Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 9, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1907
Page 4
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'7 V . CIICULATION 4 ,00a. u .^l'''"k"."jj-' ' Ml MCfitfTldil flATSO. lM»'**l>«««y«;* •••••44 Mota. ftl tt|lfttllOt ^*«*«i-«T«tr «*«*«$4.M. ma^jprno*..,^ la:a«*aaM, u . _ I . —11 - 1 .1 'I. I I ? I- -te,^^ ^ir-* m A9- nrwui E &ni. CITT OP BAS. r AMOOIATBtf mi lata B toy IU«MMr la • iMmMr •! td l*rMt and Rwalvaa UM It < f tfMt oNat nawa aroanlu- •x lualwa Mtarnaaa PuMlaatian Consiunption's record in New York City alone: 4^000 «iffcr^ en; 10^000 deadis every year—206 weekly—28 daUy— one every hour. Scoff's Emulsion has cured more coughs and colds and prevented more consumption than any odier proMura- tion in the wond. AS JraniMi I SOc aaJ $1.00. News if tfeelCouhty CARLILE SCHOOL \OTES. •1/ 1: MISSED SOME VOTES Cotruiiini BMrd Dlsrorerr Made ID OkfailiAiiia. GuUirle, O.JT., Oct. ^9.— SomethlnK eir. B aaosaUoD was created when the -«8avaasinff tanrd, which convonea ItM'ft today to'vanvosB ihe vole un ilie C&lAboaia qopatltutioD and t>rohlbl UoD, discovered that the retiirnH from s^vra ot the forty Ave couni ion ran viuiBed are Ibcotniilete. In ouch oi" these .the abstract shows that tho voti! from one or;more j)reclnclH Is miss ing. At 3:30 this afternoon the Iioard adioumed'untli tomorrow momtuR .it 10:10 o'clock to determine what, ac ti^ shall be taken with regard to the liiisslng precincts. ••{he board may d->cUlfi to hold up tlie canvass of counties where the ab stracts show: mtssinR precincts, and oj ^er each county clerk co forward the orlKinal ballot's of such pn^cincts, or affldavlta showing why the rciurns Tpere hot certified to the tcrriiorlnl secretary. . • - VThe board now hasj>o way of deteriDinliig: whether the ballots were thrown out. lost or whether no el?c- tU>n was'h^ldlin such precincts, unless some-accounting is made to tho bbard.- Attorneys for the Republicans -«tispect that' in some of these pre- dtict^- fraud • may have been commit- ted/uid that', ballote may have been dJ^troyed. or purposely mutilated. They believe that the board will bold up -thecount^of-these counties until tbr miss[ins precincts are accounted tOF. In seven - counties eleven pre clfects: have made no returns, the num- of precincts to each county be- Inp' as follows: 1 Adair two, (."reek tlu«e. Harper! two, Haskell our, Ki|-_o#a one, Latimer one, l^flene one. I As affidavit by the clerk ot Laiiuier cousCy explalnjed that no election was h«ra at the polling place as it was lo- local leaders hope that the president may pass the matter of approving the constitution over to congr ?P8 until that body can Investigate the election. The Democratic leaders, on the other hand, are placing no faith In the fraud; wuh the state Deniocratlc officers elfct to plan the programme for Ihe inauguration. One of them aid today: "Let Chair man Hunter and Ihe rest display tlieir affidavits, if it furnishes them amusement.: There is nothing in them hut an aftompt to delay statahoo<l. The ronstitutlon Is bound to be adopted." Tb«> officers of the board to canvass the returns on the constitution, as Chacon lod.ay. are Judge W. H. Clay^ ton, cliainnan, and C. W. Rambo, IW>R retary. Charles I'ilson. territorial aec- retarj'. is the other member Mr. PII- son is" a member of both boards, whlcn enmpels them to hold alternate sessions, nnd delays the work somewhat. The result of the ranvass so far In- dlcaKv? that the total majority for fho conlltutloo win excead lrtO,f >00,, n greater majority than had been Jintlcl- paled. n.VS KELIKFED .M.\NY HrilE. Preimre It at Heme by .*^hakln(r In- ffredlents IVell In a Bottle. _ccted where there was not an inhabi ta^t in the spi^e of four miles square Attor ^O}^ for the Democrats believe (iikt the count will not be h.Md up on . account of the missing precincts. It mikbt'be -several days before th^ cooiit could be" completed on the con - stltittibn if tta^ board should requiro I thf> iblsslae votes to be forwarded. Tit* boird to canvass the returns oplnM) elQctloa^of state, congres^iona), distrfet and legislative officers met •x ^-<atanl2od' with Acting Oovemor FUsoa as cbaiman, and Treasurer B ^iaibb B » secjrrtary, but did not be _ da tbe caovaas of the vote, .\ctual :. vofrk ot ihlB board will begin tomorrow,. Preaideot Murraj*. of the const'.< tvtKidal eoaveiitton. made no attempt ' to ,Hdt .on the ttoard. Charles Hunter, dtifrman of tbo Republican state com wSOieik^ that tima will ask the board td^eerflfy the 'vote to the pres'dep'* wRb the reconmendatiozi that \bv O^idrasaed returns be sent to congress fei a. congressional Investigation of ~the alleged fraud charges. Mr. Hun- teit pr^Mnted a lot of affidavits lo the : unmbers of the board today to sub; gfintlate his claims of fraud, aud To *^ir reason- Why tbe board should ^{"eCommend a opngressidnal investiga-. 'tkp of .the recent election. If the hi ^^rd refuses to take such action then A-inniber of contests are likely to be ,br6us^t. It Is dje opinion of the law- jretf, l^fe, howevar, that verj- litfle ^'«^ t>e Mcompltshed by bringing con teAs' befiore the. canvassing board, as it caonot so hack of the returns, as w^W^be required to prove fraud.' eongressiohal method sterns to . otfisr the most hope, and congress will protbahly be asked by the Republican lokders to investigate the fraud charg- es.;-vhether thi board recommends : sneh aQUon or ^ot. ~j^6baljnuan Hupter returned today f^oiln Jiis-trip to Memphis, where he OMt Presldeat 9ooEevolt and showed 1 >lm'« large number of affidavits al -leeinig frand.Aiy ]>3mocrat8. What ef- ^ect this will have on the president'.^; \Vi\al will npi>ear vory int.-ro.'iilns to m.any people here In ihe :irtirlo taken from a prominent health journal, givinpf a .-simple pre.^cripiion. as formulated hy a noted auihoril.v, who claims that he has found a positive remedy to cure almost any ra.^c of backache or kidney or bladder derangement, in the following simplo prescription, if taken before the stase of nright's disease: Fluid Extract Dandelion. on<'-half ounce: Compound Kargon, one otime: Compound Syrup Sar.-;.T.)arilla. three ounces. Shake well In .a bntilo and take in tcaspoonful dose.s afii'r cadi meal .-ind again at bodti.-ne. A well-known loral druggise, when asked regarding this prescription. slaie<l that the in^Todienis are all harmless, and can !)e obtained at a small cost from any good pre.srriiiiion pharmacy. He further .stated that while this prescriptilou is often prescribed' in rheumatic afflictions with splendid results, he could see no re.i- son wliy ii would not. be a splendid remedy; for kidney and urinary troubles and backache, as it has a peculiar action aipon the entire kidney .structure, cleansing these most import.ant organs'and helping them to sift and tllter from the blo«>d the foul acids and waste matter, which cause .nickness and suffering. Those who suiter ran make no mi.stake in giving it a trial. Mr. E. S. Davis of lola has moved out on the Edgar farm owned by the i Lumbermen's Cement company, and is running a boarding house. Ehrarl and .Nellie Davis have enrolled In the Carlyle school. The Carlyle store Is being enlarged by the addition of a warehouse und barber shop on the north side. • .Mrs. Spflggs and Julia were called to Westphalia to attend the funeral of a brother-in-law ot .Mrs. Sprlggs'. We are glad to note that Dr. ChrU tian Is able to come out to the couhtry to recuperate at he home of bis moth to recuperate at the home of his moth W. S. DIckerson. Our school will give a pic social Friday night, October U, for the ben efit of the school library. The orthog class organized with Slyde Andrews and Mary Mealy cham pions. Clyde Andrews' side was victorious the llrst month and Clyde con sequently carries the trophy. -Miss .Nellie Wilson enrolled the fourth week. Our visitors for September were Albert DIckerson and Walter I'ereaii Uur school has been called upon to bear the stigraii of iwo cases of tardiness, the first case.s in ihree years In this district. The teachers and scholars very much appreciate the transformatlou which a little jKiint has given to the appearance of our school house. The new dictionary Is a source <jf great satisfaction, also. Report of Carlyle school district .No. L'. for the month ending Sepirmbcr 27. 1907: Names of Ihone neither tth.-wiit tardy: Clyde and Lovell Andrews, Glonn nnd Mary lUckerson, Floyd Wll son, .Mary, Hessie and IVarl Mealy; I'earl, Uuih and Charley Caldwell; Roy Vezle, Julia Sprlggs, Dotlio Ilut- ledge, Carrie and .Nellie Holing and lUmcr and Ernest Walaco. lonor roll: Orade 8, Mary .Mealy, Clyde Andrews, (llenn Dlckerwin. r.iiides 3, 4. fi. I'earl .Mealy, Julia Slt'rlggs, Nellie Holing, Ernest Wallace, 1 /Ovell Andrews and Charley Caldwell. Orade 1, Homer Wallace, Floyd Wilson and Mary Dlcker.son. Numlier enrolled, :;4. Average dally ;ilfondanie. L'l. Cases of tardiness, OLIVE S. K.VWYRIl. DEKR CREEK. XO F.ilBBAXKS E >TEnTAlM5G, The Ilfalth of the .WHe of the Vice Prpsldent Will .Not .\How It. Wnsljington. Oct. ;>.—Washington Is de<«piy Interested in a report thai the residence of the vice president may not IM! opened this winter. The basis of this report, apimrenily, is the fact that Mrs. Fairbanks has not recovered her health. Last spring she left Wflfihinston and went to the sea.shore. She has been there most of the time since. It is said the sea air did not prove .IB beneficial as ber physicians expected. They have warned her igain.'!t> attempting the severe strain of another pocial session in Washington. The vice pro .=5id *'nt and .Mrs. Fairbajiks are now the guests of Senator Sfephf 'U R Elkins .it the Elkins home fn the mouniains of West Vlr- erlnia. So far as can be learned none of the other presidential candidates wilt en­ tertain-on'an elaborate scale this season. Mrs. Taft has never gone in for heavy social honors, and she is quoted HE saying she does not intend to now. Mrs. -Knox, ii is said, will not l)e here, 3s she. has decided to remain at Senator Kfiox'.s fine country place in Val- 'ey Forge, Pa. Senator L.iFollette has taken a large house, but the T.rfiFol- letles have never entertained extensively. A farmer snd his wife were driving •o town today. ••.Mother," ra'd th.^ fiirnier. "do we know anything for tbe G]oh? reporters? They will be sure to ask us." We appreciate the i r - iMteo «ahnot be predicted, although kindn^ of the man for thinking of us. I iMtodla Mid lava and i J^hmMes^ Ariosa Coffee is [ ^^Pui.t Af buckles' Atiosa costs ••^^iBijMSIt! ^i ^ittiil^^ ^ft^S^S^ mof e Coffee Mr. Chas. .Mull from near llayard in the vicinity Sunday. .Mi.«.s Lizzie Rurton of Chanute is visltng relatives here the past week. lle.ssie Howard of lola spent a few days in ih" counlry last week. .Mrs. Wm. Clark vLsiiwl her son in tola Friday and Saturday. .Messrs. Smith, Orieve and Fuliwidor called at Hoy Howard'.s Sunday morning. Mr. Birds will move to lola iu ihe near future and Mr. (Jolor-; of Colony will move on the farm. .Mr. X. Strickler and f.tniily from near Colony vi.^ited .Mr. .S. K. rjamts Sunday. Jess Wilker.son took several premiums at Ihe Farmers' Exhibit at l.a Harpe. .Miss Lena Wilkerson came home from lola Wednesday where she has been caring for her cousin. Mrs. White who has lieon quite illl but is now Improving. Mr. and Mr.^. Murphy caire<l at H. W. AmoA Sunday afternoou. Several from this vieinily will attend the Knuffman v.s. Mull trial at 1-1 Harpe .Monday morning. GOLDEN VALLEY. Remember if you want to see the latest styles in Suits and Overcoats THAT WE HAVE THEM Also remember that wben you want to get tlie greatest clothing value possible for your money, and garments tbat will fit as though made to your measure, that this is the store where you can always get precisely what you want in our showing of HART, SCHAFFNER (& MARX and STEIN BLOCK Suits and Overcoats. Prices, $15.00 to $25.00 Top Comim mmlKmlH Comim fmr Men mnd Young Men, from $10 to $28. HemtitgumHoro for John B.SMoon, Imfiorlml end Knox Hoim 3 TO 3 AUSUCKLJS SSOa, M *w T «i1i CUjf., Mrs Hattle Gullet, reporter Monday about nine o'clock our vicinity was vislled by ono of the heaviest rains we have ever seen In Kansas, and some damage was done by the wind. The flue was blown off tbe btwfie on the Claybom farm occupied by Jim Broocks; a large apple tree was blown down on Mr Dwyer's farm occupied by Howard Moore. Jim Andrews sold a mule lo J. VC. GuUett Monday. Mr, and Mrs. Holloy went to For: Seott Sunday. .Mr. and Mrs. W. Rear.? helped Mrs. Walker care for the crov.d the nigbi of th.' surprise. Miss .Myrtle Max.=on entertained a few friends since our last. ' Llddie Murrie is helping Mrs. J. P. Kohler in iJHarpe with her work. Earl Oullett entertained the Junior Lsaguo In I.aHarpo and reports a gooil ii:terest. The l.aHarpe fair was grand. The day was ideal and LaHarpc knows bow to make you feel at home. Cecil Walker is clerking in Fried ley's this week, at LaHarp?. A number of Hazel Walker's friends- surprised her Saturdlfty even ing. It was the work of the NImh Grade of La Harpe, of which class she is a member. Fruit and cake were served and a g.-«neral good time was had. Fifrj- were present. Earl Oullett won second prize In the foot rac3 at I^Harpe Saturday. Jlr. and Mrs. W. C. Walker and Gladys Fredd were the guests of John Seymour CThce our'last. Mr. and Mrs. Oullett. Mr..and Mrs. Smart, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent and son were the guests of Harry Fronk's Sunday. OlJn Hitchcock and a lady friend from Icjla wer? at Sunday .scho<}l a» the hall Sunday. Coming home from lola the day of the show Mrs. Fred Kessler lost her hand satchel which contained some letters, one from her brother In New Zealand and one from her mother in Ireland. They were directed to her before she was married, her name being Molly or Mary Sueed. The letter is all the address she has from her brother^ Any one finding please return to .Mrs. Fred Kessler or Mrs. Hattio Gnllett. P*r kMt uK QahfeMl ItMiIti m** <fee Bcfflstir Vast C«hnu. Darkne<)s Ends Sensattoiml Game for rhainplonship. Chicago, Oct. fl.—Doiroit anil Clil- ago, loaders of the AinerUau and National leagues respe<'tively. played twelve strenuous innings to a tie hero today in the first game of the series lor the baseball champion.slup of the world. The contest wax replete with sensational situations and when Umpire O^Dny of the .Vat'onal League, ;illed the play off on account of dark- nss. most of the 24.377 spectators ighed with relief and wont home well atlsfled with the outcome. Overall and Donovan wore the op- po.^lng pitchers, but th<> lorinor was taken otit when Chio.'tgo bad tii'<l thi» .>;coro in ilio niitlh inning and had men on baKf-'s waiting to score the winning runs. Moran was sent In to liat fothlm.but before the latter had time to deliver the ne.^ded hit Bvers tried to steal home and was out by a narrow margin, retiring the side. Ruol bach finished the g.ame .ind for three innings retired Detroifs heavy .sluggers whiioui liie semblance of a hit. The work of all the pitchers was first Uiss, but Donovan bad a shade on his ivals in that he struck out twelve r the opposing bat.smon. His Second on balls was costly but with good support he would have won his gam a. Crowds Besiege Gates. The contest was watched by an in»- mensc crowd.' Closo to 24,500 persons crowded Into the park, the enlarged stands being packed to th.-> limit of their capacity, while a thin fringe of enihulasts occnpIe<l standing room In deep center field. Whatever ground GRAND OPENING OF THE New Roller Rink Wednesday Night, Oct. 9, *07 SKATING LESSONS 10 to 12, admi .sSinn including skates 2-5 2:oO to admission including skates.. .'J.") 7 to 10:30, adirjission including skates. . . ..'55 » Special attention given to beginners. NORTH SIDE SQUARE j rules niay have bean fornnilated wero not in evidence as none of the nine- toon hits went outside iho playing pace. The si.ands were built, rlos^ up to the foul lines and all arotuid the field except in doop right field whore the space left ojipu. Captain Chance, of Chicago having been fearful lest Detroit's star batsmen should drive the ball Into Ihe seats in that di' recHon. .\s it turned out only on.i hit went In liiai direction nnd it fell short of the barrier. The game was called at 2:39 o'- 1 clock, but four hours before that time I long lines of would-be .spectators were ! b;;sieging the gates so as to secure ' r.o;nts of vantage. It was an extrerae- i ly !;ood-natured crowd, remarkable I for H.-^ spirit of fair play and courtesy ' nnd Ihe half-hundred police had no I trouble at all In keeping it within iKjunds. When play started those spectators In tbs field neuts were unable to see over the hats of the persons in from, whereupon men aud women alike repiovfd tlioM- hats and tied hanilkorchlef.-i about their sars, sitting A matter of choice Which "will you have— dry, chalky, tasteless oyster crackers dipped out of a barrel, or DailyuntilOctSI From lola to practicadly all points ill ( 'aliloriii.-i. \\"ashiDf ;tan and Oregon. SimiLnr mtps to iuindreds of interme- di .ile poiiit>. Through Tourist Sleeper* Daily from Kama* City Thev are thoroughly comfortable and have every convenience of the Palace sleeper at half the coit. Personally Cinducted Excur* ' sioiM Twice a Week If you liave never traveled on "one o£ tfic BurUnglons conducted excprsions you can have no idea of thei extra comfort and convenience. Let me i?.':>oii all aboni <bi»« rxcursioQs aiid >be low rates'. Sat —ni mc « pottal tmiar.' H. S. Jonrsii SowhwMiara Pu* AtWt, 823 Main SC.. Kaaaaa City. M9. Jt «7 dainty, appetizing bubbles of crispness that melt on your tongue with a savory suspicion of salt and add zest to your soup or oysters? in moisture proof packages NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY with this slight c»vering through, two and a half hours of baseball and in a breeze that was at' times chilly. The game itseK was evenly contested. Both teams hroke undar fire, Chicago mixing tvo;. of its errors With two hits ill th« eighth Inning, when Detroit scored all three of its runs, while the visitors returned the compliment in the next inning, allowing Chicago to tie the score. Captain Coughlin's error came in this roimd and was costly. With runners on first and second, he let an easy grounder from Evers' bai get away from him, filling the bases. .After that two runs came across, one on a pas.sed ball. Schmidt -failing lo hold Howard's third strike. \\'ihile this was going on Overall retired frohi the game, and when tbe visitors -wont to bat in the. eixtra innings they had to face Ruelbsich's spaedy delivery in tbe growing darkness. The tail pitcher was in rare form, having good control and against his curves and shoots such batsmen as Schaefer, Crawford and Cobb were liolploss. ' I\ HARDWARE BU.SIXE.SS. - it. Ike Cannon Xow a Merchant of Toronto, This State. * Tko Cannon, former Tola policeman has now none Into the hardware bus- ip:\ss ar Toronto, Kansas. Mr. Cannon ihis week closed a deal for a hard ware stock in that town, trading a 120 acre farm in Henjry counter. Afp., for the stock. Sli". Cannon does not expect to take active; cbarge of ,{]>« hus- iness but hlB son is dolas tbat :irork fbr hhri. \, ; • i J rf:.t..i«

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