Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
Page 8
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THE lOIA hATLY BEfiiSTER, FRIDAY ETEXTfe. OCTIOBER 16. 1 IXtr^t WAS TIRED OF LIFE COTDENTIFIED MA5 WALKED TO HIS DEATH BT TRAiy. IS APPARENTLY A SUICIDE HEAD CRUSHED AND BODY BAD- lY BRUISED. ITotliin? In Pockets Whieli Will Load to Identification—Coronor Holds Inquest Tonlglit at Humboldt. mm Deliberately disregarding the sliirll whistle of the engineer liocding not the clanging bell and apparciit'y desirous of ending his life, an unidentified man walked upon the track until he collided with the locomotive draw- lug a Santa Fe freight train, as it approached Humboldt station this afternoon about 1 :'M. The tragedy occurred about one- half mile south of the depot and the train was entering the yards at stich a speed that it was impossible lo stop after it was found that the man was going to disregard the dangor sisnnls. Wlien the cngiuepr noticed the man. he was walking along the track, hisj head down, and he appeared dejected. Th engine men sounded the whistle.! clanged the her wit no avail. Think-1 ing that the man wou'd snnMy step' aside, the en^ergency brakes were not! applied until too late V.Tien *he mnn henrd the whistling! •.'fj f';e Si-rlnr rf 'he '^eM be merely raised his head, gazed at the iron mon- 1 ster as it swept along the steel path! toward him and continued to walk) •ntr> •be iaw <5 of death. When the engine struck the man he was hurled several feet from the tra'^k. His skull was crushed in atj the base and there were various other injuries. : David W. Reid. coroner of Allen'. county, was telephoned for. but ho was in Afildrd holding an inquest; into the death of Wesley Stevens who • was i-illed there several days ago. : TUs necessitated a delay, and Mar-! shal James Benson sent the body to' Braucher*s morgue, there to await the J coming of the coroner. A Case of Suicide. "I think it is a plain case of suicide." Marshal Benson said over the lone distance telephone this after-' noon "Frc-|' wH<t I can learn the. man walked deliberately to his death. Mm a>»out or around town." The body Is that of a mon, probably 40 years ol. He w.ns neatl.f dressed in a dark cray suit and wore a blue suit He was of a dark com- pipxlon and had a black mustache. Not one single scrap of panor that would Idontifj' the man could be found In his clothing. There was nothtnir in his pockets except a R «'t of fa'Bo leoth and a blade from u safety rawr. ' T**** wan Iwre an flt»in'»nr»'irr> of re. flnement thoti^b bo looVv.,! tis t," ough ' ^n bufl d»UM' hard lai'or. An Irtouedt Tontcht, Dr Hold ooronor will tro tn Humboldt at n oVlopi; this nftonioon to Tho inqn was ViUo -i h\- nil ovfa rpurhine To'a qbmit i-nrt. The ciicirie f»-"T WAS ppt dntainod. ANOTHER. 50 more new Sample Suits came in from New York this morning and there will be sur prises for th6se who manage to be here tomorrow, Saturday. NEW SAMPLE SUIT SALE One-third Off A Saving of Ofle=lhird on all of These Suits All are exclusive models, latest Directoire and Empire effects, blue, green, gray, brown, red and black. All lined with best quality of satins, materials are fine, hard finish Worsted effects and finest chiffon Morambeaux cloths- $l5i00 $18.00 $20.00 $2y0 $3a00 $35.00 SAVE ONE-THIRD .SAVE ONE-TlllIMJ .SVVE <>NE.TI1I1{1» SVVE OXE-THIRD SAVE 0>E.TI!IRI> SAVE i»NE.THnri» I vyf ARr 11 AGEHTS I FOR TMt MDIESjlOMfJoURNAL 5' hiONTHtY STYLE BOOK fREC MU-A'S IlEST AM) tiltEATEST STtUlE. J . WE' ARC f| AGENTS 'I . FOR TH E / gDlEStlOMEjoURNAL ^PATTERNS MONTHLY STYLE BOOK FREE ( RESERVES DECISION ' The Evidence and Arguments in Turney Case Were Heard Today. MANY LIVES mi SooMy Gossip DFATIf OF r. r. i>FTi? •«•?•«. Well Tfnpv.:! Tola ^V-^ V P !'O frr : MJ Onerat'on. rip.* T e cviilcncc and arK'iun'-nls in tiio injunction procirdiniis l)rotij:bl l>y Hiram Turnry of vvcist of town to provont ill"' fit.v from niaUins sas connections or dri'lin;; wolls on the Dusr .Arnttt farm on whic-li tho plaintiff lives, wore lieard iliis inorninfi. after wliicb .ludsi" announced" that would re.servo bi.s decision until tomorrow mornins. Tho city claims it had tlio rifirit to drill on tho place, having secured a lease from M". Ari!<m, lii" owner. Mr. ^Tnrnoy. tho tenant, claims that the ^• Ipiiy no riuht to RO on tho place w'thout his consent and over his protest. Tho city fiirf-or olainis Turnfy mado no olijoctions until after four wells won? dril'od. n •'^» IV*''- r^*- '•nn The hndy wil' he shipped to r'arthn'se. Mo. Snndav mornine;' for , l>-irial and funeral services will be • there There will be no service Vir-o. TRAFFIC IS HEAVY KESIUENTS OF HrK \El> IH.STHirT I.N .MimriiAX V!( TI.MS OF FlltE. :>(>])»rts Stiy That a Hcsruc Train Hav iiiir (III Rourd .^lany I{c>'ii!:oe.<i W':\s Drstrdjcd. Give Entertainment. Th<> Chrisllau Emleiivor .-.ocioty of • tile Christian cluirch will RIVO ;in t>n- ' t'Tiainmeni at tho rhiiro;i on jioxt j .Monday ovcnin;r. .\n impersonator 'will fiirni.^h a jirojirani. Proceodft of 'the will to tin? general ; iii 'pnivement fund. Surprise Party. Lndy Alaccabet.s KHVO a pleas- ary Caios. .Mary .Mrt'.nire. .Matilda Lar^tMit. .Miirinh SJearh's. Maliel Cotr, Kiillon. .\nna llnek. l.issie I'eros. .Mar>;fo Smltli. .Mlllt.' K:.ode.<. l.o'e Stro'h'. .Misses Ste!la .McCiiiire. Seiter. Katie Sniilh. I.sahell LarKont, l-iila dates. Krma I'antrell. Foiitella Kmma Hall. .Messrs. .lohnnie Smit4i. .Strode. .May llimes. Itina INres. Mr. .lames Howell. Allen Harlowe. .lohij Hue!; and .Mr. I'^res. , and Hoy Snavoly. Ixila Kwini;. Fralt <' V Steide. Omar Oslwirne. Cliarlie Hall, Spend Day Camping. Cleve Howell. Will and Robert Snav- Mr. and .^s. Seward Hi.xhy and ely.. Othu i:stlin;:er. Mr. and .Mrs. A. .Mr. and Mr;». Charles Rti.xsell will i). Fxiiii:. ."•pend Siimlay in campin.? near lola. • • Senator Long at Moran. Evening Party. This afternoon 1^ I.. N'orthnip an.\ very pleasant party was ;;!Von noimced that. Senator f-ong would Mr. Petracus was for a Ions time 22 Trains Passed Througn lola in the c^'necte'i with one of the cement plants as c'emist and more the ros- pct and reeard of all who knew him. Past 24 Hours.—12 Were tra Freights. Ex- \0 ACTIOX 0> Grind 1. 0. 0. F. HOME. V(Hh.'o nil! nant a Vear for roniniHtoc's Itentirl. Salina. K HS .. Od. 1C—Tho Odd IVl lowp' »rr!»"<l Odve t«)d:iv refii.sed to T .ike fT'P'ij'dlHfe ;'e'I(-i ov tin- niMli:n !e•.N ^'f e' I,.-,.,. .,1 M;,.,b :.)t-..i |„|. !• I. W I. )• 't;o: • o • e . • r'-'H ")lttee 'l-o niep" Tht> ev. V -itJ " •I'r" If e- •! re^'e"•••!e,> fr,-tv 'hp 'ed "(i •elnn'- • A'n<e.s» (he vhole day was de- ••'ite^ io the matter. The grand lod.:;o officers were Installed yesterday after the mas ter had-made the followinf; aji ',u)ini- inents: (Jraiid (•t )uduitur. .lani"\s .Me- Kinley Scranion: grand chaplain, C. A. Pinch. Toneka: irrand luesson^er. S CMeman Good'and: stand jruar • '.'vu. y' V T.T-v K-'igTs Citv Ka6. ".:<]..••• Ht-:-' ih- ..-y.-r, tn-: vL!.- !•••••'.•. ;<i ».• "'"i > r-r> rer nn- !• iiu n.'.jti 'p !=enii-snnual)y President Mrs. McCurdy m.ide tTie following appointments, after which the officers x/eve installed: Chaplain Mrs. Dora Silvers. Ellswortli: tinidiic- tor. Mrs Sadie Holmes. Seldeu; marshal. Mrs !?er:ie H:ue. VewtoTi- me-- sou.Lior. '^:' "p'}!> GriiH' IT'^\vir /i- j-i- •^••ti'.f<'•'<•<<< '.rs M .TTv Rertleon. i \jii).^ivs Ci'..'. KffJ. : outside guardian. Mrs. Florence Stanley, Galena. All the grand lodges in session adjourned today. In tho 24 hours emlins at 12 o'clock last night, 22 trains pas.sod over tho Santa Fo road throush lola, of whi,ch 12 were e.vtra froitjht.s. In the past four days an averagp of lt*> trains passed through here. Tho si.g- nificance of this is very apparent. It moans that general business has picked up remarkably, requiring a large numlier of trains to move the fn!l'.:ht. ! Vany of tho trains wen* moving coal ' while some were handling fri'lght out of lola. ' The .Missouri Pacific also reports an increase in business, especially in i'ho past few days. Their trains have also been handling |n goodj deal of fre'ght. stich as cement, merchandise, etc.. in and out of lola. ' BOND PLACED AT $500. John Abrams Charged With Threatening to Shoot Doctor. , ea.i. .\.i(:l!.. Oct. Ii'..—Reports' .c- .say iliero was a heavy loss of fe ill tho fiie.i whicli yesterdtiy a;ul ist ni;;ht swept over the Piesiiue isle ' ouiiiy. It is reported that a relief rain which went to the vi!l.r.;e of j .let;: from Hawks was etnighl in iho: lire and burned. Hundred.^ of refit-' xces were aboard and the extern of tlie * OSS of life is not known. . A'icliins X UIII I MT Seventcon. Detroit. Mich., Oct. ]<;.—.\ dispatch; o the .lournal from Millersbiirg. says: ; Seventeen jieople were burned to ^ ieath with the .Met?, relief trai'i. .\ . ..rni'd ('ill oulvert eaiiscd a derai - i.eiit. .\iiioii}: those wlio perisl'.ed :ire lit. Cicero and three children. l::a- ineer .lohn Kinville and another nicni -r of the crew escaiied by creeping ouii the track on their hands and ::ees to Poseu. li is !<•;.( ;it I from I. -re ih:tt Kinville is bli:;ii iit,.a Durns ind wlM die. T! a;ii .-;iiiiiis.» on .Mrs. Lissie IVre:>, last evening at tlie homo of Mr. and sinak at Morau on the evening of 2 'i.-, South Tliid stnet. Tliiirsiiay ev- yU:<. A. D. King, at 024 South Wa-h- Wednesday, the 2Sih. Mr. I-ong will eiiiniT. An enjoyable evening was in-toii. in honor of Mrs. King's si;- co :ne to .Moran from C.arnett. Ho spent with music and .select roaaings ter. Emma Hall. Tho evening goes to Independence on the 29th. by .Miss Kinra Ciintroll and .Miis Nina was pleasant with mu.sic and numer- K. .1. Oyler and Collins ad- Peres, after wl ifh refreshments wore oiis info:nuaI r.u.I unio.iio gsi:;os. Re- dressed a IV-mocratic meeting at 31il- served. Those jm .<eiif were Mrs. freshments were .served. Those pros- dred last night. A qtianette of young Kmily Himes. I'aiichon P. Cor<'. Laura e :u wore Anna Snavelv. .Mice Haker. ladies from Kii>caid furnished music Harton. .Mrs. Sa .viM .s. Ida .Moore. Clai- Ituih Gillespie, Ethel Christlar I^.vdia for tho occasion. Bring L's Your Certificates! HOLD STEVENS INQUEST. Jury Inquiring into Death of Wcoley' Stevens at Mildred. j Coroner D. W. R<dd, Acting Comity 1 Attorney \V. 1... Cope and Sheriff iC.; O. Hollinger drove to Mildred this uf- lonioon to attend the inquest in the. Wesley Stevens case. Stevens's' dead body was found by tho side of his wagon on his farm near Mildred .1•V days ago. His gun was in the wagon, the point resting over tho side , of the wagon. It is believed that, Stevens was .iccidentally shot while • trying to pull the gtm out of the wa-, gon. The coroners jury was sum-' monod the day after tho death but ^v-L-j dis'nisscd until today. We will accept any certificate yots have to apply on 4 Piano parcha&e and allow yott foil Oi ^.Iy one certifies*te same on any piano in out store. allowei on each Piano. BLAIR NOT A TRAINMAN. .Tohii Abrams was arrested this morning bv T'ndersheriff A. L. Boat- riyht on the charge of threatening lo ^hnnt nr. V. p. Stanleton. of T.aHarne. A>iraT"s wqs ar'-aiened before Judee j Alleged , Bootlegger Worked But •pr^tior ai <t hSs horirine set for next j Three Days, Yard Men Say. Pr ;-t-,v His bond was first fixed at! ^onn j .iit w-i-en the court learned more Missouri Pacific trainmen, rraploy- r.f thp circumstances of his arrest, fed in lola take exception ' to the raisd it to S ?;nn. He was unable to statement of John Blair, who is in irive bond and was placed in jail. ! jail awaiting trial on a' charge of ^Ir. Abrains is well known in the i boot'egging, to tho effect that he is county, having lived here for years.'an extra brakeman in the employ of Tt tc thoncht hv some that t|e is men- t '^e Pacific. The trainmen say that taJlv unbalanced. He has bpeh in an | Blair applied for a job some time insjinp asylum. I jaeo. and worked about three days ; pending investigation of his application and that it was then turned down. He has not heen employed by the road since that time, a trainman says. A Son Born. A son^was bom vesterday to Mr. and Mrs." Robert Wrfgley Jackson ctreet. on East WB hav0 the vary best line of Pianos in Soufiteasiern Kansas John V. Roberts Music Ca. 12 North! Washington lola,*

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