Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1907
Page 6
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1% 'rif ^H^"- Mrs. Pinkhatn's Standing Invitation to Women All sick M -nmen are invited to write Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., for advice. She is the Mrs. Pinkham who lias been advising sick women free of charge for more th .in twenty years, and before that she assisted her niother-in-knv, Lydia K. Pinkham. in advising. Tims she is especially well qualified to give advice to sick women. Write today, don't wait until too late. Mrs. Plnkbuni never violates the roufi4len<>e thus entrusted to her, an<I although .she is constantly receiviui; testiniouiuU t'ruui women who huve been benefitted by ber advice and uiedivine, never In all her experience lias shepublisbed ttucb a letter without the lull consent, und often by special request of the writer. Neither has she ever disposed «>f her coutidential letters in any other way. Every one of the hundreds of thousands of letters written to ber by confidinfr wonten she has tu*day under lock and key in tbe Company's laboratory at Lynn, Mass. Remember, tbe best medicme for women Is 1 Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound EVERY WOMAN SHOULD CONSIDER THESE FACTS First, that ahiKist every operation iii oiu- hospilak, pcrfr>rmed upon wonion, bpramo nppe>jnavy l^caiwf^ of npRloct of siuh symi)tniii-< :is Hu'fji ip^iilaii- tiea, Displacements, Pain in the Side, Dragging JSensutioiis, Dia2iiip.>;s and .'Sleeplessness. ' 1 Second, that Lydia E. Pinkham's Ve^table Cbnipouufl, xnaAi from native roofs ami luibs, lni .M>Vc -ivoini' in.iie . asesi .f fiMnalf ills tliaii any oiJxK.ui' iiKciivUje, It regulatos, strengthens and reston^.'^ women's health and ia invaluable dining tbe peiuxl of rhunge of Lilt?'. Third, the great volume of .unsolicited and grateful te.'iUmoniaLj on tile at the I'inkham Laboratory ai ].} un, .Mass., m ;tuy of wUi-.h .uv fiom liiiiC lo tinu- ]^\ns pul^li-^hed by .sjx-.-i d permUsion, give absolute evidence of the iwwer of Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound over the illnesses of women. NOTES FROM LA HARPE Mr. naker'.s f.qnilly is located in I^n- .siiig he remains n eiiizen of La Harpe. Mr. Baker is one of ilie oldest eiiizens ^ <>1 L:i Harpe. lie was a iiienilier of tlie ."econd coiuuMl ami was eiiv mar THEFT OF HORSE BELO\GI>"G TOi'^'»'''l '^^ ^^'y- At that time he con GAS GITY NEWS ITEMS j ducted a blaeksmitli shop in this city lARL GILLETT PREVEMED. Torn Man." Linehack »roK. have exhibited in their real estate oflice on Xorth .Main i :5treet a iinlQiie di.-<play of corn pro- Idiiet.s. A man is made from cans of corn, a iriHinl. and several heads of THBOWN FROM X DELIVERY W.HJ- '^^'''"^ i .r .Kliicts of the farm are imt together in i^iieli a njan- ner ah to form a man. He loolcs like a ".seedy" farmer. FrA.QUINTARO BADLY ON, STRUCK BY 3LVrni\E. 1. T. Baiter Here—Exhibit of Grain Products in LinebackN OlBce. Horse Was Stolen. Last Saturday night Karl Giilett WhoBe home Is south of this city, had a horse stolen from the hitch rack im- iDQiUately south of Hrowiis Krocery stiire. Fortunately the horse wa.s ree OKIllied by John Laury as the lioys llisrh School Pnpii.i Attended Grand. A number of the I ^a Harpe liigh school pupil.H fornnMl a line party to the Grand theater in lola last evening. The young people are planning on' attending a numlier .^? the better plays this winter. Personals. j Oliver Xonnan ye.sterday moved to the Heine proiterty on Xonh Main SI reel. Mrs. OverhoU who has b^en visUnr at the home of Morris Patton in thi.= ii^l^d taken the horse "were" riding iyesterday for her home in It through Melrose addition to this i^^'^hoct. Ohio. city. Mr. Laury paw the hors'' was Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Uakir left ihis taken to its rightful owner. The La • "K'lning for .Nevada. Mo., where they Harpe' boys vho took the horse were f"r the next two week?. FOR CHARITABLE WORK VO CLIE TO WllERE.VBOlTS OFJ DIVE DORITY. SMALL CHILD SEVERELY BURNED D.VLCTITER OF Mil. AM) MR.S, WILL nOfGHtRTY .S( ALDED. lor to .Mr. Hilsrh.^r could not he em- Sunday schools of Bassett and the lilnveil ami give r<^milar Sunday morn- Litile Builders as well as the otlK-r ii!g services at Carlyle and in the al- crganizat 'ons of thesr? two placi 's, but leriiooii and oveninss could d'-vote hi.^ a great, deal of her time will he sp;-iit J ,.1 . i ' ''""^ \\orU ill the Little ilnild- in doing work which in cities is p:ii'l Mrs. L.>..tones Win lie Lniployedto],.,.^. ohapel and na.-.sett. Al. th-> for bv thf eitv m ti,.- wa- of a polir. I Assist Rev. Hllselier and ITesby- | ,„pp,i„p. of tho .session, however, it it.airon. vas decided that a woman worker| sii (-b as -Mrs. .Tones is. eoiild do moM -j i good .-imong the wo-n.Mi and cliildicn; ''"r '"<' ""mail lhal s I-af. of Ba.-^.seit and Tola ih.-in an nssistaiu ; Detroit i.hysieian says thai the, pasto*- jchcipest and safest nii .Miire a fat terlaus. Concreto .School .\e\t .Vondny—Per­ sonals. Where Is Dority? It was believed for a time yesterday lhat Councilman Doiity wim ilis- aiiiieared last Saturday ii:ui iiiei with foul play hut .ifier making a <':ir.';i.! e.\amination it was found that he w.-.s not about, and li.-id not bien sin'-' l.i.-i Saturday. reprimanded and turned loose wit the warning that they would not be s fortunate at another time. { la AsRistinif In Revivals. Bev. Hine, pastor of the Baptist ehqrch of this city, is as.sisting In the [. raviral services which are being ctm .dn^tffd by a converted .Jew in the op «n( house In Gas City. These-meet Incil.ftre progressing with remarkable Bucfsess. They have arranged for siie clal meetings for each evenli'.g. F. A. (^ninlard Hart, P. A. Qnlntard, the owner of the ', second hand store on north .Main ' strfrt. was thrown out of the delivery '•rsfim yesterday morning and very i Henpff bmised. He vas riding > at a pretty rapid rate when the 'I' irafoa gave a lurch in such a way as r ttt.fbrow him out and a heavy wash• ini ^ifiachine on top of him. The mal «dd^ struck him on tbe back of the : iiei^ Fortunately the injuries are not'serlous. ^nu Sake Home in the City. Hr- and Mrs. C. P. Adams and Miss Stella left yesterday for Kansas City vh«re they will m;ike their home for the inext three months. Mrs. Adams is treatment in tbe city and i it best that the family stay while she is there. They -.4 HaTS raited. their home in this city for '\ serend ^jnohtbs. '—'I Tbanis the Public - C.;P. Moor^ead. president of the La Bar^ Exhibit, wishes to thank the geatfal public and especially the La Harpe citizens for their cooperafinn .to t^Ung the Farmer's Exhibit which wasiheld in this city a success. The laeotkii pablic and the La Harpe olti- iteOB^ were instrumental in making it -tM'Aieeen it was. \l L. T. Baker Here. Ifc'rT. Baker, superintendent of thr 3nac ||lne tfiops at Lansing, was in the IctlrHTesterday visltng friends. WHiIl K. n. Harlan of Kansas City wa I:T-re vcitei-.iay on business. Make the stomach haiipy with a Mi fi-na tablet before meals. A giiaran •ee is given by Charles H. Spencer to return yniir .")0c if Mi-o-na fails to cure any form of stomach trouble. AFRAID OF PEST HOISE DOGS Resident.* of Paris Addition Don't Want to f'ontrart Sraallpov. The people livin.g in Ilavis additon are almost paralyzed with fear of the pest house dogs because of the announcement, that dogs will spread smallpox into that locality. Armed with boards, rocks and any weapons at hand the residents of Davis additon have driven the pesi house dogs home every time they invaded the neighborhood, but it is Impossible for them to keep a constant watch for the animals. At the present lime there are several cases of smallpox .it the pest house and the dogs are In and about the house. The people of Davis addition 'ire so certain lhat. the dogs can carry the disease that they avoid the dog!f like a person would a snake. One man declared that he was going tc take un the matter of the dogs beinc allowed to run loose, with the authorities and if no action was then taken he would start a movement among th' neople of that neighborhood to shoo' he dogs upon sight. General M. E. f'onference. Richmond, Va. Oct. 4.—The iienera' Rniscopal conference today otiserve'* missionary day. The house of bishop .Tud honse of deputies met in a join' session in the hall of the latter, th*" bishops occupying seats on the platform with Bishop Tuttle presiding. THE BROTHERHOOD BAXQIET. Burned With lio< nater. The small dinightor of .Mr. atiil .Mrs. Wjli Corwli'v of this eiiv yi'.si.-r.lay lippi'd a di:-li p.iii iilled wj.ii .scaldiii;; iiot waici- DViT on iti-r. oariiing herself ery severely. .Mihonjii ilie iiijiirie.^ :ire'.v"iy iwiiifiil it i.> nut bi-licve/i tii.-y are dan.!:;eroiis. Tli<» I're^hyierian Hiotlif|-hoo<l. the metrs organization of the lola I'ri sbytevian chnreh at its meeting last night voted to giv.-- it fintincial siipi)on for the hirlns of .Mrs. K. N. i .Tones, of ."i>l -Vorth Walnut, the pics- ' I -.It leader Of tit.- I.iitlr! liiiild-rs' t'hap- ••I. ;u. an a.ssistanf to the jiastor. Kev. S. S. llilscher. ,l The ornani/ation not only voted lo Will lie Opened j jrjv,. its financial support to th.' movement for the hiring oi" an n.^sisianJ ID til"' ii.astor, btii at tli.- incftitM,' last n:;iht J .'I 'i lor every iiionll' (lie clnniiii; .\i 'ar was plerigrd by ihi- iai'mb.-r.; present. It is .•\pi>c|iil to in- •fi 'as" this amoiiiii to ai If ,r -i S.'.i) i,-, Sdlicilillg llDiii till" Vi-c-f (,' I. II JM'is of the oinani/'itimi Till' work to be doiu- l.y \lr:; .Ii)ii:>^ i:. i.r such ;i cliaracli'i- iii;i: i: (•.-.iilil IMi he I'.oiie iiy a t 'l -fiiil.i r |i.-i-;lrir iif .':::>st.'iii| |i,i^tui. The pfopli- of "'•I'^ llilVI' for SOti;<- liiUi' bl t!: (I Special Sale on Breakfast Food As an assstant to the pastor .Mrs.: woman who wants to ,::,ct thin ran .Ton:-s would devote all of her timo to If '>'•'•'••; Mariiiola (get it Korn Kiiiks. C packages 2'tC ICgg O See, .1 packages SSe Dr. Prices Food, '.i packages 25c Ual.ston Homing' C.rits. 3 pkgs 2.5c Pettijohn's Wheat Food, L' pkgs 2.5c : Shredded Wheat.Biseiiiis. 2 pkgs,.25c ' Life, a wheat food cooked ready to '• eat. 2 packages 13s . "'I'll MfgliiL;j ffoni any dnigsisi at small cost and -Mrs. .Ion-s in her work in the I.iti!,'' make a combination lhat is noi only r.iiilders' C'lapel wlii<;h site carried excellent, as a fat redu.^er. being able, on without a valarv of any kind, has it is claimed, to take off a pound a, .Ion.' any anioant of good in families day withonr. causing wrinkle:;, but is. ill I<i;i". fi'ii- ha-; visited and nursed ;"'so a splendid help to die sy.-tem as the sick, distiibitied clothing, looked a whole, regulating the stomach and .tfter desiltutp families, reunited lam-.inhere the fat per.son's ttoit- ilies. bionght hack -rring girls to 'leslnl, and clearing ibe skin of i!u-ir homes and manv OIIHT of pimples and blotches. .\o exercise is like character. It was iinanimoiish- if-'iU'rcd lo help the remedy in its FRYER BROS. Qrocery and Meat Market F hones 308 and 301 „. . ,. , „. ,., I -N'o honie is so pleasant, regardless _ lecided at lite meefiiiK last night that «oik and. best of all, no dieliiig is nec ''''^ eoriiforts that money will buy, \\>-c<.<\iv of ;i r-jiiliir ).a-ior for' i-ot a better person could lie found ^ssary while taking it—you cm -eti»« v.hpn the entire family Is in per- .-iiid a ic(|iiest had inme toj to i:ike np this work than Mrs. .Tones "'hai .vott like. feel health. A iTOtt .le of Orlno Laxa^ III' Inl.i church nam ihe (•.iilOe ]Hfyi v lio has alr\ndy siient much time in — • f""'" Syriiir costs oO cents. It lile .i-k'ni; It some an-atigenieii! cnald i "lar. work. ^ , ... . ' '"'"•'^ every member of the family ».'5 no; III- made wlu'reby an assisi;inr pas- .^rrs. .fones w„l have charge of the ' thJ R .Sr ''"T ?»„r cKr""' of consfipajlon, sick headache or stom ach trouble. Hitixell's drug store, "-> Conerrto School .Hnndav. The Concreto school will be (inishcd and ready for the opening of school next Monday. Miss McClelland will have charge of the school woik.' Th -•ontracior who bnilt the biijlding ha nushfd the work rapidly and will hav it finishf'd according to contract. RcTivnls Will fontlnue Two Weeks. The revial which are now being conducted in the opera house in this city will continue for two weeks The services have been -well attended Thosir who have heard the converted Tew speak like him vor.v much. Rev •line of LA Harpe is assisting in th work. They have arranged for ?pe •?ial music each da:". Board of Education. .At the meeting of the board of edit cation of the city schools which was held last Monday night. Hie teac1iei-s salary was allowed. Other business of minor importance was taken up and disposed of. Sweeps Away ibiKMd tarn wwk. First Meetintr for Presl»y(erlan Men Ijisi Mirhl. The Drotherhood of the Presbyter 'an church jtave Its first supper of the year at the Presbyterian church parlors last night. The affair was attended by no members of the organization. Ths "mysterious" male quartette proved to be a quartette composed of Chas, Snieltzer, first tenor; Wm Biird'ck, second tenor: Dr. Grange, first bass, and C. R. Sucher second bass, and they gave two very good selections. Short talks were made by the Rev. Hllscher. Chas. P. Scott, Mr. Donneli and B, F. Allison. Personals. and Mrs. Arthur Goes returned vesterday from Kansas City where hey have been attending the carnival, Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn Hartpence of Mirahln. Mn., are visiting at the home if Mr. and Mrs. i:. K. Taylor in this city. Mr. and Mrs. Hias. F. Daughters of Wicbii.'i were in the city yesterday isitiug. 0 L. T. Danforih of Kansas City w ere ye.;ii-iday calling on the merchants. Xolice to Onr CnNtoraers. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, colds and lung troubles Is not affected by the National Pure Food and Drug law as It contains MO opiates or other harmful dritgH, and we recommend If as a safe remedy for chUdren and adnlls. BurelPs drug store. FINE HOR.SE .HI'ST DIE. NEW YORK STORE'S OCTOBER. Tailored Suits, Coats, Skirts and W^it ts Folev's Kidney Cure will cure any ".ise of kidney trouble that is not beyond medical aid. Barren's drug store. Fine Horse Owned by H. E. Hillon In Jnred by a FaU. While running In the street on Xorth S^•can^o^e, a fine horse owned by H. E. Milton, whose home is at 830 North Sycamore, fell and broke its left front leg. Dr. J. F. ,Iami80U was called and made examinations only to find that nothing could be done for t^ suffering animal. He ordered It aboK The horse is valued at about one hundred and twentjr-flve dollars. Walking Suits, $15. Handsome new Fall Walking Suits ntade of splendid quality, all wool cheviot in black, navy and brown; coats. Prince Chapjityles, 27 and '.tO incites long, .satin lined. The skirts are maile very wide full plaited effect. Si.pclal iiSl.->J)0 Tailor Made Suits $25 flraceftilly Tailored Coat Stiifs In smart three-qnarter and semi-fitted models, the coats are lined with silk or satin; skirts are made In th<« newest styles, made of fine broadcloth unfinished worsteds, serges or fancy nianish mixtures of ex<eptional merit and tailoring at fc'iOO Tailored Suits. $1850 Artistically made Suits In Prince Chap semi-fltfed and cutaway effects, f,i-l>rlcs are fine serges, cheviots and lieringbone worsteds In black, navy bine and brown, also In fancy manlsh Your choice all Ilil.-i week Fine Tailored Suits at $35,00. High grade man-tailored Suits, embodying this season's most desirable styles for fall and winter wear. Models with short, medium or 36-Inch length, coats in fitted, semi-fitted or cutaway effects, plain -tailK^ed or Jit>lii5hly finished with braiding. The skirts are variously plaited and either plain or with self-fold at bottom, come in all the newest faUstaadea and maaista mixtures. Price ISSJM mixtures. Sale of Long and Short Coats. r>2-inch All Wool Cheviot Ladies' Coats, special pri<'e lor tliis week !S.'i.!»S .'.2-inch All Wool lilack Cheviot Ladies' Coats nicely trimmed in braiil and. velvet. Special for all this week ii!7.!»H .".O-incli .Vil Wool Kersey Coats in . black, castor and tan, beautifully trim nied; a regular Jli.OS values. Special price for all this week *10.(Ml A great variety of Long. I^iose Coat.s in black, brown, tan, dark red, leather shade. I'ltces range !!ii:>.(i«. •^MUM, ip2«.IW, *2.->.IIO Superb Array of Short Coats. In Imported Caraculs, Silk. Beaver, Crushed Plush and Fine Wool Cloths. ...... flioO, $13., »18, $25, $55, $10.

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