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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida • Page 19

Orlando, Florida
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At Tlio Itcflfliam firntlnrl 7 Thursday, January 31, 1957 WCTU To Hear School Leader Inarid's Performance Cheered In Anaslasia Don'f Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do fals teeth drop, Hip or lien you talk, eat, launh or ineeze? rn bt annoyed and emrmrmasedi urh handicap. FASTEKTH, au Ikallna (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plale.i. keeps false teeth piora firmly set. Olves confident feel. lK of security and added comfort.

ho gummy, tfooev, pasty taste or feel. Clet FAST1CETH today at an ru counter. Taj: Mule Okayed ATLANTA IIP) The Georgia Senate passed unanimously yesterday a bill permitting you to get your automobile license plate by mail. If the House agrees as expected, the change would be effective this year. Robert Earl Kipp, Orange ance Union meeting tomorrow.

County School superintendent, Meeting will be at 2:30 p.m. will be speaker at the Orlando! in the Fellowship classroom at Women's Christian Temper-j the First Baptist Church. Rebel Accused In Slaviims NICOSIA, Cyprus Police arrested a former newspaper reporter and accused him yesterday of being the wholesale killer of Nicosia's "murder mile." More than a dozen persons have been shot dead in the area along Lcdra St. in downtown Nicosia in the last four months. Police identified the man as Nicos Samson, a 22-year-old Greek Cypriot who was a newspaper reporter until he went underground as an Eoka rebel.

TEMPLE ORANGES WORLD'S BEST ORANGE NOW IN SEASON SEE NICK BELITZ 27 Wall St. Roar Hotel or visit our packing house 17-92 Maitland, Fla. Kim SAmrs SON TO GET PHYSICAL WASHINGTON Ml At Pres. Eisenhower's request, the White House made arrangements yesterday for the six-year-old son of King Saud of Saudi Arabia to have a physical examination. The boy, Prince Mashhur, accompanied his father to the U.S.

for medical treatment. Murray Snyder, assistant White House press secretary, said the prince has "a congenital ailment, affecting one hand and one leg which has not been diagnosed." Earlier indications from the Saudi Arabian embassy were that the boy was a polio victim. "Who Says You Need Costly Shots To Relieve 'Hot Flashes' And Irritation From Change-Of-Life?" 53E3 Anastasia Ingrlrt Bergman Bourne Vul Brynner F-mirr'i Helen Hayej Chernov Akim Tamlrolf Barones.i von Llvenbaum Maitlta Hunt By JEAN YOTHERS After an absence of seven years from American-made films, beauteous Ingrid Bergman returns triumphantly in Anastasia, a 20th Century-Fox picture shot in Taris, Copenhagen and London and now showing at the Bcacham. As a bedraggled victim of amnesia who has become a puppet in the hands of the scheming White Russians and later as the regal beauty who of the best performances of her career. HER REMARKABLE beauty and magnetic charm are still there, and her ability to act with deep sensitivity appears more pronounced than ever.

Bald-headed Yul Brynner gives an effective whip-like authority to his part as the ex-Cossack general who instigates the scheme for money but sickens of it after falling in love with Anastasia. Helen Hayes breathes reality into the role of the tiny, domineering dowager empress whom the plotters are trying to convince of Anastasia's identity. HOWARD VYATT MOBILE HOMES 4100 South Orange Blossom Troi Phone 2-4691 A. Watonga, "Middle age )wa torture. Had costly shots 3 times a week but got no relief from them'.

Practically had a nervou breakdown. Then took Pinkham'a Tablets. They brought me new happiness, comfort convinces everyone she is; really Princess Anastasia, daughter of the Czar of Rus- sia, Miss Bergman gives onej Elopiiij Mpcllcal science now offers womr new freedom from much of the misery of chango-of-life, thiinks to an amazing new tablet developed especially to relieve these functionally-caused discomforts. Doctors reported sen. Rational results using this home treatment alone and no expensive injections! Relief for 8 out of 10 tested! Irritability, tortured nerves were calmed.

Dizziness relieved. Suffocating hot flashes subsided, for woman after woman, a feeling of 'well-being" returned! Unlike aspirin and such "general purpose" remedies, this new tablet Is a unique combination of special medicines. directly on the of these works through a woman's sympathetic nervous system to relieve tense feelings and physical distress that bring unna'ppiness to so many. Clinical tests prove this. Now you can get this amazing formula at drugstores without prescription.

Ask for "Lydia Pinkham's Don't let change-of-Ilfe rob you of joy! Get Pinkham's Tablets. Contain blood-building iron. See how fast you can feel your happy sell again without costly shots! (Also liquid Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,) At The stor Four Girls Easy To Look At In New Film LAKEFRONT LOTS Lake Markham. 100' $2,950 each.

J9S0 down, lull 3 years on balance. Canal Frontaqe with lame dceo canals to 019 Lake Markham. each with iSOO down and a full 3 years on the balance. On one of 3 small lakes now be-inq deepened. Access to big Lake Markham.


4-6301 Winter Park, Florida Mike Snnurirn Georte Nader Julie Adams fers from a should-I-be-an-ac-tress-or-take-care-of- husband-and-son complex. Heiress Ducks Cops CIUDAD TRUJILLO, Dominican Republic (IP) A 17-year-old British heiress to a $20 million fortune yesterday ducked detectives hired by her mother after the girl eloped with a New York interior decorator. Fredericka Sigrist, who inherits the fortune upon reaching the age of 21, flew here Tuesday from Port Au Prince, Haiti, after eloping from her home in Nassau with Interior Decorator Gregg Juarez. The girl's inheritance comes from her late father who designed rf nlT'nlnnnc In Ti i i ri Kathy Conuay Ina larla Antnr.ollt Vscicy Dauray Johnny Pryor Spencer Farrington Jr Marianne Cook Elsa Martlnelll Ola Scala Sydney Chaplin Grant Williams TO PAY WHAT Sees YOU OWE SMOKER 10 Feet Wide 45 Feet Long LIST PRICE $10,500 BE SURE TO SEE THIS FABULOUS MOBILE HOME AT THE SECOND ANNUAL MOBILE HOME SHOW Feb. 1, 2, 3 EXPOSITION PARK You can get money from us Newsprint Quiz Asked In Senate WASHINGTON Sen.

Potter R-Mich told the Sen By MARIEI.I.KX KAl'CII i The Astor's current color; flicker, Four Girls In which opened yesterday, provides some good light enter-j tainment for an hour and a' half. The pix is somewhat unusual in that no top names appear. Nader and Julie Adams are the only ones who might to cover expenses of every kind and on terms to suit you and your pocketbook Miss Sigrist was accom-l panied on her trip here by! (Mrs. Hugh Shannon, widow of nwgii.gwgfigntigni i lii to $300 Loans up Argentine shipping millionaire Alberto Dodero. The two flew here in a private plane owned by Paul Wessener, owner of the Hotel Riviera in Port Au Prince.

OWN AN AUTOMOBILE THAT IS TJUJLY "Impressive!" "Daringly Different!" G.A.C. FINANCE CORPORATION ORLANDO DOWNTOWN 407 West Central Avenue Tel. 3-6493 COLON IALT0WN 1243 East Colonial Drive Tel. 5-2642 SANFORD 111 West First Street Tel. 1155 Formerly Hudson Small Loan Company "Formerly Coastal Finance Corp.

ring a bell. Marianne look makes her debut in this country though she is known in her native Germany. THE PLOT concerns a Hollywood studio's international search to find a new star for a super-duper. Four mixed up beauties are brought in for final tests. However, the tests aren't as important as the true confessions.

Kathy from Minnesota via New York is pushed into acting by her mother. Ina, a promising Vienese actress, has left a husband at the bottom of a cliff. Italian Marian is more interested in the big M's men and money or vice versa and Parisian Vicky suf- "DYNAMIC ALLY NEW!" McCarthy loses OUT ON ENVOY WASHINGTON (INS) The Senate overrode the heated objections of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy R-Wisl yesterday and confirmed James D.

Zellerbach as new ambassador to Italy. Senate approval of Zellerbach, who replaces Clare Boothe Luce in the diplomatic post, came by voice vote with McCarthy's lone dissent. ED SULLIVAN SAYS: "You con own a big, new Mercury ot a price just a little bit above the low priced '3' CARS ARE NOW AVAILABLE PRODUCTION IS SEE OUR (SHOWROOM OPEN 'TIL 9 P.M. MONDAY THRU SATURDAY) CONSTIPATED? co to- CENTRAL FLORIDA MOTORS CO. 100 WEST JEFFERSON, ORLANDO PH.

5-5511 new laxative discovery un-locks bowel blocks without gag, bloat or gripe FOR MEN ONLY! Wekiwa Springs Guest Home A pleasant, quiet retirement horn for busmen and professional men. Horn atmosphere and food. IS Mm. from Downtown Orlando. For Applications call Tucker 6-8454.

Apopka Ex. 'V'f S1 BE HOLSUM BUY ii I nin ii ft? I ate yesterday this country and Canada should join in an investigation of recent price boosts for newsprint. Newsprint is the paper on which newspapers are printed. The bulk of the U. S.

supply comes from Canada. POTTER ALSO suggested in a Senate speech that this country undertake "a crash research program to develop domestic sources of newsprint." "Complete dependence on Canadian sources is unhealthy and should be eliminated," he said. Potter is a member of the Senate commerce committee which is to begin an investigation Feb. 26 into price increases on newsprint. HE SAID six Canadian mills and one U.

S. firm recently boosted newsprint four dollars a ton. Potter said Canadian mills supplied seven million tons of newsprint last year compared with U. S. production of about one and a half million tons.

He suggested domestic newsprint production might be stimulated in Alaska or through use of "agricultural products, hard woods, wheat straw and de-inked newsprint." Seaboard RR Income Down Net income of Seaboard Air Line Railroad in 1956 dropped six pet. under the record high of $21,538,121 in 1955, John W. Smith, president, reported yesterday. Earnings last year ran to $4.20 a share on common stock before the two for one stock split last April. Smith attributed the lower net income to increased employment cost and higher prices for materials and supplies against no increase in freight rates.

MONTEREY PHAETON COUPE W3 I America's Finest Quality CAKES activates normal colonic reflexes. So effective that it relieves even chronic constipation overnight, Colonaid is yet so smooth, so gentle it has been proved safe even for women in the most critical stages of pregnancy. SUPERIOR TO OLD STYLE bulk, salt or drug laxatives, Colonaid neither gags, bloats nor gripes; does not interfere with your absorption of vitamins and other valuable food nutrients; and in clinical tests, did not cause rash or other side reactions. IT'S A PHYSIOLOGICAL FACTj Exercise tones your body! And Colonaid exercises your colon to tone it against constipation, overnight! Whether occasional, frequent or chronic, whatever your degree of constipation, get Colonaid, in easy-to-take tablet form at any drug counter, today! The price, only 98c for the economical 60 tablet package, bring3 you positive relief at less than 2c per tablet. Constipation is caused by what doctors call a "thrifty" colon.

A "thrifty" colon is one that, instead of retaining moisture as it should, does the opposite robs the colon of so much moisture that its contents become dehydrated, so dry that they block the bowel so shrunken that they fail to excite or stimulate the urge to purge that propeb and expels waste from your body. TO REGAIN NORMAL REGULARITY two things are necessary. First, the dry, shrunken contents of your colon which now block your bowel must be re-moistened. Second, bulk must be brought to your colon to S-T-R-E-T-C-H STIMULATE it and so, excite its muscles to action; to a normal urge to purge. AND, OF ALL LAXATIVES, only Colonaid, the amazing new laxative discovery possesses Colon aid's great moisturizing capacity plus Colonaid's stretch-stimulating bulk that A DREAM" 'CM you can drive VINYL PLASTIC FLOOR WALL TILE TILE asmJ-' JaT ail MK W-H iT if cr Am j.

sourti Installed by Expert Mechanic! or We Will Instruct You How To Do It Yourself Time Payments Arranged HARRY'S U.S.A. TILE SHOP 1822 Edgewater Dr. Ph. 3-8860 BUMBV MKT. PRSTT i i liW i wigf ii ilHgaW I Blial I Ml I TU MI i nilTriMi iliirf fWM iiiM i fllgT iBim WifflriTiiMiiilm'M 'iMMgstMrh Wtiil1 a iiE 5 POUNDS new horizons FLA.

GRrXDE A CELLO Pr- CARROTS THE SAVINGS TREND I I I I WESTERN Pfvi I SIRLOIN! lb "BONE? OR. CQi Dm I i ir. FllWif lb. IS TO FIRST NATIONAL xmiT POTATOES 3 ibs. 29 1 HEINZ StuiU FR.UIT VECr; BflBV fOOD 3 29 4 MPDtf ft air rf 1 YES SAVINGS ARE SOARING WHY NOT SURPftlSI YOUR WIFE by bringing her to our stora and letting her look at something new be-fore sha RcPfoi? voup ZQtrino r-f cound bone FfiOIEN sine, eve ir these pkices 1 A BITES 1oh RICE 21b.

i hi FRONTS SIDES HINDS 1 RgEF 2 INCREASE IN SAVINGS AS 23 your head off over the way the drapes, bedspreads, sofa and chairs look, things like this could develop into a I IN ONLY4 MONTHS NOISY MORION 1 EARN A IH -'ri fro. Beef icuicken T-V DINNERS 69 MM interest III rn ILfl lp BP7 I REEF UC COLD BU l1 CCr I' R.O AS who wants to trqut, tries with confidence right here in Orlando and save money too, we'ro your NEIGHBORS you should visit our store first-compare price and merchandise, see for yourself why we have such a growing list of satisfied customer, we'v the. finest selection of fin drapery fabrics, bedspreads, drape, curtains, tab! linens, fancy pillow in Orlando, decorator advise for the asking. Headauarters Kl RICH drapery hardware. Bryant's Drapery Fabrics We make home more livable 380 North Orange Ave.

Effective Jon. 1, 1957 First National Bank i03 CANS I.N OV PEAS 2-25 ORLANDO HOBIDA Mimblr T. D. I. C..

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