Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
Page 1
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o The Rei^lmter Hmm ih9 Lml^gmmt Gircuimtloa la Allen County of Any Mewmpmper PubllshotI In the Countym VOLFWE X. > a, JER SOU. lOLA, KANSAS, OCTOBER 17. Ifi <K— SATIRDAY EVEMXf.'. EIGHT PACES. PRICE TWO CKHTS. DEATH BEFORE JAILIACCIDENT THEY SAY WOMAN ARRESTED fOR IM^ffORAL COXDRT ATTEMrTEI) SCICIDE. SWALLOWS POISONOUS FLUID REVIVED nV EFFOKTS III (IAN CALLED RV POLK K. PIIYSI- A Pnlhctlo SiTiH' In Pollco Cimrl - Homy Finos liiiptisrd t';ir Iiii- iivoriil roiiihict. Ti \TiP. ininiilvd wlih .smiles, ;ilti>rnalln>; wllh h-viiy. aiui .v<-( v.lili- iil. «no (if iho inosi pinvt-rl'iii ii'ms; rations uf lli(> inevitable on<! of a lilV of ininioraliiv. was tho sroof onaciod in pollfo ci :uri this nuirnins. Poliro oouri spcoiator.^ launlicii anil iuow .serious l)y iiinis and Jinally \vl>cii ilic trial of four prisoners, two mt -.n and two women, was over there was the hush that means, "too bad, too bad." -Tell Wliorp My 3Iammii Is." ".Mamma. 1 want niy mamma. W'liere did mamma RO?" .•\ little liliie eyed (of of ;i girl ran about Jh<> police court oori^dor rry- inK for the comforting presence that only the mother can r;ive a child. "Mamma will be here soon," a. big bine coated man said assuringly, as he turned away lo smother Just a symptcmi of pathos that threatened to well into a tear. "There, when mamma comes, you'll be all right.'" Over in the county jail, thp mother Mrs. XelliT> .'ones, was in a cell await ing trial in jiolice court. The child prattled on, cooing and crying a.-^ childish thought turned from play to mother. AVIion Mamniu Came. Soon two patrolmen fiitjd into the station having in custody two men and two women. The little girl spied hor mollii-r and uncon.scions of her surroundings and the cond!ti«uis. ran to liei-, klhsed her and .thri^w her arms about IHM- in cliiidi^h glee. Wiilrth'* b.ibe in her arms, the inoih er ,sai while .lame.! ("ulliiit*. police judge, read the charge aiuiinst hor. She pleaded gulliy lo the acr iisailiMi of immoral conduct and was lUnnl and costs. .lohn yiiilth. the wcmianV patimtotir. pit ade<l guilty to a similar charge ami was fined $:{."> and ci-tis. Cliirence Dough Vlio followed in the prisoner's docl;. ami who admitted that he Itept the house lu which itnmorality was pra.lic(\l. was lined $r«0 and cost «|KUI ii plea of g'llliy. .Mollie !{oe. housekeeper for Dough. lln.Ml'y admi!t.»(l her guilt on a charge nf illegal cohaliitati<ui and wa> fined and costs. .Ml of the defendanis are juaking an efi'ort to raise the money to i)ay the fines impo.-^ed. "These fines miis; be paid." .Judge r(>llins .said. "If the defendant.-; having children ctiniiot settle, 1 will se<' that tho little tots are cared for." -DcaUi Roforo tlip Prison." The four defendants were arrested at 11:30 last niuht at a house on Cameron street by! Sim Hildreth and D. U. Phillips, patrolmen. When Mi;s. .lones was placed under arrest, she showed how keenly she felt the disgrace. Graliliing a Miiali via" coijtaining a poisonotis potion, she drank the con- 'teni.s, declaring that .=hp wt.nld die before she would go to jail. A jihysician was called by the police and after the administering ol emitics, soon revived the woman. Tht trio was then taken to jail, leaving one of the women to care for the three little chi'dren. The efforts of the defendants to shield themselves as much as possible- brought out many lndicrt)us situations and inconsistencies. At these the spec lators laughed. Hut it was <mly for ;i moment. The gravity of the condition of affairs apjicaled to them more strongly than usual. The iiuartetto is practically sirau'-'e in lola, having lived here but a short time. The nantes are fictitious. THE COURT WAITED DEATH OF WESLEY STEVENS WAS NOT INTENTIONAL. THE JURY RETURNS VERDICT Jl'ROItS .MADE AN EXHArVflVE IWES-^IfiATHkN. 'S'^Ifi. 11— Cornnor Rrhl in HinnlinliK Tills After noun Holding lni|iu-sl Ou>r Ii«d> of rnknouii Mini. After iave.stlgalin:: the dutilli of Wesley Stevens. wh<i wa-; killed on his farm mar .Ml.'dn-d several days ago :)y the dischiirge of a shotgun, si jury yesterday afternoon deli>-.ed the following report to I'fironer D .ivid W. Reid. "State of Kansas. Allen f'osiuty. .--s. .\u imiuost holdeu at Mildred in .\1;on county on the 9th. l.'ith and IGth Jay of October, A. D.. 190S. before me. D. \V. Reid, coroner of .said county th<' body <if Wesley Stevens, ihen lying dead, by the jiiror.-; whose name.-: ^re hereto subscribed. The said jurors upon thi'ir o.iihs do say that said vVcsley Stevens met his death by ;he iccidental discharge of a gun. In testimony whereof, the saiil jurors have hereunto set their hands tli<> day ami year aforesaid. .M. M. t -rnnlSO .V. Foreman. ('. r. .\i,(;i:u, W. \j. MILl.KK. W. H. .MAY. C. V. MOrCHTV. .JOHN IlIOIDKri For a day or two afti-r the tragedy, it was rumored that Stevens had killed himself while in ;i fit of de.-^iion- dency ;ind number.ess other theories were suggested. The exhaustive in- piiry of the coroner".^ jury disjiroves ili theories other than that Stevens accidentall.v killed by the shot- un ill his own hands, the weapon being discharged whib" the victim was- out hunting. Iniiuesl At. Hninlinldl. <'oron<-r Held went (o Humboldt his tifiiMiKiou to hidd an iiu|uesr over 'he body of tlie tiiikuown man who w!is killed mar there yest<>rday by a lortblmuud extra Siiiiia l -'i' freight I rain. I'll lo a late lituir no vi rdict had !u<<-u lelurned and ui< ad<liii<>iial iii- rormaiion cimcerulni: ihi> identity of lie m.iu had been learned. Tho body will probtibly In- burled minedl'itt>ly by the ••ouiitv. .\iid Judge WJI .« Djiiiir From IM-lol .SIK .I—>Vns CrKiciscd In PoUIIca! Caniiiurgn. Newark, N. .1.. Oct. 17.—.liidge JJow- ell of the criminal court of this city, shot himself in the head in the park today while, tho court was waiting for him to ai)pear. and prcbab.y will not recover. .ludge HOACII was criticised in the political campaign and night challenged his accusers lo reply to the questions he asked them. Judge David B. Howell died in a hospital here after shooting himself twice in the head. CHARGES HAINS WITH MURDER. iDdictraente AiraiiiKt Capt. Ilains and T. J. ilalms Secured. New York, Oct. 17.—Indictments charging Captain Peter C. Hains. Jr., and T. Jenkins Hains, with" murder in the first degree were banded up by the Queens county grand jury at Flush Ing, L. I., today. The indictments were based upon the Killing of William B. Annis »t Bayside Yacht club August laiBt. r BURGLARS IN DEPOT MISSOURI PACIFIC STATION IN \ GAS CITY BURGLARIZED. SPEAKIINQ OF 1SSUI5S. Nothing of Value Secured.—Believed That Burglars Were in Search of Booze. Last night between midnight and this morning some miscreant broke into the Mis.souri Pacific depot at Gas City and from all apperances the officers ani of the opinion that the jiarty or parties weie in search of booze. The <.ntraiicii lo the buildin'g was made by breaking out the north window. After getting inside the building the would be robbers evl dently discovered th«\v were in the wrong part of the depot as the door between the ollice and tl:o baggago room had been forcd open. A trunk which had been left in the baggage room had in'cn broken op<n, the to?k to which was missing. So far a.s could be learned totlay no iiioperty of any kind belonging to the company had been taken and for this reason the officers think the robbvrs were in quest of booze and not valuables. A SALE SET ASIDE. Failure of PubMcatlon Notice Null! fied a Deal. Pecnuse of failure on the.part of a newspaper to run the proper num ber of limes a publication notice of the sale of the (Jas City opera house had to be set aside. The Aetna Building and Ivoan Association foreclosed and the bui'ding was offered for sale. After it was sold it was learned that it was not legal because of the failure to publish the proper number of times the notice of the sale. MASSACRES IN BERLIN. Dispatch to Berlin Paper Tells of Late Trouble. Tlerlin, Oct. 17.— ^There have been i" • '"ful massacres in Armenia ac- coru 'ing to the Constantinople correspondent of the Berliner Tageblatt. ismiMed Counterfeiting. Charge. Justice R G. Hough today dismissed the case of the State of Kansas vs. O. R. Teal, charged with counterfeiting a promissory note. The court held that the evidence showed con- closiTely tbat the note was not counterfeited. NOWRITFORTURNEY —From the Philadelphia Presi. TRUE PROPHETS AND FALSE. HOW TO TIZST THE.M. "I will not deny tbat there tii:!y i.'' pp.>|iliels today, but the trouble tS lo trll the true (iropbets from the faKe MIUS. 'Ibe Hible says tbat prophets will rise. It tells uii bow to distiii.:uihh the fal^e from the true, it s.iy»: 'By tb«?ir fruits ye shall knew them.'•—William J. Kryans Spe>-<b at Balll- niuro, Jan. I'JIJO. BKV.\> l'KUl'liKClt:S. TliK A.N'SWERS. JIDOE FOr.ST REFISES TO GRANT W INJCNC TION. HAD AN ADEQUATE REMEDY COPLD HAVE SOI <;nT T(l HOLD ( ITY FOR U\M VM:S. f Action (•'rows Out of Turner's Cliiini for Duuiago Done, He Say.s, by Gu> Deparlnieiil Drillers. •TARIFF WILJr CRUSH THE FARMER." 1NU3, Vrrm Trmdr. "Thus In every Stale, so far MS these >-tati!«tl<ti biivf been rolttHled. the pri> liortiiiii of hoiue-ownlug farmers Is de ereaslng UIHI tbat nf tenant fanners ii; ereasiu;;. This iiieHu.s bat one tiiiug: it means a land uf Inudlords Hud teiuiut^. and. backed by the bisti.ry of evfry uutlon that has {tone down. I say t>> .»ou that no people can lontiiiiie « free people uuder n free goveruinent when the 2re.-«.t majority <>f its citizens ure tenants of a small miuority."—Wiliiani J. llryau: speech on the prolectiv tariff in the National House of Itepreseu tatives. .March 18. 1S5)1'. TUa \nmvter lu 1 »<•.<<. The answer i"* found in the prevail- luj; gcu'd pr;ies f .>r uraiii. lorn. hogs, • attle. hay ami all the prtHluotn of till- tariii, lo:;eiber with Ihi I'ii.'t Miut hinee tlie date of I'au- diilate l '.r.\an 'i» "enishini;" spee«'h. Wifclern r.iriii lands have dullbled iu valite, and tbnnsaniN of "tenant"' farm ers ttf that date have become prosppr- • ins hi im'< owners, tilling tlit-lr uwi: land in peace, happiness uud picuty. Uuder Ibe Natiiiual Irrigation Aef. and the Itepniilican e»>nservatIou movement. Ibe West is stMUi to be the Intense asrii iil- tural and bortlculturtil produciug area of the lUiteJ States. .luilge O.scar Koust this morning di--^ .'•olved tl'.o temporary n-si raining oi di -r granteil Hinim Tnrnoy again the city of lola. Tiiniey sought 1 have the city proliibii<',i from ente. iiig upon or drilling on the land occu l)bd by hint west of tin' <'iiy. .ludu -e I"'oust held that tie- ciri could not be cnjoimd becau -^e tin petition in such in: tanc must h€ directed agtiinst som-- iuilividual or individuals which v.;t:. nut the cas( in t.e pvuiiing ;ic ;ioii. .\ fnrtbei -•round for ib -clining to isi -iii-- an in j'lnciioti was that injuiii-iions will not li«! where tliore ar-- i .tln-r adefpiat*' remedies at law. In this c .ise. Mr Tiirney could h .ivc su'-.i ill-- city lot damages. TuiiM ->s action agriiti«t i!:-- cliy urev. oiii <>r the refu; of iln- ciiv coiiiie-! I'l ::!low him a claim for dam aL'< s wiiicli he saiil .•dioii'.d paii him on aeeoiint of injury to i!e farm and cior.R done. IK- daimejl Jiy drilb-r: f .'om till- city ga .s department. The amount claimed by Tiirmy was leclared to be excssive by the coun- xil and a committee was iippointel to go to tiie farm and view the alleged injury to crops an <l property. The coii'mittee reported to the council that they ihouKhf Turncvs" :;'aini was twice what jt .should be. The city attorney wa.s then authorized to settle with TnriM-y on a Tea's onable basis. This negotiation failed and the matter wa .s then taken ui by Turney in t 'le dlsiii<-l cotirt with I he result as staleil. Turney lives on lie- \'ii<t! f:irtn and the city has several i:oti 1 w. 11M on the place. NO DEATH ROLL YET LIST OF DEAD IN MI( HFiaV FUSE NOT YET KNOUN. •GOLD STANDARD WILL DESTROY HOMES." I SOS, Frri> rulniiKe:— 16 tw I. "I reply th.-i/. if prote<tiuu ha; i»iala its thousands, the gold staudanl has slain its tens of t!;^»usands."— William J. Bryan: 8iM»ev-b ;'t I>emo- cratic National Convention. July. 1^.%. "The Dt;<• parly has begun a war of extermination against tlie gold standard. We ask no (juarter: we givi- no quarter. We shall jiros/i .-ute our warfare until there is not an Anierl>.;:i citizen who dares to advixate tlie gold standard. You ask whyV We reply hat the gold standard is a eonspiracy against the human r:u-i\ and tbat wi- should no more Join In it than we wou'.il an army to destroy our homes and to destroy our families.'"—William J. Hrv "an: speeob at Albany. .\ V. Ausu^t. Th« Anarrrr la 1908. The ::u!d standanl h.-is "slain"* no our. nor ilid it write the "future iu blotj<L" nor di«l it destroy our liouics nor forttlose the farm mori- ;::ige. iior <ild it ej.i^e the di«- tri.-t s.-iuKii: ol! the o>:::rary. It has (iroved the soiiud and solid foiindatli>n j of widespread prosp-rlty. leading to iu- divldiial procr»'ss and h:i;>[ilness. aided ili paying <>,T the farm niortg:i;e anil expdiuliiig the louutiy's eduiiitional fa- i cl;itles. It t.a .j l.n-uslit su.-ii to our ei .-.mtry .-is was never known before. Aiuerl.-ans are the ba |>i>ier 't ami moit pro»perous pei^pie ou earth to -day. •NO MORE FOURTH OF JDLY." 18UO. ImiMrrialiaMi: '•The flgbt this year will N- to carry out the sentiment of that >onL' we bavi- so often repeated: -.My ("uiititry. "tis of Thee.* If we lose, our i -hiidn-n and our children's children will net su- ceed to the spirit of soiig. and ci -i ebratlons of the Fourth of July will pass away, for the spirit of Kmpire will be upon us."— William .T. Itryau ; >jM'c»di to the Bryan Home Guards. Lincoln. Neb.. July. imj". •Ilic .\u«tvor In 1008. Answer this for yourself. Do .Tou kn<)iv uf any spot in ihe Ciiitetl States when-' the spirit of ITT»; i* dead and forrotf-n atid the Fourth of July a ineaiiingless il .ite on the enleinlar'/ l»n the other bniMl the llum'oli^st citl zen is growiug prou<ler of hi* .Ameritiin eltlzenship and the spirit 177(i !• peruieutiu;; the ri.tire body (#olillc Searching I'arlles Are Cohering Rurn- «d DNtrirt to Detenuine Nnin- bir of Yielimv. Aipcna. Mich.. Oct. 17—With twenty seven i.rf.jile known t,o have perirhed veelerd s. in I'lOsque Ls!e coiinly. and with the forest fires st;!! raging uri- •ontrolled through th-^ countries of ChelKiygnn. Prcs(|iie l .-.Ie. .\lpeaa and \lcona and other scattered di:^tricts in iiorilierii .Michigan, a diligent .search v.H.s IiegsMi today to der.rmine the ful: .•»\ient r.f the holocaust. The death ist may n<.t !< fully known for a r .eek b'M ii ii, ceriain the piop .'t.'y :o.-;s wii; run into (he millions. Suit on Account. J. Butcher nas brou;:bt suit in the district court to recover the sum of $115 from .lohn Camack on ati ac-i count. THE WEATHER. COLS! •ROOSEVELT THE SPIRIT OF WAR." ID04, ABlUUuusrrrll. "I would rather itiio down to ttej -na! oblivion than be Instriiuiei .tnl In ih • election of Koosevelt."—Wi!!ia:n J. Bryan, Oct. 17. 19'>4. while tmirio)? In diaua. "Ihe surreiMler of the present President (R «»oseTelii to corporate influ enees furnishes an excelieui proof of the wisdom of Judge I'arker in making the statement he has. Hut President Roosevelt stands for militarism. • • • The present oecupaut of the Whiti- House (Roosevelt! rejiresents la an aggravated form the warlike spirit, as contrasted with the pacific policy that has heretofore characterized our n«- tloB."—William J. Bryan. In a apeech at Springfield, .^lo.. .Sept. 1, ism. where be accused President Roosevelt of surrendering to the corporations and holding **bIo«dy, bratal and barbarous" sen- tlmenti. Tb* ABSW<>r la lOUS. Prwident Koosevelt. instead of rep- ref<eDtiuR the "spirit of «ar." stand: before thr world the greatest ex- «mi)lar of International {.eaee In bis generation. History will In full season award him the tillea he has justly won. and the greatest of these will U* •'The Peacemaker." iu spite of Candidate Bryan's assault upon bim 1B 1V>04. Uuder President I ROOS-'- vclt's policies the United Statfs has taken its place In the front i^anlc of world powen«. Taft Is committed t» coutinuiog these Doliciem. OUT LOOK IS 0. K. REPIBLICANS .SEE MAJORITY OP .II.OIM) FOR TAFT. ALLEN COUNTY IS IN LINE WILL GIVE LARGE M'-lfBER OF SI RPi IS VOTE TO OHIOAN. Coiicre«isnien l» Get Rig Y'oles- Siubbs Safe for EI<><'t{on Too. Journal today Forecast for Kansas: Rain and colder tonight; Sunday, partly cloudy >vith colder in southeast portion. Data recorded at local office. V. S AVeather Bureau yersterday. today and a year ago: October 16. Yesterdav Yr. ago 7 .S 2 p. m. 4 p. m. 6 p. m. 74 ..69 ..69 ..7D ..c,r, .. 0 64 61 60 .-.9 8 p. m 72 1ft p m 12 midnight Maximum temperature Minimum temperature Precipitation. 7 p. m. October 17. Todav Yr. aco - 6S 5.S e.** .'•.s ; 67 ....69 76 ._ noon 81 Precipitation, 7 a. m. ... 0 Tlie Kan -.t.-. -s:iy.s: I ropeka. O .-i. i.;._ v ,.;.:-,.f„! estimate "jmade by i;. p.ii .licai. leader.s who ure co!iver.s;inf with poiitieal conditions in every c<iuiii> ji. the state .shows i/iai Tall will /;,tTy Kansas bv over ::\.iy-M plmalj.y. To !,.- exact! their li.i;ure;-. are ::i no. Th.-ir estiinate al^<> e!,-.-i.s riie fight itepublican candi- d:!:e-r i-(.j:-re.-is. and the entire Re- pii|,:if;;i! .:;ai,- itpi;,: ..,,,,1 ,h,> legisla- lllie. While .Stubl.f is .-^froiiKcr than Taft la some cMiinti, s: the reverse is true in others, and the vote for these two wii: be ...;„ .-lose, they .«^ay. that It is a 'iue -iii )n which will bad. They predict ibai Ariorney C. neral J.-ick.son 1,.- Knired .soni" in the old-time • wt-f eoiiiities. 1,111 th .T} it will not 1 .jdanger .lai k.-o;," i -ii-eiinn iu the .ISI. The I {epi !i)!ii-.-,n .state committee in now gelling in its final poll of the •late. I'erhaps its i.ol! in half the cimnlies is comp:ete. The results as shown by the committee's poll make ;!ie figures prepared by the Repub- iir-an leader .s e:<tremely conservative. Only tw«) counties fif the IO.T are conceded to I'.rynn. Hccatnr and Ellis. The Republican mantigers of Decatur ciiiinty even in.sist th.'tf that connly will land in ib<' Taft column. If it does, then I'.ryau is fuiiy .sure f»f one, Kllis. where the Uussiau vote coiltrrds. Plunilllit^ by Counties. The I'silmated plnrtdiiies for Taft i-<>unties lolliiw: Mien 7 .'.n. .Vfiderr ^on iSr.. Atchison I 10. I'.arliir ton. li;irti >ii lOo. ISoiirbon ;".o. itrowu Tiiu. limb r .'.no. Chase loO. 'b.iiitaui |Ua ."-oo. Cherokee tl 'iO, Chey- iiiu.- iTi.. Clark .".u. Cla> "7r.. Cloud '.•111. C.iiirv l "";iiaiiibe 10. Cowley .'•II. Ci;i\vl«ild :04.. liickin.^-uti :'.iM), iDiiiplian 1.000. u .iri'.hi-; l-M- .v.ird> kiU ::o.i. Kll -worth lOO. 1-^in- II. y roil. I'lird I..II. Ciiiiklin I'.Sft, Ceary oil. tjove loii. (iiabam -'."•o. <:ranl ;ray 12.".. tlieep-y !in. C .reeiiwood .lOo, lamilton loo. llarjier L'oo. Harvey .'>«o, la;~kfll .".o. Hodgeman 90. Jackson 400 ^ i.ff-is(ui ;;'Mi. .leweii ".'.0. .lohnson :oO. Kearney loo. Kin;:maii 100. Kiowa 00. raibette r.iii". l.;ine l.'.O. I^eaven- korih l .ooo. Lincoln lOo. Linn ".^0, Lo:.::! 2-i:i. I.yon :'.0". .Marion 400. Mar- iiail Sou. ."lilcPlicrson f.oO. .Meade 100, liaiiii lOi). .Mitchell lou, .Montgomery ii->. .Morri^. '•','<*). Morton '>. Nemaha 200. Cp;j.-^ho '•>•>". Nr 'ss loo. Norton SOO. Osase 400, 0 .-:b"irne 7oo. Ottawa 2.' J 0, Fawnff- 10. I'hililps :'..'.o. Pottawatomie iio. Pratt "ioo, Kawlin^ 1"0. Reno 800, Lepublic -5 'i;'. iUc<( 1.".0. Riley 500. :ooks ::"0. Rush t~>. Russell :',00, Sane ,:!oo. Scott lou. Sed.g'.vick :!7 .'i, Se- arii To. Kiiawnee 9tio. Sheritlan 100. li'-rma:! >!nii ;li 4iio. Stafford .100, anion j.'.. Si <'V> ns -Jo. Sumner 300, hmiiis TrcL 'o loo. Wabaunsee I 'o. Wal !;t ;e -joo. Washington 700, ichita 75 Wilson 4tJ0. Woodson .200, •yaiidotre sou: total. ::i.9Ui. Conceded to Itryan—Decatur 100, , is 7o0; total ^oo. Tai 's niDJoriry. ril.llO. Among the Congressmen. Dan Anthonys estimated majority I the First congressional district is .::r.o. He is giv.-n every county in le Ji.^trict by ihe .sc majorities: Atch- ..h. .".oo; Brown. 5o 't; Doniphan. .....>': .Jackson. :'..'o: Jefferson. -lOO; .euvenworth. l..'.'io: Nf-maha. 200; haw nee, l.ooil. In the .Second district Congressman •ott is given every county but one— iami—tho home of his opponent, d he is expected to break even lere. His estimated majority for district is 4.900. By.counties It dlows. Allen SOi); Anderson, 200; e .riion, 7.'.o: Doualas. \M<\: Frank- I. t ".oO; Johnson. n (iO: Linn. C !.">0; Wy- dotti-. .'.oft; Miami, even break. The DiMUocratic camlidate for con- sress in the Thlnl district is not given :i x-ngle county. Congressman Carnvb.ll, Republican, is set down for .'..I'to majo-ity. by counties aa follows^: Chautauqua. •.Oft; Cherokee, ••'•o; Cowl.-y. .".ftO; Crawfordv 1000; r .Ik. "ftO; IvJibett*'. ."fto; Montgomery, '•.110: Neosho. 660; "Wilson. 500. FTvery county in the Fourth district is regarded as safe for Congressman Miller. Repub'ican. by these majorities: Chase. r.O; Coffey, 200; Greenwood. 6oO: Lyon. .'100: Marion, 400: Morris. 4.iO: Osage. ."JOfl: Pottawatomie, 400; W'abaunsee, 400; Woodson, 2oO. Total. .1.500. :5t: pv li and "le he f. I If Tin ail 2 a. 4 a. 6 a. m. m. m. 8 a. m. 1ft a. m. 12 67 REGISTRATION SO LIVELY. More Than Fifty Enrolled in Clerk's Office Yesterday. Registration of voters Is picking un again In the office of the cityxilerk:. Yesterday and last {night about fifty new names were chijolled. " The office of the dlcrk is open each evening until 10 o'clock from .now until the c*ose of re^istratloir on October 23.

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