Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
Page 6
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U. B. ABOLISH OFFICE OF FRESIDDfG ILDEB? ESTABLISH SUTER- rVTEXDE3fT S OFFICE. REV. G. E. BERTCH CHOSEN ACTION WAS TAKEX .4FTEE EX- HAtSTITE. DEBATE. Proceedings of Third Day of Conference Were Interestlnj? and Helpfnl —Rey. Brook's Serinon. * Yesterdny afternoon's s«-ssion of the U. B. conference convoned at 1:45. Rev. .Mr. Howell of EHrlton, Conducted tlir» devotional services. At the sound of the gavol at 2:00 the bishop called tlio nieotlnsc to order. Several reports of pastor.s were taken up and passed. Tosslbly the most Important report of tlip conferen-.- the one that iln' irr.vTnst iiitore?; taken In was tin* roiiori of tlio ^ dary committee ropatding llu; changing of the plan of tlu' confer.^iu'" from two presiding cldor districts to one and the man elerie.! io work as a .superintendent plan. .Vfii'i- niiiio a heated debate tlif confo 'tnc"' provt'd to be evenly divided, nut the final action decided in favor of on*' superintendent. This is tlio action of most of the conferences of ilie cliurch. A ballot was then t.Tl.r-n for the one superintendent wiiirji resulted in tlie election of RPV. t;. ]•:. B.^rtoli of Pittsburg, toy a largo vote on first ballot. A. G. Harnpr. .1. M. Altof^r ani Row O. D. Wellbawm of Imlepi-ndencc •were appoiniea a couMiiltteo tf^ll^rs to count t: e voie« for rklo.^att.E to ihe next general rniiieri=!ic»'. The laymen's confercne? rei'orrt-fi names as candidatps Dr. Brooks, of Dayton, deliverp.l an aiidr'?., iu hehaii of Union Dibiic.ll Perainary. The hope of salvation of man from BIOI • Chrldtlanlty Is the befit religion. It never needs to change Its table. The best of life has been bron^t throngh- Christianity. History furnishes the proof. Wliat we need is to bring it into the life—embody it. It was for that Christ came. This is the 'more abundant life.' I do not know what life is but I know its manifestations. They tell me the quality of the life. You may shout if you live It. Don't tell me you are holy. Live It and we will name it. O. I thank God that Jesus Christ came forward and opened the book and loosed the seal and made possible the way to life eternal." Morning session. Devotional exercises by G. A. Hendershot. • The records of yesterday's session read and approved. ! ilr. Gabel, general church erection secretary of Dayton, O., was then in troduced to the conference. | ;independence gave an invitation for the next annual conference and It was decided to hold the next session tlipre, R. H. Bennett of lola. was elected a member of the executive cor.::-.iitee of thp men's movement for ilie conference. \ Presiding Elder Berteh was elected superintendent of Christian stew ardsl;ip of lire couforenco. Rev. O. G. ^"•-samore read a splendid p^per on ; france which was adopted with usslon. R.'v. IT. li. McHugh nuiM. 1 report on nipmoirs. two mem 111 r.-- of the confcroKCc dying, during the year. Rev. G. H. Hinton and Rev. Kanffnuin. .\ resolution was presented by H 1.. SMi(!er r'eomni«'n <iing that the oourorciice sniit 'rinlendent put the maior part of hi.<? iin>«* on the weaker Pcldn. Rev. Mr. GarJield.' of Ih Baptist church was introduced to the conference. Rev. Mr. Strohp read a paer on the Christian Home. At 10 a. ni. The Bishop delivered a masterly address on "Jonahi one of the I.Tnique Characters of the Bl bl". The bishop is a si rone believer in r.'t' supernatural and hence is a he it'vcr in the whole canon of scrip- tiuo. Following this a subscription of .jr^rifi was taken up to help open our work in Coffevville. ( At 1:00 p. m., the ladies of the lo \IV.\. (J. r. ni-KTI'ir. l ..JuVirnre Su|H >r !nlciul «Mil. bishop then annmiuced the couunittt-f on Old Minister.-? Homo, namln^^ .1. R. Chambers, N. I^. Vezie and G. E. Berteh. Rev. C. M. Brooke. D. D., manager of Bonebrake Theological Seminary, spoke in part as follows: j Rev. 5: "Who is able to open thc- book and break the seal thereof." j Sin brought a great difficulty intoj \the world. We may not know wliati the purpose of (Jod was iu making j man. Probably lii.s glory. Bui ilie. creation is one '.liin-^ and his fall is another. We l;naw iiotliiiig of the or-; Igin of sin but lis hen- and itr, necessary if man Is to bo saved to have a savior. ! Back In the ages when man fell arose the question in the courts of heaven how-to n.'scue man ami ti..; pect the Justice of Coil, it ;>. question that brought sil.nce in heaven until the son i.l (lod ciune icr- ward and broke the real and nolveil the question. In order for n l)eiiig to hel|) ai''> i. or being It Is iiectsinry to li.u. tyiu \ pathy for hini; in onlir to iin.' .s. u. ; patliy for him It Is teee:; ir> lo , fer with hlui. tlo'! Alinicim m hi^. Hon Oame to i-Xpil !• HnLill,;:i of man. yel Willhml Il.r I A!'i'l i.m-i' ol Kin. lie HIOIIC lo JH iolii pllSh thiH iHHiC IMltt 111 lli'f the OIIIY (ai church chartered street cars and save the conft .-rencc a trip 1 to the suburban places of the city. The services this evening will consist in a .Sunday school rally. Several special addresses will be delivered. Sunday's Announcements. .Sabbath scliool at 9 a. m. Love feast at 10:00 a. m. .\nnual sermon by Bishop W. M Weekley. D. D. .Mass meeting of all churches at 2:.'^0 addressed by Hev. W. R. McE roy of Topfl;a. Kas., fiield secretary of B<*idervvolf forward, movement .Subject, Three, fold plea for evangel ism. Y. P. C. r. led by Rev. Frank May of Holion, Kas, at 0:30. Preaching at Home^Made Hardwood Floors Why not t\irii your old floors^ into what looks lii:e— and .'re practically as good as hardwood floors? You can liire some <uie to do It or do It yourself if you have time. - have crack fi!ler.-5 to fill hp ^he cracks and holes iu the boards. Then \ou use wood, • stains or varnish stains to give -the oak or cherry ctfeci or some other color. AIJ sens of finishes carried also. Evening Services. !<•.! :\I. K. -liev. <;. E. Berteh. Trinity M. IC-Ri-v. F. M. (lllletl. I HI Pivshyierlan—Rev. 0. D I Well linuin. 'III.' Uiiil.lers—Rev. .\. C. F ' "rry ' II I'ai.iist - Hev. r. C .riampHt. t .iriMlaii Hev. .1. n. rhnmhTH. Cih ("in iKi MethodlHi—Rev, H. K |-(«.|.' (;.!•> (IU I'lilted I'reHbyterlan^Rev ( I llolM.-r. I :illai |i«' l«i MelhodlKt—Rev. N. I. \'.',|e M Ilie cloK..' ol III.' nioiiilitg Hyrvlci III. I'l.tliop ^^l 'l lead Ilie appoliii ,nientu U'V I.H' i-oiiiilllt ve ;ir. LEOALS' (FirPt Pubil.^hed Oelolier I*.'. liinS.I \«llce of .\ppolnlfnent (iuurdlnii. Si:Uc of Kansas, .\llcn Cminfy, HS. I.. ,t)ie mailer of the estate of Evllno jUveiiuyer, a iior.-o;i (.f feeble mind, o .Mien County. Kansas. Notice of Apiinlntinent. Notice is hereby given, that on the lOth day of October. A. D. 190$, the ; undersigned was by the Probate ponrt of .\llen County. l'Can.';as, duly appointed and Qtialiiied as guardian, olf the estate of and person E\'lino Overniyer, a i)ersoii of feeble mind, of Allen County. All parties interested inj said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. M. KELCY RO^S, 10-12-19-20 Guar,dian. BorffirsDrngStor? Drags and Wall Paper JWMST SIDE SQUA^RE.! W. H. Hough Coming. •Justice E. G. Hough, is anticipating a visit with his son, W. H. Hough, of Idaho. Yesterday he received a! telegram addressed to bis son, relative to a business deal in Idaho and be, thinks the son is on the road to ^ola.j NEW YORK STORE 400 Sample Lace Curtain Ends Prom one and one-half to one and three- fourths yar^s long, in white and ecru. Your choice Tuesday, each SEE OUR NORTH WINDOW DISPLAY THEY HOLD THE CUP Bowlut anri Stovor Succeetafutly Defend Title of Tennia Champions of Allen County. Itowhis and Stover, who won Ilie cup iit the tennis tournameut of., lito" Hucceafully defended their titio In the game with Peet and Turner of l.^iHarpe yesterday afternoon on the Penn.sylvania courts. The first two games of the set were easily won by tlio defenders. Peet and Turner won tlie third game by a close score but were unable, to deliver the goods in the last game of the set. About tw hundred enthusiasts witnessed the game. This afternoon the final game in tlie contest for the singles is beins played on the Pennsylvania court between Peet, the present holder of the cup, and Owens. This afternoon': ?ame closes the tournament for this season. HAVE COMMISSION The lailies of the Second Baplist church are preparing for a Hallowe'en enlertainment for the l)enent of the church. .1 Nebraskans Visiting Here. '.Mr. and .Mrs. George B<'rry, of Bas sett, Nebr., are visiting at the home of I). K. Barker. Mrs. Berry was n delegate to the Ktate convention ot till* R. N. A. of Nelirnska, which convened last week at Lincoln. After a short vlHlt here Mr, and .Mrs. Berry will Ko 1 (1 SI. .loe. .Mo., for a VIKU with relnlivoH and frIendH. --Just lecelve.l iinother Hhlptnent of N'unintlly 'H Cnndles at llurrell 'K dnitj Kiori'. Truth CLtid appeal to the Well-Infonncd in every walk of life and are essential ttf permanent success and creditable standing. Accor- ingly, it is not claimed that Syrup *A Figs and Eli.xir of Senna is the only remedy of known value, but one of many reasons why it is the best of personal and family laxatives is the fact that it cleanses, sweetens and relieves the internal organs on which it acts without any debilitating after effects and without having to increase the quantity from time to time. It acts pleasantly nnd natimdly and truly as a laxati%'e, and its compbnoat parts are known to and approved by physicians, as it is free from all objectionable substances. To get its benefic^ effects always purchase the genuine- manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., only, and for sale by all leading drug­ gets. President of Kansas ColIegcM Want u State Board to Superintend Work. Topeka, Kas.. Oct. 17.—The conference of ttfe president of the Kansas colleges and the stale board of education has ndo]ited a resolution askin.e that the legislature provide for a permanent educational commission to look after school laws of the state. Many ofjhe Eastern states now have these commissions. The Kansas teach ers at their meeting a year apo. appropriated %'.',0\) to pay the expeuse.<* of one this year. Governor lioch appointed the coniinission and it is at work now. There were aboii! twenty presidents or representatives of |>resi- denis of Kansas colleges at the conference and everyone was heariily in favor of a iierninnent commission. This commis.sion would examine school sy .stems in various state."* and study the needs of Kansas so It roiild draft laws that would be lieiiefilciai to the school children of the slate. I'nder the present arraiiKeinenl school laws ar*> very miieli innddleit. There li .is been no revlshm for )e:irs and It Is hard for allorneys even in study oui Just what (he le^nl rei|iiire- mentH are. In addiilon to uskltm for Ihe eHlllbllslimeiil of Ihe eillical iiiiiiil eonimlsHlon the presidents asked thai the confi'rence In- iiiinle all aiiiiii.'il feaiu re BASKET BALL RESULTS. Interesting Contesta at the Y. M. C. A. Last Night. THOS. H. BOWLUS, President. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK \ Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck. L. C. Beatty. A. J. Pulton. W. J. Evans. J. o. Rodgera, W. L. Bartles, Thos. H. Bovvlus. WE ISSUE OUR own DRAFTS OM ALL tUROPEAM POMT8 SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM $2 TO $5 PER YEAR. INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. I«nst evening two basket ball teams picked from the members of the Y. M. C. A. symnasium classes gave one of the best demonstrations of the game ever given on the Y. M. C. A. court The first half was almost devoid of errors and every man on both teams is credited with a star play. Team number two defeated number one In the first half by the score of 19 to 23. In the second half team number one "tightened up" and during the balance of the game had' the winners of the first half at their mercy. The final score was 50 to 34. Field poa's were made at follows: H. Osborne, Peres 2, Root \. Nelton 7, Wheeler. 7. L. Nelson C. W. O.s- borne 6. Foul goals: Root ti, A. Kelson 1, Wheeler 1, W. Osborne 1. The ine up of team number one was: Wheeler. L. Nelson, A. Heigele, W. Osborne and Means. Team number two, H. Osborne, Peres. Root, A. Nelson and Mason. Presbyterian Church. The First Church: Rev. S. S. Hilscher, pastor. At 11 a. m. tin- ser- n'on will be preached by the Rev. W. n. HeE'roy, of Topeka. the field »ec- r.Mary of the Kansas forward movement in evangelism. In the evening the service will be held at 7::'.0 anil thi« Rev. D. H. Wellbaum of Independence, of the U. U. conference now In sesKlon In our city will preach. .Siililialh school at a. m.. and the C. E. .MeetluK at G :no p. m. Little Builders' Chapel: -Mr.s. K N. JoneH, snperlniendcnf. The Boys school at p. III. The reRiil.'ir seliool at .'I p. m. llev. J. U. fhanilKTN of the ir jt. eonfi>rene(> will preach at t p. m. Rvenjiif; servlc at 7::tit. |{ev. .1. )l. I'ralher of t'edarvale, a member of Ilie r. It. conference will preai 'h. Bassett Chapel. Win. Oavis. siip- erlnlendtnt. Sabbath .school at p. m. MAGAZINES AXD PERIODICALS can be secured of J. E. Henderson who deals with the publishers and furnLshies them at the lowest price possible. Trial su'>scription to Van Norden's, S months 2JC. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye The Elsmore Fad. The latest fad of society in lElsmore Is lo take the train here and ride to some • neighboring town ftjid walk back. The first trip was made last Sunday wlien a number of our yonng ptHiple rode to Savonburg on the 4 o'clock imsHenRer and walke«| back home. We presume the distance will be lengthened on e .nch trip.—RIsinore Leader. Notice. All persona having a large picture of President Arthur please phone. J. E. Henderson. ICmma Urun.son et al to Henry RIckartH of Humboldt, lot two. blori; ::7. Humboldt, consideration JO .'IO. Charles F. Brooks of I.,amerie. to Henry Rickarts of Humboldt, lots 11 and 12, block 2. Brook andHos- ford '3 addition. Consideration $2.'»0. Ory Cleaning RegiBter Want Ada, bring results. is a chemical process of clean .Hing clothing, requiring much experience and an e.xtensive knowledge of textiles and chemistry, and the use of certain mechanical appliances. We are the only firm who meet these reyuirements in lula and we have already taken the lead in Sanitary Clothes Cleaning. .•\ trial order will make }-ou a permanent customer. lola Laundry — W2

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