The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1952
Page 7
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APRIL 18, 1052 BLYTHEVTLI.F; (ARK.) COUKIKR NEWS FARM NEWS AND REVIEW Fusarium and Verticiilium Wilt Test Plots Established in North Missco H.D.CLUBMEMOS by * MM, Gertrude B. Hi>! (Home Dcmoristraliun Asenli Community Projects At n recent home demonstration club meeting In the Brown Com- the members decided to in combating verticillium fusarimn plots are located on the farms of B. F. Fitzgerald at Promised Land and E. B. Gee at Varbro. Dowfume W-40, n chemical manufactured ical Company, by the Dow Chem- are being used in Four test plots on which expert- 1 mcius for {he combating of Uvo cotton diseases—fusaruim and Tcr- tieiltium wilt—have been established in North Mississippi Comity by two chemical companies both cf which are trying new chemicals. Tlin latest of the^e test plots, for fMFnrinm wilt, wc-re sot up Wednesday by the Dow Chemical Company of Midland, Mich. The fiisarinni plots, both one-half an Eicre in sivie, ai'e located at I'romised Land and at YarDro, La.'-t week, according to County Aijent Keith BiUjrcy. the Julius Hyman Company of Denver, Colo., set up two similar plots nt Armorel take window boxes as their com- and at - Poplar Corner for experl- tnunity improvement project. This ments club plans to encourage all members \viU. and others In the community to The place window boxes under the windows of their homes. boxes are to contain blooming Rowers throughout the summer season. The Brown Home Demonstration Club has quilted eight quilts .since January 1, as a community service, Bnynton ' The Boynton Community Improvement Club met last Friday night. The mail box committee, headed by Mrs, Tom Lane, made a report and the type mail box standards to be used in the community Jifeis decided on by the members, Vhe road sign committee .headed by Mr, Clyde Hawkins, also made a report on the 'cost of the signs to be used on the highways and side roads leading into the community. The committee was given the authority to have the signs made and put up on the designated places. Money From Scrap Many of the home demonstration club members and also the 4-H Club members In North Mississippi County have made quite a bit of money Irom the sale of nylon cor- SHgeR, The flowers are made from discarded nylon hose which have had the color removed and then tinted the desired color. An estimate of about $700 worth has been eold to date. Betty Webb, an Armorel 4-H member, has sold $110 worth, and her business is stilt goad. She has a sister in Chicago who takes orders for them. The report from C3i lea go Is, ' 'Keep ma k i ng them—I can sell all you make." Some of trie home demonstration club women who*have sold corsages are: Mrs. Bill Cable, Mrs. T. R. Watson, Mrs. R. E. D avis, Mrs. afc^onard Smith, Mrs. Charley Jnnes, ^ttts. Lyman Henson, Mrs. Tom Kennett, and Mr.s. Roy Thomas. Ihe use of this chemical. Vcrticiltiam wilt fo; ias been one of the big problems to cotton farmers hi Mississippi County and so far there has beer no control found for the disease. NOTK'K OF HEARING TO V.U'ATi: A CERTAIN DESIGNATED these tests. Mr. Bitbrey said. Dowfume W-40 is prlmnrilv for the control of nematodes, miscro- c.worms that, prey on the roots of plants, Mr. Bjlbrey explained, and manufacturers of the chemical believe that through the control of nematodcs, fusarium wilt can be better controlled. Attack Roots Nomatodes attack the roots of plants, causlug knotting and thereby shut off the water and food supply to the plant While nema- todcs are not the direct cause of j fusarium wilt, which Is a fungus i disease, it Is believed that Muo""h ; their work on the roots they In"*--- 1 the disease, Mr. Bilbrcy said. This chemical, he said, is a fuml- gant. It fumigates the soil, killing the nematodes.- Mr. Bilbrcy slated that there wcer several cases of fusarium wilt in North Mississippi County last year and in one case everv stalk on an entire acre oC land, died from the disease. The verticillhun wilt plots are located on farms of the Armorel Planting Company at Armorel and Rancill Hicks west of Poplar Cor-| ner on Buffalo Ditch. Both are one-half acre in size. The Hyman Company, Mr. Bilbrey said, is_ using a new chemical known as P-1G2 on these plots. In earlier experiments verticillium writ in egg plant was controlled through Notice is hereby given ihat Trinity uaptist Cnircli and Garvin Hotley has filed with the City Coutici of BlytheviUe, Arkansas, a peiiilor to vacate and abandon that purtlor of Vine street running West Iron Lilly Street lo the alley runnln? North and South between Llll; Street and Lake Street, in the CiL; of BlytheviUe, Arkansas. N:tire Ls further r>h'en that 01 13th day of May. 1932, a hearing will be held by the City Council ti hear and determine whether said street .shall ue vacated. AU persons interested are requested to attend said hcarin", Dated this 10 day o! April. 1952. W. I. Malciin. Clerk Ill-IB On Missco Farms *y Count? Afrui Keith J. Bllbrtj Very Good News The experiment stations at the And Look at ' The Indian tepee was covered with buffalo hides, sewn together and stretched over a frymework of poles .angling in from the circumference and tied together near the top to form a cone. ly chemical weed control. Their new bulletin, just received, on the' work done last year is a splendid supplement lo their bulletin the year before on mechanical production of cotton. In the summary of the new bulletin I find Diese important quotes: "Co-sis of wectl control at the Cotton Branch Station were from SI 1.19 to $15.91 less, per acre where weeds were controlled by chemi- icals rather than by hand hoeing. (Hand hoeing was figured at 40 cents an hour.)" The average difference In favor of chemical weed control at the Delta Substation, Clavkedale, Ark;5 n '•;' .s, w as $tf. 71 p L' r ac re. "In yciKTa!, an application of pre-emergeuce chemical followed hy two applications of a p o s l- emergence oil was harmful io cotton stands, than three applications of herblcldal oil." And Look at This, "Lion Hertjlcldal Oil No. I ftp- plied at the rate of five gallons per acre by directional spray equipment 2-1 days after germination of the soybeans causes 110 harm to the plants. Two applications of this oil provided exceUcnt weed and grass control In soy- means." Miss.; New Mexico; and Alabama. and other places the last year or two. When you control the microscopic nematodes you indirectly con Irol Fusarium wilt. I wish we could Jfnd t control for verticillium wilt, Fusnrlum has r only given us trouble on sand spots "Excellent conrlol of weeds in | .so far. while verticilllum has prac- of 1950, •••~ *.••!•.-. .... •-... uiuv.v.... ... *.... . 4I.AV.ITIJCJIL t:umiu* tj I wct.'il!s J n : .s 0 Iflf, WHllC V P1 11C 1U 111 Ell IIHS pi University of Arkansas Imve rent- corn wus abtnincd when one-und-i ijcnlly destroyed entire fields ly done same ouutandliig vs-ork on |om>.]ia!f pounds of water soluble | cotton here, pni-llculnrly in IS dlnitro was used as a pre-emcr- Konce treatment." Cotton SiluAtliHi Disappearance of cotton in the United States during the 1951-52 I've said Fusarium and Vertl cllllum several times so you wll learn ntid remember them. Premerge Demonstration Wenihcr permitting, we will give cion year will probnbly be nbuul you a clcmoiistrnlion ot Pi-emerge iiflern-iuid-n-liair million bales, :u)|)ii<-ulion to cotton on the Bll five per cent larger 1950-51 year. The estimates of .supply and the 1 Brown farm just north of Manila I on m'Xl Tue.sday alleiiwou. Aprl 22. vThi.s Is that "up town" Dll Soybean Planting Seed s/ioo We have Ogdcn and Dortch No. 2 Cleaned and Sacked. Ready for immediate delivery. 4 PER BUSHEL RED TOP GIN CO. N. Highway 61 Phone 3756 The Brown Home Demonstration Club recently made plans' to raise their dollar per member for the 4-H House. They are credited with having 47 members,, County-Wide Clranup Campaign •The home demonstration clubs in North Mississippi County are ppon- Roring a county-wide clean-up campaign to begin April 28 and end ! May 3, as part of the celebration | of National Home Demonstration j Week. Every family in North Mia- j sissippl County la urged to clean ] up, paint up and straighten up the i premise*. Talk to your friends and neighbors about Spring Clean-up ' Week—get together to make the | farm a better and safer place to live. I/iok into every nook and cranny—get rid of any winter accumulation of trash, junk and discarded equipment from nil buildings, and get rid of the dead grass and weeds near the buildings. About 18,000 farm residents are i^ElJed nnd a million and a half Miners are Injured each year in accidents. . We cannot afford such losses, which also reflect a great loss in needed farm produce. So clean up and don't lie cleaned out! Pilgrimage lo Holly Springs As part of the celebrati-m of '3n- tlonal Home Demonstration Week many ol the club mc.-;.;.> ..- us 1.,..,^ Mississippi County plan to attend the 16th Annual Pilgrimage to the lovely old homes In Holly Springs, Mississippi, Wednesday, April 23. There are twelve homes to lw visited. The homes will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Those attending two days will leave from the court house at Blytheville. Wednesday, April 23, ; t 8 a.m. and will return on the following day. Those planning to attend only one day should leave at 6 a.m. The members wishing to go on this pilgrimage should notify the home demonstration agent as soon as possible. HE KNOWS VCLTA THAT'S AN AWFUL COLD VOU'VG <50T, JOHWNY WHY DON'T YOU ASK YOUR MOTHER TO 6IVE YOU SOMETHIN6 FOR IT WALK INTO DELTA IMPLEMENTS.!^ AND SEE FOR YOURSELF THE WONDERFUL BARGAINS HAVE DELTA IMPLEMENTS — BLYTHEVILLE, ARK appeal-mice indicate that the United Slates carry over on August 1, 1E>52, may be smaller th u n Hie 'J78,000 bnlos on August 1, 1051, he smallest carry over in 2G ears. It sounds encouraging lo cotton tuners doesn't i(7 However, know-1 H; i he labor situation as I think 1 i o, 1 inn afrnicl you may not make j ny more money on the 1052 crop 'ism you ditl last year. Farmers re still going to plant loo much 01 Uni in Mississippi County, I nuk. Fus-iriiim \Vilt Contrnl We put out i\vo fusarium will ontrol tests yesterday. They were ut out on JitfhL .sand spots on the B. F. Fitzgerald farm. Promised d atid K. B. Gee farm, Ynibro. Ve used Dowfutne W-40, It h a .s iroven lughly effective in ntMna- ode control at Bucodla, Mo: Scoit, Brown, not the "cut off" B i I Brown.) How do you all keep then apart? Dnve Chandler, a (nullified en filnecr, will be there lo help with the doirionstration, .show how \ For Sale • Soybean Seed • I'unk'.s Uybtiil Corn • Soylu'un Inoeiilntioii • Kcrlili/cr Farmers Soybean Corp. No. Broadway, Hlylheville i'hone Slill E^ure rates per acre, adjuct ap- >llcators, etc. I/ you want to learn low lo apply chemicals by spi-ny, neet us there nexl Tuesdny atter- noon. Slt« !• The Clianiv Mr. lid Ktttfer « «fc. M« Btnson firm at Mae^l* k th champion so far In hatching CBK« by Incubator. 8h« gOfrilng« out ot 67 *«Mf(, a cent hatch. ttt/s fast. . Costs less...£asy-fo-use Small Doses . . . Just two ounces of aldrin per ncre, duat or spray, controls LUrips and other insects that feed on tender new planls. High Power . . . No other cotton insecticide works so fast, in such small doses as aldrin. Insects start falling in less than two hours. Ever^ if it rains the next day— you don't, have to worry about re-spraying—the lull has already been accomplished! Top Economy—Easy Application . . . Not only docs aldrin cost less per acre; you'll also find that it's easier to use. Aldrin can be applied hy slnndnrd spraying equipment—it contains no wax—will not clog nozzles. Add these facts up and see why . . . Your best bet is aldrin SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION Swift's Feeds Ur PealtfyP • To boox poukry income, piat a coiuf>l«« feeding progui uld better egg producer* riglit from the sn«. Begin w»h Swift's St.ifK.-r Mash. 'Mien follow through with lk« proper Swilt Feed ac every Wage o< Ucrelopment Remember, there's a spcci;ili?x:d Swifc F«d lor poultry need — one [bat can do tKe job benrd Swift & Company OIL MILL Highway 61 South Blaylock HATCHERY Highway 61 North s' THE CHANCKRY COURT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANRA* C1IICKASAWBA DISTRICT OARD OP DIRECTORS, r. FRANCIS LEVEE DISTRICT, Vfi. No. 12,000 OSS CROWELL, ET AIj, AND ER'I'AIN DELINQUENT LANDS, TOWN OTS AND BLOCKS N O T I C IJ, T\\R folluwing named persons and corporations and &U othaw havUin r clalminB an interest in nny of tlm following described lands are h«rebr otllled t-hnt suit U pending in the Chancery Court of MbiUrippi County, kaRawbft District, Arkansas, to enforce the ccAleeUon. of Mid Uve« axes, lor the year IBS], on the subjoined list of lands. lach >uppOMd wner's lands bolns set opposite hlK or li« name respectiyel*, tog«4h»r ith the amount due severally from each: PART OF SECTION •I YOUR CAR IT jna want to entrust jour car to a mechanic who will do his best to fix It properly — at a minimum cost to you — come lo T. 1. Seaj Mnlnr C n- Try us next tlinf. T.!. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysl«r-Vlymnnlh Dealer 121 E. Main I'hone 2122 MASSEY- HARRIS 4 -ROW DRILL PLANTER It's (he most popular planter on (lie market today! Rear- mounted, fits any tractor; i('s easy lo put on and take off ... so easy dial you'll pel twice as much use oul of your .tractor when you planl with the Masse.v-Hiirris i-Rmv Drill I'lanler. Available for immediate delivery. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. X. Hhviiy fi! "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction TOWNSIIII' KOHRTKKN (M) NORTH, KANUK EIGHT (I) B»«T tOM Crowel] S',4 Lot 3 and All Lot 4. W. of Ry. NW'/t 18 X I 8.16 |t,54 «M o« Welch 3. 295.17 ft. of E. 295.17 fl. SE'i NEU 21 Lot 9.00 J.28 .» TOWNSIIII' KOUKTKKX [III NORTH, RANGE NINE (0) IAST Kathryu Broom W',i NWVt NEVi.. 5 11 4.36 1.06 .J§ iom Simmons SE 1 /; NE',1 12 40 - 10.00 2.60 .Ji W. L. Gnllin S. 43 ncres NW»i N. & W. ' '- • of Ditch No. 10 nnd E. of Levee.. 32 43 2.16 .M M TOWNSIIII' FOIIH'IT.KN (II) NORTH, RANGF. TWELVE (U) f*iT L. T. Ellis Less N. 6.8 Chs. ot W. 1.50 Chs. of E. 6.1 Chs. All aw'i W. of Lcvce 4 81 31.76 5.44, Jt Same E'a SEW... 1 6 80 20.00 5.00 .36 lame W'.l SVV'i SE'i 5 20 S.OO 1.25 JS Mrs. U T. Ellis NE»4 NE'/i 7 40 10.00 2.50 .36 TOWNSllir riFTliKN (15) NOKT1I, RANGE EIGHT (I) EAST HU1 and Mary Mny Lnmplon S. 70 ft. SE'.l NW'/i East of Honey Cypress Ditch 8 Lot 3.00 .15 M A. A. Reddell Lot 13 Of E'.'j NW'l NE'4 17 Lot 1.50 .«J .N James Raleigh Aclkfrson , l-ol 10 of E'.i N\V\\ NE", 17 Lot 3.00 .75 .35 Saritfoni nnd Aimnie Ashley S'.i Lot 7 of E'.i NW'i NE'/» 17 Lot 2.50 .63 .25 H. V. Smith Lot 4 of E'i NWVi NEH 17 Lc)t 5.50 1.38 .25 Elwood Smiley N'4 HW'A 29 80 20.00 5.00 .2* W. B. Bunch SEVi NE'-l 34 40 10.00 2.50 .25 TOWNSHIP FIFTKE.V NORTH. RANGE NINE (9) EAST Drainage District No. 17 SW'.l W. of Ditch. Sup. Survey 11 2 .10 .03 • .25 V. S Simmons - E'A E. of Levee. Orlg. Survey 25 41 11.15 1.94 .25 M. J. McCann Lot 5 of BW", NWH 31 0 2.2,1 .56 .35 TOWNS!!!!- KIFTKEN (151 NORTH, RANGE TEN (101 EAST fvfln Culvert, i-JE Corner Cruller 1/3 NW't 1 « 1.00 M .25 Virginia Hnmjihill Less lots. NE'i of S 50 acres. W'j NE'l... 1 10 2.50 .63 .25 Wm. Enrl Mi.ncly SE Corner Center 1/3 NW 1 '. 1 Lot 3.50 .88 .25 Mtson Rii?RS SE'i SW'i 8 40 10,00 2.50 .25 Neat Mlnyurd SK'i NE', 19 40 10.00 250 .25 Elgin Dixon SE", NW 1 , 20 40 ]0,00 2.50 .25 :ame NE 1 .', SW'i W. of Ditch.. 2D ao 5.00 1,25 '.25 ohn Minynrd H", NW'i E. of Lcvcc 30 78 1950 4.88 J25 ?nme W'S SE'i SW'i 32 20 5,00 1.25 .25 TOWNSIIII 1 FIFTKKN 1151 NORTH, RANGE RLE YEN (II) EAST lattdock Arnold E. 225 ft. of S. 270 ft. of SE 1 ! S!i', 1 V. B. Brycims l/it 4 of E. 10 ncrcs. SW", SW', 6 Aggie Morn* Lot 6 of E. 10 acres. SW'-1 SW'I 6 :. C. Thompson N. 75 ft. or E. 190 ft S'i Iftl 4 of E. M acres, NE'i SW'i 10 Jerry Henrn S, 130 ft or w. 300 ft. of NH NW'i SW', 11 Hester Hite E. 150 ft. of S. 50 ft. NW'i SWU 10 B. Olfs Koonce SF.'i SE'i 21 Wai Shrlton VV. 65 ft. of E. 202 ft. of S. 208 rt. SW'i NE'i 28 Frnncr-s Peterson w. 65 ft. of E, 137 ft. of S. 203 ft. RW'i NE'i . . 28 Lot 40 Lot 350 1000 350 350 .25 .31 H J.M .15 .15 TOWNSHIP SIXTEEN llfil NORTH, RANGF. NINF. (9) EAST J. W. Cownn All In Ark. NE'i E. of Levr* .21 5 .30 .OS .36 Same Lot 1 Kn]i. Survev 21 15 .95 .34 .25 TOWNSHIP SIXTT.KN '(Id) NORTH. RANGE TF.N (101 EAST I.llla M. GO.-.S SW'i NE'i S. ot Levee .. 20 16 4.00 1.00 .M Samp NW, SE'i 20 40 10.00 2.50 .55 Rayon r/'dbeUrr S. 400 ft. of E lOB ft. NE'i SK'i 22 Lot 1.00 .26 ,«i Sam Rhnmons E. 129\ acres NE". Sno. Survey 3! 130 1560 3.90 .J» TOWNSIIII' SIXTEKN (Ifil NORTH. RANGE ELEVEN (11) EAST W. P. Rohcrt'cin \ni 15 E' 5 33 Ix>t 16.50 4.13 M Sntne l/)t IS E't 33 lot 3.00 .60 .JJ ALLISON ADDITION TO BI.YTIIEVILLE lot Block I.tidle F Tlllnwn s i 350 .88 Jl Mary n.ii;r,fS"tl N. 40 ft 1 5 350 .88 .25 D. C. J'.fTiT.'on 2 4 3 SO .88 .M Maude Tnlilvfr , ...' 1 5 3,If) .88 .25 I,ydln Moran 13 IS 450 1.13 .55 Mamie Tiu'kcr , 11 s i.oo .25 .35 T. II nnd Irene II ay wood 4 ^ 3,50 .98 .JS Maude TolHviT 5 7 4.50 1.13 .35 H?mc R 1 4.SO 1.1 J .25 Sumc I 8 3.50 .88 3» SAM n \RNIS srnniVISION TO BI/TTHKVIM.F. W. O. Alley N. 100 fl, 1 1.00 .2* M Continued on Pag« I

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