Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1907
Page 5
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1 5^' HIP FniDk Torkrr ArrwtcJ for CnmpXMtj la .t<i<ia»i!ilniitloii of On«oB SbortflT. 1^ West Street^ loia; one b!odc from S iiare. Diseasafpf dnmestictnted imalssnccesisfully treated ,chu:ges 'mod.erate.good boxiitallsforpaiientt Calls aaswered promptly night or day, 2o yeais experience. Veterinary Deiittstry a specialty. Honor tMuate of Oatario Veter -M" V,";'* '''1'?''%'"^!'' rxiilK-'inii. iii.-ii he kni»w.« Die names t)f- ihe men who exploded ihe bomti anti Mtai he wns wKhIn forty yards o( ih'' lp«nih wlii'U it u;is si 'i ofT. Uf snyr I'll.- iiihcr two nii'ii :u n 'lii>lr 4v ;i> :.i <"/nyenfH'. t;ranit.\ Ore., Oct. 9.—Frank Tifk- r-r uas arrested here >ef!lerd ;jy on siispli-ion of heiiJK an aecoinplU'e to I he ns.vis»lnn(ton of Harvey K. Hrowii Inary College, Prop. Hospital PhoiM 1068 Res. Phone 139 'NOT HOW CHRAI*. BUT HOW GOOIV GuntherS Ciindies! A Fine Line on Di>pla3-. at SPENCER'S ni.KS ( I IlKII |\ « HI H IIWS, PO'/.O lONT.MKXT in ;;ii:ir:iiiii>.'d n i -iir>> ;i:iV i;ifn' of Itcliiiii:. IlUiid. Illee<l- or I'iMTiulilii: ill il III II <l;iy.' o; iiioiH'v I .•fiiiuli'il. .'iiic. lOl. \ S«H!.\LISTS TO >!KFT. J. r. Witliron Will \iJr(« \ndiencr «ii Siindjiy. CITY yETTi. Moler Rarber C«»l'.eKe. Kansas f Ity, Mo. Teaches the trade hy free clinic and caretul Instructions in few weeks. Positions waiting for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. •THERK IS a sluntau.- of yo'ini: ladies who dance.' i.< th." II I -'.T tlia; Some of till- young nit-n are pnuin^ f-p. The nt-w Ec.'ips.- lianciiis club is ti» have a bi.s daiic<' lomorrow nifiht ar the .M.i.sonic hail and so many of the voiinK ia«Ji»-s of that crowd have EOU'^ away to school or are o;it oi" town that it lias i.-aus.d a slionac>' 1 nl.^.«.s >nme of ihe .voimjf ni»>n do some rustlinp tlieri' will dou!'rl <'f-.-' h< Si 'Veral "" :i! tlm ilniicf tnnior row ni.uht. Mrs, T.>t wil! oiMi) Ii.uiiiii^ t In Mu.'ionlc- lia'.l Viid:iy .-niiiu. " Ulh. N o"i-lork and ;i cliDilriMi' < ' : Saturday at ii. in. - Tlii' I'ola Siv -ialists jiro ro have a liij ini 'e .jnK n'-\t Sunday afteinoou ai t;ie I'nion Ijlior hall, when W. T U'ifhr-iw. the local rirsnnizi»r is ti a tall; on it» .-'ilij. <-t. -Th- Tan .P': nl fl'.e Wa;.Mr Withrow wil •ii: • ;i .'w of economic comlliion' »r.i! ••> H Tiy :o .<l'Ow iliar ihr- tinif haf i'..n!i' lor Ih ' coiryiii^ out of Focialis :•• il.'a^ insieail of 'hn iiicccnt forn ailininisiralioii. The Socialist-: in loin «:iv rhrif :he^ are qra'lua'.'.v •jaiiiitii; in inr-nilnTshi'. .•:;i(t that ih" "'n*' now nntnlifip " nii 'tiiln-rs. six of ivhoni ar" woin^r Tlie rliib cxi^ci't-; :o hold mi-i -iinps ev {••••y Siind .ty aft.'.iionn :\V. tl'.rottsh ih- ll.-!iry i: .Io!i.-.-;. of Tampa. I'ln wrii.-s: • I r.-iii ihank find for m rr.'s.-ni 1 I.»-I 1 T1I. due to ^VlI ^•y'^: Kidne <-"M!-O. I tiif-d docrors and all kinds' c. kidney ciir<--, lint nothing iliil m- miicli t:f>od till I took Foloy's KIdne- Cui'V I-'o'ir hiiiMe.-? cured tne. and Uavo no more pain in my hark an shoulders. I am rtj years old. and siif feii'd loiii:. l;iiT thank-i to Fo!e-."~ Ki<" •ii-y fiire 1 wi -l! and can walk an ^njoy ri.'y.-e!f, it is a iil <'a .>;ui<' m rec ••>;iinipnd to iliose needini: a kitlne Ti;«->dicine •• Hiirroil':; Drne 5?rore. STKKKT (•onillii>.-:iiii<-:- .1 S ei- wei.i til t'liaiiijii- tliis ni'iniir.i; "ii a liiisiiios xis'I. M<" •.»•!!! [iiK-ch.i-f •••'\>-^ {nr h'.< rcsidftf" j-roiwrty. Wanted—Everybody ?n know . W. B. Keiley & Son hjve moved their fran.sfer and Ftorago o ^Ice to I'll JViuth Washinctim. OlTice and Pay Phone. 290. • Residence and night w Phone IV. nEV. HICKS th- .var.p.-'i-t who is lo. conduct Uie revival s.-;vico> at tiio United Bretliern c!i'.:r.-h canio in la.-' eveiiini: frnn» Ms !io;ii.' :i\ O'.iio. II" nil! .qpeah in rliis c • - :h!> v.^trnt' From Iiere lie will L.I to ilarm-tt where he will aiteii'! ;!io conf.-r»-nct after which he wiil hcziu the r-'i'lvai ««"'rvic.=.=: here next Snmlay !iip!:f (in i.nvT Kxn.\i\ IT. .Sfiintlard OAiciuI Dmi't Know Wher -Vs.ets .\rc. N.-w York. Or'. The transcriids o, 1. liai'i-s an'l journals of the Old •^taiiiiai-i! Oi! •lii.--!. and sev.>ral of I'.!;. ••I'iilaiy <-i.iii|.aires wnri- placd It • 'viiieni' in.r.iv i'l the >;ov.'rniuent !i'-;)!iiiK (""lai.iii-o (;. Fay. am! the I .-issi-tant .•iiiii't ir <f the Standard OI' I cinr.Miiy of New .Jersey. w.>re again "in tl.e stand. .-Mtorncy K^IloRc call- '>r| attention lo ihe h.ilance pheet.n of the .>^iaiidmii Oil conii.aiiy of Kan s li.r on wliich stoel.s of th" Soiti:.rn 'Ml T.ino .Mniiial O' c imp.iii.v. i)ie White fJoMen I.iilirica lion company. C. P. W.icner & Co.. li. 'iick .V Co.. and the Protection O 'i oi)nip :i ;iy ai.ili -1 :is a=?et>:. Fay -rid could 111.: '••xplain wliy th. i'.-iintii-^ ^hi^e'.s in ibe f.-ijlowinsj y.-'ar.- liid !ii ' t-liow w1i;i( Iind hecoiiie.of all T.,.i-> auvi why they wore written rf{. 3. T. Tanner, licensed anctionepr Hnd sale crier. >orth .VfRea, fia* City. • MR.S. n. H, BE.VVETT -•'^f: mornins for Och''iet.T. 1 T . wiif; will vi.iii her brother P. E. Waaeh, ItniUi. Phone IM Office OTcr Barreirs Draff Storft , "MR. CEO HARKNE-Sj:. of r.-fstr.n. Iowa, is liore vl.sitiii'~ his =is'-r. Mr^ A. I. Heahm. Mrs. CantrelL Phone 10>7. THE FR A TEIINAL Uroth'^thnoi! wijl pive an oy.stf-r s-.ipppr on their regular meeting nichr this w^eb. FOR i?ALE—''an Val'r-v rolo,- /aiflo. Irricated la:;r1.-^ in .-mal! tracts "we <-an .sei; on iiwu^h',;. j.-iMii'-.-ii fo: full rKir"'''>'-ars •.x;:'-^ i.;- v:\\\, Whitaker & I)"n:i>-;!. MIS." EI .rZAItKTU ^;!;i;!. a ^'i- ate of th'" lola r.;i.-ii.>-ss (ol.>•»:••. ha> accepied a position as .-t.'!)oi:rai.h":" in Ihe city clerk's nflicc I have a liiitn '.i.r of si-cun.l hjinii Sewinp -Mutliiti'-s as KomX a- ;i»-w SlUKcr Sewinc .Macliin.^ (.'I'lnpaTiy. 11'; Madison avenue. THE MODER.V r..-o-ii. rl .o.-l of America at th '-ir i*;;'i;.ir n.'-.'itjc npxt Thur.sday ni = !i' wi,; initiat.' several new nv<'ml '<'vs af '.-v wM'.ih i?- freshraf-nts will \<f M !-vf-(j x.] i:-.f-:ii- brrs invitPtJ. Dr. BrrnoIdR. Pbonp SS((. Re*. (14. 'KO thai L. M. Jones ot Kanaaa Citr didn 't b?Uevc In tbe Utt1(> saying "It jLiys to adveril««»." say« th^ Pho«»nlx. I AI that lime Mr. Jonos was jirwil- d< tU of an obscure Utile dry goods store in Kansas City. Mr. JonPS knew he ' -as a KtK )d merchant —at l«»ast he thoiicht he knew. He ItciUKnt well, and .••r.ld at 11 profit. A year passed and Mr. .lones still occupied hl.s little oh.Bcnrp store on a .1? d» siri 'et. very much out of the way ,of"1be hiKtllns. bnsfline crowds oi Cansjis City. Mr. .lones had seen the ih-i- sior.'s around him grow rapld- y. lie wall h.'d ihem can -fully. oiii> il.-iv an awakciiiiiir ^ame in tr .I.1II1-S III. iiidiiliHl that he wasn't .•'\.>r 'i.>iini:; i -iionrh. 'I'li.>v«' art' two ihin;;s that have r.aili- Mr. .Ion's on<' of the leadlni; ri<>ii of Kansas Cilv: ori>' thine !.•« his brains, the other is n»"rve. W'.t'n Mr. .lones undertakes to do • tliinc. hi- does it. .And when Mr. .loiu-s ilecided he asv .'l aitv ..-rlisin)! r>nf>U (;h. he ilid the ''in:: Tliat his brain.n prompted him '1 lio Hi> sia'ted an advertisiiie •ciifiai'-n. That was easy. .-\tiy tnan 'lU 'l liave done that—wotilil have started it. .M;-. .Io;i.\; Javishe ! monev ripht at:.' f-, r»iTi ;hlo pace a.lTt to at>- <»:ir 'V. all the jiapTS. Till' oilior merchnni.s sneered at so -••aM n Mor»" as Mr. Jone.s" advert is-a a wav that If.'? entire capital oult. tie consHm ,-»d before the year ;it t !in' Was about fifteen years aa-i. 1.) i>i». morchant.s nf Kansas City, thi-y tboii ^lit the;, were wid" »M 1. C. ar-- --till siuti 'lioi-inc. I; loo'.;.'-! to Mr. .Ion«'s it was Ii uoini: on' ami noiliin -J cominK in •It 1;<> I; "pr his P'TV The itoilble ic- ni!v.^rt!s«'m»'n's coniinu-^d to aii <:ir. tlay after day. I 'n.iy .«oon fht? pen |il'-> l)ec;in to it II;. ai ;il take not'ce. "Whi 're is this oni 's store." lb -y 'lejan to ask. Ti-.c advcrtisenii-n's loid them where i'.o .l .iiK 's store was. They also toM hem of barKalus that woul.t not be ".iiiiI ill otlirr stores. In two yeai -s .lones mov.->d to other i:a':.-rs 'I'li .'y »<-r.' larger and :;r. I i!;. in-art of llie riiy. f'l-.-ff.- !-oii!i the .Ion.'- Hrv Goods • iinpiuiy lii.iv.'il aeaiii. It niovi'.! a third time. T>i .l;iy til.' .Ion's Dry Coods com;!•••. '.::is til'- larces' store iu Kan•::is City. An-! that r.'if aU. If hav the larg- s; sfor«> w ./st of Ci.icaBo. Now they r.' liuiliiii'.; an :iiidition. Wlien coni- ),-.f ihcir f -iore wii! cover an entire ty biock. Ill" larB-St block in Kansas "i 'y. Thi'i:- l .uiliiin;.' is six stories Ii is in ib.' beari of Kansas Ci !y. .M;- .Iiiiiis ii.-vir iiKni 'd I" ll"' heart -if K;v.ii -a- City ll" si;„-.-d lo. Then 'i.' maile III., h .arr of K.insas City ove to him. -Ml Ill's aii'l mor • Mr. .loiu-s has !:'ne in fifte.-ii years. If -oil will tail; to .Mr. .loues he •••ill iittrb'.ile lis success to one thinp iie\v>naper advert i -^In'.; lint tlii-re is another t '.iine of which •r .lones wiil say nothimi. That thing - hi .s nerve. Wien fhlnss loolc -'d the 'ik'-'. Mr. .lone? ke;>t his nerve— •• '. ':e k. Pl on ailverti.sinR. Used in MilHons of Homes? 50 Years the Standard. A Pure, Cream of Tartar Powder. Makes finest cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit, delicious griddle cakes, palatable and wholesome. N OTE. — Avoid baking powders made ftom alum. They look like pure powders, and may raise the cake, but no one can eat food .mixed, with.alum_without risk, to health. 4.'H. T. .4. Wm T17 !• Swan Xezt XwttBt forlala. lolB has the best chancis In thd world to secure the next .state convention of the Anti-Horse Thief assoelar linn. The conventioh is to be held this year at Cbanute, Kansas, and any number of persons over the state have expressed a desire to see tb« state meeting come to lola nest year. President Wood. W. D. Cope. Col. J. B. AtchLson and other members of (he Allen county organization are in favor of thir idea of thf meeting coming to loin next year and will work and try and secure It. A meeting has been called hy President .lohn Wood for next Friday nichi at eight o 'clock at the office of .1. li. .\ichl8on on the east side of the square for the purpose ot electing five delegates to the state convention lit Chantite. It is the aim to elect Are wide awake workers as the Ave Allen county delegates, so that they can work for the next meeting. _ The state convention of the A. if^. .\. would bring between three and seven hundred delegates and would mean a big thing in the way ot advertisement, etc.. for lola. .\TE FLT POISO>. .V Fine Dojr Owned hy Jim Bryant Died From Effects of Poison. JMHII1B.VH;H CASK TO.MOKKO>V.|.\OVKL LECTIRE .VT Y. f. A. Pamoas Franklin fount) (ase lo Hp^.SlnmM of Chlcaffo" lo Be Shown on Heard. * ! Thursday. The fij-.sf of ,hf' ce)e))r.ated RoJir bfiuRh casi-s is to isuu • tip tomorrow | in illsiric; court. The first case Is that of Ueihany v.s. .Nellie Hubbard. 'I'liere ;ire three cases, all f?rowing out of ihi- partitbui of the' KohrboWKh estate at Ottaw:i. Tb.'y were broiipht to .Alien t-oiinty on a | chance of venue. 1; is allegeil that, the defendant s >'ciir;.'il from Mr. Ruhr ; bough through fraud the deed m c 'r -i lain Ottawa property. It is nirihe;-: ^llesed that .Mr. Rolirbou^li wa:; m-ii-, tally inc.t|..-ib(e 0/ ra(;;fiK care of Itls business at liiai titii.-. .\ nunili '-r oi' Ottawa peopb- will ;illi'll.l itie tii:il PUKP.VI{I\<1 tIFFUIAL >OTI('KS. \«iliie. .v.-r-ons svbo kiiov. jf a.'.-,-. Hater or r,>s sf-rvii e >..i\- wliirh 's o|i.-n, litis off or not iii w.irkiii? '•r.ler. or of anv stie.-t liphi whic'" io.-s ip.- '.i-,rn i .-suiariy. or of an,^ ; 'eak.s o! li'ber frortt a fire by liiant. (i:- a ; : •v:iie conti.-ciiin Ple;t.- no'if-.- \.:y n'.iire. ]iliii!;.^ Ini; of cnnili'i .ni V.'iii!.-;- wi-l s'''on ti- nnd Ih'-'- '1 i..cs \:..:y r .i;i;-^o; att. f .ii '^-.i •>> \:- I-: \V7\-r.v>i\r. i^- l!i most cases consumption results •-.mi a neclected or impronerly treaf- ^•1 cold. Folpv'.s Honey and Tar cures he most obstinate coughs and pre- -onts serious results. It costs you no •'lore il\an the unknown preparations "H1 .•-•O'I should Insist iiiwn havinc the -e-i'tiiie in the yellow packaRc. Diir- -eli's druir tsore. DK.MOC HATS PREPAKE FOR OFFICE -:uc' I Rennhllran Threats That Statehood .>Ia} Be Delayed, (uusiniir no Ahu-m. her lie i t 11,1-;.. •.viio !- , ri-aiuii..: •1! h.-n- ( i.a- II. ill. I ).-f-rr .••iieri n «-alii of J. K. Ili-udii'k. l.ifie Uo.-k. VrK . ••>—.\. y. '{-lidiek. <-i.i'.. jur;.-.- ;h.' Aik- ilisas i.iTt. I '.i.-d •oi';!V of •vi.hoiil f"v.-r. THE CA.^i: i' W. ;) ^.y.v vs .T. F Mf>on ••t a-. '"n :n .iisl'.it- i-onn -.o- ri.-.y. Sr-.:;;! a::.'':^-'s t!;:i i:i ;i !;'.';d .lea: Yr-'w.i:^ l.-i":;!!!'! 'i ••• • b " 'iefer-irtn'.-^ out n-' 1..-., •- «>•,.,.,.. .M,«.i! li^.e^ .-i .t f;;irn.-f Tu ;'-M' in: r..•••.•.^ •la. has ;•• .•• -i : V - -J. fioi:; in^. t ;i; oii from r.urhrie. Okla.. Oct. !>.—The Demo- ."ratic stare officers elect seem untei^ •iie.i ijy !{e),nbl can threats that state- hoo.I may not come. They are mak- ii::; plans fr.r taking their offices as if t-i;-h(Otl «er> here. .Many of the 'U j officers ele: 1 net here tonieht in con• l>-.enc<' with c. X. Haskell, govemor- i • lect. to "iiscuss inaugural plans, t.opan county democrats will give a i'.iriqu -t for .Mr. Haskell next week. There will be about 100 covers laid. A T that time the Democratic organiza- ton wiil liisciiss plans for the inan=- aration. T;.c- suggestion has been made that a written invitation to at- t. r:d i!i.-> ceremony be s.-nt to every I. an in f.'ie state, whose name can be i- .ir!-,.'<!. The 'indertaking would be • .K,: ii'oiis. liut the Democrats lieliex'c it «i!i l:e unusual enoiieh to at ^iiie.spread attention. I'urblnif C'nntractiir Myers Will He >otlried to ileplnci* Work. City Miorney V. .1. Oyl T I S loilay 1 preparing written riot ices to send t<i( .Myer.-, the c-urbing <-onfractor. ordering him to take ou' the present curbing on .Sdiiili Walnut sttee' and re- ' place ii Willi rurbl'ii; u:i to specif i-ation.s. Til - notices will b.> rea-ly sutiiet iiii.' this afternfion :iiifl wiil probably lie served on the cxmtractor either this, evening or tonjoiiow morning. i • The serving of the notice will mean' (hat the contractor will either have fo carry out th:-^ instrurtions of the no-i tice or sfand a suit by the city. I • How the father Half Lives, or The Sliiias of Cliicaco." is the subject for next Thursday 's stereoptlcon lecmre ai th..' Y. .M. C. -A. The set consists or T.s si d.^s of the work of the dea conesses and .«howB the squalor ann misery of the "other half." The pictures show the homes and surroundings of the jioiirer classes of Chicago, also of The efforts of the deaconesses by building hospitals and orphanages to relieve the sufferings of the poor The d <'Vcript 'ons of some of the child en lire v^ry pathetic, one llttlf girl u ilellghted over her first new Pii.r of shoes, while another; writes to .s'aiit.-t Clans, .•isking for u basket ol potatoes and a mamma, making the picitiri 's very realistic. The lecture is to begin at .S in the evening and i» fr.-e. S( IirVLEK BffElV.STER IIERE. Former Dlotrlct Cierk TIsHing lola Relatirefi. FORM STATE Al.LIAM K. .^cli iiviir Brewster, formerly district fli-rk of .All-n county, who is owner of a largo ranch south of Los .Vngeles. Cal.. came in yesterday ev- eninc for an extended visit with frien'is. Mr. Brewster Is well pleased v.itli his- new home and will return Mii-re after visiting old friends and acouaintances. .Mrs. Drewsfer is vis- i'iii.i; in Lawrence. Kansas. 1 Knnsa.o rbautniniau .Vssemblles to; Seek .Miitnul llelternient. i Topc-ka. Kas.. Oct. !<.—.At a moptinc here today of representatives of the several Kansas Cliatiratiqiia as.socia- tions, a strong mutual benefit or^i- Ization to he known as the Kansas Chautauqua .Alliance was effnnted. A coiistitutioii ancl bylaws Wf-r.- adopt>-<I and the following ollicer.s wure elected: President W. II. Eaton of Clay Center: vice pre.sident. -A. O. Ebri.shr Sterling: treasurer. C. F. Henson. Pao la: secretary. Miss Cloe Mat'.ison. Kansas City. Kas. The object of the organiz.ation Is to raise the standard of the Kansas chau taiiqiias to conform with the .standard prescribed hy the national alliance. Eighteen chautauqua.s in the state e 'ig ibie to the new alliance were- present by delgates. and five represented hy letters expressed iheir desire to see the state alliance effected. Krause's Cafe. 112 Easf street, will ktrep open now till 12 o'clock at night \V'«' serve oysters in the latest styles ami claim we are the best oyster rooks in the city. Also any kind of .-^ hort orders. Our regular meals can't i l)eat. We are feeding 200 people a (itiy. We also handle oysters by can n- quart. fJive 113 a call. Meals 23c; HI meals for $:'..r.O. ICespecffuilv .voiir.t. KRAUSE & SON. ri .ARKSOXS .VOT OX BOARD. •!i.' Fort .>;.-i .ti crrje:- to .;t:. ti-i a pic I 11 .MR.-; W. T .sricER ;;n.l .Mr .s' Hwi:,-- ' "I Coloraibi S ;.ii:i :;s. f 'olo- i.iilo, ;ivi' ill i;i" cb» lod .iv \;-iiini,' Ii- .-iTjil '.!; - .'^••i..r 'rt;'-- v. ill le•,.;ii;i ;.;:'! v;-!; In, ^ v.-.:.! ,l;,y = . D. G. DORITY RETURNS l.'a'i (Ily Connrllaian ^Tho DNap- lieured at Home Airaln. Rpu-Idtcr Want Ads.. 1e a Word. Cm-nninnication WMh the Wajestir .Say.>i Tliey Are Not Known. r .ondon. Oct. 9.—The purser of the steatier .Majestic which left New York nil fVtober :? and was stated to have amons her passengers Samiief Clarkson, the young Englishman and his brirle. was communicated with today on the subject by wireless. He re- iilied that if the Ciarksons are on :ioard ihey are traveling under an as- siinied name. :iT;.i I Councilman D. C. Dorrli .v, who dis- ' :,'....-H -.ed suddenly from h's home In ' <Mis i ''tv several days ago. has return- The family todav had nothing to •I Aiu.-i. -T f fori'iEi.i' T W Daiu'i v.-A- ;•.; (o.iav , • ' • •- •"•"o. ""'"^L \1 'c l'< .1 t''. 'e ' frf-^nds at <ias who will "Trr'a'"'«''<< *«^'. io the n.-gNfer. s'"'' "i him back. A Full Line of CRAVANETTE COATS! Good for rain or shiae Prices— $10 to $20. ! QieBaitlayJSI^ields Fenway Chocolates Have }-ou tried them? They are fine. Packages from 10c upwards. You get them only at Burrell's Drug Store West :-ideS4uar« One of the fine Scotch Terrlor dogs owned by Jim Bryant ate some fly poison which was left in Wasson & Keisey's barber shop yesterday afternoon for the purpose of killing the flies. In spite ol all the veterinary surgeon could do the dog died. Tbe animal is considered one of tbe most valuable In the city. .ITRS. CHADWICK WORSE. The .V/nd of (he Xotorfoos Womao Is WeakeolBf. ' Columbus. 0., Oct. 9.— :Hrs. Carrie Chadwick. bank wrecker. Is today reported much worse. She is in the hos piial ward of tbe Ohio penitentiary. The physican declines to say howl long she will survive. Her mind Is weakening. ALLEN G. Fisher, who lives eight and one-half miles south east of lola will hold a public sale on October 22, at which he will dispose of his stock, farming Implements and household goods. He has a number of horses, cattle and bogs billed for sale, also a great deal of farming machinery and bay. Jewels that have an air of distinction and ezclnsive- ness—the lastiucr kind that one takes pride in handing down as heirlooms. Yon will find them here in great variety—most anything desired—always reasondOiy priced coixsidering the high standard of quality ntainvaint:d at this store. _.- -"I '-^JJ^fe- Ma. Fic Saate Fe aai K. K. ft. T. lUtcfe InfvtUtn, Afraid of the •Inrestlgratlon. New York. Oct. £>.—The Journal of Commerce says the shipping trade here is somewhat concerned at the turn taken by the federal inquiry into jperailons of the Standard Oil com- nany, which may lead to the Investlga tion of relations of the steamship lines with corporations engaged In heavy export business. Attention Farmers, fnportant to Ton. Dont ^Ire yoar scrap fron or /onk away. Dont allow any one to hoodoo yon ODt of same. Brlag It In yoarself and iref fall martet valae. I m bead- qaarters for serap Iron, all Uads trf Inak, eopper, brass, lead, zfne, hides, pelts, fors, tallow, wool, rairs, feath* ers, bee .<wax, e*e. I am at present paying M to 70 cents per 100 pounds for best ^des of scrap Iron. Be tare yon are at the right place and get a sqaare deal. B. L. BABXARD, Suere«i8or to L. Xrap|>, itiAS* 5ortb Bnekeye Street, lola, Kansas. WAITIXG FOR TODAFS CAME. Interest in Chka^a 'a Base Ball Con. test Is Kotlcejible. Chicago. Oct. 9.— With nerves still tense from the strain of yesterday's battle, base ball enthusfasfa gathered early to witness today's struggle for the championship ot the world. Hours before the game the streets in tbe vicinity of the grounds were thronged with people. The crowds were so dense the street car trattic at times was almost completely stopped. The weather is damp and cold, i and a strong wind is blowing. It Is thought the batteries would be Pfelster and Kling and Slever and Smith. OrTWITTED TRADT SOBRER.S. Russian Train OfHclal Returned Fhr —Saved Xoney. Riga. Russia. Oct. 9.— A band of armed men made au unsuccessfni at- lenipt Monday evening to get away with a large sum of money in transit over the railroad between stations near here. The robbers boarded the last car and opened fire on the car ahead in which a bank official carrj-- ing money was traveling. The official returned the fire and consternation reigned. A gendarme and two passengers, including a woman, were wounded. The other robbers escaped The bank official saved the money. THE r. P. IXDOttSED HARROIAX Little Opposition to the Xwpute in I the Salt lake Meeting. Salt Lake City. Oct. 9.— E. H. Harriman and his policies were Indorsed {in a resolution passed at the annual I meeting of the stockholders of the i Colon Pacific railroad company here today. The board of directors was re-elected without opposition. It had been rumored that considerable opposition to \fr. Harrlman would develop but the only anti-Harriman manifestation was the refu.«»l of a proxy for James Feris to vote his own 100 shares o fstock In favor ot the resolu Uon indorsing Mr. iHarrlman. This same proxy olTered an amendment changing the by-laws so that the chair man of the board would be accorded the power of the executive committee when the executive committee is not in session. This amendment was tabled. • Icf I«ter Waste Maf lenlta. ; Tonianow5irlt. . Cresceot TheaH Ev9iy Afimt TODAY "MABLEQriX STOBI- This Film Is 2.500 Feet Long,; Open from S to £ & 7 to 10 p.n; : West Madison. Admlsilon Sc.' Call on When needing anjrthing in the Jewdry line. »TEYER>» GROCERY Ha«4qiiartafi fif Good Things to EaL Tele|>hooe IS9 Diitillei liter One bnndrad ponnds ot Cry»^ tal Ice will make 12 gallonaol 1. distilled water ralUhla tor family ase. Try IL IttlaJce&CillStanseGt FRANK RIDOLB. agr. Evans firo& Where qnallty la main coQald^ - eration, we buy the beat Wjiat* dem.ands will justify, .va cjptrry all grades and prlcaes. ¥rm S0UOK Warn •ouTH aiDi aouMW P0L4R mm Has Sfoo^^ Test Acce|it No Olhcf 'Wm .Obetdoff^ Agt[ Livinq»toD £^ Co , •'•^>' VantncunMi -i AU Klsds ot work a apaaitfly t Soath.SycaMHk nM« IMl

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