The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 15, 1986 · Page 21
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 21

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1986
Page 21
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Fun The Salina Journal Wednesday, January 15,1986 Page 21 Humans just aren't winter-ready The Far Side Crossword By Eugene Sheffer A lot of animals hibernate in the winter with success. Humans are not one of them. Researchers say people who live in the snow belt suffer from winter depression attacks that bring on "dark moods" and they don't know why. There is one theory that suggests our ancestors hibernated much as bears do. They just slept through the long winter. Another study proposes that our ancestors stored fat for the coming winter. (I'll buy that!) Still another trick of early survival was instead of mating all year around, they timed their reproduction so that the young were born in the spring or summer. Whatever they did, they did it in a full-length fur coat and did as little as possible. The trouble with humans is they carry on in winter with "business as usual." If the snow covers their driveway, they remove the snow. If ice threatens their car, they cover it with a blanket. If there is a life-threatening blizzard, they get a snowplow to take them to the beauty shop. I say humans are not physically or mentally prepared for winters. It's a Tank McNamara Erma Bombeck LOS ANGELES TIMES time when they put on fur-lined boots, a coat, heavy gloves, scarf and hat to go to the mailbox to discover a card from Ed and Lois from St. Petersburg with a pink flamingo on the front of it and a message, "Please keep Killer for another week. Decided to stay over." It's a time when an Act of God closes schools and as soon as their kids arrive home, they con mothers into driving them back to the schoolyard to "play." It's a time when their backs go out more than they do. Little things bother people in the winter months that they ordinarily could slough off. Having a stranger say, "Have a good day," is grounds for assault. What do they know about you? What is good? What is day? If you wanted advice from them, you'd ask for it. Having all their warranties on a winter schedule really ticks them off. You'd think manufacturers would stagger them out so that some appliances would break down in the summer, but no, all of them are timed to expire on a weekend during the worst storm in history of the state. I an intrigued by the hibernation theory. No wonder bears are so frisky in the spring. Did they sit around and watch the garden hose swell and burst? Did they watch the plastic house plants drop and fall off the stem from the weight of the dust? Did they sit by the window and watch the mailbox rust and drip down the side of the house? Researchers have also hit upon something else. Light can brighten your depressive moods in the winter. A flourescent bulb or ray from a lamp can make youfeel good again. Maybe. But if anyone hits a light switch before I clean this dump, I'll break their arm. ACROSS 37 Grain 1 Choose disease 4 Youth org. 38 Appearing 7 Region as if eaten 39 Spanish painter 40 Genetic factor 41 Visualize DOWN 1 African antelope 2 Remove the skin 8 Raccoon's cousin 10 Gazelle 11 Marie or Donny 13 Recipe quantity 16 Cuckoo 17 " — Rao" 18 Japanese vegetable 19 Portico 20 Confused 21 Gounod opera 23 Removes moisture 25 I'nadorned 26 .Jetty 27 "Ain't — Shame'.'" 28 Challenged 30 I'eriod 33 The Mons Mensae 36 Andean ruminants 3 Native abilities 4 "...carry them in his — " 5 Pacific island group 6 Like — of bricks 7 Isles off Ireland 8 Dried coconut meat 9 Animate 10 One — time 12 City-bred people: slang Avg. solution time: 24 min. [AT. CO.RN.E |Q ROMMA _ TAT Q'uMCO'f?'N P r i" Ji H A R D C O R'Nfc o'S : E UR A LMR E'EMEf?' I js| ,D E' Practical jokes of the wild 1-15 Ans. to yesterday's puzzle 14 Santa's laundry problem? 15 Mauna — 19 Take to court 20 Make public 21 Lethal 22 Fit for plowing 23 God. in France 24 Mark of fever 25 Morsel 26 Ordinary language 28 Devil 29 Hihlical . name 30 Tidal flood 31 I'nnily mob 32 Hill- builder 34 Baker's need 35 Certain surgeon's patient'.' The Family Circus /WHAT KlUt? OP A SQOIOR&' I ALL-e>TAR G=AM£ & TAte ? TM£(3£ AR£M'f SOT 7O V PEOPLE IN) IVfe iJbe. CAR&G'y'ft CRYPTOQUIP For Better or for Worse \TMflKES ITSOMUCH WHERE PlREMV P^f RRRRNSED My EKTIRE HOLDERS fw OVEN Read faster, Mommy. I can't stay awake much longer. 1 O C D S N .1 C Q P . Yesterday's Cryptoquip: THE DURATION OF MOST; RUINED DIETS — A MONTH OF SUNDAES? Today's Cryptoquip clue: S equals 11 The Cryptoquip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. If you think that X equals 0, it will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words, and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is accomplished by trial and error. ci 1986 King Features Syndicate. Inc. /..DOCK soup 11 \ JUST MM eXPReSSiON U The Lockhorns Hagar the Horrible VO VOL) HAVE A MENU WITH! NO; I'/A MAVlhle A LITTLE VOU PON'T LIKE 6HAVEP COCONUT? I'M GOING TO GIVE GARFIELP A LITTLE TREAT TOPAV ARRRGHJ IM POIN6IT! IM COMMITTEP! NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW! ® A850LUTELV NOTHING.' IM TIREP OF BEING WISMV-UOASM^I I'M 60NNA WALK RI6MT OVER, ANP TALK TO THAT LITTLE REP-lWEP6IRLi QHAVEP COCONUT, ALBINO 5PIPER6, NO Hi and Lois Wizard of id PK3HT/ PEOPLE To/*/ APE Too NOSYY SISTER \A//ANTS TO IOVA/ IF Rex Morgan M.D. Beetle Bailey A5 1 SAIt?, HE'S THE PIR5T FERSOM 1 DATED SINCE 1 WAS PIVORCEP.' HE'9 A &EWTL6 VERY FIHE MAM? I'M COMFORTABLE I WHEW I'M WITH HIM.' HE MAKE? tt& FEEL AS THOUGH I'M WORTH WHILE---AND I , .. HAVEN'T FELT THAT WAV FOR ] ~ A LONG TIME '. X. HIT AAV CLOCK HP IT WENT AT LEAST zoo FEET: AKB VOL) INTERESTED IU THIS OLDER MAM YOU'RE DATIN6, KAV7 KNOWIWG WHAT A MESS 1 MADE OF MV MARRIAGE , I SUPPOSE I 6ET A LITTLE DEFENSIVE WHEW SOMEOWE STARTS (3IVIUG ME ADVICE FLORENCE HE'S LIMBERIH© UP FOR THE SAME Born Loser 40U HAVE AKH WITH JKH F" " H5R&^ OUR MO&T POPULAR MOPEL. I'M NOT IhOTERESTEC? IN ANYTHING THAT HIS HEIRS DIDN'T GRAB WHAT DO YOU \ NOPE) IT'S FROM A WEALTHY MAN'S THINK. HONEY?

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