Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
Page 3
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-L. . A NNOUNCES the completeness of its lines with selections made after an exhaustive review of the.latest productions from every source. This great section is now in perfect readiness. We feel assurtrd we can interest every woman in lola. Never in any season have we introduced the new features in so many different variations. All the new ideas shown, whether in the Ions: lines, the softness of the new shades, the profuseness of the new braids, or any other style of details, are all of a character which gives greatest distinction to the autumn and winter modes. Since many of these Autumn Coats and Jaclcets are exclusive and will not be reordered this season, it will be wise not to delay selections. MfE rt RTU.VS: SPKCIil. V lUi: FOR 0\E WEEK. . Th«= a=:?nfrin<=i;t of I_^ir<^ ••.nrrun-^ spi^.-ial fMtiir.-ii. r.:iirij)n::<-s N'oitintr- ham. Cable- NVt anil Nov.^lty Curtains, ail nt^w this iaU'^ patterns, ju ^i op^n P .I up, spci''aily prired at ft.V ifl.l;) HM, iiSHK ii^AU and *fi^*.fl L JH IIIV HItfi-L routs. Ilu' ln'»f yalu^s \\v liti\t> 4 '\«>r slionii. iriuiniHl nitta ItrHI) silk i»ralil. tflvH nnii l»ultous. Htll uorfh 'if'.M. v(n»chtl |irl«'«* f'JKl l.atli'fs* KliH' K «Ts «j i-Unnuil l<i*a«l «Hl In iH *n luiiK 'l lU'siirii.s uilli silk. «<'itel IIIHI liiiilons. nidi now >U'f\v^ matlv full, fiiifh titiUin'tl, urll uoiih :^I.^.«HI, •,|.<-ol:il ifViO l .ailies l -'iiif Hr<»niii-l <iU! i out crtiiM's fit Kiinvii. ti :M\. hhick i:urn:<'iit s«'!!i!-mtH anil with niipiri' Imrk. I;if- cst sfilo iriiiiiiii-il M-it!i l:ir'.rt> liiil- t4iiis ^li.vM. «*i:..(u; an.l up to W ..<M» ( iiiiilnii's i:i <l <-i<!•>«(II ( fials. iii ';ill> triiiitintl uiiil M;iriiil\ liiU 'il. v |i<-... ihiltirtn's liwir l >;kifi (oats, spe- «'ial W.iiO. ^i.As aiul tin- iiretty «'urly kinds, donhlf l.ri^iistt-d !*!?.9.'. .jlissf. fiiais jfCt..";!!. *.i.iMl, i'.:At II 11 ii) *1.'..0« \K« VITIMX niJESS tJOtJHS A\r» SUMS. Mvrsii VlRIEir. Wf nl-\t l4» iitn'rfs<i yuu not IIHTI- I) wilU tlx Wntutlh r>i Hit* turl«-lif< tiul nioif |>ttrlU'iilarlt wlili tti»--'i *ui -l thiit ei«>rr yard ni eoods licr<* ran !>«' IH>UVII( UI nil a|»|tn>Hah|p satlnif ou -r thv |irlr<« aski^t rls««wli#'rp. That h Uu n-ason iv«» haio IMM'H MI IIHSV and liuil til ri>«rder so ntaiiy times th}< .teas«ii in «Hr dK'ss t;<%<tds s <*«'tiAn. \Vi' Mailt yiMi to si'i' the protty iliJnis at i.'»f. :»r,i-. :,«»r. $ij»i» tiiir of rntl» Full Sulthi'-'s hni- r.l.'isr In iirU*** IVIMK, |HT yard t\i *l KMl l\ni:K\VEV|{ SM.E «IF SPF.. (III. WIVF. Uoiai-u. tlis^ts tind Cliildn-n run IK- conn'ortaiily .sufiiiiicd tor latf tall and winttT at urpRt savln'/s. . AHJ woninii dpsiiintr K«.«rt wlaler ivi-i'tHi i-olton I'lppcf llnnt T^'si*;, dniutis i.r nuioii sult<> in e\«-rj mi^ht nlll a|i|tr^(*ia(^ th«> spli-ndid value <ii Itiose IOM prieed lines. Ve-it< or Dianers. each I'.'*.-, :M: ;.•.«', and il.wt Vahui Suits ... :.(if-. «i.>. :.',«>. ^l.iMi 568 -^M.i til M.»V 1 \I.J. tfll.. l.lNLin. (>.;;• . • r....K-- r ^i: *. i-ranrs ha\ • >• -:l 1 1 iiiiiii.;!!" Ill- .1 li-t .">i (.rt-r:> H ;.i .... fia.- •• .1 ',:<)'> i.r.-ity • . : !,•••:: f: .!> !..'.,i -|.^a-*^ V I'.iii • 113 E. Madison 113 E. Madison NEWS OF LA HARPE Hir:ii s()io(>L FOdT n\i.i. TF.VM IS pi.\vi\(; ni}o \»i «»v TODAY. •TRIPLETS' TO PUY SUNDAY THE TAFT ( IJR HELD UCSINESS MEETlNt; L\ST EVFMNtJ. Tlfi" Prrtirrani Rendered at tlie Meetlne III the literary Soeifty Yesterday Was EntertiiniHc—Personals. I'ersrtuals. Mr<. Pianli Holland is vi-irinj; ro- i!;iy ill Y ;i!<'^ ('••iiti'r, KaM. M IS, .liiliii Walmn went i<i Murnti >t'si <M(iii> in aiU 'inl a liinliday paiji .N at ih.> hdiiii' 111" a fr!'ml. 1>. I'lilllips was III Yuies (fiKfr vi< i»>iila\ on liusiiu's-i. I . Mf. an.! Mrs. .s: n Hartna left y. trVilav fur ShoUli>n. Mo., wheri- itij'.^ '..ill vii«!t n-latives. .Mi^. fh.i-- I't s.'rsMii I t'l.iriiiil .v Ti-i>t.i,\ fi-'iii!iiM<, . wlii'it' ;n lias tit»i>n a!ttii«li:r-c ilU' I'air .Ml \V. II. Rii-kt'lis i-ame in .wj-- porilay afr.M-i;r,<!n iroiu rar>4iiis. I\:l^| . wh>-:v sJ)t» li..s iitcu visiiiiii! aiul al- ;i-n<!intr r !ii? fair. Walti'v <'liu«- ait.:i.'.v.! sli*^ fair at l':irsuii>. \rsi^'rilay. Mr>. J. 1). nil!, of I'oir riowit. K .-IS.. i^ ;lie eiir .-f '.f ht^r ilauiiliipr. Mrs J. i". .MrCili. Jania Carvi^r. of Fort Scot;, is visiting here today. Plaj-.s Rron«;on Today. ThP La Harpp high school fcot hal". team went to Bronson this niorninq: rith the Bronson high Sincp horh teams are in Uiii,. best of condition a f.T=i game is .•in(icKi>ai>''d. .. team went to ii \ tor a ganie will \ si'hool team, Sir Tail ( luh Met. At the meeting of the Tafi club la^i evening committees woro aiiji<)i:.-ed and other business transact Prfteram Was Good. The program rendered at the meeting of the literary society yesierdaj rifternoon was entertainintr. KANSAS IS nrsY oiLix; rr. OSTEOPATHT— DR. W .H. ALBRIGHT. Regl.'stered Osteopathic Physician. State Hank Bids. Phone 145. Only Osteopath in LA Harpe. FituntalH rio <ied. Water.- A: hanftvrth have <-lo«ed their fi.iintflliJ fir till- winr.-:- fhf room where ir .-:aiul.- is ^.iii:; m -fUpi .-l »i> .: iiipply if oil.-. a>v. ai .si»idi;r \Vel> .Swjal. TJir. njenil»-.-s of sh- (hristiaa l!n- (jpavnr of th'^ t'hrlsiiau ehurch will ^,ve a .sj ider social at the home (•f Miss U (i .-e Fveema-i n*'xt Tuesday evening. The young pe<>t)l»' yue pian- ^liuc fonifthin.c: vat of the ordinary in liie v•a.^ of eritertainnu'iif. A Boy and a CirL Twine, a boy and a girl, were born ye-terday to Mr. and Mrs. Ear! Gate< of three miles soiUli of the city. Ql EE-N^S AYARE. We liave purchased a complete line of ap-to-odate Queeusware and will . /dd it io our stock. The store will be iioiible decked to niake ro ^Dm for it. Waters- L Danforth .'- Druffs and Jewelry. Tt« Pbj Fi. ,y«t1 .Suodaj. ; Many from here have maoifeEted I heir uxtentiou of attending the fopt nail gSine at Electric park next Suii- day afternoon, between the' 'Tripfets" and Pbrt Scbtt. i^The 'Triplets'* is c(Nnpo^ .of. pki.yer.ik. ^rom %bls .city, Gas GIty and lolaT : .~ .Hore Barrels of (Gasoline and Kerosene Iusp«eted Tliaa Ever Before. • I Toi,.-ka. K.:-. i:.—1.. T lin.- >e> . siat>' ia-pf<tor. inade hi- rt nort to the auditor yt .-terday of the linsini'ss transaiii-d by his (lepartinen!t for Septenitjer. Tht- department iiij- spected I'l.fJOi barrt-ls of kerosene ami iS.TSi' barrels of gasoline. The tola; fees were $4 "4S.Hi. The check sent is' the state was for |;i.l.sS.17. Thi.^ : the largest amount of money eve turned over by the departmrnt in any one month. In October a year ago the fees mrii- €d ovt-r to the state ainoiiiued to ;<T_'. the laii:*-s: amonnr prevtoii..; to this !iuiuih"s r1ui. The rea.-on of tiuf rxcei'.lioaaliy .jrz>- tuns of oil tiu .l gasoline i:; Se ;.:ft :ihe; is !.ec.iit.-e ;!ie rcfinerits are filling al' i,f ili.^ir lank-; for the w::itt r siippl.r. EVER WATniEFI.. A l.illle (are Will Save .Mnny Readers Fnliire Troiihle. Watch the kidney >e <-r<>tions. See that tiiey haN<- amber liu.- of h'Vtltli: . The discharges r.ot excr-slve or frefjiient: Coii.aiii no • tirick-dii-r llk>-' sf<!t- t'ieiit. Hoan'.-; Kidney F'ills will i)o tins fiir von. They watch the kidn -ys an<i cure i!:«-m when they 're sick. I'. Coy. retired farmer, of jut South Buckeye street. lolu, Kas., says: ••(Jreait-r praise can not ht- piv.-ii Ooan'.^ Kidney J 'iils than their won- derfn! merit de?eiv »s. For sume three or four months I was bothered with a weaknes.s of the kidneys, causing me to arise several times during th*night. The kidney secretions were nnnainral and deiwislted a heavy sediment. I also had a dull pain In the small of my back tha' caused m*- a good deal of discomfort. < specially when I st «.Mi :i .Ml or Sifted. 1 tried a well r» i"o:nmend.-'d renudy bin did nor derivf the > i.^lite ?t benefi;. It was different wiih Iman's Kidney IMi; which I prfKured at Chas. ». Spencer li Co.'s drug store. Th»ir use proved efi 'ective from the first and thev srM.n fi.ved iiif up all li^'In. I r^ludly uive thi .s i to Doatis Kitlnoy Pills and hope many others may i-rot:: by it." For sale by all dealers. Price T.O cents. Foster-Miibiirn fo., Htiffalu. New York, sole auents for the F.'iired .-jrate-s. Remember the name—Doan's—and lake no other. Y. W. C. A. Mrs. H. .\. Kwina; will speak at the Wsiier S.rvice for woiut-n tomorrow ait.n;oon at tliree o'clock. Tlwr.- w\i!l i)e si>ei-ia! mi'.sic. an.l all woiii.-n a ,t> inviteii. \ Qualitj^ The Power Behind the Dough! 'Purity POWDER 25 Ounces for 25 Cents A real power that raises and sustains the dough with absolute certainty, enures. A cake made with C cannot faXL We insist upon refunding your ;SDQi^By',if a trjal does not qoof iLis^^i: 'Vinee.yoa. I* -•'•'•f\ NEWS OF GAS GITY Til). I.i;t TIRE ( OIRSE FOR THIS UtNTER IS A>SJ HEll. i young peofib-'s meeting at T p. m. Kv- 1 lening .-ervice at l:iT<. .'crtnon by one; of the visit'ng brothreii of the Fnired 1 Mtethriii con.'.'reitce' h«'Id at lo-j ia. ."spiM lal niii-ic b;. the choir and i the niai>' miarr. You are conliall.v invlittl. \V. N I.e.'p .T. [la-tor TO HAVE EIGHT BIG NUMBERS DR. W«M>D IS C RITK ALLY ILL IV A h VNSAS ( ITY HOSPITAI.. .Mauj Fiiiin Here Ha*e .Manifested Their lutciitioiis iit .Vtlendiug the Foot Ball Came at Elwtrle Park. Is Doing Mcely. Roy Crane who sustained .1 broken ankle while working on the pipe line .-everal days aeo is rapidly improving, lie is sai<l 10 lie Setting along as fast a< could I .'e evpec :-d consideri'iir 'he -.riniisne-- of the Injury. Reieived it^mm. Th • iroiii .le over the folate Jei"; S\r. a.n! -Mr-. O I.. Fo.-ier and -lames Kodiiers over which iher*? have bee:: much liti.sations. ha.s at last been settled. .•V cneck for Slo.nOtt was re- I'.ere yesterday i>y .Mr. Uodgers He will divide the money eipiaily with Mr and .Mr.-. Fosi.r. -Many From Here Will Attend. -Many from here wili attend the foot hi\l same between the •Triplets." compo.sed of player.- from this city La Elari>e and lola. and Ft. Scots which will be played at the Electric park Sunday afternoon. This game i>romis- •(. I"' one ('f the fastest of the .-c^.-.- son. (;ets a (HM J PosRion. .1 .\. Sherrer. fornierly chemist .1: tlie Chi-rokee work> in thi- eit>. has tie..;i appoiaitid 10 •» u .uMt jx^^liiou in the ir. S Civil Service. He will ret .o.' in IMti-biirg. Pa.. October Or. W«MMI V»rr Low. Pr. W.jod who was taken to Kansa.« City several ago to a ho>}iira! is ifHlayi re[K>i ted it! u very critical «'on- d;l: in; Dr. <:. U". Mxtre and .Mr- VVi si have been summ.ned to K.ia- s City, To Have Lecture foarse. 1 »ias yc.-t.:rday definitely aunouiic- ed thiit flas City wiii have ;• ie'tute cf.urse. l>ical' peoide hav.' t»een woikii-'is for the pa-st several weeK.s securing a guarantee and only yesier- duy receive <i the pr«>iter eiicoumge- men; |to make the vork ^ed conrie a snre thing. Some of the best lecturers; in the Unite«l States wili i>e brought here. There will be twelve numbers on the course. \orth Ead Chnrrk. Regular service mominir and evening the cotn;a? oabbath at the Pres- b.nerikn cburcU a^ usual. Bible 1 at please be prompt. Preaching at 11 a. m. nermon sobje:?f. Prayer a WTorking ITOrce in the Ufa of Abrjaham." Service clones at or be-j uooo. J amor at 3 p. iq,.^nioi< tore U .May Settle Case. The otise against .loe .Matlny of ibis; city may be settled, lie i.- charge.l • with d-'fraiidinu' ;!:e <\;;:-.••..inp.-iny ; 'iv -:;'niit:i all <.rb» : name thaii bis. ov.n in I. •'•.J.I t^.r a paek;iu.' whirh j i.-^ a;e'.;>i! u, nave oontain.-d "booze.'| THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Mamifactiirers. Whotosal* and RetaB Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Waiw !lriT Cell Storage Sca4j f «r KastBe«(L thw IIC VKANK RIDDLE. Mgr. I'trsonals. .'»]:.-- .Maude Hiiiiiej- leinrneil >e>- ei -d .i;. from .Mioon.-i v. iieje ^Ile Ii :t.-! Iiieii Aisiiing l'<ii the pas: -everal .i;.>s.| William .Mill.- who ha.- been ii; fori Tie l »aM. .-•V »-;":ti da;. ..- ;:o ;e iu be •ju' again. | The Mi.-so!iri Pacific we.-t bound was four la'e ye.sterday morning. tleorse IV^tter cam** tn ye.sterday from «)sawat<iniie where he h;ts been workiijir for the past s.vera! weeks. A SCHOOL BORNS Hililurt \eadem} at I.lneolii. Nebraska. Rrstrojred—Loss Is ! :jSl (IO.»iN>. Real Estate, Insurance ^.ityand Fa^m Loans Low R;ste. Annual Interest. Paymenii received at ?.r.y finie witlioiit notice, and in- t.r"si ceases on amount paid. LoniT or Short Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett Lincoln; Xebr.. Oct. 17—Th** .\e-i hraska mt.'itary academy three mii-v : west of this city was destroyed by firej this luornin.;:. The sfli <K>; was es:;tb-' iished this fu'.l. Sixty-five boy.s v.::o were enrolled escaj ed safely There is a :oss of one htindr>-'l rhou-.i.'jd dollars. —N' .IS scod as - die.s. l!urre::"^ drui: >'•••<• FIND ANOTHER CAR EX{ HANHE OR .SELL. Liil your property with me. I have a lar^e list to match frot:\ :<o expense unless a deal i.' found for you. I have 24'> acres In Neosho county. Kas. to exchange for ^.od lola proi»erty. J. T. MILES. Room 10. (lid r *art Hoase. (Mniian Ralloon Pirkiil Ip in >»r !b St.» - (lee u pant s Rel i«" \ ed 1 1. Hare I'erished. Stoves Yarmouth. K.i^';iiid. O.t Oermaa balloon l !er "4»*se!. ;;:.-I :eJ ' up in the .\'i>Mh r ^ei one hund; -1 iniie- iinrthwe.^: nf Heiiirnland t>y the .\or-: wegian steamer. .Vaddo.1. Ther- is w p-^ -iicn "I «tcHiwnt.-. Lieiueian: ^jL ^ Korevtsl; :;:.d his 3r ':>t,a;r :;r. IM - |u/ni !i. ved I., have per:.*hed. ' S-^t up ntit] coriifcttil. also any 17 --The '. other ga.s fitting. Gocd work and reasonable charges. Pqoce 29. Is to love children, and no home can ire harp.- wiihout them, yet tiie orJ-.a! through which the e:;pectui.r mother must pass usually i> so full of suffering and dreaJ that she looks forward to the hour with appre- hensiori. Mother's Friend, by its penetrating and soothing properties, allays nausea, nervousness, unpleasant feelings, and so prepares the system for the ordeal that she p'asges torotgh tlie event witb, but^l^le suffering, as numbers have^^' ' • ^ ^ testified and .said, "it is worth its wei^i in gold." n Ji per tMtt!* oC «r«a |Ws. Book of rslaaMa iafoRDsUoaauIMffMb TBBBSA]>PIEU> BBGULATORCa Atlaate, Ga.

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