Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1907
Page 7
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^ |;|ABfi«T-|fPjr,j^y;pfc«iy. ^"^v'^CIUtt Carter, thie ycutig colored man 'pleaded^ hfa own-ca»a la Justice ^ jc^uurt; "was found gtAfty In district ^;«ofut. today,,of.^ttl^d^ larceny. . -i'^Carter waa aocosMf of mterlng fhs ^fln^Blan-tailat'oibop on South Jeffei^ '1 n|ij'aTenne aereral youths ago and ' st^lltns tbe^^ttt iieveral suits of clcltibg and otfaer ralio^les^ ' 'iihce Carter "vUl probaUy sst at leut a fire year sentence on each - cfaArge he wiirttot, tn aU mcbabUfty be]tried on the chat-ge ot. stealing^ H guQ Irom the-BeynoIdB drug store sev' en^ months ago. Caner insists, hoW' etSor that hej will l>» tried when he returns from servitisr the sentence vhfiiih he will be given for entering theitailor shop.'' 'FILED BbND FOB tm.OOO. C«iat7 freararer Jl. F. Sickly Beglo. • nlngr Sccoad Term. County Trpaaurer M. F. Sickly this moralng-fi].ed bis bond for the second tciinj as cpiHity treasurer of Allen county -for.- $165^0, with tho county commissioners who accepted it. The fotI<iiwlng prominent men are on the bond: Northrup Brosi by L. It Northrop Geoige A. Bowlus 20.000 John T. Wood 10,000 L. Hobart H. Headisrson .;. Svahs Bros, by W. .T. Evans. Cliai Cole r: C.S.; Hackney — .E. If. Tobey •• Johq D. fietesberg :.. .Gwrge o;'Fbx CJias. F. Scott ' P, Hofton..^ A. 3' Pulton I George B. Smith ....... 5.000 5.000 ii.OOO 5.000 5,000 5,000 5,000 10000 10.000 10,000 5.000 TO «XKE COUBT KFLES. Alle4 Ceiiirty Bar Association Ap- pifiied a Committee. The Alleq- County, Bar Association at its last meeting elected a committee of five members and instructed them to draw up a set or court rules for the use of the Alleu county court The set of rules win rrst be submlt- ttA to the bar association and if that body;passe8 favorably upon them the/ 'Will he then recommended to the court, The committee appointed is Travis M^rse, chairman; A. H. Canip- bell^ B. B. CulHson. S. A. Card, and C A.i Amos. The rules to he recom- meadedr'j^PUl .de».l,>vry» the, way in ' vfUelt court shall be conducted. TO BlIBtii HSITI>.« SCBOOLS. FnlntM to Attend to Cunuty Coupcr Snp't. Maude Kunston will bfegin-'tomorrow makinp her vis iltB to ev«7School district in theicoun- ty.' .^though the law only requires the ccndit:^ superintendent to , visit eaob djitoct once a year, Mrs. Funston win-tiake an effort to get to each school yiore than once. Mrs. Funstou will devt^ most of her time from now on-to ti^fting' schools. WHO SHOULD PAX BILLS I nN a atsnnd itn. when yoo bny Br. PlercCs ffimlly-aMdielnes -for 4& the in «redl« enta en^nt into them ar* printed oa the bottla-wrappfxs and their formulas are attested under oath as.belng complete and correct. Youknowjustwhatyouars paying for and that the Ingredients are galhGTRd from Nature's laboratory, being selected from the most valuable native medicinal roots found growing-in our American fdresltMdjg^ile potent to cure are perMMe banQl««JtVLto the mo*t delicate wi llola Phj^lciaBs Fecr Smallpox Will Be PrenOMt. properties of Its own. being a most valuable antiseptic and antl- ferment, nutritive and soothing demul- ecnt. Glycerine plays an important part In Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Distcovery in • the cnre of Indigestion, dyspepsia and weak stomach, attended by sour risings, heart-bum, foul breath, coated tongue, poor appetite, gnawing feeling In titora- sch, bltlouHness and Kindred dpraiiRO- mants of the stomach, liver and bowi-J!*. Besides curing all tho above dlstrosslng ailments, tbcGoldon Medical Discovery " H a specitic for idll diseases of thn miioous membranes, as catarrh, whothor of the na^al passages or of the stomach; bowels or pelvic orcans. Even in Its ulcerative iitaxcs it w^ill yield to this sovcrelpn mm- ody if its use be persevered in. In Chronic Catarrh of the Nasal passugns. It is v oil, whlle«toWing tho "Golden MHit'al Discovery" for the necessary constiiutlonal treatment, to cleanse the passages freely two or three times a day with Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. This thorough course of treatment generally cures the worst cases. In roiiffhs and hosneDOSii caused br bronchial. Throat and luni affections. e»>cpt ••on- sumptlnn in Its advanced slairp.H, the"Uolden Medical Plsrovery" is a most efficient remedy, ospedailr in those olistlnate. hanr-on ponchscausco by Irritation and ron«re«tlon of the bronchial mucous membranes. Tho " Dls» covery " ia not so Bood for acute cou»bs»rls- Imr from sudden colds, nor must It be expected to cure consumption tn Its adrancod stajres—no medicine will do that—btit for all the obstinate, chronic couchs which. If neglected, or badly treated, lead uptoeon<'uniD- tlon. it Is tbe best medicine that can be Isbeo. Y. .M» C. A. >OTES. CoauBisphmers Is Qundry Aboot Peitt \- ^Hoose Iamate!>. The <0iestion <>r whether everj- pei^ son who is taken to the county pest hoosa ii onder the county charge, coofnmtM the county commissioners this mor|i|jig. Heretofore the exi;)en8- es of eV^ry person who has been taken to tltecdtmty pest house were paid by the Idbbnty, bnt now" the questton whether "^It shonld be done In cases where th'^ personrlies enough money to pay fiSi^'ltiemsdves, has arisen. The ma^t^, was referred to the county Attoriiey- who will investigate and reiKirt ' OPm T6X0BB0W KIOUT. irew Skatips Bink on the Korth Side Bevdf for Buslnesik " The new skating rlnk,ou the north &^ •• side of the.. square . ,wlU hold its jgnadopeiilns tomorrow night. 'The Z- :f 'floors of tii» jnoom have heen fixed np ---C ia fbm the wifkHs' irepapered and - painted ittd the whtfle buHdlng pot in ftn^t «laiS'icon'di«lon«'The-skates to ( lie nsed «U of the very latest pat^ ,^T4«ia and jidler. skating promises to •"C heoome .4nite_a rage here.- The pro' ~' pjf&torB JUV tip-to daie on the bus' ^ . .iBeag.and'Iriil Ton an establishment' e~ ^ lOaL- wlltvbfe tcredjt to themselves : ~ ^num-lola.^ . ... • 3 ::'U —Boy's Bible Class in tho hue of Jesus. Awarding of prize for longest list of Bible Naiiios of Jesus. T::'.0—Basket ball practice in llic gyui. Tiiosday. —Boy'.s iiiyni an d^iuiniiuiiig t;labs, squad 1. .>:l ."i —Hoy's syiu ainl svvinmiiug class, squad 2. 7::!0—Business inou's gym class. Mcdnosday. CBible class for men. Stihject: •Israel Kntcrs llio Uiuil of I'ruui- Ise." T.lUi—Young Men's jryni clas.s. S:oO —^Basliot ball jiractice. Thursday. •l:3u—^Biiys gym class and pwlmmiiig class, squad 1. .•>:!.'>—Boy's gym flavis and swimming class, fiquad ::. S:(JO— Educational Icrtiire, Subject, "The Sltims of Chicago." This lecture will be illustrated by the use of 7S slides and will show the fclum life of a great city. Open to all. Friday. T :oO —Business men's SJm class. Volley ball game. S:45—Basket ball practice. Saturday. Scuo—Boy's^ym and swimming class, squad 1. 10 :30 —^Boy's g.vni class and swimming class, squad 2. 30—^Voung men's gym class. Sunday. 2:30— Boy's Gospel Meetinc. :3i>—Men's Gospel meeting. Subject, "Christ's Ideas of Life." This is the second of a series of four talks that Kev. R. H. Eaiet Is giving. It is tbe opinion of some of the lola doctors that lola will suffer a bad epidemic of small pox within the next few weeks. Already any number of cases have been reported and there are perhaps several dozen people who have been exposed to the disease. The latest case Is that of Fred. Oer- bltz, of 309 North Washington street, who was taken down sick several days ago, but It was not learned until today that he was suffering with the small pox. The house was placed un dor quarantine this morning. Mr. Gerbitz's condition is not considered serious. Mr. Hereford, of South State slrest, the man who was placed, under quar antine yesterday, was In a barbershop Saturday night nnd got | shaved, and became ill the next moaning. This means that probably not; less than a dozen or more persons have been exposed. The first case reported was that of Mr. Thompson, of 110 South Fourth street. Later his wife became ill. The disease thea spread to a boarding house at 111 South Fourtli stro?t. All of the new cases are said to have rc^ suited from the Thompson case. The fact that so many more persons have been exposed will msan that all of the doctors as well aa the people themselves will have to keep a sharp lookouf for new cases and sea that they are quarantined as soon as thev break out. EVANGELIST HICKS COMIXU. Will >ot Begin .Series of .llcitmgs Unto Snnday. Iter. J. \V. Hicks, the big evangelist of Fostbria. O., who weighs something-over oOO pounds, is expectLMl to arrive in lola today at noon to begin a series of revival nieot'ngs. Rev. Hicks will Bpeak at the United Breth- ern church tomorrow night, but will not begin the revival ni actings proper until next Sunday evening. He leaves incompany with Rev. Missamore on Tfnrsday morning for Ottawa to attend the anuual conference of his church. .XATIIIE'S WAKMXJ. lola I 'eopic .Must KiTognhte and H»p«> It. Kidney ills come quietly—niysler- iousl.v. Hut nature always warns you. Notice the kidney secretions. See if the color is nnliealtliy— If there are sellllngH nnd sudinieiit, Passages fruquent, scant.v, iiainful. It's time then to use Doaii's Kidnev IMlls. To ward oIT Brighl's disease or diabetes. Uoan's have done groal work ii lola. Mrs. Sarah Hamilton, of 201 South Walnut street. lola. Kansas, says: "For a year or more before I KO I Doan'.s Kidney Pills al ("has. H. Spencer Sc Co.'s drug store I had severe pain In my back just across the loins, especially noticeable when about to retire at night. 1 could not lie on my back without suffering, and added to this there was distressing retention of the kidney secretions. For two or three days at a time there would be no passage. I read about Doan's Kidney Fills curing others and I got them A few doses proved that I was taking the right remedy. Wien 1 stopped taking it the action of my kidneys was. normal, the backache was relieved and I was no longer troubled with dizziness, while my general health was improved. My daughter also used used Doan's Kidney Pills and values them as highly as 1 do." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., BulfalO; New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other. TOPEKA MAY GET FOOTBAL GAHE .Makes Bid fur Playing Mli^sonri^Kan- sas Contest Thanksgiving Day Here. ^3'^'". ^KO^BOlST {.AST ISilfiHT. . :^«iwr «r. Sdieppfc ' \ mz fact that many people '^Ir thJfe raorniae are m fitwt last night ^ScU^ says there I was onlrJ M9B that lUI «as vbat Miwa(»'iB-.«lartr aatr-fta-. Women Inclined to Constipation Women, owin^ to their peculiar fane- tions, are prone to coiutipation, and many of their other ills are due to this congestion in the bowels which fills the blood with impure matter that permeates the entire system. In most cases foul breath, bad complexion, sick headache and such like ills .are primarily caused by constipation or indigestion. Women should be happy to ieam of a remedy that earea eoiuUpatloii and todisestlor. aodthat baa such other Ingredleats a* purity the blood and tone up »U the diseative orzsna. Tbia remedy is Dr. CoMireU'a Syrup Peptln. which can be booaht at any droc store (or SO oenla or 11 a bottle. Womes have been carlnr tbomaelTea with this remedy (or aizteea yesn. •od tha oSer <A yeara aco still stands t»d»y. that you boy Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin with the underttaodiiiKUutit wiu do aa claimed ot your money will be retanded. \ -MB. Hamilton was here to repre eaaaeo(iMfeatlebocpromptaetioa,luplBasai>t I sent I^icavenwortli business men. He SSSS-'lS'^tlVSrSi'^thi ^^gSJ: offered a free park and ut-ged the boUda up Md atrenctheos. It is airuannteed > superior park facilities of the nvcr permaBCst cure and should b^ as steadily In ; tnwn ' * yoor home as I D that o( Utnnsanda o( others. ' Women use it UiemsclresaodeiTeM to ehUdrea la preferenoe to any other lazsUTe beoaoae it is •varaotned to do what • aood laxatlTe should do. and does It cenUy. Mr*. Tynqr. of sas Me- Xaren A TC St. I AU I S . M B ., is ^ad to say that it eued her ooastipatjan and stomach trouble and rufftffmfne"**^ ^rnff<mn —rmsnlritiil" She is but oDe of thonsatids who an load la imiae o( it. You who hSTB never aaad It staoaM beEisto- \-f. Yoo wlU date your (raedom (lom sieknass tothetey that yoo start the nse o( Dr. Cald- .well's Syrup Pepsin. Your dmgziat will sell Iron a bottle uader oar sbsolBta gnarantae^ Lawrenee, Kas., Oct. S.—Leavenworth and Topeka both had representatives here Saturday to bid for tbe Missouri-Kansas football game on Thanksgiving. Topeka wants the game because it Is to have no game on that day unless it secures this one. Leavenworth wants the game only on condition that Lawrence can not secure it.-^' Oscar Wolf of Topeka talked with Manager Lansdon about the mutter. After the conference he said: "1 don't suppose Topeki can get the game away from here, but 1 thought It worth while to trj'. Coeley and Crow want it on their baseball park if it Is jjossiblc to get it taken to Tope:;a. They have a splendid place to play tha game. We can gel the crowd there, too, as Topeka is thoroughly educated up to the great college game. NEW YORK STORE'S Tailored Suits, Coats, Skirts and Wais ts Walking Suits, $15. Handsome new Fall W'ulkiiig Suits made of «|ileniiia tiuallty, all wool cheviot in black, navy and brown; coats. Prince Chap styles, 27 and ;!0 incites long, satin lined. Tlie skirts ate made very wide full plaited effect. Special !i!l.).00 Tailor Made Suits $25 ('.raceftilly Tailored Coat Suits In .«mart threc-auarter and semi-fitted uiodel.-i, the coats are lined with silk or satin; Skirts arc made in tlie newest styles, made of fine broadcloth tin- finished worsteds, serges or fancy nianlsh mixtures of exceptional merit and tailoring at iie2 .i .00 Tailored Suits. $1850 Artistically made Suits in Prince Cliap semi-iittcd and cutaway eltects, fabrics are flue serges, cheviots and lieiingbone worsteds in black, navy blue and brown, also in fancy ni.inish luixluris. Your choice all this week I1S.50 Fine Tailored Suits at $35 00. llisli grade man-tailored Suits, etnbodyin;.; Ihis seasons mosf desirable styles for fall and winter wear. Models witli short, nieditiiii or ;i«>-lii<'Ii lenglli. coals in lifted, seml-littod or cutaway efToets. plain tailoro<l or stylishly finished with Itraiding. 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Killed One NO FLEET COMING Chinese OiHeiall^ Have Hundred. .Nau Cho I 'oo, Oct. 7.—For [Jarticlpa 1 Seini-oflicial Denial of (ierniau Xaial tion in recent riots here the Chinese ' VI N H Made In KerHn. government has arrested and punish- j cd twenty rioters. On hundred boxers have been killed by the government troops at Caninafu. Special Sale on Breakfast Food Herlin, Oct. S.—A senii-ofiicial denial was publislted here today of a statement made in a Washington dis- 1 patch to the London Daily Mail to the ieffect that Cermany intended to send ia fleet tinder Admiral Prince Henry of jl'russia, to visit the Atlantic ports of' jllie L'niied States when the American! I hattlcship He';t sails for the Pacilie. as I ja mark of friundsiiip for the. Tniled Stales. The Junior Department Store Plow0i» Pot* from 2 for 3o to23o» Porn Pot9, Hauging Boukmtm, Jardlntoru GRABS SAYS: GEOltVC KOCH BIYH A .STOKE. 1 Former Cement San IViil linn a Grocery. George M. Hoch, who for seven and one-half years has worked as warehouse foreman and shipping clerk for the lola Portland Cement comi)any. hl3 resigned his position with that j company and purchased the J. J. Varner grocsry stock in Bassett. The deal was closed last week and Mr. Hoch has already taken possees- lon of the Vamer stock. Mr. Hoch, before His work with the cement company, was engaged in the mercantile business in Michtgan, and is well up on that business. "Ho XatkMt to 6«U» Emf at the 1'A1J.S0.\S MAS KILLEIl. Quarrel in .25c . LTiC .2:.c Korn Kinks, (i packages .. Kss O See, :i itackages Dr. Prices Food, packages Ralston Homing Grits. Z pkgs 2jc Petti John's Wheat Food. 2 pkgs 23c Shredded Wheat Biscuits. 2 plcgs..25c Life, a wheat food cooked ready to eat, 2 packages loe FRYER BROS. ar«tery Mid Meat Market niOflfs308sadi01 j E. T. 0 .sbi)rne Shot In Denver, Colo. Denver. Colo.. Oct. X.— K. T. Osborne bookkeeper for the Gre^n Canon Coal company, was shot and instantly killed last night by I ;. L. Pierce, claim accountant for thi Denver & Rio Grande. The men were attending night school and quarrebd. Osborne applied an epithet to P erce and the latter demanded an apology. This was refused and tlie fight began. Pierce fired two shots at Osborne, both of which took effect in his heart. Bom men are recent arrivals In this city, Jlr. Osborne coming from Parsons, Kansas, and Pierce from Whiteville. N. C. Pierce fled but bas not been captured. We have long had a reputation in this loca]il>^ of fiil- iiiR prescripiions with the highest quality goods that couid be secured, snd in filling Iheui in a way which met with ilie approval of the entire medical profession. The same carelul work will be continued in the fn- lure. The same high quality goods will be used that have been used in the past. We solicit your patroiiage W. L. Crabh, Tolesthono 470 Pramcrlfitloa Drugglmt fry aVl ^MJiramM

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