Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1908
Page 1
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The Re^lmimr Hmm the i^mrgmmt Oiroutmiion la Allen Ceuuty of Any Mewmpagfer Publlmhed In the Ceunfy. I TOLrsre X. I DUMBER 307. TO REDEEM KANSAS FORWARD MOVEMKNT A PI.VX FOR STATE-HIDE REVIYAU THE WORK NOW UNDER WAY REV. M'ELIIOV. FIELD SE( HETARY. HEME TO ADVANCE WORK. Delivers Powoifiii |»h:i for a Rtluni to Old-Fa«liionril (•o>|)H—rianninir UiK Work for This VicihiJv. ABEL LAYTON IS DEAD. lOLA, KAN.SA.S. OCTOBER 19. im—3rOXDAV EVEMNfi. lola Man Passes Away at Grand Junction, Colorado. •Wor.l was rocoivod h.^r.? today an- noimeins tho sn.idon d.^atli of Abt>l I-ayton in hi^ linni<^ in Grand .lunc- tion. Colorado. \U- formerly liv.-d licrt'. Tlio ifdogram did not stat«> tlio cause of doaih, but nioroly s.nid HuU \ho remains will arrive iiere Wednesday even ins. The death of Mr. Layton is the third in the I^yton family who for ^•'veral years have resided on East limolii. in the ]iast year. • The father •iM.l motlier died within .a few weeks of eaoli other and now the r.ld'Si son I:^ dead. BUILD NEW CHURCH 20 PEOPLE INJURED BISHOP WEEKLY ( OMIXti TO HELP r. R. DEVEI.OPE PROPtl.siTIO.V. • » !- ^ r Sormonrtles in a Sermon. He who knows nothing <.f rhe Old TestaiiK-nt, will i:.v.-r K\».r.v nmeh of tin- iic-*". Uelijrion. Hke water aiu! air. follows the path of rii.- :ea.--r resistance. The peopie do not want new iheolopy. Give them the oid- fashiotied pospel vie'.v<d fruin ffS'imo iii'W ant;;e. If there is to lie a .cr.rit .-e.i- 41.. oi" refre.shiij.i; iruni oil liieli, ill.: d'*n<.n)iii:iTio;is nui^-t di^w : v-JSP lo;:;ethr-r. W'- !l;!V.- lilDlv* [n'>Te>!.-: in roininr .ii :liaii u«- li;ivf :.s iii- /••iditals. —.Mt 'Kli'.y. >lev. W. R. McKIroy. of Toi-eka. t'Jrt secretary for the Kansas. Kor- T^urd Movement in Kvaiv-elisni. spent 5"jt"rday in lulu in tin- ip.i.-res, nj" th.(> Cip.inizcd efi"<iri to a con- t'rt;^d reliciosis ;H-ampaii?n. s;a'tewidi 1' J!- .--rKpf and i<> r()i!!ia!(e until Jin*' ;;>». l!>nfi. the movement iKnini- 1 1 pill on Septemtier i, ;asi. Rvv.McElroy prearl-ed a pi.\v.>rfii: f riiion in ili.> l-"iist Presl)\ WMiat; t.'.nich Snmiay niMiiiinir ami in (hi afternooti was sivcit a fit;'' liea'itit. at a iiieeiinc a' -l.'.'M in the i'. It Ciiiireh wh^'n lie deiiv.nd an aildress on the siilijei;. • .V I'!:!! i^-f.itd r ':i ,: foi Kvanpelisni." The r. U. ooiifertnce for rlii- (Hs- trict. in session in the local chnrch very j;racionsly assi.uned the .Sai.'liail afternoon hour for the iire.-^en-;;! Ion t.; th? work (!f the Forward ninv.-riie:.; and the sacrifice was woil repaid wiii: one of the ninsr i.owt-rf'i!. iouiea! and ftloqiient appeals fnr a r.-tnrii to tiu •"old fashioned" sospe! v.iiich it i:a^ ever been the~privi!ese of an lo.a audience to hear. If a man who opi>Oi-ps r-vivals or the eroiind that pvopi,- wi;l tinl -r3c» Cliri-^iiaiiiiy when overwroMih; l,y th< pre.:.rnre of posp'^: i-reachiii::: wa.*- there, he nins-i certainly have f.-i; at r loss to know how to further nu-t;r> his ojiinion when the addnss w.js con- tlod-d. Rev. McElr»)y s;«,ke wiiiimu a te.x" declaring that revivals werf scripmra. historical and rational. From thcst Eii-ndpoints. the minister .srav a skillful i>r>^seniaTion of his sn'uect. drawing the heari'r to each point in sue! an i:itcre:jtin,it s:\ie that the lisiene: was convinced befcre the ar^jiiiuen- was clincheti. "There are eleven denoininatii jis ir terested in this Kansas forward mov< ftient." Rev. McEIroy said by way of introduction. it seems to he a .'^r" of United Hrethren movement.'" Tlie *nfnewhat^ i.-nusiial prooedtire f>f ap- «.^a5c Ui chtirch. t'ollowei this state<*• -nr. Oontinning the .^-peaker said: '"i have been ir.akiu? the ecclesiastlca: gatherings of the state. speakinc where time could be arran.ged i:i behalf of the Kansas Forward move- meni. a movement for a ?reat revival througiiout the state of Kansas. I ^ave addressed the Fnited Presbyterian synod, the convention of the Baptists and was to have spent today wiih the Lutheran peoi)le at their m-'-eting in Peabody. but Evangelist I'.ieder- wolfe being near at hand, was given the privilege of presenting the work of the movement in Peabody. "In going about over the stat**. fron- place to place, addressing the different denominations £nd endeavoring ic adopt myself to conditions, I am reminded of this story: One darkj meeting another said, 'Sam, what havf yoh done wid dat lizard you had?" *I ain't got: no lizard,' Sam replied 'Dat lizard was a cameleoa and hlt5 daid.' 1 To and From Chanute. .Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hixler h.tve returned I.? Tola, after visiting their laughter. Mrs. V. C. Kennedy. The latter accompanied them to Tola.— ^fr!^. C. n. Clergy w. nt to Tola yes- '••rday afirriinnn to visit - -Ottawa H'-rald. STILL A MYSTERY DEAD .HAN XOT WILLARD TWAD- DLF. OF tJA.S. TO HAVE HANDSOME EDIFICE A ifiie .iNH) <»K it\:,.im RITLDINt: IS SKitJESTED. HLAD.KND ( OLLISlOV \E\R RICH HILL 0\ .MISSOIRI PAt IFK . DELAYED lOU TRAIN 7 HOURS ConfiTonco A|»poiiitiiimls Mad** Sun­ day .Momlnir— ROT . Mi<anior«> Ro- tiimeil to lola Slalion. REMAINS WERE EXHUMED PARTIES FROM SAVOMURC; WANT ED TO SEE THE BODY. V Coroner's In (|ueN| to Be Il<!ld Week Froni Tiiesilay—May He .lack Tea^h. «>i' Chanute. The identify of the man killed by 1 north bound extra Santa Fe freight train near Humboldt Friday afternoon i".:nains a niyster.\. The body was .vliumed Saturday tii.ght from the •rrave in Iluniboidt cemetery in order from Savonbur.i: might vi. w it. Ir was believed from the 1"S( rintion that the body was that if a young Swede wr:o has been miss- tig from Pavonburg for some time, "lilt .afte- an examination, the Savon- biirj people decided that the hoiy vas not that .of the niaii th^'y were seeking. R'-latives of a man naineiil William TwaiMle. who formerly live,! -a Oas ?ity. went to Humboldt S:ii day. 1 ieviiig that the body might be that if Twaddl^ who hai written from Oklahoma that he was on hi*^ way to ^as to visit with relatives. Th" (las Ciiv relatives jeail the 1-scriptio!i of the dead man in the Register and concluded that Twadd!>- •night have been tli" victim of the Huinboldr tragedy, .\fter looking at the body, however, they (Concluded •• ar it was not that of Tw.ndd'e am! return'tl home. The botly of th-^ man was returneii •o t'lc srave in the potter's field. T>:. David V.'. Reid. coroner of Al'•••n cotinty. w^-nt to Humboldt ?atur- lay aft'-rnoon. and after summoning 1 jury, viewed the body, adjoiirninff •he hearing until one w"eek from to- •norrow. In -Chanute it is believed jthat th? lead man was .Tack Teash. ai window ilaes worker. The Tribune! says: It is believed by employe,^ of the Chan-.itc Window Gla.'^s p'ant iT-at the •nan who was killed by a train one -lu'e south of Humboldt yesti rday af- -ernoon was .Tack Teash, on" of their 'fllow workmen. Teash came here from Independence Tuesday jOf this wec'.c. expecting to go to work hert when the plant was started.! Thur? lay ni:ht. when the whistle blew, and the men reported for work after their idleness of several weeks. Teash was not among them and he ha.s not been seen since Thursday afternoon, when he was at his boarding place. The description of the dead man fits Teash so closely that If the victim was not bim it was his double. The man who was killed was about •0 years old. He had black hair, a heavy black mustache, and wore a 'ilue suit This description,! so far • goes, fits Teash exactllr. There was nothing In the dead man's pockets to show who KM that was found In them! Ihe was. wac a Dlece of .tailor's chalk, -needle and tiiread and a safety razor, i .-^ STRATEO—^Fnun feed yard.l a large .A new tl2."«>'i or $l."..<"'iii church for the I'nited Rrethren is «ii-> of the possil»i!iii--.s for the n«-ar future. A' the closing session of the conference last niirhr. Risliop We.-kly susge.^ted ttie tiiatt^^r of iMiilciinir. ""Vou ou;;lit to h.iV'- ;• new biiildiiiir on this site." he said, "and I will com" to !ola in file nrar future to assist in getting the building agitation into ilefmite form." The i.ioposition of Imilding appeal." favorably to the 1'. n. congregation iuid il.iy will begin to plan on ways and Mieaiis :ii one.-, though this does not mean that an atietniit - wxW be tiiade iti oreer a new house i,f wor ship ill the jinme.ljate futur-^. The r. T^. conuregation iias one of the best liuilding sites, corner of Walnut and .Tacksoii avenue, in the city. If if is decided to liuiM. con.<;Ider- aiile assistance would ju"obab!y If siven by the I)oard of church «ree- tion as this conference has given li'i- erally to the board in the past. The closing sermon of the conference was preached last ni.nht. iiv. Dr. Gab!", of I>ayton. O., secretary of the lioard of church erection. It w.ts along evangelistic lines, bur contained much that was an inspiration to t!;(^ young ministers, just .admit'-•! to tlie conference. The ser :ririii wa eloipiet.r and forcible and war- giv. n a fin" i'.earinsr. Confe<-ence Appointments. .\i the Sabbath morning service Rishon Weekly read the following list of appointments. Rev. O. C ^liss amorc. who has j;'.st concludeil Ir' second year of, successful minisr-y was returned to this station. Pr --si.'.lng Elder—G. E. Rerch Garnett—W. E. Willson. Gr.-eley—Alice M. Roman. Mound City—Dr. Du'ron. Fort Scott—H. F. Pool. iMarmaton-O. G. Huling. Elsmore—K. H. Jones. I.-.fa—O. G. Mi^-^amor'^ Kiinb-ll—.1. .T. Garrol'. • Piti .--!'!rir s'ation to be supplie,! Columbus—X. .\!. Churchill. Mound Valley—Frank May. Labette—T. P. Hooper. Dennis—.1. R. Chamber.^;. Pa-sons—E. I.. Rees". Alair—Virgil McGill. Yates Center—F. M. C.illeft. > lola Circuit—B. F. Woods. c;,.v,rv—R. Dtniivan. Vlriil—C. R. Kirkjiatrick . Toronto—W. H. Ay!inc:. Fredonia—E. T.. Smith. Independence station—O. D. Wellbaum. Independence Circuit—.1. T. Chambers. -Coff-yville—C. C. Clanipitt. Havan.i—T^. C. Ilafner. Earl-on—I- W. Stone. Clanuts-H. T.. Snider. Craiidfl—E. -N'. Montgomery. Ei!a Tharp. Evangelist. FORT StOTT FOtiT B\VLL TEAM DIIiNT ARRIVE INTIL I tPt I.Ot K. The In.iurid Arc No| Knouii lli-n>' Wrwk Mas ( aii «Jitl by a .Mi<iun- dt-rstaniiing tii Orders EIGHT PAGES. PSICE TVO CKSm. :ii;.-i. of The left oiTe was amputate<i yesterday In Rich Hi:i. Jones. Heffiier and Klingman W.-I.T bronghi to Kansas Clfy last niuht to lie tr<;ii'd ai thif Missouri P.iciJie hos [i ;;aT. .V .>ii «tiudrr *>tanding of Or«!«-rs. 'Tlfre a i !ii -uiider.-.t;i:idii;g of i>rd»-rs."" Ji>;.is s.nd la.-t ni-~^iit. \V« siippo.^tHi t.» v«;iir |i >r "iit- frei-jii! at Ovid until In W.- i.f: ai !<•: in riie fir>i intimati.u I of dangei «.t.- \\;i>'!i tlie "jc-iiM-.-i jiiiiipeil down f:'!i: lii> r-t-.t; ;..!:i:ii: .ii;:i '.J>' Jiiaiii! j;:ir.|"'''d uu' .v <i ;i«- .-Iii-- .iiiil I mad- ft.r t!ie (it:,i-.r. I jii.-.i h,.d 'im" ro sc o.inmu heaillight. i -vld> .I 'l-. a!"iut i ^^o rar lengilis aw:'\ I hit ill- giouud about the ^.iii.e iiin«» the two ••iigiiies coilldeil. Oiii -ngine liad almost stopped.•• "We expect to pass the passe;;!rer i: lin a; Oviii." said HefTner engineer i,:i the freight train. "W'nti -.v .-iaw h''i- 'aeadii'-ihi if was i4»<. tti i"-;n:; i;u:- lonu .train to an;, tliiiu; l.k- :i sr.ip We i!ir>w on tb" i'rak- - an;l juiii;.ed T'.i*'" cifw of tilt- pass>'ii_.'r must Ii::.-iini!e: .-li;od i,;-!--!.-'" RUSHED DOWN HILL .•^TKEEF C\R IN KANSVS CITY ( RVSHED INTO ( ARS IN WY.Wi. AN AIR BRAKE AT FAULT OM: DEATH AND MVNV INJIRIFS liFsn.T OF ACCIDENT. Two t ar* Itacki'd Di>tance i>f a (^iiar- l«-r <ii a Mill- Trjiiiir lo Escape (ncoiiirolhilde ( ar. ^THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Partly cloudy and cooler tonight, with showers in east and central portions: Tuesday, fair and colder. Data recordeil at Local Offic". I". S. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and a year ago: 2 p. ni 7"2 4 p. m 7.J f. p. m 71 5 p. m CS 10 p. m ; 6C 12 midnight 65 \Maximum temperature ...7."> Minimum temperature ...CO Precipitation, 7 p. m 10 Today Vr. ago 2 a. ni. 4 a. m. .., fi ai. m. 8 a. m 10 a. m 12 noon Fredpttetlon. 7 a. .64 .61 .65 .67 It 4:: 4.t 51 59 70 « The Ml— .Miri I'ai iiic pa .->enser due li<-n- at .( 1,1 «a.s h-.'. ii|. .s.-wa hoMis V -t.'iday ii'. a \w"'1 k which occurred on til" Jopiiii di .i .-ioti .about 1 -1. -veil o'fii.t k Saiiird.iy iiiKhr wlu-n a .•^oiitliix .iiiid tr .-i-.;lii iia .-li .'ii into a llortliboiilld pa -.-.-llu'T Ii..;,; Riib iliii, ie .-iiltiu;; in ti .i- iiiuir^ i.f I'.'.eniv p |e. The ir .iinmiii and passensCf^ in- jureri ar- no; known here n '>w.'ver. the wreik v\aj- a snbj >-cT of niueli com Uie;:: ill -|i >ia :i- lii«' l-'i .rt Se .it; fmir \<i\A ream .vhieli '.'.a.^ I" j.iiiv li>i • v terila>" ai:'i lii " III dii! im; g'l id nilt;; about I'l.iir .,"«-:i..kV ili .-lr nniu avv ;:ii- illi; at Ki< ii !li:l m Mi.- \'.f\ l .i.uiid pa-;-'-ng '-i s .\ ill >|i ;itrii I I. :|I .- K.iii-;. sa>.. The 111 inn d. <•;. i.ri:.- Gl -en:!).. |,[ Piea.-ani Hi;i. .Me., b .ick liun aiid i>;- U-riial iiij'iii .-s. f; 1'.. •i"i!.^!r.p-n!i. . ir-ir.'-.-: of ;!'• (1 .1- feii-r.-r train: badly bi ,i ;.-"d Kverit: n.iir. fiivinau > i' ib-- fr- (r.iia: !>. 11 .- nu ili>- biKly. "l". .1 .Ioi."s. >.:••> <,!d. X -vad.i M.i . f... III. Ill 0:1 ;!u- pa. -nut -i iiaiii: j> fi siii)ui(i'r li :ok'M:. bo;h :••;:> (11:1;.-- Jl'd. i'it .':-:i ;:l!y iiijuted. [ .I..-.;,r, liuft". 11' v.vus i.;d. K . ii Hi!:. Mil : b'2> I ru-bet|. ' V. H .T'Ti-r. y.ais l;-.h lu;:. MM : fr.-ijh' •tr .iineer. uii.-r b.".'ki-ii. b ^g.- ii:u :-.><l. I'latiij Kl.iisi.iii. Novaita \\i> : cv- i >:e-;:, i ;.i -.-.>n^:er; both !;:'.iids l;ri!!>-'i left !<••.: .-;:rai!ic-.l. pro'^.i!.;;.- i:.!-ii;.'; injiU' 1. Ill .1 bead-on c i >;;;.-ii.:i i)-;\v.--n a !.( ;'h i <.u :'.d pa.= -t-;:;:er tiai-a a :i 'I " r(;iiTht: •iini fi -ight Train on the .b .pi!:: .,:vi ^:..:i <<\ Mi^^otri P ;;ri'!(' :-a:l,•. 1: eh !:i!!. M.. . :-;ici::> af'-i Ii . • k rJ,!!:i :.ia> iii:^!:- tweiir; p -r- ro :..-i v..-:-' i :'jiii -d. tiiv- da.iutr. 1 -i;. l\ Illi -'i !ld"I--t.ltlditlg <:X '.'.<\-V- .-.I I fl.^'^ par. .t the crew .,f ;!.e iMis -ii ^er 1 Production » oni|.any irain w.,- ijie cau-- the wr .ck. .Mi .-r^oiiii Pacific p:iss »Miger train Xo. (i;i.' ill K.iii.-;.- fiiy .;' -'> ..'.•i'i'k ••-:••{•.',.,', :.i..i:i;i;tr. '< f- Hvid. :• 'i't:' • •.•.":':i ;'.v.> !ii '••> iiiii 'Ii "f Ili.b nil! City at l'i:i'; .."ciiK-k SL-;- :ria .v :::ui'.*. Oi.e -ha !f mile .i .;t of tl;,- i .wii <-:\ a nirv? the trai;i i:!*^" a Mi.s- Kt"!ri i*. I ifif fiii-sht tiain No. .1. i\!i'is:;; 1 !'ars .'ii :is.' ;ir Tiii!;» l.iie il'^'.e !i •\ \s .—<!<•••! •li:-:! !:• - Tli.'-.- ii..iie> :a..- .•..;"i.i-! 'i'i 1 <>.-• a\ ••,1 V . <»::.- 11 •..,. - • l-d aii'i h-:s injur-.!. It '. Sriii^Ii >';U-'. >H S'-' 1 1 .1. J«!.) . r'i.--I.<-l i.i.'ii..!! iii<- <;,..-, .-ii (1 ki! -d air failed i.> Ui.k a:..! a ;.:i" ru^!r-d t.a.k down ;i hi!;. Two ear.- ciiiinir up '.f iiiil b>'}ii;:d tiaek'-d :;'>:iy for three ';'f;ck.- in a STUBBS COMES BACK SAYS HE WIS .NEVER I\ A\T IN­ DIAN LAND DEAL. MERELY TO CLEAR TITLE IS SOLE OBJECT OF SFITS WHICH HE IS A PARTY. TO Sa .«N Baikin*s Canipait;n Is One AI' Mud .Slinging Vitiiii'ation and Falsehood. ' hriiii;::.: ari.-m:? ;Ua:T T of a :::;:e \\ f :)i;;d. \: Ii.. n fr.tiiii.-.. iv :.. t:.e 'r.r' I.: ••it"..v; to .'.-.•>) -. F.,r .. f. r.' tii- <:i!-^ finai ;i .l •."'•r.-.'-n juniied i. I :. S-^vera! v,. if ii> ••.-^.-ap'-. RErKIVKD SPAWN TODAY. r.iit C.)a- >i::ii(ucnt Tfiday. Ti. • :»la M !; •:i""iii .•.:;<1 i 'r .xl 'ictiMn hr.. r:'..d !!'• p'.uiids of v.. '1 ii.'thp.-.ii:. .imiii'-.-r ••". t^.'•• pas- ivtiv :". :a»v r!;.- !:n'i::t,r roniiriir i:\ rime ;o i -ring h:< train :;.!iu ,rT t;> a ^•and• tiii. 'liie e:,:r;|_, i (rj-he.l lort-'h^r. oi 'li ii--!-"iit tr.-?T rwfii-y cars loi.i:: :;r i!i. -ate < f tweuiy niii's an a(.::r.-. 'Ti..- ci-w.^ of i.o'h engines lutai^ed. 111.- t ::igi:;c.- were ^-mashed .('.-yond rec.igiiiiion and the mail car tf tlie ; a^.•;r^lge•.• fraiu was partly tf'.e jc.'»ped i y ii-.e tender. Prank Kliagan i n:e.-.-en'_-r :n the! car. wai i:i- ,erna!;y , injiired a:-.d receivr^rl bad y \ri> orj i ;"th iiaii.I>. H Fircmatt Buried I'nder the Timbers. Th-"-:.- fv iii.-ie coa.-h.-s in :he trail: *hich V.a.t in cl.arg>- i.i Y. I-tw- tteuce. ci'nduitir Tiie !ia.-si'>ncer.-^" were badly i-liaken up and many re- reived Ijruises. Ceorge (Ireenup. iosimasrk^r <-t Plea^aiif Hi! .Mo., re- cjeived spinal and internal injiirie.-. He was tak+n ro bis hon.e. His ci.ndi- t:ioa is d ln•.:erou:^. j It. Thompson. eni:'neer on the pas jentrer engine, jiinipr-d and was injured. T. .1. .lones. the fir.nian. jump Id. '••'1 on his left sb.raider, and wa.= 'rjuri>-d under fying timberd from the freight cars. The ni'^mbers of the erew of the fheighi train were .1. E. Ifergtison. conductor: E. HefTner, engineer and Everett Han. fireman. In limping the engineer broke his right wrif.t. The first four cars in the freight rain were crushed into kindling wi/od. sending timber fying for yard> around The nest four were derailed and roll^ into the ditch. Joseph Huff, a 12- y |ear -o!d boy of Rich Hill. Mo., was i ding the rods of one of the freight irs. beatins bis way. He fell nnder s wbcel* and Us !«• were'inolicd. ,:oi..; .i.iy S|iawri fr <.|ii I'lV ."M.if-i .'-•(.aw.-i < .ri- pai;:. <•( Sr. I'- il ah.l -.^ i I plant -A.t '^eds this v..;:rk. Th-:. ex;,<^Jt the f.r.^f crop of n;uchr.>o!ii 1 in about - igii' week.-. Within tiie r.-:<i ;wo or thr.>t- we.-"ic~ t!.'-y i>:.:|i .-<t :<> r«-e«-tv-- aii.tth-r consignin :::i <.i" ..r ::.'< poi;;:<;.-. The c.-riii aiiy ha .-J it-; i:i:isl.i..otri be.-ls H: li:e fa:.- g;ni,r..:-. How Abo-jt This. Percy? It is rtini.^e.i arouihl P.-,>.if''icar. "•.eadauari-rs today ti'.a' t!io "break down" of tli>^ auton;o-j;l.- carrying the Ret>u"o!ican orator.s to :!ie ra 'y at jilsmore .•^;i:nr.i3y t;:glu. was not purely ari;.I.::ra;. Percy Harri.s was bil'cd for .-.n address an.', hi.s frien it :lec!ar.' rh.-it IK- i.—cam-" more an.! more n-Tv .T 'n as rlie a'lto r.ea;--^.! Elsmore. Frank Travi.^ is ;>r.-iver than the o'hers ai:d •"niaJce- no bou-s abour it." f-t.f d--c!ares .^r,.-nly tha' he thinks P. .-ry in a fir of d'" dropped a stick of wood in the machinery and stopped the hmz wagon. Percy, like • Hre r Rab!iir"" aint .^ia .v- in' nothin* to.lay. Parker Sea Lions Escaped. Four ?ea lion.s belonging to the C. W. Parker Carnival company, which will be in Chanute this week, escaped from their tanks while the company was on its way to .Marysville. Kas. One of them was afterwards found with it.s head cut off. It is presumed that it wa.s run over by a train. -A.n- othcr was captured on the Big Blue river t^e day after it got away. The other two were retaken 'ater in the week.—Chanute Tribune. To Visit Judge Hough. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hough came in yesterday from Brldger. Mont., for ^ few days* TISU with Judge E. G. Hcm^. .Tb»« is Mr. Hough's first with parentolbr some time: Toneka. Oor VJ —Relative to a persona! auack made on liiin by the Dem ocratie stat" commitier.. \v. R. Stubbs toi.i-lii gav" out the folinwing .Stater:i.-!i: : "It- v. nofki'i's campaiirii raur.t be ill d.sp.'rate .sha|>e. His state committees are resorting to desperate and fpie.stionabb' methods, undoubtedly with his knowledge and consent. When Governor Hughes, of N'ew York, whom every gambler, thug and crook is fighting, came to Kan.'^a.'; he was • arassed an.! insulte.[ at hi.=? meet- f:i".;s virb anonymous do.lgers sent out and :li^triblltl li by Mr. Rotkin'3 '•ampaimi coinmltt>-e. " Y.-sf. r.jay tbi.s .same committee iiia<!.- the following charges against u'e in a publi.^ .^itatement: •first—That l am under indicr- u < f- for arteniptifi^ to fraud the Indians of the Cherokee nation out of th'ir risht? as landholders." • Second—That 'Just such an act' IS is charged against me 'half a century ago would I'ave prompted an uprising which would havi- wiped the <.<'.'.••'•'.ineiiTs within their do- tr.'iii out of r-ristence/ Ti;;;-.:—Tiia: "ir is seldom that a r r- .o:.! f.f unvarnished dishones- is tiner.'v .^r.-.! bv the secret service •i '-n in ill.- employ of the I'nited -•^tat.-s iiovtrnmetif.' "P."-. .Mr P...'kii''s committee was wis-- .-iioiii.-b Poi to state specifically .%'!.-.. .ruiv I have committed. They lb! ho; dare to co into details, and. f. il the tri;:;i: th-y have deliberately af'^^.I TO d'"'"eive not oiily the P.. piibli.ans. but also the IK-mocratic voters of Kan-as by false statements "hat hav.- no foundation whatever in Bounht No Indian Lands. • T!e- tr .ith is that I have never Diirc:.;..-. .1 for myself, or an}' other r-ou. one sin::Ie acre of land, right from any Cherokee Indian o: Indians. The .sairs that have been '.rout!;: rr -ainsr >r." by the government ai- for th.' sob; purpose of fb'arin^ tli.- titbs to lands which rtaiii lii'liaiis claim to own. and In- •ol.e ;;>-ofar 3H I am concerned only "o :tv arres of rough, unimproved land 'n w ich I hav<- an interest. • T ::is lati.l wa.H nurchas'^d and paid U>: in cas!i an.t in full value from Hi .\iiieii <-aa citi;:-!! and not an In- iiaii. aid liiro"::?; change.<; in the al- Uit!!!' lit.-. o\.-r V. rich I had no con- r./i. and ai.'itit whii!i I had no know- 'edge what. ver. title to tMs forty irr .-s of lan'i bt-cain-- defective and -to one except mys-lf has been de- 'raiiiied or can !os- on(> ilollar in this transaction. "There are two other cases, each •)r.e a duplicate of the other, involving land that I never heard of until hese suits were filed which are noth- "ng more and nothing less than a cler- ca! - rror which was made in deeding thes" lands. The !and involved •n the last two cases I never bought, lever authorised anybody to buy the ^ame. and never heard of it in any way. s'r.ape or form until the Unii- -•! States government brought stiit "o quiet the title. Demands Full Statement. "There -wa.s no act on niy part in connection wit".: this transaction that iny minister of the gospel, or any oth- °r citizen of Kansas, could not do with perfect propriety. 'I challenge Mr. Botkin and his committee to name one single dishonest act. or one single wrong motive on my part in connection with his whole matter. I demand that they explain pubHcly, what everyone who has investigated these suits al- ady knows, that there are hundreds of persons involred in one action brought by the United States government and that I hjave no connection whatever of anr charges in anjr case

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