The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTJIEVILLK (ARK.) COURIfCR NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1944 Paris Murderer Still at Large Crimes Of Mad Doctor As Reported By Nazis Found To Be True Students Prepare For Annual Trek To Colleges Despite War Dcsplic the exigencies of war, when- hundreds of the young men and women of the (own who normally would be lii college arc engaged cither directly or indirectly lii the service, of'their country, Blytheville still wll) bo well represented at various schools and colleges PAhlS, Aug. 31. <UP)-!-Tlie Ger- scattered throughout the country, man propaganda machine Is credited Last minute details now are be- with at least one true story by Pa-,lng worked out lor A.number of ris polite. last year's high school students who They say that Dr. Marcel Pellot,'will enter colleges or universities the so-called mad butcher of the nevt month. Hue Leseur, was'aii honest-to-good-' As in the past, the largest num- riess murderer, not Just u figment of ber of students •attending any one the Nazi Imagination school will go to the University ol The German radio in Paris broad- Arkansas at Vnycttevlllc. Among cast the gruesome murders of Dr. these are Miss Mary Helen Moore, Petiol in great detail some months who will return for her senior year's ago, and the Allied world was be- work, Another senior this ycnr will ginning to raise a skeptical eye- be Miss Betty Drouks Isaacs, while brow tit the elaborate reports of the Miss Patty Ann Green anil Miss doctor's activities I Mary Relehel will be Juniors there But French gendarmes say they,this year. Others attending from actually have identified 54 of Peliot's,here include Miss Mnry Katherlne victims."arid that numerous others Rose, who will return for her scc- nrc'lietng' discovered. 1 l° u <l year, and Miss Constance Dcn- Untted Press War Co'rresiwndent ton, who Is transferring to the Uul- Dutllcy Ami Haimon Ill-Paris re- vdrslty after attending Georgia ports that the mad doctor still is at State College for Women at Mll- madine Kavannugh will be freshmen raVlxmlsiaiia State University, Baton-nguifcVnmi Miss June Oos- neirwlll attend Stephens College at Columbia, Mo. All were members of the graduating class of lllythc- vlllc iflgli School last May. Returning to Llndemvood Col- liis murders Nelghbois say he iiscd, Calir ° r »"V »!• Berkeley, where she to blcvcle to the house dally to was « student last year. Miss Fran- meet his \icttm<; i c£s Suc nrl B''t. » member of the He «as a big man .with a deep ' 9 " graduating class of Blythevlllc f,o«n, and a hard look In his -eyes. Hi" School will enter the Univer- He didn't look like a doctor, he al- ^- f n(1 olll «' students there will MJS wore workmen's overalls. (Include Joe Evrard, Warren Clnrk Petlot. bluebeard career ended, a.' 1 " MmHn Wood, Bryce Layson when a passer-by called the police I on a hunch that something phoney was going on around his house. Cut Petlot. managed to make n quick getaway. Wood, lhc The police have found 40 suitcases 'filled mostly with women's clothing in the big house. They say that mariylpf the victims apparently Several other students, Including Steve Brooks Jr., and Hcrben Swcaringen Jr., who nttendet Summer school there, arc utidec!dc< about returning at this time. Ross Dillon Hughes Jr. who was graduated, from Kemper Militar; were'Jewesses who were lured to Academy nt lioom'illc, Mo., lasl Petiot's mansion on the promise that Spring, has enrolled nL Texas Unl- he would help them escape the vcrslty at Austin, while Ills sister Nazis* |Miss Nancy Hughes, who attciulet Mrs" Petiot, whom authorities dc- Gouchcr College lor Women a scribe as a "beautiful woman under Baltimore, Md., last Winter am the domination of her ruthless hus- Southwestern In Memphis during band, has been arrested along with the P«st Summer, has not yet tie the doctor's brother cl(lc <l "I"' 0 " a college for the Will But" the only information Paris ' cr -^ officials have on the murderer him-- Jnck Hftlc "HI attend Mlssisslpi: self is-a police record showing that st: " c College nt Stnrksville, nix he tin's served several prison terms. George Hubbar,) Jr., will return t University of Tennessee, Knoxvllle for his third year.-Hunter Sims J who completed his nrc-incdicn work at the University In -Knox viilc. now Is a first year shield at University of Tennessee Medica College In Memphis. Miss Gail Elch will return fo her second year at Gulf Park Co! Negro Worker Decorated For Daring Rescue TEXARKANA, Texas, Aug.' 31 (U.P.J—A;37-j-ear-old. Negro' worker Wednesday was decorated by Bngadlei General Harry< L'. Kutz," thiet"of military training. Office of lh& Chief,of Ordancc, Washington, lor ''heroism over and above the call of duty" More than 2,500 workers nt the Red 'River Ordnance Depot braved lege at St. Charles, Mo., for her senior year will be Miss Mary Lynn Jackson, while Miss Mary Welshons will return there for her .sophomore year's work. Miss Joyce GlH will be a senior at State Teachers College In Conway this year, while Miss Virginia Williams will return to Faxs^ciii School at Heiidei-sonvllle, N, C,, for her third year In the preparatory department. Miss Donna Wun- crlfcli again will bo a «Uidi>nl at iss Hutchison's School In Mein- ils,' where she also Is In the high iliool department. John White rcliinis to Kempcr [Hilary Academy at noonvlllc, lo., for his second year, whilo en-y Allen will lie a new student icrc, and C. G. Redman Jr., will Her Castle Heights Military cademy at Lebanon, Twin. Bobby rowii will leave tomorrow for fofrls School at Scnrcy, Ark,, here he will be a first year stu- cnt, ilouis Lyncli, \vlio recently wns radualQd from Castle Heights, has nrolled at Southwestern In Mcm- hls for. the coming school year. Miss Mnry Gray is combining uislncsa with schooling, as she is ttondlng night classes at George Vashlnglon University in Wa.sli- ngtoii, D. C.. while employed - In he F.B.i. offices there. Miss^Vlvlcnne Moore will be a rcshiiian student at Hcndrlx Col- ege in Conwriy, while Mbs Jane Sliced -will enter Ouachltn College h Arkatlelphla. Both were 19-11 iraduatcs of Blytheville High Scliool. George Mulr Jr., lias returned to Omaha, Neb.,,where he again will atteiKl school. Charlie Nick Rose will return for his second year to loliimbla Military Institute Swcctwater, Tciin., and his brother :Ueliard Rose, to Columbia Military Academy at Columbia, Tciin. Miss Rosalie Duclos, another 19 graduate of the local lilgli scrool tins been nllcndlng Draughan's Business College In Memphis fo: the past several weeks. Miss Beverly Thomns has elected to attend "a college in CaUforn- Paris Is Coming To Life Again As Tourist City . PAHIS, Aug. 31 (UP—The Pails familiar lo American toui'tols Is comlni! alive again. | Most of 1)10 old sland-bys, lliei American Express company, Thcj National and The American Chamber of Commerce—were undamaged . during the Nazi oc'cupa- Only 3000 New Cars Available Next Month WASHNCirON, Ml <UP) The Office of I'ricc Administration today that 3000 new annouiKf passenger ( ' ars would be available for rationing In September, t the smallest monthly quota since auto rationing began. The nation's reserve of new cars Is rapidly dwindling, with only 20,000 left In hands of dealers or manufacturers. OPA said monthly quotas would continue to lie cut as the few that arc left must lie made to last until production begins again. It is reported that more than 40 pei 1 cent of the wealth of the United States is controlled by women. «> CHECK lion. The office of the Paris edition of the New York Herald-Tribune Is headquarters for the Army newspaper, "Stars and Stripes." its -first Paris edition Is due lo hit the streets Monday. Meanwhile In the musty city room, Herald-Tribune editors and reporters arc getting back Into the "swing" while Paris Is being scoured for newsprint and Ink. Thn Red Cross have moved 'into the American Express building — which had been occupied by the ichy commissioner of education. Hotel Crlllon, prewar rendezvous the International set, is a bit orsc for last week's furious flght- ig. But still brightly gleaming at little office off the entrance on ie right is Die .sign, Oiiarnnfy "rust Company of New York. One of the few United States slabllshments allowed to remain ion during the occupation was the merlcan Chamber of Commerce, ext door to it, the American ithcdral, The Church of the Holy rlnity, was used by the Germans or Lutheran services, Hut still anging in the clolsvcr is the lemorial tablet lo the American cad of Ihe last war. The Nazis iad left it untouched. lege, Gulfport, Miss,, where her slf ter, Miss Lois Etch, also will be student this year. ' Texas State College for Women, Dcnton, will have several students enrolled . trerc from Blytlicvlllc, Including Miss Anne Crook ami Miss LnVonne Redman, bolh of-whom nllentlcd that school last year, ami Miss Katherine Hudson, who a he'ayy, downpour of rain to wit- transfer there tills year from Henness-the presentation of the War <lrlx College at Convvay, where/she Departments emblem to Ernest v; as a student last year. Miss Ha Wheefer; Texas Negro. 'Rogers, who attended 'TSCW :last The citation f>, Wheeler sain: 5' cflr . lins not yet decided whether 'Fonherolsm ovei and above Ihe SI1C will return there this year or call of duty at Red River Ordnance Depol, Texnrkanaj Tex.,, where on March 11, 1944, Be sj.veti the life of aUellow him - r from inhaling snioke and flamej from his'bhrhlng clothing." General Kulz referring to Whee'ler as a ' member of our great industrial army," lold how an engine ^exploded st the Red River plant, showering blazing gasoline over "three white mechanics. Two of t{j~e men extinguished their blazing clothes,-but the third be- rame : confused and'started to run. WheHer overtook him, dragged the man ,to"the floor, and .beat the blaze from his cVothmg . attend the University ol Texas nt Austin. Miss Betty Jean Hill will return to Mlsslsslnpi Stale College foi Women, Columbus, for her senioi year, while Miss Marine Reid has enrolled there for her third year of. work in thnt school. At the University of Mississippi, Oxford, will be Miss Jettle Clnir Huffman, who Is a junior, and Miss Nancy McOill and Miss Margaret LOuise Crook, both freshmen Miss byhette Tucker, who is senior there now, will receive her diploma at the end ot the prescn session. .Miss Jane Castiio ami Miss Nor IRRITATIONS OP EXTERNAL CAUSE Acno pimpltw, cciemn, factory (Tcrmn- titis, simnloiiriBWorm, teller, Bull rlicmn, butnpa, (blnckhcatls), and ucly broken- put skin. Millions rcliovo itchli)^, burning and soreness of these miseries with simple homo troiUiuent. Goes to work nt once. Aids henling. ivorka tho nnlisoptio way. U«J Black and White Ointnicnt only na dircctcfl. Hie, 25c, 60c slica. 25 years' success. Mouey-lmck guarantee. Vital in cleansing is good awp. Enjoy famous Black and White Skin Soap daily. Ffavor-rich VlTAMINVALUE SLICED BACON "Good as its name"^J^«:n2gyr^.aueBftflt ttuztttiaxxassa Mnlntinl Symptoms. •^y.-ilim" 'uj A'jWKq-. It's \rtsh,paw. you want— ana get in Spotlight Coffee. Hoc-Daccd at ihe roaster with full davbr sealed if the bean until ground right at the store. You can't buy fresher coffee. Not pre-ground, but Grimier-Fresh! Nat/on't Greatest ' Coffee Value this year, but Is undecided about vhcthcr it will be the university f California at Berkeley, or LTCLA at Los Angeles, She was a Indent at Snllins College, Bristol, Va., last year. CREAM pint Always delidoui. YOU maVo any flavor Tn 2 mlnulei. Pleaio oik your groe«r for Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON TOO RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2011 Seri'.Pat McCarrah, above, anti- Ncvv Deal Democrat with isola- s tiohist record'Who has consistently beaten New Dealers in primaries, runs for renomination in Nevada against Vail Pittman, ne-wspaper publisher and lor- _.j trier slate senator. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Tfel» 6ld Trotnunt OfUn ' Ay nffervn nlitra lugcitic bicktcbc t/, one* thky d octivet that the retl caut« T Inmbie m*7 be tirfcj kidncj-s. mtdre'i chitl wy ol UV- .Mla out o( )h«l>lood. »bout3 piaUidiT- , kidaey fnnrtf» pomiu IKjtoa^ta aMa to tnniin in 1'Wii bkod , U ia»y SUGAR C C Slicks Pound Pure Cane f> founds Krogo 'i Pounds Calumet 1)2 O/.. Nn. 2 Packers Label, BLENDED JUICE No. 2 Can 40 O/. i Flu Cold 1 ASPARAGUS CRACKERS CRACKERS CC All Green No. 2 Can CC Soda !>"und CC Graham Pound and Spaghetti If, O/,. Embassy I5£ Oz. Rot more Pound CC Iodized Package CC 20 O/.. SALAD DRESS. ICED TEA SOAP SPAGHETTI DINNER May Gardens 8 Oz. Alure Bar trump Pint CC Small Quarts 5-Tie RED BIRD SCRUB BRUSHES I5c RANGE f IM!»,»i3*i<«««tsKbymifi«i f< "5 It^jfWrtiMiwrdWttiwC , SM *"*• S* &S«7 loU «o,h.o« I All Spring & Summer Merchandise Must Go! SALE STARTS SATURDAY, SEPT. 2 And will continue all next week. Read Friday's Courier News for Complete Details 5 Ibs. 25c U. S. No. 1 Red or White Jonathans, Good Color CAULIFLOWER... Snow-White Heads—Colorado Grown LEMONS ORANGES Mustard and Turnip—Fresh -j Green Home Grown, liuucli 8 I'ovlo Hicaii Yams i Pound « e, Juicy Siinkisf fl 2 Pounds * I ' Vine Ripened California Pound t, .lutcy California ^j Pound ' NECK Table Dressed Pound Grade A Pound Lean and Mealy T'onnd ftl BEEF STEW MEAT Pound Fresh Daily Pound Sliced Pound Grade A Pound TCoef Pound Htwt Grade Pound 5,can Pound I FEIN KROGER PIGGLYWIGGLY DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE tny Kroger branS Item, like !t «* wtll M or better any other, or r«tor» onuied portion t» orfgin»J container tnd w» ( will-gt»» jroa doBbb JTOOT money b»ck-

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