Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
Page 8
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8 THB lOLA DAILY BEOiSTEB. SLiTrBDAT ETEXiyfl, OCTOBER 17, I SOS. mm IIKEO THE RALLY Favorable Comment From Neighbor hood Newspapers. (Elsmore Leader.) One of the biggest political gatherings ever held In southeast Kansas, was puUed off at lola. Tuesday, by! the Republicans of Allen county, and; the thousands who visited lola on that! day marveled at the success. Even the Democrats have to admit that the^ meeting was a grand success in ey-| ery particular. Everything that had; been advertised was carried out to a letter and lots added for good meas-j ure. Not a single disturbance marred the program and the thousands were kept under perfect control. Thet people wont to see, hear and enjoy, the rally and the Republicans hadi complete control of the city. j Three bands furnished music from ear'y in the morning until late at' nifeht and everyone was happy. i In the afternoon Secretary Wilson! spoke to an ovorflow meeting in \ho' - opera and his talk wa.«i well re-; celved by the vast audience. j The torch light procession In the evenin? was a grand success. One' thousand torch lights, five thousand' Roman "candles, throe thousand pa-' per horns, three brass bands and twoi thousand people in line of march was, the program. Senator Pollard and W. R. Stubbs wore the speakers, one' addressing the audlenco on tlie in-: side of the opera while th«: other addressed the v.nst throng on: the outside of the opera house who were unable to get in and changing' places that all might hear both s>peak-i ers. The speech by Senator PoUard' was said to be the best ever llsfenod' ^ to In Allen county. '< ANOTHER 50 more new Sample Suits came in from New York. Each and every one a distinct mo dei> No two aliiie. Come quick and get first pick. | NEW SAMPLE SUIT SALE One-third Off SAVE OXE-THIRD (Humboldt Herald.) { The largest rally of any descrip-i tion that was ever hold in Allen • couBty occurred at Tola Tuo.=iday. Re-j puhMcans from all over Allen and. Woodson counties were present and a resmlar jolHficatiou was ilield. Serretarv Wilson snoke at the op- lera house in the afternoon. Practi-, i^-allv ovory seat in the bi's building; I was filled and the crowd was enlhu-: Isiastic. The address was a clear,! logical story of what the Ropubli-' o «»Tis bad done in Congress for the benefit of the people. The speaker j spokp hiehlv of Congressman Scott! and his influence in Congress. TJie speech was clear and convincing and without ridicule for the opposition. In the evenine there was a big parade in wbieb over 1.000 took part, j Thnt TTianv torches were carried andj many more had Roman caudles. The; «!«T !e of the crowd was evident to alii who saw It and the statement of Tliei Tndo?r ti'iat there were only -ISS in thej parade is taken with considerable | humor. The count was evidently madoi 'iv the circulation editor of the paper' or -nntinp backwards. " | Congressman Pollard of Nebraska who represents Bryan's distrirt spoke to a packed house at night. W. n Ptu^^s addressed n largo overflow; tJO; crowd Afterw,ird they exchanged ^ places I ~ ~~ "" , There Is no doubt t'at there are; losontatlvo.s and gave a Kilowins: triD- a«! many if not more RopuMlcnns in • uto to liis labors for his district and MVp county as there has alwavs'urged the people to rouirn him. holiov hppn nnd that f-ene will l>o a cood i"g him more compotont for the du- A Saving of One=third On all of These Suits All are exclusive models, latest [Directoire and Empire effects, blue, green, gray, brown, red land black. All lined with best quality of satins, materials! are fine, hard finish Worsted efiects and fi^nest chifibn Morambeaux cloths$15.00 $18.00 SAVE OXE.THIRD $25.00 $30.00 $3y0 SWE ONE-THIRD SAVE OXE-TIIIRD S.IVE 0\E.THIRD SAVE ONE-TIIIRO W WE ARE fj AGENTS I FOR THE IADIESHOMEJOURNAL ^ PATTERNS/^ ^^Ly MONTHLY STYie 500K TKIZ P !.' II !i lOLA'S BEST AM» GREATEST STORE. / 1 sfTied majority at the election in November. (Colony Free Press.t Ts of Allen county for the same purpose. At the appointed hour Mr. Wilson WAS introduced to a large and appreciative audience. Mr. Wilson dwelt briefly, before entering the nolltical field, upon the agricultural interests crown out of scientific research as produced from the interest taken by the Agricultura' Department of our nation. In dwelling upon the fltrricnltural problem he refers to our TTnr. Chas' F. Scott whose mind iie s3»-«! ip w -flnno (j nn in the asricuHur- al interests of this country, in which Afr Scott has the supnort of the house, but said he "Mr. Scott's am­ otion Is to make Kansas the greatest aerlcultural state in tiie imion. I have seen Mr. Scott stand on the floor of the House of Renresentatives for seven successive days to «ee that every scientific Interest of agriculture be madf perfect, that investigations and experiments erowing out of them Ve of Interest to the farmers of Kan- Kfts, and that the seed cleaned from arid countries through search may make the western prairies of Kansas to blossom as the rose." Seeing what aarlcultural research is doing for us and the irrent need of further deve'- opment It should appeal not only to the voters of the District but to every »ran In Kansas to see that CUgs. F. Scott be returned to Congress. The eveplne BPsslon brouaht on renewed •lemnnetration. the streets were crowded with thousands and the Horoh \ Meht procoRsion. led t^^e hunsry mul ; •1t!?do to the Oran.i theatre to listen \ •o the fsTinijs orator. Mr. Pollard I *rom Nebraska. ! f his iitlici I hah a new man un- ac(piainled with tho work. Ovor ono t '.iousjmd per .sons wore in lino in the tore light jirocession, anil .•X PUTnh«^r of Tolnnv neoplo visited In addition to those tlioro were 400 lola on the 13th to hear Secretary men awfully busy shooting off Roman Wilson op the noIiticHi as WPH a.«: rlio • fiin -'les. .\ driuu ooriis and four a^rlrnlt'iral Issues of the day. Unon • bands were in the jiroco.ssion. Hon. I our arrival it was plain to be seen. E- M. PoUaid. member of congress that the town was filled with farm- j from Nebraska, and Hon. W. R. Stubbs. candidate for governor, addressed vast crowds in the evening. (SavoJiburg Recorcl.l The political situation in Al'en county is not wrapped in myster>- and it can be plainly seen without look ing through a smoked glass. The Republican majority next month Is going to eclipse that of all other cam paigns. The big Republican rally at lola last Ttiesday where several hundred voters eaaerly particii)ated is a satisfactory illustration of the .out- '^ome. It was an imincnse rally sure -".ough and iho bigsrest jiolitical event "ver pulled off in lola or .•Mien conn *y. "fhe torchlight procession and the fireworks were sufficient to make even,- Democrat in the county blink un derstandin.e'y. anil the head of the Daily Inde.v hasn't yet recovered from an a.srgravated case of cross eyes. Everything in the air and at the grass roots spoils Republican vic- torv and while the o|)position disputes It vigorously tlioy can't give any good reason under the shtning sun why it should not come and why it won't come. | W.\S REHNEU'S ACCO.MrLH'E. IViiliani Llpsey Found («ulltj- by Independence Jurj-. Indeiiendence. Oct. 17.—Montgomery rouMty is bavin.!: her sharo of murder trials at this term of court. Yi '.-terdiiy e n y Pehner was found guilty of the • >urder of Toho Sawyer. Yesterday i William Liiisey adjud.^cd guilty f murder in the first degree as Heh• er's accomplice. Lipsey was a former convict. He infatuated with Behner's dausih- .tei\ He was charged wi:h plannin:; the murder which Behner committed The jury was out scarcely an hotir. Today the tria' of William Hill of Coffeyville will begin. Hill is charired '.vit killing David Alexander. Ijill and his wife were not living together '.hen .Me.vander was a boarder at the home of Mrs. Hili's mother. Mrs. Hill '.nd Alexander were driving (last the '.•rm where Hil" was at work when : i'l rushed on .Vlexander. it Is alleijed •.' }:"'ed him. WHO IS EFFIE HARDING? A Package at Police Station for This Person. sroNV iM)i.\r. Register Want Ads. bring results fHumbbldt Union.1 Tbe Rppttblican rallv at lola Tnes- dar was without doubt the bigaest and most enthusiastic political dem- onntration ever he'd In this county. T?vpnr portion of the county was represented and sent laree dele?Btlons Thig fsot shows that the Renuhlicans of Allen oo 'in .^v are nn and dnine and are ^fnliy alive to t^e Interests at "take ?p the prepppt oampaign. Fon. James S "Wilson'. secretarvjOf .•»!Tr5cr !lt'ire. \v tho nftornonn snqke •o groat crowd in the Orand thi^a- •r". vn^. his address wa<5 full of interest nnd Instrnctinn. Plain. nraotlOalJ eoQTlnoinor. ho ^pve his attdlence In- formntion about the work In h's de- •^artm^nt. and T -hat U was dolne for the p<]!ople of t^o Tr^r >i»> t'T w'Vi rrmrmvor wHh nfofit and nat- Isfactior Mr. "WTfson meittoTied the 11pp^1 ^i nosn {tnd a'lnitv of ConsrespTnun C. T. So ^tt as chairman of the commit\te« ofi agriculture of the House of Rep Trogaii Powder 3IEAXS JIST WHAT IT SAYS. Better than any other powder on the market. >o glycerine in Its composition. Does not freeze no matter how cold. Absolutely no danger In handling. { Use Trojan instead of glycerine and ^ave the lives of yonr men, and your company from damage snits. E. W«Coverdd!e AGENT Boom C, Sterenson BIdg.—lola VIVE III'MHIED I»OLL.\RS Chief of Police (Jatos has been handed a '|>ackage which he would like to deliver to the rightful and law• i! owner. Several tlays a bundle came by express from Lincoln, Nebr.. to iCffio Harding, lola, care of the chief of police. The cliiof does not know Effio jHarding, what the bundle contains jnor how im|)ortant Its immediate de- jlivery might be. He is therefor*! janxious that the owner, if she is in town, call for her property at once. Register Want Ads. bring results. Mr. George lieckeulialde and .Miss Hattie Big.:rs were united in marriage Saturday. October ;:. IJiOS. at lola by .ludge Smith. Their many friends extend congratulations. .Mr. Luster lx)ve of Bronson and Miss .Minnie Fuhrman of Stony Poiiit. were united in marriage Sun<iay. Oc- toher -1. I!i0>>. Their many friends extend congratulations. George Brcughlou was on the sick list last week. .Mrs. .\llenbaugh visited from Sunday until Wednesday last wcL-k with .Mr». S. D. Brandenburg. .Mrs. Myrtle Moore of Bronson and children stored off at Moran on her way home frtmi Kansas City, where she had been atiending the carnival and visited with \WY m<ithe|> .\rrs. S. n. Bniiidenliuiv.iiilc li. r father was in the west. Ivijy .Moore came ni» from Parsons .Monday and came out to S. D. Brandenburg's and sta.ved over night, and he and wife and children went to Moran Tue.sday and will visit .1. I). .Moore liefore ;;<iing home. -M. F. and S. I), ibandcnhurg returned from western Kan.^a.^ Sunday, where they had been visiting the families of John Harlans and Will Kftz- iiiillers and iot.kini:^ at the country. .M. F. was ....> inipressf-d wiih the country that he thinks of renting his farm here and moving out there. -Mrs. Frank .\lien!>au.uh letf .Monday for western Kansas to visit b'er children. For ber<l and «|uickest re>ult.s n«e 'Wonldu't I'uy .Me for the Relief I Got Fr(»ni Piles." "For VI years I suffered with jiiles brought on by any strain or hard work Since using Hem-Rold eight monthr ago. I have not had an attrck. c-.m dr iny labor and eat what I w '-'i vithou' i'l effect. I W9uld not bo in my former condition for $.'>0i>." (Signed) Wm. Mc.\dams, Cook's Fals. X. Y Sworn to liefore notary Mar. 2".. 'OS Dr. I..eonhardt'.s Hem-Roid, an Inier- nal tablet cure for piles, is sold for $1 by Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s' Statio- PLOT TO STEAL ELECTION J j Oeniorratir C/tniniittee Warns Oiliclals I to Watch Republicans. t > ; Topk?ka. Oct. 17.—Chairman Hender i -•^•a Martin of the Democratic state ' eatral committee 'nas sent to each of • he 2.200 precinct committeemen in Kansas the usua'. warning against al- iowing the Republicans to steal the election. This has i>een the cusroni of the Democrats at every campair.n during recent .vears. For years the Democratic state com mittee has sent a telegram on the night before election to every county thairmau in the state warning bim of J plot to steal the election. The Democrats have talked about this Repul)^ Hcan plot to steal the election so much ;hat some of them really believe that such a plot is formed every year and JTjiriy baff'ed by the shrewdness of the Democratic committee In anticiiiating it. Bring I's Your stay Away From Church. A burglar at lola stole a baby's hank while the family was at churc^h. Moral: Stay at home and take care of the baby's .1)ank.—SaHna Journal. Register Want Ads. bring results.! Wc Will accept any certificate yoti have to apply oa a Piano purchase and allow yofi foil valtte for same on any piano in our store. On ^Iy one certificate allowed on each Piano* We hBifB the if ery best line of Pianos in Soutlteastern Kansas John V. Roberts Music Go. 12 Norlh Wiishing:ton lola, Kansas \

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