUe uhic- r the •t'.rant inonnineiit. .Iii.-^fe 'o'lld mailt -il a leniDorary in innc-lion The (-oieniission Is direi-led lo apiiearj efoi-e him Oelober 1.'^ ami sliow- '•aiise why this iniiiiietion sIionM not j '- made periiiaiient. i \!r. Smve alb-.'-s that if th.- lo-n . I 'ss'on 's ii--riiiitted to '•::: iv 'iiit ils i bills .-nil ini down (he hjsf'ir'c tr-- • 1 "iiesti .i'i -1 L'l ' iiml -rr-eiiai-.-ild' •iirv will !••- done hii.iself iinil oilier] iii'eiis of ll-e I'nif-d Stales Tl ' '-iiihers of the '-o'iiiiii'^-;i 'in c-ont'-n I 'iloni Puller r.l'l:;. DK. (JI.V.NN, S|>(-cialist. Eye, Kar. .N'ose and 1'hroat. Glasses l-'urnii-hed. DR. L. T07.KR, lol.i Infirmary, 202 F:. .laoksnn. We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, Static. Galvanic and Paradi? Electricity with vibratory stimulation in nervous and chronic diseases. Phone 3S6. Res. Tel. ins. Office Tel. Ifi3. DK. J. R. PEPPER. Dentist. Is permanently located over I-:. C. McClaln'.s Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds ')f iip-io-date dental •work. Kveiilng work by appointment. • \ * P. I... Lathrop, Mrs. Bfi.--,sle G. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICIANS. Special attention given to Dis- of Women aud Children. Over I-:;ist Side ilard'.vare. Odiee 'Phone. .Main •U<H. I I Swii tljc interest cf your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent-- no\v M r(' 1! IS s. ISl .\(.:T!f^?N' M'OUTH "H) \0\J>f !' i>:-i : -r :.^e:;:. 1;:.- ::•<• r A l\ j.- ;: r :i. - :::u!'- r::-.|l;-.;i in .-11 Hi.-1 , ''. ^ I 'll' • . '!'•. ri u I; III i:, •.'. it !i iii'-llil. \ •thi:ii»te l.-.itii.-'; ti :i -ii:II and M -:!i ::LC KNTlKlil.V ."^i-iii :- 1. i. I r : I-.n >• o t' I II I'. 11.1, f .sr! !•; i> ;f.\i' A i .ix; r K L. C. SMiTU £i BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. —i 812 Delaware St, Kansas City, Mo. hat nii'lir th•111 S'-I'-(-t am hat tie- eoiirl i M-liei^e'l, how t-\ :i'-l <ir Con." s 'te flii-\ iitea* •anii'il iiit .-rr --i'• -r ih:il tli.'v IV I Hi' • :.I It i' 1 ,1 pi ilher lilii- -eiiliin sit e. Ill and si -lei-t llor-i- and .Vnlc Sale. Tlli-ii- will he a inililie s;ile nf hor-e-: ml liiilles at (Ireen's Ihi-rv l.arii Iniiilioldl. Kansas. S:itniibn. ()i|oli'-r 2lh Twenly-I'n'- h':'d of i-i od In r mil innb-s s,dd mi n .>e:ii';: liiiie «iih- llll interest. K c mioiiKS We have ji few of those elinati lots fl ill llkhland IMace. Uliltaker K- xiniiell. hAiV DOn .s.NT lARF. Home Made Saii.<ia {^e of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTO-DArt MhAT MARKlil IIS .Madison Special Drive in Underwear till ><i| Ob.iecl lo (ias I'ipi-: Put Indi-r Triieks. Reing Vtlciilieii Pariiiern, {inporlani In Yon Don'l give your scrHp iron or Jnn( iijay. Ritn't ullnw any one to hoodn<- iiMi out of same. Rrlnir U in yourself tret full ronrket talue. I nni head -inarterN for Kemp irnn. all kiniU o' •uitli. copiier. hrns.s. lead. %inr, hide .<i •M -lt>. fars. tallon. weol. ruirs. featli- "rs. IM-CKWU.X, ele. 1 am at pre.nenl 'la.ihig IW to 70 CPUIM per lUO nonnd^ for best {trades uf srrap iron. Re xnrr von are at Ihe right place and get r sniiuri- deal. B. L. BARNARD. SucresHor (o \„ Kmnp, 324-826 North Rufkeye Street, lola, Kansa.s. Beslster Want le » Wor4. 'I'here was a poas!i>ility that thi­ ol k of laying tlu' elLht inch high ressnre line down Stale stre.-; from north gii-s field would be stopped or the reason that the Katy iiiilroad oaipHiiy threatened suit in case the ity dug under its tracks. Ulieu a Iin - was put in sonie-iiiie (go by the city the Katy made tli'^ :-ily pa> five dollar.s for the privi!e };i- il digging under its tracks. This tinit; !iow»!ver. llie city refused to pay that amount for the reason that the Katy right of «a.. hu'l b.^en transreired 'la-k to the i-iiy. Word was received this iiiorniir^ from the company that they had given up the idea of netting out an iujunct'oii and so the work will proceed. Big Sample Line Bouf^ht to Sell at a Great f^eduction.' TO t IRE A COLD I> ONE DAY Take LAXATIVE BRO.MO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund* money df it fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature l» on each box. 25c. South ^ra<ihington.—Hello 111 FLOWER POrSf Eakin'a Hardware 102 S. Kenfntk*. Phone i iJelivered to any part of the city... The Iowa Store ^ for Sale Clieap, G'jod Farm aud jCi'y Troperfy. See the THE .lAYllAWKER LA.\D CO. for iinick results. Old Court House, I«Ia, Kans. lola Business College ' Mlgkt Of Day Semmlon Penmanship, Arithmetic, Elocution, Bookkeeping, English, Physical Cul* ture, etc, Sbortb^lid. Letter Writingj I ; #7. ^. aiLFiLLMit, 1 General Contnetor. I Flagstone' and Cemeat -Sidewalks « ,g -- - -•• Carbing.« SpsdUtir. US &Ut JadjiM Ait,

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