Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOIA PAHY BEOSraig^SATUBDAY XTTEme, OCTOBEB 1", 190S. by tiis bank to the saver for increasing his or her acconnt, is not rendered in the same spirit that a promoter of an enterprise seeks to influence the investor to increase his or her amount of stock in his company. We have a personal interest in the success of each depositor. Your prosperity is reflected on the condition of this bank. Our superior service and methods of conducting business are for your Uenefit. The man or woman who wishes to start a savings account in a small way receives the same careful attention as the large depositor. If you start an account with us, we will help you in every possible way. Your determination to win will receive our siibstantial support, thus making more than possible your suecess. We invite investigation into the luanagemenl of this bank. State Savings Bank tola, Kmnaas Open from 7 to S p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights RE4D! A foTT luindrPd 14 spptions \o. 1 H-eslfrh land :it $10(10 and up. GOLDEN WEST UND CO. Office Over Iowa Storo. ' Thorpe & Hoogh ^ Contractors, Englneors, Sarrejors. Fully equipped for all kinds of strrveying, estimating, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, eidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office OTPr "Famous." Short Stories mnw lola Happenings —Dr. J. iL Pepper. DeolIsL Pbone I6S. iviayberry on Program. Tiic piu^r.-jni o; conferonoc of siii-eriiMi'iiiit'ius of the schools of Knysas in cities of tin- lirst and sec- KIK I <I: IS .-, wiiiili is to In- iit-lrl in Km- imsia OcKiliii- S-Uil and llitli, has Ix-cn ;(iiiuiiin.<<l. I 'mi. .Mavhc-ry of this ciiy is lu o|ii n ih>^ discussion on ihc siilij< (t. •ll.ivi^ Coninvrcial Subjects :i i^'iiiiaiK III Vahif as a i'art of the Uiiiii School Conrst-:" I>iof. May-" lit'iiy is a iiiouiIitT of th.- (.xociitivf ro!iiiiiiit><' of iho confi>iciico. —Always time to eat at Our Way. Use No. 7 Flour flood as? any—boilr.r llian nio;;t. non't I MMS M (iiir MEAT MARKET We handle only the liest fif I'resh Meat-s .Sriiokeil and .»^Hlt Mc-uts. We W .I lit Your PRODUCE farmors, and will iiay the liii;h"--U market price in cash or trade. Come in and pce ii*. Perl Barton in Baldwin Today. Perl n. Harton of The Register" reportorial force, went to Baldwin today to alt. lid the fiineial of a relative. .Mr.-;. Win. Plaskett. an old settler of DoiifTlas ootinfy. who died at Lawrence ninlit l>ef(ire last. —Fresh Oyster?—Our Way. What is This I Hear? i>r. n. Sliivelj. [iiesidt-nt of the W'e.sieiii .Association, was in >Jt. .lo:;i,<U invesiiu'atiii;; the h.-isi' hall pros- i peels for the comin;; year. Several (cliaiiues will he made in thi' Western I .Xssocialion next year. The Sprins- liej.t and WeMi Cii>^ fraii<':ii>es will Itoth lie for sale this coniinii year and iher<' is some qu'Siioi: of the ability , of F.iu'\ to remain in fast company. I There are several apiilicaiits for the We are sole agents for J. M. nom'.'lhenhs of tlie town or city or cities • 'wliich will he retired. Independence, Kan.. Bartlesville. OUla.. ami Salin.i. Kas.. are aU elan'oviii'.r for a place, and .Mnskocee. 01;la.. and lola. Kan., are hir.tin;; they would like to (•omi.lei- i!.—B;. .lo-- (lazetre. COFFEES and TEAS If you will Kive this line a trial you will u.<Je no other. Fryer Bros. Phone 301, 30S. lola, Kansas. Evans Bros. Ormpm, Book*, OMm Strnnk Baokm mndOlmum School Su/tpltom Tymmmn Mof Buppllma, Aroliltmci Bupnllom Off loo Su/tnllmm Where qoallty It main eonilfl- •ration we buy tbe beit. Wbure demuida will Justify, we cmrry All crtdei and prlcea. •••tk IMe Samare, lels, Kau. I —Re a Booster—Home industry— !:>'eosho River Cat at Our Way. No Bond for Hctling. l! is imnKeiy that Cns Hetlins. for- ii'er Wichita third hasf :iiaii. v.-.'o is I» i)!? liel.i at Santa Fe. X. M.. on a '''!-ir::e of at.teniptimr c"iininal assault will 111- furnishi-.j l):)il i.y the local fans and masnates. IV-t'ins; is being >!el<! in (he jajl in (ier.iii!l of $1 .'»I »0 iKiiiil. Frank !.--h< ;!• .-ai.l yester<lay that .-I'lr'areiiily H. tiin^' is in ;« had nuiddle. as In j-novvs tii.. st\li' of justice iiiete.l o::t in .\'<w .M: .\ico courts. He did not say anyt.;i!ii; coiicerninK tirovidiii.r Iwiiid for Herliim's release. It i.-: iin»h:i!.le that tliis will be left to T'e Manias City club, of which Het- liti:; is no-.v n iiieiiibe;.—Wichita ICa- .sle. !—Our Oyrters. "Way. Bennett in Ft. Scott. Attorney R. H. Bennett of lola, was in the city yesterday on businesa i!u the district court. .Mr. Bennett bald liot-n employed as one of the aiiojr- neys in the Mutchler will ease, whio-h was ilisposed of yesterday momlni^. The case will probably be filed agaiii today.—F^. Scott Republican. i They all say that Mundla ha.s the newest and hest line of post cards ib the city. • Servey in Center. { Capt. Servey of lola, visited with the ^r. A. Wecklej- family over Sunday. • He had just returned from ia trip to Pennsylvania and other easf- ern points and lea\-cs thi.s week for Oregon and will spend the winter in the I'acifie coast country.—Yaiels Center Advocate. -Frank S. Deattle. V. S. Phone 139. Scott Progressing. l.,awrenco .loiirnal: .\ newspaper ntaii who has spent a .itreat deal of time in Washington, told the writer that Charlie Scott was the coming: man on the Kansas delegation. He isaid that Scott was smart and alert. Me is niakiir.r much progress in affairs. Chancellor Strong's idea. Chancellor Strong has stated that it is the purpose of tne administration ill the University of Kansas to.' maice thai in'^iirutton inure and morej the ceiit.-i of life of me stale To this eiiil lectures,^ are otfered to Kan sas oommuniiie/: more care will t»; exerci.'ied in the helpfulness extended the Kansas Hi.^h schools in the matter of teachers and otherwise; a new dep.iriineni of industrial chemistry has been organized: the specialists in the faculty are <ievoting their i attention to the analysis of foods; the scope of the department of sanitary engineering is being widened; a water survey of the state is being made under the direction of the University: the bacteriologj- department is constantly investigating wiri! a view to standing out contagions dis- ease.s; the department of civil enein- eeriii;; has reiu'.ered ureal service ia the innitei of uood roads and road imrittiven'ent and in the t.-st-n:; of KiUi>as biiildiii!;- materials, and it' iiiaiiv DTit.-r ways the iiistitntioii is con>in- into vital relation wi'li the public interests of the state. Annnnnremrnt. Dr. Siiteliffe wishes to inform his farmer patrons and the ptihiic that |hie ha.s resumed the general practice of medicine, combining il with surgery OfTice hours 10 to II a. m.. 1 to 3 and 7 to .s p. m. Clanp Made a Hit. The Eureka Herald says: Tester- day evening .Afaster Stuart, the 12 year old professional skater closed a three nights' en.:iagemeni at the p.Tvilioii. Without (piesiion he is tie be.<-{ i-kater that has ever performeil at tFureka. He carried a large line of novel and ideasing !ict.=? and handled them in a graceful manner while the leap the ^ap illustrated Ins nerve. Such acts as t!ie grape vine twist, cart wheel, neck spring and the spieail eagle circle liroiighf out liis fine skating proclivities. One act in jiarticular t'at brought sreat ap planse was the single rtdler stilt skatr iiig. .Master Stuart made a decideil hit with the sport loving people of Knreka and when he returns he will he greeted by the same big crowd. I! you want the latest and ni.^est post cards on the market, get thetri at Mnndis drug store. Henderson to Wichita. W. .\. Henderson of lola, vvlio ba.s beeji working in the city for the pa>i: couple of moii!h>, in the intere-t of ihii N'ational .\nnniiy .\ssnciaiion. has acc. p:eil a posiiion with the Meiro;.idi-- tan School of .Music in \VichJi:i. He left this morning for Wichiia. Mrs, Henderson and Ivo children lef: jii; tiooii lor Inia to vi.-it a few tiavs. before ::ning 1 .1 her nev. lieMie - '"iierry- vale Kepiiblican. ' —runninsrhain .\. .\rnHI. « per reni money. Vi^itinsf in iula. .Mi.-..4 Xoe KU.~worih iefi today nooii for lola. where she will! fir ;i few days, befcre geinti to Tef-iim. .-h. .\ebr., where sho wiM spetid the winter at the home of he: ^randinether. Her IKirents,. .Mr. and .Mrs \). C;Mliswoi th, will meet her in loia Sund,ty to accompany her to Terunirelr for a couple of Weeks visit.—Chen y\ale It- i.iib- lictin. — r.ijier Hani'ing. Phone MI'S. Fred nowden. COLONIST K.VTES Cullfomhi, ArlKona. Ktc. l»u!ly nntl! October 31, 1908. $30 .<K» frofn lola. H UM. Santa Fe Here for Conference. Itev. Siivder, pastor of the V. It elinrch. I'-fi this afieinoon to attend < oiif. reiice .-ti Iola.--l'a:sons I'clipse. Liberal stopover privileges. Per- Bonally conducted excur.sions. Tickets acepted in tourist sleepers on pay- tneut of Pullman rate, and in chair &ir. No Better way i.f becoming acquainted with the Creat Southwest, irhere small farms yield a competence, than by traveling over the Santa Fe. Let me send you some literature about California, Arizona, etc. W. E. R.A.LSTO.V, Agent. lola, Kansas. Heneral Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and XJurbing a Specialty. OSe* 115 East Jackson kiK Phone SM. —Xirti. I.Hllirop, ONteopatM, Vhene Po3t U D Notices. .^heiiif c. (1, Uollln-'er. who is at- leii.liii,: Mie Wesb-y Stexcns iiiquest at Mi'dreil litis afteninon. will \io on 111 ."-"avoiiliiiiL: ronight to post up elect ii'ii 111)! U'''r. —Insist on barlne •'IJ. S." flov. Team Ran Away. The big dray team of the Fitzgerald Stora;;e Com pan \ r.»ii from in front of th*' office on West stie.-t across the street toward the Tremn::: this morning beiniK stopped by a teje- srapli pole. One of the bi^ animals was thrown on his back, his head resiitii: in the gutter jind hindtptar- ters on the curbiii;; rendeiinL' hiin help'es.i. .\ ^airj of men J elped the big felow to bis feii and found htm uninjured. I . i. Doil^ Wainy If YOU are sielc, don't worry, but begin at once to make yourself welL To do this, we but repeat the words of thousands. of otlier sufferers from womanly ills, wLen we say: —Anto Garaf^o and Repair Shop for all kinds of repalrlnfr. Aotomobile (iTory. Phone 883. Couldn't Stay Away. -Mr. David Coyetie catiie down from Kansas Citv to jday with the band at the bis Ke|iid>|ican rally at lola last Tue,<i|:iv Dave is tinishinz his course in ih.. Spaldiim col lege Klsnioie l.ea.ler. —Si?n pa"nting. Iihone 1428. Fred Rowden. Skidded a Circle. .\n automobile coming north on Washington avenue struck the sprinklefl street at .Madi.son aventie this mornint; and skidded a perfect circle. The occiitiiiius were -siven a good scare :itid will i>robably be more careful in the future nhour turning cotners uln-re tbe street sjirinkbT has ben 111 operntioti. SI e ilie new I'.-! fards at Muudl-- ltiii:r Store. To Buy Goods. W. .s; I'.iirdick id the tirt.i of Fw- in;.r and i;iirdi<k b ft yesterday for Ka?ii' rii inail.ets lo bii> stuck for the store —six per rent money: no commis- »lon: no delay.—Smith A Travla. W. O. W. Initiation. Last evenin.^ at the regular meeting of t!:e W. O. W. one candidate was initiated into the my.steries of the order and three applications ballot.-d upon. - ll:'\e >.iu s.. : (he .'.II l.r'.'lies' r;ili ::• l.iMlher .-^liiii s al .•^!;ields .*>ln.e .-lole in linii<m :ind bliiebi-;- 1.1:.ill atid « MI > ine. We wil .iVe M M! .".lie ;| |iai| oil -%b«.eS Bishop Weekly Speaks. ToiiioiTou afiernooii ;ii the biiy.*^' iLiitia-.; held in tile Y. .M. C. .\. Risho|i We.lJy of t!ie l-iii. ti Urtfti'.ren .-iiurch will make the talk. I'.ishdp Wci lily iia^ :;a; repu tation a.> a minister of the uosjic; a;i«l will doubib-.^.- draw a !aii;e audience. HELPFUL ADVICE J at It Win Help You For 50 years, tins wonderful female remedy, has been benefiting sick women, ^h-s. Jenuie Merrick, of Oambrids^e Cix\\ Iiid.. says: suffered greatlv with female trouble, and the doctoi-s did no good. They wnuted to operate, hut I took Cardui, and it made me fool like a new woman. I am still usiijg this wonderful incdicine. with increasing relief." AT ALL DRUG STORES MQR8NY WILL HELP Hrick business buibling in lola to exchange for f.irni. Two resiliences to exchange for a farnv—Whiiaker & Donnell. Vlslliiitr ill lola. Mrs. .1 H !:;ckie .i-id .Mr- .1. M H:<'kie Weill to luia I'li.- aluinoon in vi~ii. Tiiey wen- aci-oiiipaiii'-.i by .Mrs. Kaymond Walker of Dc.idwon 1 S l>. who Is \i-nia;; h-r moi'.H • 'd'~ .M. Kicivb- (.baiiiiie Triliin. —Oysters any style at Our-«a.v. Purkero lo l.en\en»or1h. Toil won't tell your family doctor ! the whole story al»oiit your" private illness — yon are too niotlest. You nf?e<l not LeafraitI to tell Mrs. Pink- bam, at Lynn, .M :i .<i.<., the thinfr.>s you rould not explain to the doctor. Your letter will In- held in the strictest f-on- lldence. From her va.«Jt eoriesj»oiid- pnce witli sick women during the p.isl thirty yeai.s she may liave piined ihf very knowletlpe that will ii.-lliyt»iir«' Sn«li let tiMSJis thel'ol- Pi:iJS()N.>J WvNTlXn boy or cirl to woik for board while attending schoo' niMiIv at lola Business College. Pbone 4'.>r. To Mi.«isissippi. ^frs. II Perk left last evening for .Valvina. Miss., \\ here she will visit her brother for seveial weeks. Mrs. "deck's brother owns ii large cotton rjinntalioii near Malvina. KstiHUrtes cheerfully given on ^1 *'««"k: rPbos^ 610. B*"*. 409 S. Bnekeye. _ I picture with each pound box —Foda Wafer, the Our Way kind. Oil Well at Bronson. E. T. Holeman struck oil Monday on the Shopshire plac•^ after drilling through 2." feet of oil bearing sand. Mr^ HoJentan says this well is as good a one as is in the fielh. Holeman Jtros. have bought the Pnrdom wells, which have been at rest for two years and which will bo attached to the Brons;oii mains. This ought to make the service much better.—Pilot. Chateau Chocolates, the kind you have afways bought at Mundis Drug Store, has afbeautlfiil Passeportant If all -ii -M.^ do not tali l.eaveiiworlh ! lowinjr, from {rr.tlffill WOiiieii, CS- will be the he idi|ii.i rtei-> for of tli»> C W. PaiKer .ViuiiM'mein ("u. sbow,- before anoUiei iiiojiih.- |ia.'».-e.s. :iM not <inl\ this, but it uill have the plant of the amii-iiiient company which employs finni iim to "im men— carpenter.-, pafnii is. bl;ick atttli-. lue- chani.-!s. wood wmkers. ei • - Leavenworth Tinier. —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. Mrs. C. I''. .Smell retimied to Inia Monday after visiting; her daui.'ht<ir. Mrs. W. W. .Smith.—Canes rhronlcie; .\s to |{i->oiirt 'eo. The Foreman of the furnaces to Satan went and .«aid: We iiui.-r husband our r «'sources or the firi -s will ionn be «lpad; for the brimstone miiies are failing, and 1 have the gravij'.st fears, that our pipes wiil all be frozjen in i)erhaps a dozen year>. " Then tjhe devil sat and ixmdereil. and he said: ••fve often ihoii>_'hi. in the cnurseiof pas.-^ing aues that we 're keeping Itell too hot: there are other wav.-, to t ir- tiire than to cook on blazing pyres, .so I^'think we'll close the dampers and put out lite biggest fires, and |he damned who come to suffer for tluir evil deeds and wrongs, they will hive tp sit and listen while we sing il'jem Campaign songs."—Bipporla Gazette. . sift!/: :..,Pyff.^tiy>fitttint vn!!.c ta )tli .<h I>eyonil a doubt the powerof LYDIAELPINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND to fonquer ull feinaiR di.sf-ase.s. Mrs. Nonnun R. l)arndt,of Alleu- towij, }'a., write.s: •• Kver since I was si.\teen years of age I had .-lulfered from an organic dc- rangeiueut and female weakness; in consequence I had drtradful livadaclies and war»e-Vtreniely ucrvons. My phvoi- cian said 1 luuot go through an operation to pet well. A friend told me about Lydia K. Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound, and I took iland wrote j-ou for advice, following your directions carefully, and thanks to you 1 aiu today a Well woman, and 1 am tilling all my friendb of my e.\perience." FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN For thirty years Lydia E. Pink- ham'rt Vegetable C'oinpoiujd, made from rtMd.s and heri>.s, ha.s b^en the stjtndurrl remedy for female ills and ban positively cured thoiLsandiiof women who have bet-n trriubled with fiiisplac-ement.s, inilanunation, uleeiu- tiou, tibroid tumors, irrescnlantie.-*, peiiodii; i>aln^ backache, tluii bear- Jng-down feeliog, Hatulency, indies. tioti,dizsctness,oriiervou5 prostiut ton. Former loia Minister Connected With Charity Work in Kansas City. Tile l,<'avenwt)i<h Times s.avs: <":;;uity w<irk in Kan.s-as City, or at lea^i 'ha; part of organized endeavor • f-presenied on the Moard of .\s.soci- ai'i! t'liariiies. is to be put upon .a pew basis It wiil be t'le b'isiiiess of l.oaiii ibis vear a.'i.f in .-il! futiiie ;ir:.: to s>Memati/.e :it:d diiecl ill.- crilj.ctioii :ind ilistribution of moii»-> provisioll^. cloi)!in4 .'iiid otiier offer- ins.s. for the benefit of pe».ple who de.- Si-rve a.s.sisr:uice. ICr.-ry braiich of •:ie 'Aorlv will b.'ive its own acnoii. ..c-miiers who will conduct its man- a?iiui at under the ;;f'ner:il supervision of the directors of the .Associated .•nrird. coiif'-rrin--' otj the matter of collections and applications for help to jirevent tie- indi.-criininate di.-- bur.-:eii:ent of funds and imposition? 'ly proii ssional indi.gems who make •! practice of fjettin.:; a" living wiili- iinT worl;. .Vboiit 12 omaViizat ions ire repr'-eiiT.-d oil the boaiil now .vliii'ii stands ;is follows, see,.ml '•:'!t!cit's bavinu: been lillid a? a lu-tt iiii; he'd xisterd.iy afternoon: Hi" \V. .1. May. .Iiidiie W. .M. .Sutton. C ' lir.icUavi. W. It. CbibN. Win Keli\ Ir. C. n 1|. wbrt. .1. .1 IJii'i^ai. W M. I'.:aii!erd. II W. Hiirr. I. <:. Mou.iiv i.. \ I!:»!!. It. .leniiliii-s. Willaid W^•v i:.iii and tiie Rev. .bi..n |{:inib:ird In Cha^-ge of Nation Home. Tie- Ctllie N.^iioii Home will be ilae.-d i:»iii»'r <liarge of a sub-coin•nit' f the .Associated board, tin- •lail!"' eilailged to the SiieUer Home Jlid the in>.;tiiulion conduct.-d upon !>' same basis as other members of he Associated Charltie.s. .\ central bureau for the conipila- •ion of matter to aid in t:.e inte'Ii- renr administration of the a.s.socia- 'i.^.-rs Work will !>•• maintained in -o.iie Central nart of riie city, probab- 'y in lite vieiiiity of Sixth street and \Iii:!iesofa a^eiiue. .•^Vtitabb- of!ice.s 'or the worl; of the bur'-au will be se- •^lired . and a c!eri; j»ut in chan;e. Wnicn there is an aid'Hcation for assistance to any hrancb of the association the matter can be referred rd i!u bun ail oflicial who.-;.- duty i" will I.. o have information as to w: ether ;h. rppliiant. has !i:id assistance befur-- •'rom f'le oitv or county or sonie eii;,r- :tv or:.'anizatioii and if .-.o hnw niijeh Old liad-r what circnuislaiifes. Trie •o,i-.i will rlien d'-'-^riniiie whar di<-.o irioii to iiiak<' of 'h • ajiplicat'o;! Aim to Help the Deserving. •"It wiil be th.e aim of the associa- 'ion." said Rev. !.. (",. Mnron;.. wro wa-s elec-ed presidi'tit of tls'- board vesterday. "to <-ondt!ci the work i'l ?uch n tuaiiiie;- iliat there will in- no ov«Tiarit>inu and consi-rpieiu >va>t.- in tile disbiirsemepr of funds. .An.I we shall aim ti> hejp tbe d'-serviiii; in Aav liia' will not make I'leni less se'f- reliant or iiiileii.-nden'. MI \\V.\\ wav 'ha' will best help them to h- !:> t • ri. -•elVe-i. One ,>•" tb'- obj.'.-ts of tllo^.- inrerest.'-il in svstemati/itr-r tiie woi' :<i cl'x,' eas". av,iiie>s for 'he pro- 'e.-siiinal 'laiiiier l;i ile\• !iii'i!::z t'ii> •din-e o; 'iie on;ani/id wort, •1 >;e '!'•• ••.>tiibli>'i!iii lit of a eitv work 'lOUS.' where t!li~e who are abb' to 'vork t::a> sii!>pi<.~t tbeiirs.dves. Then the chronic be::i;:ir wil liav.- to ipiif. He will have to worU or starve or leav.' Town. .Vie! th.-- laan w-tio is ;ibV lo work and will not ouubt to siarv. ' •Rev. .Moretiv was tdecte.l pre ;i.but .nnd It. Hewlett Secretary and tifer of the ini'e'in-.' x"steri!a,\. The Willi; as ouiMiie.! and inaiu;ura!eil af till.' uieetiu!; -.e.-'teiilav is the result of 'ecoii'ii'eiidatioii?. ma.b- by t'e c'lar- \\' eonf, retice beld two or trhee w • - ks ;r. iv Joplin ABOUT MR. PETRAEUS. News-Herald Gives Some teresting Data. In Repeated operations for cancer ri suited in the death of Carl Vladimir P.-iraeiis. foriiierly one of the leading citi/..-ns of .loplin, at lola, Kas.. at 'ivlT\ o'clock this morning. The remains will be brought to this city for burial at ..Mi. Hope cemetery. T)eath came after months of siifiVring. dur ing which Mr. Petraeiis untierwent ^ operations, one in .Toidin. one at Chicago, and the third at Topeka, Kas., two months ago. ,\rr. Peiraeus was one of Joplin'^s most distin^tiished residents during his sojourn here, his early business experience having thrown him in close relationship with tbe Danisti gnveriuuent, his father having held a judgeship of great tiu- p(,r:anc.' tnider the kinav When \et .-I youns man Mr. Petra­ eiis receive.i an appointment from Deniuarl: to represent the Greenland mining interests of that government. His ilitie.s called him to I^iladelphia. the (;reenland product, marl, or green sanil. being shipped to this country. Later he severed his coni}ection with the Kuropean ?;overnment and sjiecial ch«-mist for George T. I.ewis. of the lirm of John T. Lewis A: Co.. of Phil.idelphia. when Judge O. H. Pieher.-of this city, met him. <:.oi.ue T. i..wis, witjj O, E. Bartlett. in\lilted the sublime white le^ process v. iiicii is used at the lead works here. an.I in this work Mr. Petrseus acted as the consulting chemist, his ; fiorts nl.Tyiii-: a lar=n part in tbe invention of the Tef.iarkabb; process. Later Mr. Bartl^tr cam'.; to Joplin and managed the erection of the Lone Rim Minin.s: and Smelting company's works, at which place Mr. Pet- raeus later l.t.'came employed as clietiiist and nietalur^ist for the Picher Lead company, when this firm succeeded the l^ne Kim company in the t>.!anaKi-m<tit of the .works. Mr. Pet-' profound knowledge of his call- in-., leade h:ni an intaluable attache of !". e.vupanv. For more than ten ye;,!.-, lie wa> lOnileCled with the Plch- er Lead company. He latei; was em­ ploye.! bv liie LriiiMiii smelteries and siiii iin r roi.k :i prnminent part In iiilil.lilit till' Mill-II .Ties of the C. V. pi I aeiis Smeifinu and Mauufactur- in:; eon.paiiN at Calena. Selling out li- i.ii. n-.-i- thtre \w went to Illinois, whert- If supervise,] the work of con- -triii'tioii at the .S|. Louis Smelting and Refining coiniianv. .After this he confiiic:e<l a private business for time an.) several y.--ars later, he enlisted his .-er\;cei; with the [.lanyon Zinc c-')mpany at lola. Kans.. at which tilace iie wa.- eriip^oyed at the time of his lb a'h. He is survived by ii widow and one son. \Ve .t ;iy W. Petraeus. of 601 North Wall street, this city. He was a member of the loia lodge of Elks, and the funeral .services in this city probaidv will be conducte<j bv the loci! lojLie p. p. o. E. THE SECRET OF DRY CLEANING r.' •.••ai- ;t..' ~.-,iet i.f iiry clean- 'n;; ha- ii c"i..-e \ :.;iia.ded. because :!ie- • .Me b!i; ic.fifiis made in -dry nill'-: 'e-. j'...-i?Mii'.; 's just a^ ea .sy 1- 11 d'r^.;'-. •.i'::iileriri-..: when y«<| Tiie i-f .!.•^ ci.-ailing is in iisiit: IH:Y-<1.K.\.V- I >. a soap-like SHI>- -'alie.-. wbieb >\be;.' aiidej ro gaso- ;i;,e nniDV.s all dirt from the gOOds ii-i ilke i.idiii.My soap <h)es in water. \ u ! :i: !ie.i|i> havf> tbe lijipres- -leii •\ui- d: • «'eaniri:: is simply ».i-iii:m in •.;:!-."liii:-' '\\\:- :- i" niis.ike Watching your •.;.iii.\^^ 11 i.-iilii.- V o.,'d be just like \:'.-V'v\ vni :,..'id- in clear Water, >, 1 : \ •• i r rhe dirt would be re-. nii,.>- I. iiti' .idd li!:Y-CLK,\N -0 and. •lll•^••> ..'! I 'll- dii: i-^ renoved. leav- i!i^' til.- '.:(" d-- \.hiie .iiid (deun as i!i'i !i r' vi .i.h.'.l :i -ioap and water.. \ .-..i-c.. ..i:, e! t>KY-CLE .\.\-0 ••vi;! do abciu; J!" V. 11 III of dry clean- inir Diy cbaiiin.;; lot only removes a!I dirr and grease but it kills all • L.nil.-, le.ivinu, .Muir g»>ods perfectly .tnii-ejii :c. You will fiiul DRY-CLEAX -0 can be :ise{l wiiti be.--: re.-^tilts in washing the fkiunel C'i>tl!es, flannel UQ40 )r' A. • ! \ r-r. 1 . .:ilius. bcltiug, i . ii 'V .il 1 iiiiii^ uf this kind. i ;..ii.-' •...i.'.id le iJttV-CLHLVN-O >.•'! ueii |i Ii-..! i ailii iiioie sjitisfactor- i:> .1 'I- >\eol 1.-. li'.'t Injured in the leaii bii i-. itii.b ltd more flexible b.i^ r-.i.;!;riiu if.-> life until cum- idefiri.v widu i.ui. Ill fact il is au eco- ut.iny to use it. You will find UUY-CLEA.VO the very ijest preparation in the world lor washing an woolen goods, UQ^erwear, dresses, dress skirts and everytblng made of pure wool. The goo49 will wear longer and be more satisfactory, keep their color and natural giloss and luitil they are c<p)^etely worn out. Made only by Putnam Fade less Dye Co., Quincy, III.

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